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REVIEWS OF Steve's Burgers IN New Jersey

James Engelhardt

One fish n chip and one cheese steak; both decent, not great.

Lisa Sivo

So pleased to have discovered this tiny gem. Burgers that look just like the photos, stacked high and tasting fresh and delicious. Fresh skin-on fries and a caring community spirit Thank you for a great meal!

craig pintado

The food is amazing, off menu request is the Taylor Ham cheese burger....but everything is great here. Fries are like boardwalk fries, ultra delicious. Burgers so good don’t need ketchup but i used anyway. The buffalo wings are amazing, has good crunch to them and are only $7. The service is amazing too, they have put door seating as well. It’s family owned and the owner is such a nice guy. Hope they stay here forever

ashon moreno

Their burgers are amazing they only take cash but well worth the extra effort to have cash on hand for these cheeseburgers and fries

Jack Silbert

I'd passed it on the highway but it's so close to Pizza Town USA, you know? Ah but then my friend Jess recommended Steve's, and I trust her with my life. Cheesesteak? Hot dog? Everything on the menu sounded right up my alley. I asked one of the cheerful counter staff what I should get on my first visit. Burger, she said without hesitation. I selected the Patty Melt, a generous serving of fresh, tasty ground beef with American cheese and onions on buttered rye. Holy moly was it delicious. I mentioned it to newly arrived strangers (not something I normally do). I went back the next day and had it again! And now I'm writing a review.

Peter Aliberto

Tiny place with great food! Been here several times and have never been disappointed. Great burgers and shakes. They also make a great sausage and pepper sandwich. It may not look like much from the outside, but it's the food on the inside that counts! Treat yourself and try a burger at Steve's.

Sachania Francois

I dont eat red meat but I saw it and wanted to try it. I had their Steve's burger, next day I had their hot dog, and two days later I tried their philly cheesesteak. I must say the burger was my favorite. After eating the burger, I've realized it's better purchasing it from a local restaurant that serve fresh food.

Katie Boudreau

Stopped by for the first time this weekend since we were craving hot dogs and saw they had some on the menu. It's a cute little side of the road hut. Not a ton of seating and it can get really crowded inside while ordering and waiting for your food. Make sure you bring cash, or you can use their ATM since they don't take cards. I got the 2 hot dog special which came with fries and a can of soda for just under $8. The food was pretty good, and hit the spot. Seems like a great place for summer time eating.

Janice Gajda

I ate at Steve's for the very first time today. Burgers are delicious the hand-cut french fries or delicious and Steve's black cherry soda is very very good! Burger was cooked to. juicy perfection! This will definitely become a regular stop for me.

Mahi Islam

Best tastiest and juiciest burgers and Philly Steak sandwiches I have ever tried during our vacation from New York to Chicago , along with great prices. I don’t know how you do it but keep doing what you are doing. Hope to visit you again.

Aldemarys Ysidro

Steve's Burger are deliciously seasoned and cooked to perfection. The place is rather small but their food will definetly hit the spot.

Chris Staten

Great food great staff great prices

Danny Albano

Small greasy spoon but good burgers.

Rob Severns

Steve's is one of those rare places that exists in the minds of nostalgic America. Small, affordable, and delicious; I'd eat here every day if I could afford it. Do yourself the favor and get the Tuna Melt. You'll never enjoy anything less, again

richard avino

Good burger!

Kervin Ramos

Amazing chicken sandwiches, cheese steak sandwiches and hotdogs! A real gem!

Rocco Santomenno

Very limited parking, greasy burgers, um yummy.

Alexander Stoichkov

Best burger ever !!!#

Michael Parker

I do not have a pic of this place or this resturants burgers but you just have to go visit to see. Amazing!!!!!!!!!

Lenin Moncayo

Maybe the first reason why I liked it is becouse It's a small and almost hidden place, I really enjoyed my burger, my son really looooved them, such a good taste, 100% we will be there very soon.


Best cheese burgers made to order!

charles davis

Great service. Food is very, very, very good. See that? I used two extra "very's" just to emphasize, on how good the food is. There's out door seating, for the nice weather. Only issue I have is the parking.

truth be damned

There is a sign outside this place saying they have the best cheesesteak in NJ. I'm not here to agree because I haven't had every cheesesteak in NJ. What I can say is that they have the best cheesesteak I've ever had in NJ. The meat, the cheese and the bread all worked together beautifully. It's a nice size sandwich and with the fries, it's more that one ought to be able to finish in a single meal. I've also had their burgers, phenomenal! Their fried chicken sandwich, phenomenal! And their cheese fries are just downright sinful. Oh yeah, excellent milkshakes too. Go check them out!

Bella Suna

The food was delicious! And the staff are so nice & patient. I loved their cheesesteak! Everything was delicious but the fries, they lack flavor. But I hear their onion rings are amazing, next time I will get that instead of the fries. Cash only.

Jose Camargo

Good burger nice hot n big burger 1 best I had top 3 in area easy can be #1 also try milk shake bring back to good old days. Bring cash bc they dont take cc cards bring alot cash bc once u try food you want buy more b4 you go home.

Candy Guzman

The food was really good and the staff were nice and chill. The 2 things that were wrong was that the place was really dirty and the bathroom was horrible. I never seen a bathroom so dirty it was like the bathrooms in the boardwalks. I had 3 kids with me and kids always have to go to the bathroom. I was really disgusted and even though the food was good and would like to go back you also get the nasty image of the restaurant and the bathroom. And you can't help but think if they are clean and careful with the food.

Paula Tamburo

They just opened their 2nd location in Garfield on Passaic Street. The old train. The hot dog all the way has just won my heart. The cheeseburgers speak for themselves and the fresh potato fries are the best. Gravy in the side. Son and father team are awesome and so friendly. they are a great addition to the neighborhood. They now offer Uber eats. I will be back for sure.

Laszlo Keszthelyi

Excellent food, great staff great prices. Small local place, just look for the LED lights or else you'll pass it coming over the bridge. A regular lunch place for me, because it's homemade cooking made with REAL ingredients and not fast but very quick, I think the longest I've waited was maybe 5-6 minutes and it's always worth the wait.

Donielle Clemente

Cheesesteaks are awesome!!!! Disco fries great and onion rings. Definitely will go back! Just need more dining seating.

ameen jeb

One of the best burger joints in Northern NJ! Original, family owned, cranking delicious burgers, hot dogs and a lot of good stuff! Owners are very friendly! Check it out!

Print It To Win It

Steve's first location (he has a 2nd one now) was one of those spots that constantly changed hands but when he took it over it absolutely blew up. The burgers are yummers AF. I also get the cheese steak or the fish and chips. Staff is friendly and on point. Highly recommended!

Joey Ernst

The best!!! Burgers and chesses steaks Ever!!!

Dan Roman

Total gem of Bergen County in a "blink-and-you-miss-it" location on Route 46. Friendly staff and straightforward menu are deceptive, as these are indeed some of the best burgers, fries and sandwiches you'll find in the area. Specialty burgers are worth exploring and the Philly Cheese-steak is out of this world. Highly recommended!

Laszlo Csepanyi

Great food for good price!

Diana Arce

Amazing burgers! If you’re in the mood for a great burger this is the place to go. Great service!

Jayson Munoz

Good food all-round. Their burgers are top-notch alongside their onion rings and disco fries. Small building so seating is tough. Be ready to stand or eat in the car.

jorge hernandez

The food was great and delicious. Everything tasted homemade. Deffenetly going back

Jack C

The hamburger was very good, probably one of the best in the area. Steve's sauce was more on the relish taste. Will definitely eat again here!!! CASH Only at this location.

Gina Palino

This is a cool spot to grab a burger and have a 2 dollar hot dog all the way. While you wait for a 100% juicy burger and Steve the owner is always around to give a quick handshake in between flipping n frying

Louis Jean Junior

Always a pleasure going there.

Jason Zerrenner

Great little burger location. True burgers not those skinny floppy things. Fries are delicious. Staff was extremely friendly. Definitely going back! Cant wait to try their cheesesteaks next.

Max Akal

Cash-only is very old-school. Please take credit cards as well!

Tyler Kammen

Great food! Nice little burger or what ever you want joint. The cheese steak is awesome and the fries are so good!

Evey Bern

It is the best quality place there is

Steven Soracco

Good burgers and fries. I have had burgers that cost twice as much that weren't half as good.

George Beard

Great Food ...The young lady's father counter were womderful!

Lee Cunningham

Steve's is a tiny little place, but they make great burgers, fries and dogs. My wife thinks they have one of the best grilled chicken sandwiches around. The is good, the fries are fresh cut. Good shakes, too. Only 15 or so seats inside, but if the weather is nice, there are tables outside at "Steve's Beach. Quit debating - just go there. You can thank me later.

Marguerite Glentz

Didn't order burger, ordered Texas weiner. Too much onions, very little ground meat.

Jason Griggs

So happy I decided to try this roadside burger stand. In fact, they have lots more than just burgers: shakes, dogs, and chicken. Everything is prepared fresh. Nothing frozen here and you can taste it! Steve mans the counter and service is so courteous and polite. Overall, possibly the best fast food burger I’ve ever had! Will absolutely return and tell people to visit!

b1a3 a

This spot is worth trying. They serve large portions for convenient rates. Consistently neat and with good mood. Will come back again.

Lyle Saperstein

The burger was huge. The meat was freshly made. The hot dogs have a great snap. Chili was tasty. Fries were cooked just right. Small place so it could get crowded. But very worth a wait.

james mccabe

One of the best burgers I've ever had

Jonathan Santiago

Great food !! Good Prices. Cool little roadside attraction. Staff is excellent and clean when handeling the food.

Qiana Oliver

Good Food... Great Owner...

Brad Hayes

Excellent burger! Awesome fries, hot sauce, bbq sauce, the best. Staff is great, location and atmosphere.... there is not a negative thing that can be said. Great food. You can forget all those stupid chain restaurants. Goto Steve's Bugers, grab the half pound cheeseburger with bacon. No condiments are necessary.

Marvic Trejo

Really good quality burger and for the price it is good value

Jorge Lopez

Customized eating.

Jon F

I would have never tried Steve's if I didn't come across a recent newspaper article calling Steve's one of the best burgers in NJ. The article was spot on. The place is a tiny burger hut on 46. Be very careful not to pass it. A small place with three tables, a couple of counter seats, and a few tables outside. Order at the counter and your burger is then made fresh, so give 5 to 10 minutes. They are fairly quick with it. The Steve's burger was tasty. It is a messy burger, but so so good. The vanilla malted to wash it down hit the spot. So many burgers and more to try.

Brian Osetek

Best burgers and best fresh cut fries in this area. Always hot and juicy! Two thumbs up!

David Dimsdale

Top of the line food here The only downside lots of police officers and they like to pass lots of gas!!!!!

Anthony Corino

Great roadside shack! Awesome burgers and fries!! Steve is the MAN! ProTip: it comes up fast on a blind turn, it’s much easier to make the right off the highway on the street before it so you can park on the street instead of dealing with the junky parking lot.

Jesika C

Great burgers.

Jo Barris

The burgers are so soft and juicy and the hot dogs are really good. Very busy place but the servers are great, definitely will be stopping in again.

Derek the Ineffable Sage

It's an accidental tradition every year that we hit Steve's for my bday. Idk why. Probably because its quick before whatever we have planned, and infinitely better than any other burger around. I wish I could give them a star for every burger I have had there, which is waaaayyyyyy more than 5. I even heard a rumor 5 out of 5 dentists recommend Steve's burgers. Not sure how true that is, but I believe it

The Alban

Great spot. Have passed this place many times and never gave it a try. Glad I did. Prices are very fair and quality does not lack. Great food.

Stella Tulli

Best burgers EVER!! Steve is a good guy that makes delicious food. The best burgers I have ever had have come from Steve's. We frequent Steve's at least once a week.

Stuart Kim

I had the cheesesteak and a shake. The price to portion ratio was definitely favorable, but the food was just good and nothing to write home about.

TDMAKER18 scarfo

The hamburgers are incredible. I had to patty melt with fried onions french fries well-done incredible delicious. They have vinegar mota. Reminds me down Seaside Heights vinegar with french fries. The parking's little crazy. Sometimes it gets real crowded in there. But it's worth the wait for the hamburgers. You can sit inside at the tables or at the counter. If it's nice outside they have tables outside to.

Cyn Travieso

Best burgers in Jersey! Diet Tip: you can also order his burger as a salad or lettuce wrap for all you low carbers.

Lou Ramos

First time here. I love it

Erika Arriaga

Philly cheese steaks are amazing

Sebastian Moreno

Best place, just go

Julie Quinn Muns

Best burgers and owner is great

Ken Parker

Steve’s burger! Juiciest burger of all time! Amazing fries. Awesome owner

Timothy Ritter

Outstanding burgers..the basic classic cheeseburger is fantastic with lettuce ,red tomato, onion.. crazy good...chili dogs are sloppy though , had one twice and both times very messy and chili taste different than I am used to, ney on the hot dogs but must get one on the classic burger.

Chris Sysco

The rumor is confirmed. GOOD FOOD.

David Logan

Cheesesteak was fantastic

Michelle Crouchelli

By far the best food in the area! Always a great day when we end up at Steve's!

Daniela Londoño

Amazing service! I was here 10/10/19 at 730 and all the girls were very polite and quick with my order. This place is very very clean even though is really small, the outdoor place in the summer makes up for the small seating area inside ❤❤❤

Matt Espo

I love Steve's Burgers, one of the best burger places in New Jersey. I'm a big fan of the Steve's burger; bacon, an onion ring, lettuce, tomato and special sauce on a BIG burger. Big enough to satisfy any appetite. Pair up your burger with some crispy in store cut fries or onion rings, and was it all down with one of their custom bottled drinks. And don't forget to finish your meal off with one the amazing milkshakes, and if you're feeling glutinous, some fried Oreos. Cash only!

mike jones

Extremely Soggy burgers with lots of grease and burnt fries not worth the money.

Patricia Mayurnik

Really fresh burgers, cooked to perfection. Next time I want to try the Steve Burger. Definitely a place to try!

Luis Velez

Awesome cheese steaks

Marjorie Oquendo

Our favorite go to Burger joint!! Steve is great, his staff always friendly and service oriented. Love their fries too!!!

Joseph DeVizio

Great burgers, fries, cheese steaks

Josiv Krstinovski

Burgers are awesome. Such a small place from outside. Friendly staff and never disappointed.

Michael Baykara

Forget the reviews and this and that, JUST GO THEN YOU'LL KNOW.

Clayton Shocklee

Delicious! I looked them up on here. Quality and tasty burgers for sure! I had a hot dog with cheese,pepper, onions, and chili! As well as the cheeseburger special.So good! The lady in charge was in good spirits! If I’m ever in this area again and want a great burger, this is definitely where you’ll find me! I ate in. You can definitely tell it’s a slamming spot around lunchtime! People were waiting outside!

Michael Lira

AWESOME! well above my expectations I will gladly return again

robert shultz

This is the place where you get the best burger's and the best cheese steak on the planet bar none...dont believe me? Go and see for won't be let down..

joe curatola

Had a bacon cheeseburger 3 hours ago and I’m still thinking about how good it was, it was perfect. Great fries, hand cut with some skin still on them. Malt vinegar on every table. Guy at the bar had a great looking cheesesteak. Hot dogs look real good to.

Athanasios Karagiannis

I always drove by this place but never tried it because of how small/old it looked. I decided to give it a try one day and regret that I never did before. I ordered the Steve's Burger and a hot dog "all the way". I didn't like the hot dog, the chili sauce was great, but I am not a fan of that specific hot dog meat they use. The burger was delicious, especially with their special sauce. Now that I know about this place, I will surely go back and try more of their menu. The two working at the front were extremely kind and you can tell they have regular happy customers by the few people I noticed coming in grabbing their usual.

Marilyn Schneider

Tiny little place with a huge taste and following. Service is friendly and efficient and the portions generous. Loved it!

Uzair Kaludi

Burgers are very fresh.

albania 4ever

The best burgers ever, rated Top burgers from NJ FOOD TRAVEL.

Anthony Telinski

Best burgers and shakers around. "Smash burger" and "Habit Burger" don't even compare

Debbie Cunningham

Aways fresh and delicious. Good service and friendly people


Delicious burgers and also great value. Cheesesteak is highly recommend too

Janet Fornalik

Great burgers! Great people!

Robin Frosco

THE BEST burgers ever! Great service, great outdoor seating, AWESOME burgers! So glad we finally found out what all the buzz was about.

Mark Dunleavy

Absolute gem. Best around

Adrian Savonije

Love this place. Steve's burger is tasty. Onion rings wow. Never had a bad meal here.

Pawel Przybycien

Great food. Will stop again soon :)

Jerome Lane

Best burgers eveeeeeeerrrrrr!!

Eray Tonyali

I can't believe I haven't tried Steve's Burgers before. It's very delicious and in budget! Ahhh! Must try.


If I could give this restaurant 6 stars I would! It is truly amazing. The staff, and the owner are one of the sweetest and most kind souls in the world. The service is fast and reliable, and the food is incredible. Best burgers in NJ maybe even in the East Coast. Nothing beats Steve's burgers. The cozy shack that I barely fit in( I'm 6'4" for reference) has a jukebox that reminds you of a diner environment. Although Steve's burgers is more of a shack then a restaurant I do find myself always coming back for more. Once you have tried a burger here I can promise you every other burger you eat will be a step behind.

Joseph Catalano

This is my favorite fast food style burger around! The meat could not be any more fresh then it was. Cooked to perfection and homemade french fries. This is a great quick service spot keep it up

Ruben Laughed

Wonderful everything tasted lovely

Joe Chabaks

I love this place. The burgers are really good but i also recommend the cheese steak and the milk shake. They also opened a second spot close to my job which is awesome.

Twiddledee Barna

Good place for a burger & steak sandwich.

Enmanuel Pena

Absolute best service you could ask for and fresh food! Must try by all.

Frank K

Yeah....they make a damn good burger! Love the crispy fries too.

June Toro

Nice little hole the in wall, food is great and service is awesome

Naomi Santana

The best hamburgers I tasted. The place is friendly and service is great

Debbie Bresnowitz

I brag about Steve's to everyone I know. So last week I told my girl friend about it and we decided to go. Unfortunately we got there just as they were closing. My friend and I were disappointed to say the least ( my fault). We decided to go last night since she's been craving for this burger that she never had before. We placed our orders and they gave us our drinks. She took one sip of her strawberry milkshake and her face lit up like a Christmas tree. She said oh my, they use real ice cream! When we were served our burgers she took the first bite and before I knew it her burger was gone


This place is voted as one of the top burger joints in NJ. Number one in Bergen County, if I'm not mistaken. After eating a bacon cheeseburger, a well deserved reputation. Cash only, tip well, and enjoy a fantastic burger!

Steve H

I love a good old-fashioned burger joint and this place fits that description perfectly. Fast and friendly service of a classic burger... What more can you ask of a burger joint? It's one of those places you really should try. And. No... I have no connection beyond sharing my first name with them, but that little tidbit DOES make me somewhat partial. But very little.

Mohammed Nazzal

Very greasy but the meats were good

Elvin Hernandez

Best burgers in NJ! Great owner. Friendly and honest

Zach Zach

Excellent, Great Food, Great Service, Great Prices


Busy place, very nice staff. It's a little small, but the atmosphere feels welcoming.

F Yurt7

Steve's burgers have absolutely blew my mind with a simple cheese burger. It had lettuce, tomato, and red onions, on top of a nice sized burger and cheese melted on top. How can something so simple be so good? Because every other places I've gone to for a great burger has failed me time and time again. The meat has flavor and isn't a brick, the buns are flimsy and break in my hand. The fries felt home made and seasoned simply with some salt and pepper which was more then enough to forget what ketchup was. A large fries was more then enough for 2. The shakes are delicious but great size. For two cheese burgers, 2 caramel shakes and a large fries tallied up to 19 bucks. Only thing that could improve this place is being able to pay with card. Definitely revisiting again.

rich demboske

Giant orders of homemade fries and juicy burgers

Jacob Hidalgo

Steve's burger is a must buy for Only 7 dollars

Kari Presutti

If you havent gone here , you need to! The food is amazing!! Fresh and yummy every time. The owner is so nice. No matter how busy he is, he will always say hi. That goes a long way.

Svjetlana Ivanko

Had a Philly cheese steak and a burger. Very tasty. And reasonable prices.

Yshun Fields

It was freaking is good..

Victor Velazquez

Prices suck..too high..flies.

Bob Mays

Everyone was Hype over this place so i stopped in. The fries were over done and they never asked how i wanted the burger. It came out well done and to be honest its nothing to write home about.

Lisa Bilander-Gray

Great burger joint. Nothing fancy, but good burgers and fries.

Paul Cawley

Best burger I had in a while!

Eduard urena

Nice place, hamburgers are delicious, staff very friendly

Bill Renaut

Nice to have a fresh hand made paddy type burger fries were very tasty


Wow.. one of the best philly cheese steaks ive ever had.

Musan Paucinac

Nothing special. I'm very disappointed with quality of the meat in cheesesteak. This place needs improvement.

Melissa ZS

This tiny little joint makes the best burgers in NJ. Also great hot dogs, cheesesteaks, fries, & wings. For a sweet treat, get the fried oreos. Steve, the owner, is really caring & friendly. He really cares about his customers. Try it, you'll love it.

Patricia Stackhouse

Good for a quick bite

Florentina Abreu

great burgers, fresh and huge. disco fries are delicious. Homemade chili is a must try. only thing is that they don't accept credit cards, cash only. place is very simple. i will definitely come back again.

andriod box

The best burger .

Bill Birdsall

Great burgers & fries.....reasonable prices too!

John Brex

Enjoyed hamburger and fries, onions rings and shakes all seem fresh and homemade, cash only, little shack on rt 46..

just E

Great flavors, great cheesesteak delicious burgers, good shakes, good fries, I'll go there often.

Amaury Linares

Philly cheesesteak and cheeseburgers are amazing.

Mike Felice

ALWAYS very good! I have had many excellent burgers (and patty melts) here and it's a fun and relaxed place to bring family and friends. The staff is cool, and the customers are interesting. Steve is usually around, and is always friendly even though he's always busy making onion rings or something. No place is perfect, but I've been satisfied with my food here every time. I go here when I NEED a good burger, and it always is.

Robert Marquez

Love Steve's burgers. I just hate telling people how much I love it. Trying to keep this little shack a secret


I don't know how I've never found out about this place. The look of it--a little roadside stop that exudes Americana--tells you that this place will make a seriously good burger--and it does! Definitely among the best burgers in the New York metropolitan area. If you're foodie, going on quests to try out new cuisines or eateries, or a burger aficionado, I definitely recommend this little joint. They also serve other foods, although I only had the cheese burger. But if the burger is any indication, the other food should be great, too. 5 stars!

Matt Cruz

The burgers and fries are amazing. The service is fast and friendly. The prices are super low. What’s not to like? It was my first time to try this place today and I will back for more very soon. Oh, don’t forget to try the chocolate shake with Reese’s and caramel too. Soooo good.

Trouble Man

Nice small restaurant, food is worth the price.

Ronald Ciccone

The Hamburgers are small the same size as a grocery store roll. Cheese steak look good.

Roxanne McCullough

Was alright. Needs better parking.

Jim Cox

Good food. It gets busy with customers taking out so it gets crowded inside waiting for your order. There are places to eat there but not a lot. There are also some tables outside

Lecks Lecks

Best Philly Cheese steaks I ever ate !

Cristian Garcia

One of the best local burgers I've ever had. This place is seriously a hole in the wall with a super small dining area and more seating outside than inside. It's so small, even the restrooms are outside. Cash only and self-serve drinks. If you can't park on-site, just park across the street. Also, the closest ATM is at the gas station next door. But don't drive there, just walk.

james vilaichit

I love a quaint burger place, especially when the burger is great. This was a quaint little place and the burger was great. The disco fries were incredible. When the owner heard we came from Staten Island to try it he brought us out some fried Oreos.

Daniel Harrison

Amazing food! Steve is friendly and he ensures his staff, and himself, provides the best customer experience, which they always do.

Linda Ramirez

Best burger we've had in a long time! What we love is walking in and smelling the delicious aroma of yummy food. Definitely becoming a regular

John Liviapoma

Great burgers, love them but didn't really like the fries. Other than that great taste and price.

Mitchell Rabinowitz

Best burgers shakes hot dogs

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