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Louis Tosoni

Just One Star is more than enough, there is annoying options to have unlimited bbq. And their foods quality wasn't good enough for the price. I won't go back there. I think they need a consultant to be a better restaurant.

Hiep Duong

Food is nice and with friendly staff. However, the menu is very limited at my point of view

Ward Blackwell

I enjoyed my meal here. Very clean place and great service.

B3D Music

Love this place and the staff. The people there are great and the food is amazing. Highly recommend the bulgogi and the spicy soups. Been there a handful of times and will continue to go as the go to korean spot in the area.

Katherine Arxer

Samantha O'Keefe

Food is average to above average. Fresh, but expensive. Ambiance is awful, smelled like plastic and cleaner when walking in. Staff is ornary and suspicious, rather then welcoming they make you feel like an outsider. They have also twice now overcharged me for things that I had to notice on my bill to fix. If you need Korean BBQ I guess go? But if you're just looking for a nice family dinner go elsewhere.

Sarah Seo

Hoyun Kim

(Translated by Google) kind (Original) 친절한

Liao Alex

do like to eat it food

Dayna G

It food was good the concept is good but it was freezing in there. Everytime the door opened cold air would rush in and through out the place was just cold which caused the food to get cold faster. So I really wouldnt recommend going there in this bitter cold weather. Both me n my mother had to eat with our coats on.

Chaoran Yu

Tasty food! A lot of native Koreans eat here, so you can tell they have authentic Korean dishes. Their Galbi/BBQ is the best in Ridgewood area.

Saeid hosseinipoor

Very nice place! Waitresses care too much and a little bothering. Some people may like it but I don't. Food quality and atmosphere was good.

Rog Gomes

Quality and food portion is good .


Super good

037 1701

Excellent Galbi (marinated beef rib). Nice clean renovation. Very friendly attentive staff (and we're an 'AMERICAN' mixed race couple btw). Better KBBQ than most of the tired Fort Lee/Pal Park joints. Welcome to upper Bergen. Hope this family does well. Gum Bai ! P.S. First Responders get 10 percent off with valid ID

Chul Kim

Good Korean BBQ restaurant. Taste is pretty good, price is also good.

Neal Richardson


Yevgeniy Rodin

Food was great, but the staff was even better. Left very satisfied.

Kanu Suguro

Great consistent quality. Very good technique on braised dishes.

Haejung Kang

Great Korean buffet and great price. Service was very good

Sungdo Chung

사장님도 친절하고 음식 맛있고 전 좋았습니다.

Baldwin Chan

Great authentic Korean bbq, but not all you can eat. Great service and atmosphere. Wish they had pork bone soup though.



James Croonquist

It sucks it is infested with ants. I went there and they were crawling in the salad bowls and in the food. The staff then was swatting them with a fly swatter witch is totally disgusting when you are trying to complete the meal. Then I told them there were ants in other corners of the restaurant and they did not care. After swatting some of the ants they set the table for new customers like there was nothing wrong. DONT GO HERE YOU WILL HAVE ANTS IN YOUR FOOD!!!!


(Translated by Google) There are 4 people sitting at one table, but there are things that are fixed per table, and if you order meat that can be infinitely refilled, you will only bring 2 lines. There are 4 people, but it was annoying to order, and the price is more expensive than other meat buffet, and the tastes are also such a thing that aunt who serves as a star is also unkind. For reference, I have eaten here in 10 years. (Original) 4명이서 한 테이블에 앉았는데 테이블당 정해져 있는 것들이 있고, 무한 리필이 가능한 고기도 주문하면 2줄씩만 가져다 줍니다. 사람이 4명인데 계속 주문하기가 짜증날 정도 였고 가격도 다른 고기뷔페에 비해 더 비싸고, 맛도 그닥~ 아무튼 별 하나도 아까울 정도로 서빙하시는 아줌마도 불친절하기까지 한 그런 곳입니다. 참고로 저는 여기서 먹고 10년만에 체했네요.ㅋㅋ

Maritess Elamparo-Chambers

Visited from out of town and would recommended this to both avid korean bbq goers or first timers. Our server (middle aged woman..gosh I wish I got her name) was so helpful and accommodating and ensured our Korean bbq exp in NJ was enjoyable. Place is good for families too.


Very expensive and the quality very low. Bad experience.

Ruth Cohen

I don't write reviews about services online but this place must get my first review. If you are not KOREAN, no reason for you to be there, they treat the Korean guest so nice, they serve them, bring them extra food but because we are AMERICAN we get nothing. We went there few times and stopped for long time but tonight we decided to go because the Tofu House in Ridgewood was closed, we received for four guests that ordered 4 Tofo soups and 2 cans of soda our bill was $70 + tip, this place is a mess, no one understand what's going on over there. I read the reviews before but refuse to believe, but after I went tonight again I totally understand all reviews, never again for us this place. Waiters are not pleasant. My advise is: There are a lot of restaurants out there, no reason to go there".

John DeWitt

Authentic. Pricey. That's about all.

Sunny L

My work place is near by Garden state mall. I found this restaurant today and it was awesome. I will come back with my Korean food fighters. All staff was so kindly and welcoming and specially Eric was one of the best server ever. He explained about all kinds of my question. This is the points. - Warm welcomeing - Clean inside and well organized - Perfect taste of Korean food and side dishes - Clean bathroom


If you like Korean food, this is a great place to go. All you can eat with great selection of food. They have really nice Lunch rates. I am glad this restaurant is in our neighborhood.

James Cimmino

Ended up here right before they closed on a whim, food was excellent and massive portions. Would recommend

Ilya Elkind

Great food. Affordable for the quantity you get and with good service. Bulgogi is our favorite to get there and we will typically do a double serving. Seafood pancake is a hit with my wife.

Kevin Muncie

Legit Korean BBQ


good food. gotta keep it under 1.5 hours though for all you can eat

John Atti

I've wanted to try this place for a while. The staff here was very polite, and also very soft spoken during our stay (never slow to tend to our table, although the place wasn't packed when we came). A lot more food came out than I thought would come out! We ordered one of the BBQ for 4 combos (4 people with us), and had a bit left over at the end. Definitely come here with an appetite. I recommend.

Dmitriy Kostylev

Love it.

Peter Chang

Under new managment and amazing authentic korean food. The service was great. The bonchon (side dishes) were spot on some of the best Ive tasted in east coast. I would suggest going with someone who understands korean culture as its not necessarily a 'chic' place but Authentic fresh delicious. If you wanna go as a newbie I would order the following For table of 4 Daejang jjigae 2 orders of samgyupsal (pork belly) make sure you ask the waitress to grill the kimchi with the pork. And if still hungy a order of bulgogi.


모두 친절하고, 불판도 자주 갈아주시고 무엇보다도 음식이 맛있었습니다. 한국에서 놀러오신 어머니와 누님도 대 만족~

Jen Mwangi

It's changed from a regular BBQ to a buffet style BBQ which worried me at first, because all the KBBQ buffet places I've been to had subpar meat. But this place happily surprised me! It's also nice to be able to choose exactly what you want. I recommend it if you're introducing someone to KBBQ as it gives them freedom to try out things and figure out what they like! Staff is awesome and friendly as always. My only complaint is that I miss some of the other dishes they offered before they became a buffet. But it's still great!

Jonathan Sup Lee

Tons of food, but nothing you really want to eat.

Jin S. Ko

Crowdy on weekend. Reasonable prices for Kalbi

Joseph Antonick

Reminds me of my Korean grandma's Bbq

James Chi

Not as good as fort Lee but best in the area

Lilianna Malinowska

Very good food and friendly service . Everything prepared by order , fresh and delicious .

Edward Kim

Paul Mendelsohn

Vegetables at their best

Tarik Laaraj

Food was good, drinks good. Nothing to write home about but no complaints either.

Farnaz Arab

1 stare is more than enough, while we were eating, they told us we have limits 1:30 hours of being at restaurant, that was very rude. The price was very expensive with very bad food quality.

Michael Castro

So, this is my first time eating Korean food. It’s pretty good. The staff on the other hand are horrible, the experience was awkward, the bus boys are laughing because I don’t know how to use chop sticks, they literally gathers up across from me and stared the whole time I was here.

U Shah

Great friendly service. I recommend the Kalbi Gui on the BBQ menu. The chicken was kind of dry and the pork wasn't marinated enough.

Howell Jordan

Pricey for the portion. But it was delicious.

Alyssa Holmes

The food was great. I had the Bulgogi and enjoyed it immensely. The complementary and side dishes were tasty and really came together to in the wrap leaves. This has been one of the better meals I've had lately. I wanted to rate my experience higher, but the wait staff wasnt very attentive. I had to ask for an extra napkin twice, my water was empty for quite awhile before I was offered a refill, and after I finished my meal it took forever to get the check. I'd come back to give it another chance though. Everyone WAS nice and welcoming.

Alex Garcia

John Park

Their meat is overseasoned and not that many choices. Also they rush you out of there!! Why only 90mins to eat?? Not cool!

Andrew Zarauskas

Nice food clean

Leon Granovsky

I loved it. My picky kids had a hard time without the regular stuff.

Psiumis J

Before the renovation the place was great. Now however, its terrible; the food is okay. The service, that is another story. The waitress (the title is iffy), she looked lie she was ready to punch everyone at table. We just ask for an extra fork and drink. Hire a some real servers, just because its family it does not make them the best choice for waiter/waitress. AWFUL SERVICE (AND THAT IS A UNDERSTATEMENT).

Vaughn R.

Very different from the last time I was there. Korean BBQ buffet, choose as much as you want, flat fee of $33; you mustn't waste food (glad about this!), and you can't spend more than 1.5 hours there. Honestly, I don't find that hospitable, but I understand why management asks for us to do that (wouldn't put it past some people to spend all day there just eating for $33). The short ribs were FANTASTIC, and I love the independent option of getting whatever I want when I want it in my 90 minutes. Food was great!

Chusuk Lee

(Translated by Google) effort (Original) 열심


This place is easily one of the BEST places for Korean BBQ! Super friendly staff and more than reasonably priced meals. The food is very good! They have a ton of yummy options both for the bbq and already cooked foods! We'll DEFINITELY be back!

Alexander Shulgach

Yukgaejang is great! Reasonably priced lunch. BBQ is good, but expensive- go for BBQ during the buy 2 get 1 free special during the week.

Steve Malen


Augusto Morales

good and tasty food! excellent customer service! fast service too!

Yolanda Amitrano

Wonderful and fresh Korean style dishes. We go there one to two times a week. Prices are great!


這是一家高品質的關注的是曼哈頓最好的餐廳很遠! 它感覺更高檔的價位會比讓你相信。 一般要花$100每次我們去我和我丈夫, 但是這至少包括一瓶葡萄酒, 開胃菜, 和甜品。 這是一個很棒的地方而且還特別晚餐一頓快餐。

Evan Fleischmann

Delicious food! Attentive service!

Kyunghye Kim

It was excellent ! I really enjoyed It! Good guilty meats ,tasty food and nice service. It was Worthy .

Jacquelin Q

When I found out there was a KBBQ near my job I was dying of happiness, this place is great in every aspect. The food is always amazing and not expensive at all, the service is so nice and welcomed, I feel like I've known them for years when I just started going there this year. love the place love the staff and love the food!

Edward Choi

(Translated by Google) Delicious all menu kind white shop (Original) 맛있는 전메뉴 친절 백점

Hosay Leeto

Great Korean BBQ and buffet place. The food was pretty good. Keep in mind that this review is only for the buffet, we did not order BBQ that day. My wife and I stopped by Friday. The staff were cordial and friendly but they weren't prepared, the service was a bit chaotic, unorganized. The food is diverse, plenty and tasty. They had a wide array of vegetarian fare, lots of fruits, as well as a huge meat selection. The price for the buffet was pretty decent. I would have given it a 5 star if they had a better system, perhaps in a few more weeks they'll get the hang of it. We would like to go back and check out their BBQ.

Manoj Mathew

I had the Bibimbap with the BBQ galbi (marinated beef short ribs). The veggie sides for the bibimbap were fresh and varied. The meet was tender and tasted fresh. It was served on a hot stone pan and was bought to the table sizzling. The dumplings were okay and nothing different from you average dumplings. The banchan (sides dishes) were okay. The kimchi was too tart.

Sarahbeth Serritella

Food is great, service NO! Our first time here... servers are nowhere to be found, had to get up for more napkins (coz they only give you one). We left them cash tip and paid for our meal by card. And the Hostess/Cashier asked if we left a tip on the table... We can't believe she asked us that (like she demanded for a tip)!!! WE still left 15% tip although we felt we didn't get good service. 2 stars for good food. 0 stars for the hostess - train better servers.

Christopher Homer

Had a great experience at a brand new Korean BBQ restaurant. Definitely check them out. We got pork belly, galbi, and bulgogi. All very good.


Decent place. Fun for the whole family and can help children gain an interest in cooking.

Justin Lee

I went there at night, but the whole experience wasn't that good. The customer service wasn't all too well, and the pork wasn't very promising.

Michael Merolla

Damn good kbbq, bibimbap etc

Sora Torres

Love the meat and soups! They are excellent and the staffs are very helpful.

Hector Frias

The food amazing!. Great staff but most of all the chef himself comes and greets you and make sure the food is at its best for you! Happy customer!!!!!!!!!!

Omaida Minaya

My son and I decided to try Korean food for the first time and I must say it was a very pleasant experience the food was great our only regret is that they did not serve desert. The atmosphere was on point and service was very friendly. I would recommend it...

Meesun Yang

Pretty good Korean food outside of the usual Korean hub

Noof Alshahrani

Nice BBQ When I came first time every thing was perfect But the second time I came, they provided less food with the BBQ, and the meat was little.

Michele Levy Norton

Pricy but good.

Chanhee Lee

Try their “Yuk Gye Jang”!! Recommended

Alev Erdi

Great beef. Buffet onlu Some desert would be nicr

Hugh Yu

Great Korean barbecue place. Shrimp is very fresh! The waitress is super nice.

Elisa Frollani

One of my favorite restaurants !!

Elizabeth Kim

Got a bad stomach ache.

Alex C

Great spot if ur hungry. The variety of food is just delicious

Jim C

Great experience for my first time. This isnt a fast in and out place as it's an experience also. When we go here for lunch we make sure it's at least 1.5h. People are so nice too explaining the menus to us. Have yet to have a bad meal or experience at this place. Worth every penny to eat here

A. Mark Mendoza

Bruno J Sutter III

Been here at least a dozen times, so great every time I had to leave this review. Eaten at many places in k town nyc and this place is as good or better. My fave Korean BBQ by far. Staff are amazing.

Gail Ma

Friendly staff. Great food.

Chang Jo Kim

The service are worst than before.


Delicious food! I've been there twice and each visit has not disappoint me. Would go back.

Joyce Okoth

Awesome experience. Will definitely be coming back and bringing friends and family

Clarissa Ruffin

Korean buffet and grill. Very delicious food and excellent service! Expensive but it's worth the visit.

Ajit Pradhan

Good experience eating in a korean restaurant. Visited with the family. We are not too fancy on eating red meat ...but shrimp and mackrel fish servings were tasty. Service attentive and polite .. a smile will add 1/2 more on star.

Eddy JImenez

Great food great place great price

Melissa Oleski

Bowen Pak

I don't know about their ants situation personally as some reviewers said but if it's true, that's descusting. I hope they brought in an extermination service and took care of it. I often order take out service and mandooguk is very good.

Google User

Rubber band in Hoe-Deopbab.

Brett Norton

Very good korean bbq. It's very expensive however it's quality food and service.

Harry Miller

Great food.

Erez Bitton

Good and fresh food. Cool when they make the food Infront of you. Check prices and menu online before you go tho, it's not for everyone.

Mikhail Pasternak

Not bad for Fair Lawn, Can't compare to Ft Lee joints

Juan Zuluaga

Great food but a bit pricey for the ambiance.

Adelis Cuevas

Omg I absolutely love this place!!! The chefs are so much fun!!!

Corin Droz

Very friendly servers. Interesting dining experience. Good Korean BBQ!

Olena Stanko

Very tasty, lots of food, don't order a lot because you can't eat everything.....

Jeffrey Kim

Nice place

Joo R

good meat but little pricey.

Rosemarie O'Hara

I gave 1 star only because in order to write a review I had to hit a star. I was very excited to try this barbecue restaurant because of the reviews I read. Initially, my visit started out well. The wait staff was very friendly and pleasant. We ordered our food and as we began to eat we noticed ants crawling in the bowls and on the table. After further investigation, we noticed ants in the corners, crawling up the walls, and in the windows. We did not want to cause a scene and called a staff member over to alert them about the situation. The staff member asked if we wanted to move tables and we said we would. After we moved to another table we never expected them to move over the bowls and the rest of the food from our prior table, which could've also been exposed to the ants. As we sat at our new table, we watched the staff trying to kill the ants with a fly swatted, a spatula and spoons. At this point I was disgusted. We then noticed ants crawling under the new table we were placed at. At this point, we could not eat any further and just left the food on the table. We did not want to cause a scene and just requested our check. We received our check and were charged for everything even though we did not eat it. I assume that maybe they would not charge us, at least, for the cranberry juice my two children split. I was kind of taken back. I paid the check and left a 20 percent tip, but Suffice it to say, we will not be going back. I was extremely disappointed. I willl not be going back and I will not recommended this place to anyone.

Arielle Tandowski

Way too expensive for the amount of food and definitely not for people who have never had Korean BBQ before. Very confusing.

Byron Arnao

This place has recently turned into a buffet Korean place which I've not been to before so quite unique. not much in the way of Ambience but I think they are rebuilding some of their clientele in this new format of the last month. The food was generally okay to good...I have the non barbecue version I'll try the barbecue next time and perhaps that may have better food. The service was good the staff was friendly and I think despite the prices being somewhat High they are ultimately reasonable for what you're getting in terms of comparing it to other Korean food places that you may go with BonChon Etc. So for now I'm going to say it's okay look forward to going in another month from now and checking out the barbecue and I met up the rating.if the owner or staff read this I think they could benefit by introducing some type of ambiance or a happening this to it and it's in a really tough spot so lighting of some sort to at least point out what's going on there would really help you definitely don't know most times when you're passing there that there's actually a restaurant I just happen to know that cuz I live in the area..

Juan Canel

Por los nuevos menú son muy ricos y las meseras me atienden rebien .

Doreen Mahon

Great food. Better than commercial restaurants with freshness and clean flavors.

Hyug Hur

Christopher Yap

Most of the time it's good, like most restaurants there may be days of experiencing inconsistencies in food quality.

Robert Soyka

They were so helpful and made the experience awesome for a first time. Will definitely go back

Alexander Lin

first time at this korean bbq and it doesn't disappoint. The meat was great and the restaurant super clean!

Robert Hong

I have been going here for years and I loved this place. Recently, I noticed a change in the food. I asked the waiter and he told me the the Chef left and the owner is making changes. I am disappointed. Bring back the old chef.

Greg Blair

This restaurant has changed owners three times in the past five years. Each iteration was great. This time they are an all you can eat Korean Buffett! You can also do the traditional grill thing at the table as well. What a local treasure! Terrific


My favorite Korean spot! I wish they also serve desserts..

Jose montez

Food was good staff was amazing 5 stars all day I will definitely be going back again

Blesson Mathew

Awesome food! The prices are reasonable and possibly one of the best Korean bbq spots in the area. It was very cold inside, other than that great spot.

Gordon Chiu

Authentic Korean

Vanessa Baria


(Translated by Google) But as ... (Original) 그런데로..

carlos enrique Montes

Good food and excellent service

Alexander Ruditsky

Ben Kim

Good food

Moustapha Cisse

I felt cheated. They split the orders in half, and charge you full price for it. Do not have the Korean BBQ, that is where they get you.

Eric Chen

Patrick Tong

Very authentic Korean food in this part of the woods!

Jezzima E

The bulgogi has me coming back time and time again

Dritar Odza

Love this place!

Timika Hillary

It was great to find a Korean BBQ place near me. We tried the All you can, it was pretty good. Would recommend that you ask how many pieces of meat per order if you don't have a big appetite. We only ordered a few dishes and it might have been cheaper if we did not have all you can eat.

Carol Betzy

They changed to buffet!!!!! Noooooooooo

Myung Yoon

Andrew Stranovsky

Good lunch specials. Lots of food for your money.

Jamal K.


Jacob Wu

This is my go to local Korean food spot. Their food is really good and isn't too pricey.

Mary Barkho

Delicious food and great service loved our waitress her name is Vivian.

Young Seung Park

Good Korean dishes!

jdsnyy jdsnyy

John Kim

Only Korean restaurant near the area. Authentic Korean food!

Sumera Ahmed

The food is good but it does not have the ambience to sit and eat. So it's more like a take out place.

Jung Koh

Buy 2 get one free. Not a bad deal and taste good

Alberto Vega

Great place

tony tian

Delicious food with nice service

Larry Chin

Great food and service. Will be back definitely

David Silver

Fun restaurant for Korean BBQ Food cooked at your table Friendly Service

Eric Lee

This is best place in NJ Ever Tasting is believing!! Unlimited bbq All u can eat $14box U believe it?????

jung min

(Translated by Google) I went for lunch today, Are you a short-haired woman working there? There is no name tag, Why are you talking to your guests? If you say it, it will fry, and your head will become a rice cake. Why do you keep staring at me when I'm eating? In front of him, Is not the waitress a service business? Why do I feel bad about eating my money and eating rice? heykorean, missyusa I think I should be up all. I do not care if I do not go back. never (Original) 오늘 점심먹으러 잠깐 갔어요, 거기 일하는 단발머리 여자분? 이름 명찰도 없고, 왜 손님한테 반말하고? 말하면처 침튀기고, 머리는 떡이지고 밥먹는데 왜 계속 비웃으면서 쳐다보나요? 앞에서 알짱 거리고, waitress 는 서비스업 아닌가요 ? 왜 나는 내 돈을 내고 밥을 먹는데 이렇게 기분이 나쁘죠? heykorean, missyusa 에 다 올려야 할꺼같아요. 뭐 다시는 안갈꺼니까, 상관은 없지만요. 다시는

Guang Deng

Good enthusiastic service, extensive list of small free dishes and running a promotion with their bbq items. Second time I am here and continues to impress.

Cafe 101

Tara Caroscio

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