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2100 Pacific Ave, Atlantic City, NJ 08401, United States Located in: Caesars Atlantic City Hotel & Casino

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REVIEWS OF Palace Court Buffet IN New Jersey

Evette Battle

Palace court buffet is worth the price per person I had a great Groupon deal for my hubby and I we enjoyed the food. The $25 wine card was Kool and on the VIP all u had to pay a small tax fee and don't forget to tip the waiter generously. Maria our server was such a pleasure to talk to her. The male and female hostess who seated you are such great people they treat u like royalty when u come it. They should honor identification from City jobs and AARP to take additional discounts as well . I love going there so clean food is awesome

Victoria Lee

Lots of variety. Food was good. Deserts to die for. Not that expensive reconsidering where it is.

Grace Palmer

Decent food varieties.

Kristina Tamanini

For over $40 per person I'd expect more. Some Asian foods, poor sushi area (2 things!), not a lot of meats, prime rib is bland, watery crab legs, shrimp was good tho and I could go on and on but.... I enjoyed only the shrimp and the desserts. The desserts were wonderful and made up for the lack of flavor in the food. Not impressed, won't be back.

Nicole Magill

To much money for what they offer.

Rabbi Emily Losben-Ostrov

Not bad, but not fabulous. Food quality was ok, but not enough vegetarian choices... eh...I would go again if I was there and had a coupon...


Food was good. There was a wide arrangement. They were however short staffed so the service wasn't that great.

Sue Kelly

Prime rib was tough. Mom was violently ill from clams. Girl next to me had a fly in her mimosa.

L Biggs

The food was very tasty and we took our time eating.The hostess was very pleasant and the server was outstanding. He was very attentive to our needs. He gave us everything we needed before we asked for it. He was serving many guests and in spite of that he gave his all and all to be accomandating to us as well as others. He exceeded our expectations and we had a great time.

William Chapman

Great food. Snow crab legs and great service.

Lesley Meurer

Great food, good variety.

Simpsonphan Travels

Decent selection of food at this casino buffet. They had everything from Asian dim sum (mostly various steamed dumplings). They offered everything from steaks, sushi, fried chicken, crab legs, numerous dessert options. This was a pretty significant selection compared to other locations offerings. Really surprised by everything they offered and the quality was very good which is always a plus for a casino buffet. I'd definitely come back again during my next visit.

MISS Morgan

Ok food for the price. Desserts are delicious!!

Kevin McCarthy

For a Buffett it's pretty decent not over the top food, but there is a lot of options. Plenty of desert and for the price is definitely worth checking out. And if you can get a buy on get one deal, you can't go wrong

Anna Ling

Extremely disappointed with this buffet. Even the Harrah’s Casino in Cherokee NC has better buffet than this. The food are mostly over cooked, there are no fruits whatsoever. Totally unacceptable at $35 per person. In addition, our waiter FRED was extremely RUDE. He never responded when we ask him for drinks, just listened and walked away. When I asked him if he had a problem with us because I’ve never had such a rude waiter, he got angry and argued with me loudly. Would absolutely not recommend this buffet unless you feel like wasting your money and be treated badly at the same time, I would suggest you go for the other buffets instead.

Julie Smith

Really good food lots of choices and reasonable price by far Caesars is my favorite

Jason Sherman

Extremely pricey for sub-par buffet food. Yes, I know buffets never have great quality but for the price, this buffet is pretty horrible. Everything is well beyond overcooked and there isn't even enough variety of food to say it's "quantity over quality". In addition, the servers couldn't even be bothered to refill a soda glass (I had the same empty glass for over an hour and left without ever getting a refill) and when my wife flagged someone down, the server was rude and obnoxious. One highlight is some of the desserts aren't too bad. Otherwise, steer clear and save your money.

Michael Walsh

Way too expensive for what you get. Service was terrible food selection was poor.

Sari Mariotti

Excellent by all means top notch a must go

Michael Rickett

Dinner buffet is a little pricey but good

Tammy Z

I do not give bad reviews without seriously thinking of the consequences of my words. We ate here Monday evening around 5. You would think at this time, things would be fresh and not dried out but it was not the case at all. Out of the proteins I ate, the only thing that was not dry was the very tiny clams and muscles as well as the sushi however only 2 kinds to choose from (California roll or Vegetable roll) or wait in a looong line to have something sauted for you. The fried shrimp, meatballs, chicken, strip steak, etc. were horrible. Salad and veggies and desserts were good but honestly to spend $32.99 I expected more. Do yourself a favor, go to the Tropucana!!

Michelle Hamilton-Whitehead

For over $70 it was a total let down. Italian section was dried out and the pizza just as bad. If you went for Asian food you were probably in luck, but I don't eat Asian really but, the veggie sushi was pretty good. They had the smallest salad bar I have ever seen in my life. The brisket was very good though. Desserts were nothing to rave about either. Fried chicken could have been beaten out by Popeyes. I know I won't frequent this buffet ever....ever....again!

Rina Ulrich

I’m a diamond player and I’ve been to almost all casino’s and seafood buffet but is my first time that I write a reviews about this professional and friendly server! It was a good experienced for us! HASSAN the server made our dinner great and pleasant! He was very professional, friendly and very attentive to all our needs! BIG SHOUTOUT to his hard work and professionalism!!! Keep it up HASSAN! You made our stay memorable! Food was ok and we will definitely come back and see HASSAN again! Thank you!

larry blumenfeld

Caessar's should be embarrassed. I had to get my own drinks and bus my table

Norman Hill

Very Good !!! The Chef Is Awesome !! Shrimp Alfredo.... Loved It

Johnny Avanti

The worst food you can eat. It's all frozen pre cooked food they heat up. They give veterans a measly 10% off for lousy food. You can eat better out side on the boardwalk, or goto a diner...The food is equal to a 10.00 buffet where I live. Pretty sad for a company like ceasers to rip off its customers. Never again...

Jerome Cabahug

I like the buffet. Decent and have a lot of choices.

Stephen Ment

Always exactly the same. Never great.


Great place to eat. Price is very good and the food was super. They had everything. The service from Cookie was outstanding. She represented Caesars with professionalism. She did a super job at a great place to eat.

Jerome Harris

The buffet offered some excellent food choices


If you can catch it when there are no lines the food is great. Good variety and excellent desserts.

Kelly Scanlon

Very disappointed that it’s not open till 2:00pm and not 12:00pm. Any more. There’s no where to eat! Love going there at 12:00 to have a great meal then go play after I eat. But now there’s nothing!! Why did you Chang your hrs. So many people are upset about this. I don’t want to go and drive 2 hrs for nothing. Please go back to 12:00 for lunch. Very very disappointed ☹️!!!!!

Thomas Fisher

Service was good. Food selection was poor. This was a lunch buffet.

Bryan Davies

I'm sitting at the buffet table as I type this. It's really that bad. So bad that I stopped eating to warn all of you not to waste your money here. And by money I'm talking about $70 total for my gf and I. Literally if this was free I would pass. I'm not all and I read the mostly glowing reviews. Hopefully you heed my advice after reading this.

Shontae Randall

Great food friendly staff large variety love the Seafood

Megan Chan

A fav location for delicious Buffet food. Very tasty. Looking forward to coming back with my coworkers. Prices were decent. This place has good reviews for a reason.

Damon Edney

The best and only all you can eat crablegs on A.C.!!!

Barbara Pino

Love love love the food the price is a bit high $45 on a Sunday afternoon. But food is awesome


Bad service...our busser lady trew napkins and straws like nobody were there. My dad aak for lemons for his water (NEVER RECEIVED). FOOD no flavor...not good presentation. My boyfriend owns 2 restaurants so we know how to run a restaurant...that's why we are not coming back. We were trying to go to Borgata but was closed. First impression counts!!

Jacob Rolon

Excellent buffet plenty of crab on weekends.

Barbara Malewski

Great selection, good food, great service.

Richard Williams

Good food light and not stuffy2 prime rib, it was good Shrimp rub and chicken turkey breast

Lisa Corbitt

Excellent service and cuisine! Me and my sisters lived our server Ivan...

Deep Jariwala

Huge spread. Meat and seafood were exceptional. Desserts were okay.

Tonya Mcintyre

The food was good. Thank you so much

Dawn Russell

I’ve eaten out many times in ac. But I had the best waitress ever. I don’t waste my time doing these reviews. But I had to take the time out of my day for this one. My waitress had a big smile on her face and greeting my family and I. So sweet. She worked circles Around the other waitresses . My glass was never down to a quarter with her asking me what I like a refill. She made sure we had hand wipes she made sure we had tool to open up our crab legs . At Harrah’s have always had to ask . All I can say is I felt like royalty. I really don’t want to give her name up because I want her to be available when we go. But she deserves recognition her name is Cookie . I sure do hope she will be available we we go back. Thanks Cookie if you ever read these. I hope yoe will be there when we come back. Thanks for reading Dawn.

Christopher Reid

One of the best buffets on the east coast

Charleen Chestnut

Nice place...been there many times did t know it was there...its like a hidden treasure..

King Yatta

Go there hungry... lots to pick n chose from...

Dorothy Gonzalez

The food is fresh and a wide variety of different types of food. The wait staff is excellent and friendly. The only reason it didn't get a 5 star is because it was a bit on the expensive side and you should come to this place hungry to get your money's worth.

Sir Arnie

This buffet wasn't disgusting, but it totally isn't worth the price you pay. Definitely don't eat here unless you have comps for it. Otherwise you are wasting your money. Golden Corral is way better than this place that's for sure.

Kil Jae Park

Don't eat here! I would not pay more than $10 here. This place was worse than a local cheap Chinese buffet restaurant. Do dinner they charged $35 pp. I went there with my buddies thinking that the quality would be good since they charge so much pp. Was I wrong!!!! The prime rib was so well done and hard that it was so difficult to cut and chew. They advertised Sushi and, for $35 dinner price, I expected to see variety of sushi. But there were only salmon and vegetable california rolls. I wouldn't mind the very limited selections if the quality was good. But most of them were worse than local Chinese buffet places that charge $15 for dinner. This was the worst $35 I ever spent on a dinner buffet! I would never go back there and would tell all my friends to stay away. What a rip off!!! I should have gone to Golden Corral instead and could have enjoyed much better quality steak and food or half the price.

charles funches

The the food was very delicious well-cooked very clean place I rate you a 5-star

Anthony Dimartino

Fresh & delicious variety of food!!!

Hailey Person

Food was decent .. Everyone in my party got the runs.. Never going here again

Alejandra Granda

Good but missed the beef

Andrew Wijaya

The BEST place for eat CRAB LEG for $42 p/p from 2pm to 9 pm ⛤⛤⛤⛤⛤⛤⛤

Delicate Grooming

I didn't not expect that at all! Sparkly clean place! Everything is super fresh and very tasty, planty of choices. Our waitress was very professional. Would come back again and recommend this buffet to everyone.

LSW 26

Food fantastic for a buffet and reasonable. Server was attentive. ( need to get names next time) Going back definitely.

Clarence Mac

Most of the "Hot" food was cold..

V Jag

Food was good. Service was good. So why do ask it only got 3 stars? Well the buffet closes at 8 and the food stations start to shut down immediately! To big to use common sense.


Awesome.... we love the buffet.... big variety of food for different tastes

Jean-Marc Barsalou

Great service,great food and the deserts were amazing.

Ash Ketchum

The selection wasnt outstanding in terms of variety. However the quality of the selections was great. VERY EXPENSIVE. $140 for 3 people. But they did have a nice seafood selection which will always bring up the price.

raven mcwhorter

The seafood buffet was amazing.

Andrew Lum

My wife & I went there for Sunday buffet around 7p. They ran out of crab legs, but they still charged the same price (32+tax, which we agreed to pay). What a mistake! The "prime rib" was low-grade meat (like bottom round) that was 100% well-done. 3 types of meat that were under the heat lamp were: fish filet (too cooked), flank steak chunks (well done) and sausage (very salty). The Chinese food section looked sick. Singapore Noodle had a crust on top (meaning that it had not been touched for a long time). There were hardly anybody tending to the food. Hardly anything was worth eating. The servers tried their best to make a living, but with the quality of food it presented, I would not pay $10 for that trash. Any rundown cafeteria would have better food.

Lisa Collymore

Always my favorite restaurant in AC to go to at Ceasars Hotel..Staff is always so friendly and diligent in their work always work above and beyond to see that everyone is enjoying their visit. The food is so we'll prepared and delicious!!

Corinthian Winston

Palace court Buffet. At caesars very good

Pete Warchol

It was decent, but Borgata's buffet is better.

Tom Vroman

Servers were nice, was disappointed in the advertised wine bar, help yourself, then it turned out to be pay per glass! Food was ok, missed any seafood.

TJ Myricks

Overall the food was great. Large variety of food choices and self serve wine also available and included in pricing. Dessert section was nice as well. Crab legs were small and not very appealing. Servers very attentive and courteous.

Dawn Demore Bell

Food quality was disappointing. Prime rib was overcook and tough. Crab legs were small and very watery and salty. Heard the table next to us complaining about it too. Overpriced.

Allan Erps

Always good. Great variety

Kamua Zuberi

The food was just regular smegular the crab legs everybody seemed to go crazy about was just nasty to me spent 92.00 for me and my wife wasn't worth it to me the environment was nice though with great service but not a whole lot if selection your just paying for the shrimp and crablegs pretty much my wife was disappointed and so was I never again smh

Shaymaa Al

Very clean, quality food and many choices. I like the most the orange chicken and the roasted beef. Dessert is great. The only thing I don’t like is sushi (not really good), and the long waiting to get drinks refills. Overall, nice place and worth the price.

Elena Brown

Great breakfast spot! They have a little buffet with omlet station ( guy made my eggs perfect), good selection for $20. Cereal, oatmeal, pancakes and French toast, potatoes, bacon and sausage ( pork) fresh fruit and yogurt ( some other stuff, I don't remember) many different pastry, coffee and juice. We had mimosas for $5- which is good price for casino. Enjoyed it! Service was on point. Will be back

Tammy Gribble

Alot of different foods to choose from. All was good.

Juan Duque

Really expensive. Long waiting in line to be helped by very unprofessional customer service. We decided to go to the restaurant behind the buffet. When you go towards the buffet make a left on that hallway before the buffet’s counter. It is cheaper and really really good food. Great customer service and no waiting in line.

ray wharton

Great place on good choices great deserts


Limited options. Terrible waiting service. They need to update their employee roster it can take almost half an hour to get a drink refilled. I also felt discrimination from the buffet staff, manager in particular. He is a man of color that we usually would call an "UNCLE TOM". He treats white people like God's on Earth, yet leaving us his own people without a lifeline. He seated me and told me to wait for his elderly waiting staff to take my drink order, meanwhile I witnessed him place 2 white couples on the tables next to me and he took their drink orders and told them to proceed to the buffet the drinks are on the way. Long story short I was still sitting there 15mins after being seated and not even a server yet. This is blatant disrespect. I will not be visiting this location ever again. Oh and the price $36 for a buffet is way over priced for the options available when you step in.

Anne Walsh

I just think your prices are TOO HIGH. I wouldn't be able to do it though WITHOUT your % off deal. Thank you. Good food though. Nice atmosphere, good food. Great service. Thank you.

Nicholas Martinez


John Rivera

Best buffet around at great price

Shallena Everitt

Pretty good for the price. Great service, most of the food is tasty especially the create your own pasta dish.


Food, service, and workers are very good.

Ricardo Catarino

Nice all u can eat

Mickey Thomas

Great food, service and atmosphere!

Loralee Puppa

Wasn't impressed! Really went down hill for me. Found it to be very dirty.

Shawn Johnson

Let me say it was awesome they had everything you could think of can't wait togo back!


The only reason I'm even giving it 2 Stars as we finally got a server that was really good. The food ranges from okay at its best to horrible. the line to get any item / food is incredibly slow when compared to other buffets in Atlantic City.

royal Dae

My first time here was very good loved our waiter. The food was good mainly went for the crab legs. Different sections had different foods which was good.

Melissa Kelly

I was very excited to visit because they offered crab legs. The crab legs were very thin and didn't taste quite right. I had a wine card from groupon and it only got me about 6oz of wine. Most of the good quality wine was very expensive. The rest of the food tasted like what you would get from your neighborhood buffet. For the price, I would suggest you go elsewhere.

Samim Shaheed

Very good. Can be better food we had crab legs that's awesome. But for that price you can get good meal for cheaper price.

Steven Hill

The crab legs could jave been steamed a little longer.but everything else was pretty good

Chad Weaver

Great food a lot of selection. Crab legs are always good but, clarified butter is absolutely disgusting. Change the butter for the crabs to regular butter. People do not go to a buffet to eat healthy, I go to gorge myself on every bit of food. Please change the butter or at least give the customers an option.

Steven Hall

Great food very expensive , $75 for two people,


Good food nice mix of foods carving bar

Becky Malecki

Very good variety & tasty but shouldn't take buffet down within a half hour of them closing. We had to scarf or food down in 30 min

Kerri Rehm

If I could give zero stars I would. The absolute worst food I have ever eaten out. I don't consider myself a picky diner, in fact I have never disliked a place so much to go as far as writing a review. But for the first time ever I can say this was the most over priced disgusting food I have ever had.Its pretty bad when my boyfriend and I would have been more pleased eating an $8 slice of pizza than anything here. Do not waste your time or money on it!

Lam H.

The buffet is horribly overpriced. The drinks come in junior sized glasses, first of all. The variety of food is limited compared to other buffets and they’re just not good. The chairs are iron and heavy to move/adjust. I saw the lady manning the dessert station touching everything and then grabbing desserts from the trays where they store them onto the display where patrons get them while wearing the exact same pair of gloves the whole entire time. Totally unsanitary. Not worth the money in terms of quality, quantity and service.

Brandy Zimmerman

Great Buffett! Nice variety and clean. Highly recommend if you are looking for all you can eat crab legs.

Barbara Best

The buffet was wonderful there was a little bit of everything to eat and the choices were awesome!! Can't wait to go back there again

anita ling

We were all sorely disappointed with this buffet. Mostly low quality and overcooked food with not much flavor, plus a rude waiter made it a truly dreadful experience at $35 per person. Do not recommend at all....

Andre Rivera

Huge selection. Great taste! Waiters and waitresses are very service oriented and go the extra mile. The price is higher than others but it's so worth it.


The price is a bit high, but it's so good and fresh. And the service is amazing

Marisol Nieves

Too expensive for the poor food choices that are offered for lunch. The desserts are very nice and flavorful.


I rated palace court buffet 5 stars, however i experienced bias in the food line as i approach the steak area the woman removed the pan to add raw onion slices. I moved to the next area. Stepped back to the steak area another visitor was there and served himself. The woman replies to him, enjoy your meal, and stared at me like i wasn't welcome. I'm not a complainer but i thought it's important to air this. Overall, the buffet and the other employees is great ! One bad apple doesn't spoil the others. I'll be back. AND THE FOOD IS GREAT !! I HAD A LITTLE BIT OF THIS A LITTLE BIT OF THAT !!

GailLyn Crawford

Food good staff very nice

Ron Phelps

Lunch buffet was nice but not as nice as the price

Michelle O'Brien

Food was delicious and staff was very courteous

Hamdi Ceylan

My GF and I tried out this buffet. The food selection is plenty and dessert is ice cream and milkshake. I had two dishes and ice cream and I tried out as much of the selections as I could.; the only thing I didn't like were the Turkey breast slices. The other downside is.... it is fairly expensive. It's $35 per person (In comparison: local buffets are usually 15-20 bucks per person) , but there is a lot of tables to sit down and, like I mentioned, lots of food as well. One thing I do want to point out is, before paying, you can ask to preview their selections before committing to eating there.

Jennifer Butler

Decent selection of food. Service was pleasant. I don't have any complaints. Standard buffet fare, but the customer service is very nice. I would return if ever in the area again.

Jesse Hidalgo

Had an awesome experience. Visited for the first time with a friend for lunch and it couldn't have gone better. The staff was very attentive and the selection and quality of food was top notch. The desserts were particularly delicious. I will definately return.

Michele Nissley

Best buffet in ac! Amazing choices and awesome desserts! Perfect

Marla Brugger

Food was delicious excellent but our server was so bad that I didn't leave a tip. She brought our drinks after we ate our first plate of food and we never saw her again until AFTER dessert when she asked if we wanted coffee with dessert! Prices are high but worth it if you have a better server. We ate with piles of used dishes on our table.

judy scarpella

Most of the food was good. A lot of choices. Nice desserts. Soft ice cream was delicious with a lot of toppings to choose from.

Maria Veneziale

We went yesterday 5/18/2019 about 8pm the food was horrible. Our waiter was slow and truly didn't care to hustle. We paid $44 each. Total of $88 wasted. Will never go here again.

Danny Zheng

The worst price to food ratio ever.( note this is for lunch on a week day, so dinner may be better). We come at 2 and they open at 2 so you will expect things to be fresh, but no. So the meat section only had turkey, meatloaf and pork loin. All were dry and oversalted and cheap meat to fill you up. The seafood section were shell on pinkie size shrimp that no taste and half pinkie size mussels that CRUMBlE in your month. Is that normal, I think not. The rest was mostly bread or noodle products like beef lo mein execpt I dont see any beef in it. Lastly the dessert some of the cakes were ok, because if you screw that up, then why are you even opening a buffet. So the final thing is the eight ice cream machine at 3 about 1 hour after opening 7 of them dont work execpt the pineapple ice cream( sadly the best thing there). Now finally the price for this was 25 dollars. That may seem cheap to some, but compare to said a local chinese buffet near my house. Which has low quality food of 4 inch mussels and 26/40 size shrimp and roast beef. Also has 6 flavors of ice cream plus sushi. The cherry on top is that all of that is 6.99 plus tax. Add a tip. I will usually give 10 total. I was not expecting lamb or prime rib in the buffet, but with 25 dollars I was at least expecting a low price steak like a sirloin. Sorry I will not be coming back.

Eric Montoya

Amazing and fantastic... The ragu bar is the best thing in the building!

Rondell Thomas

One of the worst buffets I been to in my life. My first time and my last. Came here on may 21st 2019. The Caesars palace is amazing no doubt about that but the buffet is okay at best. Food - different types of food but no variety. It does not scream royalty at all Cost - for the price it should be good. But luckily I came on the week days and not weekends. It would have been a waste of money. Customer service - as bad a bad get. We had this waiter. He was very mean. Ignore my request even for a bottle of water. Did not take the dirty plates of the table. Give me dirty and threatening looks. I was like a peasant to the waiter. He was disrespectful and had the nerve to catch an attitude when I tip the chef's and not him. Also to put icing on the cake he had nerve to yell and say come here because he did not have a tip. What a rude way to customer service. I will not return until they hire someone who wants to work and have a smile and grateful attitude

Alex K

The food was phenomenal and there were plenty of crab legs to go around! Wait staff might be a little slow to get your drinks, but with large crowds that's expected. The staff were extremely friendly, the food was fresh, and the hot brownie dessert is to die for. If you're going for dinner, be sure to get there early, (around 4 or so) to beat the massive lines


Love the shrimps, meats, desserts, ice cream.

Michael F

Food was good I just personally prefer the buffet at Harrah's Casino. The food choices was greater and they make some of the food while you wait.. pasta was one thing I noticed that was only available at Harrah's.

Victor Young

Love their food banging

YF Gong

Service is not too good but the food is ok.


From the minute you walk in you are greeted and welcomed to the buffet. All the staff were friendly and pleasant. And make every effort to make sure you are satisfied. The very large selection of food could not be beat. There was even a chef cooking if you wanted a personalized made to order dish. I was surprised to see someone having a whole fish fried. The facility is clean and well maintained. This was one of the best buffets that I have experienced. Visit this great buffet. They take care of their customers. With service, quality and selection.

Danny G

Good quality food for reasonable price. Friendly staff

Maria Oliver

Service was excellent. I loved the ice cream and dessert area. A lot to choose from.

Greg Steventon

Great food Fresh seafood and delicious dessert. The best time to go is around 3:30 so you can pay lunch price and sample lunch food and the dinner food. Also your comps are 1 for 1 there so you won't have to pay full price.

Sean D

If you're looking for a buffet that you would find in Caesar's Palace in Vegas, you're out of luck. If you're looking for a quality buffet that's not overly expensive then the Palace Court buffet is a good choice. Next to Borgata and Harrahs it is the best buffet in Atlantic City. Harrahs and Borgata are also more expensive. The Palace Court buffet has a wide variety of options including their seafood section. I enjoyed the lobster bisque this evening. Everything this evening was excellent.

Rena Por

Not worth it, the foods was dry and flavorless I would never go there again.

Cynthia Holstein

If your in Atlantic City I would suggest eating here, Atlantic City is extremely expensive. It's the most reasonable. The food is excellent. They have Chinese, Italian, American, Seafood, sushi, pasta to order, a carving station, and the desserts are incredible

Franklin Howse

The food here itself is to die for, one of the best buffets I have ever visited. However, when I went a few months back I noticed that they advertise discounts for the buffet on the boardwalk and other areas of the casino that do not reflect what the actual prices are at the buffet. Upon questioning the manager, he said the discounts were not for the lunch buffet, a stipulation that was not in the fine print or even noted on the coupon. That is why I can't give this place 5 stars.

Patty Gioffre

A nice lunch selection but definitely better to go at dinnertime. I enjoyed the food but have had better quality & bigger selections at other buffets for the lunch price they charge.


Good selection for food for the family.

angela moon

Excellent Customer Service... And the food was awsome!

Ray G

Was happy eating until I actually saw someone eating next to us with a DOG in a stroller... not even a service dog either but a little yappy thing that barked everytime the waitress came to their table disturbing everyone around. I really paid $40 per person to eat food next to a DOG and if that wasn’t disgusting and unsanitary enough i went to use the restroom and the same woman with the same DOG had come in after me and actually put down a puppy pad and had her DOG POOP AND PEE ON THE PUPPY PAD IN THE BATHROOM. I will never come here again. $40 for that dirty display, never again.

Debby Cannon

To expensive for the quality of the food

Barry Harris Sr.

Awesome service and food

David Kane

Great Eatery., Grab a snack and go.

Sharline Millan

Great variety of food to choose from. Dessert area has plenty to choose from including sugar free desserts. Some of the food was cold and gummy(breaded shrimps). Attention from staff was outstanding.

Susan Granack

It has good food and seafood to

Cheryl Wilde

Has all kinds of foods on the Buffet very good

Lois Grasberger

Mussels great, beef brisket great, shrimp ok, (they are not the best) , cupcakes great. And thanks for the gluten free !!! Good on the veggies. Overall,we are going to be back!!

Tammy Watkins

Way too expensive. For 43$ I can go to a 5 star restaurant

Abby Zahn

Excellent dining room service. The wait for seating was quick as our group arrived early, however the lines fill up quickly. Food was good, served hot with a variety of meal options.

Sarah Lind

We love this buffet. Has great food but usually isn't too over crowded so it's enjoyable to be there. The shrimp are always full and there's lots of options to choose from.

Lynn S

First time here it was okay a lot of different choices , more accustomed to the Tropicana Buffet. We really went for the crab legs and was disappointed they were very small and tasteless. Back to the Tropicana.

Angela Y. León

Friendly service. Great selection of food and dessert. Neat and clean space. Good value for the money.

Andrew E Ward

Took family members here. They love this place.

steve jeter

Very good buffet. Has a little bit of everything.

Kim Karl

I was recently at Caesars Buffet I have a severe gluten allergy I let them know that when I got there the manager brought out chef Gabriel he was so amazing he took me through the whole Buffet telling me what I can and cannot eat and he also offered to make me anything that I wanted special. It really means a lot especially when you go on vacation with an allergy. Thanks again Gabriel!!!!!

andrew lutz

Over priced and bad food. Bad service

Ray Barbour

Not nearly as good as it cracked up to be. I would expect with the price they charge to have more high quality food and selections.

Nathan Rucker

Great place to stay food was delicious service was the best front staff at the front desk great staff deer and the rooms was marvelous

Eric Funk

There really isn't that much selection for a buffet, but each item was higher quality than most buffets. They could definitely do better by adding a few more options, especially when it comes to seafood. They had 3 types of shrimp for their seafood selection and that was it, no fish. They had a lot to choose from on their dessert bar, I just wish the rest had as much to choose from.

Keisha Kinlaw

The food was edible, but it wasn't hot.

Cattie Cynthia

Food fresh and delicious. Plenty of food, even crab legs.

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