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REVIEWS OF Picnic Garden BBQ Buffet IN New Jersey

Gary Kwan

I travel from Brooklyn just to eat here. Never too crowded and wait staff is very attentive

Mozz Manzoor

This place was excellent. The meat was marinated beautifully! Everything was delicious. Loved the fried chicken, and the dumplings too!


This is a really nice place. Lots of variety tho on the pricey side, I think it's worth it

Andrew Yang

Sat down at a table and no one came by to light the burner or ask us what drinks we wanted. We had to flag down a waiter ourselves. Also this place severely limits the kalbi beef which is what most of us are looking for when eating Korean BBQ. There was a line waiting for the kalbi beef with staff refilling the beef every 15-20 minutes. More like "all you can eat except for the good stuff."

JoJo Luiz

Excellent Korean BBQ!

Regina Morris

A top place for quality buffet food. Had a sister come into town and asked me to take her here again. Prices were decent.

Rick Karas

Outstanding... You pick ur food then cook right at the table loads of fun... First quality good... Just a great time

ryan amable

Great food selections and courteous staff best DIY Korean BBQ I've ever had!


Mediocre fare at best. Replenishing some popular items often takes WAY too long.

Alvin Cheung

Good quality food and plenty of options.

Alex G

There should be more meat choices for the prices during lunch

Albert Maneri

Really nice experience delicious food

Arun Hari

Staff were polite and helpful for I was new and first time there. Helpful enough to explain stuff and check on my mead doneness and change charted grilles regularly. I am not proficient enough to understand the intricacies of this cultural cuisine but I enjoyed having had the opportunity to try this food. I would also add that the price felt a little steep. They constantly refilled the station and removed any thawed up meat sitting out for long.

Haejung Kang

Good but foods are too sweet in general.. A bit pricey

Emelita Guingab

So yummy, unlimited , eat all you can..forget dieting, just eat & enjoy

Geronimo Isidro

Always a good place for Korean barbecue. Have been here a lot of times. Never disappointed. Variety of choices to cook on the grill.

Nicole J

So good. Just very expensive if you go for dinner or on a weekend.

Vanessa Gonzalez

You get to pick the varieties of meats. The customer service is excellent. Daniel was very helpful during our stay.

Jim W

Best place in New Jersey for Korean BBQ. Wide selection of items to choose from for your grilling pleasure. Staff is friendly and attentive.

Stacey Karis

Went for lunch. It was all you can eat and the meats were fresh. Staff was good about replacing our grill plates too.

Lindsay Griesbach

Wow so fresh and clean! The food was absolutely amazing and the service was wonderful and everyone was super friendly !

Lisa Chorbak

Great place.

Michael Serra

Very good place to eat. Almost reminds me of being in S. Korea... almost! Very good substitute, great for people to try different types of food. Soda is served by the can instead of a machine. Staff is very polite and attentive. Don't forget to bring your own Soju!!!


Recommended cowboy bone, marinated beef

Fang SDR

What is good: Buffet, good dishes, steamed egg served, the quality of meat is great. Waiters help you with BBQ. Clean. What is not good: This is not Korean BBQ but American style Korean BBQ except their sauces and tea. -1 star Steamed egg and veges are only one serve per table, which is hard to share. Food easily become over cooked and even carbonized, while you have to manually take them off the fire and get a plate to put them - while the waiters are actually free, they just watch your meat becoming some carbon-like stuff. -1 star. In conclusion, if you come to there on Thursday night, every one's cost is around $35+ plus the tips. It's not a suitable price considered its service and food provided. -1 star

Julianne Malecki

Went just when dinner service began. They were very accommodating. Went on the past and they took forever to replenish the best meat. Bring back the kimchi cucumbers!

Vick Patel

Decent Variety in an all you can eat buffet format. Staff was very attentive and friendly.

Dev Rathod

Great food, fair price. Could use a bit more variety but everything that's there is top quality

Nilesh Nimkar

Nice selection of meats. Grilling at your own table was a unique experience. BYOB.

rachel ehrenberg

Good food, helpful staff.

pSlim One

Really good but pricey.

Joe Cajigal

Great KBBQ place. Prices aren't bad and the selection is pretty good. Staff are very considerate, understanding, and helpful.

Hey It's Lara

the food here is delicious! i really recommend the galbi (beef short rib) by the way! to be honest, the food is on the pricy side. however, it tastes so good and is all-you-can-eat! the service is good and they help out/check on the tables often and when needed. love this place!

Audrey S

Partly leaving a higher review because my group occupied a table for almost a solid 4 hours, but the buffet aspect of the bbq was cool, staff was very helpful in stopping us from burning items, and there's ice cream. On the pricier end, but worth it.

Navneet Singh

Staff was friendly and nice - took a shot w us. Rice and kalbi took way too long to replace. People took half the kalbi at once when a fresh batch came out...c'mon

Doug Trialit

la style Korean ribs or galbi or kalbi. food offerings are vast - even the most picky eater can find something to fill up on. classic Korean dishes too like kimchi soup, seaweed soup.

Dung Nguyen

Great place! Everything is delicious

Scott Taylor

Very expensive at about $40 per person for dinner, but the food is really good. It's BYOB and buffet style, so you can take all the raw meat you want to eat and throw it on the grill at your own table. The servers come around to cut the meat into bite sized pieces while it's on the grill, so you can just keep eating and chatting. They also have really tasty soups, and a number of already cooked foods.

Alicia Weller

Awesome concept and great food!! I love the openness and modern look it draws you right in.

John Shotliff

Expensive but awesome food! Go to the food bar and get your raw meats, cook them yourself at the grills on your table which is a ton of fun. Staff comes by and helps if you want, they also replace your grill top if it gets nasty from a lot use.


Good food. Great staff

Francis Abano

Was pretty busy, they couldn't keep up with replenishing the bulgogi meat since the bulgogi meat was in demand, bulgogi meat didn't seem like it marinated for very long. Plus, price is to expensive, $35.

Izzat Bahadirov

Very nice all you can eat Korean BBQ place. BYOD.


We went here for lunch Saturday August 3rd. Service was very good and attentive. Water filled was filled right away. Meat was unlimited. Will come back here again

Sunny N/A

I went on Friday night with my sister's family the food was delicious. However on Saturday when I woke up I started vomiting. After that I drank warm water but about 45 minutes later I had to vomit again. This went on for 36 times total (yes 36 times). I went to see the doctor at Medemerge they gave me injection to prevent further vomiting. Today is Sunday I'm feeling normal but very tired from all the sleeping I had to do. Now my niece is vomiting. 3 more people to go...

Ian Fowler

I must say first that it is a bit over priced. $30 plus dollars and half price for kids is a bit too much considering kids don;t eat as much. Staff is very attentive in changing grate on grill and cutting up the meat and items on grill. Food portion on buffet line is reasonable, lots of selection. Meat is marinated well. Restaurant is big and clean.

Lorna Rodriguez

Good service, quality of meat wasn't good, over priced ( $35 p/p) , no seafood to cook. Honestly, I didn't like it. I don't care pay for good food but wasn't the case.

Tim Dang

Kalbi at dinner is my favorite meat here besides the pork belly. Great selection of meat/seafood/vegetables for the grill plus there's a lot of options for hot foods and soup that are already cooked. I find that the sweet spot is to stick with a single grill even though you have a large group. The grills cook the meat pretty fast, and in terms of price to quality this place is the best!

Enrico Cabredo

This place used to be the best KBBQ option in the area but other options sport legitimate competition. Picnic Garden still undoubtably has the best cuts of meats, but be quick because patrons always grab what's out right away. The staff is very attentive. This is the priciest option in the area but it's worth it for the quality meat

Victoria Codner

Awesome place! A great experience and love the fact that you can make your own food with the self grill and they make the table where any size person can fit inside, which is great! And they also give you discount if you pay cash! Definitely recommend this place!

Charles Portela

Grab and fight for the short ribs as fast as you can

Chris Macartney

Good place for all you can eat Korean bbq. Byob helps too.


Good experience. My boyfriend and I enjoyed cooking our food.

Rekha n

Delicious food. Value for your money

Paula jones

Lovely setting and helpful staff. Good food

Elliott Souder

Loved it here. Buffet and Korean BBQ. The food was good, the wait staff was so helpful, and they had a lot of options. Raw meat and vegetables to cook up along with some cooked Foods as well. Price was not too bad.

Jennifer Trejos

Good as always! Great variety and fresh food all the time :)

Chris Thackray

Great food, very attentive server.

John Rivera

Great selection of meat and fish to grill right at your table!

Matthew Vandenberg

If you are looking for a place with good, authentic Asian food, and want to make it yourself, this is the right place for you. Come by yourself or come with many, you head up to a table where you can grab the raw meat and vegetables to cook at your table. The service here is so good that the staff will even help cook your food if you are having difficulties; even the cleanliness is astonishing here. I would definitely recommend!

Yolanda Crandoll

Excellent service food was delicious


Nice and clean All You Can Eat Korean BBQ Restaurant. Lots if different varieties of meat and vegetable. Staff constantly help to cut your meat and change your grill plate so your food won't get stuck or burned. Only get 4 stars because it's a bit too pricey.

Lincoln Chin

I enjoyed my dinner. $35 a person, if you pay cash is $3 cheaper, the problem is when there is a large party. They can clean out a tray of meat in a second. Then you have to wait a bit for the guy to come back to refill.

angel sosa

The first time we ate here, the price per person was $18 dollars each. The second time we ate there, it was $37 each! That's a ridiculous price. No one showed us the sign which described the prices which was on the entrance on the right side of the wall, high up. Overall, the best and cheapest time to eat here will be on the weekdays during lunch times! Therefore, the food was delicious the service was perfect and very clean.

Rafail Shaposhnikov

Good food, friendly staff, clean, not expensive, will come again

Jose A Ramirez

Good place and the customer service it’s first class. Good food good place. I love the soup. Spice seafood ..

Howard H

Good Korean bbq. A little pricey.

ben l

It's an all you can eat bbq joint. It's ok and there is nothing wrong with that. I prefer to hit a Korean place and pay 15 or 17 bucks for better bulgogi or kalbi rather than 40 bucks for a passable meal. Again, that's me...nothing wrong with this's an all you can eat with vegetables, shrimps. pork belly, marinated pork, ribs, cheap steak, some cooked food, salad bar, and dessert bar. Decent salad bar style variety. Staff was friendly but I do find it unsanitary that the guests dig through the raw stuff.

on the wall with Patti

It's all right I've had better

Kort Walsh

Everything about the name says it. This place is awesome.

Bowen Tan

Doris Johnson

We were seated right away and introduced to a variety of different meats. Our favorite was the marinated beef short rib. I really enjoy that they cook the meat right in front of you; it felt like I was watching a movie. The waiter was nice and accommodating. I highly recommend it

Laras Radney

Wow! A Great Dining Experience.

Crispina Mirasol

Expensive dinner and has no variety of foods and soups.

Henry Chen

All you can eat Korean barbecue! There's a great variety of meats and some seafood along with side dishes for those not so keen on the barbecue. The staff is very attentive and friendly especially if you don't know how to cook the meats. They regularly change grills for you, serve water and check on your food. The restaurant is very clean and presentable and overall a great place for many occasions.

Tamara Hemingway

Food and service are consistently outstanding.

Jorge Jimenez

Great food Great service

Bee Vang

Very good food. I like how you can just grab anything you want instead of ordering it. All you can eat is always the bomb! The service is awesome. We did not need to ask for water refill or more napkin or anything. They were really good :)

Ronald Paras

If you crave Korean BBQ you must check this place out. All the meat you can have for a reasonable price for this type of cuisine.

Maegel Uy

Had a great experience here with my family. We recently came here to celebrate my sister's graduation from Rutger's and my aunt's birthday. They have good food selection, really nice staff, and good service. It can be crowded at times and it's better to call ahead and ask if they are busy or not. We even brought a cake but forgot to bring a candle. Luckily, they have candles set aside for such celebrations! We would like to visit more often if this place wasn't 1-2hr drive from us! Regardless, we would definitely visit again.

Rosiana Then

Typical Korean All You Can Eat BBQ restaurant. Lots of different choices of meats. We have a very friendly, helpful server. Very expensive.

Kimberly Dizon

The meat quality has gone down.

Sam dela Cruz

It's hit or miss. The food is always good but they don't always have seafood

Allen H

Great place for all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ. Meat is fresh and the service is attentive. Highly recommended

Tyrion Lannister

Good quality all you can eat Korean BBQ. "Quality" and "all you can eat" is usually an oxymoron but not here.

Noura Jalkh

The Beef Tail was so amazingly juicy, place was clean, staff was SO FRIENDLY, very helpful and attentive!!! Loved it, will be returning. Price is reasonable since it is all you can eat.

Howard Lai

Delicious BBQ. Definitely one of the best restraunts in the area. If you are hungry for meat, this is the place for you but you'll definitely want to starve yourself beforehand to get the most value for what you spend. Dinner prices are a bit expensive but lunch is $20 per person on weekdays which is practically a steal for what you get.

Patrick Chang

If you ever close I don't know what I would do with my this place and have for years! Awesome food AMAZING service with great staff. Cannot recommend enough! This place is King.

Christian Mirabal

ALL YOU CAN EAT Korean bbq. Come for lunch you won't think about eating till breakfast the next day. There's something for everyone.

Edward JLo

Korean Buffet. It's really clean and a unique experience. Buffet of raw marinated meats plus veggies of your choosing are prepared/cooked at your table. Prices seem a bit higher than moderate but it is an "All You Can Eat" buffet. I ask, Why give discount for cash payment?

Anna Robertelli

Wonderful food. Wonderful staff. Wonderful atmosphere. We always have an amazing time going here and the food always leaves you super happy and full.

Catherine Sheng

Great food!! I would come here during lunch for the best price: $26.99 (weekend) but it's probably a better deal to come lunch weekday. Meat and appetizers are very good. My go-to Korean bbq place! (Worth the 40 min drive

Andrew Yan

Good selection but be careful not to take things that been there too long

Amy Martin

WAY OVER PRICED for lunch for 6 people it was $250.... the food wasnt that good either!

Jamie Chin

This place has always been good. Great variety. The owner still remember me since they first open 8 yrs ago

Tiya K.

Wish they have more selections in Edison. The one in Queens is the best.

K Bail

amazing food and staff.

David Hall

Best Korean value in Jersey and BYOB


First time here...great experience! Only thing, it is a bit expensive for the options that are they provide, far as the sides. Maybe they should offer some specials or discount days

Kevin Wong

Decent quality, a bit overpriced for it. Food were replenished on the good stuff when asked.

Eric Eevardi

Awesome place, cook your own food right at your table

Allison Heenie

Great food, love cooking my own meats.


Great services, to me prices are not too expensive, fun for everyone.

Joanna Wang

quality taste but could be cozier

Paul Michael Santos

It's a good buffet but the quality is lacking. This is a BYOB place so go to a liquor store a few blocks away.

Lisa Mullen

Great service. Great price. Great food.

Angela Kim

My first and, sadly, my last time I’ll be going to this restaurant. The service is friendly, the space large and clean, and the variety great in their choices of meat to grill as well as other dishes to eat... but I got the worst food poisoning after this meal. It was most likely something from their hot bar that was not freshly fried or baked as no one else in my party had eaten those items and they did not become ill.

James Lee

Food 4star Service 3.5star Bathroom 3star Overall experience 4star.

Paul Chen

Probably the best all you can eat korean bbq I know. Been in business for a long time and since there are many people the ingredients are always fresh and clean

bri e

Fun place to have a good meal and try something new

Josh Paro

Great food

kon lee

No soju or beer. Byob. Small selection. But good enuff.

Cog Vin

I live over in matawan but still make it worth the trip to this place, always a spot to eat right away and they are always friendly

Sunny Talwar

Food and service was great! Not expensive either!

Hendrix Paul

They serve big dishes and for reasonable rates. super nice employees. 5 stars.

Raymond Tan

Good quality Korean BBQ. A little on the pricey side, but with no competition, this is expected. Would recommend weekday lunch for better value

Gilbert Eng

Good spread. Decent Korean BBQ Buffet.

Nubia Borda

Amazing service, good food!

Ballsy Bunny

(EDIT) looking back 3 years ago, this place was amazing; however, on my recent visit (04.24.19) I noticed that both the quality of food and customer service have deteriorated immensely. The short ribs had a bad odor, and I could tell it was not fresh and it completely killed my appetite. Waiters didn’t come around at all unless you call them over the table to cut meats or bring drinks. The establishment is poorly ran these days. I noticed that some of the original workers are no longer there. They had awesome people working there before who were on top of everything and the quality of food was definitely way better. I don’t think I will be coming back after being a faithful customer since their grand opening. So sad! (Old review) I really enjoy coming here because I can eat all I want! Haha meats are always fresh and there is a variety to choose from. My only small suggestion would be to add more seafood to the menu like lobster and fish. :)

Camille B.

If you love Korean BBQ, this is the place for you. The restaurant can be busy during peak hours, so try to call ahead to make a reservation. Tip: plan ahead and bring cash as there is a discount if you pay cash instead of credit card.


You don’t want to go for lunch. There’s nothing you want to eat. Dinner is much better, and nothing for lunch. I don’t want to recommend this place.

David Henry

Nice cooking your own food

Godfred Yemofio

Had a fantastic experience! Always in point.

Cyril Wyche

I love this place. It's like a 2 part buffet. First you select the raw meet which you grill at your table with a little help from the wait staff. Then you select all the side dishes plus rice and soup. Everything is authentic Korean. It's best if you go with someone who knows about Korean Food that can guide you, but if you can't the wait staff is very helpful. In my opinion it's a little expensive, but it is a great experience a few times a year.

Marlon Harding

Best kbbq I've ever had

Constance Macri

Absolutely delicious food and fantastic service! The staff came around periodically to ensure we were cooking the food to perfection. The owner blended in with the staff as well and stopped to make very pleasant conversation. He was extremely humble for how amazing of an establishment he's made!

Kevin Orourke

Park in lot... walk past...wish you had stopped an hour later

Julio Cast

It's a nice place. It's make for groups but for me the seat was too far from the table which made it a uncomfortable dinner

Paul Brushwood

This is a great place to go if you want to eat a mountain of meat. There is a big variety of meats including tripe, intestine and beef heart in addition to the typical beef, pork and chicken. The non-grilled food is just ok but it seems like it's mostly there for kids. They have things like chicken nuggets and mozarella sticks.

Adarsh Gogineni

Pricey but good quality meat and overall fun experience.

Victoria Million

My family and I absolutely love this place! It's clean and the staff members are friendly. The food is fresh and they constantly restock items so you're not stuck waiting for your favorite dishes. You have to try the red bean ice cream!

Richard & Perla Reyes

This is a good place to go to celebrate with family or with a bunch of hungry friends who love all-you-can-eat bbq and don't mind having it cooked right in front of them. There is also a good selection of pre-cooked foods. Dessert (ice cream) is included (there may be other kinds of dessert but have not focused on that).

Ebenezer A. Awolesi

My first Korean BBQ experience and I wasn't disappointed at all. Staff was very helpful and the food fantastic.

Robert Delmarter

One of my best experiences ever dining out. The meats were so flavorful and it was really relaxing watching and listening to the food sizzling on the grill.

Josmar Diaz

Great service and excellent food.

Jessica Rivera

I loved this place! Never been to a Korean BBQ before and this didn't disappoint. They made sure to come by regularly and cut the meat for us and changed out the grill tops. They were very accommodating with everything me and my family needed. It is a little pricey at 35 per person but for the experience and for how good the food is, it is so worth it! Definitely will visit again!!

Shirley Wright

It's an all-you-can-eat Korean buffet. The seating is a U-shaped bench and can accommodate large crowds. You sit, order drinks then they start up the grill in the middle of the table. It's not a huge variety buffet but you will get full. Make sure you keep raw meats on a separate plate from other items. I suggest you look at everything before you grab things. They have spices at one end, veggies in the middle, raw meat at the other end. On the outside of the bar are the soups, rice and ice cream. You have to grill the pineapple. It gets so juicy sweet. The waiters and waitress are attentive. They come check on your meat and cut it to bite size pieces. When the grill turns dark they come and change out the grill for you. For a buffet with korean style meats the price is pretty good. If you've eaten meat at a Korean restaurant then you'll know what I mean.


We ate there for like three hours, and the attentive waitstaff switched out our grills like ten times. They were very helpful in cutting and cooking the meat. Big restaurant with large tables. Would recommend for a party or to break a fast. Bathrooms could be cleaner.

Helen L

Excellent buffet - $19 weekday or $27 weekend lunch and $33 weekday or $35 weekend dinner, reasonable prices considering Korean BBQ usually cost $30 per order. Wide variety of raw meats (bulgogi, kalbi, pork belly, chicken, sausage, shrimp...), vegetables, soups, simple sushi rolls, salads, and banchan side dishes to bring back to your table to enjoy. Staff is friendly and attentive, constantly passing by to help with grill.

jason eberman

Always a pleasure to stuff your face with delicious Meats of the Korean variety. Only thing I could say is they need to stock the galbi quicker other than that it's always a great experience we love it I recommend it every time

Rachel kim

Picnic Garden is my favorite go to place for Korean BBQ ok special occasions!! It's all you can eat and little pricey but it's definitely worth a try. Their soup is very tasty as well. Clear beef and raddish soup is my children's favorite besides the seaweed soup and tofu soup. Pre-mixed salad with soy sauce and pepper flakes is a perfect match for the BBQ.

Jennifer Reyes

One of my favorite places for delicious buffet food. I like it here, excellent food & service. I've had nothing but pleasant experiences here and plan to keep coming back.

Yomara Torres

I love this places

Isabelle Tran

Good prices. Service here was good - maybe because it wasn’t so busy. The variety of food was lacking - mainly cheap cuts were served and not many choices of meats. A good place for a family meal, but nothing fancy. The decor was ok, premise was clean. 5% discounts for cash payments.

Kellie C.

Love this place and would come back again! ❤

Steven Yeung

Worth the price for all you can eat Korean BBQ

Ming Lai

Nice korean BBQ buffet

Robert N. Adams

Fantastic food. Excellent service and a great environment.

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