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1061 S 25th St, Easton, PA 18045

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REVIEWS OF Koja Cuisine Korean BBQ and Sushi IN New Jersey

Linda Hagon

Extremely generous portions. Very friendly and efficient service.

Philip Chung

I love the food here and although I usually get the bulgogi bi bim bap, the seafood pancake is also pretty good and I enjoy the cold self-serve sides bar. I haven't done the BBQ because I don't think they do it at the table like I'm used to, at least, there aren't built-in grills at each table. The soup entrees are also tasty, and they have sushi that's just average.

Diana Heins

Lots of choices, great food, great service!

Debai Medrano

Very expensive small plates

Anthony Gazzillo

Authentic Korean cuisine

Geoffrey Field

Food is excellent, service is quick and the staff is very friendly and knowledgeable about the menu. Highly recommend

Sung Chae

I came here during the Grand Opening about 5 years ago. The food was terrible back then, and I haven’t been back since. We stopped by today because my wife HAS to eat korean food once a day and we were driving by. I’ve gotta say, it’s gotten MUCH better. Some of the food, like the Tempura Udon tasted like it was made with off-the-shelf soup base from a korean market. They added fresh veggies and tasty tempura shrimp so I’m not complaining. My favorite addition is the side dish bar. We sampled all 7 of the side dishes available, and 5 were pretty good. The kids love bean sprouts and it was great that they could eat as much as they wanted. Overall, the food tasted similar to what my wife makes at home, which is pretty decent. I’m sure we’ll stop by next time we’re in Easton and don’t feel like driving all the way home for dinner.

Frank Slover

BBQ was great and our waitress was wonderful. You have to try this place. Lots of fun.

Cave Arnold

Korean food is very good here. I recommend the stone bibimbap bulgogi. We go here quite regularly now. I have tried the Japchae and like it quite a bit, but the bulgogi dish is still my go to. I have uploaded a photo of my favorite dish as it was delivered to the table. I also really enjoy the miso soup here.


Good price and quality Also can get a side dish for unlimited.

Kaitlyn Grace

I absolutely loved my experience here! I was craving Korean BBQ, and this is the only restaurant of its kind in the Lehigh Valley. I sat at a booth because I was alone, but for 2 or more people you can get a grill top table. Ashley and Annie were wonderful servers. The Bibim Bap with bulgogi was delicious. I would have liked to have more meat with the dish, but it was still very filling. Excellent mochi as well. I will definitely be back in the future!!


Excellent authentic Korean food

Erika Harms

My best friend and I typically go to Asian Restaurants when we see each other a few times per year. We haven't tried Korean BBQ before and we loved it. We were the only ones in the restaurant at the time and we felt like queens being waited on. The server was excellent and very knowledgeable about the menu and even let us use the heating element at our own table. The "salad bar" was good as well, I would probably go back just for those noodles! I also tried an item off their sushi menu and i really enjoyed it a lot. Overall, a little pricey but you're paying for really expensive cuts of meat and the experience of cooking it yourself. We would definitely like to go back!

It'sa Fitzy

I love the food here! They have free side dishes, including delicious kimchi. If you're getting the bibimbop, I recommend asking for a dish of bean paste to mix into it. It's a less spicy alternative to the sauce they offer and it's really tasty. The wait staff have all been very nice and attentive.

greg morello

small portions

Calvin Harding

They serve large portions and for affordable prices. very welcoming staff. Highly recommended.

Phillip Rhodes

A top place for tasty korean bbq. honestly my favorite evening place. the service here is friendly. this place has good reviews for a reason.

M Ruth

The place could be cleaner.the food was good.You cook right at the table.

Shan You

After eating there today, I really search deep into their google review, there is nobody complaining about their weird smells? This old building smells is just too strange to let me go in next time. Food is a little pricey but you have no choice since this is the only korean restaurant in the area. I am disappointed they dont bring side dishes in front of you, instead of it, they have a bar, and I am pretty sure they dont keep the tempreture under 40 degrees which could make you sick, I got food poinson here at the end. Conclusion, out dated restaurant, worst korean restaurant I have ever been, strange smell like some rot inside the wood. Food was below average

Dawn Selene

I LOVE this place! Awesome kimchi bar, fantastic food and great service! And you have to try the fried ice cream! It's sinful.


I just went there last week. It was a great place to have meal with my family! The foods are great and yum and i like how they place sIde dishes as salad bar. Cheaper than other Korean restaurant and servers were very nice! I am def. gonna visit there next time too. Loved it!!!!

Erick Ball

Spicy pan-fried noodles w/beef was delicious.

Kelsie Hayes

Good tasty Korean food. Good range of affordable lunch specials to huge bbq options. They have a regular sit down area as well as a separated karaoke area.

Alec Nguyen

Simple place, but great food, friendly staff. BYOB as well. The taste is really good as compared to K Town in NYC or Flushing area. The portion is generous. Bring friends so you can order a lot of variety and share.

Jonathan Sevy

Delicious authentic Korean dishes, both barbeque and regular table dining. Great appetizer bar that changes regularly. And it's a BYOB, always a plus!

Danielle Norelli

Their food is delicious! The restaurant has a cozy, cool atmosphere and you can cook your BBQ right there at the table. Love it here.

John Marquette

The category listed for Koja is Japanese, yet it is Korean. How can you tell? Ask to be seated in the back of the restaurant at a table instead of a booth in the front. In most of the tables are embedded electric grills where diners (or their servers) can cook their own meat. This is unusual for the Lehigh Valley but very common in other places with large Korean populations. And here, the little bowls of side dishes are not brought to the table but are self-serve from a cart. Two meats will probably serve two people for about $40. It's BYOB.

Nina Blake

My preferred place for Korean BBQ. Fell in love with this place from the 1st taste. This place has an awesome atmosphere.

Anthony Zotynia

Awesome food! Awesome staff.

jeongho song

Koja cuisine is Perfect place.. Food was so delicious. Especially I LOVE side dish bar. There were no limit to eat side dishes unlike other korean restaurant!! I am sure I will be back.

Nichole Bundy

A lil hesitant at 1st but bc my hubby had been here previous I was game. We ordered the Bim Bam (I think that's the name) it was deeeeelish Definitely would recommend & will b back

Ruben Rosario

Great place went for my

Oleg Vorotnyak

Amazing food. Needs to be updated inside but the food is worth it.

Alexis Goode

I will not be going back to this restauraunt. The food was not flavorful and the service was absolutely horrendous. Not only were they understaffed, but our waitress barely paid us any mind, we had to track her down just to get napkins. She did come back and ask us if we needed anything else and if we wanted desserts....once we said no she said she would get the check. As soon as she left another staff member stated how they had a party waiting and that they would need our table. You would assume etiquette would allow her to wait until we paid which we were in the process of doing, before evicting us from the table, but this was not the case. In addition to being waited on poorly our waitress was not friendly and overcharged us on our bill. She had a problem adjusting it and attempted to make us pay for it multiple times rather than apologize for making multiple errors and correcting them. We did not pay for these extra charges only because we walked out after paying for the food which we actually consumed. The prices are too high for what you get.....or should I say what you don't get. For food prices like this you would think you would be eating in a nicer establishment , this was a run down diner feel with 4 star pricing. You can get better food at your local China III for less, without rude service.

Jesse Buss

Good food and if you like spice this is the place.

Salvatore Nuzzo

Bulgogi was delicious. Kimchi soup was down right addictive.

Jimmy Kim

Sushi was not fresh, and tasted fishy. Eel was slimy and not fully cooked.

Tony Escalante

My team had been searching for a locale for our team dinner when we stumbled upon this locale. I myself had never had K. BBQ so thought it would be a nice new experience. We walked in aesthetic left something to be desired. The waitress was a tad on the rude side. After my coach saw the price, he made the executive decision to go elsewhere. Waitress actually said byeeee? and what the hell on the way out. So WE DID NOT TRY THE FOOD thereof two stars but first impressions can often be a last.

R. Iyer

Healthy Vegan and Vegetarian Korean food that is scrumptious

Sue Piorkowski

Nice bbq

drew ruch

Door dash delivered this and it was AMAZING!!!

Katie Z

Had a great evening out! Our server Ash was awesome, the food was delicious, and the experience so much fun. I will definitely be back!

Sneaky Lettuce rachel

Best customer service from Ashley...very friendly staff. Delicious foods.

Brody Moran

Excellent and delightful food, I love the ambience this spot has, and the staff members were very friendly. Will definitely visit here next time.

Kimberly Niyogi

Authentic, dynamite Korean food. The sushi is very good, too. The Side Dish Bar that you have access to with an entree is excellent. Highly recommended!

Ninjaws Hambone

Good food, though I do not u understand what half of the menu is.

Jerry Kosloski

Absolutely terrible. All food was either overcooked or damn-near raw. Beef was dry and unseasoned. Rice, somehow a sticky undercooked mess. Fried calamari was far undercooked. I honestly feel ripped off.

Tim Hawes

I've been to Koja a few times now for lunch for both Korean dishes and sushi. Everything I've had there so far has been excellent. It's been a few years since I've had easy access to good Korean food, but this is right up there with the best places I remember. You' can't really go wrong with bibimbap, but other things are worth trying too. As for the sushi, there is a greater emphasis on cooked rolls (and mayo) than most places I've been, but what you get is great. I have yet to try their BBQ but I will definitely be back for it. The staff are always very friendly. Wait staff are happy to walk you through the menu if you are unfamiliar. Please consider trying their recommendations if this is all new to you.

Laura Sullivan

I ordered sushi from them for delivery because our usual place doesn’t do sushi on Monday. I have to say I’ve had a lot of sushi in my life and the sushi here was terrible! It was extremely dry, horrible portions and gave me a stomachache all night and our order was wrong l! needless to say I will not be ordering sushi from them ever again!

Karen H

I'm honestly not sure why this place is highly rated. Meat was mediocre, but definately had an off smell while raw. Though i also found it annoying that the menu states there needs to be a minimim of 2 meats, while the online menu didnt state such a stipulation. Poor choice and quality in banchan. The day we went, there was kim chi, fish cake, and soysauce boiled potatoes. No egg option. Kim chi was fine. Prices are similar to other KBBQ places but with far inferior quality. Waitress obviously lacking knowledge in korean food. She threw all of our meat on a lukewarm grill. So the meat was boiling instead of grilling. I insisted on cooking to try to save this meal. I also got a potatoe pancake, was too thick and starchy like it was mostly corn starch. It had a scant crunch while falling apart. Even for the convenience of this place being in the valley, I will continue to drive at least an hour when i want sit down KBBQ.

Jung Su Park

I love this place. The food is great and all servers are so friendly.

Brendan Pribush

Great place for authentic Korean food was so delicous def will be coming back. Staff were very nice and helped us order some real Korean food

Talulla P

Wasn't very good and a bit too pricey. There were no prices on the website so when I went to pick it up I ended up paying way more then I thought I would be. I ordered the shrimp fried rice which had no flavor what so ever. the shrimp fried rice also had small cheap shrimp that didn't taste right. Wouldn't recommend going here.


Our server showed us great hospitality and was socializing with us during our time there. The food was amazing and if you have never tried Korean BBQ this is a great place to start!! Ashley our waitress was amazing had us laughing the whole time.

Doheon Han

great food, good service

Krisha Belgrove

Got food poisoning from this restaurant. The only think that I would order from this is there fried icecream. Nothing more.

phuonganh mai

If you’re looking for a good BBQ in Easton area , Koja is the best choice. They have beef, chicken and pork, all is marinated and ready to grill by you . They also have a side bar with kimchi, broccoli, tofu ,vv to eat with your meal. The curve white lady work there always serves us and she so funny, attentive and friendly. The steam egg was out standing. Also the red bean ice-cream in the dessert menu is real delicious!! Definitely come back

Frantz Saraison

Side dish buffet table was very cold, entrée was exceptional but very expensive

Bobby Chi

Not real korean food taste

Dustin Mackenzie

I’d like to start by saying this food was phenomenal. I have have been a Korean food enthusiast for most of my life. I am traveling from out of town and decided to give this place a shot. I was met by one of the most delicious, authentic, and reasonably priced Korean meals to date and would love to come back. Definitely try the japchae with spice. Very unique twist on such an iconic Korean dish.

Stephen Vincent

The chicken bbq you wrap up in lettuce and top with a bunch of different things from their toppings bar. I really liked the pickled diakon radish. I thought the bimbab would be simple and bland, but it was absolutely delicious. They cook it at the table with a raw egg yolk, and a bunch of this awesome red hot sauce that has a very nice heat to it. The egg yolk sticks to all the rice as it cooks and the sauce coats the egg, it was so flavorful. The bbq sushi roll was cool too. I had never had anything like it before, it was set on fire! The fire warmed the roll and the toasted nori on top gave it a nice toasty flavor. The service was excellent, our waiter was constantly refilling our water glasses, and he even explained the menu to us as this place is very unique for the area. Just a few things, the menu could be laid out a little better, and the place still straight up looks like a diner. But I don't even care because there are no other places in the area that do this, and it is so good. The little details really make it. Your spoons come with a little paper shield on it, and they give you wet wiped for your hands. Also sides of rice come in this cool metal dish that keeps it warm throughout the meal. Value for the money? Comparable to other Asian places in the area, sushi might be a little more expensive.

Marcus L

Food tastes great, even by Korean standards, and side dishes are self serve which mean you won't have to skimp on anything. Lunch was totally worth it and they make an effort to know you and make sure they get the order right

Tomoki Sasaki

Great friendly service and appetizers are all you can ear. The entrees are also delicious. Overall a great Korean food experience.

Jennifer Schleder

Best Korean in the area! Large variety of items to choose from. Clean & great service.

la tasha rodriguez

Only korean bbq in this area. wait staff is friendly. Food is o.k.

Jose Campos

Great atmosphere, delicious fresh food & very helpful staff

Kate F

Great service. "Korean side dish" bar. Not the usual red marinade for the BBQ pork, but still amazing taste. The green tea was bad and not real matcha powder like Japanese green tea. Also has sushi menu.

Frank vC

Great food followed by great service

Manny Jordan

Great healthy meals with big portions!

Walid Nabhane

Surprisingly a nice place for Korean barbecue and the waitress was really nice. Recommended if you like Korean BBQ.

Philip Salen

Tasty Korean BBQ- Kalbi was excellent. The Korean side dishes were OK. Excellent waitresses; friendly staff.

Liam Mcdowell

The food and service are great!

Shubha Chaudhuri

Wow, what a great find. There are virtually no good Korean restaurants in the Lehigh Valley, except this one. My wife and I ordered the Japche, Scallion Pancake, Edamame, and Udon soup and the food is fantastic. Interestingly, they are also able to accommodate vegans without sacrificing taste. There is also a Kimchee/appetizer buffet bar, which is interesting. Everything tastes fresh at the bar. Regarding the food, promptness, and friendliness of the establishment, 5 stars all the way. Unfortunately, the physical establishment is a bit old and outdated. If you're looking for a 5 star dining experience with an updated look and feel, this isn't it. If you're just in it for the food, dig in, because this place is a winner.

Sulee son

I usually went philly to eat korean foods. And we found this place by google search, and we suprised about price. I read all the reviews but I don't understand how people said this place is "pricy". Compare to berger king, it is expencive. However compare to other korean restaurants, it is so CHEAP!!!!! and the salad bar is awsome!!! otehr korean places always have limits of side dishes but they dont!! Also foods were great too! I swear god. THIS PLACE IS AMAZING! THANK YOU!

Zhentian Wei

Food is really good. You should try their spicy pork BBQ and stone pot bulgogi. A little bit pricey though IMO.

Seth Partridge

I come often. I agree that the food is just as good as what i get in the city. Great to have this option in the valley.

Brandon Henn

Absolutely love this place the food is great the people care about you. If theres anything you want tweaked or a certain way there always happy to help

Cameron Davidson

Great food and very friendly staff and atmosphere.

Danny Krouse

This place does not even deserve one star! The food was no more than ok. The prices are absolutely ridiculous, and Do not justify the quality of the meal, portion size, or overall environment you receive!!! I can't see anyone ever going back to this place! They really need to fix everything about this place. I've had way better food come from the Chinese Buffett. The building itself is a crapy run down diner on the inside. I know Korean food and I roll sushi, I am just blown away at how embarrassing this place is. I spent 30 dollars on one meal and left hungry and beyond not impressed. I never leave reviews on places but with this experience I felt obligated to warn people. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!

anthony stefanelli

We were there for the grand opening. I've been back dozens of times. Korean food is health and tasty. Not inexpensive but you can stuff yourself and walk out feeling good. Don't fear the menu, they speak English. You won't regret it.

Tamara Blaisure

I really want to give negative stars but cant. When we got there the place was empty, during lunch hours. The servers were nice... after ordering a combo (#4) we were told the bar was included. I haven't had much experience with Korean food myself so my boyfriend walked me through it, I put a little of everything on my plate and went back to (the very cold) table. Two bites in there was a BUG dead under the sauce on my potatoes. I was disgusted!! We instantly brought it to the servers attention and then she brought our food out. I tried to eat it but I was inspecting every bite before I ate it until about 5 bites later I told my boyfriend I just couldnt. The gentleman he is, said okay I'll say something. They had the nerve to tell us, okay we will take the bar off your bill... the one that was included FREE with the combo!!!!! He asked for the manager, who then offered a tiny 15% off that would have totaled $6 off the $40 meal. He calmly said he wasn't okay with that and we were told "okay it's free just go"... we tipped the server $5 on our way out. Will NEVER return. Go somewhere else.

Milim Lee

Koja is amazing!!! Whenever I miss my hometown Korea, I go there to eat! Limitless side dishes, delicious food, and nice service. Can't ask more. Love rice cake dish and donkatsu :)

Ira Weiner

I will go again for the Korean food, which was very very good, and for the great service. Unfortunately, the Japanese food was not as good. Stick to Korean and you will have a great time.

Nino Cosoleto-Miller

Awesome experience here. It was my first time eating Korean BBQ, and the servers helped me to understand what each dish was and also explained to me politely how I was meant to eat it, as I really didn't know. The bulgogi (thin-sliced and brined beef) and the pork belly roasted right at our table were phenomenal. There was also soup and a tasty egg souffle included with our meal. No complaints. I would definitely come back here and recommend it to others. My first Korean BBQ will not be my last!

Ron S.

Great Food!!

Double Woods

Nice Foods, fair price!

Justin Yozsa

I’m pretty sure our server was under the influence of some type of controlled substance. Very very very fidgety, kept going over to a random table who brought her a pair of SHOES to try on... she continued to try on said shoes in front of us. Just a very very strange place. Food was okay.

Megan Gerhart

Make your own Korean. Delicious. Great service and open to help you.

Melissa Rosati

I always come here for date night and today I had a lunch date with my 3 year old daughter! It was amazing and the staff is so friendly. Great to know they have options for kids... especially picky toddlers.

Brian Hodge

Enjoyable experience, went for late lunch and everything was still well prepared (though the place was fairly empty). Sushi was decent, and their lunch boxes were a really good value (well worth the price for quality given).

Sheila Garl

Very tasty! Generous portions, service was friendly and prompt, and everything was delicious. We will be back!

Joshua Bauman

Authentic Korean BBQ. Try it, you'll like it.

Florence Norelli

Yum!!! The salad bar alone is great. Have tried several items. Always pleased. Even the tea is delicious. Next time, will bring a group for the hibachi- looks like fun! Don't miss out #

Sydney Durgin

This restaurant is an absolute gem! Food is extremely fresh and well prepared, and the owners are very welcoming and hospitable.

Jeff Loda

This is an unpretentious, authentic place for some awesome Korean food! We loved the in-table cooking and side dish bar, which was all made fresh (really liked their kimchi and fish cakes). We had the pork belly, brisket, and marinated shrimp for the BBQ - will definitely come back! So great to have good like this in the area; we were missing good Korean food when we moved out of Philly. It's BYOB, too!

Estrellita Weatherby

Food is really good and customer service is unbeatable

Mike Standifer

Great food, it's BYOB which is nice and no "bottle service charge" not upscale, very cozy and relaxed atmosphere

Cassandra X

Food was decent, good portions, good friendly service, prices average. The restaurant itself is pretty shabby, looks like an old diner, wallpaper coming off the wall, TV blaring K-Pop in the dining area. Definitely not a place to take a date, but okay for a group of hungry friends.


Delicious and helpful server

Ryan Morrow

We love everything about Koja! The food is the best Korean food in the Lehigh Valley. The owners are extremely kind and caring about the quality of the entrees and the front staff is also outstanding and very knowledgeable. The kimchi is phenomenal and so is the sushi. Eat here!

Bibiano Knight

Great food and great service definitely recommend this place for Korean BBQ!!!

Matthew Fulmer

Sushi wasn’t good. That’s all I had so 1 Star.

Gardner Mandes

Really good food.

Greg Muniz

I've been to the restaurant a couple of times in the past and the food was definitely good. The problem is with the very nasty customer service that I was given by a large lady behind the counter. While I was running for doordash, I had gotten an order to pick up from this restaurant. When I had walked in to pay for the food, this "lady" was very rude and obnoxious, telling me that she was going to lose business with the customer because I shouldn't have accepted the order and let someone who was closer to her take it instead. So I politely told her that I was given the order and had went straight over there from Bethlehem, about 23 minutes away and had actually gotten there a little earlier than my timeframe had expected. Nevertheless, she continued to be nasty towards me, insulting my appearance as well as getting upset with me when I started filling out the receipt, telling me that i couldn't blank out the tip line and write the exact amount paid in the total, and when I had signed the check, she raised her voice at me and told me "Thanks a lot, you've screwed me out of my time and business, and I've reported this to-blah blah blah". I was shocked and simply said thank you as I grabbed the food and walked out of the restaurant. Apparently what had happened was the previous person who was supposed to pick up the order had cancelled and I was selected afterwards, as the customer informed me, and they were so upset with how the woman admonished me that they did not want to order from them again. So congratulations big lady from koja, your crappy attitude was what lost you the customer in the end. I hope you're satisfied.

Paulina Lee Collazo Navarro

Good, authentic Korean BBQ. Fast and friendly service. But, beware of your spice levels! It can be overwhelming. A bit on the pricey side, though.

Ed Rodrigo

Great sushi and nice people!

Jessica Chung

Thank goodness for Korean food up here! The owner is nice. I loved the kalbi after delivering my baby! It was nice to have some fresh side dishes (banchan) reminiscent of home cooked meals. Some day... I’ll learn to cook Korean food! Until then, this place is nice for BBQ, naeng myun (cold broth summer noodles), and bibimbap.

Taina Johnson

I very much enjoyed my experience at this Korean restaurant and I loved the food a lot. I would especially like to thank my waiter and server 정호 (Austin) because he was so polite to me and my mother who had never tried Korean food before and he was so sweet to us. He even gave us training chopsticks to use because we didn't know how to use chopsticks! It was definitely a fun experience. 고맙습니다.

mary cresseveur-reed

Great food in a fun environment. Try the foods grilled at your table. Staff very friendly and knowledgeable

Kevin C. Kline

Loved the food and experience! We went for the full Korean Barbeque experience. Our waitresse was very attentive and informative on the service and food.

jasmine hopkins

We stated several times to our waitress that 2 out of 6 diners did NOT eat the buffet style sides. She insisted she saw us plate and eat them. When we pointed out that she cleared the plates herself, she stated that she couldn't keep track of every plate collected, yet still refused to accept that we did not eat the sides. My party and I do not appreciate being called liars. Had we anticipated her behavior, we would not have tipped. It was unprofessional and rude. The meats and sauces were fresh, but mediocre in both quality and flavor. We would have given it 2 stars had we not been accused of lying. This reflected poor training and, or judgement in the hospitality industry; and the atmosphere and decor was cheap and lack luster. Do your tastebuds and your wallet a favor and hit up the local Chinese buffet instead.

Nelly Bueso

Loved it ,went with friends yesterday and completely fell in love . Definitely felt like I was eating homemade food . The staff were incredible , I don't think I've ever come across such wonderful staff at a restaurant. Would definitely recommend it to anyone!!!!!

Samantha Herman

This place is awesome! Make a reservation though.

Sergey Wortman-Vayn

Strange place. Would not recommend.


Amazing food

Kedin Morales

KBBQ, can't miss it. Too freaking good.

John Szostek

If you're in Easton, this is the best Korean BBQ around. Great service & tasty dishes!

Joseph Tom

Staff was so friendly, and owner was a sweetheart. Food was absolutely amazing. 5 stars!! Everyone is the Lehigh valley should try this restaurant! We will be back very soon!

Mae Gerhart

Amazing service and delicious food. We love cooking our own kalbi and bulgolgi at the table grill. If you have never before, they will help you learn right at your table it's a great experience. They have an all you can eat sides buffet with various staples. Instead of replacing the sides with the same one, they have a variety that replaces each, so you get a good sampling.

Aura Lozada

Great food and great service.

Monica Neu

Delicious korean food.

Albert Einstein

Certainly not all the food can be bad, but three out of four dinners were lousy. Ordered fried tofu and it was served uncooked. Totally uncooked! Waitress was abrupt. Out of hundreds of Asian foods I have eaten in USA and throughout Asia, this was the worst. The tempora Salmon was good. The pancake was ok. Barbecue shrimp was fair to acceptable. Waitress said tofu was cooked, absolute nonsense. They just took it away and did not charge left me hungry did not offer. Perhaps I looked like her ex or someone she did not like. We will never go to this restaurant again and I strongly advise against anyone eating there. What is the gross cold self serve veggie thing about? Cold mash potatoes? I have travelled to Korea and this ain't Korean Food. But Chinese food in USA is not real Chinese food either.

Kathy Fields

Having spent most of my younger years in Korea and being part Korean myself, this restaurant is a blessing. Whenever I don't have the time to cook my favorite dishes, Koja is always there to lean on for comfort food. The service is always great, they're always so friendly and so nice to have them close by.

Michael Hewitt

Great Korean BBQ! So much food.

Maegan Ferry

This place is amazing! I was not disappointed by anything I ate here and will absolutely be returning! The staff is incredibly friendly and welcoming. The menu has a huge variety of vegetarian, vegan, and carnivorous plates! Photo features a fried tofu appetizer and seaweed salad.


Amazing Sushi and service! Ashley went above and beyond to explain in detail the different selections on the menu. Highly recommended!!!!!!!

Jihye Kim

I love this place. The restaurant is super clean and all dishes are very good and reasonably priced.

Scott Song

The food was quality and the service was very good! I will make sure to go back!

Victoria Tedrow

I am a vegetarian and there were so many vegetarian food options! I also loved the food taste and the portions are so hefty! I thought they gave you your money's worth and above. The taste, options, and service was amazing. Definitely coming again!

Patricia Williamson

Everything was wonderful and the service was outstanding.


Healthier and more delicious foods! Strong recommendation! Hot Stone Rice Bowl (Dol-Sot Bibim-bab) is the one you should try.

crissi walturz

Great food and service!

Toreba Tama!

Koja is my absolute favorite restaurant in the city of Easton. There are so many great choices, and the atmosphere is great. If you want Korean or Japanese food, the taste remains very authentic. Not everything here is cheap and it shows in the quality of the ingredients. Their menu is very large, yet all of the items are brilliantly made despite the lack of a major focus on one style. It is definitely worth your time to eat here if you can.

Wai Keck

The Korean BBQ dishes were perfectly marinated. The seafood pancake wasn't too shabby either. Kids enjoyed their sushi. Definitely will come back here for dinner.

Brian Savercool

Very good

Nobel Vale

I stumbled upon Koja when I was heading back from a road trip, and I have to stay that this place has an extensive menu for your typical Korean cuisines. I decided to get the chirashi (assorted sashimi) platter while my friend had the Bulgogi Bibimbap. The sushi did not taste anything special, along with the Bulgogi bibimbap. The bibimbap was served on a hot stone plate though which was a plus. However, nothing particular wow'd me and everything was average overall. This is a decently sized establishment. Service here was nice but not as attentive and little slow considering there were not as many people when my friends and I were there. It does not seem that there are many Korean establishments in the area, so if you are looking for a place around here, this spot may be your best bet.

Jeawel Hertz

The foods are awesome! I like the anchovies with sweet and spicy flavor.

Sue Song

I honestly have to say that the food was awesome! I am vegetarian and I was surprised that there were many vegetarian options for me to eat. The side dishes are so good as well, YUM! This restaurant gives very BIG portions and I happy they give you the prices's worth of food. I'm happy with the taste and service, so I will definitely come back again!!

Jacy Viho

Kimchi to die for!!!

Ronen Zaltzberg



Amazing place . Great food

Jose Planas

Holy cow their food is awesome first time ever there

Joey Vassallo

Decided to try this place on a whim. Greeted immediately by a sweet woman who then later talked me out of my traditional order at these restaurants, and into the short ribs lunch. It was so amazing. Everything there is made from scratch including their sauces. Very good food at a spot I pass too often. Will def be back soon! Oh and they have KPop music videos going on the tv. Such a cute place

Frances Esteves

I love sushi anyway I can get sushi is a favorite place of mine


Horrible experience, walked in and saw the host walk <1mph to our group mouthing “why are you guys here, no more people” under her lips....seriously? Why would you think I would ever let myself and my group of friends give you our money for horrible service from the get-go? We left, place looked somewhat not maintained when we got there, at least the front did. Will not be back.

Karen Rose

The lunch box special is the best!


Limited the amount of side dishes that I could get. And assumed I didn’t know anything. My mother in law and family are Korean. Super annoying. Just because I’m not Korean you shouldn’t treat people differently. I speak Korean and go all the time and your food is not that great...

Kimberly Smith

Super uncomfortable we were the only people there and the staff was very rude so we left before even ordering.

Rose Rickman

First time eating Korean food and it was so good, will definitely visit this place again

Scott Berger

The entree was quite good, but the appetizers were *meh*

Lisa McGee

They always have such amazing food and service.

alex moore

Lionel Sampson

Would definitely recommend visiting this place. Awesome ambience, flavorful dishes, great service. I recommend this place.

Renny Barragan

Weird atmosphere in an old diner. Mediocre food. Service was ok.

Riley Saunders

A fav spot for quality Korean BBQ. Excellent spot to spend time alone or talk business. I had a cousin come into town and asked me to take him back here. Prices that won't break you. Feeling here is like a restaurant in Fort Worth I liked.

Maurizio Illiano

Just left the restaurant. It was amazing the food portions where huge. The food taste great and the waitress was very helpful and always checking to see if we needed anything. Will be back again thanks for a great meal!

Anthony Micheli

Very friendly staff! Very good food. I had the chicken teriyaki. It had a lot of flavor and was plenty of food!

Kang Guo

A very nice Korean restaurant in 50 mile radius. Self serving appetizer dishes are big pluses for the restaurant. First of its kind that I know, I wish more Korean restaurants are like that. The BBQ meat is well marinated. The dishes are authentic. Overall the food is decent at a reasonable price. I would go again.

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