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10 W 32nd St, New York, NY 10001

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Adil Zia

Oooomg I love this place This place made me love soon du bu.. Turned it into my favorite dish in the world

Jason Sharples

As good as it was when we went some years ago, fast NY-Korean style service of great food in a comfortable restaurant

Christina Kim

Worse Korean food I have tasted in a long time. So much msg I had cotton mouth and was sleepy for hours. The $40 one person portion bulgogi was sour so I spit it out. The server was rude- she spilled oil on my son’s shoes while moving and didn’t even apologized.

Bennett Bennett

Great location for tasty korean bbq. I really loved this place. Prices are reasonable I would say. I can see why they have a lot of positive reviews.

Joshua TV

Korean food in New York l. I think LA better

Yash Patel

Limited veggie options, but it's a BBQ so understandable. Staff is nice and they will try to accommodate your request. For me, the food had no spice. If u like spicy food, not a place for you.

Rico Sharp

Been here a number of times now with my girlfriend and love it every time. Service is fast and food tastes great. In the past I had to line up and wait 15-20 minutes but the last time I was here in December 2018 I was able to get a table straight away.

toan nguyen huu

I absolutely enjoyed the food and service, excellent area nearby to my home. The cashiers are always welcoming. Highly recommended.

avinash saraon

Can be good if with a group, their private tables are really nice. Food is pricey but good.

Taishi Fukuyama

It's nice the staff cook all the meat for you but, considering that the 3 sets have at least 4 types of meats and pretty much last the entire duration of the meal, by the time you're getting to the last bites, most likely your cooked meats will have gotten cold, which is unfortunate. Overall, everything was good. Wish they had draft beer and bit just bottles. I'll probably try a few more spots in this area before I settle on going here again as a repeater.

CT Rob

Great food and great service

Wayne Warner

This place never fails to deliver. They have awesome dishes for fair prices, there are no long waits even when the place is packed.

A Rollins

They serve large dishes and for convenient pricing. kind employees. Keep up the good work.

Johan Jonsson

On the expensive side. Helpful staff. The bulgogi was delicious.

Madina Pardaeva

So yummy! One of my favorite places to get Korean food! It is always fresh and delicious!


Pricey, been to better places but Korean BBQ is a must try. Such unique flavors. Plus i am a Kim chi fanatic.

Kimberly Patterson

My friend and I stopped in to get lunch and greatly enjoyed our meals. The food was delicious, fresh, and hot. The portions are generous and you walk out of there feeling happy and full. The service was pretty good. They are very busy with lots of people coming and going. A great little place to stop in and try.

Brent Martin

Great location for quality korean bbq. Super savory. Bring your hunger - portions are filling. They have so many good reviews for a reason.

Jaimes laughs

Best Korean food I've tasted!!

Yizhuo Zhang

This restaurant changed their menu and the food is too expensive compared to the quality. I think Miss Korea BBQ is only for tourists, not for local people. You can chose much cheaper Korean food place with the same quality.

Matthew Hickey

Great place for a relaxed lunch with delicious food and quick service. One of the better places in k town. I haven't had a bad dish here. Ask for extra chili sauce with the bibimbap. My favorite is the beef intestines stew and the cod fish stew.

a aitch

Really enjoyed this place. Great food. Korean BBQ is always fun! Awesome service and opening 24 hours!!!

Sam George

not bad but all these places are so overpriced for what you get

Santiago Ramirez

Food was good. A server stopped us while leaving saying the tip was too low even though it was 15% which is fairly generous considering their prices are expensive enough as it is. Will not be returning. Price is too expensive for that kind of service.

Kimberly Campos

The staff is so-so. They look at you up and down as if your weird which is not very comfortable. The food was good. Tend to forget side dish that come with your order.

Jim Ou

Service is totally a mess, the food is small, and basically they cooked our BBQ to burn. And when we give tips, they require us to pay more than 20%. When we did it, we found out they added our tips to 20% afterwards! That is unacceptable!


Great taste with a little bit louder music. 24x7 service. Enjoyed mid night dinner. I liked their Mandu.

Shadae Manning

Me and my friends went here for the first time on a Friday night which was of course packed. The only reason I’m giving 2 stars is because the food was good the service could of been a lot better it’s quite annoying when your trying to eat and the waiter is rushing us to leave using the excuse that their closing, which is bull when on the site it says it’s 24hrs PLUS THEY DIDN’T GO TO ANYONE ELSE’S TABLE TO SAY THAT. Yet I still GAVE a generous tip because I know how hard it can be to work in the food business.

Krystal B

I went here for the galbijjim. It costs arnd $20 with all the side dishes. I got dissappointed because I was expecting a tatse close to Sun Nong Dan in LA. Theirs is almost soup. But to be fair, I'm not sure if galbijjim is almost soup or it has to have this G gooey oily sauce like the one in Sun Nong Dan. Miss Korea's is sweeter like dates sweet. Their service is good so i'm giving them a 4.

Fabrynn Soonalote

The price is not worth it. We got to a place not to far away that offered spicy pork belly slices for $21 instead of miss Korea BBQ which charges $35.95 for it. We were waiting for some entrees yet they brought out the meat first and it was sitting there so instead of waiting since we were hungry we decided to cook the meat our selves when they noticed the staff came over and literally took the tongs for the meat out of my hands, he shook his head no at me like I was a child. I took a video which I was going to post but decided not to since I didn't get the individuals permission to post it-- it was of the staff taking the meat and cooking the meat. I still said thank you for cooking the meat for us which you can see in my video. However when I ended the video (it was a quick 8 seconds) he gave me a very dirty look and said I'd have to pay $5 if I took another video. So all in all, it's over priced, staff is rude, not enough meat and they don't check to see if you need more side dishes so I would not recommend going there and I will not be going back.

Kenneth Date Chong

Always good food & service

Paul Matthews

The short ribs bulgogi was fantastic. It came with a good selection of sides, but no rice.

Jo Jo

One of the best and the most authentic Korean restaurants in New York. Friendly staffs will make you fell comfortable even when you are alone.

Joy Downs

Korean BBQ and the scene at this spot is very good. visited on fri i believe. next time i'll be back with my relatives. the place has an awesome feel to it. atmosphere is similar to a cafe in san jose i loved.

Dante Hin-Gasco

Extremely good bimbambap, the place smelled heavenly when I walked in. I definitely want to return to try out the Korean barbecue experience

Rainier Ferrell

Fresh and helpful

Ali A.

it's my first time to try Korean food and i tried Gabosal and it was so testy

Emanuel Walter

Certainly a spot worth trying, the food is fantastic and well prepared, the cost is convenient and it is always neat here. Fantastic work.

Calvin Zhang

Excellent service & Delicious food!!! I Love Miss Korea!!! Beef is so fine and delicious, besides I love the yummy sauce. What impresses me most is Kimchi. I know everyone goes to Korean restaurant for Kimchi, but this one is so good! I'll be there next time there. Calvin

OG Studio

The BBQ here is something you write home about. The service was nice too!

Andrew Vennos

Let me start by saying I'm often critical of restaurants so I'm probably not the average reviewer. I expect delicious tasty food for a fair price. We are a family of 3 who went for lunch. A bad sign was the lady at the entrance actively begging people to try it out. We ordered marinated beef barbecue x 2 and Korean pancake. The beef was obviously not marinated - it had a sprinkle of salt and pepper but no liquid. I asked the server if I made a mistake but they insisted it was marinated. The taste was almost nothing - no flavor, just cooked. The meal came with cold noodle - also terrible - very little flavor. The lettuce was dry and flail - obviously not fresh. The pancake tasted mostly burnt and was supposed to be an appetizer but came out late. Service was a little slow at first but then picked up but not friendly - you could easily tell they hated their jobs. Plus, the street and interior smelled like rotted trash. Total bill $150! So, overall, very disappointing. In fact, the entire Korea Town restaurants on 32nd Street have taken a huge nose dive over the past 20 years - especially recently. I'm simply amazed how many people eagerly swallow this so-called "food." There is no passion here to make decent food. Just to let you know I'm not always disappointed - I absolutely love Honey Pig in Catonsville MD - best Korean food you can buy for a very fair price so I know it CAN be done! I went all the way to NYC for this? Hope this helps at least someone.

Nikki Chalifoux

A great spot to get Korean food in New York City, it's a cute little spot with a nice and caring staff. Food was delicious and presented nicely, had plenty of options for everyone to enjoy.

Chuh-Hee Lie

Expensive, not attentive to customer. Never again.


Definitely one of the better Korean BBQ places in the neighborhood. Food and service we're both great. Did not feel rushed to leave like in other nearby places. We'll definitely be back .

Illyria Rossman

A very lovely place with friendly staff. A bit pricey, but worth it for authentic KBBQ.

Blaine Holder

Certainly a place worth stopping over, the food is good and well prepared, the prices are affordable and it is constantly well organized in here. Great work.

Yelisa K

Average price in manhattan. Busy place. Good food. I ordered a noodle in soup with no msg because my mom has gastric cancer. However there was no season at all. I could have asked for some salt but everyone who works there seems too busy. Hope they know that not using msg doesn't mean not seasoning at all.

Adrian Bona

Great food, great attention. Prices a little bit high for just meat.

Alex Camarato

Great food and very friendly staff. First time ever going to a Korean BBQ and they were helpful the entire time. The restaurant didn't feel cramped like most restaurants in the area. Definitely would come back again.

Gjergj Tr

Over priced ( 4 people $320 not including the tip, an extra $60), the girl that took care of us was good but one of the buss guys in two different times took our plates in a quick and fast mood without noticing, finishing it or without asking our permission. You got the feeling they just want to get rid of you and not enjoy it. Keep in mind that you are providing a service and need to be considerate of your client!


Great spot for food after the club. It's open 24 hours. It's always packed but the staff is very attentive.

Jhn Sot

Superb food and atmosphere. They treat you great and the beer is fantastic.

Sotirios Gountas

First among many for no nonsense, authentic Korean. Be warned. Tables are squeezed together do it's tight seating. Also, service can be at a frenetic pace, but it's part of the experience. My only complaint is that the tables are small and the grill is right in front of you. Avoid wearing nice clothes lest you want grease splatter on them.

Dylan DiScenza

Let me start off by saying that the service was great and there was a welcoming atmosphere. I ordered the bibimbap and I was quite underwhelmed. The presentation was good but there was simply a lack of flavor.

Ashley Bateman

Sooo good. We ate All the Barbecue, the best fried dumplings and rice cakes in tomato sauce with seafood...cheese melted over the top. Everything we tried was delicious! They were packed and there's a reason for it. But service was great even though they were super busy.

Aaron Liburd

Great foos 2nd floor seating is the best

Marland Kaplan

Cant think of a better after hours spot to continue drinking and enjoying really good music and food!

kristina kolobaieva

I definitely will never go in this place again. Such terrible food and service

stan yu

The bbq was alright the first time I came here but there are better places in the area to get kbbq. However, my second time around I got the budaejiggae and it was perfect. The right amount of noodles and meats and rice cakes etc.. really good flavor. The pork is very tender. Another really good dish here was the glass noodles with beef. Really good sauce that goes along with the noodles. Lastly, the whole time we were there, the only music that was playing was Bruno Mars. No complaints on that!

Sissy Ichinohe

Compared to its price and fancy store attitude, the service we received was a little on the down side. I expected something more. One of our member made a reservation by phone call earlier in order to get the table on the 2nd floor. She knew it’ll be better to make the reservation, she liked the upstairs more than their grand floor, and we were group of 7. So she did make sure it, and really wanted to treat us there. But when we arrived the restaurant, there was no table for us upstairs and nothing was hold. They told us they didn’t take any reservation from us, and no enough seats for 7 but fewer. We eventually ended up having the table at the ground floor, but they didn’t clean the left over under the grill from the previous group. (They cleaned up every other thing so it wasn’t a big matter but I was just shocked.) The food was good, their bbq was delish. But the things disappointed me a lot. I forgot and enjoyed eating, after all that was all good. But I don’t think I will come back to take my friend here.


Good for Korean bbq. No wait time. Meat was of good quality.

Yishay Mansour

great korean bbq.

Dina Benedetto

This place is okay. The meal for two is highly expensive compared to everything around. I haven’t tried anything else there but it’s supposed to be good. So maybe try and let me know how it is ! I’d give it another chance in the future.

Mark Yachnin

I love this place. Three floors of nice environments, delicious food, nice service, and reasonably priced. The sondubo is my favorite.

Richard Fuller

Delicious but pricey. The taste is excellent. I said it to my family and repeating it here: I'd swim in their Tteukbokki sauce if they let me. All of the food was phenomenal but it was the single most expensive meal my family has ever enjoyed; so my recommendation is to save the visit for a special occasion. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Hazeline Foo

Food is good, a bit pricy but good that it’s 24 hours.

Harriet Mackenzie

Definitely the greatest food in Koreatown.

Ashley Falcon

Fulfilled. Tasteful choices in meat and seasoning/marinade. The scallion salad was to die for and free refills on it. They cook and cut the meat for you - theres something to say but I cant think about all that. The squid was not my favorite, but the flavors were present (small notes of red pepper). If you must try a soup - try the tofu soup with beef intestines.

Aniket Agrawal

This is decent place in K Town. The only reason I'm not rating it highly because the food is slightly expensive and not as good as Baekjeong. Otherwise, you can try it. The staff is good, and will help you through the meal.


The place was great! My family got recommended to go here from a local and I could see why. The first part of the menu has more pricey options if you want to splurge and the more affordable options are more towards the back. I will warn, this restaurant loves it's spice. I ordered the kimchi and it was like eating a bowl of hot coals. It was worth it though as it was delicious

Daphine Shu

I don’t even want to give a star to this restaurant. I had dinner at this restaurant in April while visiting New York. We are a group of 5 people. The staff kept rushing us to make our order when we were only just sat down. And when the food came we want to cook the meat by ourselves so my mom were cooking the meat and the staff just take the tong away from her not polite at all. When we haven’t even finished our meal they kept taking plates and bowl away from our table. And want us to finish everything as fast as possible so we can leave and they can give the table to the next group. We didn’t enjoy our whole dinner at all. Very disappointed. We didn’t even want to give any tips at all as the service and the staff was absolutely disgusting. but they just charge the tips right away without even mention to us. It is very bad. Not recommend to go to this restaurant at all. The food is not particularly good at all.

Courtney Harris

The beef stew and dumplings are awesome! Highly recommend this place for Korean food!

Jasper Navarro

They offer a vast variety of fresh food. I enjoyed eating here. Employees are always friendly, pricing is affordable and the spot is always kept clean.

Janelle Mathews

Food and service was great! Will return soon.

Adeline Shen

The K-BBQ wrapped in lettuce was so good. Juicy and flavorful. We had the caviar soup which I liked very much, although it tasted exotic for some Americans. The bibimbap was alright. The only thing I was not pleased was they charged me $1 extra tip than what I wrote on the bill. Maybe they think 15% tip was too small, but overcharging without my consent was shady business.

Craig Villegas

The place offers a large variety of delicious food. I loved eating here. Employees are always very friendly, prices are affordable and the place is always clean.

Cayson Baker

This place is worth a visit. They have large portions for convenient prices. Constantly clean and with fantastic atmosphere. Will come visit again.

Tony C

Good food in Korea town. This place been here forever but still go here from time to time and it stands up to time. Not much frills, but good BBQ as it never sways much, always offering good meats and snug atmosphere

Edward Yoo

Miss Korea is a nice restaurant and does a very good Korean BBQ. Their other dishes are very good too. I've been here a bunch of times in the past. Check it out for yourself.

Jordan Adams

Got to experience Korean BBQ like I was in Korea! I wish they’d give you more of the side dishes, considering the price of everything. Meat tasted great, we were well attended to, and also seated quickly. Fun spot.

Danilo Alvarez

Shame on you, Miss Korea. I’ve been a regular at Miss Korea for over a decade. I’ve celebrated birthdays here, brought family and friends and bragged about you being one of the most delicious meals in the city. But when I totally needed you to come through for me, you messed up, Miss Korea. Last Friday I brought some important clients; people who I really needed to impress. I spent almost $700 ordering all kind of food and drinks. And we had been sitting for less than an hour when the waitress who, by the way, walked away with over $100 in mandatory tips, kicked us out of our table. YOU KICKED ME AND MY CLIENTS OUT, AND WE SPENT ALMOST $700. I want to clarify that we weren’t being loud or rude. We were kicked out because they needed the table for someone else. But we had made a reservation, and after spending almost $700 we at least deserved the courtesy of finishing our drinks. We didn’t get it. Anyone would think that $700 would buy them a couple of hours at Miss Korea. Think again. Word of advice. Don’t bring clients here. Unless you like being humiliated in front of them. You really messed up our relationship, Miss Korea. Shame on you.

Terrence Liu

Food is great. Service is good and I would totally come back next time when I was in KTown.

Sierra Key

My friends and I went for our first Korea bbq experience and it was super fun. It’s definitely a pricier event for sure. The service was great, the food was pretty yummy and get a cocktail!

Andreas Panayi

We came here at 1 am on a Saturday night and Koreatown was still jumping. They have a great selection of different dishes and nothing disappointed. The beef set was outstanding. Definitely recommend.


The staff is very kind and helpful. I came here with my on Saturday and the food was delicious. We ordered a meal for 2 and it was very delicious. We couldn't finish it, but it was really good. I recommend this place :)

sj herath

It's a amazing experience. Food a d service style. We had Korean BBQ.

Malik Floyd

This spot is worth visiting. They have large portions for affordable prices. Constantly well organized and with great character. Will come back again.

Armani Moore

Food is great but too expensive for the amount of food they friends and I were not full

Wai Yu

Food was tasty. Service ok. The servers was really nice.

Ayame ukyo lol

It was okay, a little bit expensive for only having two people eating only bulgogi.

KnEe Boi

Food and service were average. Not something that should be raved about. Noticed that the place is not well cleaned. I guess this is the down side of being opened 24hrs. Overall, it was a pleasant experience.

Hanum Dwita

Best Korean BBQ I ever had. The foods are good. My daughter is a picky eater, but she loves the food here. Even the music is too loud to us, but we enjoy our dinner. The server also nice to kids. Def will come back

Sam dela Cruz

Loooove the private rooms at Miss Korea BBQ. The food here is amazing. I love all the banchans especially the green onion salad. Everything is great. I had my birthday dinner here with my whole family (there were 12 of us), and we had such a great time. Really great Korean restaurant in K-town.

Christina Marzec

My favorite Korean bbq place in ktown. Delicious meat and panchan.

Davis Le

By far the best Korean BBQ I've had, even for the price. Service was exceptional and very quick to respond. Presentation was very nice, meat was cooked well, everything was clean, and the food was delicious. The portions are not that large, but it's a better value than other locations. I would definitely come back again.

Roshen Weliwatta

For the vegetarians who have to go there cuz of friends - they do have a Mixed Vegetable Stew - Tofu that’s actually very good. Positively surprised. The tofu is super soft almost like poached eggs. Highly recommend. Def going back to try the BBQ

Shadow Hurtz

Meat was very good. Service was amazing as well

Catherine Harper

Great Korean BBQ place, authentic food, Korean staff unlike other places which claim, fast service. I highly recommend this place for people who love eating healthy.

Susan Whalen

I k ow it says open 24 hrs and that makes people weary, but the food was amazing and the service was great. Highly recommend it.

와우Stamped Adventures

Amazing! The experience I had there was great! The server was incredible. The food was phenomenal. I would visit this place again the next time I'm NYC.

George Hamilton

About as authentically Korean as you can get without leaving New York.

Maciej Hajbert

Came here for a birthday party, service was mediocre, while quality of meat was good, portions were very small and prices were on the higher side, there are more authentic korean bbqs in the area that won't break bank as much.

Amber Anderson

Always a good time with good prices & good service

Harris Massey

I certainly enjoyed their dishes and customer service, good area right next to my residence. The employees are always very nice. Highly recommended.

Mateo Carlos

Staff at miss KOREA BBQ was extremely nice and helpful. The food is a little expensive but its family style dining so portions are massive. I ate very late and they still had about half the place filled up. It's a nice place to bring friends and socialize over a long meal. Not to say the service was slow, it was the opposite in fact, very fast and very tasty. I recommend trying it out with friends for sure.

Emiliano Soto

This place is worth visiting. They serve big portions for affordable prices. Always neat and with fantastic ambience. Highly recommended.

Robin Dugas

Best Korean BBQ I've had! Nice staff!

Jonathan Casterline

Went for dinner. Food is pretty expensive but cooked to melt in your mouth. Was a little overwhelmed with the sides that came with the combo meal but everything tasted fantastic. Leaving full and satisfied.

Kate Duong

This place is a tourist trap. Too expensive for what you get. Even extra rice was ridiculously priced. Everyone left hungry and felt ripped off. Never again.

Darya Filasova

Great experience! The food, service, and ambience is amazing. We ordered Sinseollo which is our first time to try royal hotpot which was very presentable and tasty. A good place to treat close friends or clients! Recommend!

Franziska Riede

Fun dining experience and good food!

Marian Nelson

I don't get it. My friend really wanted to go here. So we went. Yes, the food was pretty spicy. Maybe it was because we went at 1pm instead of 1am, but the dishes just didn't taste as good as I expected. The blood sausage was pretty soft, and I loved that the default spicy level doesn't hold back. But nothing else stood out to me. I can see myself enjoying it after a night out though!

Pau Martinez-Munevar

Delicious. Would definitely go back.

Stephen Patton

I absolutely enjoyed their dishes and service, great location very close to my apartment. The cashiers are always kind. Highly recommended.

Laura Schoenmakers

Amazing! Super tasty flavored food! Recommend it!

William Velazquez

Food was very fresh and DELICIOUS. We were so happy we had the combination bbq with beef, pork belly and a few other meats. Was nicely prepared at the table.

aldwin dela cruz

Great Food and Service!! Bit pricey but worth it. Staff are very accommodating. We would love to go back when we visit New York again.

Escogida por Misericordia

I loved the experience but I was sad that it was overly priced. Some of my friends were even treated rude while we were waiting for the rest of group. Even though at the end the did a special presentation to a birthday girl, but those things were really disappointing to us.

William Ryan

Great if you’re drunk and want bulgogi haha!!

Jeremy Tan

We had a great dinner at miss Korea BBQ tonight with our wonderful host Ji In! She was so accommodating when we seemed clueless ordering and made great recommendations. My husband, friends, and I really enjoyed the food, and we’ll definitely be back for more! Thank you guys so much!

Eugene Grinman

The waiter was rude and didn't bring what I asked for and then gave me an attitude. The prices were not comparable to the quality of the place.

Michelle Liu

Delicious Korean food in the heart of NYC. Wait staff is pretty attentive and the atmosphere is nice. Prices are kinda expensive but overall worth

Holdin Mcgroin

Very friendly and attentive staff, good portions for the price. Good food needs a bit of salt for my taste but fresh for sure. Would recommend.


Only two to three chicken dishes. Overpriced for boiled chicken/ fried chicken breast fried with no sauce in front of me. Served with many pickled dishes. Did not taste good. Only veggie glass noodles taste good

M Jefferson

I visit this great restaurant many times a year! This is the best place to have a bite. I go there frequently. The food is of high quality, the crew is professional and the prices are fair. I enjoy being in this restaurant to have a decent lunch.

Stacy Lin

Don’t even worth a try! I went with two of my friends. When we walked into the restaurant, nobody was there. After five minutes, a guy came and brought us to a desk without tableware. They did serve side dishes but they didn’t fill up even they saw your plate were empty already. The woman who was in charge of our barbecue didn’t come back on time so our beef was over cooked. After these incidents, we still gave 15% tips. And you know what? They refused to take the bill because they required 20%... WORST KOREAN RESTAURANT IN NYC FOR SURE! I would said Jongro is much better, and it’s just near it!!!

Jos van Kalker

In a small upstairs room, we had our Korean BBQ. It was a lovely experience, we selected one of the plates with a variety of meats. The BBQ was in the middle of the table and the food was amazing! Unfortunately, there was no ventilation above the table so our clothes reeked of meat after the dinner. However, that does not take away that it was in all an amazing food experience. The kimchi soup was great, the pork belly is the best and you get a ton of other meats, vegetables and sauces too! Staff is super friendly as always. A little expensive though.


The service and food were spectacular. Thanks a lot.

Samuel Cherry

Would certainly recommend trying this spot. Fantastic character, delicious dishes, fantastic service. Highly recommended.

Clara Yu

Raw beef is super good!

Michael Spano

Interesting experience! Authentic Korean cuisine, unique combination of flavors. Relaxing atmosphere, great service. Server cooks your choice of meats for you on a gas grill in the table (not actually BBQ) Plenty of tasty side dishes.

Candace Williams

Excellent food unbelievable. Loved every bite!! Great place, food and prices.

Sang Dang

Friendly staff, great service, and delicious food. Price is on the more expensive side.

Brady Alexander Duncan

Relatively tame for a Friday night out in ktown. Good service and tons of side dishes. Pricey bites, but that's what you sign up for after hours✌️

Carina Chu

One of my favorite Korean BBQ spots. Nice service. Get a combo. Generous refilling sides. Open late

Asya Johnson

The food here is absolutely delicious. I did a seafood stew which was spicy and delicious. We also did a beef combo for two. I love the whole experience of having them cook our food in front of us. They give you all of these traditional Korean sides including romaine lettuce for you to put your meat in. The atmosphere was lively the sake was quite tasty and over all I would recommend this place.

Shinyeng WuFeng

Really nice costumer service


Tremendous meal. Within five minutes of ordering your meal it is brought out and suddenly your entire table is filled with food. The entire staff is very attentive and aware while leaving you to do nothing but eat!

Simon Lee

Loved it, great place to have Korean BBQ.

Nobel Vale

In the heart of KTown, Miss Korea BBQ is a not a bad place to get your Korean BBQ craving satisfied, but in my opinion there are definitely better spots along the block. I will say the food to get here is the actual Korean BBQ, as it is good quality here. However, I feel when comparing their prices and quality with others in the immediate area, they are more expensive and cater to that "touristy" price. The interior here is nice. I have had my share of good and bad service here, so it is really a mixed bag based on who is working and serving you. Sometimes this is the best option available in terms of wait at peak dining times, so if you are just that hungry, then yes I would say as long as you are okay with the higher prices here, give it a try and see for yourself!

Elizabeth J

It was just okay. The servings are stingy and the meal was expensive....

Samson D

Absolutely a spot worth trying, the food is excellent and fresh, the pricing is reasonable and it is consistently neat in here. 5 stars.

Eric Yung

We ordered 2 bibim bob (korean style rice): 1 pork combo (served with tofu soup) and the other one squid. They all tasted exactly the same with the same korean chilli source. that really upset me a lot because those food with same source and taste costed me 46USD !!

Demetrius Bryan

This place simply knows how to take care of their clients. Regularly with a helpful approach. The food is affordably priced, always yummy and clean.

Elizaul Diaz

When I saw the bad reviews I was hesitant to stop by. I visited and had the traditional whole chicken soup and it was fantastic. Kimchi could have been a bit more fresh but otherwise everything was great!

Mandy Chow

Tasteless food that somehow makes you super thirsty. Also mandatory 20% tip for parties of 4 or more - that’s unheard of. Friendly service though.

Anna Kapyrina

The food was pretty good. Quite expansive tho and the portions aren’t big for the price. Was open on thanksgiving, so that’s nice if you don’t have other plans while the city is almost dead.

Santi Fer

Really great authentic Korean food, the staff was polite, your gonna have to use your hands and point with some waitresses and waiters, some don't know that much English, but overall, great experience, I would definitely recommend to anyone visiting new York to go( be ready to spend too

ido siman-tov

In the middle of Manhattan there is a lovely way that called Korea way. On 32nd street between Broadway and 5th Avenue. You can find there the best karaoke spots, great bars, amazing desserts, and of course Korean BBQ. And the best Korean BBQ place around is miss KOREA BBQ! The service and stuff are lovely, the food is delicious, and the vibe and atmosphere really amazing and big fun. Great experience.

Kenny Lear

Great food, Great Atmosphere! everything was clean and fun. it was very busy but it did not take long to get a table..

Charles Ko

Great place to get late night Korean BBQ

Anita Aguirre

I highly recommend going with a Korean friend or someone who have some experience! THis was my first time eating Korean and it was delicious! I loved the bbq, all the sauces and drinks! My dear friend ordered for everyone and did perfect choices. We ordered a course of drinks and she taught us that in Korean the older one is the first to start drinking and then gives permission to the next person. Only the oldest one can drink when they want. Luckily I was the oldest

Robert Odell

Very tasty food. The service was slow however and it took a while to get the waitresses attention even though it was late and the restaurant was not very crowded at that time. It would have been nice if they had a "Bing bong" button at the table.


First of all I like the dual meaning name of restaurant. Food and service were way better than most of Korean restaurants in Korea. We went there all the way from directly opposite side of world - Australia... there's not enough delicious Korean restaurants or extremely nice service here. We experienced new level of everything of the Korean restaurant in New York. When we'll visit New York definitely we have meals again!

Anna Voblaia

Great place, would be definetely coming back. Simple and delicious food, affordable prices.

Lyric Ibarra

The customer service is constantly efficient, excellent atmosphere, very nice staff members. Will visit here again when I arrive here.

Tim Gibson

Love this place, so good, I'll be back every time I'm in NYC

Mariona P. Belda

It is a proper Korean restaurant. You can either have soups, noodles or BBQ. They have a good selection of Asian beers. The service is not super friendly, it depends on the person, but it's OK.

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