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Min Lim

Nice all u can eat bbq buffet

Richard Leong

Food quality and service is good. Meat quality is also good. I liked the top blade steak and the pork bowl. One thing you should know is that each order you make is a really large serving. One order of pork belly and most people would get stuffed.

keith kim

Great service and quality meats to choose from.

Thomas Yu

Great selections to choose from. Delicious bulgolgi beef.

Irene Villarin

Good food and friendly staff. We had our Easter lunch on April 21. Pretty expensive though for $28.00 for only meat and no seafood included. Also its our first time to go here and no host or waiter came to us to get our order. We have to call a waiter and have him explain how to order. Dont think we’ll go back

Jasmine Chung

Great food and service!

Sophia N.

Stefan was an amazing guide for my friends first time. Definitely worth it. Great experience.

J Lo


Dennis Zheng

I've been to there few times with friends and family. It's not bad, we like the Top Blade the most. Bulgogi is juciy and flavorful. Port belly is sometimes little too fatty. Service-wise, feel like they are little short staffs (especially on holiday weekend), our food didn't get enough attentions for a Korean BBQ restaurant. When they are less busy, service is good.


The wait was long but it was worth it

Brandon Sweetman

Not only is this place all you can eat but it is absolutely delicious. Go go go!!

Roberto Moreno

Girlfriend and I came here for the first time last night. It was both of ours first time ever doing Korean BBQ. The food was really good. We had the porkbelly, hanging steak and spicy pork bulgogi. We didn't know what to expect but wow we were delightfully surprised. It was delicious! Our waiter Stefan was very attentive. Everytime we needed something (water, extra chopsticks, napkins, sauces) we had it within the minute. It is a little warm in there but not unbearable. Overall a great experience, we can't wait to go back!

Katherine Fajardo

The meat was tender and fresh. I loved the way the hot plates were set up, but there just needs to be a better way to run the grease off of the plates.

H Chien

Nice place. Food is delicious. Service is ok.

Oyshi Nabi

Their lunch ends pretty early (order by 3:00pm) and their all you can eat menu only offers meat, most of which is unseasoned. Their sauce options are limited to 3, and their overhead exhaust fans do not really work so when you leave, you will smell like Korean BBQ all day.

Calvin gunhyeok Yim

Extremely quick paced and good service. For 25 bucks you can try all types of meat. Well worth the money.

Jay Nova

The food was well prepared, service has been nice, meat was on point (recommend the tender steak). Nothing to complain about (dinner on a Monday night)

Robert T. Burns Jr.

Happy Birthday To Me

Karen Moy

It's ok. I think the meat need more flavor. Not much service

0 O

Good food, just a long wait on the weekends

Thomas Rodriguez

Great place for Korean BBQ in Queens.

Joann Maurer

Great date night place. Fantastic food, super friendly staff. Definitely going back.

Gioiaella Gonzalez

I love this place I've been going there since October like literally every weekend


I would say the original value of this restaurant is good. They tried to maximize their service so they try to serve for every table. Unlike other AYCE BBQ restaurant, you don't have to cook by yourself. However, their is many customers in here during dinning time. Servers seems not enough to serve every table. When they cooked my food, they put the meat on the grill and go to another table. After my meat burned then they back to turn my meat to another side

tony chan

Very good place to have dinner. Friends or with family. Kpop videos in the TV screens. Big area for the BBQ. Heated metal plate over the fire. So technically it's not BBQing, but more so pan frying.. you have to get PORK JOWL.

Hannah H. Kim

All these years I thought you can't bring the city to Flushing, but apparently you can! Friday night parking? You're either super lucked out or you're walking approximately 2-4 blocks, with 75% chance of paying the meter. Chance decreases as you increase the distance walked. You are to enter the restaurant and enter your name and the number of your party, then you'll sit and wait on a infamous Korean plastic spin-chairs (used for food-carts in the good ol' days in Korea) until you are called. While waiting, you might wonder if you'd rather eat here or drive to Murray Hill to see if you'd get lucky with parking and an earlier table there. This is one of the best all-you-can-eat BBQ in Flushing so don't be surprised if the servers don't seem like they're in a mood to serve you. In Korea, that's literally the best service you'll get. Overall very efficient restaurant. Good price for quality food.

Debbine Murray

Very nice and clean. Andy, our host was so sweet, took his time explaining everything to us.

Omar H

So the way that it works is you pay like 27 bucks for each person and you basically pick whatever you want and I'll bring it to you and then cook it for you right at your table. But the meat that they bring out it's not very play the fool to begin with and you have to eat everything before you order the next item because they don't allow you to waste food. Now I'm sure they don't really want you to eat every single piece but they don't want to lose money on wasting food. The spicy sauce is not spicy at all and it's kind of sweet I really liked it. And they are teriyaki sauce in a bowl with a bunch of onions is actually really good. The only thing I did not like and probably will never go back is because they touch the raw meat they are cooking on one side of the pan with tongs that they also touch the cooked meat with for you to eat. And for that reason and that reason alone I will never go back. Make sure you tell your weight or not to touch your cooked meat with the same songs he touches the raw meat with because they all pretty much go from table to table cooking people's Meats LOL very weird

Cool Ichigo

This place is great, been here two times now and each one was a great experience. First time with a group of four on a Sunday, got seat very fast no wait time. The server was great and attentive. Second time with a group of three. Also, got seated very fast no wait time. It was my friends first time if they had any questions server answer than. Good was great and also notice the prices when down which I can appreciate. Would most definitely come back again.

henry andux

As a great good critique that I am I give it a 5 star. Top notch. 32st has nothing on this place.

jimmy song

Great food and great service. Owner went around to check tables and asked if everything was okay. Apologized for the long wait due to lots of other patrons and gave free bottle of soju to compensate. Will definitely come back as the quality of meats were high grade.

B Miranda

I love this spot! They prepare fantastic meals, their menu is rich, The chef in that spot is a professional, I love a lot tasting all their food. The food is consistently fresh and tasty, the service towards the clients is very good too. I go often to this restaurant and I was never unhappy. I recommend it to all.

Jennifer Hernandez

love the layout as an all you can eat korean restyrant for 2 hours. reasonable price for the service and the amount if food you recieve. need to go again

kiki lam

Food is fresh. A little pricey in this place. Area a little crowd.


Went here again. This is my go to Korean BBQ. The food and service are great. The Soju has different flavors but we liked apple the best. The place has expanded a little more tables in the back. Will be back again.

Eric Shum

Food was very good. Which was most important. Only things that could have been better was turning up the AC and vents as well. I expected to smell like a piece of meat but this took it to another level. I would still go back.

Nancy F.

Great meats and veggies

Alona L

Really good korean bbq. Liked the steak and bulgogi the best. The pork jowl was very tasty, especially when dipped in the sauces provided, like the rock salt in oil or the special Korean spicy meat sauce. I only wish the were choices for veggies to be grilled with the meat.

Teddy Lee

Dirty and not clean at all. Meat smells old had to walk out...

Charles Smith

Any g restaurant that offers "all you can eat" the quality of meats and vegetables is going to suffer and so it does at this restaurant.

Craig Wang

The meat is fresh and huge. Price isn’t so bad. I recommend this place.

Sam H

Good all you can eat Korean BBQ. If you like meat this is the place for you. Friendly staff and lots of TV's playing Korean K-pop music videos.


They might not have galbi, but the meats are fresh and a great deal for their price.


Very slow service. No one to greet us. Waited for at least 20 minutes to be asked how many.

Adrianna Rodriguez

Great food, great soju

Maxine Tse

Long wait during dinner time on weekends but food is great - high quality meat!

Syerin Sunjaya

I would really suggest to put one tongs in each table.. so there would be no more food poisoning happen.. I think I got food poisoning from here.. a few hours after I eat from here and my best friend is the toilet... and nooo it’s not because I eat too much.. the “result” would be different.. or maybe if the server wants to be the one with the tongs maybe put color on the tongs.. one for flipping the raw meat and the other to flip the cook meat.. just to be on the safe side...but other than this everything else is good.. the service is actually good than other all you can eat bbq.. the meat can still use some work on it like maybe marinated more to give it more taste.. soo my issue is just with the tongs and to put more marinated to the meat.. other that that this place is good to hang out or for celebration..

Serina Wong

It's a great place BUT please come here with more than 3 people if you're ordering lots of food. Other than that i highly recommend the beef bulgogi, it's sweet, juicy, and very good.

Melissa Bhagan

Food was great..meat, meat and lots of meat

Chonghun Song

Excellent servers. Good foods. Unlimited meats. But Weekends & holidays seating time limit 100 minutes. Recommended for meat lovers.

Tae Kim

Food is awesome. We do not have to get up to buffet style dining. The meat and the side dishes are delicious. Thin slice beef brisket is the best.

Dongsuk Chun

Good quality and good price. The service is prompt and the location is easy to find.

Jung Kim

Great bbq option in the neighborhood, especially if you're protein bulking and not planning to burn it off productively (i.e., exercise).

Romar Paqueo

When compared to other all-you-can-eat korean bbqs nearby, like Picnic Garden, this place is amazing since it is $10 cheaper than its competitors at $26 per person with the same quality of meat. The best part is that unlike other Korean bbqs, where you cook your own food, the staff come and cook the meals for you!

david Zhang

Great price for all you can eat Korean BBQ, meat are fresh, pork belly is my favorite. Small but great environment

Justin Ha

food is usually pretty good, but this time around the quality of the thin beef brisket was bad and the service was eh. I guess I just wouldnt go on a Sunday again.


Good pricing for 2 hour of all you can eat food (1and half for fri-sat) really nice staff only issue is you buy the drinks in can but the trade off is unlimited food

Boris Bencic



They're new so they'll need to improve a lot of things. The nice thing about this place is there's potential for it to be really great. The negatives: service was slow and inattentive and (other than the bulgogi) all the meats were unseasoned. The positives: lots of good meat options and they don't rush you off your table.

Happy Joel

02BBQ You cook yr own food on the grill. It's an all u can eat for an hour & half. All the meat are well seasoned. Great meat lovers place. The servers will come over to flip the meats. Very enjoyable! Be aware, that yr clothes will smell like BBQ afterwards.

Daniel Huang

Delicious all you can eat Korean BBQ at an affordable price. This place is totally worth it, the food is good and the staff is really friendly.

Sunhye Kim

Not tasted bbq tast compare to open fire one.

Laura Fazekas

The food was delicious, the staff was quick and polite. It wasn't as pricy as other Korean BBQ places. We had a great time.

Jerry Lin

Meat was okay. Service wasn't great. Had to ask for some dishes a few times before getting them. Crowded and popular it seems so maybe I just went on a bad night.

Joni Reyes

Good eat all you can Korean barbecue food.

Sam R

I'm sorry the food was not as great as I thought it would be but it's not the worst. I would've really liked/loved it if the meat was marinated. One of the chicken was but not the beef. The sauces on the side was OKay. I've just had better experience with korean bbq before. No complaints on the service though. That part was great!

Manny L

Amazing ayce bbq

Adequeen Adelove

Very good place for all you can eat Korean BBQ meat. Single ladies.. you will love this place as all servers are male and do a good job at making your bellies full with meat

Joe I

Get there by 5 - 5:30 pm if you don't want to wait for a long time for a table. Service was very good. They don't have beef rib which was disappointing. Their tender hanger stake really was tender and good. Pork belly was also very good. Relatively inexpensive ($26.95 all you can eat) Korean BBQ option if u don't mind having less options.

Alex Chojnowski

Clean, organized, and pleasant service. The setup and portions of the side dishes with the sauces was perfect. With refills done promptly when asked for. The price and selection for the meat on the plan B or dinner menu is what to go for here. The atmosphere and setup is very feng shui.

emilio diaz

Very nice atmosphere

izzy t

excellent food. bit slow in service

Jose Poblete

Fantastic Korean BBQ place; great selection of meat and tasty too!

Charles Bouchard

Excellent all you can eat bbq. Each portion is for like 4 ppl to split

min kweon

Great Service and quick response. Very friendly to adults and kids. I have three children and the staffs were very nice and polite to them too. Finding a parking space is a bit of work. There is 100 min TIME LIMIT. Dinner is all-you-can-eat for menu. Lunch has 2 sets: A and B. Prices are different and the quantity and type of meats are different too. Drinks are not refillable. i would give five stars but pork skin was too greasy and smelly. I ordered 1 person portion of it and was able to eat only one piece among all pork skin. The place is not huge or small. 10-12 tables and half of them can manage to seat party of 8-10 together.

carl Wiseman

Insane wait, but worth it. Fun with great food. Loved the spicy chicken and bulgogi. Insider action: order beers while you wait for your table. Ask the hostess.

Nicholas Clarke

Services was wonderful. Staff was helpful

Kevin Kim

Pretty good All you can eat Korean BBQ for 30 per person. The side dishes are lacking but is made up by the wide choices of meats. Too bad there's no LA Galbi but at least the service is passable and they are not stingy with the refills (as AYCE should be).

Andrew Sisung

Excellent service and food for an affordable price

Denise Weissman

Awesome! Went before 3pm, AYCE...Very friendly service.

John R

This place in my opinion is one of the best Korean BBQ in Queens. The food is fresh tasty the service is decent. The pricing is right on point. My daughter and I had a great lunch here would definitely come back and would highly recommended. The only drawback is the parking

Albert Chua

Really good food here, sauces are really tasty also. Experiment till you get the flavor you like... And get the pork steak! Your belly will be thankful with your decision. Like this if it was helpful!


Don’t go there. This place is the dirtiest restaurant I have ever been to. Menu and seats were extremely oily. Service was horrible. They better hire some female waitress because obviously those men didn’t know anything about service.

Diana Villatoro

The food was amazing, the environment is very welcoming. This is the type of place you want to come from a long day of work with your friends and basically relax and eat. I absolutely love their salad and dressing. ♡ cant wait to come back and have some more!

Edwin Johnson

Amazing quality meats for AYCE KBBQ. The manager was extremely friendly and funny when he spoke to my wife and I. Very welcoming. Our server was the greatest server that either of us have had during our many kbbq experiences. She was friendly, attentive, and helpful. My only complaint is that after the hour wait time to be seated, we were placed in the back area where the heat did not seem to be working. Even with our jackets on we were FREEZING. And that made it extremely difficult to enjoy our meal, which also made us leave earlier than we wanted to.

Victor Rodriguez

Great assortment of food to choose from & really good service. I just wish they had more sides to choose from

Lissette Ramirez

Great experience, beef brisket was my fave. And if you have any questions on how it all works they do a great job helping you order!

Tristan Ho

They don’t carry a lot of meat but overall tasted pretty good

Cassandra Aldrich

Meat not seasoned. Nice atmosphere, but lightly slippery floors...

Teerawat Touranont

Great food! but need more banchan!

Frank Pollicino

Great service and awesome food makes it well worth the wait for the table. If you are in the area and in the mood for Korean BBQ this IS the place to go!

Michael R

Awesome prices and generally quick service. Would recommend 4 or less people though

No O2

Can’t believe we have to wait over 1:30 hours to be seated. That’s not the worst, the worst is to see others came later than you to be seated before you. The guy doesn’t know how to work the line. Gave two couples an 8 people table (4 people using an 8 people table). Make a group of 8, 6 and 4 people waited. Their food is not worth the wait. Will not go back again. The food is not great. Most of the meat is not marinated. Instead of cooking the meat that can easily cooked they bring out hard to be cook meats to you first.

Jennifer Sung

They are soooo busy that they forget about your orders, like all the time. Food is okay. They should improve the service. I don’t think I am coming back.

Elisa Urban

I would give it 6 stars if I could.

SungJae Shin

It is buffet style bbq place so you can eat whatever you want in 2 hours. (100 mins Friday through weekend) Usually buffet style restaurant uses low quality meat but here is not. Only problem is long wait time.

Akhtar Mohammad

Great value for the money. Meat isnt too bad either

donald monroe

Absolutely fantastic. The price is worth it from the atmosphere to the food itself. The variety of food and the kind staff makes this one of my favorite places to go.

Justin Bayoneto

Truly a hit or miss depending on how big of a fan you are for Korean BBQ. The quality of the steaks in particular were beyond excellent, however chicken and pork options, and even the bulgogi, were just okay. Would've rather been able to cook ourselves, especially with the bulgogi, as certain meats would end up either undercooked or stuck to the grill. However, the sides were excellent and plentiful, and the service is extremely attentive. Pricing is decent considering it's all you can eat, and it's still the best option for AYCE Korean BBQ east of Flushing.

Bonnie Dalberg

Oh, so good! First time I've tried intestines cooked this way and oh, oh, oh so good. It was stuffed with liver that added an amazing and flavorful depth that left me wanting more.

Jenard R.

My first time at a Korean BBQ but I think it was pretty solid here.


Great staff and great food


Mediocre food and service. Arrived shortly after 6 on a non-busy weekday, took the waiters sometime to get us seated. While being seated, no one in the restaurant greeted us nor introduced their menu/food. No water & banchan refill unless you asked for it. Make sure to ask for lettuce too because it's missing from the table. Onto food, they are missing a lot of meat selections (ie. ribs) which are often seen elsewhere, and most of the stuff they serve were not even marinated. At this price point, I would suggest picnic garden over O2 for better meat selection and service.

Juan Lima

Great service, friendly staff and good amount of food for all you can eat. The only thing you don't get is the short ribs, but for the price, you can't really beat it. Different type of bbq with the hot plate that helps to sizzle and burn away the fat for the fatty pork bacon. The cost of the beer and soju is reasonable and we were pretty happy after we left. Also if you are into K-Pop, there are twelve HDTVs playing the latest K-Pop music videos as you enjoy your meal.

Francis Cruz

They are the best and the staff there are top notch!

George Jimenez

I was blown away by this place. I am upset o didn't take pictures to show how great this place is. The food was delicious, the staff was friendly, and the place was clean. The steamed eggs are also a must here!

Xio Rosario

This is my favorite Korean BBQ place. The service is friendly,fast, and officiant My favorite thing to order is the brisket I’ve been to other places but O2’s brisket is always better in my opinion. Also the soju isn’t to expensive,if you haven’t tried soju you should! Soju is great no burn, but sneaks up on you due to being sweet. I like Apple and peach You definitely should eat here!!! I love this place!! I go back as much as I can you won’t regret it!! Great service! Great food! Great prices! Great music!

Wanda Martinez

Great service.

Evan Wong

A lot of meats. If you are looking for meat buffet, this is the place.


All you can eat meat and side dishes!!!

Isaiah Sanchez

All you can eat is either a hit or miss. This one's a hit. A large selection of meats and prepared very nicely. Great flavor. Friendly waitress and team took good care of us and quickly. We are very happy with this restaurant, a new favorite.

Angelica R

If your looking for great customer service this is the place ! Everyone was very nice answered all my questions and always smiled. The food is amazing! There is nothing negative that I can say. Will come here again! I recommend the grapefruit suju!

Nelson Lai

We like their unseasoned meats the most. The seasoning doesn't really ,,,

YJ Lee

Best ayce in Flushing and Bayside area!

Yinuo Zhang

Went for the lunch B option, which was 18.95 with 13 choices of meat which included pork and beef bulgogi, marinated and spicy chicken, soy and spicy pork ribs, thin beef brisket. We ordered thin beef brisket, beef bulgogi, soy pork ribs, spicy pork belly and half an order of marinated chicken. It was served super promptly and the server was super helpful, cooking the meat for us. I think it was possible because we went really early on a weekday for lunch. We were the first in the restaurant and there were only four or five tables by the time we left. The meats were of good quality though not amply flavored. The house salad and the banchan were also good. Very helpful between bites of meat. It was a great deal for the price. Would definitely go again.

Anna Milito

Amazing dining experience! Food was wonderful and the wait staff had an amazing sense of humor. Would definitely go again

Karine AG

Love it! Great selection!

Andy Mei

Real friendly staff but you’ll pay by waiting on line for a while. Good food but they are missing Kalbi, which is the money meat.

Yukhan Shimunov

Worth the long wait during the weekend after 6pm.


The beef soup was so tasty and we could not stop. The thin beef slice was also delicious and highly recommended. The intestines tasted not fresh and looks disgusting. The spicy pork and spicy chicken were just OK. The service was quick and nice. The interior is clean and neat. Parking was easy in the side streets during weekdays.

Zerlina Lin

Food is 5 star amazing but service was average (-1 star). Different from other AYCE places. Given a list, you choose the meat and dishes and they will bring it, and cook it. Already on the table are side dishes and sauces. Their dipping sauce is great in my opinion, sweet and a hint of garlicky flavor. There are options given to you, for you to adjust the taste. Coming from someone who rarely eats meat, I love their beef thin brisket. Meat was seasoned nicely, and cut thinly. It cooked relatively fast. Wide variety of meat but lacks option in other dishes. Rice cake were quiet plain. It was basically boiled rice cake, stir fry for a hard texture and plated with hot sauce. Beef soup was alittle bland. Lack flavors in beef. Coming in super excited to try the place, quickly shut down with indifferent attitude greeting me. No side dishes were refilled. Hard for me to get the attention from servers/waiters.

Joy Sleeby

Good food

amelia lee

I'm definitely coming back again. We ordered the Lunch Special A for all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ for only $15! What a bargain. We ordered the spicy bulgogi, marinated chicken and the pork chop. It comes with four sauces and two kinds of dips. The bulgogi was quite good, not overly spicy and really tender. The chicken was a bit boring but the pork chop was the bomb. So delicious. It had enough fat to make it really tasty. The banchan was a little bit lacking though. They only gave out a salad, two types of pickled radishes, spicy rice cake and kimchi. I'm used to getting more banchan at other restaurants. I did appreciate that they cooked the meat for you. I thought it was great that there were showing K-Pop videos on the screens around the restaurant. I found the staff to be attentive. And they don't rush people out. We were lucky enough to come early for the lunch special. As we left, there was a long line of people waiting to go in.

Bryan Llorente

For the price we pay and the amount we stuffed out face.. well worth it lol. I was rolled out of that place. Must say service was good and the food was on point for me and my friends

George Karayiannis

This place is all you can eat Korean BBQ for ~$26.50/person. The food is better than other all you can eat Korean BBQ places that I've been, but I wouldn't say better than other traditional (non all you can eat) restaurants. The food is ok, but nothing impressive. The list of meat choices for the all you can eat is somewhat limited compared to other places. Also, at that price per person, there are definitely a lot of places you can eat for close to $30/head.

Erika Melara

Good meat portions.

Michelle Rojas

Love this place. Great service.

Kevin Yuan

Great food

Francine Torbin

Great food great price great service. Been to a lot of Korean BBQ and for all you can eat this is by far the best

Braiden Velez

This restaurant is my preferable restaurant. Of all restaurants I know I prefere it most. I always suggests to my friends to go to visit this restaurant. when I want to go to a special supper, this place comes first to my head. extremely good and all kinds of food and a rich cuisine.trained crew, and good ambience. Also important, the charge is modest. I recommend this place with no doubt.


Great selections of meats, good prices, wait time can be long at rush hour.

Rich H

Everything here was awesome! From the food to the service, you can't ask for better. The slice beef brisket was the best part. Something so thin, that is so tasty and still juicy! Very good selection!I will definitely be back for more of this very tasty food!

alden cushman

Great Korean BBQ. Fresh, well prepared meats, cooked well and great service. Especially good for the all you can eat approach, otherwise a little expensive. Recommended


It’s my Korean BBQ go to place in Queens, the meat is fresh and staffs are very nice. The overall experience in here perfect. The location is good, it is easy to recognize in the street.

Taylor Frisch

Absolutely love this place. The thin sliced brisket and pork belly were both amazing. Everything cooked right in front of you is a cool experience. Great place to go with friends and family

Claudia L

Gread food and nice staff!!

Isaiah Herrera

OH YESSS THIS PLACE WAS GOOD! Great pricing for KBBQ. Def worth the trip / money / etc..

byungho park

The quality of the meat gets worse which each additional order. Around the third plate of beef, the meat looked awful and had a weird smell. The service is also mediocre at best.

Yani Samboni

Extremely Good. Service was impeccable. Joe our server helped us a lot. It was our first time trying Korean bbq and he made the first time experience amazing.

Elijah Burns

Ever since my first experience at a Korean BBQ in Las Vegas I've been dying to relive that experience of great authentic taste, atmosphere and service. 02 definitely filled that void. Definitely will be coming back with more friends and family!

Scott Smith

Ate to my hearts desire! The thin steak, steamed eggs, rice, and all the dipping sauces were delicious! I can’t wait to go back and bring others with me!

David Tam

good food and good service

Eric Chen

Good kbbq for the neighborhood and they accommodate large parties. Dinner was smooth.


I like this place. You can try any kind of pork or beef. One thing I want to put comment is, sometimes every one of items is out of stock.

Nneka Nneka

Lunch options are limited...decided to go elsewhere

Jose Zavala

Love this restaurant! Great food and service! Everyone is so friendly.

henry yim

Great service. Patient for accommodating our seating situation and very fast service.


Delicious food at an affordable price! Yeah, sign me up!

Miss Lorrie

Price Service Speed

Bibhusan Shrestha

Great all you can eat barbeque spot in Bayside. Great selection of delicious meats. Be prepared to wait, especially if you have a large group.

calum glenn

Food was outstanding and I will be visiting this place again. The prices are reasonable and the staff is wonderful. Plenty of parking in the area also

Terrel Sykes

Delicious food great service especially for the price.

Ricky Huang

Worst kbbq place I've been to in flushing. Dont go to this place unless you wanna leave covered in grease and burn marks. There was even grease dripping from the over head vents. The meat was decent but the servers were unattentive af so the meat was usually burnt. Service was terrible also. Do not go here

Tracy McCauley

Great service wonderful food

Rain Flo

Ample amount of selection and everything I've tried is really good!(I tried most of their meats and the soup) The people who work here are really nice, and the place is quite clean. Restroom is restricted to one person only. This is not necessarily a con to me, but it may be to some people. Seating is quite limited but I haven't waited for more than 20mins to be seated. Would highly recommend this place, especially if you're craving for Korean BBQ!

Alex R

They have 90 minuets seating limits and if you go over that they will charge you exorbitant amount. For every half hour. The food itself is great and have a lot of meat options. They recently removed squid from their menu for it being too expensive


Very nice food and good services.

John Ayala

omg totally worth it! even the customer service!

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The French Market
Restaurant - New Jersey

French restaurant

Heirloom Kitchen
Heirloom Kitchen
Restaurant - New Jersey

New American restaurant