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120 Atlantic City Blvd, Pine Beach, NJ 08741, United States

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REVIEWS OF Roy Rogers IN New Jersey

Dee Snow

Always liked this fast food place better than the rest. Fixings bar is good. Strawberry shortcake is good too

Mahir Siraji

Expensive food.. Staff aren't very good at taking orders.... Food tastes great though with nice combo of condiments!

joanne weigel

You wanna talk about feeling horrible everytime I eat their chicken!! I used to love it but can't deal with it now!! Maybe it's just me....

Tracey Obryan

They wouldn't make new chicken tenders for us. But said that they would make burgers. The burgers were really good though

Darlene Justynski

The best Roy Rogers you will ever eat. The best Roast beef sandwiches and burgers you will ever eat. The chicken beats all fried chicken places.

Namal Palamakumbura

Kevin McCabe

In a word,,, awful Cold burger , fries were ok but Luke warm and 19 bucks for one person , I would avoid, too many choices to have to eat junk like this

Mariann M Bush

Good food and priced Right

Jordan Nadroj

Not open 24hrs please fix because I drove 45mins to get here

Katia Ramos

Worst ever ..... the employee was so rude and not to mention the food has gotten expensive...... I won't stop ever again there food was cold and hard to enjoy

Bob Huber

Love the Fish and Chips there.

Lesley Miller

Great service always, food is always made fresh, my kids love it.

Sherri Donovan

Always good food. Bit pricey for fast food but is probably the best quality fast food.

Drew Knapp

Erin Walsh

Very good food and staff but the online site needs to be changed. I drive an hour to get food, pulled into the parking lot just to find out that you were actually closed. NOT 24 HOURS

Ty Krean

Always great, always friendly!

Cesar Ramirez

Deborah Graham

Not easy to find a Roy Roger's these days. Love the roast beef sandwich with their bbq sauce! Very clean.

George Day

Always good service and fresh hot food.

justin kowalsky

Excellent service with a smile excellent customer service the girls that work there should all get a raise

frank glunk

Quick and friendly staff The food is always fresh and delicious Love this Roy Rogers over any other Roy Rogers Would totally recommend it

Cheryl Roshop

Great food , fast friendly service..

Mark A. Scafati Jr.

I loved it! Wish there was one closer to me.

Mrs Gio

This has been my favorite fast food restaurant since i was a kid. The food is served fresh and delicious. Their staff is friendly and polite. The line moves quickly and you receive your food promptly.

Jaci R.


Susan Scandiffio-Arp

Love that place


Great place. Great chicken. Clean but has small bathroom. Other than that great place.

Windy Murray

I see a lot of bad reviews but I have been there three times and was very happy. We got roast beef sandwiches mashed potatoes with gravy and Cole slaw all three times and it was hot. Tender and very tastey.

andrew karabinos

Subpar friendly staff

Chaliss Outlaw

Service plaza prices service good... just too damn high

Gabriel Grigonis

To Roy Roger Corporation. From the time you order to the time you get your meal, we are talking 15 minutes. I would be ok if they were making it fresh. They are not. The food is sitting there in front of you. It is not isolated to one store it is all of them.

Heatherr Baum

Food was good, employees were a little rude

Patrick Stewart

Awful food. The roast beef and cheddar sandwich was so tough and the meat was so thick I almost choked on it. Should have went for the chicken. The burger I got wasn't great either. Not to mention I super expensive..

Grey Conover

Eric Karstensen

Nice people work there. Good food. Fresh fixin's bar

Doreen Mitchell

During normal meals it's great- yet if you go for a late meal pieces may be forgotten or cold ... I have in my last visit ,for a roast beef sandwich that is pink ... Well this is where I decided not to come back to the Bayville - Roy Rogers... She then in an as a matter of fact manner band attitude. " You can't get that here ! It's illegal to Sell that way " ...Really I had a fresh Roast Beef sub the other day so I knew that was un-true... and no Cole slaw , no desert made (really tired of hearing it will only take 12 min to make up , and if you wait lol you get the original items in your bag )with cold fries...

Virginia Horwedel

Love those chicken legs and macaroni and cheese. Love the beachwood one in n j.

James StClair

Good food and service

Kelisha Lloyd

M Nateghi

Joe Esposito

Love the roast beef. As fast food goes, great service. A bit pricy for fast food. That's why the four stars. I rate according to expectations. So if I were expecting fine dining I would rate differently, but for fast food really worth it.

Joseph Filingeri

I have been going hear for13 yrs, and it has turned out to be a a dirty mis managed facility. I went there 4 weeks ago and thefixings bar was absolutly discusting food mixed and all over. When i told manager she replied ," well im not hear all the time" .tryed to call corperate office they refered me to voice mail , never retuned my call and i called after that every day 4 a week and it went straight to voice mail. Then another time 2 weeks ago bought some burgers , and both my wife and i were sick after eating but i guess the corporate office does not care. TAKE YOUR BUSINESS ELSEWARE AND DONT EAT THERE.

Alicia Aponte

Tori Hoernig

The gold Rush chicken sandwich is sprinkled with crack nd now I'm hooked lmfao

John Wellington

noami alicea

Workers are always so nice! Great atmosphere. One of my favorite Roy rogers

Joe Canessa

Excellent food, varied menu, competitive pricing, very clean all the time

Samuel Feliciano

Michael Smith

Great chicken! Plenty of menu options and exactly what you expect from Roy Rogers

Jamie Hulse


Jakeline Builes

Very bad service and food. Old food

Split Image

Good is always good nothing like a goldrush!

letty ace

Just buy our chicken. Its good

James Wenta

The classic Roast beef sandwich and fixn bar.. American eating.

marty Murphy

Love the roast beef. Always great

Pam Tirado

Better than the average fast food

Annie Kerzic

The Person at the Drive-thru was a little rude!!! I feel like the kids today think Everyone owes them something & the Customer Service is HORRIBLE!!! The food was ok but I think they're pricey!!!

John Santora

Great if you wanna wait forever for them to make you a hamburger.

Reina Luz Hernandez

C - Block

Good stuff

Anthony Couto

Love Will Rogers you don't get to see too many of them around here and this one is pretty good, quality food and great service

Thomas Spinner

Fried chicken is #1!

David Butler

I really like the outside tables that our fur babies could join us

Jacob Bolton

Dirty... Cold food...and when asked for fries he just looked at me like I asked him for a milk it was warm and curdeled

Mark Bednar

Patty Woodard

It is typical mass produced fast food. The fish option doesnt feel too unhealthy. The fries were pretty tasty. These establushments seem to employ young people with little to no managerial supervision. There were a couple people there who were actually trying, but no one wants to hear employees calling loudly to one another and complaining about the work hours or other employees while we are eating.

Nancy Filingeri

I just had the cheese

Candy P

Some of the worst food I have ever had.

Dennis Wilcox

Best fast food chain in NJ. Burgers taste great and their "fixings bar" is excellent. Fried chicken is the absolute best! Not greasy! Crisp and delicious! Selection of salads is good and fresh and delicious.


3 pièces wings for 10 bucks no side

Moon pie

Pretty good

Jerry D

Last one around that I know of. Had the fix in bar. Brings back good memories. Food was good.

Chad Ferraro

When I'm done this way visiting family I come here to eat as much as I their food

Sherri Mott

My first time eating at a roy Rogers. Wow good chicken

Ted Adamczyk

Coming back!

Michael Tufano

Pretty good but boy that roast beef is expensive

Isaac Enis

Edward Buzniak

Best fast food roast beef. Always clean and the staff is always friendly.

Rob Mainusch

35 dollars for 2 people seemed a bit too high for a Fast Good place . A group of 6 people behind us was in total shock when there bill came 128 dollars

Richard Vigil


Patrick Romano

It's expensive but I love the fact that I get to add my toppings to my preference. I also crave the horsey sauce on my fries.

Rosalia Valentin

So this was my 1st time going there, it was delicious tbh just wish they had prep the fruit cups in the morning cz they look soo good...

yar yak6

I love going for breakfast and dinner

Doreen Longo

Expensive for some dried up chicken and roast beef sandwich. I could've got a better value at a local steakhouse.

Jim Weeder

ricky williams

This was the worst had a burger here and it gave me food poisoning.

Ruth Faulkner

Very good food and service

Sara T

$20 for 2 garbage build our own burgers and 1 order of fries! I enjoy fries when they're a little under done, but these were rediculous, and hardly warm. No flavor to them, and they certainly didn't come salted. Burger tastes like a cheap frozen burger I pulled out of my own freezer. Chicken tenders are edible I guess. It's a shame people waste their money here every day.

Mike Sanders

Roy Rogers is an institution down in Beachwood, and what I love about it is the fact you can get just about anything there. Fried Chicken, roast beef sandwiches, burgers, southern style sides, and even breakfast. It's a great place for pleasing everybody!

Carlos Collado

Hot sandwiches were cold.

Amin Fallahi

jerry crowley


Vincent Wood

This location was very expensive


Friendly staff..

Joseph Ryan

Didn't enjoy anything on the menu. Poor choice of food, very poor choice of so called nutritious food.

Steven Lambert

Fun place

Holly H

Took 5 minutes just to place our order because they kept walking away. 3 lg fry one without salt, 2 Roast beef sandwich & 5 piece chicken. Used a salt crusted scooper on the unsalted frys. Dark hair girl was Skyping on a phone. 3 young light haired boys horseing around near the right side grill. A curly dirty blond was flirting with a truck driver. fry box is covered in dust inside and out and wasn't given a bag for our carry out

Sunder Nadarajah

They have pre-made burgers that are soaked in oil. Their fries are greasy. Avoid at all cost. If you must have a meal try to the adjacent food joint (forgot the name).

Steve Coffman

As good as it can be for fast food

Marina Derosa



Always good here. Roast beef is so tender...highly reccomend

John Nelke

Please its Roy Roger's it's amazing


Thanks for the food poisoning! I'm on day three of feeling absolutely disgusting. Funny, I feel alot like how your food tastes. Cook your meat!

Stella Tulli

Do i even need to review. It's Roy Rogers.

Peter Strauss

I havent been to one in years since the company got sold. Food is good just bit pricey.

Bill Rouski

My wife hates when she asks what I want for dinner and I say Roy Rogers ... but I don't care. I say it every time! That gold rush sandwich??? The best! The BBQ sauce? Uncanny. The fries? Always fresh and delicious!!!

Nihad Kendić

pretty good food

John Yaprem

Nice plce for a fast meal


Becca Countermine

Food is what is expected, staff are friendly!

Bryanne E DaFonseca

Always yummy

Jeff Balogh

This is the best prepared Roy Rogers anywhere! Awesome employees.

cody L

Best fried chicken and biscuits I've ever had.

Victor Retana

Excellent stand alone Roy Rogers friendly staff great Roy Rogers food, can not beat it!!!

Dana Hyde


Definitely the place to visit when visiting the Jersey Shore. There used to be a Roy Rogers up North Jersey, local to me in Clifton years ago, but sadly it was before my time. This location has always had good service

mark T

Today is the first time I left this place unsatisfied. I ended up throwing most of the food out. The roast beef had a funny taste, the chicken was over cooked and reheated. Just sad. Just an update to my review, they did answer on Apr 2 and I believe it is also part of the original review.. I contacted them as requested in their response and have not heard anything since. It is a real joke how some businesses think just a response is enough to “shut a custom. Disgraceful...


Patricia Ferguson

I would give it a higher rating of they cooked chicken throughout the day. Seems to stop around 9:30-10 pm and I get off late. The saving grace is they will make a fresh burger and fries upon request. Which comes out tasty and succulent!!

Lora Altman

Love those biscuits! Take like 4 butters or get water! Lol

Lana Ostrowski

Best fried chicken around!

fred pucylowski

Glad this chain is coming back. Great burgers (Double R is once again my favorite). I haven't been to 5 Guys since they opened.

Shane B

It was very good. Been at a few Roy's lately and wondered why I ever stopped!

Emily McKeon

The chicken was overcooked and had been sitting under a heat lamp for a good while. It was basically inedible.

brandon mclaren

Stopped at one on the through way at a service station. $12 for a burger and fries... no drink. Robbery! And then found several pieces of bone in the burger.

Yolanda Meyers

What's not to like, one step above the standard fast food. Always clean and the staff is friendly. In my opinion the kids meals are #1 and the fruit they offer is fresh and on point.

Peter Gottschalk

Horrible customer service...claimed to have "run out" of chicken, a signature menu line up. Hopefully they'll find some soon...checkout by "manager"...kept customers waiting for over 5 minutes...awful

Mimmo Gilona

Aaron Applegate

Not sure if their chicken tenders are always like this but it was just really thin strips of overcooked chicken, not very good

Static Nightmare

Bad service, horrible diy, bad food, heavy on stomach, expensive!!! Dont eat here, I beg you, they went from 650 chains to less than 50 for a reason.

annette thompson

Love Roy's!! Its been around for a very long time!! Good,yummy and quick!

Sheila McNally

Burger was ok but the fries left a lot to be desired

Dru Hilvers

Guillermo J. Avellan Jr.

So delicious always coming to eat here and the food is delicious! Excellent Food!

Katrina Leavens

Very exspensive. Cost me $30 and I only ordered 2 meals. Food was good. The sitting area was dirty though.

Hector Bonilla

It was good food very expensive $$$ but what u expect at derive station chicken was cold but manager gladly gave me fresh order of chicken

Pixie Smiles

Great place to have a grease soaked burger and hallow fries.

Allan Mosher

Loved the roast beef

Donna King

Always good for a quick, delicious, hot meal. Fried chicken, mac and cheese, etc.

Josh Weaver

I love Roy Rogers

Laura Perone

Madge Brower

Price gouging! $12.98 for a simple cheeseburger, small fries and small fountain drink. Terrible... highway robbery


One of the last ones so sad best fried chicken *** upset with the quality of the last chicken breast. Had a strange shape and it was a funny texture. Sorry shoprite now has my favorite chicken

sal cuccio

My favorite fast food is in Roy Rogers roast beef sandwich

troy gurganious

Love going here. Gold Rush Chicken Sandwich for the win! Staff is always friendly and they keep the place very clean.

Andrea Lynn

Burger was bigger then expected, and taste pretty good. A little pricey but worth it!

Dena Fichot

Fresh fried chicken and warm yummy biscuts - this Roy's location has stood out for years with quality food!

Zeki Guclu

If you want a eat garbage food you in the right place.Please before order just check how hygiene workers clothes are.Never coming back here again to order food.

Andrew Fleischer

Over priced, but better than McDonald's.

John Freeman Jr

CJ Miller

Joann Hernandez

Pick up dinner you guys rock thank you

Buster Brown

Still has great fries and burgers you can fix up at the fixings bar.

Michael Keyes

No complaints

Tara cannon

Love there roast beef and cheese sandwiches but way too expensive.

F Cortes

Not really a place for me I feel like it's over hyped for np reason

Jon Harv

Skip this place and go hungry

Tom Costello

Over priced food ($10 for a cheeseburger) and terrible service, when I asked about the fries employees ignored me and the kid cashing me out didn’t even look up from his phone

Dalton Siedschlag

The food is good when fresh but the staff seemed stretched thin and overworked so that's hard to get

Robert Garbarini

Fine food

Joseph Cornell

I love the roast beef and the chicken here. I don't know what spices they use but it's amazing.

Michael Lastowicka

Jason of all trades

Ifeanyi Ilodi

Merli Pacius

Martin Parunakyan

Amazing fried chicken, definitely lives up to its reputation. Their biscuits are quite delicious, their mashed potatoes were nice and cozy but I was not a fan of the Mac n' Cheese though I am willing to admit my standard for Mac is high. Their Chicken was amazing, very crispy on the outside and incredibly juicy on the inside, as well as being well seasoned.

Sarah Whitson

Ok food for quick meals but nothing outstanding.

Donna Lee

Love their chicken!!

Joshua Alcala

Ruth C


Peter D 'Angelo

The best roast beef and chicken!! Great service!

Doom Kid

Best Fast Food Place In NJ In my Opinion LOVE IT

Michael Gutto

Double R Bar burger is the best!

David Gibson

good roast beef

Teressa Watkins

Janice Zlotek

Best burger around!

bob k

good food, but I think they raised their prices way too high, and way too fast.... won't be going back, and that's sad because I've been going there for 40 years

Christina Farrell

Very nice people

Darren Chrostowski

Very high priced

April Buchko

Great food and drinks and service

Raymond Zane

Yes,I Loved it. The Rostbeef was the Best.

Virginia OConnor

Great fast food

Kevin Owens

Always the best fast food option if you can find one of their locations.

Larissa Dillon

Awesome place. Food is delicious, good sized portions, and I love how there's a topping bar to customize your sandwich! I wish there were more around; definitely beats most other fast food places.

Juan Galvan

Good chicken and amazing burgers.


Kathleen Tegen

Good food. Always hot and tasty. Friendly staff

Kevin Hessler

Food was good and the customer was great.. the girl who took our order named katelyn was just a fabulous person , I will definitely go back again

Armand Vincent

Way over priced

Brian Lawrence

Good food good service

Jennissa Gerialys

Justin Taylor

Burger gave me aids.

Paul Lahann

Great staff, works as a team. Nice fix it bar.

James Sulva

The roast beef sandwich there is d The girl working behind the counter was very helpful.

Rich Beckett

Not too good.

Joshua Tripp

Lady at front counter basicly would not make my order ... told me there's none in the window s.o.l such great service lmao

CJ Dungca

good food, good service.

Eric Reynolds

Roshan Karki

Bad location. The chicken was not fresh and extremely salty. Employees were tired and slow.

Timothy Lehman

One of the few Roy Rogers left in New Jersey. Just the way I remember it you can put your own fixings on. And the Double R Bar Burger is still available!

Andy Castellani

One of the last Roy Rodger Restaurants still left. The roast beef and cheese sandwich is excellent, was served hot and the beef was cooked just right. Had to wait a little bit for the food but good food is certainly worth the wait. Wasn't very crowded when I was there and I believe it's due to its difficult entrance from the north, heavy traffic in the area makes it difficult to make the left into the lot and when leaving its practically impossible to travel south without first heading north and finding a turn around. It will be sad when they finally close this location.

Barbara Romanus

Love the roast beef sandwiches. Staff sometimes misses items in the order at Window. Check your bags before pulling away. Gave a ,3 star because the last few times we were at drive through, customers with large orders are waiting at window and by the time we got to window our order was given to us cold. Had to throw fries away. Cars with large orders should pull over to side lot so line can move efficiently. Staff at drive through are pleasant.

Michelle Williams

It was expensive. Food was sitting under a heat lamp. The quality of the food itself was lousy. The only good thing about the food is that my three year old could have an endless amount of pickles from the condiment bar. I give it one star for the nice employees. They certainly cant help the quality or the way it is served.

Saoheng Young

Tasty burger

Maria Valdes

Always a place to visit food is the best

Emma Britton

Patricia Chieffo

The food here is always good. However, it's pricey for fast food. I ordered 2 chicken breasts, 1 roast beef sandwich, 1 baked potato and 2 biscuits and it was almost $19 !! That's a bit much!

Kit Mcgee

Love the fixins bar

Jay Gee

My all time favorite fast food

Mary Troestrum

Good fast food

Manuel Ulloa

Very expensive and food probably does not taste as it cost.

Kyria Stephens

The fries and drinks are good. The people are ok, some are nicer than others. Nothing fancy going on here. The place is always very clean from what I can see. However, I only come when I am desperate. The kids meals are pretty good and I appreciate that they don't give kids those plastic toys since it just adds to waste in our oceans. Good job. I did just discover their Chicken tenders are edible, so I might come back for that and the fries. So, good in a pinch?

steven meitner

Michael Fitzgerald

Normally not a big fan of Roy Rogers. But I had their spicy chicken sandwich excellent excellent excellent

Cassandra Coles

Great service food always fresh

Bruce A. Kaminsky

Had to have a Double R Bar Burger. With the ham! It's been years. Hasn't changed.

Luk Christman

It was incredible to have so much variety to choose from... need to get one in upstate New York for sure...

Fred Pucylowski

Absolutely the best fast food burger anywhere!

Nathaniel Smith

Lilly Kimber

Bruce Gardner

Still the best RB sandwich!

Patricia Glover

I am a chicken lover I can eat chicken everyday food is ok.

Dana Reid

Very friendly staff with excellent food especially the roast beef sandwiches. Best fast food joint in the area by far.

Marybeth Thomas

Nj stop every visit

Linda Kent

The food was delicious

Vincent Bianchi

Asked for 8 piece chicken but drive thru girl gave me a 3 piece meal. She didnt repeat back my order and theres no display screen by drive thru that shows what is ordered like other fast food places. 3 stars were given only because of the chicken.

Mark Durante

Over priced....dry burger....over priced

F P.

Not the original one

Tom Parrish

Good, but something was missing.

Mr. Green

I love Roy Roger's in Pine Beach. Great fast food. Good store and staff.

Douglas Walsh

It's a rest stop... What do you want!

joshua matthews

Food prices have gone up recently causing a normal lunch to now be unaffordable. 15 bucks for a mediocre burger, soggy fries, and a fountain soda it a little steep.

Kurt Olsen

Not bad if you want cold fries and greasy soaked bun on your burger

Chris Salisbury

Old dried out nasty food. Lettuce was Brown!

Hashmatullah Amin

Very bad fries

michelle gourley

If your in the mood for a roast beef quick bite then go. I love their pickles on the fixins bar. The prices are a bit high for a fast food place.

Maureen Whitson

Food was good with fast service.

Cesar A

James Malinowski

Best chicken, best biscuits, best Roast Beef! Need i say more.

Richard Krajcsovics

Love this place

Jim Brule

Chris Depeaux

Patrick Shields

Why Rogers Lehigh love their chicken I love their hamburgers love their friends fries can't get enough with that mashed potatoes in gravy but they're taking her something else close to home easy to get to Foods good service quick then you get that strawberries Shortcake for a dessert good

Robert Francis

Good for fast food

Tona Krikorian

This place is going downhill. Service was awful tonight.

Yvonne Rosado

I love this place. Food is always good and the service staff is very kind.

What did iDEW

Fred Stetter

Love Roy's. Great food and friendly staff. It's obvious the owners take great pride in their business and treat their employees well. It shows.

Ronald Cato

3 people went. My friends had burgers and were happy. I had a 2 piece chicken combo. Tasty but a 4 napkin soak up the grease meal Staff was attentive service quick and the rest rooms clean.

Michael Relovsky

A destination restaurant. Double R Bar Burger

i har

Marti Helmick

This place has been a Roy Rogers for over 30 years. The current owner has been there for about 25 years. He has always had high standards of food quality. The prices are a little higher than other fast food but that is due to the quality.

Robert Beischer

I've always loved Roy's. This is a good one. Friendly staff. Addicted to the biscuits.

Ron Shaffery

Kids meal chicken drumstick was actually half a wing piece. Ripoff.

Vince Inzinna

I'm trying to lower my cholesterol by limiting my daily saturated fat intake to 17 grams or less, so I eat lots of chicken, but lately I've been stopping at Roy's for lunch because the roast beef is a break from chicken, I load it up with pickles, lettuce, tomato, and red onion, it's delicious, and the large sandwich is only 4 grams of saturated fat! By contrast I love the Five Guys large burger w/bacon but that has 22.5 grams! (not to mention the pile of fries they give you). In any case the food is reasonably priced, relatively healthy, and delicious.

marco Arguello

great food and affordable

Jerry Wagner

Good fast food. Pricey!

Book Worm

Ive seen a lot of bad reviews but honestly theyre outdated. The prices I will say are a bit high but for the highway it isnt to bad. Its about the same prices as McDonald's on the highway. The staff over the last year have really improved in customer service and are more than happy to serve the customers. The food can be a bit cold or old sometimes but ask for something fresh and the whole staff will fix it in no time.

Barry Ip

Bill Kieffer

I got breakfast, so maybe that's why it felt like an Arby's.

Sailor Tessa

Over priced chicken tenders

Alison Pomeroy

Dane Harrison

Diane Cardone

Everything was terrible!! Chicken old , cold and dry! Roast beef cold and very dry!! Hamburger old ,cold. We will never eat there again!!!!! First and last for our family!!!!! The breading was very hard too!!!very disappointed!!

Mark Marinaccio

Best chicken I've had years unbelievable absolute must-have if you're driving down the 90w Thruway

Aravind Senguttuvan

The service was a bit sloppy initially. They misdelivered my order and I had to wait 20 minutes. The lady in her busy schedule, had the courtesy to get the food to our table and didnt charge us for it. She definitely deserves applause for the being so customer friendly. The chicken 8piece meal was served warm but tasted just okay.

Brian Nubare

Great food all prepared and cooked in house it was like in Roy Rogers from the 80s


0 STARS I was literally on my last bite of my sausage, egg and cheese sandwich and I bit on something real hard. What was it? A 1 centimeter piece of plastic! HIDE YO KIDS HIDE YO WIFE! Don't eat here!!!!! How does that even happen?????

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