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256 E Broad St, Westfield, NJ 07090

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REVIEWS OF NY Korean BBQ Restaurant IN New Jersey

Scott Musial

Lisa Sinclair

This place has Delicious food, the owners are hardworking and sincerely nice people. I have never seen a cleaner stove before, the entire place is well cared. You can feel the love in the food, I can't explain it better than that.

Richard G

Wished this restaurant was as nice as the people working there. The AC broke in the middle of summer so the entire place was uncomfortably hot, especially with the kitchen out in the open. The food was decent but not as good as other Korean restaurants. Overall, the quality of the restaurant could use major improvements.

Yvonne Chung

Henry Siegel

Tess Rentschlar

The restaurant has a real mom and pop feel that I dig.

Edmund Hong

Korean food should bring you to nostalgic place with an abundant variety of spices, entrees, and side dishes. This establishment lacks the craftsmanship, identity, and delivery of a 4-star restaurant. There’s too much room for improvement.

David Shao

DAX Concept



This place is absolutely amazing! It's definitely a hidden gem; the owners are so sweet and friendly. We must've ordered on 3 different occasions while we were there. Once to order the food, then decided we wanted to try bubble tea, then we decided to order some stuff to go. They always returned a smile no matter how troublesome we were being. The food was fantastic and it came fairly quick! The Galbi and spicy pork bulgogi were delicious and the BUBBLE TEA... I expected something like the usual, standard bubble tea, but was delightfully surprised. The bubble tea here is airy, and light, but has so much flavour, I have no idea what they're doing differently, but whatever they're doing is right! We ordered Kimbap to go and didn't eat it until like 4-5 hours later. It was absolutely delicious and we received 24 pieces for a very reasonable price! This restaurant can do no wrong! 110% would recommend this place to anyone and will DEFINITELY be coming back again!

matthew allen

Benjamin Niedzwiecki

Hanhe Cho

Sergio Roa

Excellent Korean food and nice casual vibe.

Alexandre Loureiro

Nikki kitty kot

Worst food ever just ordered from there for first time and 15/20 min later been throwing up since.. so be aware you might have the same results! My son ate the same and is throwing up too... they should be shut down

Tatiana Garcia

Rennie Jacob

Seen the store front a few times driving by and today got the chance to go in to grab a bite before work. Walking in the store is clean and the staff friendly with a decent menu. Unfortunately they had sold out if the kalbi; so I ordered the bulgoki burrito and some dumplings. The dumplings were horrible as they were store bought and frozen...smdh. The burrito while pleasantly large and flavourful had almost no meat and was just full of rice...smdh. I'll provably give the store another chance but def will not be recommending them to anyone as of now

vlad kozlov

Laura Gomez

Love this place, homemade and delicious food, even my 3 years old son, love their food.

Kevin Chen

Carmen Villa

Aidan Lee

Scott Tritten

Cool Korean restaurant. I really enjoyed what I ate here!

Larry Washington

Good food and great service. Extremely clean.

Carey Golden

Best mom & pop home cooked Korean food! They make homemade kimchee too!

Andrew Cammarano

Good food at a good price and the owners are very friendly.

Madison Emtage

Stuart Siegel

Great food. Very nice owners.

Terri Graves

Juliana Guarisco

Wonderful food and the owners are lovely

Tina Moore

Steve Melman

32nd street has moved to Westfield. Great!

Anthony Crincoli

Seafood pancake and dumplings were great. Fried chicken had really good flavor and wasn't your typical extra crispy double fried type. Everything is made to order with fresh ingredients.

Ken Fagan

Kim Chee Burrito is my favorite, but all the food is good! Right next to the Rialto Movie Theater for pre or post movie meals!

Sheila Guerra

I loved it!

Jody Ebert

Food is always tasty. People always nice.


Delicious food, great service

Julio C. Arroyo

Good food and very friendly people. Menu is diverse and sure to please picky eaters. Will definitely dine here again.

Isadora Ferreira

Awesome location, great staff, pretty cool place, great and affordable food! I'm definitely going to try more meals there! ❤️

Richard Magri

Audrey Shatwell

First time at Korean BBQ. Our server was very helpful. Food was good. Staff was attentive. A lot of options for sushi as well. Great place to eat out! Staff was kind and the food was tasty

candy scoons


This is honestly my favorite korean bbq spot. The staff always makes me feel at home. And they truly cook with love here.

Sung Mi Um

Caroline Jacobs

Ordered food for delivery, got the wrong food, called to ask for the right food and they had no idea what I was talking about and hung up on me.

Redwizard 2

Nice people

Nicholas Martin

Great spot in downtown Westfield for traditional Korean food. A helpful, cheery staff will take your orders and bring the food out to you. It was my first time visiting but I definitely felt like I was at home. Highly recommended!

Milosh H

Lurline Stewart

What I love about them is their set of side dishes, just the right spiciness with sweet choices. I can get easily full with the dishes served. The service was great, servers were very attentive. Well lit room and the food was delicious.

Sharmin Asha

Diana Garces

First time trying it and well it was pretty good. The ramen was alot better then a ramen place in Montclair. Big plates I was stuffed. Extra workout tomorrow. Very friendly

Eric L Koons

Anyoung haseyo! My go to for casual Korean eats. Wonderful soups, bulgokis, and bubble teas are the tip of the iceberg in this delicious family owned eatery. I’ve never had to wait long and the generous smiles and polite, prompt service make it worthwhile to eat in or take out. If you are new to Korean food, steer towards the bbq bulgokis, they never disappoint and if it’s cold out try the soups, they huge and nourishing. Kind people and solid food with ample flavor characterize this enjoyable reasonably priced restaurant. Not open Monday’s which for some reason I always forget. Plenty of parking in the back and they even have homemade spicy kim chee for sale. Only missing ingredient? They need ambiance. Turning on some music would work wonders. That’s the only missing element in this enjoyable and taste conscious establishment.

Alexa Blass

Their summer icy cold noodles are the most refreshing thing I’ve ever eaten in my life.

Caroline Leung

Really friendly and nice. Food was really good and portions were big enough to share

Jay Apelian

Soooooooooo good

Charles Giraldo

Awesome mom and pop shop. It's Family owned and operated with traditional dishes and a warm atmosphere. Add the low prices and fast service making it everything one could ask for in a dining experience .

joules jp

Allen J. Barkin

Good food. Slow self service

Joseph Becker

Great Korean food. No need to travel to NYC. Fast service too.++++

Kristina Calabro

Fast, homemade and delicious. Family owned and they're super nice. The food is so good. Pro tip - get the bibimbop in the stone bowl. The sauce is to die for.

DC Choi

michael ajala

Peter Fagan

Every single item on the menu is delicious. Me and my parents go here twice a week. The staff is very friendly and personable. Best place for Asian food in town

Francy Gomez

Amazing food

Millie Akbar

Nice little fast food joint. The dumplings and Ramyun (Ramen) - delicious.

Tykera Lewis

I love this place with a passion. Especially the fact that you can grill your own food

PapiCaine M

Bart Heffron

Alexandra Perez

super good lots of flavor!

Melissa Walsh

Excellent food very cozy great service

dani flores

Vicklyn Datilus

I had the spicy pork bulgoki and a side of jap-che. While the bulgoki wasn't spicy for my taste buds, it was very favorful. I love the jap-che. They have the best bubble tea I have ever tasted!

Raphael diggi Porno

the best is the egg buttered fried cow steak

Nick B

Kevin Serrano

Hidden Gem in Westfield!! Came here on a Sunday afternoon and let me tell you the staff is really nice the food came out super quick and it was super flavorful!!! I su sally don’t leave reviews but I had to do it on this one!! It’s a must if you’re craving some legit Korean food.

Stephanie Ponce

Simple, delicious comfort food served by super nice people. If you love Korean food, this is a great place to stop, especially for lunch.

Ann McT

This place is amazing! The food is always fresh and home made, and it’s all delicious. Every meal I’ve had here has been a wonderful experience, and it’s my first choice restaurant in Westfield. The only downside is the place is small and there are only ever a few people cooking here, so if it’s crowded it can take upwards of 40 minutes to cook your food, but it’s honestly worth the wait. I would reccomend getting the cupbop or jasmin/Thai tea boba. I’ve never felt sick after eating here, and the people working here are all super nice and hardworking. 11/10

Michael Jean

Great authentic Korean food in the middle of Westfield. My kids loved the KimBop and Udon noodle soup. The Kalbi was cooked perfectly, just like the way it's done in New York. This place is a new favorite of ours in Westfield, NJ.

Joshua Zawislak

Great Korean food that to an untrained person seems authentic. Great flavors in the fried pork chop and my wife liked the ramen. Has an American menu too but never tried anything off it since the Korean menu always has something that looks interesting.


Amazing !!!

John Walsh

Delicious food and friendly service.

Harrison Yu

Mariami Peranidze

Alicia Engel

Eric Elizes

People are very nice and the food is delicious!

jae choi

Cheaper than usual korean restaurant. Taste is good. I can't feel msg. So tasty.

Scott Glenn

Great service and authentic taste!

Lauren Waleed

Wonderful mom and pop store that deserves way more than a five star review. This place makes supporting local businesses a pleasure.

Alvin Regala

Louis Balestriere

Cristina Barron

Loved it

Drew Ellison

Excellent and fresh food, I loved the mood the spot has, and the employees were kind. I will definitely visit here when I’m around.

Chuck Charkowsky

Daniel Pattathil

nathalie hyppolite

The lrok cutlet is just the best thing I've ever tasted


Mark Santiago

SwimGirl L

Simple and delicious food!

James Solano

Taste good, but I am going back to spend more.

Carlos Vieira

Westfield has so many different options when it comes to eating out. This place in particular is like a hole in the wall. From the outside, you wouldn't think much of it and could easily walk past without giving it much notice. Stopped in here for lunch one afternoon since we were doing some shopping in the area. I was handed menus and any questions we had were answered right away. Once the order was placed, we sat back and waited. Didn't take long until the food was brought to our table. I love Korean food and I was blown away by the quality of the food. Everything tasted fresh and full of flavor. The portion size was plentiful and could have easily been shared. They do offer your typical American food such as burgers and chicken fingers just in case you have a picky eater in the family. Great place and worth checking out.

Skyler Kusnic

Amy Koepfler

The best ramen around. The owners are very nice too.

Phila B

Jose A Chavarria

Kilen Kennelm

Great and flavorful food, I like the atmosphere this place has, and the staff members were super friendly. Will definitely eat here again.

John Livernois

Asa Fiala

Kind of a place you go to for the food and you're lucky for it to be in your neighborhood.

Julia Higashio


Lawrence Talis

Steven Levy

Very nice to have interesting Korean food in the neighborhood and the couple is very nice

Chris Ciotoli

Marcos Carvalho

Marat Erikov

Lori Cook

Really great small restaurant. The service is exceptional for such a small establishment.

Amon Weekes


It’s such a wonderful place, my girlfriend and I go there all the time and their food is delicious. The family that runs the restaurant is so sweet and welcoming. Highly recommend trying this restaurant. My personal favorite Asian place in Westfield. I recommend the LA Kalbi, the Bibimbop, and the pork dumplings!

Bumjun Han

Bulgogi is great.

Tsvi Raab

Carol Betzy

The people there seem very nice but the food was more like fast food. The chicken wings were covered in sticky sweet sauce like at a fast food restaurant. The other items were not too flavorful. The beef was more like steakums. I suppose they are catering to a fast food crowd so I think that makes sense but I would have loved more authenticity.

J Collins

I simply like their dishes. I always get great service here. The place is well kept and the staff members are always nice. Highly recommended.

Christine Li

This little mom and pop shop in Westfield is one of my favorite spots for Korean food. Unassuming and doesn’t look like much from the outside but the food is phenomenal. Pretty sure the owners are there running the place themselves. Anything you get on their menu is freshly made so they tell you that there may be a slight wait. Every time I go, I always get an order of kimbap. It’s delicious and I can’t get enough. I’m also a huge fan of tteokbokki and this is one of the only places that serves it. Plus they have it with ramen, so how can that be bad? I think they can also add cheese to this but I’ve never tried it personally. Oh and they have bubble tea too! Think they only make the slush kind but it’s not bad. Definitely recommend these two dishes but I’m sure anything else on their menu is just as good.

xavier oconnell

Very friendly, good food/portion size, would go again.

rosa latorre

I would have given it 5 stars if their dinner portions came with small kimchi. Other than that this place gets 4 stars for price and taste.

Camdan Beltrano

I tried this spot before with a friend and I am obsessed since then. I enjoyed the excellent atmosphere and fresh dishes and drinks. They never disappoint.

Lauren Yun

Oh no...what’s all these good reviews about?? Worst Korean restaurant ever been to. Instant packaged cold noodles would be better than theirs and Kalbi dish which is very hard to screw up was even bad.

LaMont Andrews

The food is excellent, the cook and waitress were very nice...I think they are probably the owners.

Diego Capcha

The people were very nice, and the food was great.

Zhizhuo Zhou

Probably the best bubble tea, not too sweet. But their dishes are mediocre.

David Koch

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