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REVIEWS OF Kimchihana Korean Japanese Restaurant IN New Jersey

Lewis Kim

Best Korean food in the area. Kind of pricy but worth it on special occasions

Lisa Evans

It's a pretty good place to grab some Korean food!

David Ambio

In central jersey, that is one of three Korean restaurants I really like. Partially because they can provide both Korean and Japanese food, and the store is located in the mall, there are plenty of parking space. For the restaurant itself, the old Korean style, the furniture looks old but well maintenance. For the food, it comes out in the way and taste that it should be. And they do offer compliment around 6-8 good side dishes that are one of the traits of Korean dining. The service is fine and friendly.

Peter Kim

Richard Pinder

Food here is great, staff is generally very friendly and accommodating. This is also BYOB with a liquor store two doors over in the strip, which is nice. Atmosphere is pretty good, couple of private booth type spots with BBQs set up. When the craving for Korean hits this is my go to spot.

Joseph Yim

best KOREAN restaurant good taste good price but service is not good as formal restaurant because so busy and it is a there culture .but if not busy so nice...

Shinyoung Kim

I went there and he always said wait for 10min but he made me wait so long So I wasted my time and had to move another restaurant.

Stacy Solomon

Authentic. If you know how to use chop sticks and how to order your def. Treated differently. Favorite sushi place though...sides are great, habachi is amazing...byo

John Jason Sioson

Very Good Sashimi!


John Rakita

Very good food and service l


Crazy Owner!!! Yelled at employees in front of customers!!!! Short Korean Woman with funny hair. She is not kind at all. Be aware!!!!

kyoungsu Nam

(Translated by Google) After hearing rumors that it was delicious, I tried to come from last year. The beef ribs, kimchi stew, and kimchi are delicious. You do not sell alcohol, you can buy it at the store next door. (Original) 맛있다는 소문듣고 작년부터 오려고 했는데 숙소에서 멀어서...필라델피아에서 오는길에 들렸습니다. 소갈비도, 김치찌개도, 김치도 맛있습니다. 술은 판매하지않아 옆 매장에서 사와서 먹으면 됩니다.

Joe Laurenzano

Nice choice of boxes, sushi, sashimi, Korean foods.


I think it is some of the best Korean food in the area.


Joe Ryding

Delicious galbi and bulgogi

Mike Knight

Food was ok...but the employees are thieves. I went there with my friend...enjoyed our meal. I went out to get something from my car and my friend went to the bathroom. We left our wallets and cell phone on the what employee thought we left...took our cash and left the wallets and phones at the front. They thought we left with all our stuff at the restaurant. The worst part is the owner doesn't even apologize for this...she gets mad at us and starts to yell at us. VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. I DO NOT RECOMMEND GOING THERE...AND IF YOU HAVE CASH...DON'T BRING IT IN...THE EMPLOYEES AND THE OWNER CANNOT BE TRUSTED. MY FIRST TIME THERE..IS THE WORST EXPERIENCE IN MY LIFE. WHO DOES THAT...WHO WOULD THINK THAT WE WOULD LEAVE THE RESTAURANT WITH ALL OUR STUFF AND WE DIDN'T PAY YET. WE ONLY FOUND OUT THAT OUR CASH WAS GONE WHEN WE WERE READY TO PAY

chang choi

Great Korean dishes.

Eric C. Hinderberger

Outstanding local BYOB KBBQ, great selection and great service

Susanna M.

First of all, this restaurant is listed here as Japanese. It is KOREAN. I have been going here regularly for 25 years, and the food has been top notch 97% of the time. It seems to go through different management from time to time, and the service will differ. They used to have a separate chef for the side dishes and they are AMAZING. But I think that person has retired. The sides are still good, but not "to die for" like they used to be. The sushi bar is diverse, and it seems to be a cut above all the other places. It's definitely not B-quality like the fish you find in those "All You Can Eat" sushi places. Going here tonight, as a matter of fact, and my mouth is watering already! Try the Seafood Pancake, the Gop Dol Bap, the Hwe Dub Bap, the Soon Doo Boo, the Jam Pong, the Jeyook Bokum, and everything else. But don't order Japanese fare and rate it based on that. This is a Korean restaurant. Eat the wonderful Korean cuisine! And bring a bottle of sake with you!

Dan Petito

A friend searched for korean bbq restaurants near us in union county and Kim Chi Hana appeared to be the closest—we weren’t exactly sure what to expect. Don’t judge this place by its appearance; it isn’t much to look at from the outside (it’s in a big strip mall) but Kim Chi Hana is very good. You can either order off the standard menu, or you can do the bbq (which we did and is highly recommended). The service was good (we weren’t greeted right away) but it didn’t have a huge impact on our experience—if anything that time was helpful to navigate the menu. The BBQ was fantastic, BYOB is a major plus and we left enthusiastically discussing what we’d order on our next trip. Would eat here again.

Dave Lutness

Clayton p Chappelle Chappelle

You have to really be up on your Korean foods here to really enjoy this experience.

Samruddhi Patil

Amazing food. Really good quantities of food.. and so worth it for their free unlimited starter/appetizer/side dishes..

Yi David Yang

Lisa Hahn

Great food with good service. Menu was a nice mix of Korean and Japanese with a wide varietyof dishes for everyone price range

aghoye raghimi

We have been there 4-5 times. We went with five ppl and placed two big orders. The waitress/ owner was offended and said only 2 orders for 5? Sunsequently she gave a very bad service, refusing to refill water or bring spices. Very very immature!



Yun Simon

(Translated by Google) I like the taste of the food. (Original) 음식맛이 좋구 한번 시식해볼만 함니다

Mike Vlahos

This was my first time at a Korean barbecue place the food was amazing and a staff was fantastic

Sung Choi

(Translated by Google) I had a really fresh meeting. Moreover, the amount of money is not too small, and the ribs are also very suitable for the marbling. (Original) 정말 싱싱한 회를 먹어봤다 게다가 양도 적지 않고, 갈비또한 아주 적당한 마블링에 짜지않아 먹고 나서도 여느 식당처럼 목마르지 않아 ...가격도 좋고.. 적극 강추!!!!

ray t

b h

Nice in table Korean barbecue.

Min Lee

Good for family eatout.

Andy Liaw

We had the noodles. Very large portion and quite good. The only thing is you smell the smoke as soon as you walk in. It's a BBQ place after all.

michael longo

The food is excellent but the staff are always a bit odd. They have blatantly favored Asian patrons for seating and often are difficult in dealing with questions about the menu. Although the staff isn't great the food is so definitely worth the time and money.

maria nargiello

BBQ is always excellent experience!

Elliott Yoo

Probably some of the best Korean food I've had in the central NJ area.

Kenny Yi


Andrew Nguyen

This is one of the few good Korean restaurants in the area. Cooking on the BBQ grills here is the best part about eating here. I also enjoy the sushi served here. The only negative that I experienced is the tea being served in glass cups. It makes it so hard to hold the tea. I just don't understand why they use glass cups. Minus the glass cups, I would definitely come back here.


I ate both Korean BBQ and Japanese sushi. Everything tasted good.


SoungEil Houng

(Translated by Google) Jonmat. (Original) 존맛..

EunYub Jeon

I strongly recommand this restaurant for Korean dishes.

Bihan Xu



Taste good!

Peter Palumbo

Great food, awesome prices friendly service


The sushi is awesome here :DD

Joseph Kennedy

I remember laughing to myself about how this place could never be worth a visit, based on the outside of it. When I read that it was good, I assumed it was somewhere new that I had never seen before and wondered how it hid from me. When I realized the place with the good reviews was the same as the crappy looking place, I was disappointed, but went inside anyway. I was totally wrong to judge this place by what it looked like outside. The staff seated us right away. We were helped right away. Our waitress was a genuinely nice Korean woman who was in cinstant motion between tables and kitchen, but she managed to cast a glance at us to check if we needed help, repeatedly. We ordered something complex in half Korean and half english and she worked with us to understand what we want and made sure there were no mistakes. My Daeji Bulgogi was hot and delicious, and my wifes mild Bulgogi was sauceless as we requested, but tasted excellent. The banchan dishes all tasted good (the kimchi was a personal favorite) to the point that my wife got excited over one of them and made me ask our waitress if we could have more. They had special booths that require your shoes to come off before entering, for parties that request them. I thought that was pretty neat. My wife was astonished by how their "built-in-table-grills" were powered by buckets of hot wood coals that were replenished by waiters, and the wood smoke was sucked into range hoods over each table. If you hate a smokey atmosphere, that might be the only drawback here. Lastly, I'll comment on the fact that they had Japanese food here. We didn't try any, but it needs to be noted that some of the best non-sushi Japanese food in New Jersey often comes from places run by Koreans, and this place had a decent menu that included soups and teriyakis. I'll post another review if I try their Japanese stuff at a later date and it changes my mind. It was a special night out with the Mrs., and neither of us was 100% sure we wanted to eat Korean food, but the great time we had eating here made me want to start eating it several times a month. I've only been there once so take this review with a grain of salt, but this is as good as anything I've had in Phoenix, AZ, or Ft. Lee, NJ

Hyungsoo Kim

Decent food but too pricy

Ron Gonzales



By far the best Korean food I ever had.

Yu-Hsuan Lin

Trent Handlovsky

Service was fast, and very accommodating and polite. Food was very good and there were lots of sides to go with the entrees.

cris g

Used to love the ambience of the place but the place has become run down a lot. They need to renovate and replace their flooring. I think the owners are forsaking the appearance of the place.


(Translated by Google) Korean restaurant. Japanese food is also available. Many Koreans. The price is mid-level. Clean. (Original) 한식당. 일식도 가능. 한국 사람 많음. 가격은 중상위 수준. 깨끗함.

Leland T Snyder

This is a great restaurant to take a date on a cold winter day/night. They have traditional habachi tables and the pre-meal appetizer are always about 7 or more. Plenty to talk about, fantastic food, reasonable price, and of course a sushi option.

Katie Twomey

First time going here and loved it! Free traditional Korean appetizers, delicious food, huge portions and super friendly quick service! I will definitely be back!

Illsoo Kim

Plenty of side dishes without being contaminated by MSG sauces. Bring your own liquor. A fine liquor store is just around the corner. Reasonable prices. Recently rennovated.

Sara Wu

John Ro

I came here based on google review while on business trip to New Jersey. Just had worst Korean dinner ever. Stay away. Go somewhere else. You'd be better off eating instant ramen from 7 11.

Nichole Sisko

Food is amazing!!!! Atmosphere very comfortable.. prices very very reasonable

John Shim

Good food. Not expensive. Friendly service.

Eugene Kim

Great spicy tuna rolls which are actually spicy

Sunny Ra

I have been going to Kimchihana for last 25 years. And its still my number one Korean restaurant by far. I always recommend to my its byob! Make sure that you bring Soju!!!

rosanna zranchev

One of our regular go to place...very good food and service is excellent! You will not be disappointed.

Victoria Lee

Authentic korean food and bbq

Fracking now

Best kimchi in town

ying wei

i ordered seafood hot pot, it is really good.

Seong Yang

Leah Kim

Amazing korean food and fresh sushi that melts in your mouth. Great galbi too!

Ko-Yu Pan

Best seafood pancakes you can have.

Daehgeun Min

I'm Korean American and it is the best Korean restaurant in the area. I've taken tons of friends and they all love the place. My parents and I go there 1-2 times a month. They have takeout, lunch deals, sushi Japanese food and Korean barbecue. Why go into the city when for less price you can eat here.

Jean Shen

awesome place to have real korean food

Tim Lee

I come here pretty often with my gf. My go to dish is the hwe dup bap which is a bowl of sashimi, rice, and vegetables. The sashimi is plentiful and very filling. Their rolls are good as well. Service is very friendly.

Charlotte Volz

Gautam Malhotra

Good service. Good marinade but so so quality of the beef. Great pork belly. Rest of the food we ordered was slightly less flavorful than others.



flower pig

(Translated by Google) Mixing delicious noodle (Original) 비빔냉면 맛있어요

Yonghui Bader

It's best Korean restaurant! Every dishes are so good and their side dishes are great

Robert Finke

Nice people. Great food!!

Karen Duncan

Wonderful! Have never been here, was in the area for business and thought I would give it a try. They bring out 6 bowls of deliciousness before your food, yum! Had yaki udon, very tasty, Co worker had chicken teriyaki, also very good. The food on other tables looked amazing, will need to try a bento box next time.

Abhinav N

rude server he came out of work commanding for more money its my choice to give how much ever i want, I am student, for saving time i ate at a restaurant it does not mean that I am very rich, I hope I will have to give you how much ever you want, Thank you good bye restaurants. too much price go see places where we can find buffets half the price. almost $20 per medium meal including their demanding tips

Carlos Llanos

Excelent place to get real Korean food. Went there with my wife tonight and I ordered something that I did not like (it was raw beef but i didn't read it well on the menu), and the waitress was so nice to actually exchange the plate for another one at no extra cost! :). That is great service. I loved my second plate. The atmosphere and food are great at this place. I highly recommend!

chris kim

OK food

Theresa Macias

I have been coming to this place for decades. The food is consistently good. My favorite from this visit was the Tangsuyuk! Get it with the sauce on the side, so that the beef stays crunchy. The banchan is also very yummy.

Will Broder

Good food, service, and pricing.

Peter Choi

Good tasty.

Jennifer Bechtoldt

Was taken there as my first sushi experience, food was great. Staff was great.

han vinny

(Translated by Google) it's delicious (Original) 맛있어요

Jonathan Bender

Very good and decently priced Korean food, with all the side dishes (for free!) and authentic staples like bibimbap. Didn't try the barbeque, but you can grill at your own table. Definitely want to try next time. Private booths with sliding doors available for parties, liquor store with soju next door. BYOB.

James Paik

I've been going here for many years and the food and service are always exceptional! If you want OG Korean food, then this is the place to go. Their KBBQ especially is one of the best on the area. The traditional Korean dishes are delicious as well. It gets busy many times and service may be a bit slower during the times, but they always make up for it with the quality of their service.

Dae Y Han.

Great food

Joseph Cho


Mario Davidson

Excellent Korean spot. They serve complimentary tea and appetizers. Moderately priced


Best Korean Food in the area

Andrew Rada

Simply delicious and authentic Korean food!

D Kim

Timothy Prisk


Navid A

The tea is interesting. Some good entrees but the kBBQ is way overpriced. Interior is done nicely though the outside is oddly disheveled.

Charles Foreman

Best Korean food in New Jersey.

Gordon Reynolds III

Fresh hot delicious far....

David Hall

Ok I am hooked of Korean food I love to cook all kinds of food but for the most part I go out to Kimchi Hana in South Plainfield NJ Kimch Hana has been in town for at least 16 years and in my opion by far the best Korean BBQ around. I think it’s because of the real lump charcoal that they use (most places have electric of gas BBQ tables) No one ever brags about that real propane flavor :) Kimchi Hana has a Sushi Bar that I also visit at least twice/3-times a week this is a busy restaurant so I know that I will always be getting nothing but the freshest fish. Huge platters of sashimi fly out to the party rooms and BBQ tables all night long Kimchi Hana does not sell alcohol but offers BYOB service (so you will save $$$$) a liquor store is just steps away I have made friends with the staff over the past year or so. We have gone out as a group to other BBQ spots and ever to a place in Palisade Park for LIVE Octopus Anyone in the area who wants to give Kimchi Hana a try Tell Mr. Hong ( The Sushi Chef) that David told you about Kimch Hana on the internet

Cherlsoon Yim

Each time I satisfied.

Min Park

Quality and taste of the food is great. Oh it's BYOB and liquor store is right next door.

John Crimmins

Place has delicious sushi. Even the $5 rolls I bought to fill me up were delectable. You're missing out if you don't hit this up when in NJ.


Not consistent services. Waitress was not polite. Came to take order and said 'you are not ready? I will come back.' Didn't know why she said that. We were ready to place order but she didn't give me a chance to say anything and was trying to leave. What kind of service was that?

Stephen Wagner

Doo Kim

Sabina Lee

Fairly spacious. Service was excellent. Made reservations for a family dinner outing more than 5+ ppl and our table was ready with no wait time on a Sunday evening. Food was excellent! Highly recommend the A-7 Hae mool pagan (large seafood pancake) and #45 JOB CHE.


Real korean food, very delicious.

Doug Bransfield

I almost don’t want to post because I want to keep this place a secret, but I love this place too much. Excellent food and my goodness they are efficient. Pretty sure the restaurant is run by an AI because the food comes out at warp speed. Great lunch specials.

young shin


Hyun Jaehak

(Translated by Google) M Staff are friendly! W The staff are so so But the food is delicious. So four stars. (Original) 남 직원들은 친절! 여 직원들은 so so 하지만 음식은 맛있음. 그래서 별 네개 드림.

Edward Collins

I ordered the boo go gli which is number 2 under Korean Bbq and the scallion pancake. Absolutely, the worst tasting meal I have ever put in my mouth. It's literally steak ums served in a hot plate for 25.00 The waiter not once came to see if everything was okay or if I needed another drink. 47.00 for nothing.

John Apple

This food is great, every time i come here i am satisfied with the food they make! Really recommend this place!

David Yim

Food doesn't taste like an original style. Service is not so great either.. They need to find a new cook. I know my Korean food.....

Yunguan Shim

Constant taste, good service. Reasonable price.

Michael Mentor

Carl Beltran

I can't remember what I had for lunch 20 years ago but Kimchihana is a place I haven't forgotten. So I came back with a friend. Their lunch specials come with 5 assorted Korean appetizers in small plates to share. Lunch specials range from $9 to $12 and the portions are generous.

Dmytro Kryvoshei

Delicious sushi and sashimi

Jeanine Marinello

Best Korean food!!!

CD Kim

Nothing out of this world but all around good, from BBQ to traditional soups.

Paul B

I used to come here quite often with my family. I went there yesterday and tried their lunch menus. Sashimi was good but the seafood soondubu was terrible. I couldn't even finish it because it tasted like hot water. I don't know how but It also had little bit if burnt taste. It was not a pleasant experience.

Sunny Lee

Sang Park


Hui Min Wu

Steve Bramlet

100 star

Andrew Park

Service can be a bit slow in busier days, but in off hours, is excellent. Good idea quite good too.

Duke Strikcani

The food here is actually extremely good but the service is extremely terrible. You'll have a place packed with twenty tables and only two servers maybe three if you get lucky. You have to remind them that you didn't get served. Please have more servers when you're packed because it can take up to 40 minutes to get your food at times.

Jeeyoon Lee

Good lunch menu that's priced fairly. Terrible service. Only two servers working at all times.

Yeona CMT - LMT

I orders take out food form kimchihana. the food was Very bad l ever Had. Was really really bad the ingredients not fresh cooking was bad bad. When l was there the food not this bad because take out is this bad????? I want dose enyone has same problem l had?

Ken F

Absolutely the best Korean BBQ I have had in New Jersey! Better than many fancy places in they city. I would highly recommend anything off the BBQ menu or the Bibimbap. Spicy food lovers should go for the kimchi jjigae!

Michael Dexter

Food was excellent. Service was good. The place was very busy but that is to be expected for good food. The Korean side dishes were all delicious and our main dishes were good as well. The bbq is a little on the expensive side but that is not uncommon. The other dishes are reasonably priced. I had sushi and unagi teriyaki. I will definitely go back!

Gemma Codamon-Marzan

Friendly staff, cozy place, and good food

Igor Kirilenko

Very good Korean barbeque

Joy Lim

Staff was was good, but pricey...

UdayN G


Anqi Peng

love it by jenny ;) and I love Jenny! ;)

Michael Doane

Great local Korean restaurant in Metuchen. I had the o Ching o pokum (spicy squid) and it was delish. BYOB. There is a place to buy wine or beer right next door. Recommend

Brian Spatz

Excellent bento box lunch specials. Great kimchi

Jared Gaines

Went with a group of friends, tried a bent box. Turned out to be really good. But it took 20 minutes from when we were seated and one of us asking the hostess before we had a waiter.

geuntaek lee


Karina Vega

Very hard working people work here. The food was great!

Helen L

Friendly staff, fast service, and reasonable prices, same as other Korean restaurants. Banchan (side dishes watercress, potatoes, kimchi, bean sprouts, pickles, steamed egg, seaweed, and fish cake) and yook gae jang ($14 spicy beef vermicelli soup) were very good.

Christina Hyunjee Lee

Mehul Vora

Good Korean food for the price. Felt like they skimped on the meat in the bibimbap I ordered but the taste was still pretty good.

Sean G

Robert Chancer

Great place for lunch. They have Sushi, a selection of Korean meals, would and about 6 different Bento boxes. I had the Spicy pork Bento and my daughter had the bulgogi Bento box. They first couse is a selection of Korean appetizers followed by you main course followed by a cut up orange with your bill.

john doe

Place was once known for a great sushi and sashimi, which is no longer true. Our takeout romantic dinner ended up in a litter bin. Tasteless, faded, obviously not fresh, ice pieces in some sashimi slices. Avoid.

Taylor Williams

We LOVEEEEEE this place!!! Yea the decor isn’t spectacular, but it’s a food place not Kirkland’s . Anyways. The food is amazing. Our waiter always tells us what he recommendeds and it’s great every time

R Pendragon

I would recommend this place to anyone who loves Korean and Japanese food. There's wide variety of options in menu, sashimi, sushi, kimbap(Korean rice rolls), Mandu(dumplings), udon, jigae(Korean soup). I am well versed in Korean and Japanese cuisine so, going to this restaurant is a delight as it's comfort food. Everything I've had has been good, their shrimp tempura is beautifully crunchy, lovely side dishes keep getting seconds of fish cake. There is always a mix of crowd mostly Korean or Korean speaking guests, the staff are very attentive and courteous. This is my second time here and I'll keep coming back for as along as I'm in town.

Christine Zhao

The food is authentic. Menu is much improved with English for regulars to read, after owner change. The hosts can also communicate way better now. The price on menu items also increased a lot. Regular barbecue items require two orders minimum, that put a 2-person dinner cost at about $100 or above.

Irene Franklin

Great Korean food!

Greg Carey

Ordered Kim Chi Jigae. Tasted so sour, like pure vinegar. Could have been an off night, but I am not encouraged to return based on Kim chi soup. Service on a Friday night was slow and I needed to specifically ask a waiter for change.

Sam Chaleff

I just had my first experience at kimchihana and it was very good. We ordered a lot of food and everything was very good to great. Whatever barbeque you order they cook over hot charcoal in the middle of your table. They flip the meat, cut it, serve it, and tell you the best way to eat it. (In a lettuce wrap with rice and this garlic paste. Super flavorful.) There aren't many English speaking servers so the language barrier is a little bit of an issue, but we got everything we needed. I'll definitely be back.

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