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Aparna Kumar

My husband and I were going to stay in our PJs and order seamless. Then we decided to get out of the house to get arepas but they asked us to come back in 10 minutes so we went for a walk. We happened to stumbled upon Oiji, we had not heard of it before. We went in to poke around and they found us spot at the bar! It was a great experience! Every cocktail and dish was superb. I can't remember going to a restaurant and being so impressed by each and every item. I highly recommend!

Vilson Spek

Small upscale place Beautiful food Great atmosphere Must go Ask waiters to clarify menu items!!

Carmen Chan

Came with a big group for a birthday dinner. They were very accommodating and created a special set menu for us.

Faezeh M R

Amazing food! Each new dish that came was a new surprise. We were a group of 4, and ordered 10 dishes and I am glad we got to try different plates. I recommend ordering at least 4 to 5 dishes.

Lukas Bauer

Cool place - really nice food

L. C.

Good food, small portions. Staff was very attentive.

Tim Wilkins

I love Oiji! The service and food are always great. Every time I go here, I try to pick something different on the menu, and I'm not afraid to do so, because all of the food I've tried so far tasted great. I would definitely recommend this place.

Renaud Bourassa

Great Korean food. A bit on the expensive side. Favourite dishes were the fried chicken, jang-jo-rim, oxtail and ssam platter. The cocktails were also really good.


Oiji puts a modern small plate twist on traditional Korean food. Their menu isn't extensive but everything is extremely carefully made. My friend and I tried almost everything on the menu and the fried chicken was probably my favorite thing ever They were sold out of the honey butter chips they're famous for but that only gives me an excuse to go back!

Ziv Navoth

This place is nuts. Case in point - there's only one item on the desert menu. That's because everything here is THAT good. Go.

Christina Jeng

Excellent service. Every dish was delicious and we ordered everything on the menu except for 2 dishes. Definitely get the baby octopus!

Alvina Caminati

Delicate and tasty, refine and elegant And the music is great Don't miss the chips dessert ! Highly recommended

Dave Bledin

Really tasty. Best dish for us was the octopus... We had to resist the urge to lick the plate. And beef tartare was beautifully plated.


Lovely presentation, delicious food, knowledgeable servers. Bit pricey but worth trying!

Gretchen Wojahn

I will come back to Oiji as many times as possible. Definitely one of the top meals of my life. Everyone is so thoughtfully prepared. Make sure you order the pork lettuce wraps, the oysters and DON’T miss the honey butter chips for desert! Service was stellar!

David Taylor

An upscale Korean eatery, Oiji offers small plates best shared. Every dish was delightfully unique and absolutely delicious. I highly recommend the mushroom salad, although it is hard to go wrong. If it was a little more affordable, we would eat there every week. As it stands, we will definitely be back when we have guests to impress.

Yotam Kadishay

Good all around. From sharing plates to cocktails and dessert. Prices are a bit too high in my opinion.

Rachel Shin

Great food and good service but crowded. Make sure you have a reservation.

Zavier Rush

This place sure knows how to serve their customers. Consistently with a helpful mindset. The food is conveniently priced, constantly fresh and neat.

Jeriva Lee

Some dishes were on the saltier side but overall the food was amazing and service was great. Must try the honey butter chip (the only dessert option at Oiji)

Valerie Forin

Dine in the bar area, super crowded and great vibe. Food was fantastic, had the fried chicken and even ordered seconds. Ryan at the bar was charismatic and made our night superb. Can't wait to return.

James Jung

Let me explain the 4 star rating for Oiji first. I would give it 5 stars if I was looking for a great Asian fusion restaurant. But if I was looking to have authentic Korean food then I can only give 3 stars. The dishes were good but they weren't authentic Korean dishes with large portions to share. Between my friends and I, we ordered 6 dishes and it still wasn't enough. So I give this place an average of 4 stars. Oiji dishes have hints of Korean food and some will really like it but some might be disappointed with portion size, price and not being 100% Korean dish.

George Koshy

The menu consists of unusual and interesting dishes that are best shared family style. We (a group of 4) ordered 6 dishes, all good, plus a couple of sides. A special shout-out for the bone marrow.

Eric Kim

Oiji has been consistently on Eater NY's list of essential 38 restaurants for a while. It's a pretty small space and reservations are made over the phone. I came here with my family, my wife, parents, and brother, for Mother's Day. I am Korean and this place is heralded as the place that's elevating and increasing accessibility to traditional Korean food in the competitive world that is the NYC restaurant space. My parents don't frequent these kind of institutions, but are excellent cooks at making traditional food. They had enjoyed the dishes, but felt that is was a fusion more than elevated traditional cuisine. I would agree with them. While nothing was bad, as someone who was born in Korea and lived there for a decade before moving to the States, I felt I was paying a lot for Korean food that didn't always capture the heart of the food even if it did capture the flavors. I would say Oiji does a better job of making traditional Korean food more accessible than elevating it, which isn't per se a bad thing.

beth johansen

ok... the place is nice, clean with helpful staff. The "tapas" style food was ok - nothing exceptional. Way too expensive for the portion size. It is not authentic Korean (for those looking for authenticity - suggest K-town on W 32nd st) but rather an attempt at Korean fusion of sorts. Kudos for the attempt, but unfortunately, poorly executed. In summary, ok Korean/fusion/tapas style meal, but too expensive for the micro-portions. Unfortunately, will not return.

Genna Kim

Good food, attentive service. Reservations recommended. Oiji bowl

Leo Kj Lee

Great service, knowledgeable staff, and beautifully presented dishes. I recommend you try as many dishes as possible because each one has its own unique identity.

Who Android

Great service and great food.

Ingie Aly

The food here is so so good! The bone marrow is my favorite dish. The oxtail and lobster noodles were also amazing!

Pavel Burakov

An outstanding service and great food make a fine dining experience. We've had 5-6 dishes overall (all kinds of seafood, Oiji special, fried chicken) and all were exquisite.

shannon snead

Great service and they were accomodating of my shellfish allergy. The oxtails were amazing!

Xi Cen

Oiji is definitely one of our favorite restaurants in NYC!!

Timothy Kim

Food was delicious and the bone marrow is one of the best dishes in the area. I do wish that the server informed us that the soy-marinated beef was a rice dish, otherwise I wouldn’t have requested a side of rice. Cozy dishes that present Korean flavors and textures in an approachable, elegant manner. I intend to return.

Matthew Higgs

Fantastic drinks and food. The honey butter chips with ice cream was nostalgic and innovative at the same time.

Amy Ng

Korean tapas almost too pretty to eat! We ordered more than half of the items listed on their menu, and shared family style. Everything tasted good and were plated beautifully. Just to go through a few. My favorite was the Oxtail, fall of the bone and super beefy in taste. Truffel Seafood Broth so rich, with broth poured in at the table. Baby Octopus fork tender, black rice soaked up all its flavorful sauce. Fried Chicken was juicy, and batter light as air. Service was just as amazing, very attentive and our glasses were always filled. The interior has nice lighted setting (my pictures came out so nice), and seating was cozy. Will be back for more of these delicious little bites. Really wish they have free ban chan, though. Know what I mean? Haha.

PD Shrader

Delectable creations that merge high Korean with New American. The waitstaff are extraordinarily friendly and attentive. The menu has new additions fairly regularly, and their new addition of a list of previously "secret menu" cocktails are to die for. The "Belle Homme" is highly recommended for whiskey lovers. Dishes are sized appropriately for sharing family-style with a small group. The steak tartare with uni is mouthwatering.

Kelly Ngo

The best Korean fusion I've had. Fun spot, great vibe and service. Make a real, it gets busy!

Monica shin

It's a must Go &Eat!! Dishes are soooo nice and tasty also staffs are friendly.:-) I strongly recommend Oiji-ball, it's kind of seafood rice and you may really want to try this. And don't forget to have a dessert!!!

Elliott Fisher

The honey butter chips taste like Krispy Kreme.

Raymond Faber

Excellent food. Nice service.

Leslie Lin

Very tasty and delicate.

Shirley Tong

Pricey, but very delicious food and cocktails. I ordered the cocktail Ladyboy. Consistency was smooth and milky, reminded me a lot of coconut curry. The spice adds a nice kick to it. Their beef tartare was amazing. The best surprise was the fried chicken... Different from what I had in mind, but it was delicious. We loved every dish from here.

Shawn Rafeeq

Pretty good restaurant. It's good to go once, to experience it. Other than that, it is not worth the price. The menu seemed to feature expensive ingredients for the sake of a high price tag, but the food is still good.

Grant Beyleveld

Don't come here if you're vegetarian. There are only two dishes on the menu that don't include meat, and you should ask the server very particular questions because a lot of the dishes have meat or meat broth but it isn't listed on the menu. Our table (including non-vegetarians) wasn't too impressed with the food. The portions are very small and very expensive, making a hearty dinner quite pricey. Some menu items were delicious, and others were a disappointment. For the price they're asking, everything on the menu should be superb.

Maggie Liu

Modern Korean food - think traditional dishes reimagined in tapas portions and plated beautifully. A great place for a date or intimate dinner with one or two friends. Because of the more modest portions, waiter recommended about 2 dishes per person. Standouts: ssam platter and the jang-jorim. "Ssam is always good," noted one of my food companions. It's a fantastically flavorful dish. Spring for the jang-jorim and do not be dissuaded by the idea of "buttered rice". The dish is rich without being nauseating. Will come back for the truffle seafood broth next time for sure. We did feel that the meal would've benefited from a dessert (ala sesame ice cream / sorbet or some matcha inspired sweets) as the the only sweet option were the honey crisps.

Anthony Fontana

Korean Tapas !!! The entire expirence is phenomenal. Highly recommend dining here!!

Tiana Cornelius

Excellent high end Korean small plates

Wayne Cheng

One of the more unique meals I've had in a while, in a good way! Flavorful without being too salty or overpowering, balance and creativity stood out to me - definitely worth a visit!

Omar Almadani

Walked in randomly just to tame my hungry belly and warm up with some green tea . Was impressed with the quality of food. The tea was real green tea and the food was spectacular, a true surprise for a random find.

brian wilkinson

Over priced, small portions. Tasted good

Shannon Brown

The. Best. Seafood.

kyu yang

With an ex-Le bernardin chef, food is on another level.

Ting Bea Yang

Really good food, very inventive, delicious and fresh, but a little expensive. Takes reservations, and the staff is professional

Emilie Cyr

Everything we've tried was well executed and absolutely delicious. The dessert doesn't sound that exciting, but it's out of this world! Definitely save some room for those honey chips and ice cream. Service was also outstanding.

O'Conner White

5 star service. awesome place, priced reasonably. highly recommend.

LaraJerry Silvaq

I certainly enjoyed the food and service, good area next to my home. The workers are always very friendly. Will come visit again.

Paul Cheong

If you want an elevated Korean cuisine, this place does it pretty much the best out of all Korean restaurants I know in Manhattan. Think Danji but with more finesse. Their menu has grown since years ago and features dishes that stay Korean but with twists. I haven't had a disappointing dish at this place. I highly recommend this gem!

Emily Tsui

Beautiful intimate setting with great service. The food was a tapas type take in Korean food, which made it ideal to sample many fares with a group. The bone marrow was delicious and the scallops especially was tasty. Would definitely go again!

Chef J Maw

I wish I had a place like this in my hometown. Some tasty food that you know is Korean but modernized and influenced by North America. If there was a 4.5 stars it would get that. Only taking a mark off because I had a dinner at Jungsik a day before and that blew my mind so it was just a half step behind the two Michelin star place. I think this place could earn a Michelin star in my opinion.

Santiago Salazar

Amazing food. Bone marrow and lobster ramen dishes were amazing. Honey glazed chips and ice cream were the perfect dessert

D Rivers

The service and food was exceptional! reservations only but they were able to accommodate us at the bar. The staff was super friendly, knowledgeable and mostly good looking lol def coming here once a month!

Mark Unverzagt

Oiji's riff on Korean food is like having a hamburger at Jean-Georges. Everything is elevated to such a degree that one can really enjoy the subtle nuances in flavor. The goal here is not to overwhelm with spice or heat. The goal is to enhance the flavor of the primary ingredients themselves. We had a deftly fried and truly delicious mushroom salad along with the Oiji bowl which was composed of uni, sweet shrimp, rice and pickled cukes. Each of these separate flavors in the Oiji bowl was uniquely sampled. And combined, they made for something even more special. The honey chip dessert is well reviewed. But it is worth saying again that it is not to be missed.

Jin Kang

Amazing food, great cocktails, intimate space. Great for first dates.

Nandini Mazumdar

The abalone and the octopus dishes were amazing! We also got the seafood broth (which was alright), the scallops (also good) and the oxtail, so great meal all around! Their side of assorted kimchi’s is delicious. The staff was very sweet and the drinks were awesome.

Gustav Carlson

A must try, the food is top and the cocktails are the best. My tips sit in the bar if you are two people dining.

Rosalyn Xu

Pricey but worthwhile and a must try if you’re looking for a nice dinner in East Village. The dishes were contemporary spins on Korean food, served tapas style. Expect to order 4-6 dishes for two. Baby octopus and duck were my personal favorites.

alessandro maglietta

Good service, knowledgeable of the dishes being served, food is fantastic and very well presented.


Legit. Ask for beef tendons, great source of collagen. Healthy and tastes great.

Mars Zou

Food was nice. Portion is very small though

Brigitte Ferdinandsen

Amazing staff. One of the best meals in my life. Honey Butter Chips for dessert is a must.

Eric Gorenstein

Expensive, but great dining experience. You have to try the butter chips and ice cream!

James Byron III

Little tight but, amazing food and great service. Get the Octopus and the Oxe tail!!

Zephyr Liu

Great restaurant. Dinner only. Make sure you have reservation. Honey chips with ice cream is a must try.

Anthony Muljadi

Had a great multi course meal here. Salads, desserts, and of course pork!

Young Choi

Korean cuisine done exceptionally well!

Fiona Liu

Very lovely place for seafood lover. Food is very unique and fresh here. But the everything is in a small amount. The price is a little bit expensive compared to the size of the dish. For two persons, we ordered 5 dishes in total. But it doesn't bother me to recommend to my friends!

Richard A Bonneau

Amazing on all (!!) fronts

Cindy Ryan

I love Oiji! The service and food are always great. Every time I go here, I try to pick something different on the menu, and I'm not afraid to do so, because all of the food I've tried so far tasted great. I would definitely recommend this place.

Henry choi

Loved it!

Denis Keane

Hands down excellent. Do what I did, just ask your server to bring whatever they like and you can't be disappointed.

Andy Ng

Really enjoyed the food and service at this modern Korean eatery! All dishes are tapas styled and intended to be shared.

Craig Cheng

Wonderful gem in the east village. Food was very tasty and the service was top notch. Ordered the mushroom salad with pine nuts; scallops with snow crab, jellyfish, Korean mustard vinaigrette; slow cooked baby octopus with butter gochujang; truffle seafood broth with sizzling crispy rice; and slow cooked ox tail with root vegetables. The baby octopus and seafood broth were on the spicy side, but every dish was delicious. Portion sizes are a little on the small side. Depending on how hungry you are, you will need to order at least 2 dishes mimimum per person. Food alone will cost at least $50 per person. This is a restaurant where you have to pay up for top quality.

Joel Lee

Baby Octopus is and honey glazed chips are delicious. Book in advance :)

Xingnan Zhou

Great food. The plates are small, so 2-3 dishes per person. Not cheap, each dish around 20-30

Xiaoxi Liu

Like others mentioned, very small portion (all appetizers size) and quite overpriced. The taste is fine, but a little over buttered and salted. Not much that you have to try. Certainly not worth waiting for hours for a table.

Ross Smith

Upscale Korean that Jonas recc.

Hyunhwa Lee

Very disappointed. Decent food but ridiculously small portions for high price.

Daniela Richani

Love the food! Amazing taste and good atmosphere

John Nidhiry

Excellent, friendly service. Terrific soju and unctuous pork belly and octopus. Bonus are the terrific honey butter chips!

Wontae Kim

Good food. Very small portions.

Lena Wu

Every dish we tried was phenomenal, though the beef bowl was least impressive in aesthetic. Try the honey butter chips for dessert. The menu isn’t so big that with a group, you can try half the things on the food menu. I like the new reserve cocktail menu and the additional information provided via the symbols to help reduce choice overload. The restaurant shows attention to many of the little details in the decor and service. To illustrate this, the toilet paper in the restrooms is wrapped in red tissue paper, and the server replaced our dishes with every round of tapas. The server did right by my group of 5 by helping us not to over-order. He also took our preferences into account by providing us our orders in several rounds. I asked for a cocktail recommendation based on my tastes and enjoyed the one I settled on from the choices he provided. The space is tiny, though beautiful, and not well lit for photos. The entrance may be wheelchair accessible, but the dining room is tight and the restrooms are not wheelchair accessible. Will surely return for another meal. Both chefs are on Instagram!

Dwayne Bennett

Simply amazing food and service.

John Judge IV

I came here about a month and change ago right when it first opened. All I can say is that the service and food were fantastic. Friendly staff, great recommendations, and carefully prepared executed Korean cuisine. Great ambience for a dinner date too. This definitely is a hidden gem in EV. Smaller portion dishes so order a variety and make sure you get the honey butter chips for dessert!

Jana Borer

Great service and delicious food. Outstanding Beef Tartare. Jang-jo-rim and the oxtail were also delicious but very rich. Many people raved about the wings but we didn't think that they were anything special. The honey butter chips were certainly fun to try but nothing I need to go back for. Overall a great experience.

Scottye Battle

A fine dining experience with a unique midern Korean cuisine. A small cozy establishment with great friendly service.

Jason Shin

This place is marketed as an easy access to traditional Korean food but for the record this is a fusion restaurant. Though I appreciate the place providing a gate to newcomers to Korean cuisine. We had a group of five and each ordered around 2 dishes and shared everything. The portion is pretty small so make sure you come prefilled if you're planning on dining. The quality of food and taste in general were alright. The venue is pretty small, cozy, comforting environment so I would say is a good fit for talks over a pint or alike. Think of it as an izakaya thag serve fusikn Korean dishes. The staff was very attentive friendly and professional. Food: 3/5 Service: 5/5 Value: 1/5

Muhammad Khalifa

Everything was stellar, but the lobster with cheesey ramyun, uni butter, and pickled ramps was something to behold!

Mohit Chhatrapati

Strong Korean spot with a nice ambience and service. Loved the dumplings, octopus, crispy rice and must get the honey butter chips with ice cream desert - it's divine. Not as many vegetarian options. They have a good hot sauce you should ask for. You'll need a reservation beforehand. Would definitely recommend.

Magdalena Slapik

Delicious but pricey.

David Hoffman

Butter rice and ox tail dishes were awesome! Butter chips and ice cream was a fantastic finish.

Faye Yu

Overpriced korean food

Wenjia Zhang

Very friendly staffs, super tasty food. Can't go with with the beef tartare and kimchi rice. Also, the honey butter chips are hyped.

Ezio T

The new style of Korean, staff are friendly and helpful. Highly recommend to try every single dish on the menu.

Patricia Lee

Amazing food--inventive spins on traditional Korean favorites--and great/friendly service. Everything is delicious; go with friends so you can try it all!

Yuqiong Zhou

Food was delicious. Visited here twice, about half a year apart, the menu didn't change much. Seating by window is nice, with little breezes from street. Can be quite loud after 8pm.

Steve Welgoss

Nice, relatively intimate seating. Really creative and flavorful dishes paired with perfectly attentive service throughout. Tried 4 different small plates and the must-have dessert, all of which made us glad we chose to come here.

Zou Xue

The orange drink is very bitter. Food is good

Nils Barth

Mind-blowingly delicious New Korean, with great craft cocktails. Every dish drips with flavor – traditional base, innovative twists. Worth going for drinks alone – top-shelf soju (finally!), cocktails featuring infusions and culinary touches. Looking forward to returning often!


My experience in Oiji was wonderful on a mellow Sunday evening. The food was rich in flavors, and our waitress was the nicest. We ordered eight dishes for a group of four and it was the perfect amount! Among the dishes we got the ox tail (soft and juicy sauce- but prepare to eat with your hands), the truffle seafood & rice crispy - delicious! Dumplings and fried chicken were amazing. All in all a great experience :)

Sang Bum Kang

perfect place with awesome asian food

Ryan Goetz

Haute prices for middling cuisine. Superb cocktails, however. If you're not having cocktails I'd lower the rating to two stars.

David K.

Tartare and chips. Snag a seat later at the bar to avoid a reservation. Great spot!

Greg Morehead

Make reservations! Very small place. Great service, amazing food...and yes, try the chips and ice cream for desert!

Jiheum Paek

The best modern Korean food.. Good place to go with whom has no experience about Korean food.

Ray Yang

Great Korean food. Great service. Slightly higher price point.

Hyungjin Park

I ordered seafood bowl named Oiji bowl and Oxtail. It tastes not bad, but very small portion, overprice and overrated.

Rachel Mui

Tasty, but also pricy. Good for date.

Maxine Chih

The food was delicious but the seating can be improved. We have to sit at bar even though plenty of normal seats weren’t occupied the whole time. Guess they were reserved but no one showed up.

Ben Hernandez

Friendly service and delicious food. I do quite a bit of working out and I can eat a lot and the baby octopus was able to fill me up. Definitely eat here if you come by.

Chun Keung Wong

Great food and very modern setup. The portion/cost ratio is a bit low for dinner. It is more like side dish that you would have with alcohol. Good for hangout, but if you are hungry, it may not be the best choice. Nothing wrong with it. It's just the model they adapt.

Adi Ezer

Wow! We had an amazing experience at Oiji! The food was phanomenal, the staff was super knowledgeable and nice and great atmosphere. We shared 6 dishes for 4 people and it was great. The mushroom salad was amazing! Cold salad with 3 types of hot mushrooms that you don't want to miss. Also amazing and must haves: the scallop "Hwe", Somen Noodle, Long Island Duckling, Bone Marrow & Ssam Platter. And don't leave without having their amazing dessert of honey butter chips with vanilla ice cream!

ChiChi S

Small portions but very tasty

Kareemah Batts

every thing on the menu is amazing. and yes I got to try everything on the menu. the dessert with the honey chips and ice cream will surprise the heck out of you. The mushroom salad could be the best salad I ever had in my life.

Corey Edwards

I really enjoyed their food. I always get great customer service here. The place is clean and the cashiers are always very kind. Highly recommended.

Chef Mishimish

Contemporary Korean cuisine. Delicious depth of flavours and textures. Refreshing combination Jang-Jo-Rim Ox-tail Scallops’Hwe’ Rice wrapped in lotus leaves Crispy black bass Long Island duckling Honeyed potato chips delicious!! And a good Riesling to accompany

Noah Berland

Amazing, and get the cups and trust your server

NYC droid

Always fantastic food. Unique *modern* Korean dishes with international influences. Top notch bartender/mixologist. Staff is friendly, attentive, and professional.

Joshua Augusto

Great warm friendly service right from the moment I opened the door. The food was even more on point. Small tapas styled plates to share - 2/3 plates per person is the ideal amount. The food was outstanding, full of flavour!


Modern Korean taps, friendly stuff; food is ok but not amazing.!

Adrian Au

Must get the Ssam platter, it is the most exquisite korean lettuce wrap with a delicious combination. Definitely worth the money and the atmosphere and service was on point.


Good Korean Restaurant. The portions are too small compared to the price.

Thomas MacThomas

Interesting and flavoursome haute-Korean food. However very expensive. Family style plates around $20 each, they suggest 3 per person which is far too many. You won't be able to eat it all.

Carlos Medeiros

Outstanding modern Korean cuisine. We were in a group of 6 so we had a chance to order most of the menu and everything was very good or excellent.

bex de

Been here 3 times already and they never disappoint! The 1st time my taste buds came alive and i easily voted it one of the best meals i had ever had in my whole time of visiting NY. The 2nd time i brought people and we all were AMAZED! The food is delicious but the service is top notch and having level of food & service match is hard to find 5 stars! (Being from F&B background...i notice everything. Lol.) I sneezed and the hostess ran to get me a napkin before i had to ask. Someone dropped a chopstick and we had a replacement immediately...before he even realized he dropped it. We talked about that forever. He said the waiter gave new chopstick while the other was still in mid air drop. Lol. Normally you are waiting forever for water, or a server to return. I am all about hospitality.....anticipating what a guest needs before they ask is huge. The restaurant works together as one. One well oiled machine. So service is flawless. Love that. We had a Vegan at the table as a last minute addition and the Chef sent something special out since there was only one dish she could really have. The chefs are always gracious when i go back to say thank you. I am always pleased and can't wait to return. I have had almost everything on the menu and everything is awesome. The 3rd time my friend was impressed as well. So i love taking people here. OIJI ROCKS! Wish i could upload pictures because the presentation and food is beautiful but i am having issues. Must haves? If i could only pick 3? The mushroom salad, fried chicken and oxtail! Food comes out fast...and you HAVE to try that special dessert!

Food Critique

Service is really good ! Food is definitely very modern take on Korean food. I must mention the dessert first because it is unusual- ice cream with chips! Say what? Yes, chips as in a pack of chips. It was surprisingly goooooood ! The seafood broth was full of flavours and rich. The Uni (sea urchin) sweet shrimps and rice with seaweed and pickles is very creative and a good combination of all those flavours. Mix well and chew slowly and you'll taste all different tastes in one bite. Chicken, pork belly, octopus and cod all have interesting sauces that pairs well with the main course. I will be back to try out other dishes. this is an exciting menu as it is very creative yet delicious!

Sanjeev Verma

Update: we went back to OIJI...the quality of food and service has seriously gone downhill. Very disappointing. Everything was over-cooked. The mushroom salad was doused in too much dressing. It was gross. And our server kept housing us to order more was quite annoying. We had a reservation and it was Tuesday night...the dude needs to chill out. Spent $200 for 2 people on a disappointing meal. I would NOT recommend this place anymore, unfortunately.

Siavash Golkar

Upscale Korean fusion restaurant with a limited but high quality selection of tapas style dishes. We had the Ssam platter which was very good and the baby octopus dish that was also very tasty. Oiji also has very good cocktails. I had the flying lotus which was arguably one of the best cocktails I've ever had. Try it!

Alex Meehan

I wish I had a place like this in my hometown. Some tasty food that you know is Korean but modernized and influenced by North America

r m

Delicious food, every dish was seasoned amazingly. Many kinds of small plates, perfect for sharing.

Pinky Chan

My taste buds were freaking amazed after just a bite of all the dishes I tried. I will definitely come back and eat more from this menu and would be more than willing go eat new items from this place! The decor is super romantic and intimate, my biggest love is the communal table and the hooks where you can put your stuff in sight without worrying about it. The wait wasn't even that long on a Thursday night before July 4th holiday. The waiting process was even easier and hassle free compared to others where they don't notify you when your table is ready. We ordered the butter rice which was super fragrant !! I loved how the meat and the mushroom provided the hearty taste yet the oils from the rice really coated it well and glided around smoothly my taste buds!!! YUMMMMM. The pork belly was also amazing -- cooked to perfection not too burnt or not too chewy. The kimchi underneath it worked super well because it wasn't cold kimchi, but warm -- melting my heart. The warmth and the slight fattiness of the pork paired well. Almost like a light stew since it was slow cooked. The beef tartare dish was so refreshing for a muggy summer night. The egg yolk was a bit small on the beef pieces but was the best coating the delicious middle pieces. Each piece of beef was like biting into an explosion of flavor. Manager and staff were attentive and friendly -- answering a lot of our questions about the business. Although the plates are small and a bit pricey-- it is dang well worth your buck. Be ready to embark on a crazy ride of flavors! This is not your typical Korean food!

Scott Munches

This is probably the best Korean restaurant in NYC - which is actually surprising to find in this city! I was quite blown away by its seafood crispy rice stew - the broth is something out of this world- and beef tartar! Ox-tail is also a must to try and fried chicken in some soy sauce is über crispy. Between 2 people, we ordered 5 dish and we left full-bellyed. Maybe 4 dish would have been enough so don't be fooled by "small plates" concept. You might find yourself with too much food. It is a very small spot so you need to book a table weeks ahead but then i saw several parties getting tables as walk-in after 9pm on a weekday. The owner /chef shows his skills in their open kitchen and you can see how much work & time was put into each dish. Definitely coming back next week with more friends! Very happy that i finally found a legitimate Korean place where i can show off my motherlands' food to non-korean!

Aditya Eswar

Amazing cocktails, delicious food, very friendly staff. So hard to decide on what food to order! Definitely recommend

DJ Kang

Best Korean dining in town!!!!

Mark Linford

Go with a group and order everything on the menu, is it that good. Otherwise don't skip the braised beef in buttered rice and baby octopus. Save room for the chips and ice cream.

John Ames

Really awesome. An upscale take on Korean food with authentic flavors. The ssam plate is a must-try.

Jisoo K

Food is great, portions are ridiculously small. Fill your belly elsewhere and come here for cocktails + more.

Jake Waage

Yes, get the honey butter chips with ice cream. Salty, sweet, a little spicy, and the perfect crunch. Honestly, go just to get that. The rest of the meal was fantastic (as were the cocktails), but the honey butter chips stole the show!

Caitlin Smith

delicious and innovative food. loved their dessert menu (the organic ice cream was amazing!)

James Loperfido

Very solid food and creative cocktail menu. Rare 5 stars.

Andy Wang

Amazing food, the people are also really friendly. Definitely my favorite place in NYC so far!

A Luu

Save your appetite for the crave- worthy dessert : Honey butter chips and Davey's vanilla ice cream

Jee-Hye Bae

Just amazing

Jackie Gordon Singing Chef

I went TWICE this week! I went just for the honey butter chip ice cream last week because my girlfriend who had been there a week earlier said it was LIFE CHANGING. It was definitely delicious! Super thin, almost sheer, crispy potato chips bathed in a light honey butter caramel served with ice cream. A truly great gluten free dessert! For dinner, the winner was the mushroom salad. The variety of mushrooms with their varying textures along with pickled radishes and the ramp aioli and bursts of the sweetness of the raisins was addictive. We enjoyed the steak tartare which was also beautifully presented. The fried chicken was good. Seemed more like tempura chicken than Korean fried chicken. The dumplings were very bland -- the broth was very beefy, but there was no acidity or heat to contrast or add some spark to the dish. The Ssam platter was also nicely presented, but not a good value size wise for the price and the rice seemed overcooked. I'd stick to the smaller plates. The service was excellent both times. Very attentive staff who make sure to tell you about each dish as they serve it. Will definitely go back.

Pascal Greiner

Amazing food! One of the best experiences I had in New York! From service to food - mind blowing!

Lin Yang

Favorite: Oiji Bowl, best uni Bowl i have so far Fried chicken is crispy outside and tender inside. Baby octopus is over cooked tho the sauce is awesome. Truffle seafood soup is very salty... Ssam platter, who does not like wrap! The service is really good, we really enjoy the food and drink. Would def come back to try mushroom salad, oxtail and bone marrow. Btw, the lighting is almost perfect for shooting food photos!

Kelly Mueller

The plates are small but we ordered many of them and then 6 of us shared. The mushroom appetizer, Jang-jo-rim" (beef), and the Ssam platter were table favorites. The oxtail was also good and the most hearty for those who are really hungry. Definitely make a reservation

Willis Overton

Good, not mind blowing but good. Worth a visit.

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