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REVIEWS OF KO Modern Korean Cuisine IN New Jersey

Robert Brubaker

The hot bowls are good.

Susan Pili

Great food very accommodating to special requests. Gteat experience

Jaouad Arbaoui

Lesya Kosovan

This place is one of my favorite Korean places. I love everything about this restaurant: amazing variety of food and beverages, customer service quality and the ambiance! This place is a must!

Ellen Herrick

Alvin Cheung

Good food but can be a bit pricey. Decent Asian food for the area.

Malcolm Hollett

Fantastic place, food was fabulous. Serving didn't take too long and the place had a great atmosphere. Servers were nice and very friendly. Would definitely recommend!

amy rabner

Second time at this great Korean restaurant. Food and service are terrific.

oleg prtsky

Zack Moon

Everything was great. You definitely should make a reservation.

Stu Taylor

miyoung ahn

I would like to confess here, I used to work here before. The oishi's owner's brother work at oishi, and the son of the oishi's owner own this restaurant. I saw they reuse the food. It was just once, but disgusting. I guess there are not so many japanese restaurants around here so that here is so popular, but no more than that reason

Dmitri Zinoviev

parrish steve

Favorite restaurant ever.

Ying Xu

It's a nice place, quite busy at weekend. Very well modern deco. The food is Japanese, Korean, not authentic Korean food. So we were a little disappointed. The taste is still good. Some people might like it,

Brian Tetley

Igor Shchupak

Good food, inexpensive.

Eugene Markman

Great variety, quality, and most importantly, great flavor.

John DiVeronica

Awesome food, but where is Brian. Come back. The best in the business. Class act. Have to find him and for where he us. We spend about 600.00 per month that and look forward to seeing get him. Had to explain and show pictures of what I wanted.

Ed Han

Discovered this place via Yelp, and my wife and I are looking forward to our next visit with great anticipation. If you're looking for your classic Korean barbecue with in-table grills, you're barking up the wrong tree. That isn't KO's thing. They tell you up front that they're Korean fusion. They're taking old classics like pajun and giving them a fresh and tasty spin. My late grandmother was a terrific cook, and she took great pride in handling food preparation when she came to live with us. Sujebi is a classic home cooking dish you rarely see on menus. It's noodles in a hot, tasty broth, along with characteristic jags of noodle, hand-torn into fun, ravioli-sized sheets. The only time I've ever had sujebi was either when Grandma made it, or one particularly ill-conceived dish at another establishment. KO turns this into a pumpkin-based sheet in a rich, satisfying beef broth that will make you sigh. I chose to get beef with it. I'm mystified by the amazing tenderness coupled wth the respectable sear. My grandmother would have loved the sujebi at KO. It's a bowl of hugs. Eat here.

Mike Bellina

Great food

Melissa Hiles

The appetizers weren't amazing but the entree's more than made up for it. Very friendly staff.

Jeffrey Scharff

KO is always excellent. My wife and I eat here often at both lunch & dinner. Everything, including service always very good.

Ben Johnston

Great food, drinks, and staff. Try the ramen and gopdol!


Nice clean place . Very good food . Reasonable prices . Defiantly coming back .

Ravi Ponnusamy

gurudutt redkar

We went to check this place for my wife's Birthday . I was plesantly surprised with its posh decor and wonderful servers. The best part of this restaurant was its food. We ordered their vegetarian Gopdol (known everywhere else as Bibimbap) and it was one of the best Bibimbap's I have ever tasted and also my 9 year old feasted on their fried rice which was scrumptious. Their courteous staff encourgaed my son to try some of their new sauces which he did and loved it. My wife and me had come to enjoy Bibimbap on her special occasion and little did we know that we were going to leave this place as our new favorite for Korean in Philadelphia area.

Jackie Armstrong

Michelle C.

One, on a busy Saturday, whether you make a reservation or not, you will have to wait a bit. Luckily it was only 15mins so it wasn't too bad. Two, it felt like there was only one waitress running around and she made a few minor mistakes, like forgetting a salad or that two from the table wanted a rare steak ribeye teriyaki entree. I couldn't hear if she apologized at the spot, (three, it was very lively tonight, so loud and difficult to hear each other talk), but in the end, she explained that she took the entree off the tab due to her mistake, so she at least owned up to it (but we weren't upset or wanted a free meal out of it). Four, the food was just okay. From other reviews, I do agree the wings were good, but the dynamite shrimp wasn't that good in my opinion. I tried the spicy wings, honey garlic wings, and the dynamite shrimp (first timer here), and the honey garlic was the best amongst the three things I ordered. I would say this place is a hit or miss depending on what you're looking for, but definitely not authentic Korean food, more Americanized. Oh and five, very pricey. Had a table of 6 and it was more than what it felt worth. Overall, it was an okay experience, but with low staff and a full house, I could tell it was difficult for them to keep up. Perhaps if they removed a couple tables and spaced them out some more, maybe then it wouldn't feel so crowded and it wouldn't be as loud so the waiters would make less mistakes when taking orders.

.brendan n

Clarence Kwong

Absolute dub

Sean Titus

Home Cash Guys

Great atmosphere, food and drinks!

Andrew Murray

Lunch is a great value

Ella Shelton

Best asian food in far!

Michael Sciarrotta

Ko and oishi; 2 of the 3 best places to eat in Newtown.

jeanne cutler

One of our favorites, food consistently good and the environment is lovely.

Olena Boyko

This spot had SO much to offer! It seems like they have all kinds of Asian, not just Korean. The food was good, especially if you're craving something particular (like dumplings) but don't want to go to the city. It it wasn't mind blowing food though, nothing too special.

Yuriy Dankulich

Great food for a reasonable price. the decorum was also neat and modern. would recommend.

Doni Tglassi

Tried the bao buns, ox tail soup, short rib tacos, and korean fried chicken. Everything was pretty good. Service was a little slow - looked like perhaps they were short of staff that night. Fried chicken was almost like a tempura batter which may be their twist on it, but not like the traditional korean chicken which is crispier. I would definitely go again though for the food. On the expensive side and portions also a little small.

Wendy DeSantis

Tasty and diverse menu. Good service but a bit pricy for what you get.


Great food.

Cheri Wenger

Very modern atmosphere. Met friends and had drinks at the small bar. Sarah, the bartender, took care of us. She is so sweet!

Jeff Rockower


Kiran Patel

Jonathan Ferrante

Not many Korean restaurants in our area so gave this place a shot and was pleasantly surprised. Food was good as was the service and ambiance. Full bar was an added bonus. Being Korean I am a little critical of Korean restaurants but KO passed the Kimchi test and all the other flavors were authentic. Banchan was lacking and there were no BBQs in the middle of the tables, but the Bibimbap and the buchimgae were very tasty.

B. Rabbit

The most amazing and delicious food ever Reccomend the bow buns and kim-chi dumplings

John Bucsek

Sid Shah

Best happy hour in town (4:30 to 6). It is the perfect blend downtown chic, cuisine sophistication, and suburban comfort.

James Hart

Always good. Good service. The sushi it seems is better than Oishi as in more fresh, and larger portions.

Gary Lipsius

Absolutely delicious food and beautifully decorated restaurant. The only problem was on a Friday night at 7 the restaurant was like a daycare center with children running up and down the halls and screaming and doing jumping jacks. The manager was responsive and tried t o exert some control but unfortunately we will not be returning because people today no longer know how to control their children at a nice expensive restaurant.Frankly I don't understand why people even bring children to a restaurant of that caliber.

Ted Inoue

One of the only Korean restaurants in the area, Ko does a great job of bringing both classic and nouveau Korean fare to us. An offshoot of the top rated Oishi, Ko also offers some of Oishi's favorite dishes. Be sure to try the KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) appetizer, it's delicious! When you're in the mood for something beefy, get the beef Bulgoki - a heaping plate of tender, shaved beef flavored with a spicy sauce. This is definitely a favorite. Ko has also been working on perfecting their ramen. While this is traditionally a Japanese dish, Ko's owner loves ramen and has been working hard to create his spin on this classic comfort food. And I must say, it's the best I've had in recent memory. Really good!

Chris Werz

Great food, very clean, awesome service

Felix Carvente

Emily Gauker

fantastic food and very convenient online ordering! staff are friendly, but not very efficient

DANA Acupuncture & Wellness Center

Pretty good

kathleen f

Excellent food, amazing service.

York Basu

Food was absolutely delicious!!! Service was exceptional!!! Was so impressed with their willingness to create a dish which wasn't even on their menu! They improvised an existing dish they had and the result was perfect. Thanks to the chefs and staff. So happy to have found this restaurant. Will definitely be a regular patron.

Ben C

Review is based on dinner. Lunch was a decent experience but dinner was a whole different experience. For the amount paid, the food was average at best and very underwhelming. Service was an issue entirely. Korean Fried Chicken was good but everything else lacked somehow. Pork Belly Bao Buns were chewy(rushed). KO Ramen(Pork) had barely ANY meat in the bowl and was mostly noodles and broth. The spicy chicken bulgogi platter looked nice but tasted bland. Dry chicken with barely any flavor (server actually gave me a bottle of "spicy sauce" meaning it wasn't prepared how I ordered), stale rice, and the tempura was mushy like it sat waiting for everything else to be prepared. Expected far better quality for $24. To top of the mediocre meal was the mango mochi... 2 very frozen, small mochi cut in half. Service was pretty poor. Busy restaurant and our server was seemingly taking care of tables on every end of the restaurant. She was very polite but consistently unavailable (felt bad for her). Also I can understand trying to fit as many people as possible but the small tables by the window are cold and cramped. Would have gladly waited 10-15 minutes for a table had we known that. Restaurant has a strong sense of decorum, food and service needs improvement to match.

Stef B.

Awesome! With its clean atmosphere and authentic cuisine, this place take your taste buds to the prom and 2nd base. The Calamari BBB was delish and sizzling til the last bite. Be sure to stop by this one, i doubt you will be disappointed.

Rajaram Pejaver

Way expensive. Food was good. Service was rushed, abrupt

Betty Sakuma

The food is amazing... A little Korean, Japanese and Thai. The Brussels Sprouts are fabulous! Seriously great restaurant!

michelle smith

Great food

Adam Kushner

Food was excellent. Table service and staff so so. It's one of those places where you feel like you're a burden to the people working there. Which can be very unwelcoming.

Andrew Fellows

Mike Joachim

Joseph Kim

Love going here with the family. Kids enjoy the tasty small plate options like the dumplings and soup. Sushi is fresh and the creative Asian fusion items on the menu are refreshing options if you're looking for something that's not your typical Asian cuisine. Can get busy, so plan accordingly.


Mike Garfinkle

Consistently great food and service

Tal Si

Fresh, Tasty and Priced Well

Ben G

Andy Beloff

Robert Calvello

Stephen Abel

Robert Jackson

I enjoyed the Korean food something different

Roger Mitchell

The food is absolutely incredible. Cocktails are delicious and well crafted. A huge plus for gluten free folks: separate fryers. All of the dishes that are gluten free are available for those with Celiac, and the staff is aware of whether sauces that accompany those dishes would have gluten and offer suggested modifications. Definitely will be back.


Had the Shrimp and Scallop grilled teriyaki and loved it.

Kam Sai



Bad service, not the best food

Geoff Kaplan

Great fusion cuisine, but can be pricey.

Lou Farinella

I love the Godol BBB in the stone bowl.


Never a disappointment eating here at KO.

Gustavo Cardona

Worth coming back

John Bell

KO and Oishi are the two best places to dine in Newtown. Chef Sae and his son John have made KO a great place and the bar is really nice. Very modern.

Jim Israel

Eric Dyke

The food was good, but too pricey. Also not a huge fan of the atmosphere.

Aleksandr Golubtsov

They don't have posted hours and take orders after their kitchen is already closed, so you can order food, only to get there and find out the kitchen closed.

Avi Erdos

One of the busiest restaurant, always reliable good food with nice presentation priced reasonably. If one orders sushi and a companion orders cooked food don't expect to get it at the same time! The waiters are trained well, so it is oblivious why the place is so popular!

Thomas Dorobiala

This place is terrible. I was standing there first with no one in the reasturaunt. People kept coming in and being helped. Stood there for 20 minutes before placing the order with no help. Other customers who came in behind me were receiving help. I guess that’s how you Treat a disabled veteran. Help out other people because they look like they have money and I look like I don’t. That’s cool. Good luck when you shut down this year...

Christopher Landes

Excellent service, fresh sushi. Great atmosphere.

Tom Calkins Jr.

G Wilson


Overall good experience but the bulgogi was not up to snuff.

Patricio Köhler

Yury Borovikov

Amy McCaa

Daniel Riker

Food is amazing decent prices but portions could be bigger for the KO bowls

Vlad Soroka

Had a great time last night at KO. Sushi was fresh and very with every penny! Also the inside was redone, I haven't been there in a while and I like the new look! Place has become a hot spot in Newtown! Would recommend to anybody! Make reservations if you can on Friday and Saturday night cause people running through those doors until 8:30pm! Enjoy it!

SeHwan Kim

Location: 3/5 Nothing much to say about the location. Food: 1/5 We ordered spicy pork platter and beef gopdol bibimbap. Pork in the platter had the worst texture I've ever had. It was like chewing rubber. Also on the bottom, there was an uncooked vegetable. I am not sure why but I think they should've cooked it with pork. In fact, somehow onion was cooked with pork so it blended well with it but other vegetables didn't. Also bibimbap had two issues. First, gochugang (chilli paste) was very bland. Maybe because some people can't take spicy food but it was way too bland. Another one was the vegetable that goes into the bibimbap. I am not sure why raw lettuce goes in there. Usually raw veggies don't get along with bibimbap and any bibimbap with raw veggies taste horrible as each ingredient doesn't get along well. Overall, food was terrible and it was quite pricy (bibimbap for $16 and spicy pork platter for $24

Mitch Reicher

Everything tasted wonderful. The Kimchi Dumplings were perfect.

Mariusz Konieczynski

Delicious ramen

Usha Vedavanam

Kuldeep Patel

kristen koseski

Wonderful restaurant!! The Korean food is Top Notch! The Japanese food is wonderful and the Cocktails are fun and inventive! I absolutely would recommend this eatery to anyone looking for an evening out with great food, attentive service and warm atmosphere!


Used to be awesome. Service going downhill quickly.

louis Charles

Have been going to your other restaurant Oshi for years. Its always a treat and I never had a bad meal. I would have expected the same Quality, and you continue to exceed my expectations. Simply put, if your looking for an Amazing meal! Look no further!

Boris Belous


Bangtan_Lover 14


Tyler Plunkett

Great food and drinks!

Len Shapiro

Andrea L.

In town visiting family. 1st time here and it won't be the last! Food was excellent! Service was slow because they were PACKED non-stop from the time we got there around 630p to the time we left .... 845p ... literally a line out the door the entire time. Amazing experience...will definitely be back. Come see for yourself!

Jeff Moyers

Went on a Sunday evening with reservations and had a 30 minute wait. Luckily there was a bar and a tasty drink menu. The drinks were well made and fresh. Lettuce wraps and dumpling apps were good. We didn't much care for the bau(?). My beef/kimchee bowl was good, but my wife got just the beef bowl and was very bland. My daughter had crispy shrimp and said it was good as well. Overall a good experience, even though we had little Korean experience.

Wendy Szogi

Food was terrific, lovely ambience, prompt service

shalini redkar

The food was insanely fantastic. Usually we travel to downtown Philadelphia to have Korean, but we tried this one seeing the reviews on Google. Our server was Sophia she was very pleasant and kind. We will visit again.

Kathy Scotto

Food here is phenomenal. Tried 7 different small plates on my first visit- I would give my least favorite dish 4 1/2 stars! And the service was excellent - our waiter was very attentive, charming and knowledgeable about the menu. The noise level was a bit high, but in a fun and happy way. Just know that the place is really bustling on a Friday nite. Make reservations!

dressage girl

The wait staff are terrible. They add things on the bill. I had a 20% tip added to my bill. If I would have not noticed and he would have been double tipped.(Also the bill had extra drinks that were never ordered!!!) A DISGRACE.....WATCH YOUR BILL LIKE A HAWK

lisa faber

2nd time here. Service was superb this time and food was just as incredible as I remembered! This is a real winner for fabulous not your normal lunch spot!

Seema Verma

Adalinea G

CD Kim

Modern take on Korean food and very good!

Sharon Lee Swope

Service could be better..

Joe Miskel

Always excellent!


Fantastic modern Korean cuisine. I highly recommend their spicy Korean spicy fried chicken. Absolutely one of the best things on the menu. Their food is a lot better than some of the Korean restaurants I've been to around the Edison or Oxford Valley area. Their sushi is also fresh and good quality. You can tell by the filling to rice ratio. A lot of places tend to just fill up their sushi with rice, not here. I would also highly recommend you come on a weekday. The weekends can get so crazy and it gets pretty loud in there. Even with reservations I've had to wait awhile so I've mostly just gone on weekdays. Staff is kind and attentive. Their cocktails are also worth every penny.

Darek Luczak

Awesome food. Great service. We love this place

James Gorecki

Chris Hatrak

I love this place! We eat here often.. the service is excellent the food is even better you will not be disappointed!

Meghan Cavanaugh

Jessica Knox

Jodi Gangloff


Ravi Jumani

Michael Kanner

Great food.

Thomas Lefebvre

Bob Tuniewicz

Bad service tonight.. Dirty cups..

Melissa Wilson


Samuel Keeney

Scott Kieley

Their food is delicious and the service is always top notch.

Kris Palmer

Amazing selection of great foods from several regions!


The two korean dishes we ordered tasted really bad and it costed nearly $45. It doesn’t taste authentic korean food, the food was uncooked and served as if they were from some other menu. Bibimbap sauce was disappointing and unappetizing.

Kurt Palmer

As with their sister restaurant - Oishi - KO is another great addition to the fine restaurants in Newtown PA.

anita levin

Great place, delicious food and drinks.

AZP 002

Always an amazing meal! Happy hour is the way to go reduced priced drafts, wine and Cocktails! They had Chimay on tap!!!! $3.00 drafts!

Gema Cuffari

So delicious! Love the great variety of food options. Atmosphere is nice as well. BBB is scrumptious!

Salas Saraiya

Nitesh Satheesh

Great ambience, but the food is not very authentic. We got a dumpling sampler, only the pork dumplings were good (veg & shrimp shumai were tasteless!) The chicken buns were tasty though!

David Chang

Great food and service as always.

Brad B

Ko is amazing. Super friendly and attentive staff. Creative drinks. And a Saturday happy hour from 4:30 to 6p!

Justin Kwong

Business Hours of KO Modern Korean Cuisine in New Jersey

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