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REVIEWS OF Le District IN New Jersey

Isiforos Gerwazy

I love this restaurant! They serve splendid dishes, their menu is varied, The cook in that place is a specialist, I love very much trying all their food. The food is consistently fresh and tasty, the attitude towards the customers is efficient. I frequently visit this restaurant and I was never unsatisfied. Highly recommended.

radhey agarwal

It’s a great spot to get variety of food and drinks. Amazing crepes and coffee. We mostly get peanut butter, banana and chocolate one for breakfast. It’s a huge portion for me. They have a cute little patisserie and ice cream corner.

Niv Pai

Lots of French food and drink options here. Located in the heart of Brookfield place, This place constitutes of an upscale French restaurant, grocery store, market place, patisserie and cafe which together spans almost half the floor of the mall. The food is very good and the store sells some amazing products imported from France. They also have a fresh crepe station in the front and two cafes selling some of the best coffees and hot chocolate. Their chocolate store have some superb truffles and heavenly chocolates which you can buy. Definitely recommend this place.

Vincent Lostanlen

great décor and staff. surprisingly quiet on a Sunday, thus allowing for conversations. the food is uneventful but good. the quality of bread and wine are excellent; that's how you know you're in a legit French restaurant. however, the music does not suit the cadre. it's all rock classics: nirvana, red hot chili peppers, david bowie, etc. I would prefer classical, jazz, or bossa Nova music.

Shadreck Muchuwa

Its classy and ofcourse very French! Bon a petit

Yorg Azzi

Went to Le bar at Le district and what I love about them is that they have daily oysters happy hour including on week ends from 4 pm - 7 pm. There oysters are delicious and very fresh. Easily to wash down with one of their happy hour drinks in particular the champagne

thierry pomies

Made my people proud...

Nuryelk Gutierrez

Everything that they offer here is top of the line. From their exquisite rosé ice cream to their delectable little macarons, they're sure to satisfy any sweet lover's tooth! Be sure to check out their poutine. Gosh, even their standard coffee is great - and you can add any kind of milk to it, including oat and almond for a fairer price than even Dunkin for a small and way more reasonable than Starbucks with way more flavor and without all the added syrup! Phenomenal. One of my favorites in BPC

Phillix Esquea

A nice grocery store with a European feel. Has the basics that you would need.

Kelsey D'Souza

Didn’t like crepes until I had these. Fresher? Chewier? The times I’ve been to the crepe bar, service was prompt and crepes yummy. Made a mental note to ask for less oil if there’s truffle oil — a crepe was so drenched and the lady did not put it in a second holder, so the grease dripped all over me! A sad day for my clothes :( Also, salty mushrooms. Will be back for some spinach/chicken/cheese though! About the same prices as any street vendor, and larger. The crepe bar is only place I’ve been tempted to stop in Le District.

Avi Barr

This place has everything french you could ever want. From a creperie to a build your own fritos bar, le district has many tempting and delicious hard to find foods. Like being transported to an idyllic french street, you cannot leave here without a delicious treat for yourself.

Andrei Pintilie

Good place to grab lunch and talk about bussiness.

Louis Urvois

Everything is overpriced with mediocre service. The food is good but the coffee is terrible. It’s a dark roast that tastes like carbon. If you want a coffee go to Laughing Man which is a 3 min from the District.

Adam DelValle

It just about everything you'd like in a market and more. I've always found fresh vegetables and produce as well as meat and seafood. This is a specialty market for those that have everyday cravings to unique eats

Emile Gervais

The only French grocery/mini-supermarket in NYC. This is a good thing to have for French people and people interested in French stuff!

Andrew Lechworth

Was walking through here the other day. The crepes smell incredible. This place has french macarons as well, and the cakes and cupcakes always smell delishh

Josh Endo

I’m glad I discovered this great French supermarket and collection of little eateries. Unique in NY!

cindy fouhy

Just had egg white omelette with spinach and tomato with salad. Service was fine but food was pretty unsatisfactory. No seasoning in eggs, spinach was too stringy to chew, and basically unappetizing. For $20 I'd expect something at least comparable to eggs at a diner! My husband's brioche French toast looked like it was made earlier in the day and warmed up. But the maple syrup was very good. I expressed my disappointment but all I received was "hopefully we'll do better next time!" We paid the check and left. No next time for me.

Rosie Matamoros

Food is delicious. The tiramisu here is one of the best I’ve had ever.

Andy Oh

Nice variety of eateries. Perfect for a quick lunch

Bronx Guhrl

Great food! A burger will cost you twenty.

Deacon Rowe

I visit this place a lot since I work nearby. I must say the customer service is always excellent and they keep the place well organized regularly. Pricing is fair and they serve generous portions.

Karem Gh

I'm talking about their crêpe. I understand it's a touristy place but their crêpe is sub-par whether the crêpe or the amount of toppings. The attitude is also bad. They seem overworked.

Jessica Lewis

Really cool French supermarket and group of restaurants, with a great view of the Hudson outside.

Mary Wolaver

This is one of Mario Balotelli's restaurants, and excellent ! Across from One World Trade Centre.

Ramon Rosales

Love the pastries! Great selection and amazing service.

Jesper Holm Pedersen

Great breakfast - not the cheapest but good quality, portion size and service

Robert Smith

Very cool to spend a Sunday afternoon

Nick Morgan

Great place for lunch, good food, excellent service and relaxed atmosphere next to the river. Can also shop at the grocery / deli / bakery on the way out

José Carlos Echeverría

Good food at a médium price range


5 stars based on design, setup, and concept. Couldn't afford anything in there though

Elaine Bailey

Just so vibrant and the food we amazing .

Austin Rubinoski

Classy immersive experience of French cuisine.

Dee Gates

Love this market place.

Kristin Singleton-Ferrari

Aweful service and not worth a dollar of my money! I'm a Tour Guide and frequently send guests to Le District and upstairs. I purchased a sandwich and decided I wanted more food an a glass of wine. I sat for 3 full bites before The bartender, Andrea who was talking to a person did not even turn to greet me til another person sat next to me. She gave him a menu and scowled "You can't eat "OUTSIDE" food here. I pointed and said I just bought it here, and before I could say I wanted something else, she crossed her arms and said it's not from HERE. YOU CANT'T eat here. I said I wanted a glass of wine and put the last bite of the sandwich away... I was so insulted I thought why should I give this person my money. I happily had a glass of wine at the outside bar and finished my sandwich while the bartender poured Hey Andrea, Policy maybe policy but there's a way and a way... Service 101, don't say NO and YOU CAN'T offer a nicer alternative... BTW I left him a great tip and will encourage the 100's of guests I bring to the Brookfield to avoid the nasty server over there!

marina lopez conde

Restaurant outside - needs a manager as soon as possible. They must survive on tourists and the great location by the water. Half of our oysters were off (which is also dangerous), service is very rude and slow. Food is average. As for New Yorkers who know better, we should find a better place.

Visalakshi KV

Excellent pastries, sandwiches and snacks. Huge variety of stuff and lots of vegetarian options too! we grabbed ratatouille sandwich for us and a formaggio for kiddo and some pastries to go as we finished WTC and moved to board the ferry to liberty.

Tan Trung Nguyen

Lovely place for a quick lunch, lots of choice

Joyce Fenton

Unique French supermarket and restaurant. I'm not aware of anything else like in in the NY area. Good selection of cheeses, meats, prepared foods, and bread.

Grace Hung

Ordered the cheese platter, oysters and mignon steak. The cheese platter is great. The steak is good besides I feel it's still too raw for a medium rare. The oysters are not very fresh. Overall experience is good. Waiters are attentive.

Keith Hubert

Just walked by this little place and picked up two scrumptious macaroons! They are pricey but what macaroon isn’t haha. A fun little treat and quite tasty I must add. The staff was quick to help and check us out.

Madlen Young

Fun, French food, wine, and kitchen wares.

Tran Nguyen

A lot good food and nice sitting area at water front

Kalapothakos Efstathia

Grabbed a quick croissant from here and loved it. Prices were pretty good and service was fast

Lindsay Dastrup

The food is good, but I go here for happy hours. There seems to be a delay in submitting your drink requests and receiving your drinks. The place is loud, but there's also happy hours going on at all time. The outdoor spaces is really nice to escape some of the noise.

Joakim Björkman

Great selection of quality foods. Meat, seafood and vegetables. Also nice restaurants for just a drink, lunch or dinner with water view. Expensive not not overpriced.

Art Schumer

Very nice French supermarket that fills a need for French products all in one place.

Danny Alvarado

Great food! Clean atmosphere! Fantastic location!

Grace Martin

I went to la crepe cafe requested a simple chocolate and caramel crepe, I only received chocolate and the distribution of chocolate is minimal. I would say the overall quality of the crepe is fair definitely not an authentic taste of France.

Reg Robi

Fine selection of meats and seafood. Restaurant made a steak frite with a nice ribeye cut.

Antonio Gonzalez

Very nice food and cozy ambiance. Would return to taste other restaurants and venues.

U Shah

The service was terrible and the pricing was rediculous. I think this is going to be my last visit to Le District.

Ally Liu

Their pastry are so good, recommend nutella fougassette, plain flavor bioche, and all croissants; Roast salmon used to be good, but now it's too pricey, almost $15 for two bites... Salad are OK, shrimp may be the best.

Irene Barone

Really nice French supermarket. The only one I’m aware of in New York City.

gary jacobs

I ordered the daily special (cassoulet). The duck's skin was not crisp and the meat was overdone to the point where it could not be cut. There was one very small (half a bite at best) piece of garlic sausage and the pork belly was a finely minced suggestion. Deeply disappointing especially given the general quality of the adjoining market's offerings. Service was indifferent. Loud bar and empty dining room. Understandably so.

Macarena Robledo

Great French market with cool environment and product plus french restaurant with stunning view. Expensive

Erik Mercier

Love the selection at Le District; if you are looking for anything French-cuisine related, there's a good chance you'll find it here. Great cheese and meat selections in the market area, and their pastries are delicious. Highly recommend the wine bar for a good lunch/dinner, or the outdoor patio in the summer.

michelle antoinette

I was a family in this place and we really liked their food. mmm tasty

Steph Thomas

Excellent service just now, great donuts!


Service was quick. The food was good as well.

Valentin Melendez

The food is regularly well prepared and tasty, staff members provides great customer service. I love how neat it is and ambience. Would recommend to others.

Jessica Lenore Williams

Super fun spot to grab lunch! With so many choices from seafood to sandwiches, you are bound to find something delicious to eat. Great variety of seating for couples or families... And don't forget to check out the cocktails and/or coffee + dessert! I love the gelato and olive oil area... Perfect for light shopping too!

kathleen morton

Great for lunch, good locale, comfortable menu, extensive wine list

Dani Antunes

The best French food I've ever eaten!

Luke Naftz

Cool place with a nice atmosphere. Tons of options for eats and drinks.

mustimen Mttt

I wish I could leave 0 . I was there 10 minutes a go and really got upset. I m not a money person at all but we were there for 7 orders and my son ordered a hamburger which comes with special sauce, French cheese and roasted peppers. He requested to have it with nothing in it , just with lettuce, tomato and pickle . Order taker said $2 extra . I said that it was not fare .why would you charge $2 extra?she said that is the policy.what kind a customer service is this ? I m ordering with no cheese no roasted peppers no sauce and you are still charging me $2 I spoke to the manager . I said I don't want my money back but it is not fare. He didn't even say I m sorry . And guess what happened ;The order came in and it was still missing the pickles.

Ben Parker

Just another mall bigger and nicer but stil just another mall

Charlotte Riviere

Very convenient place to get all your French products in one place! Unique in NY.

Mia Johnson

Really big French supermarket and restaurant complex. It’s really cool that NY has something like this. Love the cheese and meat selections.


Orderd a burger with gruyere n truffle aioli that was absolutely delicious. Of course being in NYC your going to have to be prepared to pay for it. It was 15$$ for a burger n hand cut fries.

Brayden Mora

I ate at Le District twice on this last visit to New York. You can buy food at the various counters or sit at a restaurant. The choices are great and the food looks as good as it taste. Sit and have a glass of wine with your lunch as you look out to the water. The food market is a part of a great high end shopping center. I love the Tribeca area and the beautiful pedestrian walk by the Hudson. Since our daughter decided to move there I get to explore more of Manhattan. Yeah!

Mirtha Poueriet

This place is always good. Good Happy Hour and food is very tasty. Space is nice and big

Mark Ryan

Great spot for lunch and drinks. Fun atmosphere and relaxed vibe. Great food options

Ryian Herrera

Practically live here. So many options. Grab a bite and sit outside by the water.

Rimli Roy

Just LOVE this place to hang out, dine, wine, get groceries and of course a coffee. At this versatile french market, you can buy fresh meat and fish and have the restaurant grill it for you at a very decent price. They do a great job and the ambience is fine. Awesome choices of food, dessert and snacks. Brookfield place (where Le District is located) is close to the World Trade Center PATH and has some other great shopping and entertainment options.

Ola-Albert Ologun

Freshly made crepes with chicken, cilantro, onions, veggies with Mocha heaven coffee Le District.

Himani Pruthi

Lovely food. Savouries and desserts.. omg.. what crepes... amazing food and variety is amazing even for vegetarians

Lisa Russo

Wonderful dinner with family. Service was very nice. Food was delicious.

martin lopez

Upscale, modern and magnificent service.

Melissa Wells

we love thos place... its definitely a little pricey for what you get .. I'm just talking about the restaurant. the store connected to it is horrible. the products are extremely overpriced and customer service SUCKS but again... restaurant (get the skirt steak) amazing,

R Munz

First time at a French restaurant so was expecting a twist in my choices and definitely got it in the Steak tartar,,hope you like your meat rare if you order this,gave it my best thought,service was great,outside setting on the harbour was awesome and great drinks


Came to this place 4 times Bartenders aren't knowledgeable, one bartender didn't know what a wine blend was and gave me a small taste size of wine for $16 during happy hour definitely not going back

Ashley Porter

Awesome French grocery store in the World Financial Center downtown. Tasty French cheeses, meats, bread, and prepared foods. So glad this is here!

Antoinette Cocorinos

We booked for a big party and they didn't have the tables ready nor did they provided us with something good. Other than that the food was great, the location amazing, service ok.

Shirley F

What a great place. Great food and staff

Eleni Palmos

The food is excellent. My friend and I had a fig salad and cheeseburger and it was perfectly prepared and presented. We sat outside for a late lunch and enjoyed the view of NY’s Harbor. I consider this place a bargain. We paid $47 but considering the quality, service and location Le District could command a lot more. A curious thing: The restaurants in the area are all top-notch and all have cloth napkins that leave behind lint. Ask for a paper napkin if you are wearing dark bottoms. The cloth napkin left my black pants filled with lint!

Elizabeth McClimans

Food did not reflect the price. It was not unique or very good. Servers were not that friendly.

Mark Stollar

Worst crepe I ever had! The place looks great so I had high hopes for the food. But the crepe I had was like eating a ball of flavorless dough. (And I paid $1.50 extra for flavor - Le Sucree, which came with butter, sugar and lemon. I can only imagine how the plain crepe tastes!) No texture. No taste. No return business.

Lori S

Nice waterfront place to grab a snack and some drinks. But....It was very busy, the wait staff was over extended and the DJ had the music too loud to have a conversation over his strong bass heavy Euro techno beats.

Sandra Brown

Awesome French supermarket with all kinds of yummy French stuff that is otherwise impossible to find under one roof in NY.

Geovanna Gomez

Great, great, great place to eat or for tapas!

Kendra Meyers

Amazing experience and so many options. The gluten free macaroons were phenomenal!

John Whiteman

Great food. Excellent wine selection. Try the happy hour.

Iwona Grabowski

Awesome location. Great selection of meats, pates, cheeses, breads and desserts.


It is wonderful place for breakfast and lunch, if you have chance to eat sandwiches, don't forget to order becon formage which is one of the best.

Scott Doyle

WTF? tried to order at 7 pm, Seafood: out of Avocado Shrimp Salad, ok go to Frites: out of meat, ok go to sandwiches, " do you want it heated? I can't my oven is off" . What time do you close? 8:30pm. In effect you close prior to 7.

Kaitlyn Greene

Nice French supermarket with restaurant attached. I’m glad we have a French supermarket in NY, and this is a great place to buy yummy stuff.

Lan Bianca

Great options for food. We bought some tasty pastries and French cheese form there. the staff are friendly and help us check soon.

Emi Foster

Very large (by NY standards) French supermarket stocking all kinds of French delicacies. Great addition to the city.

I Price

This spot clearly knows how to please their customers. Constantly with a welcoming approach. The food is fairly priced, regularly tasty and neat.

Edna Banks

This is essentially an upscale multi-discipline food court with a wide variety of options. I expected it to cater to tourists (since it's situated not far from the Freedom Tower), and I'm sure there were tourists there, but the overall vibe was very local. In addition, I expected service to be somewhat curt and unfriendly, but it was the exact opposite. The staff were true professionals as they dealt with a fairly large crowd on an ridiculously hot day which forced more people into the climate-controlled space. I sat at a very unique bar which featured seating on both sides, meaning that half of the patrons were essentially sitting behind the bar. It's very hard to describe, and way cooler that can be put into words. You have to see it to understand, but it really works well.The bartenders worked fast and were friendly, and the food was quickly delivered, and was delicious. I can't wait to go back.


Love this place. Food is pretty good and remind me of France. Tons of good product. Prices are a little hight but it's worth the trip a d worth to discover.

Mariano M

Amazing. Good service. You will not be disappointed. It's likely that you will be spending more than you had planned.

Richard Sompotan

The fantastic 4 is Back enjoying dinner

Margot Allor

Very nice and large French supermarket. I am happy there is at least one in NY!

Tony Perez

Great selection of wines, tapas and lunch. Mario was an amazing server!

Cesar Mejia

Great aesthetics, love the French theme. I recommend the octopus salad at the Delice du Chef section or the Potatoes at the Roatisery section, staff is nice and friendly.

Xenia RK

Fantastic food and wine choices. There is something for everyone, as long as you like something French. And who wouldnt? Highly recommend

Jenn Toyzer

It's fine if convenient. Go for after work drinks with colleagues. The food and service are not memorable

Monchiz33 Sanchez

My best experience in the city. Stumped upon this place. Try the Grill for delicious food great atmosphere Excellent staff

Evelyn Anderson

There's a lot of delicious stuff in this French supermarket and restaurant complex. Great way to spend an afternoon.

Lovika Jain

It is located outside brookfields place and has both indoor and outdoor seating. Has some veg options too. We tried 2 mocktails and both were amazing.Must try the frozen margarita. That has become my favourite.The ambience is great. See if you can find a table outside if the weather is good. Food and drinks are modeterately priced but a little on the higher side. The staff is courteous with a quick response time.

Avi Moskovitz

THE MOST DREADFUL DRIED OUT ROSTIERRIE DARK MEAT CHICKEN...EVA! This was so bad that I am reaching out to management. The staff didnt care. This place will be closed in a year

Virginia Woo

Entrees and cocktails very good. Servers very nice. Desserts lack luster.

Bernard Ho

Frankly, I was amazingly disappointed. I took pastries plus a few other deli goods, they only look good. For the price you pay, it is unacceptable to serve 3 day old food. The eclair shell was soggy inside dry outside, the Paris Brest pastry cream was hard. That only happens when it stays more than 48 hours in the cold display case. Croque monsieur as well, harder to tell as it is toasted but you could feel the dryer ham and stale bread. Very disappointed for the standard expected. More like a rip-off than genuine good food establishment.

David Cheung

Family love the freshness of the food. Beautiful ambiance. Will be coming back.

Laura Walker

Meh. Super overpriced and some of the worst oysters I've had in the city. I think they were old and "ripe." Skip this place and thank me later.

Scott Neal

Great food... Good service

Brendan O'Donnell

Dark inside but some great food

Patricia K

Service just as disgusting as the food. Visited this Saturday morning after clearly reading that the cheese stand le fromange. We get there at 10:00 am the lady working says they open at 10:30 am fine no problem we walk around for a bit and she comes back at 10:40 am after asking the other staff at the other stands when they open they went and got her. Now 10:40 I asked her why it says on the sign on the counter 10;00 am opening hours. She laughs in my face and said do you want to order or not. I did not but the person I was with really likes their sandwiches. After all of that she gave us old stale chips and a sandwich that was uneatable. Disgusting 10$ grilled cheese.

f Dusenge

Nice food, best customer service

Parisa Valipour

Tasty brunch, great friendly staff!

Stephanie Rudnick

Amazing happy hour of $1 oysters, $7 nice wines and amazing service. Carbs be damned, the bread is freshly baked and the butter is worth is. Ask for a basket!

Jon Hsu

Great selection of French food, excellent choice for a quick bite.

Harmony Roberts

The ice cream place: AMAZING. The crepe place: meh.

Vegeta NYC

Beautiful scenery for photography and a pier to see the boats

Ruth McMullen

Went for lunch. Really dreadful service, water (as well as wine) ordered - not delivered until server asked for it, twice. Supposed jumbo prawn cocktail ($21) just 3 small prawns with no leaves or over ice or anything and one of the prawns had not had the intestine cleaned out and removed. Vegetable accompaniments to main courses ordered - forgotten and not delivered. It took 25 minutes and asking 3 different wait staff before they arrived. The salads themselves were nice but this kind of service is unacceptable in an expensive restaurant where there are a lot of staff.

Casey Golden

The Froze is great, the food is good but ask for Hazel because she made our night FANTASTIC! Best service experience in years and will be going back just because she 10x'd our fun.

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