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REVIEWS OF Seoulville IN New Jersey

Benjamin Stevens

Best Korean food in the area. Great family run restaurant. Never been disappointed. Try the cheesy spicy chicken.

Avery Raymond

They serve large dishes and for fair prices. very nice staff. They never disappoint.

Victoria A.

I've had much better food. And prices higher than overage

ana montero

As always delicious food and fantastic service!

Jonathan Morris

Excellent food, time after time. Friendly staff. Cold in the winter as the main door opens directly into the dining area

paul l

Awesome place! Dishes put together well and tasted even better than they looked. Service was adequate and attentive. Place is a bit tight, but it works. Must try for those who haven't had tried this type of food yet. We all sampled different items and were not let down. My wife got a gluten free dish as well.

Steve Eckert

Great place to grab some Korean food when the urge strikes! Definitely a place to check out.

Thomas Green

Excellent family style Korean BBQ. Great service, laid back atmosphere and kid friendly. Highly recommended!

Aurelio Luis

This is a good place to try korean food in central new jersey area. I used to go to edison for korean food, but no need to go there. I tried bbq la galbi and grilled pork belly which were so food and my whole family enjoyed very much. Will come back!!

Simon Cohn

Love this place. Been here a few times. Food is always great and the service is excellent. Highly recommended.

Linda Finne

Excellent food, good service, good prices. I will be back

Jonathan Gold

Delicious Beef BBQ. Great and helpful staff. Nice atmosphere.

Irving Irving

Had a awesome experience in this place with my kids. The food arrives quick and the customer service is just awesome. Prices are affordable.

Ebony Coates

Great home cooked Korean food. Our favorite neighborhood Korean restaurant.

Lee Harris

Fast service polite decent food, it even felt healthy afterwards it is in an up and coming area if that matters to you

Karen DeRosa

We were out Friday admiring cars on the street for car night in Sommerville.Great place for authentic Korean food. It feels like your Korean Mom is in the kitchen cooking your favorites. Full of flavor but not spicy heat. You can get spicy heat in your food but you will need to ask. We had traditional fare, try the tasting plate of Nine Delicacies with yummy pancakes. Also the rice on the rocks Bibimbap. Of course the chicken BBQ with crunch so delicious.

Eric New

Fast and delicious.


Muni Sharma

The best restaurant in Somerville...All the food was so much delicious ...mostly I love BBQ LA Galbi can’t stop eating and services was really good ...Going back soon again

Ian Muskal

Tried out Seoulville recently, the food was fantastic and plentiful. The korean wings were declious and spicy not so much to detract from the flavor but just enough to add heat to the amazing flavor. I had the chicken with mozzarella on a hot plate. It was easily enough for two meals and was delicious. Staff was very nice and food was brought out very quickly, this was late afternoon on a Sunday.

Jason Rojas

A gem of Somerville. My favorite spot in Somerville to eat. BYOB. Legit Korean cuisine.

Yeuna Hung

Please refrain from coming here for authentic korean food. They put presentation over flavor at an unreasonably high price. Our waitress was friendly, but the staring manager was discomforting. It's a shame that aren't any other Korean restaurant in the area.

Xander Velez

The food is always well prepared and delicious, cashiers hands out awesome service. I really like how clean it is and character. Will visit here again.

Shuvam De

it’s good

Brian Ward

Solid Korean restaurant with good food and a nice staff. We ordered the spicy pork and spicy squid. Both entrees were good, tastes identical to the h mart spicy pork, which is not a bad thing. The squid was cooked perfectly and I would definitely come back to try it again.

Alexis Harvin

The food is good but the staff liked to stare very adamantly. I would've enjoyed it more if they weren't so intent on getting me out the door. Other than that the servers seem friendly and attentive but I could hear (and understand) them saying things about me as well as my friends in Korean. We weren't loud or rude so I'm not sure why they did so. :/


Very good Korean food

Sooriya Neerukonda

We visited this place twice.. every food item brought to our table was amazing.. wonder people. Great customer service. We love to visit again.

Tyler G

The food is good but very expensive for what you get. Very skimpy on meat and noodles.

peder hollinghurst

It was tasty!

Jack Yip

I have been to many Korean restaurants in the past (Korean restaurants from Flushing NY, Annadale VA and Edison, NJ). The foods in this restaurant are mediocre and price is expensive compared to other restaurants. We would not come back again.

daniel ma

very nice, but it can be less expensive

Giovanna Noe

Amazing food.

Joe Pantina

Julianne Malecki

Very friendly owner and delicious food! Would suggest the short ribs.

Marco A. Rodriguez Ramos

Very good


Ramon Peña

Very good soft tofu soup! Recommend to any vegetarian.

Sambo Ga

Foods great

Christina Kim

The waiter was really great. Prompt service and very nice. The food was really awful - portion, quality, and price. Not sure how they are still running a business there...

DrVik V

Food was decent..kind of expensive for what we got

Paul Shin

Raghu Cheluvaraju

Great food. We went in late, at about 3 PM when the people from the restaurant were having their lunch but they whole heartedly welcomed us to the place - they had no qualms about what they could serve. We asked for some food and it was fresh, hot and ready in a few minutes. Totally loved the experience - especially on a cold day when we were hungry and wanted some hot, fresh and tasty food!

Ryan Tobias

What an amazing experience!

Adam Blank

Beat Korean restaurant in the area. Bar none

Di Ni

i was disappointed in my bibimbap, but loved the entree my friend ordered

Roger Kong

Compare to my past experience here, their food portions are poor small especially the ribs is so much thin and few pieces on the plate. The white rice charge you for two dollars but small like feeding for baby. Most of the price are over charge compare to other Korean restaurants. Will never come back again

Daniel Bautista

Good korean food without having to go to Queens or Fort Lee. Only thing missing is the ability to cook on your table.

W Nelson

Good food and friendly service. Had the Korean chicken wings (Seoulville KFC) with half & half sauce so we can try both - we like both sauces, and think that the sweet & spicy shows off more Korean flavors as it taste like it is based on the hot bean paste. The Platter of 9 Delicacies is fun to eat, with finely prepared fillings to be wrapped by bite-size pancakes. The Galbi is perfectly cooked, and served sizzling on a hot plate. This main dish also come with a selection of pickled vegetables and kimchi, which all tasted house-made and crunchy-fresh. The Stone Steamed Egg is a surprising side-dish, served bubbling hot in a stone bowl with scrambled eggs steamed on delicious broth. I appreciate the subtle seasoning of the dishes as I did not end up thirsty the rest of the day. I like the right-sized portions, which prevented us from over-eating. They check to see if we need rice instead of just giving it to us - I don't care for too much carb or wasting food, so I appreciate this too. We will definitely return to try other menu items.

casey shoolbraid

I love Korean food and this place satisfies my craving for bulgogi and kimchi. They even serve the small appitzers before your meal of various pickled and cooked veggies which I think I customary in Korea . The restaurant is comfy and cozie and would be easy to miss going down the street. Their fried chicken is also very good. My only gripe with the place, and this is just personnel preference, is that I wish the food was so much more spicy.

Greg Snook

Really tasty place for some Korean

Randall Marsola

Asim Zaman

Great Korean food, I got a spicy bibimbap and my friend got a regular one for the first time. A great experience!

Gordon Ramsay is Savior Yaks are back

Amazing! This was my first time eating Asian food, and it was a complete 10/10! I recommend the Bulgolgi and burdock tea!

SirBeige GTA

Chicken wings was delicious. Service was great. Great atmosphere. The Bulgogi was off the charts. If your in the area. Its a must go


I love Korean culture and my girlfriend is Korean. So we were disappointed with the food, both quality and portion size. I got their Korean seafood pancake which was a somewhat decent size, but it was mostly batter, about 80%. 10% greens and a few cup o noodle ramen soup sized shrimp, no bigger than my pinky nail. Hardly any seafood in it. Bahnchan (side dishes) was hardly a portion of what bahnchan should be and they only allow 1 refill. That is NOT Korean hospitality. It was disgraceful and shameful. My girlfriemds Kimchee jiggae was 2-3 days old and small in portion compared to other traditional Korean restaurants in the tristate area. My girlfriend says this was not traditional korean food and that it was a disgrace. We will never come here again. Not hospitable, very stingy. Was empty on a friday night dinner service, that should say something.

Terence Calulo

My favorite Korean restaurant in Somerville. If you like Korean you will love this place. Love their pork belly dish.

Sam D

Great spicy chicken and beef

Buttering Boi

Love this place!!!! Could eat here everyday!

Neil Powers

Freshly prepared and well presented


Great food and service!

Vinny Avella

Came with my girlfriend with a 615 reservation on a Friday night. No reservation was necessary. We brought our own drinks and we were welcomed from the beginning. I read a few reviews that the portion size was small. I am a big guy and me and the woman had more than enough to eat. We ordered octopus rock bowl, seafood qimchi, and effective BBQ. We live in town. Definitely will be back. Give it a try

Mark G

Food was excellent, better then expected! Service was fast and friendly. Will eat again soon.

hyungseop youn

한국음식 뿐 아니라 한국식 치킨, 탕수육 등을 먹을 수 있다. 맛이 맵지 않아 먹기 좋다

Sharief Yearwood

I had kfc "Korean fried chicken", wings were good, got the honey ginger flavor, they were crisp and hot. Also tried the spicy pork stir fry that was very good, would definitely recommend

Hope Wesely

So nice. We had the dinner for two

Gordon Kansas

The food is delicious! And so many great choices. The staff is helpful and very attentive.

Christopher Romano

This place is awesome and authentic, would highly recommend it to anyone

Juan Torres-Fernandez

Good work lunch spot. Spicy seafood soup is great!

Tamara Hemingway

I love the Bibimbop!

Young Ahn

(Translated by Google) Its yummy (Original) 맛있네요!

Aron Kastell


John Ahn

Food was mediocre at best but the issue is the lack of protein when ordering dishes with protein. Spicy beef soup had literally 2 strips of beef the width of typical potatoe hash. The squid dish had 10 pieces if squid in it. Price of food is the most expensive compared to any of the korean restaurants in the area. So basically you get skimmed out cheapskate food and pay 35% more than typical for the same Korean dish in the area. On a positive note the owner is nice otherwise it would be getting 1 star. I will never be coming back. Take the extra 15 - 20 minutes and drive to other Korean restaurants in the area.

Zichao Wang

Decent food, awesome staffs

Jonathan Gray

Excellent Bi Bim Bop. Nice to have this good of a rendition in Central Jersey!


Staffs are wonderful but the owner of this restaurant is not honest. When we sat down, he asked what do we want to drink. We said Tea, he said it will cost you $1.5 per person. We told him we don't want specialize tea just regular tea like the most of Korean restaurants would provide for their customer for free. He said if you want tea you have to pay for it. Secondly, 99% of Korean restaurants we went all provide small dishes as appetizer or eat with the main meal. We had to ask for small dishes. We ordered meal for two that costs $60, it only comes one bowl of rice. I specifically pointed out this is the menu for two people how come only come with one rice. The owner said you that is the policy!

Stephanie Azzopardi

Pricy but the best Korean food I have tasted!! Cod and veggies was filling and flavorful!! Kimchi and other appetizer bites made this the authentic Korean experience :)

Stephen Beekman

Finally, a quiet atmosphere. Food was excellent. Price was OK at lunch. Service was very good and respectful.

Flo Bailey

Food was very good.

Marie Ashley

I stopped here to eat with my Korean American wife. We are hungry 2 hours later. Rice and soup are not included.

Bruce Cranendonk

Great food

Z.H Liu

Good services. Good food

Steven Scibetta

Delicious, authentic, good service, generous portions!

Ferdinando Palumbo

Food was amazing literally the best fried chicken I ever had. It's a bit pricey though so keep that in mind

David Partyka

My wife and I had dined at several Korean restaurants in Middlesex and Union Counties, but we never had a Korean meal as satisfying as the one we enjoyed today at Seoulville. My wife, who is half Korean and grew up eating home-made Korean food, was so impressed with her kimchi jigae that she said it was the best she had ever eaten in her life. My entree, the spicy pork, was a delicious mixture of pork with scallions, onions, and carrots, topped with a fried egg, on a bed of rice. It too was the best Korean food entree I had ever eaten in my life. The food is fresh and free of msg, which is a popular additive in many Korean restaurants. In addition, we both felt that the portion sizes were good, and we were both satisfied with every aspect of our meals. The owner is very attentive and friendly in order to make sure that customers are satisfied. Best Korean food in central NJ - we highly recommend Seoulville.


Relatively, reasonable services among others in the same area, slow serving speed, average foods and high prices. Place is clean. They serve modified Korean foods in American way. Those better Korean restaurants could only be found 20 miles away in Edison.

Elizabeth Occhipinti

Excellent Korean food!

hyemin seong

(Translated by Google) There is a price range but it is clean and delicious! The restaurant street is also very beautiful. ^^ (Original) 가격대가 좀 있지만 깔끔하고 맛있어요! 식당거리도 너무 아름다워요.^^

Manil Shah

Good food and fast service

Ino Sofjan

Very good Korean restaurant in the quaint downtown of Somerville. Friendly place with good food.

Paul Kang

I eat here somewhat regularly (usually take out) and they offer a variety of authentic and delicious Korean food! I recommend the "army" budae jjigae.

Samuel Bautista

Honestly, the food is great but the portions are getting smaller every time I go. I ordered Stir Fried spicy pork in the past, and they provided an ample amount of pork. Recently, I have gone, they provided more onions and vegetables and less pork. Also they charge for tea now. In the past tea was free. But Overall I’m still a loyal customer.

Panth Shadowclaw

Had the spicy squid and some shrimp dumplings. Both were quite tasty. Fast service

Mitul Patel

Overpriced for the quantity they give. There are better places that are cheaper.

Theresa Cambria

Good bibimbap and banchan

Nana Pokuah Yamoah

Nicolle R

Not the cheapest place on the street, but everything I've had there is delicious and high-quality. I've always had good service here as well. Love the crispy seafood pancake and fried chicken.

Arthur Cheung

Decent Korean food。 Could use some stainless steel chopsticks and it would be great.

David Schwartz

Very tasty food at a reasonable price.

Paul Belkin

Great Korean BBQ. Sweet and spicy wings are awesome. Great crunch. Bulgogi bowls are awesome too.

Christopher Yap

Had seafood pancake, pork belly, L.A. galbi and spicy seafood noodle soup...good stuff!

Colleen Sheelen

Service was spotty but food was well worth it. Will definitely return!

Amith Mohan

Fantastic place and I am a vegetarian! Try their Kimchi fried rice!

CD Kim

Menu is simple yet covers wide variety of Korean favorites. Must try the Cheesey Spicy Chicken and the Korean Rice Pancake over Ice Cream for dinner.

Nick Zubrycki

Pleasant staff. Great food.

June Cook

Clean,Relaxing simple atmosphere,very pleasant staff & good food.Choice of spicy or non spicy foods.non alcohol beverages.other shops close by if you want to take a walk.

Oscar Elleseff

A great place to have Korean food in Somerville. Service and food are wonderful.

Tony Principato

First time I had Korean food. It was good. I will go back.

Sue Reed

Very good food. Only reason not giving 5 out of 5 is service was a bit slow,

Brynne Halsey

Excellent food, great and friendly service. The only reason I rate 4 and not 5 stars is that the menu is limited and there is no traditional tableside grilling service.

Felix Zaslavskiy

I ate here a few times. The food was excellent. Place gets busy so hard to get seat with out a reservation.

Jinyong Oh

Great taste of authentic Korean food that is rare to find in the area. Reasonable price. Good for family either lunch or dinner.

Chris Donato

Great food. Good prices.

Davina Teter

The food was pretty good. The staff was nice. The fried chicken was ok, I wouldn't say it's like fried chicken from other Korean restaurants. The stir fry was good. We ordered the spicy seafood noodle soup and it was surely spicy! I would go back.

Josh S

Good Korean food for New Jersey. I've only had lunch here so maybe dinner is better. You will enjoy your food. On the flip side. This place should deliver its the only place you can get Korean food in a considerable radius.

neonnina p.

I been coming here 4 times. Through the years I noticed that the portions are reducing and the prices are increasing. It's sad to see how the owner don't care or he/she is getting too stingy. my husband and I were remembering our very first experience at this restaurant. the pickles variety and portions were ample and they were refilled without me or my husband asking. I dont think will go back again!! They should not charge for tea!!!

Tia singh

Husband and I went there last night for Dinner. I love Korean food & I wanted to try something close to home. Staff was very nice & I ordered my all time favorite Korean Dish Bibimbap- Chicken & Husband ordered soup. Our server was so sweet & I loved that she explained dishes. I had Korean food many times - I considered myself a pro but I loved that for someone new to cuisine- It was lovely gesture & informative. Now when it comes to food- I thought food was just ok. I have eaten in my friends homes & in restaurant - My chicken Bimimbap was very average. Nothing to rave about & their sauce was very Meh.. Their banchan was good- loved Kimchi & Musaengchae... Hubby soup was ok too. I might give this place a try again to see if next time- May be better food with different dishes but search for good Korean food close to home continues!!!!

Stephanie Ghanem

Christine Li

Seoulville is a great spot for dinner. I’ve been here a few times for lunch and my entrees just haven’t been as good. Maybe there’s a different chef or the dinner crowd get them going more. Either way I’ve had two really great dishes there that have been noteworthy. Their Nine Delicacies appetizer is tasty either for lunch or dinner. The appetizer comes with thin mini pancakes that you use to wrap a variety of nine things: shrimp, beef, mushrooms, eggs, egg whites, carrots, bean sprouts, and zucchini. Sounds filling but even split between two people, it’s a good enough portion to allow me to eat my entree as well. Now for my entree - I’ll admit to never straying far from my favorites. My number one go to with Korean food is beef bibimbap. If you don’t know what that is, it’s rice in a hot stone bowl topped with beef, different vegetables, and a yolky egg. Since it’s in a stone bowl, once you start stirring it all up - the egg cooks and everything just mixes into the perfect fried rice. Like I noted before, not sure why - the lunch bibimbap is decent but the dinner bibimbap is AMAZING.

Gregory Fiorino

I'm happy I had time to stop in and taste the food. Service was great, the atmosphere is calming and the food was delicious!! I will be eating here more often.

Walt Danker

The food and service was good, but maybe a little pricey. The menu is also more limited than other Korean restaurants. It is a fine place to grab lunch, not as sure I'd pick it for dinner.

Jamie Williams

Service was great, the atmosphere is calming and the food was delicious!!

Peter Santero

Good Korean food a very fast service make sure you come to space himself before it between each course

Kathi Ann Doroshenko

Food is delicious

Joseph Horan

Really good Korean food and a terrific staff.


4.0/5.0 정도

Courtney Reed Keren

The food is always fresh and delicious!

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