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REVIEWS OF Madangsui IN New Jersey

jordan johnson

Excellent service.

Giusto Iuculano

Awesome host and the food was on point.

Fausto Palazzetti

This is an awesome place for Korean BBQ. The food is great, the prices are reasonable, and the dishes are good size. When you order they will bring out 8 or more of the traditional Korean side dishes, which are all excellent and complement the BBQ'd meat well. This place is good for groups, and their soju is reasonably priced so you're bound to all have a good time. This is one of the best Korean BBQ restaurants I've found in NYC.

Bryan White

Awesome food and variety of options! Definitely would recommend getting a BBQ option with a rice or something, tons of food all of it great.

Reidar Evensen

Wonderful food

Sara Woerthman

Great service & the bibimbap comes with all the extras. Love this place!!

Max Morris

Very nice employees. Fast service. Great Kimchi.

Robert Baldwin

Great food! Wonderful lunch specials. Love the bulgogi box!

Robert Liu

Side dishes were amazing! Served great soju as well (would highly recommend the peach one). K-BBQ was great as well! Would come again!

Brian L

This place is sorta hidden since its located a couple blocks from the rest of the Korean restaurants on 32nd Street, but Madangsui stands out in it's own way. They have pretty good service with reasonable portions for the soup and rice entrees, but not the raw items to be grilled at the table. My friends got the BBQ items and after the meat was cooked, it was pretty outrageous how little you get for how much you're spending. The food is good, but I would recommend getting the tasty soups that won't put a hole through your wallet. I never had lunch there, but I saw their lunch menu and it's basically the same food items at cheaper prices. so, I would recommend checking it out.

Kathy Han

The best Korean BBQ restaurant in Manhattan!

Libby Redmon

On a business trip...dining alone and don't know much about Korean food. WONDERFUL experience. Made me feel welcome, explained all of the interesting appetizers that came with my meal and sent me away with a Korean probiotic drink! .

Igor Bosnjak

Great food, and great vibe. Very friendly staff that will help you navigate the menu.

AJ VanSuetendael

Delicious food and very generous helpings. I had a lunch special and had to take it home to finish later. Staff was attentive and kind. Would recommend to anybody in the area looking for Korean BBQ.

Kasen Butler

Excellent spot to eat something when in a hurry. Their service is prompt, pricing is fair, fantastic vibes. I highly recommend this place

Baljeet Sandhu

Great food, good price

Tony Razo

It was my first time trying Korean food, so I came with a group of friends during their lunch special. The SHU MI appetizers I think are the best! So delicious! And I ordered Bulgogi, and we had a very kind lady cook the different meat for us and it was cooked to perfection! Overall great food experience, good price, very clean restaurant, great service, good waiters! I will definitely come more often here and recommend to my co-workers/friends.

Alvin Cheung

Friendly staff, abundant and delicious side dishes, good quality beef.

Θοδωρης Βακιρτζης

First time korean food... great service. Decent food..

Kevin Meyers

Excellent Korean food in Midtown. They'll cook the food in the middle of your table and let you just grab it. 90% of the lunchtime crowd is Korean. Awesome.

Jane Fields

Haven't eat the real korean bbq for a while and this place just fill me up. So many choices in there menu, food is great, service is good. Can't complaint, and the price is worth it ! $100 for 2 including sake bomb and pitcher IPA. I mean seriously it's so good price, good value !!! Normally i dont write the review cos im really picky lol. Will come back !!!

Garrett Andritz

Great lunch special with all the trimmings

Dexter Estrada

Excellent Korean BBQ, delicious marinated beef. Service was quick and impressive.

Yoko Fung

nice Korean foods

khuong nguyen

Love the Korean bbq!

Nate Ewald

Nice place. Food was good but not extraordinary, and probably a little over priced. Quality of the meats were good, but the marinades weren't as flavorful as I've had elsewhere. I'll be giving this place another shot.


Stay away!! Way over price. Paid for $119 for three people meal but the food we had not even for one person. The food and services just like the regular Korean BBQ rest.. the owner offered to take off the tips from the bill but we declined. It's ashamed.

Alex The Best

With a lot of descent lunch specials, I would go during lunch time and if you either eat quickly or there are not too many parties eating there when you get there otherwise, when they get packed, they will rush you out. To be fair, out of all the non all you can eat Korean restaurants I've been to, I noticed the waitresses' rushing patrons out in under 45 minutes even if their bill was over $150. All in all, Dinner is easily 2-3x more expensive for the same thing they serve as a lunch special.

Sunny Parihar

A little pricier than I remember, but great food and great service.

S Park

Pricey but service and food is GOOD! Off prime hours is the way to go.

Hwang Tzee

I went this place yesterday. This is disappointed. I ordered porkbelly kitchen cook dinner time, and it arrived. It was not Korean Porkbelly. It was close to Bacon. over cooked, hard to eat, and seems re-heated. This cheap lunch menu quality. I have pic but dont know how to upload here. they must not charge this $29. If they cant control quality of food, must close business. My next table people left all their food as well. I put 10% tip due to poor food with overprice, but I heard server complain behind me. “ oh they only put 10% tips” and so on. If she had question, and thought herself did nice service, should come to me ask the reason. Just complaining behind with other servers. maybe she didnt know that Im Korean whatever. Please close business. Dont make more poor victims from this place. sorry. It was shame.

Ari Jaffe

Good bbq, good bon Chon, good jigae

Chuan He

Not very impressed, but overall good food

Emma Cox

Great experience for my 1st time at a Korean bbq, staff were super friendly and explained all the sides

Frank Hart

Go here for a good Korean BBQ, but please don't order any of the wines, as they are really not good.

Gene Buckley

Very enjoyable place. Great food and atmosphere. We went early so it wasn't crowded. But will go back again

Yaritza Torres

Delicious food.

Manny Alonzo

Good Korean bbq

Eternal Spiral Books

Really great! The restaurant may not look like much from the outside, but once you get inside, it is beautiful, spacious, and immaculately clean, with very friendly and attentive staff. We had 2 beef and 2 shrimp. The staff cooked all of the food right in the pit for us. The little dishes of kimchi were all fantastic. Only the reddish ones are truly spicy. The traditional Korean soups was so good my stepdad wanted seconds. The mixed seafood pancake was superb and the dumplings were actually quite light, not the usually stodgy and gluey ones. My step dad and nephew (10) had never been to a Korean BBQ before and their eyes were like saucers when they saw all the food coming out. It wasn't just a meal, it was an adventure and experience. Note: The only down side is they do NOT have dessert on the menu, but as part of the meal they will bring you a small bottle of drinking yogurt to finish. Kimchi and the yogurt are both rich in probiotics, so this is probably one of the healthiest ways to eat in NYC. The crispy seaweed and the pickled turnip, and the green beans, were all superb. Will definitely go again in the near future.

Thomas Haggerty

Korean restaurant -- Marinated barbecue for 3 people, tasted very nice. The wait staff is helpful and responsive; they can assist you enjoy the food properly, which is helpful if you're not familiar with certain Korean dishes. Bibimbap here is also very good--order it cold or hot in a stone pot!

Maryann Yin

The menu features the typical Korean dishes that Americans tend to enjoy. The marinade on the Korean barbeque meats all taste a tad too sweet for my taste. I will say the servers are pretty quick to help whether it meant re-filling water glasses or bringing more appetizer accompaniments for our meal.

Christen Sorenson

Service great. Food delish.

Andrew Khonje

Really amazing Korean food and atmosphere. The location can be hard to find but it’s unique. First time I have had true Korean Cuisine and I thought it was really good. I will be back here next time I’m in NYC.

Matthew Reda

Excellent food. The best value for lunch in the city.

Kent Jeong-Eun Kim

Bought a meat combo for 3 person coupon at groupon. All the food was amazing. Great service. But they included 20% amount of tip beforehand. Weird.

Philip Choi

Food was great and service was on point for my large party

David Chin

Party of 6 on a SAT night, place was packed Very attentive service, very tasty BBQ and very good ventilation. I really enjoyed the fact I didn't leave the place smelling like smoked meat. The combo specials offered ended up being a real value as we got to sample slot of different cuts of meats and seafood.

Laura Garcia

Great place, especially for when you have a large group of people. The food is unbelievable, especially the grilled pork. You can make little wraps with the lettuce and it's delicious. They also serve a lot of side dishes all the time, the kimchi is my favorite. After you ask for the check, they will bring you some sort of yogurt or fermented milk as a courtesy. So nice! Will definitely come back.

Bryan B

After reading some of the other reviews I was a bit torn. I was not sure why the look or smell outside the restaurant mattered since many places in New York offer great food and service with a less than stellar outside views. This place falls into that category. I was here for lunch and the food was very tasty and service was great. I had the pork belly combo which includes a kimchi stew. The pork belly comes with a simple side of sesame oil with salt for dipping. Perfect addition. The kimchi stew was spicy with a good addition of pork belly. You will be filled when you leave but no need to be stuffed. I will add this to my come back soon list.

Ben Allen

So delicious. I love this spot and come here a lot when in NYC

Melissa Joy

my food was delicious!

Mark Semerik

Pricey bbq spot, if you turn a blind eye on the price, the bbq is amazing

Rry Tholembum

Hands down, one of the best Korean BBQ spots available

Silvija A

Great Korean restaurant - friendly and fast service. Variety of food choices and good value for money.

Savitri Balram

Run of the mill Korean restaurant. A bit on the pricier side for their portion sizings.

andrés solís the indestructible

i love how friendly the staff is here. i came in alone, and they made me feel very welcome and made the experience that much better. i ordered the shrimp dumplings and they were delicious. easily the best dumplings i’ve ever had. i also had the bugolgi stone bowl and it was one of the best meals i’ve had in a while. overall, i can’t get over how happy i was after my meal. if you get a chance, swing by and give this place a shot. i hope next time i’m there i’ll be able to go with some friends and have some bbq.

Matt Wolenetz

Delicious experience, meat combo and both kinds of dumplings!

Sarah Jones

A kind of hidden gem that is usually not busy at all! The food is amazing, and the service is great. Good for adventurous souls that enjoy traditional Korean company.


Best Korean BBQ in Midtown! They meat is high quality and all other dishes we tried were authentic.

Deandra John

The food was delicous. Atrending staff funny and observant and thet just kept the sides coming! Will always recomend!! Beautiful atmosphere.

Jinwoo Jeon

Great food and great service. I would recommend this place if you would like to enjoy korean bbq!

Dahea Diana You

I went there withe my coworkers a month ago.They love there .The food is good ,service is very nice and clean the restaurant .Everybody so happy after eating

Jenn L

One of few places we were able to book the night of on Friday evening!! Was still a wait but service was quick. Wasn't over the top experience but good fall back option if no reservations in the area... Just as long as you can deal with staff which all seemed so distracted!

Dzung Nguyen

I had lunch here and it's a huge portion with a lot of variety just under $15! Food was great!

Nacho Carmona

Excellent! (This was 1 dish! :)

Jonathan Pepe

Still the best in K-town. Prices have gotten higher as portions get smaller. The out of date NY Times article on the placemats make my point... At $40 a serving for Kalbi, you can't claim value, but the quality is never in doubt. Unless you want to go to Flushing, Mandangsui is still the king.

D Nguyễn

There are countless Korean restaurant to try in K-town. Most popular are all along 32nd. We decided to venture away from that to try something new. Off the beaten well worn path of every New Yorker. In particular we wanted some army stew. It is a popular dish and each has their own take on it. It has an open high ceiling seating area. Tables are spacious. Menu looked good but should have realized it was attached to the hotel next door. While all the others were full of Koreans this one was auspiciously vacant of it. Seemed mostly tourists wandering in. The pro is service was very friendly. Our waitress pleasant. Of 32nd so usually no wait time. The con well if no Koreans are eating in the establishment is that a con? Food wise it was just as good as others. The banchan was plentiful. The seafood pancake was crispy. The Army stew was quite good and hearty. Overall, any reservations I had about the place waned with the food and pleasant service as dinner progress. We enjoyed our dinner a Madangsui. I’ll need to come back to try the bbq experience to see how that goes. For now I’d give it a reserved yes

Martin Delisle

Great food and service! It was our first experience with a Korean grill and we had a blast! Our little one loved the scallops!


Was delicious. I wish they brought back the sushi, but other then that can't complain. Great place to enjoy some great Korean BBQ.

Anthony Muljadi

Yummy bibimbop and sides !


Went because I got Groupon cash back. The food was sadly just mehh

Austin Gambino

Authentic Korean BBQ with prompt service. Only issue was it got a bit smoky in the area but the food was worth it.

Vanessa Herbst

Great Korean BBQ place. They have multiple different flavors of soju which I love because the plain soju isn't my favorite and because I like trying different things. It does tend to get a bit hot in there so the fact that they can't seem to get the temperature right is the only bad thing I have to say about it.

Mihir Yerande

Too many condiments and not much food

John Michael Sudol


Ray Rosario

The sevice, food, and staff we're great. They even treated the B-day people with wine and special fruit plater on the house. Great for big groups or partys.


We came here for late night food, and it's probably the best in K town! I wish I could give them a 10

Vi Oc

Good. Not the best. Too many great BBQ in the area. Alcohol is above the average price. But it is less crowded than others. So you can come here without reservation in big group.

Shen Spurgeon

Great food, a short walk from subway.

S Berg

Good Korean... It tastes like my family's cooking!

Erin Kelly

So good! First Korean BBQ experience in NYC and it was awesome. The service was fantastic. They knew what to do and how to do it! We got two kinds of meat and the mushrooms for 4 people. It was a bit pricey, but at the end we were all full and it was delicious!

Gal Sivan

Great Korean restaurant, kalbi Tang and all... Traditional simple and tasty!

Peter Nguyen

Food was great. Server was kind enough to explain the menu and also cook for us since most of our table was new to Korean BBQ. Food is priced on the higher end for the amount meat that was portioned.

Kristin Dixon

Super good and excelling service. The first Korean bbq where I don't feel bloated after I eat. Great quality meat. A most def place to eat good kbbq!

Clifton & Stephanie Douyon

We wanted Korean food, saw a sign “Korean BBQ” and walked in to a 4 star restaurant and didn’t even know. Their are a wide selection of foods to choose from. Short Ribs were great, Bimbape was not so much. Service was ok.

Melanie Tam

Came in with a reservation for 6:15 on a Wednesday night and the restaurant was still pretty empty. It didn't start filling up until we left, which was around 7:30 or so. Either way, it doesn't hurt to make reservations. My boyfriend and I had a Groupon deal. It included chicken, pork bulgogi, beef bulgogi, short ribs, a tofu soup, and steamed egg. This of course, came with all of your banchan side dishes. While the deal was meant for two people, we were so stuffed afterwards that I'm pretty sure a third person could have joined us, and we still would have been content with the portions. The pork was a little on the drier side, but maybe we just didn't eat it quickly enough and left it on the grill for too long. My favorite was the beef bulgogi and the short ribs. The short ribs were not chewy at all, as they can sometimes be. I also really appreciated the fact that they didn't use the same marinade for everything. Service was top notch - quick and attentive. We never felt neglected, and they seemed happy to give us a refill of some of the banchan we wanted, unlike at other places. I would come back even without a Groupon. It's more reasonably priced than other Korean BBQ places in the area, plus you don't have to deal with the crowds. It's really a win-win situation. i think Madangsui might even be my new favorite KBBQ place! Tip - they have happy hour specials on foods for certain days but none on drinks. However, a glass of their 'house wine' is only $5.


I am no expert on Korean food and the server was less than helpful in explaining the food and the serving process. Part of the problem might have been a language barrier, I don't think English is her original tongue. I do know that as the meal progressed the table filled with many bowls of many different sizes containing many kinds of food. The food seemed well-prepared and everything was tasty.

Rossana Gutierrez

Really enjoyed our dinner-- went here with a friend for our first time having Korean BBQ and it didn't disappoint. The food was great and the server was very attentive. Will definitely be back.

Ares Bernard

I really like their dishes. I always get awesome service there. The place is well organised and the employees are always helpful. Highly recommended.

Teresa Zappulla

Very good food, excellent service. A little pricey.

Tuesday Parker

Favorite Korean BBQ spot!

Akshay Elagandhala

Food was amazing, reasonably priced for quality. Service was kind and attentive

Alexey Chernov

Not too busy place with great variety of Asian dishes

Ashik Kabir

Decent bbq. Good service. Good panchan. Groupon deal makes it well worth it.

Trương Hữu Tài

I tried this spot once with my friend and I am obsessed ever since. I loved the fantastic character and tasty dishes and drinks. Fantastic work.

Out back

Staff was in a hurry..

Chris Sanchez

Outstanding Korean bbq

Saurabh Suhasaria

Tried the Korean stone pot dish. They first served an assortment of starters and then got the Stone pot. It was a good experience overall.

Rebecca J

Delicious. Servers were moderately helpful in explaining how kBBQ works.

David Won

Great stews and barbeque. Size dishes are excellent. I choose this place over any plans on 32nd Street. Solid restaurant.

Ahsav 26

God I love korean bbq. This place did not disappoint. The beef was mouthwatering and a great range of side dishes. Recently had gotten mediocre kbbq with friends at university and it was night and day with this place. Been here twice. Not cheap, but not surprising for kbbq and it is so worth it

Nick Bowman

Pretty great Korean BBQ spot

eamon oconnor

Good food nice staff and a ton of side's


After the rave reviews, I was expecting something pretty special. But it was less than special and worse than mediocre. Quantity was skimpy and quality poor. More like fast food. Will never come here again.

Swapnila Mundra

And these were complimentary dishes

Brent Sackris

It's actually quite lovely they do the cooking for you.... You can focus on other things, like booze and good conversation

Ed Kim

Could be better

Yarlos Rodriguez

Great korean restaurant yeaaaa

Rebecca Chan

Food is mediocre and pricey but you can get a reservation easily so ideal for a big party if you want k bbq. Remember to use the Groupon 30% off deal - I didn't!

Joy Chen

Yummy but I think not MSG-free.

Gawain McKenzie

The beef stew was amazing

Jalo Lo

Good Korean food, price was decent and no need to wait in line

Zhang Jingwen

Love this place! Good service and food. Recommend the tofu soup and the bibimbap.

Reg Here

Great bulgogi and seafood pancake. The side dishes are great too. Service was prompt and orderly. The bibimbap was pretty good too. worth a try.

Cindy C

Delicious Korean food. We got the stir fried pork and vegetables and the chicken bone soup (which the recommend you sprinkle some salt in that is provided on the side). Loved the variety of banchan we got too (macaroni salad, dried seaweed, fish cakes, kimchi, etc). Will definitely be returning.

Guilherme Cox

Very friendly staff and great service. The food was delicious. I liked that I left the place without feeling a smoked person.

Анастасия Резник

It's simply great place. Delicious korean kitchen and very good service. I have been in different korean restaurants in different countries, this one is one of the best. 감사합니다!

Sam Cho

Tender beef and spicy/explosive sauces makes this place a perennial favorite among the locals. Price can be on the pricey side for Korean food. If you are a BBQ fan, you will love this place!

Julie Evenson

Food was good, different than other Korean BBQ I've had. Staff was not very friendly. Expensive, but we had a Groupon, and still paid an extra $30.00!

S Renaudie

Restaurant wasn't busy when we visited. Ordered fried chicken rice which was a good portion but didn't have much taste. Double check when you pay the bill, it's always embarrassing when the waitress chases you down for the tip because she wasn't able to count properly how much you paid !

Annie Oh

I came here on a Friday afternoon with a couple of friends. I like this place because this is a little off K-Town, not as busy. I came in at 5 p. M. And got a table with no problem. It did start filling up after 6: 30 though. I ordered the Korean barbecue and it was absolutely delicious. The food is always good here though. I definitely recommend, especially if you want to get away from the tourist epicenter One thing I didn't like, although I did understand, is that they politely rushed us out because there were a lot of people waiting or they just needed the tables in case another wave of people come in.


Went today for lunch. Now this is a Korean restaurant — 9 mostly traditional banchans and not a broccoli nor pasta salad in sight. I also received a small pot of egg jjim (not sure whether that’s normal since it was my first time). My lunch entree was 4 star for taste but the taste and number of banchan bumps the overall to 5. Food was certainly better than the Korean place next door. Great service too.

George Fine

Good bbq, clean, spacious ... But not that different from the many in ktown, portions of protein very small for the price


Very good food

Annalisa Sonilal

I live this place. Quick and great service. Even better food

Bianca May

Great Korean bbq though sides were missing w but of pickled radishes

Joseph Aubourg

Great Food great service

Noelene Browne

For a first time meal at Korean food it was a great discovery of a different type of Asian food that is spicy and tasty meal. Great helpful staff.

Qwerty Qwerty

Delicious, cheap, clean. Nice service

Wood K

Average service, good selections of banchan but no refills, meat combo for two, small portion as compared to other k-town restaurants, Pork was undercooked, overall the meat was blend. Quite disappointed.

Richard on Dauntless

Great Korean bbq if you can not go to Flushing or Ft. Lee. Expensive, but it's Manhattan. Great staff, great meat. About 8 panchans which is good for Manhattan (in Flushing you should get 10 to 15, though their English may be rudimentary).

Mike Jelley

I don't know much about Korean food, but this was pretty good.

Jay Lee

Great spot away from the hustle and bustle of 32nd

Jun Lee

Very quick service very good food

Nguyen Kevin

The food is decent but for a Korean BBQ place, it doesn't seem like they know how to do BBQ. We ordered the Beef combination 3 people, and the server literally dumped a plateful of beef into the grill much to our surprise, letting all the juice from the beef out. They also turned off the grill, and by the end of the meal, the meat was cold. Overall not a great experience.

Ken F

Absolutely great Korean BBQ. I have tried several of the restaurants in the K-town area and this is still my favorite. BBQ is great, soups are spicy and delicious, bibimbap is on point, etc. Can get pricey for the BBQ, but that is true of any Korean BBQ place.

Jun Kim

I think Madangsui is the best Korean BBQ restaurant in Manhattan! Authentic and high quality, I loved everything I ordered from bibimbap to galbi. Their raw beef sashimi is a must-try!

Stephanie Kumar

Decent food and quick service. I prefer Korean BBQ places where you can make the food yourself versus the servers making in front of you. It also lacked ambiance and felt more like a hole in the wall. Not bad overall, especially if this is the type of place you're looking for.

Sompob Prasertkun

We went with Groupon. Got charged 33% tips afterwards included in the check (they wrote 15% but it wasn't) . Just be aware when they gave you check. Food and service was ok. But cheating customers is not acceptable.

Kurman Kawaii

Delicious food. My fav is beef tofu soup. Service ok.

John Manfred

Forgot to take a before pic but I can confirm that everything was amazing, nicely done. Great customer service! The best Korean BBQ in #NYC according to our experience!

Gina Beyer

Cool Korean BBQ joint, great for groups. Food cooked right at table.

Christina Echagarruga

K-Town. Came for some pre-karaoke Korean BBQ on a Friday. We had a big group (7 people), so korean food is always a good bet. The food was pretty standard K-Town food. A bit cramped. Service was good. I always find Korean BBQ to be a bit overpriced compared to other items on the menu, but everything we ordered was tasty. There was a long wait as we left, so reservations would be recommended.

David Lin

Food was just ok . Will not visit second time. Waitress not smiling at all . Ask for something just looked at me and okay... I guess .

Jon F

Service and the food is absolutely amazing, definitely will return another day

Steve James

Food was fairly average. Nothing good morning bad to speak of. Complementary Yakult was a quirky touch


I always enjoy the lunch at this restaurant. Employees are very kind and even though I visit alone, they serve the best service all the time.


Everything was just great!!!

Elizabeth Hernandez

Amazing service, food. was delectable. It was my first time and the 2 children who accompanied us also loved it. A definite go to place!

Hau Nguyen

Food is the same as any other korean restaurant. About an hour and a half while eating, the manager was stalking my party trying trying to get us to leave. It was very uncomfortable. They even gave us the check before cleaning up our table. Waitress was good since she was only following directions. However the manager was just a snobby B.


Lots of side dishes. Authentic Naeng Myun (cold noodles). Great bibimbap!!

Raynor Blom

If the Korean BBQ experience you're looking for involves overpriced food with rude waiters, look no further!

Woosub Kim

Not an AYCE kbbq place. Each plate of meat is super expensive. I've had AYCE kbbq elsewhere for half the price of a single plate here. The quality of the food is good though.

Noah Tucker

Fabulous Korean BBQ for a surprisingly good price (we paid $40/person including soju and beer). And they apparently have groupons, which I was not aware of when I went. And the banchan are amazing. I prefer to cook my own food (staff does it here), but otherwise I have nothing bad to say.

Dmitry Zvorygin

Decided to try Korean food in New York. Originally was going to another place in this street, but failed to find it - too many Korean restaurants per square feet in that area, so choose to give a try to this restaurant and didn't regret my decision. I have had to wait for a while on that Friday evening, but that's good sign, that people are especially going into this restaurant. Second good sign was amount of Asians around (I'm bad in citizenship recognition by face, but they look Korean for me). And Korean-looking personnel. So I decided to wait and even though I had to wait little longer than I was originally promised, eventually I got seated. I wasn't super hungry, so decided to take something small, and since restaurant speciality is BBQ - I picked pork rib BBQ. Server brought bunch of appetizers, omelette, and cup of rice as side dish. Pieces if pork we're cooked on grill right in front of me. After I asked I was given an advice on how to eat it - just take a list of green salad, put couple pieces of pork, onion, a bit of rice, some appetizers, make a roll and eat it. It was tasty - I tried different combinations of appetizers. But still that was little to much for me, so I've left some food uneaten. Great Korean meal experience for me.

Jean-Mathieu Saponaro

Very good Korean BBQ. Their spicy beef is particularly delicious.

Mark Lee

I use to go there quite often. I like all the free small dishes and the wait staff is professional and friendly. Pretty reasonably priced and a good place to go have dinner after work.

Corey Tanaka

Went here because of a Groupon and was overjoyed. The service was the absolute best and the food was delicious. Highly recommend

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