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REVIEWS OF Tang IN New Jersey

Dominik Holden

The menu and service were ahead of our expectations. We truly enjoyed the atmosphere of this place. Amazing spot to take my family out for dinner.

PkmnArceus 493

Great food and taste

Tato Piffery

Great food excellent service

Tai Y Lee

Pros: You can get all Asian Menu in here. Cons: Every meal is not quite right


Came last Sunday for my baby sisters birthday. Service was so-so but the food was delicious. Ample parking as well.

Mealifer Lew

Staff is very friendly, food's not bad either, always have leftovers to take home.

Chris Wu

Bang for buck amazing. Good quality food at good price

Min Choi

Good place for your night out. Good food, good service and clean atmosphere. But you have to pay the price. High price. After all, you get what you paid for.

Reginald Paraboo

Excellent service. Very friendly staff. The prices are great for the amount of food you get.

Jason P

Enjoyed the food more than not. Service has been consistently good.

Blake David

Food is inexpensive here, so you can live quite cheaply.

Kayla Lee

so good

Ray C

Awesome place. I always get their grilled fish and soup.


Decent Korean food.

Gi Yung Bang

The Korean food is alright here. There are much better places nearby. However, I really do enjoy coming here for the vegeterian options and convenience of parking.

Live - Topic

This place is open 24 hours and give you good quality Korean BBQ at a great price. I've never been disappointed and can eat, but I bulgogi, pork, or LA kalbi between 15, 20, and 25 dollars. Plus, they have free valet! I always tip but it's worth it. For many reasons this has become my favorite Korea trip spot. There are many wonderful places but this place has it all.

Vella Tess

Very delicious food, kind and responsive personal, good prices!


Has a little bit of every different Asian food

Kevin Nam

Food is delicious, priced just right, yummy deserts, very courteous servers! My friends and I come here on a weekly basis and will be doing so for a while. :)

Kobi Benlevi

Delicious food, modern atmosphere. The professional waiters/waitresses get food out quickly through an advanced system they have in place. It's wonderful.

Thomas Wang

The wings were meh... nice atmosphere, good drinks. Too expensive for meh wings...

Junsoo Ahn

Just letting you know that it's based on solely my personal preference. Foods did not meet my expectations, I could give only 1 star for the boodae-jjigae it didn't have enough spam in it. Only 2 stars for the chicken combo because the taste was okay but the picture on the menu shows you variety of chickens but only two types were on the dish. The staffs looked very busy when the half of the restaurant seats were empty. Taking our orders wrong, brought foods we did not order more than 3 times. Did not care to remember after three times. It could happen 1 or 2 times for a visit, but more than three times? No one wouldn't want that to happen to them. Oh, almost forgot about valet parking. The guy asked for tip when we gave them the ticket, so I gave him tip. He returned my car key, not bringing back my car only showing me a direction where my car was which was at the end of the parking lot.

Steve Lee

Best tasting Korean food in tri-state area. Clean and modern interior

Anthony Marotti

Food and service both Good Minn

James Concepcion

High end Korean restaurant that is open 24 hours and is Michelin rated for 2018. The atmosphere is very modern with one likening the big screen TVs all over to a Sports Bar. Their parking is also very accessible and they offer valet parking. I ordered unusual dishes that caused our server to make a double take. I started with Sundae, a peppered vermicelli blood sausage. I followed this up with a Hae Bibimbap, a raw beef rice bowl with mixed vegetables. The service is fast and the servers very aware of what you may need. The dishes were comparable to the ones I have had in Seoul so I can see why this establishment has the Michelin rating.

Jeduthun Zia

First of all, the 24 hour convenience is a big plus, especially for night walkers such as me. the place has very nice interior, eye catching decor. the menu is extensive, encompassing cuisines from multiple Asian countries with a Korean twist. However, the food does tend to be on the pricier end, but worth it.

Kathleen Gapit

Loved their food. Their combo meals are affordable and more than enough to leave the place feeling satisfied. I recommend the beef soft tofu soup.

Erin Chamberlain

Wow I couldn't wait to get back to New York to eat at Tang. They have the most amazing Seafood Curry

Ben Hua

Love how they’re 24/7. Professional and the food is so good here. I’d travel out here to queens to eat. Very convenient and the waiters are always nice. Worth the money and it’s just overall amazing

Carmen Fontaine

Tang has a wide variety of food to choose from. The quality and taste is pretty good. The sashimi boat is amazing.... and the matcha ice cream was delicious.

André Ricarte

The number of choices this restaurant has is overwhelming! We had so much trouble choosing what we want to order. There's too many to choose from!! It's a combination of a lot of Asian cuisine, like Korean, Japanese, and Chinese, all in one! We ended up ordering a special roll, a stone pot bibimbap, and a big platter with calamari, cheese, shrimp, and chicken! Everything tasted so good! We'll definitely go back and try everything else!

Lucy Du

Super convenient that they are open all the time and have such a wide range of food options. Only thing is service can be lacking at certain times.

J J Francorrales

Always the best food!!

Steven Song

Good korea food

Jason Mirabile

The pros: -24 hour spot for good Korean food -Food is tasty -Place is really nice. Reminds me of what a chic Korean diner would probably be like The cons: -They used to put small plates of appetizers on the table and dont appear to do this anymore. As someone who often goes for korean food, I sort of expect this. -They didnt have full place settings at our table. We had forks and spoons but no plates and had to ask. -There serving sizes appear to be downsized from the last time I was there. In all good food, but it seems like they have cut back on portions as well as on bringing small plate appetizers to the table which made my dining experience just metiocre.

hosung jung

If you are looking for an overpriced korean mcdonalds this is the place for you :) As a korean, this place was more than disappointing. If I could give them less than 0 stars, I would.

S Park


Manuel Beltrán del Río García

Delicious, varied, squeaky neat, cozy and friendly.


1st time coming here. I tried 5 rolls of sushi and 1 special roll. Not sure what it is but I don't know why all the rice in sushi rolls has some kind of after taste to it. Must be the rice. Is it boiled in some kind of meat sauce or something that the rice gives off a different taste? Nothing I ever tasted before in sushi rolls. I tried it once. but sorry I wont be coming here again, Thankyou.

Ken S

Top quality Korean...24 hr sushi!

Kel Wu

The food is okay, the price is moderate to expensive depending on what you get. The meal set options are the best bang for the buck. The menu is extensive which goes towards their quality, when you have so many items you can't be good at all of them. The eel was overcooked, the rice is at times too soft, the pancakes are so-so (the mushroom pancake was pretty bad, mushroom tasted too wet and tough to chew). The grilled spanish mackeral was good though. I came here twice to eat and can say it definately isn't worth the trip.

Rob Bilella

Very disappointing, was looking forward to a great lunch and didn’t even get to eat the main. My app came quickly and then waited over 45 minutes for soup. I had to leave before even eating. Very poor service. Will never be back.

Xing Meng

Used to like their food. But really disappointed today. Our waiter never came to clean the table or refill our water. Never smile to us. Not even the professional fake smile. Ask for a cup for my kid and it never come. Even not the ustensiles for my kid. All the food we ordered today taste so bad. The hot pot taste old. But we still finish the food and tip the waiter reasonably for polite. I’ll never come back. Feel so bad choose to eat there. Waste money and time.

Michael P

This is a great place to go to especially when all of the nearby restaurants are closed. The prices might be toward the more expensive side but the selection of food options and swiftness in receiving your food made up for it.

Alexis Georgio

Great food, polite people, enjoyable environment, reasonable prices.

Lilah Metime Brand

I had a party at this place and it was great. The food is amazing, service is quick and easy. The people are great, they sing happy birthday too!!

jimmy song

The food is decent and available at any time. A large variety of dishes is good and bad. Good because if you are undecided there are many choices...however, there is no specialty and there are too many choices. My wife and I took almost 20 minutes just to look over the different menus. Too many different types of cuisine...from ramen to pasta to Chinese and Japanese food. All, it's great that they do the birthday song for someone's birthday but when I went, there were 4 birthday dinners going on back to back and it was too much. Disrupted the peacefulness of a nice dinner. All in all, the food is tasty and good for a late night snack.

Joyce Huang

The food here tastes good. Lots of choices. Good service.

Ken Bae

Loved it. Tofu mushroom soup was a perfect choice for the kids. Excellent service.

Kiyoshi Sudo

We visited Tang for family gathering and were surprised with a huge selection in the menu. I blindly chose Seolleongtang (설렁탕, ox bone soup) and really liked it. Later I came to know Tang was produced by Gammeeok (Seolleongtang specialty restaurant in Manhattan). No wonder why it’s so good! The place is on Northern Boulevard and locates next to North Shore Diner. They have a valet parking so you shouldn’t have to drive around to find a street parking.

David Joe

Was going to give them a 4 star because they gave my kids a cute hat but then they gave us gifts as well. They bribed me, haha. Foods pretty good, clean, good service. Would recommend the 2 dishes for 22-25. I also got a soup for 20 and it was good and filling. Not that much side dishes but that’s not their focus. Did not try their fusion pasta but will try in the future.

peter wei

The food taste n.quality are declining

Brady Land

Very good

David Rodgers

Delicious food! We got the spicy calamari Democrats and the spicy rice cakes. Sooooo goooood !!

Eric Shum

Food was good and selections were abundent. LA Kalbi isn't as good as say BCD but otherwise still good.

Nancy F.

Delicious chicken, pork, kimchi and salad. More specialty ramen dishes after 12pm.

keng chen

The place is open 24 hrs, the 2 for 20 is raise 2 dollars to 2 for 22, but is still great bang for the buck

J Wong

Combo meal, portion, was all good

James Seo

The food tastes different ever since they started to sell EVERYTHING (literally everything). Service was poor and charged my credit card incorrectly

edmund hon

Newly expanded menu is impressive. Ramen is surprisingly authentic

Pauline Elkoubbi

Very good Korean place! It gets really busy and they don't take reservations so get there early. Sundubu is included in your meal :)

Ken Lee

One of THE best Asian restaurants in Flushing. They have just about everything you're craving for. So much variety here of Korean, Japanese, and Chinese cuisine. Their menu is great and very extensive. Perfect place for that dinner date or casual after hours dining.

Amy Irving

Best thing is they are open for 24 hours. Whenever I feel hungry even night I can go have a well served food. I like Beef Rib soup and pho from this restaurant!

Hyunok Choi

Authentic Korean food in a beautiful venue

kelly persaud

This is AWESOME!!! The prices are great and the food is delicious, also the service is amazing. Thank you

Andy Park

Food is not prepared well. Uses meh quality ingredients, poorly prepared, poorly cooked. Result is wack food. Service is rushed so poor.

jerry kim

Nice Place

Tae Kim

Kalbi and cold noodles are on point

erik sung

Good legit Korean food. This place is for quality authentic seekers. Price is pretty high but worth it

Justin Ha

been mostly pleasant experiences since the one time I waited 3 hours for a dish that shouldve been ready in 25 minutes or less and the place wasnt even busy. thats how impressed i am with the changes. 11/14 update. the food is definitely lacking in quality and the prices are ridiculously high.


I've been coming back for more incredible dining experience!! Check it out too!

Jie Zhu

Good for sit down with kid, they have pre set courses, oxbone soup was good

choi ellie

I went back after a while not being there, and I was very disappointed. The food tasted not better than any other place and No side dishes, except for kimchee.

Rezaul Khan

Big menu with something for everyone. A bit pricey but the combo sets are a good deal.

Mey Lim

Great food, affordable prices, they have valet

Charmaine Wilson-Eze

Food was excellent, service was outstanding.

Javier Guzman

Best Korean food

Hae Jung

Way Too much sugar made me feel queasy. MSG got me a dull aches in my head. Very expensive junk food. It does more harm than good to my stomach/body.

Marlene Glazer

attractive food large portions

Changsoo Kim

Nice place eat Korean food

Luis He

Great food and service. Has a parking lot in the back

John Choe

Tang is a great restaurant to sample a wide range of Korean cuisine. The restaurant was busy and we waited about half-an-hour to be seated on the weekend. For dinner, we had a combination set menu of oyster soup and grilled sea bass as well as a bowl of nengmyun (traditional buckwheat noodles). The food quality and service were excellent, but the amount of food provided was lacking given the amount they were charging. We only found two oysters in our oyster soup. There were only about six pieces of sea bass in our grilled sea bass dish. Would recommend if you're curious about Korean cuisine, but not too hungry.

Paul He

Tang is a great restaurant and I would say great authentic Korean food. The portions are also reasonable as well as the prices which is like two dollar signs $$ (about $12 and up). The restaurant is right on Northern Blvd. so you can't miss it. The Q13 and Q28 stops right in front of it from Flushing Main St. As for parking, there is valet parking for the restaurant. However, I would suggest finding parking in the neighborhood which is pretty accessible.

mike chan

The combo are good value. Lot of different types of tofu choice. Service is not very good though. They are super busy on a Saturday. No one ever come to pick up empty plates.

Aileen Claudio

Fast service and great food!

Caleb Kim

Great selection of dishes. Its unlikely that you'll find something you won't like. 24/7 is a plus for late night food. Soups and stews are really hot and flavorful. The meats are also really good and the combos are filling and worth it. Price is up there though, definitely not cheap. Service was welcoming and the food didn't take long to come out.

Chulmim kim

After I place an order my food came however no kimchee? Are you serious?

Lisa S

The atmosphere was beautiful. The food was amazing delicious very tasty the server we had was one point she was so nice and so sweet and very patient with us. I recommend you guys going there you won't be disappointed.

Jeffrey Porter

I eat in this spot a lot since I work right next to it. I must say their customer service is always excellent and they keep the place clean consistently. Rates are affordable and they serve sizeable portions.


We have soondae, jokbal, and kamjatang - all very delicious! Only wish they served more banchan.


Delicious and friendly staff

Enivaldo Jimenez

Great Korean food! Choices from all over, management goes out of there way to make sure youre having a great time!! Will always return! Food reflects price point, high quality

Sunny Lee

the Go place for my family for Korean food. The have varieties most Korean restaurants do not have. Eat in or take out they have not disappointed us.

Dan G

Food was great and the atmosphere as well. Service is adequate, and the food came pretty fast even if we went as a party of 20ish. The dishes i liked most would be the Prime Galbi, Short ribs, and Seafood pancake. The lady who served is all was very nice. Would definitely go back on a major occasion.

AnonyxMous ED

Awesome food at a wonderful price point. Totally worth it as it fill you up nicely.

Carlos Villa

Nice and clean

Anny Z Chan

Best Korean food I tried! Love their soup! Specially the seafood tofu soup! You can ask it from non spicy to hot! Their food is not expensive! They have set that you can choose step 1 and 2! Choose a kind of meat/chicken or pork and a kind of soup! Prices vary from $20 to 30 per set. Love this restaurant. I'll definitely go again

Arachnid PlayZ


Tony G. Yi

The best food and the best service was a fun time.

Dororo Hui

So much options !!! I think this a good place for a bigger gathering with your friends and family. It has a lot of big tables and their menu is huge. It took us a while to decide since there is so much options. Ended up getting a grilled fish combo with tofu seafood soup. That was pretty good. Ordered sashimi appetizers, which is quite fresh. Also had dumpling, dumpling skins were very thin. Overall it was good, I would definitely come back an other time with more friend so we can try out different dishes.

Hao Tan

Very tasty food, smaller portions for a higher price. They serve you salad instead of the many small side dishes, which I look forward to usually so I was sad to see it missing. They have a high end Japanese menu too if Korean isn't your thing!

Howie Shi

If you love Korean Food, this is the restaurant eat from. This restaurant also serves sushi, which is moderately expensive but tastes good. They have valet parking on premises. This restaurant is open 24/7. I would love to go back to this restaurant again to have wonderful tasting meals

Koji Yuu

Best service of all flushing restaurants

Richard Scholl

So much food going on in here!


This restaurant has good service and food. Waiter/waitress checks each table very often to make sure all is in order. Their price is also very reasonable.

Lisa Kest-fein

First time here. Enjoyed the food. Large portions.

Joshua Bonilla

Price is decent. Food is pretty good. To be honest it looks like big variety but it's same stuff just cooked a bit different. Over is good.

Nich Meikle

Great place and food!

Tommy Chong

Food is great, service is great. Best part is the price and the fact it is open 24/7.

Sukanya Mitra

Ample food. Service was scant. Server was unable to translate quite a few items. The pork feet were excellent as were the sauces

Jaime Sanchez

Amazing Service, Food was Delicious, price Affordable. Highly recommend this place.

Kent Woo

If you like a little different of culture foods, this is the best place to be.

Beverly sessum

fast service and clean..prices reasoable

A Jensen

Been here twice, and both times the food and service have been great. They seem to have everything down to a science. Wish I lived closer...

Style N Craft Leathers Inc.

A nice big Korean restaurant in Queens. Food is not the best but it is good. The assorted pancake platter is excellent - by far the best I have had. The service is extremely fast and very friendly and courteous. Moderately expensive.

Pam Harmon

Very good food and great service! And despite half of our party being late and many people waiting, they seated us exactly at the time of our reservation. All, meats, bon chon, noodles, soups, etc. were large portions and tasty. Be back here soon!

Vidur Singh

Really good food. I love the bibimbap

Suchitra Kamath

Great place with good turnover. Fresh food especially the fish; delicious with ample portions. The downside to this place is that there might be a wait to be seated, is impersonal and parking can be quite tough.

Sanghyeok Jeon

Less tasty than before

Eric San Jose

Easy to see right off of Northern Boulevard servicing Flushing and the adjoining areas of Queens County. Parking on the Street is available but it fills up fast especially at night and on the weekends. Clean facilities with a wheelchair accessible entrance. On the expensive side so bring your credit cards. Staff is nice. We will most likely be going back.

Vicky Nawal

Good food alot of variety. Designated parking lot w/valet.

Jacob Kim

Not as good as it used to side dishes...

Frere Jung

Nice restaurant, busy, crowd, full of young customers. Delicious menu with economic prices.

Yao Huang

Love the galbi tang from here. Always consistent food. Prime galbi is another favorite. The sets good. Haven't had a experience yet. If you go during busy hours, prepare to wait. It opens 24 hours.

Paul Mok

Nice food and good service.

alex pin_quin


Angel Chan

Good food

Marlene Liggayu

Good food and good service!


It's good place to have late dinner.


Nice place

mark brom

Food is ok, service is the Worst. If you want to find out, eat here and you will understand. I Warned You!!!!

David Chou

Delicious! Prices are typical for a Korean restaurant -- need about fifty bucks per person (including tips -- hopefully, the waitstaff actually receives it all!) for a decent meal, volume-wise. Being open 24-hours is a great plus -- sorry but Greek diners are the biggest rip-offs in the industry -- so it's really nice having gourmet cooking available whenever you want it! Parking available on-site or, given the safe and somewhat buccolic neighborhood, not far away at all.

Timothy OH

Best Korean Restaurant

Stephen Chen

The galbi was very chewy and fat. Flavor was good though.

Brian Yi

Very tasty type of Korean food. Ox tail soup and assortment of other Korean dishes. Prices are fair, valet parking in the back.

Robert Cha

Very good Korean food

Ji In Park

Food is mediocre. Usually go when in a large group setting because they have the capacity to accommodate large groups. Also have different set offers which allow you to pick a protein of your choice with a stew/soup.

Yolanda Dilan

First time is always a it

Kathy Xia

Their seabass is amazing.

Suzanne B.

If you live or are visiting NYC it would behoove you to eat at #TANG at least once in your life, twice to make sure you understand this this not a dream. The quality of the food and service were absolutely amazing and they are open 24/7! YES, 24/7! The prices are spectacular! Did I mention the FOOD! #KOREAN #JAPANESE #CHINESE You won't regret it. We had 5 people eat, with drinks and the bill was less than $200, IN N.Y.C.! Everything we ordered was absolutely DELICIOUS! EVERYTHING! From the kimchi, beef teriyaki, korean fried chicken, the saki, the sushi. If you need a lunch or dinner date, I'd like to volunteer as tribute. I woke up this morning still thinking about this place and had to leave a review.

Charles Marlow Stanfield

Really great food. Nice decor. Respectable smattering of foreign alcohol.

Hilda Kong

Really good food with fresh ingredients. Lots of selection. Friendly and fast service, always welcoming. A great go to when you're looking for good Korean food.

Khristie Anas

Chill ambiance, delicious food, and great service.

rukman gurung

Good service and food. Mid priced restaurant. Good alcohol options. I enjoy my time usually when I am there.


Amazing Korean BBQ and decently priced.

Sheenae Kim

Awesome jeon as always. Chirashi had awesome sashimi but I wished it came with ginger to cleanse our palates. The miso soup that came with it was too salty to eat with sashimi.

Lusely Martinez

A slight bit overpriced for some items and has extensive menu which makes it hard to decide. However, we are always satisfied with our meals. There's usually a wait for a table as this place is always packed during dinner time. During Christmas season they even provide little gifts which are super cute and branded with the Tang logo.

Greg Woo

Really good food 24/7. Great service. Nice combos. Service is okay. They give free items like socks and ties.

justin wong

Good for big party, food serve in large portion. Have many options to choose from. I can't take spicy and they have plenty of non-spicy options to choose from. Have valet parking right next to restaurant, very convenient, especially it's on Nothern Blvd.

James L. Wong

Very good good. Nice place.

joon lee

Very good & kindness sushi bar is awesome!!!

Kurtis Qu

Food is quick to arrive. You get more than what you pay for, every dish on the menu tastes amazing.

Sebastian Choi

always good food when i come here. great sides with yummy soup

Lester Alfonso

Really great food. The service was ok, has parking but valet.

Dawn Chung

I go here EVERY TIME I come to New York. Their combo deals are a STEAL! The price is so reasonable for the immense delicious you receive! I really like the 제육볶음 and the 회무침. Also, their kimchi is BOMB.

T Moi

Have been going to Tang since day one. They have the best beef broth soup in the city. The menu has expanded and amazingly the food is very tasty. The only draw back is the serving portion got small.

Michael Bascon

Came here during Christmastime. It's great to have a place for Korean comfort food 24/7. Their tofu soup was great and really hot the spot on a cold Winters night. Their combo meals are the best value. Their good to split with another person as well. There Chilean sea bass was really good. Give them a try.

Min Feng Zheng

Service has being much better lately. This is still our go to spot when we don't know what we want. The beef ramen is like eating liquid steak.

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