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10 W 28th St, New York, NY 10001, United States Located in: The NoMad Hotel

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REVIEWS OF NoMad Bar IN New Jersey

Ryan Mansell

Definitely not the 4th best bar in the world. Came right when the bar opened and grabbed a seat at the bar. After looking at the cocktail list, none of the drinks really stood out as interesting. As I like more earthy, peaty, and alcohol forward drinks, I asked the bartender which of the drinks were least sweet. He replied, "all our drinks are balanced." Anyone experienced in cocktail bars would know immediately that this is a lie, and it only reinforced my perception that NoMad Bar is a bar so focused on trying to hit the target that it misses the mark. You can see it in the wire carts full of identical glass bottles containing various ingredients. You can see it in the uninspired cocktail menu overrun with simple syrups. Do yourself a favor, skip NoMad and just go to Dante or Dear Irving.

Guido Senderowitsch

Excellent atmosphere, great burger (although small) and fries.

Tampa Ticket master

Mm. I’m om m. W

Alex Aboud

Went to the Elephant bar for drinks. It had a really cool atmosphere, great drinks and servers so you didn’t even have to deal with the crowded bar. Cocktails were a little $$ but they were high quality. Ordered a unique drink, a Corpse Reviver #2, usually most people give me a strange look but our server made it seem normal which was nice.

yulia naumova

Love this place; prompt and very attentive service considering how busy this place is; beautiful ambience. However, last time we were here my card was charged twice and when I called the bar asking to speak to the manager about reversing the duplicate charge I was told to email them and wait for someone to get back to me. No apologies offered. Obviously I wanted $350 back to my account ASAP so I just called my bank and it was taken care of. The was NoMad handled this issue was very disappointing

Zofo Atlas

Dudes, dudes, dudes, dudes, dudes, dudes, and more dudes. The night I checked this place out the ratio of men to women had to be at least 8:1 - a certifiable sausage fest. If you're going here to meet women, you'll certainly have competition and company!

Hyacinth Chu

Cocktails are inventive without being overly done. Food is fantastic as always. High quality and actually pretty decent value for the NYC. Totally on point and service is fantastic. Bartender is super nice and attentive which is always a mark of a great venue. Recommended cocktails : En Maison, Hot toddy, and the special egg nog which was expensive but really good.

Andrew Hyatt

Good variety of well-made cocktails. They even have some "large-format drinks" that looked pretty amazing. Warning: the prices are on the high side. Also if you just are drinking, you generally will just be standing at tables near the bar. But on the other hand, reservations are not needed, which is nice.


Set in classic ambiance in dark wood colors makes the place cozy and warm, they have amazing cocktails, very extensive list of unique cocktails, the dry aged burger is a must try as well as the banana stand cocktail!

Alex Hu

Sunday roast at the Nomad is worth a visit. Onion Tarte, Roast leg of lamb, potted Trout, and Banoffee pie - all delicious!

John Jennings

Wow! Talk about a great cocktail. The setting and feeling of the room is pure pro and class. Go visit. Its a must.

Teresa Cazares

The best burger in NYC hands down.

Barry Goodrich

Best burger in the planet!!!! And The Island explosion drink was great.

Amanda Chiu

Honi honi cocktail was absolutely delicious and well balanced. Can’t wait to try more cocktails and food next time. Service was friendly, but the Nomad Bar was packed, so we ended up going into the Elephant Bar in the back.

Domi Izi

Loved it! Great drinks, great atmosphere

Jani Saarinen

Awesome food, awesome staff and really nice and groovy interior. Of course the prices are high, but that's kinda expected

Justin Mills

Excellent cocktails and good service.

Keith Simonsen

Great ambiance. Beautifully-designed cocktails and the food is killer.

Monica Faillace

Came here for the food, not the drinks, so that's what my review is about! Everything we tried here was great! Portions were barely enough to fill us up - definitely were on the smaller side. Unfortunately with the price point it wasn't realistic to order something extra, which was a bummer. However, everything that we did get was pretty tasty! It's not a huge space and fills up fast, but luckily we came in around 6. By the time we left at 8ish, we overheard the hostess letting people know there was an hour wait! The space was pretty dark and kind of noisy, but at least it was cozy. All in all, the food was great but definitely pricey and the portions were not big, but the quality matched the price!

Neslihan Ozdemir

Such a great vibe and atmosphere ❤ Drinks are delicious

Aaron Kanter

Tried both the dry aged beef and chicken & foi gras burgers. They were both quite excellent but the beef was definitely something special. Food per dollar is on the smaller end of things. The drink I had (spring something?) was really lovely as well. Ambiance is higher-end (dark leather, bartenders wear suspenders, you should probably not wear shorts) and the service is very attentive once you are seated. The hostess did forget about us when we were waiting to be seated though so we had to remind her. Would definitely recommend though!

Lee Dinnebeil

Epic cocktails. $$$$ but we'll worth it.

Matthew Hanson

Library is one of my favorite spots to have a drink in NYC

Kimberly West

Only one word for the place AMAZING.

Behdad Esfahbod

The vodka drink is delicious.

Wade Guenther

Great bar with really amazing cocktails. Tell them what you are into and they will surprise you with some Jedi drink.

De-Andrea Blaylock-Johnson

Beautiful drinks and exceptional service

Enrique Martinez

Very cool atmosphere with decent amount of space at the bar. The cocktails are excellent!

Nicolas Schlueter

I tried some classic cocktails (old fashioned, manhatten (perfect), sazerac, negroni) and the barkeeper kindly followed my requests regarding the ingredients. However, two of the drinks were not convincing (manhatten, negroni). The restrooms are shared, resulting in a pretty long queue. If you get a seat at the bar you will be served in a timely manner. I did not try the food.

Chris Stratton

One of my favorite bars in the city. Food is good quality and drinks are excellent. Barbacks are very knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful and focus on execution.

Brown Jeremy

Carrot Tartare There are a bunch of vegetables on the NoMad bar menu, but who wants to eat vegetables when there’s a pot pie at the table next to you? If you are going to go the veggie route, this carrot tartare is a nod to the chef’s famous dish that’s long been a staple on the Eleven Madison Park menu, and we love it. It’s pretty much the best cole slaw you’ll ever eat. Clams In Broth With Corn, Bacon & Tomato Go with the local steamed cherrystones in broth, and drink a big, hoppy IPA with it. Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog If you’ve had a couple stiff drinks, this guy sounds pretty damn appetizing. You’ll definitely regret it in the morning, and you can get an equally-enjoyable bacon wrapped dog at Crif Dogs for a quarter of the price, but whatever. Live in the moment. It also has black truffle on it, which is the only way we can figure that ground up pig parts in a bun could cost $16.

Julia Bak

It is a very snobby place where the focus is not on the guests. We tried to have a drink and not all of our group wanted to eat something, so we were not allowed to sit down but could stand at the bar while eating. It is very noise as well so talking to each other is not working very well.

Dave Oshry

Overrated, overpriced, but the staff was very nice.

Dennis Adamo

Excellent place for meetings. Great bar menu and White glove service.

Alana Fritsche

Fantastic bartenders. Highly recommend

Vedant Tiwari

Best service and cocktails. Great food

Lou Rizzo

Great bar. Can get busy but the drinks are amazing. Nice place to relax and I didn’t feel rushed. Quickly got a table. I will be back.

Charles Samuels

Some of the best cocktails in the city paired with thoughtful dishes that run the gamut from a perfect pile of french fries to bright and elegant brunoised bay scallops. More than anything else, it's the attentive service of the enthusiastic staff and knowledgeable barkeeps that will make you want to visit any time you can afford to.

Adele B

Tres bonne ambiance et super service ! Really good ambiance, its good looking, a little be fancy. The service is perfekt!

Sophie Barretto

The fried chicken is more than satisfying. Also, one of the best burgers I've had the pleasure of eating ;-]

Christopher Long you will not be disappointed! Great drink selection, but some have way too much ice, like a snowcone.

Jonathan Richard

Excellent cocktails, good music!

Hajar Northern

Delicious food! Exceptional service! Exquisite ambiance!

Nick Peterson

Great atmosphere, service, food and cocktails will be back for sure!

Anthony Queen

Absolutely loved the food and service. We got the chicken burger and beef burger with fries. We would go back and get the same thing in a heartbeat. It is a great date night spot.

wolliez marco

We stopped in unplanned after visiting the museum on a Thursday night, excellent all around. Customer service was great food was fresh and delish. We left our bag and a waitress ran a whole block to get it to us! How awesome, it’s now personal! Overall great spot!

Eddie L

Nice hotel bar with special house concoctions. Never thought your chemistry classes would come into play huh? This is a laboratory for the libations you didn't know exists. Give it a try.

Sandra Aguilar

fantastic service, good drinks!

Adam Hill

One of many bars in the NoMad hotel. Enter around the corner on 28th street. Lots of standing room, but if you want a table you have to order food. Very good cocktails and an excellent burger.

Stacy Williams

We stopped in unplanned after visiting the museum on a Thursday night, excellent all around. Customer service was great food was fresh and delish. We left our bag and a waitress ran a whole block to get it to us! How awesome, it’s now personal! Overall great spot!

Artur Silva

Fantastic negroni

Shelley Chen

My favourite cocktail bar in NYC, it's just always good. The rosemary fries are also the perfect snack to go along everything.

Joy cho

So amazing place:) there's so busy , so many people enjoy to drink with new friend and had a gorgeous interior. if who someone else want real newyork local feeling and make a new friend just go there

Jonathon Chanthamala

10/11/2019 Service is wayyyyy too slow. If I went this slow making drinks, I would be fired at my job. There should be a separate bar in the kitchen just for groups at a table and leave the bartenders at the bar for folks who are standing there. I just want my drink in a timely manner and I will move out the way. Work smarter. Hire more bartenders, hire more waiters. 5 waiters walked by before someone finally figured out I was waiting to get through to the bar. It is too late now! My friend was sitting at the bar, orders our drinks and 15 mins later the bartender directly in front of him was busy making a drink order placed an hour ago. Dear Nomad Bar, I am not writing this for a free drink. Go faster, have a separate kitchen bar, add more bartenders, have more servers check on guest without drinks in their, have ipads and square cards readers to take drink orders, faster, smarter.

craig giordano

Best bartenders ive ever seen

Family Fan

Excellent ambience and great drinks and food. A bit expensive overall but you get what you pay for at this place, and that’s good and bad. Gets a bit too crowded sometimes.

Ed Braude

Great bar, creative concoctions with a whiskey flair. On the higher end price wise

Brian Jaszkowiak

Incredible service and cocktails.

Randall Jamrok

Decent spot for cocktails!

Mark LoGiurato

Nice bar if you can find the back room! Always crowded, but well worth the visit. Drinks are top-notch as are the mixologists. A great place to visit when in the neighborhood.

Daniel S

It is common to get a cheap pour when you order a pint of beer. You know what I mean - the beer level is well below the top of the pint glass. So it was busy and someone else poured my beer and gave it to my bartender. He was about to hand it to me but then turned around, walked back and filled it to the top. Never seen that before.

Darlene Padilla

I have been in many bars like this and the one consistent is they are all loud and obnoxious.......Frankie's is so at the other end of this spectrum. the drinks are ALL awesome and as long as you don't do what I do and that is get a mug every time I visit the cost is Seriously, Frankie's THEE ONLY thing I wish different is that you had more space and more quiet booth's like the ones everyone fights over. Keep it up folks and I will continue to come back more and more...

Sharon Markowicz

A nice place to meet friends for a nice coctail

Edwin Pratt

An amazing cocktail menu! The Octoberfest menu was a lot of fun as well.

Sneha Rao

Oh My Goodness!! Hands down the best cocktail I've had in my life!!! The bar is so eclectic and the bartenders are fantastic!! The attention given to every drink served is simply mesmerizing!! We had a great time watching them make our drinks and my drink was deliciously potent and I enjoyed a powerful high!! Wooohoooo AWESOMENESS!!!!


The waitress is a lil but pushy in paying the bill.

Dina Jones

Great experience!!! Will definitely be going back! Excellent service and great people all around! The Coqtail is a great drink to share and start a conversation!

Durvank Yewle

Fabulous drinks over here - really interesting ingredient list and good staff caring enough to explain if you don’t know a particular one ;) Ambience music and crowd is equally good. One of the finer as well as informal place. Definitely make a reservation, always crowded evenings The restaurant in Nomad hotel is Michelin star - but surprisingly the bar Nomad food is not that great

Virgil Winkler

Love to hang out here every tuesday night, love my taco day n happy hour right here, one of my favo Russian bar!

Vladimir Volkanovski

Cool bar, nothing in particular

debie lachman

Really great cocktails! High end so expect to pay NY prices. Great ambiance.

Natasha Coppola-Shalom

Very cool ambiance, but if you're not eating the only place you're allowed to sit is at the bar. The drinks are great and the bartenders are excellent, BUT: I ordered the steak frites and after taking almost an hour to come, I was presented with what may have been the worst steak of my life. It was much too salty and not cooked nicely. It's a $50 steak, and they did not comp my bill. I will never send back an animal that gave it's life for me to eat, so I enlisted a friend to help me finish it. I'm appalled that I received such BAD food (after waiting an hour!!) from such a lovely place with nice staff. Shame on the chef.

Jill Irwin

Good place to catch up with friends. The bill was decent. Atmosphere is similar to a place in Columbus I loved.

Rajkumar Pardasani

Great bar. Energizing. Good crowd. Great service.


One of the best burger in town. Everyone in the table was wondering how can this burger be that tasty, and is because of the meat they use! absolutely amazing. Don’t forget to order some fries to share, they are like a freshly McDonalds fries but in steroid!

Eunju Tae

The cocktails were more than great. I love it. The bar is belong to the hotel so the service was really good too. I went here only for drinks but next time I want to try food as well. If you want to have a great cocktails in fancy nice atmosphere, this place is the answer.

Phenixx Baker

Cool after work place to meet up for drinks, food options are tasty. It can be a bit a scene sometimes. It also gets pretty packed during the weekday evening. It has nice ambiance.

darren alexander

Great little place. Really good service and great cocktails although too many had egg white in. Only about $14 or so a cocktail which is pretty good for NYC

John Pershing

The NoMad bar is crowded, even on a Tuesday, but the wait is half the fun. Grab a superbly crafted cocktail, find a little space at the bar or in the alcove by the front, and enjoy. If you're there to eat, the burger is best in class. It's more expensive than it used to be, and the portion size precipitates the need to order fries, but it's so worth it!

Ofir Ovadia

I sat at the Elephant Room. The drinks were good but expensive and not as artisanal as I was expecting. That said, they were at the very least solid, and not your regular shtick. The food is expensive. I had the scallops ($38 - entrée) which were tasty, but not super special and if it weren’t for the onion bread that comes with it, I would have still been hungry. It’s not that it’s bad, it’s just that the portion size-taste-experience combo, didn’t match the price tag IMO. Service is a hit and miss, started with a bartender that was short with me, another one was bitter and cold at the beginning, but “opened up” during the night. The last one saved the day and was super nice and helpful. Overall it didn’t look like the bartenders were having fun, which is a shame IMO.. Crowd is mostly business people, and the place has a very “upscale” vibe to it

Erica JOY

Food. Drinks. Atmosphere. Service. Yum yum yum

Joy Underwood

Wow! This place has definitely stepped up ALOT since I've last been here. Glad I came back to see Tycho and Com Truise. Had a blast!! Will definitely return.


Lovely place. Entertaining staff, clean and fun environment.

Will P

It gets loud but if you go early it's quiet and the bartenders are very skilled.

kal loul

This is one of my favorite places in NYC. The drinks are very good. I love the library looking lounge. The food is very simple yet delicious. I highly recommend

Ryan Bishop

Set in classic ambiance in dark wood colors makes the place cozy and warm, they have amazing cocktails, very extensive list of unique cocktails, the dry aged burger is a must try as well as the banana stand cocktail!

Maurice Lighting

Some of the best food and drinks I've ever had. Service is on point and bar is lively. Will be trying to return here every time I'm in New York.

Claudia Galvez

I was there for brunch good food and service

Brian Mason

Alchemist at large. Tailored drinks all night.

Robert Nadal

Great food combined with a warm atmosphere make Nomad a winner.

Max Brunner

NoMad is an incredible place, a mix of nightclub and restaurant in the heart of Manhattan. Enjoy the amazing dry-aged burgers with some of the best craft beers you can find in New York. The drinks are also very good.

Chris Seltzer

Amazing cocktail menu. Gets crowded quickly though.

Marley Bonilla

Pretty great cocktails, however there is no where to sit. If you are ordering food then you are allowed a table but ordering bar food doesn't count. Kind of sucked because I injured my leg and couldn't stand on it too much. The fries were good. The service wasnt too bad. They continued to refill my water. The bathrooms were very large and clean.

Wontae Kim

Beautiful bar. Usually extremely crowded though. Crowd isn’t very interesting.

Carlo Romero

Favorite cocktail bar in the city. Great food, great service, and interesting, well-executed drinks. The space is warm and well-designed also. My only reservation about leaving this review is that my favorite place will become even more popular.

Bill FitzPatrick

Great drinks

Sambhavi Vempati

Great setting! Good food. 3 stars because it wasn't out of the world. The drink was okay! And the food was definitely delicious but super over priced! Did not seem worth it at the end of it all. One thing you must try is their carrot tartare: they do one hell of a job with that dish! It's amazing!

Tyler S

Good cocktails, but the ambiance alone is worth the visit.

Liav Horwitz

The best cocktail bar and food experience in the city after the dead rabbit for my opinion love it go all the time

Eli Showalter

The drinks and ambiance of this place are great. The problem is that it's always so crowded. Two solutions: either go with the intent on getting some food with your drinks so you can get a booth or table (the burger and the chicken for 2 are really good!) or you can try to hit it up earlier in the week (although recently even Monday or Tuesday nights seem to be busy).

Pilar Illanes Salas

Nice place to eat

Lady Chretien

Awesome bar, especially after work with coworkers! Reasonably priced cocktails (can you beat an $8 old fashioned?) and a fun music/atmosphere. This is our go to place for happy hours. The staff is incredibly friendly, accommodating, and responsive. We never wait very long for our waiter or our drinks. Also, to top it all off, it's dog friendly! What more can you ask for?

Jane, Ang Li

The environment is very charming and relaxing, especially with the glass dome letting in the sunshine and green plants decorations. The food is what I see on the healthy side though. Low calorie and carefully selected good quality ingredients, but a little bit less of flavors. The chicken sandwich is a bit dry, which I would not say it is not good. But if you are looking for the normal juicy strong flavor sandwich, it might not be the right option. The appetizers and desserts are great.

Ketan Karia

Great cocktails, chicken burger and fries. Nice ambiance

Josefina Arzate

his is a good cocktail bar, the drinks are mesmerizing. Food is delicious especially do go for "TACO TUESDAY". Friendly and beautiful bartenders Have a nice time when go! Cheers

Ankush Chauhan

Literally The Best Bar... Loved all cocktails...

Murilo Moraes

Well executed and fancy cocktails. But deserved 5 stars for the chicken - simply amazing. If you're not too hungry, the chicken + one other small choice from the menu is enough for 3.

Arojit Saha

Nice place but sometimes way too crowded. That's fine; it's NY, but maybe open up the space a bit

Stephanie Nelson

Love this bar. Great service, food, drinks and friendly staff. Will be back

Artemis Papatriantafyllou

Lovely place. Delicious cocktails

j ditta

Excellent cocktails with super friendly bartenders in a gorgeous, upscale, atmosphere. Believe the hype!

Paul Aponte

Great bars! There are several..

Erik Wandrag

One of the best bars ever.

Patricio Sandoval

Please try the hot dog...yes, the hot dog...cocktails are awesomes

Geoffrey Crawley

Delightfully delicious cocktails. The Detox was one of the Top 5 cocktails I've enjoyed in 2018. Happy hour is ridiculously busy + managed as best as the small bar + standing space allows. I'd recommend waiting after the after work crowd to improve your experience.

Karl 1974

Energetic tavern featuring high-end cocktails with rare spirits, plus elevated American pub grub.

Sharif Kesh

What's there not to love. Top notch service. Ambience is cozy & romantic. Food is perfect. Their bar menu's burger & grilled chicken is scrumptious. Cooked just right. Cheese & sauces in perfect harmony with the meat & bun. Place also has an exceptional bar. $$$$

Alishah Jamal

I never thought I'd have a better burger than I did at Emily's and Minneta tavern, but boy was I wrong. The burger here easily beats both of those burgers. Yes, it's smaller, but it damn sure tastes better. The burger is $23 and the fries are $10, and they hook you up with the fries. The atmosphere here is loud and fun and the staff is very friendly! Highly recommend it!

Daniel Phillips

Absolutely beautiful place. Mesmerizing drinks and all of the staff were super helpful. I recommend 1000% to anyone visiting New York.

Maya Jordan

First time at NoMad Bar in a while. Cute place with a mixed local and out of towner crowd. Expensive drinks but they are well made so it almost justifies the price.

Scott Cohen

great cocktails. amazing vibe and atmosphere.

Young Jae Young

Cocktail, People, Music, Energy and You

Linn Burman

Great place for drinks and burgers. If you are vegetarian don't miss the lens burger!

Style N Craft Leathers Inc.

Nice upscale, classy place. Expensive. Service was courteous and good. Good cocktails. Did not eat food so can't say. Will try the food next time.

Caleb McNeill

Frequent this bar often when i stay at nomad. 5 stars.

Kelly McCarthy

What are unique bar and atmosphere with delicious craft cocktails served in such a cool atmosphere

Paulina Carrillo

This bar feels like your in a movie. The staff outfits are gorgeous and handsome. The staff is friendly and the decor is beautiful. Bathrooms are clean and easy to find. Great sitting selection even though we didn't come here for food but just letting readers know. The drinks tho wow our waitress knew her stuff and very helpful and patient even though it got busy fast! We got there once it open (5pm Saturday) the drinks are soooooo good. I love each one she mention. If your in NYC, this is the spot to visit.

Gwen Clark

The Library bar is a quiet place in the morning to grab a quick bite to eat and coffee. A relaxing way to start the day before heading out in the Big City. At night, it is the happening place. Crowded, noisy, a great place to get a late night snack and a cocktail. Be sure to try the fries...they are addicting! Wait staff is very friendly and knowledgeable of the city. A great time!

Moses Zarnighian

Amazing place, but it is way too crowded and no where to sit

Luna G

Came here with a friend. We only got some drinks so we just sat at the bar. I got the blinker, the start me up and the seasonal eggnog. The blinker was good, a good mix of whisker and fruity flavors. The tear me up was a suggestion from the bartender after I asked for some refreshing drinks. It was pretty tasty as well. The seasonal eggnog was less impressive as it was less sweet but more alcoholic then I expected. Their menus changes often and most of their drinks were good. In general a good bar living to its name.

Bryan Margaca

Beautiful place. Hands down. But clicky vibe. Long time wait for drinks; business was moderate when I went. Expensive place.

Jessica Berry

Stunning cocktails and really helpful staff, happy to give a recommendation. Great buzz in the bar

Michael Tompkins

Three things stand out about the NoMad: the cocktails, the atmosphere, and the chicken. This place has some of the best cocktail and drink options of any place in NYC. And there is no better environment with that cozy, sophisticated, and vibrant feel. Ive been seated in three of their rooms and each has such a distinct feeling of warmth and flare. Third, get the chicken, which is cooked to another level. I know what you are thinking ... "chicken? How special can chicken be?" But this chicken was in another stratosphere of deliciousness.

Faisal Haroon

An eclectic place with an interesting beautiful people. Definitely to be experienced at least once

Nicolas Boaknin

Superlative service. Wonderful drinks and great food

Jesse Tanner

Best live music, so small and hot in there but the vibe is definitely worth it. They always have a good love band and everyone is dancing enjoying the music. Love coming here, it's more unique than going to the "popular" downtown spots

Ryan Michael Cheung

Lots of space for a quick pre/post dinner drink in Flatiron. Sneak into the guest-only space if you can for snacks.

Thomas Vitalis

One of my favorite places to hang out in central Manhattan

Mom Mee

Just get the Hot Lips and enjoy the night awayyyyy

mario ursumando

So far the best cocktail bar n town.

Vanessa Powell

Lively afterwork crowd of men wearing suits. I saw Shoshanna from Girls here twice. Expensive, but it deserves to be.

Fernando Ferreira

Great drinks. Server was very knowledgeable about the menu and have great suggestions based on our tastes/mood. All the drinks we ordered tasted fresh and delicious.


Great service. Impressive cocktails and bartenders. Employees we nice to every guest.

Yosette Luengas

Excellent service, excellent food, excellent ambience

Nicolas VO

Very accommodating staff, exceptional cocktails

yuval finkelstein

the Nomad Bar is an upscale bar & food place. the decor design really supports and go along with the menu, that consist of fancy cocktails and deliciously crafted food items. I wish I be here with my sister as she's such a foodie that will definitely appreciate this kind of establishment

joe vallino

Cool atmosphere, nice architecture, excellent bartenders and comprehensive selection.

Neroshan Thevakumaran

Great drinks and a must visit for locals and tourists alike. There is a reason this bar makes the top 10 in the world. Expect to stand as space is limited. The seats are reserved for guests who each order an entree

Jackie Gordon Singing Chef

This may win best comfy bar in NYC and their cocktail program is top notch. So many interesting choices and they're well made and look gorgeous! You want to try a lot of different drinks, but you might be paying for that the next day. We had dessert in the bar. The milk and honey dessert is still a delight! The food is always wonderful at the Nomad.

valentino amaro

I'll change my rating when you open on sundays for bunch. Lol

Parker Reposa

Come prepared for some of the best cocktails ever but will definitely break the bank. As expected! $20 craft cocktails always make me think twice, maybe three times, but it’s a rare treat for me.

Heath Allen

Very much a scene. Cocktails were fine but honestly nothing special. There are much better drinks to be had all over the city. Great service though and nicely designed interior.

Sebastian Oliva

Amazing, the chicken burger is an obligation!!

Dustin Thostenson

Seriously Satisfying Steak!

Vibhuti Jha

Great chicken burger and Kingsman !!

Raquel Plaza

One of the best burgers I've ever had. You can see very few ingredients with the meat (cheese, onions, pickles), it's simple but super tasty. The place is expensive like so many other places in New York but this one is totally worth it. The fries and the ice cream sandwich (milk and honey) were also delicious. We had to wait a little bit for a table as we didn't have any reservation.

Daniel James Brchich

fast service,fancy.

Cara Lazarevich

So mad. Just bad. Absolutely delightful. Needs more restrooms

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