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55 Vervalen St #50, Closter, NJ 07624 Located in: Closter Plaza

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REVIEWS OF Rudy’s IN New Jersey

Jay Dee

A good old neighborhood bar and grill. It's amazing that it is still unchanged since opening in 1933. They must own the building or would have been put out of business b y the ever increasing outrageous rents landlords charge today. Keep it up Rudy's you're a rare breed in NYC.

Burak Aydogan

This has to be by far the BEST bar in the entire island of Manhattan!! Neil and Yolanda are absolutely amazing and probably make the best long islands that I ever had, (They even beat my personal ones!) Even the regulars there are just great to hang around with! I am definitely planning on stopping there many more times before I hop on a bus back to Jersey! It is such a great atmosphere to be in! Solid 10 out of 10!

Mister Gee

Free hot dogs with every drink!!! What's better than an NYC Hot Dog! It's not The Ritz, but it is a great place to go to enjoy your friends without any pretense. Great music.

Abhishek Davuluri

Been going here for 8 years now. Never disappoints.

Martin Harte

Great value and free Hot Dogs?? What more could you want??

John McMullen

Look for the pig ! Free hot dogs

viken ayaz

Awesome crowd and cheap good drinks..


What more is to like, cheap drinks, free hot dogs and lots of character.

William Brinkman

Good food. Love the calzones.

Joseph Murphy

Outstanding in every aspect. If you're craving Italian food, this is your place! Stellar Italian cuisine and pizza. Been in business for over 55 years, and for great reason. Excellent for both dining in and take out. Portions are filling and the quality is exceptional. ***All negative reviews here are without warrant. They're empty headed and inaccurate.


Good pizza good salad. Worth noting they have a bar

jimmy pereira

a little busy and the bartenders show that. you are suppose to receive a hot dog with your drink at least that's what its known for besides the affordable drinks. we didn't receive it. we had to ask for one. so just ask for.your free dog.

Russell G

If I could describe a dive bar to someone, this would be the perfect example. A beer, shot for $5 PLUS a hotdog with every drink?? How do they stay in business!? All around great bar if you're okay with booth seats made entirely of duct tape and a small environment. Guaranteed to be drunk with a relatively full wallet when you leave.


Top notch pizza.

Michael Shyong

Great local Italian spot. Super friendly staff

Ramon Heredia

Diviest of dive bars in Hell's Kitchen. Wall to wall out of towners. You'll need a scrub down when you leave.

Nikki Farrell

This place is a great dive bar. Beers are cold and cheap and you get free hot dogs while you are drinking! The only place in NYC my husband and I got a round of drinks and a meal for $8. Cool history of this establishment.

Amber Travis

Great music, beer and a free hot dog and bun with Tommy k or ustard each time you get a beverage x

Peter Soumas

Outstanding pizza!

Adam Moncayo

A dive bar with Cheap drinks good hot dogs. the perfect establishment

Angela Dahlin

Wow is all I can say, but not in a bad way

Jethro Funk

Beautiful little bar, with affordable drinks! Also has free hot dogs with every drink order :) gets a little crowded as it's quite popular but you'll always find some space. Definitely a bar worth checking out. If your drinking in Manhattan this is one of the few affordable places. Still has a great selection and its Also got quite some history !

Sarah Gordon

Quality food, good environment, friendly staff.

Eben Bronfman

My favorite dive bar in NYC the people the free are great! Love 'em


Very Nice place, quick service on weekdays


This is the pizza gold standard for the Northern Valley area.

Natalia Herrera

Delicious pizza. We walked in for take out, menus were accessible in various locations. We were helped immediately, prices were very reasonable, and staff was friendly. We also appreciated that the staff was all actually working and very professional. Our pie took about 15 mins and it was so good! We ordered a margherita and Rudy's black cherry sodas. Will definitely be coming back!!!

Bob Frank

Great atmosphere friendly people.


Had many negative issues with paying for the food. The food wasn't great and the sauce was quite watery.

Mauro Briceno

What’s not to like about $8 dollar pitchers (beer), FREE Hotdog, free WiFi, free charging station and friendly folks from all over the world? It is a dive bar but it’s always fun!

WiLL Hefner

One of the best bars in nyc ..midtown where everything is. Cheap shots with a beer an hot dog for 5 bucks where in nyc you can get that deal!!! It’s crowed so get in early ..

Mathew Bangley

Great place cheap beer and a good atmosphere what's not to like!,

Steve R.

Hot dogs are good and pitcher prices are awesome. Wish there was more room in the place to seat with people.

Juan Bustillos

Small and crazy busy. Not my scene but it appears to be great will locals.

Denise W.

I visited Rudy's this past week while visiting my son in New York. It was suggested to me by one of my travel bloggers as a favorite of the locals and a fun place that serves hot dogs with every drink you order. The first thing I noticed was how we were being watched from the time we stepped in the door. We ordered our drinks and sat down. The back bar guy who gives out the hot dogs blew his nose and didn't was his hands. We were watched up until the time that we left, not sure what that was about. I know this is a place that's loved by the locals, but you never know who coming through the door, treat everyone like they're welcome. It's just good business

Christine Fedynich

Yum, yum yum!! Fabulous family restaurant! Wonderful staff and great service.

Kathryn Meyreles

Been eating Rudy’s for years their food is delicious but their portions size have cut in half but the prices have stayed the same or increased. The other day I ordered 2 slices and was charged $5.33 which isn’t a even number and their menu says slices are $2.50 so where the additional .33 cents come from? And not their pizza slices are the same size as a medium pizza slice from dominos.


Casual small hole in the wall bar with cheap beer and free hot dogs! More of a starter bar before the crowds make their way in.

Michael Ashley

There is a bald white bouncer named Ricky that has made discriminatory remarks against people of color. He also kicked my friend out simply for warning me that Ricky might yell at me if I step out of line. The bartender didn’t reimburse me for the pitcher that I had just bought, blaming it on the fact that a manager was not there. It’s not okay to have prejudiced employees without any sort of oversight.

Jeffrey Tan

Everyone's welcome here!

AJ Ferens

Happiest place on Earth, this place must be protected at all costs.

Lauretta Martin

Told me last minute that they couldn’t deliver for a big event I asked for a week ago. Hmm


I mean this place is horrendous but also great. Very cheap beer, sticky chair and AC that’s on way too cold

Olivia Korringa

Excellent service and food.

Bryan Abraham

Literally amazing def must go if you're into cheap drinks and dive bar culture

Amanda Smith

We frequented this bar every night during our stay why wouldn’t you at $3 for a pint of Budweiser the same for a bottle. Varied how busy it was but lots of locals in there ! Would definitely visit again

Jeremy Reidy

Great place to stop in for a beer

Kevin Dorsett

Good food, good service, nice atmosphere and comfy booths

Daryoush Nekooi

Always busy, bar staff are quick (don't forget to tip as they get a bit arsey if you don't... Pretty much demand a tip. But that's America! No idea why employers can't pay there staff properly but that's another conversation). Free hotdog with drinks. It's a nice gimmick and a good ice breaker if you are joining another groups table. Atmosphere is great, music too and they are always playing sports on TV. Feels like a genuine American bar

Daniel Fazio

This place is a jem! My reviews are slightly biased for dive bars like this, since not everyone including myself are meant for fancy bars with fancy prices. Where else in Mid-Town can you get a $8 pitcher of beer and free hot dogs?!

johnny ramos

Old nice little place Good price great bartender and free hotdogs open at 8 am and on Sunday at 12 noon

Joseph Connolly

Good food and good service.

Martin Lawson

$5 For a beer and a whisky shot, what's not to love. It's what's called a dive bar. Dive bars aren't dumps, it's no frills, no BS. Just booze and that's it.

Benjamin Bostick

A great place with a clientele to match the cross section of midtown. Beer and a side of hot dogs done right. What else could you need. It explains why everyone who is either hungry or a lush and the Ven diagram of people who are both, intersects at Rudy's.

Kari P

I've been going here for 38 years and it's always been absolutely the best pizza on the planet! It's the first place I go when I get into town and I make sure people from out of the area eat there at least once while they are visiting!

Deepanker Mishra

Heavily crowded, no place to sit. Economical and quality beer. Cheers!

Josephine Inzano

Delicious food, wonderful place to eat. Dining room is clean staff is friendly, prices are good highly recommend for good Italian food

Tony Corsi

A friend called rudys in advance and asked if they could make a special dish for me for lunch. They accommodated me and the four of us had a fantastic lunch. Both owners were nice enough to come out and introduce themselves and ask how lunch was. I couldn't thank them enough for such a nice gesture. I'll give them more stars if they were available

Andrea Wilhelm

This is a horrible place don't go there. That way I can enjoy this little gem of a place for myself!

Karen Twiggs

Beast for its price , it is really worth every penny. Best place to be with anyone. Food that makes everyone happy.

Paul Cooper

Free hot dog with every drink who wouldn't want to go here. Just remember to ask for the hot dog tho. Not the cleanest of places but its doesn't have to be

Michelle Magrino

Yummy. Great place to go before a movie, food and service are great.

Linda Rosen

Whenever family comes to visit, Rudy's is always on the itinerary. The pizza is always perfect. Rudy's special salad is delicious, and enough to share. It's a special place our family has been going to for decades.

Daniela Marín

Cheap beer and free hot dog with every drink

Fish Man

A must when in NYC. Free Hot Dog with a drink. A pint of lager as cheap as $3. Loved it ❤

Art Vandelay

Best of the best local hangout. Minimal menu but the food is always good. You can eat a super (bacon wrapped hot dog) and have a good laugh at the bar or grab a pitcher and a relax in a booth. Its all the same. As a bonus some great local musicians play on the weekend but not regularly. Definitely worth stopping in.

James Gerrity

Best jukebox great dive bar always great to visit

ASMR Freak

I love Rudy's, it's such an awesome little bar. They are cash only but so worth it. They have shot and beer deals and you get a hog dog! Can't fo wrong with this little place. Definitely a local fave and my favorite place to go when visiting the city.

Sean Sang Ahn

ok food and long wait to order...

Hunter Flattery

Best pizza in all the land

Jamie Reynolds

We were visiting New York for a few nights and fancied a locals bar. I came across this place on google, and it was rumoured to be the best ‘cheap’ bar in New York. It was cheap as chips, highly rated, free hot dogs, a really nice friendly atmosphere, as well as a real locals feel. The waiter said he wants people to visit and return, which I would happily return if I was in New York. Great place for a quiet drink, and if you want to experience a locals environment. Thank you for making an English couple happy.

Ady Preston

Great value beer. Ask for the free hot dog..... they are delicious

Marvin Ernesto Pizarro

The ambiance were good . The crew were very comfortable to approach with. Thank you!

Deepanshu Lulla

Cozy and comfortable place to hang out with friends. It is usually very crowded though

John Conley

Good food, service by Justin & fair price.


Cosy bar with friendly People. When you are on a holiday and want to escape from the tourism in New York you have to visit Rudy's

Michael Brannon

Well... Unfortunately the millenials & hipsters have invaded, but it's still a cool spot. Great prices on the drinks.

Howard K Simon

Warm, friendly and welcoming! Everything they cook is excellent. Try the meat lovers pizza!

Angel Arizmendi

Best place for locals. Cheap beer and free hotdogs

Julianne Borg

Rudy's always has good food.

Nick Dusil

Awesome for what it is, a dive bar. Dirt cheap beer prices, fun atmosphere, and Free hot dogs. Great place to have a drink!

Calvin Guzman

Don't let the neighborhood, exterior (or even the interior) of this Hell's Kitchen bar scare you away. Rudy's on 9th is the best kind of NYC dive bar. It's also one of the best places to fill your tummy on the cheap. Get yourself a pitcher of their red beer (also inexpensive) & enjoy free, unlimited, hot dogs with your choice of topping as long as you keep drinking. That could be all night if you have the stamina. Just beware, at peak hours it can get crowded. I like to go for a late lunch during the week. It's never crowded and I can get my fill of beer and hot dogs without ever waiting too long. Superb people watching also comes on the cheap, it's of course -- complimentary.

Art Gallegos

Great neighborhood bar. Best prices in the city. Need to be there if your anywhere near it!

Adam Rubinstein

I grew up on this place, and I'm so happy to see that their success has followed them these past few transition years (they are in their third location in Closter Plaza). Will always love their Rudy's Special Salad (chopped)

David Tucker

Awesome dive bar with cheap beer and complimentary hot dogs. Very busy so don't expect a seat but we'll worth a visit

Rodrigo Hidalgo

Nice family wait staff is always nice owners always ask if you're doing well enjoy your food

Cody K

Cheap drinks, cool crowd, great bartenders. Can't ask for much more near the heart of Manhattan.

Eliott Jouhaud

Bar with the cheapest prices in NYC: $3 for a pint + hot dog Amazing atmosphere

Matt Perrone

Rudy's is a fun dive bar with good music and some character that you can't miss. The layout is small, it's not very wide but it goes pretty far back, so it may be tough to find a seat. It's cash only, so be prepared. Some nights, if you ask for a hot dog with the drink you buy, you get one for free! They're not the greatest, but they're pretty darn good and to get one with a $3 beer is unheard of. definitely worth the stop to chat with some of their great bartenders.

Tara Viggiano

Good food great location, right near the new movie theater

M Sm

Disappointing service and pizza.

Elise Schneider

Service, food staff, servers, Pearl (lovely hostess) and the amazing food make my experience 5

Josh Gaughan

Rudy's is one of my favorite pizzarias. Nowhere else can I find pizza as good as here. Great and fast takeout service over the phone and in person, and great seating/dining experience.

Nicholas Leonard

3 bucks for Rudy's Red and a hot dog. Cash only. Beautiful.

Nouman Sher

Good place to have great time with ur friends

Aov Aov

Great family restaurant. Always delicious. Iconic to Closter.


Awesome Place! more local i guess. Cheap Beer, cool people, hot dogs even free!

Paul Shilson

You can get a beer for $3 and a free hotdog. Gets crowded so you might have to stand.


Best pizza around. The pasta is amazing too. This place is 10 out of 10.

Sujene Kang

I highly do NOT recommend going to this restaurant. I contracted food poisoning from their careless staff, and their thoughtless actions! I went and bought a slice of pepperoni pizza with garlic bread. However, while baking some pepperoni slices fell off of the pizza. One of the workers thought that replacing the fallen slices with meat that had been uncooked, and left out in 90 degree weather WITHOUT putting the slice back into the oven, would be proper and sanitary. Unfortunately, this particular actions would lead to hours of vomiting and stomach pain. Not only is their staff careless, but they are also rude. I waited 10 minutes for my check, even though I asked countless times for my waiter; and conveyed my dismay telling the rest of the staff that I had to be somewhere very soon. Eventually, a different employee gave me my check and apologized for the wait. Nonetheless, the attitude given by my original waiter was unacceptable! I brushed this incident off as just a mistake; everyone has their bad days. But, when going back a second time for lunch (since Rudy’s is conveniently located near my cram school) I was met with food poisoning and again rude staff! I will NEVER go back to this restaurant, and I sincerely advice from the bottom of my heart that you choose somewhere else to go to. Thank you for reading this, and have a nice day. ~

Marc Pharel

Cheap drinks, free hot dogs. Cash only

Nat Lenk

It good

Bill Morgan

Everytime I am in New York I go to Rudy's. Drinks are cheap, crowds are interesting and boisterous, and it is in a fantastic area. Never boring.

Vincent Abraham

Good pizza/sandwiches, friendly staff but portions are small.

David Ontopi

Best place in town for your beer & hot dog

Lakeesha Neil

If you're are looking for the greatest bar of all time you have mother fing found it. Bartender amazing, music off the charts, beer prices stellar and the ladies un... wait for it... believable!!! This is the place I want to die!!

Chance Torres

Great Thursday happy hour, followed by a DJ and raffle. Probably the most fun I've had downtown after work. Highly recommend. Also, try the Strawberry Margarita.

niño bravo aka LOttO wining

Love this spot cheap drinks free hotdogs!

Yaniv Ben-Asher

Good stuff


My family had been going here since they were kids! A great corner stone of the community.

Brian Magrogan

Some of the best pizza in Bergen county. Rudy’s makes an amazing pie and is extremely consistent. We discovered it when it was catered to a birthday party and whenever we are in the area Rudy’s is our choice for pizza.

Christopher Cruz

I love this place. Best dive bar ever. Me and my friends meet here before class and have some beers and free hot dogs. Yes! Free hot dogs with a drink purchase which are way below average and poured with a heavy hand. The bar tender here is fantastic and super friendly. Thia place is a landmark for sure.

Rick Osso

Great family friendly Italian restaurant and pizzeria. Best take out in the area and a nice farmhouse style dining room to dine in. They have a bar offering wine, beer, cocktails and sangria. Been around since 1963. Great local spot.

Nelson Abrahante

My Brother invited me and my Older Son to Dinner here. Very good food and service.

Steven Swanson

This Hell's Kitchen bar is one of my favourite bars in the entire world! There is an extensive drinks menu and some amazing prices and yeah... They serve up complimentary hotdogs too!!! The staff are super friendly and the place has a great vibe to it, definitely worth checking out if you find yourself in New York looking for a great bar.

wolliez marco

Rudy's as always was great. I love that place. It is a place full of nice people all the time. Beers are cheap. It is not a fancy place, and that is why I like it so much. You get free hotdogs. It is a place to make new friends.

dormiente Israel

Mediocre food at best.

Rob Russo

Good bar with great service, good beer and quality hotdogs. If u are looking for a high brow place this isnt it

Glenn Gargiulo

I have been coming here all my life. The last few years have been rough with all the moving around they had to do with the renovation. In all the years I have been coming here the food has always been awesome. My personal favorite is the Rudy's special salad. Great. Man so many years so many great meals. I guarantee anything you get off the menu will be awesome. This place is definitely Aces...

Adam Friedberg

Good sub

Jurgen Hein

A great drinking spot to meet the locals, cheap drinks like 5 bucks for a beer plus a shot and free hot dogs. What is not to like?

Fakisha Fabre

So much fun! Met some great people and chatted it up with the bartenders. Will definitely come back next time I’m in the area!

R David Koby

Had a good dining experience here. The two of us shared the nights special - Trio of veal, shrimp and chicken parmigiana with ziti and the special house salad. All great. Super tasty red sauce. Love their italian bread too. Even though splitting, it was more than we could eat and took some home. The red Sangria was the best we ever had. Jamie was our server and did a bang up job. She's efficient friendly and attentive as was all the staff we came across. Bathrooms were spotless. We'll have to come back

Jane Bobe

So friendly especially the owner. He made me my special request a fried calzone stuffed with ricotta cheese and ham, not only was it delicious it looked so pretty. I’ll be back!

Marc Dallaire

$8 pitchers, and beers come with a hot dog. Totally unpretentious, pretty good service, and always an interesting atmosphere. Incredible value for money here. If you're looking for a fancy cocktail bar, not the place. Inexpensive beers? Definitely come here

Peter Dyson

Down to earth NYC Dive Bar. Good selection of beers in a friendly warm atmosphere. Well worth a visit and enjoy a pitcher or two with a free hot dog. Take time to rest your feet here after or during a busy day sightseeing.

Paddy Byrne

My favourite bar anytime I've been in NYC. Cheap beer, free hotdogs and a great atmosphere 7 nights a week. Always seem to have a memorable night the few times I've been here. Love it!

Liam Milman

This place has great service, great food, great people, and amazing comfort.

Joe P

A litttl2 crowded but the prices were right for some cold and on sale, especially the stimulus package, $5 shot and a beer (their own blonde ale)

Felipe Teran

$3 beers with great flavor and a free dog per drink and those dogs are delicious. Great vibes with a jukebox so play some of your own music if you'd like

רון שואט

The cheapest beers in the city and great atmosphere.


I spent few times around eating Italian food in NYC and NJ and Rudy's it's the most authentic, I was feeling like home and it's very important! The Pizza it's unbelievable! And the quality of the food it's great, that's what make this place THE BEST!

Daniel Hansen

Best pizza, salad and Italian food around

Jason Coke

On a 6 day trip to NYC. What a bar! A bit rough at first but it's great! Free hot dogs and cheap beer. A real slice of ny. Highly recommended!

Lorena Rocio Mendez Rivera

I love this place! The free hotdogs are very nice. Sometimes the staff can be rude

Ilana Fried

My whole family has been coming to Rudys for at least 30 years. Unfortunately I don’t live so close anymore, but I always make sure to come in for the best baked ziti every time I come home to visit family.

David Carr

Rudy Red was my favorite tap. What can you say? $3 beer and a free hotdog! Bte, the dog was better than many of the carts on the street.

David Rosen

The best. I have been coming here for 40 years.

Jacob Moore

Best bar in Times Square area. Not a good spot for dancing and partying, but a great place for cheap beers & shots with friends. And the free hot dogs that come with drinks are actually good. Tip your bartender!

Gary Dasilva

Very good food

Yvonne W.

Eh....what's up with the vinaigrette salad dressing?

Pete Menti

In my opinion, BEST PIZZA and Italian restaurant in Northern NJ. Was on Food Network couple of years ago. What makes them special is, yes, the foods of course is great, but moreover, employees have been there for 20+ years. Says a lot for their family business.

James Kelly

Great pizza and subs. Also live spinach roll. Have to pick it up but worth the trip.

Katrien Van Thielen

The best place to be! I had the best glutenfree pasta ever! Grazie mille!

James Richards

Cheap, colourful characters. Free hot dogs with ya beer!


Great place to go for good beer at a great price. Awesome atmosphere. Crowd is always friendly and many times entertaining. My husband and I go there when we are in town. Doorman has always been friendly and nice. Highly recommended

Hector Ortiz

The pizza here is very good and so are many other dishes. Also, the drinks are good as well. The reason for my 3 star rating (which I wish could be 3 and a half) is for the service. Even on non busy times it take 15-20 minutes for the waitress or waiter to come around and ask us if we want anything else or the check. Also the bus boys constantly come around and ask us if we're done eating every 2 minutes (even when the place is empty). I do like the place, hopefully they get a few of these things handled.

Mark Paradis

What a wonderful little gem of a restaurant. I needed to run out and get some quick quality dinner before a late night meeting and I was not disappointed by Rudy‘s. The deceiving front lead to back into a well lit area with nice updated Decor. The wait staff was friendly and efficient. I got the mama Mia platter and it was absolutely delicious. I will absolutely go back but this time I think I may try a pizza because the front of the restaurant had my mouthwatering when I walked in

Jeff Einhorn

Good overall restaurant and pizza place. A local institution. Worth a visit.

Jake Fishkin

For dive bars, Rudy’s gets an A+, cheap drinks and great place to head when the night is winding down.

Simon Icke

Amazing beer with a great atmosphere

Jeffrey Edison

I can understand why some people might put this place down. It's a simple, straightforward, no frills place. Their Ruby's draft is good but unassuming (I chose the Ruby's Red), but they also have several other brews on tap including Stella (which I would never prioritize as I live in Belgium where Stella is a very average choice). In the bottle choice, you even find Franziskaner Hefeweisse -- my favorite wheat beer. Oh, did I mention the free hot dogs? Done. Order a Pint for 3 bucks or a pitcher for a tenner (or $8 if you prefer a blond beer) and a couple of free dogs with tabasco or however you prefer them. Sit back, soak up some of the nostalgia of Hell's Kitchen, and the haphazard music selection. Why not? (Just overheard from the next table, "That's Mr Dickhead to you")

Heather McCann

This was a big highlight on our NYC trip because we love checking out unassuming ‘hole-in-the-wall’ pubs. Big cartoonish pig-statue out front (great for photo ops). Grungy atmosphere with a loyal local customer base, and great service. Rudy’s has a wide variety of beers, and very decently-priced, plus you get a free delicious hot dog with each purchase of a drink!! The booth seating has layer upon layer of red duct tape (if that’s not unassuming, I don’t know what is). We would 100% visit here again.

Jillian Ellis

Cheap! Rudy's blonde is a solid beer. The hot dogs are mad decent.

Floretta Herrmann

Great place for happy hour! Decently priced drinks that are delicious; ordered the lychee martini which was amazing. It's a pretty small space and a popular happy hour location so it can get pretty crowded. Don't forget to check in on yelp for 50% off an appetizer!

Chris B

I love this place. Cheapest beer in Manhattan and it comes with free hotdogs. 3 drafts, 5$ beer and shots 8$ pitchers. A must visit!


Mediocre food for a high price. A bowl of Alfredo pasta is about $18-19.. and the pasta wasn’t even that well made. We ordered it you know how you drain the pasta after cooking it, well, THEY DIDN’T DRAIN IT PROPERLY and so the SAUCE WAS WATER AS HELL. Also, they probably bought the CHEAPEST OF THE CHEAPEST utensils because you can taste the metal when you take a bite of your food. I just overall had a bad experience, not coming here again EVER.

Joe Woodward

Super cheap beer and free got dogs!


Rudy's is a favourite with many and I can see why,good prices and a free dog with every pint !!! Had a great night here and some very nice girls in aswell,I'm going again when I'm there',great location on the main road,staff were very good and polite,hats off to them

Marcus Nordberg

Might be the only cheap beer in midtown - and you get a hot dog with each beer?

Fantasia Williams

Had a great time. Beware it is definitely a dive bar. Duct taped seats and all. The drink specials are what bring people in. You can get a beer, hotdog, and shot for $5. The space is narrow and seating is limited but if you are with a good group you won't mind!

Cleta Staten

Visited with three friends the day after Christmas and had an impeccable experience. The drinks are outrageous and the food is just as good. We put our names in for upstairs, and I started with the Sour Grapes cocktail while we were in the taproom and it was delicious. Also had a few sips of Halley's Comet and Humble Pie. Moving upstairs to the Parlor (about a 20 min wait), we had a second round (I loved the Kith and Kin) plus food. The chicken pot pie and lamb stew are not to be missed, and the fries were incredible. Only thing I would have skipped was the bourbon pecan pie pudding, it was decent but nothing special. I finished with a mini Irish coffee, which was the perfect way to try the famed drink without committing to the regular size. It was definitely the best one I've ever had.

Jéferson Dewes

Best bar in town, great cost benefit and you get free hot dogs too, it's amazing

Vicki Wyan

Great food, great service


Let's be honest. I cant believe after all these years, we still think of Rudy's as a good place to eat. The food definitely needs a tune up!!!! If you're into mediocre food, this is up your alley. I rather drive a little further than eat at this poor quality, extremely poor service food establishment. I'll say this, the guys up front are probably the only good thing about this place. They can crack a good joke.

Angel French

Real New York food. Loved everything about this place!

eva w

A lot of pasta, I wish those kinds of restaurants were like Chinese Buffets style. You could see the food, taste and choose from variety, eat small portions for satisfaction. But here when you order you are forced to eat what on your plate, left over you can take with you, too much the same food. I checked them out and have to honestly say, they are not my cup of tea.

Sean Smith

The best bar to start your night in Hell’s Kitchen. The best bar to end your night in Hell’s Kitchen. Most affordable pitchers in the neighborhood and free hot dogs, too. Love the bartenders and enjoy seeing the same people there every visit. Local dive bar, no-frills, cash-only. Always a great time

The Critical J

PROS: This place is the highest end pizza place around. This has everything you would want on the menu at an affordable price. This is family owned with a wait staff that is friendly to you. the atmosphere makes you think your in Italy and the amount of pictures that represent famous pictures of famous people that ate there scatter the walls. Parking is great since it's situated in a shopping plaza. CONS: The pizza there was to thin, unlike other places where they make their pizza thick. The wait staff was slow and couldn't understand english that well. It can easily get crowded to the point where you can't breathe, and I don't recall a TV in there. OVERALL: I think this place is great. The quality of the food at the prices there listed are good and the setting is amazing. The staff is friendly despite being mainly Spanish. The parking is good, but it can easily get cramped inside.

claire Kim

I found hair in mushroom pizza. Very bad !!!!


Awesome place! Free hot dogs with drink purchase! Got 8$ pitchers beer which is great for downtown NY, staff was very nice considering the place is busy but they did great

Alyson Arrieta

Definitely best pizza and pasta in Closter. Better than TPR imo but more expensive. Been coming here since I was a baby. Love it!

David Herrero

Great place to have some beers in 9th ave. We looked for a cheap place, because Manhattan have very high prices when you want to drink a beer. Then we found Rudy's. You have a big variety of beers, local and importation. Prices for a pint started in 3$ (maybe 3 or 4 times cheaper than in other near places). The atmosphere was great and the bartenders friendly and fast. Highly recommended. Ah, and with every beer is included a hot-dog. Just ask for it ;)

Karl 1974

A neighborhood staple since 1933, this tavern is known for its no-frills atmosphere & free hot dogs.

David Thomas

Cash only! I really had a great time in this bar. I was in the area alone, and it was a very comfortable place to walk in, find a spot at the bar, and both the lady trending bar and the locals quickly started talking to me. Spent a pleasant couple of hours chatting, watching the baseball, drinking beer, and eating hot dogs. A nice hole in the wall sort of place. Great dive bar.

Kailah Ayres-Tuttle

Cheapest bar for beer I found while staying in the city. The Rudy's blonde ale was good and a pitcher is only $8. Most bars in the area charge $8+ for a pint for reference. Great and cheap little spot to grab a drink before a show and conveniently located.

mike mike

Great place, due to the cheap $8 pitchers of beer it is full of a younger crowd. We tried a couple of the free hot dogs and they were better than expected for something starting with the word free. We got bottle beer which was nice and ice cold. The back part was more like a lounge/sitting area but it was hot, so we sat in the front bar area. The front few seats as you come in were almost %100 duct tape repairs, which usually would be a negative star but in this place it added character. It had a digital Juke box that people kept busy the whole time.

Kevin Goodrich

Whenever I am working in NY or NJ, I always make a pilgrimage to the one an only Rudy's. Discovered this hidden gem 4 yrs ago and fell in love with the place instantly. From the old school dive bar feel, that is genuine not created, to the eclectic and fun crowd. Free dogs and 5 bucks for a beer n shot, to the the staff and history. You gotta dive into this bar and become a regular on the 1st visit. I recommend the far end of the bar facing the door, gives you the best view for people watching.

Duban Moreno

Good food

Christina Stock

Cheap drinks, fun atmosphere, free hotdogs. A good neighborhood spot to escape the big-city vibes!

Derek Krucelyak

Rudy's! So much more than pizza (as legendary as that is), and a perfect sit down or take out classic, with it all. Choices for everyone. Salmon, veggies, a Caesar, wine, and perfect service, in an awesome location and building. Nothing better in the middle of a week...or any day. Legendary, and will keep coming back.

Benjamin Gray

Yolanda is great. Cheap drinks.

Michael Kerr

Cheap beer. Friendly staff. Men's toilets aren't fantataifantaclean, ladies allegedly fine. Nice atmosphere. If you're after a high end experience, go elsewhere but if you want a good beer at a good price this is your spot.

mauricio ram

Great place to get drunk prices of the hook

Kirsty Mitchell

Fab place, great value for nyc, and hot dogs!

Samantha Anderson

This was such a fun place! Great Monday All day Happy Hour! The bartender was friendly and let us try her unnamed as of her signature drink! We had a few too many cocktails for me to remember the names...

Tripp Stowe

Perfect dive bar. B+ beer for $5 and free hotdogs.

Jorge Araujo

Good place to hangout and meet some friends!

ivan sarmiento

Great beer and hotdogs for a bargain. This place is awesome

Nathalie Jean Paul

Pizza was ok, I’ve had better pizza. Friendly staff.

Brady Montoya

bar food here - excellent. the food was so savory. i think i might become a regular. the place has a nice atmosphere. my apartment is far from here, so i can't visit often.

Mike Wane

It's a perfect dive that gives you a hot dog with every beer. What's not to love? There is even a patio-esque area in the back and their own house beers.

Carina Chu

BRING CASH! You can get a beer pint for as little as $3. Get your hot dog with every drink order. Lots of regulars and tourists.

Melissa Smith

Great little spot for a beer and a hot dog..

Paddy O'fla

Loved it , must see. Cheap drink and great craic

Damian Palmer

A preferred spot for bar food. i like it here, excellent food & service.

MARGARET Fleischer

Great food and dining area. Super friendly from the owners to the wait staff. Good for families. Pizza is great, too. Many former residents stop for a meal or pie when visiting. Some even have paid to ship a pizza to them. Worth a visit.

Michael Bullock

Table of 4. I don't do reheat slices, I recommended we get a fresh pie. I really wanted to try this place on a fair basis. No. Ok the Sicilian was fresh out so I'll take a corner. Frankly, the crust was doughy no bite, no crunch. Just cheese, sauce and dough. I tried someone's calamari and I could swear it's frozen and bagged. Not prepared in house and it barely had heat. Basically room temp. I'll try it again for a whole fresh pie. Friendly staff and prices.

Del SanValentin

Place is clean, the food is good. It just gets a bit too noisy when there’s a crowd.

R. Petru Varga

The Cheapest place to have a beer in New York. 3 dollars the pint and 8 dollars the pitcher. With every pitcher they give you 4 hotdogs for free. Good music and nice people!!

Claudio R Valiente

Best bar ever. Local feel, great ambience. You cannot beat beer prices and free hotdog! I feel tempted to stop by any time I am nearby.

Ivana Strahija

I enjoyed Rudy's in Garwood, where I usually had dinner items, but the other day I craved pizza and decided on Rudy's in Closter. WORST LUNCH DECISION EVER. I ordered a small pizza, which should have been $14, but was charged $19 when I picked it up, which was not nice but I let it slide. But the pizza!!! It was tougher than leather from an old cow's back, that's been drying in the sun for a month. Now, I can understand a chewy crust, but this was literally impossible to eat. It took a concerted effort to BITE THROUGH the crust. FML, and a totally ruined lunch hour. Super disappointed and dissatisfied, and I learned my lesson - don't eat pizza at Rudy's :(

J. K.

Rudy's is a neighborhood fixture. Yeah, it has become more trendy at certain hours now that most of the other spots which represent Hells Kitchen's past... But you can't beat it for cheap pitchers and free hotdogs if that's your thing. They've done some work recently and the back patio is not "open air" anymore. It is now heated and offers a little more space than the standing room only-at most common times up front.

Rafael Ortiz Serafina

The perfect dingy spot for anybody in NYC to enjoy cheap drinks and have a really good time at the same time get a free hotdog but yes the place stinks literally and people can smoke in the back which is good for smokers

Philip Brazina

This is the sheer definition of a dive bar however with the cheap beer you get a free hot dog so it's all good

Ricardo Gómez R

Great prices! Ask for a pitcher and get free hotdogs! Amazing deal.

Jer Brack

Delicious pizza as always! Dining room super clean. Ample free parking. Great service, great prices, super fast and one of the best pizzas in NJ and the entire tri-state area.

Andrew Lastowecky

Always worth a visit on the way home from a fee drinks.

Patrick Christensen

Hasn't changed in the 20 years I've been going to this fine establishment. That's a very good thing!!! Everyone welcome!

Divine Empress

If you're a beer drinker it is a good spot to pass the time. Their mix drinks are water down. They also serve free hot dogs.

Joe Czech

This place is a jem! My reviews are slightly biased for dive bars like this, since not everyone including myself are meant for fancy bars with fancy prices. Where else in Mid-Town can you get a $8 pitcher of beer and free hot dogs?!

Andrea Handbury

Great place to have some beers in 9th ave. We looked for a cheap place, because Manhattan have very high prices when you want to drink a beer. Then we found Rudy's. You have a big variety of beers, local and importation. Prices for a pint started in 3$ (maybe 3 or 4 times cheaper than in other near places). The atmosphere was great and the bartenders friendly and fast. Highly recommended. Ah, and with every beer is included a hot-dog. Just ask for it ;)

John Brex

I think food is over priced

Sindney Bernstein

Nothing special at all...more like slop food.. but ok nothing great and over priced.

Brooklyn Steve

Tourist trap but a great dive bar that every New Yorker should visit

Mike Watts

One of the best dive bars in Hells Kitchen. $5 for a hot dog, shot, and a beer. You can't beat that. They also have a huge projector screen in the back for sports.

Rolf Waller

I've stopped in here many times on trips through New York City, and have found Rudy's to be ALWAYS busy and ALWAYS friendly, with prompt and cheerful service. As packed as the front bar area can be, it's great to head back through the double doors to the spacious indoor/outdoor area, with the biggest projection TV around. Don't forget to ask for a couple hotdogs when you place your drink order... they're free. SERIOUSLY!

Emily Marques

The best bar ever! Cheapest beer and the best place to hang out with friends.

Michael MacDonald

Awesome hole-in-the-wall place. Good beer. Hot dogs! Yum!

Bianca Silva Marochi

Cheap beer and free hot dog.

Virgil Goodwin

Short version: a gem in the Gaslamp district with good cocktails and good music. Not too packed (on a Thursday), pretty mellow. Long version: Traveling alone and walked down the Gaslamp district, which reminds me of Vegas. Most bars had tens of TV screens with all sorts of sports you can watch. Not my scene, not on a Thursday night anyway. Read on Yelp that Prohibition's vibe is "classy" and it was! Not a real speakeasy, but I liked it. Pretty lively but not too loud. I got the drink Candy Bracelets and it was okay. I may go back for an Old Fashioned. Read that there's a dress code and indeed people really did dress up. But I was in a casual dress with a cardigan and flats - no trouble going in.

Mina Kim

Food was alright... but dont like the service there. It seems old lady was the owner but she was very rude. She almost threw away the check on over our table... lol seriously?? Thanks for your

Amy Cohen

Can't get enough of this bar! love the cheap beer and hot dogs. can't shovel enough hot dogs down my gullet

hae kim

Pizza and spaghetti was delicious! I love the dough also!

Eoghan McDermott

Cheap beer and free hotdogs, what more could you want? A relaxed spot that gets very lively at the weekend

Josiah Chung

Food is typical for the chain but service has been a bit lax in our recent visits...

Joyce Garland

Fast curtious service, place was clean

Rachel Mitchell

One of my preferred places for quality bar food. Service is prompt even when they are busy. I had a brother come into town and he asked me to go back here. Bring your appetite because portions are large. Menu is like a place in San Francisco I liked.

Ann Daniello

Always the best pizza! Salads are so fresh and large portions. Amazing sauce. Highly recommend Rudys!

Diana Joung

Waited 10 minutes, no one greeted me at all. Three people working in front of the counter didnt even make eye contact with me and my husband, but proceeded to ask incoming customers if they wanted to order or not. No one, NOT ONE, asked us why me and my husband were here. When handing us the food, guy in glasses threw me the receipt and pen to sign and didnt say a word after. Incompetent and rude. I understand you may be busy but there is no need to treat some customers like they are invisible. It's funny b/c worker in the front offered other customers seating indoors (even customers that ordered to-go) but never said a word to me and my husband.

Jermaine Hall

Great food, you get a free hot dog with each pitcher of beer. Can get crowded after working hours in the city

Jayson Ansel

one of the best pizza places around

Leslie Strassberg

Epitome of a dive bar. Cheap beer and shots with free hot dogs. New York at its best!

Gavin Eng

Great restaurant and pizza

Anthony Baez

Best dive in all of hells kitchen

Gabriel Flores

Rudy's as always was great. I love that place. It is a place full of nice people all the time. Beers are cheap. It is not a fancy place, and that is why I like it so much. You get free hotdogs. It is a place to make new friends.

Cameron Simpson

Proper dive bar, seats are made of duct tape. Cheap beers, free hotdogs.

Rich Jast

Food and service is fantastic. Have been coming to this restaurant for many years.

Olakunle Oluwole

Awesome, reasonable and homey

Victor Lopez

Great place to bring friends or to make new ones. Also, who those not like a hotdog with their beer. It is included when you buy a drink. Don't forget to ask for it though.

Gilles Guillou

Casual pizza restaurant

Arturo Jacques

It's a really cheap place and that's what makes it so worthy, but they kind of trick you with the ad that they give out free hot dogs.

Victoria Fleming

Cheapest beer in Manhattan! $8 for a pitcher of house blonde and $10 for the house red! Fun little spot, popping but also crowded.

Salim Amiri

Cheapest prices out there, music you got a modern digital jukebox so you have the choice you tip you get well served, you don'ttip they make comments and start to treat you not in a sweet way, they are quick to serve tho, atmosphere is good, lots of people you'd be standing all the time since its hard to get a table, music is not loud and thats bad sometimes because of the big crowd you can barely listen to songs but you can ask them to turn volume up, you get free hot dog with a drink,

Tom Burkhart

Love this place. Cheap beers and hot dogs

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