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193 Newark Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07302, United States

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REVIEWS OF Pet Shop IN New Jersey

Jonatan Montoya

Smells good

Siobhan R

Great bar! Has a photobooth and cool drinks on the menu. Would go again!

Max Davis

Great atmosphere and solid prices

Edwin GR

It was an ok experience, nothing too good or too bad to remember. By the time they were closing they literally told people "alright everyone get the hell out of here" lol

Maarten Tytgat

They have a good selection of beers, a lot of vegetarian food. There's lots of place to sit, at the bar or more in the back if you like a bit more quiet.

Peter Mocco

It was a pleasure to hang out and enjoy myself in a location where I used to get gigantic bones for my Great Dane I'm so impressed and grateful that this business has done so well

Jimmy Katayama

Excellent staff excellent food !!

Joe Hannigan

Very nice place, staff very friendly and helpful.

Abhijith Jayakumar

Rude staff, normal food Today, I had my second bad experience at "Pet Shop" and decided to write about it. After my last visit to this establishment, I had vowed not to return. But today, my vegam friends decided to meet me there. While the food is not bad, the rude staff is a good reason to avoid the place. While i walked in today, after i took a few steps in, i felt a sudden yank on my sling bag. I was dragged back by someone. I turned around and it was the "bouncer", the lady who dragged me (very literally) by my slingbag and brought me back to the door to check my ID. I am all for ID checks, but that behavior to a guest is not acceptable. She could have called me, tapped on my shoulder or made any other forms to communicate besides dragging me, insulting me. I am surprised such behavior is acceptable by a female bouncer, but a male bouncer, dragging a woman by her bag for no reason would be harassment. Anyways, i showed my ID and went inside. I narrated the incident to my friends who decided to leave. At this point, the waitress dropped the check which is on a clipboard, onto our table as if indicating us to leave, since she wanted to fill up tables. Overall rude staff at an overrated joint

James Moore

Incredible vegetarian food and great service!

Ketaki Kulkarni

Perfect place to hangout with friends. They also have some board games.

David Stanke

Just a terrific neighborhood bar... lively in front, spacious in back. An easy place to be.

Chris Doyle

Great vegetarian food, nice cocktails.

Yolanda G.

Pet Shop makes you forget you're eating vegetarian food. The seasoning on their food makes it that way.

Lorelle P

Impossible burgers were IMPOSSIBLY good! Wonderful vintage yet trendy atmosphere too! Top level is a bar/restaurant and bottom level is more like a lounge for drinks and friends. What a wonderful veggie bar!


Great bar tenders, especially downstairs

Joshua Perez

Umm 5 stars because it maintains a punk rock dive bar vibe and offering vegetarian food!

Omar Carino

Great place, very laid back vibes and very spacious. Prices are reasonable and the best part they have vegan food, but they do close the kitchen at 11pm so get there early.

Grace Berntson

Awesome outdoor area and huge space. Great vibe!!

Eric Kleveland

Come for the AC, stay because it's hot outside and you're day drunk.

Jared Cazel

Hip vibe, and good fried vegan food. Good beer selection.

Ian McCoy

Cool bar, great drinks, great bar tenders. One point off for all the fake meat dishes.

Matt Conrad

I love Pet Shop. They make some of the best plant-based comfort food that even this lifelong carnivore can't turn up his nose at. On top of that, the drinks are delicious. The ambience itself is an unassuming, rustic bar. That, of course, makes it a trendy place to visit. Weekends are busy, but the staff is very accommodating in helping you grab a seat. As long as you don't mind the occasional sounds of a Jenga tower collapsing, you'll have a great time. The best part is even if you get tired of the shop upstairs, you can head on down to P.S. Wine Bar and chill with a merlot in the dark.

liza gz

He let me use the bathroom but I had to let the guard hold my phone Whomp.

Jonny Manavi

Best place to get vegetarian or vegan food! And the drinks are awesome,!

jeremiah swinton

Needed a moment and food after a long day, the Caramelized Onion veggie Burger was insanely good and was able to watch Jurassic Park while I enjoyed it. No complaints.

William Genese

Love the place. Love the staff.

John Fraze

Good beer selection and decent vegetarian food. Played a show downstairs...good space.

adam gallagher

i'm not a vegan. heck, i'm not even a vegetarian. but i have yet to try anything at pet shop that isn't damn good. tried the 'impossible burger' the last time i was there, and wow. it was really, really good. maybe a tad on the salty side, but it was amazin. the cauliflower buffalo 'wings' are seriously amazing. the space is pretty awesome as well, and there's a functional dumbwaiter, which i guess is just more interesting than awesome. the staff are pretty friendly, too. definitely worth several visits.

Mike Cowell

Good food and really cool basement wine bar.

jennifer chaky

Cool bar with a vegan menu! Heaven! #localspot

David Lincoln

Great impossible burger and buffalo cauliflower.

Megin Doyle

Drinks and ambiance: check and check. I LOVE P.S. Wine Bar downstairs. The guys behind the bar are always knowledgeable without being pretentious and the service is on point. Don’t forget to read the wine descriptions - always entertaining. I haven’t tried food there just yet, but I’ll have to give it a go next time! See you soon!

Melissa Alnemy

This is my favorite vegan spot the food is amazing..... alll of it

Sam Petrocelli

I just hung out at the bar and drank. The vegetarian menu didn't really have anything that stuck out to me as a gotta-try-it. Nice place to just hang and socialize though.

B Sosa

I've been here multiple times in the last few weeks and I've had a great time and excellent service each time. It does get really packed on the weekends and they could use another restroom but I'd recommend this place for sure.

Rosanne Raposo

Awesome space, excellent music, friendly staff

Aristone Louxz

This is the first place I tried an Impossible burger! Amazing atmosphere with great drinks. Can be a bit crowded on weekends but overall has been a great time every visit

Jessica Sage

Love the food, the staff, and the music

Steven Cox

There's a lot of subtle vegan food on the menu that's not marked. Watch out!

Jeremy Janas

Really friendly staff, comfy wine bar downstairs

Dina Jones

Great vegetarian/vegan spot! The food is great! There are games to play with friends over drinks. There is a patio area in the back! Great time all around.

Sunny Shah

Pretty decent bar in Jersey City. Just opened up so didn't have any expectations but it was pretty decent. Nice little patio in the back but it was raining when we went. Nice location on Newark Ave so loads of good eating spots nearby.

Lee Baron Bespoke Custom Tailors

Pet shop is a great vegetarian place. Although the food needs to be thought out a little better. It's more like vegetarian junk food. Tasty, yes. The bar is great and service is excellent.

Nathan W

Rude and Not professional staff.

Will Griffith

Great bar, friendly staff, drinks and food consistently good.

David C

Good food friendly staff nice atmosphere

Mikhail Beg

Cute bar with board games

Phil Brown

Hip spot, interesting decor, snap some cool pics, even an outdoor area w picnic tables in the back but not much direct sunlight. Cool for a couple rounds of drinks.

Sabrina Ortiz

Nice place, tentative staff. Pricing is good. Don't have anything bad to say

Sheila Fretwell

Great vegan food in a cozy spot with comfy boothes and exposed brick wall.

milan kapadia

Despite being veg, the bar food is good and reasonably priced. The bar area is also well spaced. Definitely a contender for the regular bar rotation.

Erin Bart

Jurassic Park was on the TV so that was cool. Decent bar with lots of distractions. Nice wine bar downstairs as well.

Ryan O'shaughnessy

Nice dive. Kind of pricey but thats JC proper for ya.

Review King

I bought a round for my friend and I and found what looked to be a piece of cardboard or bread crust in one of the beers. I didn't make a big deal and went to the bar to exchange it for a fresh cup, the bartender had no problem with that. I finished the fresh beer with my friend and got another round to the table. Before starting the second round of beers I decided to use the bathroom. I waited in line for a bit and when finally I got in no more than 30 seconds did someone start pounding the door, I thought it was some drunk. When I opened the door I was shocked to see it was security pounding the door. I told the security they shouldn't pound the door like that and then the security gaurd got mad and began to push me and rush me out from the dining area to the front door. I do not know why the security guard got hostile. I had to ask my friend to go in and pick up my card on file. We didn't even get to drink our second beers that I was charged for. The security gaurd should not have touched me to begin with, I could have tripped, mind you I couldn't see behind me the security guard was rushing me while I was backwards to the front doors. I was embarrassed to say the least. The security was slender 145-150 lbs, about 5'7, long curly hair, wearing sweatclothing, and glasses.

Laura Emmons

I love their menu and come here when I'm craving the vegan stew. Good music and rotating draft beer selection.

Carola Montoya Londoño

Very unique and cool place, but they only have white bread for sandwiches and appetizers, that is not healthy.

Ginel Salvador

Cool place. They have Jenga and other board games up for grabs. And the place is spacious and cozy. But the food is mediocre. I mean who uses iceberg lettuce nowadays? Come on. The impossible burger, which is usually delicious, was not great. The service is quick but our specific server was a bit passive aggressive and that grates my skin. She kept banging the menu on the table (aggressive) while saying she could come back when we’re ready, with a nice-ish tone (passive). Didn’t sit well with us. All in all, if u have nowhere else to go, I guess it’s ok. But it’s a bit overpriced for the low quality food served.

Stephen Krauska

Go here. Get the Buffalo cauliflower. Drink beer and then go downstairs and drink wine. You're life is now complete. You can die happy.

Ricardo Santos

Great drinks, relaxing vibe and awesome vegan options.

Dimitrios D

Pet Shop is a nice, aesthetically pleasing bar with lots of cool artwork. It's dimly lit and has a very attractive design to it. Downstairs they have a smaller wine bar, while upstairs is the "main" bar. Though I didn't try any of their food yet, their vegetarian gourmet bar menu looks pretty great. I will definitely be coming back.

Megan Becker

Love the animal decor and laid back vibe. Beautiful interior, mixed with friendly bartenders and good menu.

Joshua Tedesco

Pet Shop is a modern hipster ecofriendly loving kind of bar in the heart of Jersey city. They serve vegetarian and some vegan eats. You can rent for open bar for parties, but no one under 21 is allowed in the building even for catered events. The drinks here are not that expensive especially considering the location, the decor, and the fact that it is a vegetarian place. Either way, I would definitely recommend this place to all of my vegetarian, vegan, and pescetarian friends. And all of my regular friends, family, and coworkers.

Kevin Bischoff

Great place a little off the main drag of bars in downtown JC. I'm not a vegetarian but I really enjoyed the vegetarian fare they had here. The "theme" of the restaurant is very light and just has some goofy photos on the wall of animals. The outdoor space is small but with a few friends its plenty of room. Worth checking out if you want a quieter spot

Felipe Alexandre

It's a fun casual spot that has beer, food and games. We played UNO but didn't try the food.

Ellie Csepregi

Fun place good prices and selection.

Hector Seclen

Fun theme with vegetarian dishes only. Try their Buffalo cauliflower dish. It is one of the greatest things in this universe.

Lou Ramos

Chill vibes

Philip Hoffman

Vinny & Jessie killed it. 7 stars. Be back soon and always

Jonathan Kazar

Great Vegan spot with an amazing space that has amazing cocktails and drink specials

Don Badsha

Yet another amazing bar to hangout! The staff are friendly and you meet some great people

Ben Morss

Nice hangout space upstairs, bands and a small bar downstairs. Vegan food is pricey but quite delicious. And a fine name. Stop by!

Susan Raynes

Great live music, good food, good drinks; good service.

Andrew Schneider

Went for dinner on a Saturday, was a bit confusing when we walked in, there was just a bar with no indication where to go for table service. There was a stairway that went down to a wine bar, we finally found the hostess station at the back of the bar. Service was friendly and prompt especially considering how busy they were. Ordered cocktail and wine which was excellent. Menu was fairly small, we had the mushroom meatball sandwich and the impossible burger. Impossible burger was well flavored, meatballs were oddly sweet and wasn't very good. Fries were overcooked and clearly the bottom of the bag or something since they were all tiny. It was too loud to have a conversation. If you are looking to go out with a group and have a rowdy shouting dinner this place would be great. For a date, it was awful.

MB Provenzano

JC Dive at its best


Cute and cozy bar near Grove St. Station. Its usually packed and its pretty spacious inside. The stairs inside leads you to speakeasy. Overall, they have a great selection of beers and cocktails. Staffs are very friendly. Not sure why but when we went there last time, they were showing a Japanese TV show on the TV, but it was hilarious. It's a nice bar to bring a date for a quick drink or just to chill with your friends.

Edwin Arias

The place is nice to chill and play some cool games and the 2 female bartenders were awesome however the guy was a jerk and shouldn't be at the bar. He shouldn't be a bartender, he should be more like Janitor. He has no ethics, has no awareness for customer like he will walk back and forth on the bar and not even let you know that he will be right with you. He was looking out for his friends only. The only reason why I gave 5 stars was because of the 2 girls that acknowledge me and letting me know that they will take of me when they were done.

Anthony Augustine

Nice place. I'm not vegan or vegetarian, but the food and atmosphere are great and the food was great! Fun place for all ages, especially from 30 to 60!

James Stuckey

Eclectic bar. I think it has a nice vibe.

evelyn garcia

Place had a filthy smell as soon as you walked in through the doors. Since, my friends really wanted to go to this place I stayed and gave it a shot. So for the most part, the bartenders were attentive and the portabella burger was delicious.

Stephanía Mejía

Trendy bar, Good Service, PS Delicious Food!

Angelika Rosario

More of a 3.5, ambiance is set to a stereotypical dive bar set perfectly with graffiti and tags in the bathroom in order to add to authenticity. Service was .... Just adequate. Just good enough to not merit a complaint but not good enough to merit a compliment. Vegan food is tasty but no one could answer my question about what the base of the vegan ranch is, nor did they bother finding out despite having enough time to stand, even if for a moment in the 40 or so minutes I was there. Drinks were ok. Interesting selection but just ok execution.

Oscar Portillo

I've never been here before so this was a new experience for me. It's a nice bar and the staff is friendly. It's a vegan spot FYI. The drinks were strong and priced well. The atmosphere was a little too noisy if you are trying to talk to someone. Overall though I had a great time, and I would definitely stop by again.

Sam Kopolovich

Delicious vegetarian options and great organic wines.

Tyler Jackson

Great beer and great food.

Mike Reid

Good selection of Beer and shot specials

Wik Tem

Bar upstairs, wine gallery with performance space in the basement, and a back deck with an awesome beer and drink selection!! Good times!!


Great vegan food. By far one of my favorite bars in JC. Awesome music

Emory Edwards

Felt like a punk style dive bar with a cohesive crowd that looked at us like we didn't belong. Drinks were just ok. Unfortunate since my wife is vegetarian as is the menu.

Nick Frang

Always a good time.

Guy Zandler

Good drinks. The bartenders know their drinks and the service was really good.


One of the best bars in Jersey City. Great atmosphere and great bartenders. There is a wine bar in the basement.

Erin Carrather

Buffalo cauliflower. interesting cocktails, hipster crowd.

Pranav Singh

Great board game selection, and always very packed. Great beer and shot deals

Tomas Campos

Wednesday night was much better thanks to the music, food, service and people here.

Red Dacquel

Interesting bar with Vegetarian and Vegan food options. As a natural carnivore pushed into a vegetarian lifestyle I appreciate being able to have a real meal instead of celery sticks with my drinks. Bay windows to look out to Newark Ave's pedestrian garden, small outdoor space in the back and a wine bar below. This place is good for people watching over drinks and snacks.

Craig Roberts

Great spot to meet and people watch.

Chintan Patel

Cool bar with seating in the back and a great staff. It’s a fun place to chill and/or play board games with friends. Yess, they have board games. When it comes to food, we weren’t disappointed. I highly recommend orderly the cauliflower wings and the impossible burger!!!

Nicole Souza

I went on a Tuesday. Their menu was limited because it was Taco Tuesday, but there were still lots of vegan options. We got margaritas, tacos, brussel sprouts, and a burrito. It was easy to make things vegan and the vegan ranch dressing was delicious. I didn't love the margaritas but the tacos and burritos were so yummy! Not to mention the brussel sprouts. The staff was friendly. They have board games, so we played Jenga.

Veronika D

Great new spot... love the wine bar addition, anything I have ordered has tasted good... and they have a photobooth machine!

J Tsouloufas

Its my favorite place! Great specials and an amazing staff.

Alex Bliss

Great place to hang out, grab some food or some drinks. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. No parking, so go there with plenty of time so that you can circle around a couple times or better yet take public transportation. My friend and I had the cauliflower "wings" which were delicious, yum. We also had the impossible burger... warning... if you are a vegan who does not enjoy the taste of meat, do not order this item. I had to take out the "impossible burger" and just ate the potato bun with the lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers...much better☺ The avocado chocolate dessert was yummy. Overall, we had a very good experience. Hope this helps!

Panos Ioannou

Dope for drinks with friends Or make new ones it never ends Late night's in JC.

Michael D'Aurizio

Pet Shop is a gem. The food is great and PS wine bar in the basement is lesser known but has great wines and live music.

E Denis

A good drink, a great place to relax and shed the stress.

Shawn Sloves

Nice atmosphere but not a lot going in here

Sarge Over

One of the best spots in jersey city

Purvin Patel

Really great veggie options. Can't believe I haven't tried this place before

Jae DeLuca

Great staff and atmosphere

Chris Rudloff

Awesome vegetarian spot. Not even vegetarian and the appetizers and burgers were fantastic. Features a full bar with a solid draft beer lineup as well. They also have a basement wine bar. A must see on Newark Street.

Mike W

Food was good, beer selection could have been better, decor was nice

Greg Stanley

Very trendy spot to have a drink. I also loved the veggie pulled pork sandwich!

Gregory Chai Gonzalez

Great vegan food. Good drinks. Solid staff

Sarah Gantert

Amazing bar and wine bar, plus awesome vegan food choices.

Matt Karnick

Always great

Noa Vana

Very spacious, kids friendly (the have some board games around), and vegan friendly!

Kayla Tutten

The service was very good and they were nice and the food was also very good!

Rhory True

Best bar in JC. Decent specials, I like their jukebox thing. Good folks.

deborah F

Love their vegan/vegetarian bar food. Great all around no frills bar with great lighting, great staff and priced right for the neighborhood.

Sean O'Connor

Pet Shop is a favorite of mine in downtown JC - it's great to have a bar with vegetarian food and good music that draws a good crowd. PS Wine Bar downstairs is quiet gem of really good wine and fun in an intimate atmosphere. Pet Shop / PS Wine Bar hosted us for a Valentine's Day tasting menu. While they planned to offer it to more guests, an oversight made them scale back the event and Nicole and I ended up being the sole diners. It was really incredible. Chris (sommelier) and Eric (chef) hooked up 5 courses paired with really fun wines and stories to go with them. We had the best time. You should go. Drink a couple beers and don't miss the buffalo cauliflower. Keep an eye out for Wednesday nights at PS Wine Bar for some cool DJs and wine specials. Make friends with people.

Joshua John Villahermosa

Pretty cool bar. There was wine cellar bellow to drink

Matt Vicens

I’ve been skeptical about this place for months, as they have a very hip clientele. The other day my friends 90s cover band was playing in the basement and I’ve went to this place for the first time. Turns out it’s not intimidating at all, they have beers on tap, and an excellent spirits selection. It’s fun and casual. It is worth noting that the draft beers are only available upstairs.

Ankit Shah

Great service and great food. Wish they didn't charge 4% for using credit card but other than that a great spot

Rob Williams

Great place to meet up with people due to the large amount of seating, excellent apps, and good drinks. They also have an outdoor area for nice nights, and a basement wine bar.

My Good Channel

I love Pet Shop! You can sit outside, you can play board games, huge selection of vegetarian food. I am not a vegetarian, but it's tasty.

Mike Kerslake

Fantastic little bar with a dive feel, great selection of beer and wonderful bites. They have an intimate outdoor area in the backyard that is perfect for summer nights. Photo both, games and stellar music. Definitely where you should start or end your night!

denise cannon

Pet Shop has it all: tasty food (I am not a vegetarian and I loved the cauliflower "wings"), delicious beer, a well-stocked bar, and a solid list of natural wines. There is an overabundance of places in the area that claim to have all these things, but I haven't found anyone that nails them like Pet Shop. The bartenders were rad too.

Lindsay Hescock

Has vegan and vegetarian comfort foods and music a few days a week. Always interesting bands.

Jennifer Bate

Nice people good fun, GREAR fries!!! Cauliflower Burger is really yummy!! Will stop by again for a Jack aND Coke.

Abhinay Reddy

Cute little bar with a few beers.

Charit Samani

Great selection of food and drinks. Must try!! Food is vegetarain only.

Joseph Alminawi

Good drinks, good service - even tabletop games on hand.

Rafael Vilardo

Nice bar, good staff, not a lot of food options.

Alicia Ruth

Love the vegetarian menu and nightime vibe. The wine bar downstairs has an amazing beer curation.

Wade Hindell

Great little local bar. Good selection of beers on tap. Great atmosphere and super friendly staff.

katya austin

Good local place. Pretty spacious. Live music in the basement bar, with sound quality typical for a basement bar, so bring earplugs. Very friendly bartender.

Chris Rallo

Great vegetarian spot. I'm not a vegetarian, however I wouldn't mind converting if I get to eat this food all the time. The buffalo cauliflower wings are great. The jack fruit pulled pork is also fantastic. They have an average beer selection. The downstairs wine bar and 'backyard' are also good selling points for this location.

Steve Ramirez

Cool fun bar with decent bar food.

Silvia Guimaraes

My bf and I went there the other day and we loved the experience. The service and atmosphere were great, there was drinks specials, and the music was great. Not so pricey considering the area. Definitely coming back soon

Haddie Shah

The staff seems nice but they don't pay a lot of attention to you..? Spent more time waiting for my food and drinks than I did enjoying them. Buffalo cauliflower bites are amazing though!

Luisa Leger

Played 2 games of dominoes. Interesting plethora of drinks available

Kevin Bing

Pet shop is a great addition downtown. Drink selection is on point. Menu is made of excellent vegan and vegetarian options. Ambience is cozy the lighting is good. Music & decoration is of the sonic youth ilk. Good place for fans of Lucky7s or like an uncrowded Barcade. Try the Buffalo Cauliflower

LeMaire Lee

The best place to hangout in Jersey City. The comedy on the second Wednesday of each month is a highlight. The bartenders are great and it's an all vegan menu


This bar reminds me of Brooklyn, which I like. You walk in at any time of day and it's going to be dark as F inside, with a few people at the bar. The bartenders are easygoing and friendly. It's cozy, and the food is awesome. I'm a meat-eater but still feel so satisfied with their menu. I recommend the buffalo cauliflower.

Allan Lazenby

Best corned beef seitan I've ever had, extremely awesome folks serving. This is going to my go-to any time I'm on that side of town.

Greg Ellsworth

Cool vegetarian (maybe vegan? I'm not 100% on it) bar/restaurant. The food that I've had there has been good (buffalo cauliflower bites!), though obviously vegetarian, so keep that in mind. The main aspect is definitely the bar, which has good specials and a few cheap shot/beer combos, as well as a good rotating tap selection. The bartenders are nice, the vibe is usually good natured (if a bit busy at times) and the patrons are generally reasonably cool without being super bro-y like at other places in the area (looking at you, South House!). And yes, it was once an actual functioning pet shop!

Cindy Guo

You can order water here.

Julie Capozzola

Definitely more of a hipster-esque bar. The crowd is mostly people in their 20s. Everyone here was friendly, down to have a good time. The cocktails were great and the shot/beer specials are interesting. The downstairs area is a wine bar with great music, seating, lighting. it's the perfect ambiance for some great conversations as opposed to the noise level upstairs. Awesome wine too!

Abby Krause

This bar reminds me of Brooklyn, which I like. You walk in at any time of day and it's going to be dark as F inside, with a few people at the bar. The bartenders are easygoing and friendly. It's cozy, and the food is awesome. I'm a meat-eater but still feel so satisfied with their menu. I recommend the buffalo cauliflower.

Amir Bhuiyan

Went here on a Friday night and it was decently crowded. The space is pretty big with tons of corners for groups to hangout in. The backspace has tables where you can play games. The backyard seems dope with picnic tables. My favorite was the basement which is more of a wine bar with intimate lighting and cool decor. It has a few seats including lounge type chairs. Feels almost secluded from the busy upstairs. The bartenders were friendly and very fast with service.

Dana Auman

Fun time. Great staff

Brian Pinney

Beer was OK Service was OK Atmosphere was nice. Ordered the macaroni and cheese which seven people at my table agreed tasted like horseradish. The servers dismissed our concern, telling us it's the "Poblano pepper" making it taste like horseradish. Whatever it was, it was disgusting.


Brooklyn hipster vibe bar, great vegetarian options, decent pricing.

Lydia Irving

A lovely new bar in downtown. Great space and decor, and good music on the jukebox. The food menu is vegetarian, and sounds tasty.

Sherrie Pessolano

Great and welcoming staff. Drink variety are creative and presentations. The vibe is very chill and the atmosphere is cozy. Love the pinball game ....and for wine can venture downstairs and enjoy. The have a variety of VEGETERIAN BITES and options.

Danny Saad

Service is constantly painfully slow but it's a great place to meet up with friends at. Otherwise not very social. Cocktail menu is decent

Christopher Warren

The alcohol is cheap or I would have gave it 3 stars

Ketan Barve

Quick service. Good food and nice ambience. Loud music is the only con which can be pro for many others.

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