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REVIEWS OF POC American Fusion & Sushi - Hackensack, NJ IN New Jersey

Phoebe Zheng

Not as good as the experience from last two times...feels like the food quality is going down. Hope they could keep up!

Elizabeth Heredia

Food was great, the service was excellent. They have a lot of options to choose from. They have steak , seafood, soups, vegetarian options, a lot of desserts such as tres leches, creme bruleè , jello, ice cream etc. I loved the oysters , they were fresh. The place was really clean and the bathrooms were really clean too. You can go with a hig group. The place is spacious and you can eat comfortably. Definitely recommend it and going back

Duane Lu

Good food, so far the best buffet in North Jersey. Fresh selections. Amazing choices.

Tony Chiodo

Food is delicious and fresh and service is great

Shinko LLC

Quality of food has declined since last visit 9 months ago. However, the desserts are still good.

Jane Cho

All you can eat and the staff was excellent, especially our servers ♡

earl vinas

You can’t go wrong with this restaurant. Good food and excellent service all the time.

Oscar Meneses

Fresh food , variety and good service.

Rick Flynn

Great food, fun all you can eat location

Aaron Yoon

Pretty good all you can eat but only for lunch time. They have steak, pasta, Chinese food, and some sushi. Sushi is alright, pasta is good, steak is usually warm and very chewy. Dinner time the price does get pricey and the food isn’t that great either. It’s a pretty nice place for an all you can eat place. In conclusion this place is worth it during lunch time but not so much at dinner time.

J. Appe

Very good! The sushi was awesome! Much better than any other buffet sushi place I've ever been to. I'd come back if I was in the area again.

Manolo Jones

Went there 3 days ago and I was so impressed. My friends told me about this place but never tried, I eventually decided to give it a try and GUESS WHAT?? It' was great ! When I saw all the meat choices, sushi, the raw bar I couldn't help myself. If you love food Port of Call is your please. P.S Very attentive staff, great service, clean and most important GREAT AMTOSPHERE !!!

Ravit S

Love the place it is a little pricey but the food variety is big and everytime that I'm coming I find new stuff that I didn't eat last time. At times there are dishes that are a miss if the majority is really fresh really flavorful love the skirt steaks over there lava crab legs shrimps the sushi usually I go for the stuff that I don't eat in any other restaurants much, and of course you have the desserts if you have any space left for it. :) I wish for the price that they are asking that the soft drinks would be included. All in all great staff, very kind great food will go back again.

Patrick McCarthy

Great place for fusion sushi and traditional sushi, then the typical buffet. Plenty of desserts. No longer have soft ice cream machine. Do have some odd ice cream like Green Tea and others.

Michael Molligi

Nice mix of food. LIttle pricey, but food was good.

Dd Dd

Excellent clean food the service as well. I can not wait to go back. Telling all my friends.

joseph herold

Garbage. They had the nerve to charge $35/person for father's day brunch. Some of the delectable items on the buffet: tempura crab cartilage (literally just battered shell and cartilage), fried shrimp shells, and a cut of beef that could not be chewed(and could barely be cut). On top of that, rude, rushed service and customers packed so tight you don't even have elbow room to saw the shoe leather being passed off as beef. Honestly, the worst, most overpriced buffet if my life. Ever.

Jenna Marino

The endless snow crab is honestly why I go!!!!! I rack up about 2 full plates of

Jade Mirch Torres

Decent selection, but the food quality is a bit drab since its a buffet and its more quantity over quality. But the meat slicing station is nice- if you dont mind dry meat at times.

Ryan Knott

Best buffet around#


I'm not a big fan of buffets but, this place was very clean and had a good selection of food. Overall, great food, great service and well priced.

Hector Mota

Great place.. Have never been so satisfied

Taekies lee

Went on a Monday night. Sushi and sashimi were all fresh. Our waiter was very polite and the service was superb.

Cedes S Kazumi

This place used to be "great" for fresh sea foods especially crab legs and stone crabs. Not anymore the quality of food is not there anymore..

Mark Botta

As an All-You-Can-Eat Buffet it offers decent quality at a decent price. It focuses on sushi but it had a carving station for different types of (usually) beef.

Lindsay Griesbach

my husband is obsessed with this place. the sushi is good. and they have amazing carving station.

César Retana

I went there for my anniversary and i was impressed they have a lot of variety the food is fresh. I loved their sushi super delicious. It might be a little pricey but it's definitely worth. Definitely the best buffet I've ever been.

Zef Berg

Lots of options on the weekends like prime rib, filet mignon, crabs & other shellfish, and a wide array of sashimi and sushi. Just that the steaks were a bit too dry for being "medium". Good dessert options too, like ice cream and cakes and a chocolate fountain


A truly incredible place and experience. I love to come here for dinner, as their quality beats every buffet in North Jersey. Their range of foods include steak, seafood, vegetarian dishes, and many more variety. Pleasing to the eye, you will never be disappointed with this marvel of a place.

Tighe Pierce

Good food and responsive service. Respectable staff and overall it was a great experience. The menu is formidable, with choices ranging from sushi, to fried chicken and macaroni, steak, a salad bar, ice cream, crab with warm butter, and a smorgasbord of deserts including creme brulee and bananas tempura. Beware though, the drinks are extra and they will just serve them to you.


Was looking for a good Buffet spot. I saw that this place was ranked very high on Google. I came here and the food we had was very bad. The variety was not good at all. Major rip off. Front desk host was not pleasant at all. My kids ended up eating 5 Guys after we left POC. Dont go here. Save your money.

Connor Foley

One of my go-to spots to grab some food. fantastic location, always clean, and awesome customer service. I recommend this place!

John Byrne

Racks of sashimi to gorge on. i could go on. I should, but I don't have the time to identify all the great things about this place. Love it. I make time to go to it whenever I'm even close to it. Dinner is more expensive than lunch, but 3 times better. I have spent $300 on sushi in a sushi bar. I cant get out of a regular sushi bar for twice the price of this place... and the food is rarely better.

Karen Martin

Very good food and lots of selections

Vicki DeNichilo

This is the only buffet I like! Excellent lamb chops too and sushi is really good also

gjg 6107

As I crawl back to my car, I feel as though I could have stopped myself from consuming all that food, but I know that is a lie. Service and selection is great! Have had no issues.

Marcus Viali

A bit of a limited selection this time...could be because it was the evening on the 4th of July. Service was sporadic as well. Overall though, the food was very good as always.

Jamie Ly Macdonald

I really like it! You have a lot of good and diversified food! A recommendation from me.

Tony M

Went on mother's day, barely any lamb chops. Only saw it once. Meats are tough.

Emil Bala

I enjoy their variety of seafood including fresh sushi, salad bar, rib eye steak, bbq ribs, desert, etc. at a reasonable price.

Garrison Y

Food quality has gone way down. The steaks at the grill are always tough and dry. Selection of dishes have never been updated or changed since this location had opened. I can guarantee you will see the same exact choices in the same exact location every single time you visit. That is not a compliment. They also stop refilling food around 2pm.

Jasmine Shin

One of the best Buffett restaurants that I have ever been to! Definitely should check it out! The price is excellent. We drive one hour to come here, but we are so glad that we have this restaurant as an option. After a week long of hard working, it is a great way to pamper us. The staff is very friendly and efficient and my water glass is always filled up in no time. Especially, I love how much of the ownership this restaurant has taken by responding to all reviews by customers. It is really rare to see this. It truly shows that they take a great pride and appreciate all support. Great job! Thank you for your great food, price and service!!!

Stephon Wolf

great food selection. clean restaurant. dessert was kind of trash but other than that it was all good. definitely would recommend

Vishal Gandhi

Very friendly staff. Good food and good vibes. Just didn't want to stop eating.

Andre Reese

Good variety of tasty food

Erikku TheDomoGuy

Great food, amazing staff going above and beyond. I think it made my dad happy on his Father's day! For food my dad ordered seafood and crab legs. For me I try an little of everything but the tempura shrimps and coconut shrimps was epic. Dinner specials that day was all day. It got busy and crowded but the staff didn't freak out and did their jobs the best of their abilities. Management should give recognition because they were awesome!

Rick Kcir

Like this place it's all you can eat. Most of the waiters are Very good. And the food is replaced often so it's fresh.

Brian Mesa

We decided to hold our friendsgiving here after strong recommendations. We always hold a fantastic dinner at home and this place held up to and exceeded our expectations. The staff is friendly and inviting. We were treated exceptionally well. The food was absolutely fantastic, not many trade-offs here. As with all things some of the food wasn't my favorite but there was so much to choose from I can't imagine not falling in love with a dish. Did I mention it's BYOB? We will all happily come back again, it's worth the trip.


Really good food would totally recommend it.

Nataliia Borys

Here, in two words do not say so please read to the end I came with my husband an eight month old kid and two friends who came to us from Chicago I really wanted to bring this buffet, because I was sure of the cleanliness and delicious food. But I could not think that such an ugly and humiliating result awaits me I was not allowed into the hall with a baby stool !!!!! I was told to leave it at the exit !!!!! Because it is dangerous The room was very few people can be 15 !!!! We were only 4 !!! We came to eat Perhaps the girl who talked with us had no mood, maybe we did not like her But I think she does not have children, or she does not love them Because such humiliation in America I have not felt yet So if you decide to go there, think carefully where your babies will be I think when car seat standing on a chair this is a much greater danger than what a child will be in a stroller!!!


The food is delicious and fresh. I love the grill and sushi sections. A great selection of food for every taste bud! Can't wait to go back again.

Douglas Callender

One of my favorite buffet spots in Bergen county only reason I gave 3 stars for this visit was they ran out of steak and we had to wait several minutes for it

Pedro Cruz

Food was good and reasonable prices, great combination.. recommended!!


The food is superb! Worth every penny for the food they offer. Love going on the weekends for the lamb and also love seafood which they have a nice variety of.

Gennadiy Gar

Nice place to celebrate your occasions or just to spend time with your friends. Friendly staff. delicious sushi and sashimi.any kind of meat and

Angel Huertas

Food was amazing especially the steak and ribs. The service was great.

Dasfoto Joon

The best place for lunch and dinner with family. huge and clean place wiht somwhat big parking lots.

Deborah Camacho

Excellent food, good service nice people and the food is delicious.

Ack Ack

The food is good there is a lot of different food choices to choose from. The sushi there is good. It is a bit pricey.


Been there twice...first and last time. I had better sushi in Terminal C @ Newark Airport. Big Waste of Money

Mariel de Jesus

Service and staff are great! Sushi is good, but they use regular white rice. Crabs and crab legs weren't that good, the whole steamed seafood area looked questionable and I avoided it. Usually the "guts" of the crab are the best part and what I look forward to eating but their crabs guts were pretty bad tasting. Too bad the food in general didn't taste good

Dev Anand

Used to be pretty good. Standard seems to have plummeted. Very sad. Will not be back.


Excellent food for a buffet. Not going with the full 5 stars only because getting regular salt soy sauce was a bit difficult on my last trip there. Tables had low salt soy sauce already on them. They have a small room that can be used by younger kids to play in as well. I'm a big sushi fan so I enjoyed their sushi selection.

Sarah Azares

Great selection of food. Everything was delicious. Expect to pay a decent amount. Not your typical cheap buffet

Michael Morell

Great variety and better food than other buffets in the area. But the prices are too high, not a good value.

Stephani Kassisdikiy

Okay so now I'm spoiled and cannot go to any other all-you-can-eat. They've got fabulous sushi. Lots of stuff for people that don't like fish also

Wellington Camarena

Sushi was constantly replaced for a fresh batch. Waiters we're available at every turn. Food was incredibly fresh and still warm. This is how a clean modern buffet should run and operate. 4/5 stars due to the types of food available. Steaks, sushi, a few "Asian" foods... I feel like there should be more options. What really defines "American" cuisine? We're melting pot of a country, I'd expect other dishes normally found in America!

Lily Nie

Best time to come here is on the weekends for dinner !! Love the freshness of the seafood and sushi. The churrasco is on pint and the desert bar is die for !

Richard Thandal

Best buffet I've been to so far.

Josh M

This place sucks!!! The food wasn’t fresh and extremely salty. The food quality is VERY poor and the staff all have bad attitudes. Save your money and find different restaurant.

Germaine Najjar

Great restaurant. Service is good especially if you get Ala as your server. Shes super nice. The food is good and always fresh. They have such a wide variety you can never get bored

Irene Salib

Not your typical open buffet! My husband and daughter took me here for my birthday dinner and the food is amazing, and so many things to choose from! It is a bit pricey at $35 per person but you can definitely get your moneys worth with all the meat options and sushi they offer. Their desserts are really amazing too!

Glorianne Zyskowski

We visit often. Cynthia is an awesome server and always makes you feel special. Sushi is very fresh and delicious. I love my steak rare and they are always happy to accommodate. Great buffet.

Jonathon Rios

Had a good experience here with my kids. The food came fast and the service is just great. Prices are convenient.

Robert Beckerle

Just like any other buffet, but more expensive, same mediocre food, they just say it's a Vegas Style Buffet, they can't even touch Foxwoods let alone Vegas.

Ely R

Good variety, place seems clean, good customer service, if you go for dinner you won't be rushed out.

Angelo Anastasi

Nice sushi bar

Robert Stone

Been here several times for lunch, enjoyed it all times! Not your typical buffet. Very high quality sushi! And the hot dished are excellent as well! Definitely worth the price!(around $17.50 ea. person for lunch) Wish they had one near Philadelphia!


Our family dined there for early dinner on a weekday one week ago to celebrate my mom's birthday. Waiter never came by to check up on us or refill our drinks. I had to flag down other workers to get refills. Worst part was trying get out check. Our waiter is never around, he was always in the back and never on the main dinning hall. Finally asked him for our check and he got the check and walked by our table and left it two tables down from us. The patrons there already checkout out and paid. I saw them leave. I was sure that was our check. He went to the back again. Another 10 minutes until he emerged from the back and again asked for check. It took him another 5 minutes and just leaves it on our table. I look at the check and it's not even ours. I walked up to him in the front of the restaurant chatting away and tell him it wasn't our check. He takes it back and this time he was angry or something because he slammed the check down on our table and didn't even apologize or say thank you. I could only imagine that he was high on something. We were celebrating our mom's birthday too. Thanks for ruining our night!

James Mc Donald

Just left this place. The food was awful. We entered at 4:30 when it opened for dinner. Food was cold and tasteless. I thought it was me but when my friend said the same thing I was not surprised. I’ve been here before, about 2 years ago and it was the best. Don’t know what has happened. Will not be returning.

Alex Krasnok

We love this place, it is relatively cheap and the food is awesome

Avergesia Joc

Best buffet of all time! I’d give this buffet 6 stars If I could! Wide variety of delicious food, sushi, and desserts. Can’t wait to come back soon!

veronica gallegos

The best sushi and beef

Quani Boyd

Excellent restaurant!! I have gone here two years for my birthday and am planning to go again this birthday too, in just a couple of weeks! Food ALWAYS fresh and delicious, friendly and professional service and family friendly! They even bring out the gongs for special occasions. Lol Worth every penny!

Joana Jorge

Was recommended POC from a friend and the first couple times it was amazing... best desserts ever and great food and endless crab legs and great service!!! .. but I recommend Poc to my boss the owner of State Fair and we went to a meeting there and there were no crab legs the first time and the second time we called to make sure and was told they crab legs !!! We got there and there was barely any out..still great service , employees are wonderful. my boss was very disappointed!! Hopefully they start putting some more out

Mario Rodriguez

Great cooking staff from the grill to the sushi

George Delgado

This is hands down the best buffet around northern NJ! Every single item on the menu tastes amazing which cannot be said about other buffets. The have a breakfast section that serves crepes and waffles! The desert menu is also all very tasty. Usually other buffets have sub par selections or dry, tasteless, cakes, NOT POC! Amazing.

Timothy Echeandia

High quality all you can eat sushi and sashimi.

Danny Jaye

You walk in and are courteously greeted and seated immediately. You immediately grab a plate and begin your journey into a cornucopia of Sushi, Grilled Meats, Salads, and many other treats. I LOVE eating here and bringing friends because everyone gets to enjoy exactly what they want. Service is great..and the food is fantastic.

alfred Vidal

Great variety and amazing staff..

Lorena Vasquez

I had a good experience here, the food is tasty the stuff is very friendly and quick, they have a great variety of sushi, and the place looks very well kept and clean.

Phil Anes

Food (whether sushi or carving station) is delicious and well worth the slightly higher prices. Be warned!! Make sure to come with an empty stomach! There is way too much good food to sample everything in one sitting.

Jennifer Njirinze

Is ok but just too expensive

Fernando Espinoza

Customer service was excellent. Im not really picky but most of the food today was too salty. I had to mix some food together to balance it out. And i understand it happens but a control point needs to be set. That way you don't waste food and the customer ends up happy with their food. I hated having to leave food in the plate cause it was simply inedible. Other than that i love coming here.

John Piazza

28 to 33 dollars for dinner buffet depending on day of week. Sushi, carving station, and more.

Dayan Lopez

Other then the crab legs and some of the meat it's not very good, damn shame!

Maria Jose Vasena

Great place and food ! Amazing service Private room is very nice for private events !!! Fresh sushi with very broad variety !!! Thanks for the experience !!!

kyung uk lee

I love this place. Food is great!!!! They have many choices of foods for adults and children. The lamp chop is great. It’s cooked perfectly. Its making my mouth watery just by thinking and typing about it. My children loves their selection of food and of course the game room. I’m glad POC is close to my house

William Petrizzi

Food is still as good as when they opened. Bright and open. Can get crowded. Sushi bar is a solid choice along with the carving stations.

destiny playlist nguessan

Went to poc this weekend .very dissatisfied with the food and drink and the service. So sad this was my favorite place to bring my family and out of town guests

Alfredo Martinez

This was a wonderful weekend, I have been there 2 times and both times I was not let down! The food is good and so much variety! There is something for everyone.


Went for lunch today, family of 13. the food wasn't fresh like it used to be and the selections are limited. most of the food looked and tasted like it been sitting there for a while. I had a special roll and fish was chewy, the crab was tasteless. (missing our favorite snow crab legs). the cutting board the meat was tough and sausage salty. I used to go there and loved the food and had several plates. Today I had two, the best part was the corn on the cob. they used to have the stuffed shrimps and nice selection of seafood, not so much today. A Lot of breaded fried food. It used to be our "special place for family gatherings" because we loved their food, not anymore. I wasn't the only one that noticed the difference in food quality. We paid over $300 for our bill, very disappointed. too bad it used to be our favorite place.

Harrison Lee

Somehow you r location has another Google Map location. I think you better resolve this issue with Google. By the way I enjoyed your food 2 week ago Saturday. Thanks,

Monica Rodriguez

I searched the website for a buffet and I chose POC, because it was different from other buffets and I do not regret it!! The food was very good, very tasty. Oh the dessert well more selection to choose from, again very tasty, good presentation. it was a full house that night very busy.That says alot!! Good atmosphere I would recommend POC to my friends.

Marilyn Schneider

Second time we went to POC. Very pleased and satisfied with the variety, freshness of the food and the service. Very accommodating. Will for sure return!

Jim C

I wouldnt call this place crazy good but for the price you pay it's worth it. You are going to find somthing you like. The sushi was prepared nice and the desserts were good. Carving station was so so. Most of the stuff was dried out.

Karyn S

The sushi is always fresh and yummy

Jazzy Kim

It was great and service was great. The food was quite delicious and there was quite a bit of variety. The wait time, even though you didn't make a reservation was quite low. The only thing I didn't quite like about this buffet was the price. It was actually quite pricey, and they charged service fee with a pricey tip. We were charged nearly double of our original total because of the service fee and mandatory tip fee! But other than the expenses, everything was great.

RoMS Romo

Best buffet with lots of food choices. Sushi never tasted this good.

A Angerson

Don't eat anything for 2 days before you go here cause your going to eat alot. Great variety especially if you like sushi and crab legs. Dessert are good also.

Peter G

This buffet is more expensive than others in the category because the quality is much better


Sushi is fresh. Oysters are available. Regular cooked food is delicious. Good value. Good service

Jared Clayton

This place is my favorite site. Of all restaurants I know I love it most. I always suggests to my friends to go to that place. Whenever I feel like having a delicious dinner, this place comes right away to my mind. outstanding and varied food and a rich cuisine.well mannered staff members, and pleasant atmosphere. In addition to that, the bill is honest. I praise this place with great pleasure.

Klim Kavall

Fresh sushi and all you can eat everything! From fish, to seafood, to steaks, and even dessert this place delivers. Extremely large restaurant which can get crowded at times. It’s in a strip mall so there’s lot of parking. Kids room with video games on the side. Some people fill up the boxes for takeout. I haven’t.

Joe Mama

Many choices. Big pieces of sushi. Sushi sauces are in squeeze bottles. Miso soup. Chicken wings. Steak. Quinoa salad. Creme Brule. Staff friendly, attentive.

Oral Seymour

It was clean and the food tasted good. A lot better than the usual nuggets that I’ve been to.

Doug Bertolini

Food was excellent but it was way too crowded

Christina Murray

Probably the best sushi selection I've ever seen at a buffet. The rest of the food is great as well.

Joseph Avola

Overpriced, small, not enough choice like many others.

Crystal Gardner

Love this place my family go every few mouths

Jameson Everett

Good food, good service, good environment

Junia McC

Lots of variety. Almost anyone could find something they like to eat. My husband loves sushi - and he had plenty. I like the rice and mostly vegetarian roles. Many different ones to choose from. We both love King crab legs (served cold). No shortage here. Plus the tons of other food, both Asian and American. There's a grill if you want steak (my husband did). Lots of salad/vegetable offerings. A chocolate fountain to dip marshmallows or fruit. Lots of different types of cake squares, a very decent chocolate mousse, an average "creme brulee" (not the real thing but edible), and ice cream, different sprinkles, and chocolate sauce (by the cakes). It's busy and a bit frenetic. You won't be sitting far from other diners. Lots of kids, including babies, so if you want privacy and quiet go elsewhere. There is also a private room that can be reserved for parties, and there was a big group there when we arrived. Lots of wait staff. They are incredibly busy but we found them to be pretty attentive if you can get their attention. You get what you pay for, which is the vast variety of different dishes and above-average quality of the food. This is a "stuff yourself until you roll out the door" kind of buffet. Go hungry! It's $70.00 for two (+ tip).

Karla Ojeda

Great place. Steak was cooked well done and we prefer medium but my husband and I enjoyed . Desserts were delicious. And they have crabs which are my favs.

Steven Nardini

Very impressed with all parts of this restaurant! Tons of servers so if you need anything there is someone always around. Their birthday celebration is awesome! Food was above par for a buffet style with tons of choices for any type of eater!! Will 100% be back! Valentina was our server and she did an outstanding job! Can't wait to go back!

Paul Campbell

This is the best buffet in the area. It is on par with Las Vegas style buffets. Everything is always fresh and delicious. The lamb chops on Friday and Saturday nights are great. The sushi is ALWAYS great. I definitely recommend.

Steve S

Ehhh need to try one more time

Elton Ng

food look good but taste not that good

Alberto Irizarry

A little pricey for me, food was ok. Server was excellent.

Becky Khalil

My son's graduation was today. We traveled from Staten Island. First impression nice. Once we started to eat everything was perfect. We worked towards are second plate. No rush . Nobody came to pick up the plates okay fine.We started on the second plate and wanted a refill now keep in mind it's about 2.49 a drink. Nobody came to refill !!! Now we want sweets still nobody to pick up the plates. Not like we stuffed are selfs just casual lunch for my son's 5th grade graduation. When we asked for a refill the waiter's attitude was rude Maybe the fact that we are Muslim!!! Not even looking for 20% off if that what they thinking!!! Don't come here for an occasion. This place made us feel downgraded. The waiter even had a smile as ...... Not even adding on . The owner should replay his surveillance camera.... like were in 2019 right technology:))))) Jose the waiter way to go made a 12 years old day great what a memorable occasion for him !!!! Food was good but the service was despicable!!!!!!!!!

Rachel Milito your Realtor

Wow ! I was so amazed by the food they had here. American fusion is the correct terminology for this place ! All the way from French fries to skirt steak - ribs to crab legs ! Literally amazing ! The chocolate fountain with fresh fruit was a great plus too! Awesome service from all of the servers there. Great experience !

Mary Brianna

Food plentiful and

Theresa Jimenez

Realy, Really good! I was very impressed with their

Zackary Mccarthy

I absolutely liked the dishes and service, great location to my apartment. The workers are always kind. Will come visit again.

Brandi Bostick

Service, food and drinks are awesome and the price is right( my husband and I arrived at 11:30am on Thursday so we paid $17 per person) there was soooooo much variety I was shocked! Can’t wait to go back!

Quilvio Rodríguez

Very good food,nice place and very good service .....

Braylen Fritz

Had a good experience in this place with my kid. The food arrives quick and the service is just fantastic. Prices are affordable.

Long Abanilla

Not so crowded on Mondays after 5pm and food is good...

NYC Birthday Clowns

We came out to POC American Fusion & Sushi to party and it was fantastic! The back room was huge and as we walked through the buffet area it was impossible to ignore the massive selection of well crafty sushi among other food. The restaurant was clean and the staff were quite helpful. Thank you for having us and we hope to be back soon.

Hannah Lee

Buffets don't have the best quality food to begin with, but this place takes too many shortcuts. Their seaweed salad has green noodles mixed in it. Their ketchup is not real ketchup.

Qadr Abdul-Salaam

Very very very good buffet.

Nicole Lynn Espinoza

The website really hyped this place up with the idea of a variety of food and claims “Vegas Style Buffet” This is an average buffet with the price set too high for the lack of quality and choice of food. 75% of the food I tried was luke warm. Also when we first went over to see what they had, most of the hot plates where empty. Most of the prepared fish (cod and salmon) had no flavor. We didn’t even try the dessert area because at that point we just wanted to leave. I would rather have gone to Dynasty Buffet where I have endless choice, the food is always hot and not have to spend as much. Honestly I would have gone to Caesars in AC and spend more money because the quality and quantity is worth the money. Oh and you guys should brush up on your serv safe videos .... one of your employees is mixing old and new food together ... surprising no one has gotten sick.

Kari C

Sushi was good but some did not taste fresh. Needs better food quality control. The desserts looks good but has a bad taste. How can you mess up on jello? For a quick bite not a bad spot. $31.99 Friday evening

Dritar Odza

The premiere Fusion and Sushi restaurant in the area. High class, high quality food! Highly recommended!

Dustin Kim

Nice buffet.

Sammy S.

1 of the best buffet in North Jersey!

John Brex

Big, clean, great variety of buffet selections

Eric Bermitz

Clean, tasty, quality food. Good service

Nona Bernard

The most delicious sushi I ever eat, literally just amazing. Great service and lots of different varieties of food are available at genuine price. Must recommend. This place actually deserve 10 stars.

Luis Canelo

The food was super fresh. Awesome options. It is BYOB, so bring whatever kind of drinks you'd like and truly enjoy this Vegas-style gem in the heart of Bergen County.

Becky Brown

Great variety of meats, would love to see more items in the salad bar.

Natasha Blake-Gabriel

Worth every penny!

jimmy parra

Try the best Entraña, skirt steak.excellent service,,

Allan Womack

The food is great and the customer service is very good they always make sure you are ok and satisfied with the food and service and the crab legs are so delicious and the sushi

Jimmy G.

A lot of the food was cold and didn’t taste well. The carving station had a lot of selections but the meats were very tough and dried out. It’s definitely not worth the money here

Joseph Steinberg

Great buffet with decent sushi, meat, etc.

Diana Joung

The sashimi was so fresh! Came with family during Thanksgiving and we loved it. Perfect for a seafood+/-steak lover. Def coming back.

Theodore Weiland

I was expecting a buffet with average food but I was very much mistaken. I never eat sushi at a buffet restaurant but this was not at all like any other. The sushi was being prepared fresh and there were over 20 different rolls. We came at a busy time and most if not all of the rolls were being depleted and replaced quickly. Of the few that weren't popular I actually noticed one being removed and replaced since it must have been out too long for their standards. The beef was cooked and waiting to be sliced. None of the cuts were dry or overcooked. I really enjoyed this place and will return.


Good price for a great selection on sushi and other foods. Even had whole cooked fish. Good service with a polite young lady. Very nice looking place and clean. Bathrooms were also clean.

Business Hours of POC American Fusion & Sushi - Hackensack, NJ in New Jersey

11AM–3PM 4:30–9PM
11:30AM–2:30PM 5–9:30PM
11:30AM–2:30PM 5PM–9:30AM
11:30AM–2:30PM 5–9:30PM
11:30AM–3PM 5–10PM
11AM–3PM 4:30–10PM


POC American Fusion & Sushi - Hackensack, NJ en New Jersey
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