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REVIEWS OF Kimchi Grill IN New Jersey

Christopher Westendorf

To be honest this is the first time I have tried the korean bbq fusion, and it was amazing. I can't believe it has taken me so long to try the food that seemingly started the west coast fusion food truck craze. Moreover, I love that this food truck chain has expanded to brick and mortar. Because it shows how compelling their food is. I tried their tacos and the street gnocchi. I have to say that I was highly confused by the description of the street gnocchi but it is well worth the venture. The texture of popcorn fried rice cake is amazing it has all the textures of a good pan fried gnocchi does but with a little more structure.

G. Phillips

Awesomely delicious food. Comfort food on another level. Great wings & rice balls

Vincent T

This is one of my absolute favorite restaurants in New York. I have been to some fancy places. I can confirm. The Kimchi taco place is better. No contest.

Rob Neuhaus

They had good vegetarian options, including a separate vegan menu. Both times I was here, I was impressed by the food. Yay for vegan kimchi.

Melanie Jean-Louis

The place is really cute and clean! You can see the kitchen behind the register and everything is orderly. I bought a seared pork spicy kimchi bowl with a ginger limeade. The food came fast, and I was served at my table. The food was really good, flavorful and fresh. I thought they had attentive and polite service too.

Camila Arcila

The food was overpriced and the ingredients didn't go well together. I wish I could give it zero stars. It was just gross.

Morgan Robinson

Stopped in before seeing the museum. Quaint little place. Nice decor. Very patient and friendly staff. The place was clean. Quick with the order. I wasn't full off the wings and my short rib taco but they were really tasty. Hot and crispy with lots of flavor. The menu had enough options that I wasn't overwhelmed but I wanted to try a lot of things so I'll be back

Eli R

This restaurant is my preferable restaurant. Of all restaurants I know I prefere it most. I always suggests to my friends to go to visit this place. everytime I feel like having a fair meal, this place comes immediately to my mind. best and many types of food and a large list of dishes.well mannered staff, and great spirit. Also, the expence is affordable. I sent my friends to this place with no hesitation.

Martita Polanco Cavarretta

Love the Korean Mexican fusion

Maria Clare

Love their tacos, kimchi bowls and chicken tostada!

Alison Gresham

I get to go often. I've stayed in once; it's very tiny. I love the gnocchi!!! Have to get that. Also, fried chicken taco is great and bbq nachos!

J Liu

Great food, staff and vibes. Best part there is no line on a Saturday brunch hour!!! The kimchi got a kick to it, but I wish they drained the kimchi a bit more. Towards the end my burrito was runny with the vinegar and the tortilla wrap was becoming mush. But the portion is on point for the amount they charge.

Erin Gussert

This restaurant hits all the notes. It is like this American Korean Mexican blend of spicy, savory, sweet & sour. And holy moly the aioli. I love everything I get here, but especially love the quesadilla, the "rice gnocchi" / topokki, the kimchi bowls, the burritos - ok, that's the entire menu, we have eaten here a lot.

Arshed Hussain


William Lakebrink

A small eatery combining Korean and Mexican influences. The burritos and tacos are what they are best known for but there are some gems further down the menu. My personal favorite is the rice gnocchi. The chicken and waffle weekend brunch option which is breaded with rice flour is solid as well. A number of gluten free and vegetarian options make it good for a diverse crowd. The service can be disinterested at times.

Obnere Augustin

Special lunch at Washington


Friendly place and love the orchata drink.

Michael O'Neill

This place may be small but the flavors of the food are big and delicious. Another place I will visit everytime I am in the area.

Suzanne Marquard

Gray take out.

mogmin *Megumi Haruna


Christie S. Yang

Awesome little place on Washington Ave. It's Korean fusion; we tried kimchi brisket burrito and soy garlic chicken wings. The food was really deliciouis. It is really more like a cafe than a restaurant so it's great for a quick meal. It's not a long walk from Brooklyn Museum so a good post museum visit spot. Their beer list was surprisingly diverse and great; hoping to try their cocktails (margaritas ans Korean fusion style mixed drinks) next time!

Garrett Andritz

Great food. Gnocchi a must get. Portions are kinda small.

Honey Sugar

Delicious Korean fried chicken wings! If you've never had them then this is the place to try them. The kimchi fries are crazy looking (spicy asian slaw, beans and sauce) but amazing tasting. I'm sad they closed the Smith street location but for these wings I will travel.

Daniel Yu

Very decently-sized burrito. I am not someone who can tolerate much spiciness, but I ordered my burrito as a normal spicy and it was just right, not too overwhelming but had a good subtle kick that built as I ate it. I also opted for the kimchi fried rice option, which costs extra, but I honestly don't think I would have been able to tell the difference from normal rice, so I would skip that next time. The dine-in space is on the smaller with about 5 or 6 2-person tables and a counter up against the wall.

Elizabeth Mensah-Bowler

Not the greatest Kimchi spot. It's enough if you want your fix of rice and grilled meat, but the kimchi wasn't spicy and it wasn't great flavour

Vlad Z

I get delivery from here but from the few times I've driven by it's a hole in the wall, albeit a tasty one. Kimchi and Mexican food are a match made in heaven. Delicious, cheap, spicy and recommended.

Beto Andrés Silva

Very good service by the lady whontook care of me. She even offered me water..who does that now a days? Good food!!! Tastyy

Juls Gava

Great atmosphere but the food is just 'meh.'

Bsoncihs721 Bsoncihs721

One of my main spots to grab some food. great location, always clean, and awesome customer service. Highly recommended!

Walstein Chapman

It's a quiet and cozy place to visit.

Mike Jones

The margaritas are cute....could be a little larger but tasty ... I forgot the food I had it was alright but I normally stop by for the drinks lol

Lulu J

I heard good things about Korean+ Mexican fusion tacos here and I finally visited. I ordered first four tacos on the menu. The best one was the one with the chopped kimchi on top (I think it was beef, I’m not 100% sure). Others were okay. I love Korean food and I believe it could have been better. Also the restaurant is out of the way and quite troublesome to get to. I probably wouldn’t visit again. If you live in the area/ within the delivery zone, worth a try.

Gigi L

Cozy...excellent Korean cuisine

Jian Fei Wang

Kim chi nachos were amazing - highly recommended. However, the tacos are only mediocre. Too many flavors in each bite. Nice little gem.

Anna Williams

DO NOT EAT HERE!!!!! I had food poisoning for two days after eating their chicken. I don't understand how the health board hasn't shut this place down. Absolutely disgusting.

Bryan Carroll

I've only ordered from here on Seamless. It's one of my favorite spots to order from. Kimchi nachos? Yes please. Taco combo is excellent and the korean beef is excellent. The only downside is that it can take quite a while to be delivered, and is often a bit cold on arrival. Just pop it in the microwave and you're good to go.

Nicholas Graham Platt

I love this place. I love their food and have been ordering here for a while. The biggest area where they can improve is with their delivery. Sometimes we end up waiting 1:30hr for the food even though grubhub says it will only be 45-50. That's not cool.

yolanda smith

Food was good service was horrible

Jerome Olaloye

The tacos are solid and the service is great.

Simon Julson

Awesome comfort food

Austin Lee

Not bad! Portions are generous. Got the "rice gnocchi" which was pretty good. The flavors are a bit off and the kimchi was pretty darn sour. Wish the burritos and bowls had something holding it all together like a sauce or creamy aioli. All fine, I'm just being harsh given my experience with authentic Korean food.

Account User

Food is old and of low quality. They fed me disgusting chicken not fit to give to a dog.

Christophe Richard

Small joint with really great Korean inspired burritos, tacos and more. They always have a few great beers on tap alongside sooner creative soju cocktails. The wings address by no means the best k-wings but good for a fix if you can't get to Bonchon. Short rib bowl is my favorite and comes packed with a bunch of different kinds of kimchee! Design-wise it's very straightforward but the operable facade is a great move for beautiful days.

Majid Anwar

FOOD was so Delicious .loved it highly Recomend for others to try their food .Customer service was Excellent

Jose Encarnacion

Very good food

Emile Session

A little pricey but good

Tracy Kurzy

Good service, good food, hits the spot when craving Korean but at a reasonable price.

Amel Whiteside

Great $10 for three taco deal. Very tasty, especially when offered super spicy option, which obviously I could not refuse. Also tried the gnocchi side which was very good, never had gnocchi fried, but it was a very small side. The service was superb. Food came fast and on a hot summer day they offered me a cucumber water while I waited. Great addition to the area.

Joshua Winters

Very good food and friendly service.

Cristian Gautier

Good korean/Mexican fusion.


오픈시간 열두시 한참 전에 가는 바람에 음식을 맛보진 못했지만, 맛있을 것 같다. 완전 한국식은 아닌 것 같다. 메뉴를 보니 퓨전식 일듯. 언젠간 꼭 가볼게요

Robert Spencer

Great food here. Was looking for a place to eat after going to the museum and stumbled across Kimchi Grill. It's a perfect marriage of Korean and Mexican, the flavors compliment each each so well. Wide selection on the menu, really can't go wrong with anything they have. Looking forward to another trip here.

Chase Bennett

Great options and friendly staff. Even if you don't like kimchi, try one of their tacos without it! They are a fantastic fusion lunch spot!

aaron tapia

This place is the BEST BURRITO IN TOWN ! Mic drop !

Taylor Mandelbaum

I think I ate 3 people's worth of food. I'm still here, probably going to fall asleep on this bench. I can die content and appreciative of the fact that I ate here.

Byron Bunda

Great service and delicious breakfast burritos. Good prices for the area.

Zaquan West

One word.... Delicious

Carmen Carriker

Great kimchi veggie tacos and dumplings and margaritas!

Jorge Lugo

Fast and high quality service with really great food for the price, cocktail was a little light for what I was expecting but still tasty. Small seating area, so wouldn't recommend for large groups, but for a quick bite it was great


Their Asian fusion taco tastes great but it's kinda pricy. Seating inside is minimal.

Jesse Vogel

the kimchi bowl was amazing and the service even better! seriously so friendly. also they were playing some great jams. thought the portions were really good for the price

Eric Seifert

I've only ever ordered delivery, so my only experience is their food, but boy is it tasty! The taco deal (three tacos) is my go to on the menu. The fish tacos have so much flavor and the mango salsa really gives it the perfect flavor for warm weather. For the perfect night in with your partner order four tacos and the nachos, it's perfect for two people. So happy that they call Crown Heights home.

D Nguyễn

We went to the outpost in Gowanus. The casual small eatery of the famed Kimchi truck. You know it screams hipster when there is vegan and gluten free options. The bright and friendly girl at the counter took our order and they bring it out when done. The spicy Korean ‘gnocchi’ was really just fried rice cakes. The Korean Arancini is fun take on the Italian one. We shared the krispy fish, spicy pork and tofu $10 deal. It was a good enough portion for a light lunch to share. I like the battered fish(not too greasy). The pork needed more spice. The Tofu was probably the best of the three. While the name may say Kimchi. I found a lack of Kimchi in any of the dishes to my disappointment. I love Kimchi and missed it.

Kristyn Poston

You guys have the best tacos ever!!


very tasty ! i loved the wings ! if you like sweet and sour food with touch of spicy you will love it !

rohith rao

Not a big fan of kimchi flavor in burritos but good quality/tasty meats

Lawrence Womack

Great vegan options

Steven Burnett

Korean heaven is in Crown Heights. Everything they make is amazing. Short ribs, fried chicken, pomegranate goat cheese, and edamame falalfel tacos are amazing. The quesadilla with guac is to die for. Plus tecates on the cheap and the option to take it to Washington Commons. I love this place.


한국식을 기대하고 가시면 안됩니다..ㅎㅎ 김치타코와.. 샐러드 종류... 김치는 배추 고춧가루 피클같은 느낌.. 김치 볶음밥엔 후추가 너무 세고 순두부 찌개는 조미료....맛....ㅎㅅㅎ

Laura P

delicious combinations

Konstantin F

Amazing Korean tacos!!! Kimchi is on point with perfect amount of heat. I only tried their spicy fried chicken and Korean pork tacos, but I'm definitely coming back to try the rest !

Denise De Figueiredo

Tasty mix of Korean in taco shells.


Needs more ambience.

Eli Bach

Great food and quick delivery.

Robert Dorleans

Food is delicious!!!


Food I had was amazing !! Delicious big burritos and refreshing cucumber water and lady was super nice !! :)

Zitamarina Rodriguez

Just okay. Tacos are skimpy. Used to be really good. Oh, well.

Jones Millstone-Rivo

Very good food

Matt Baker

I don't know who started this trend of mixing Mexican and Asian food, but that person deserves a firm pat on the back. The kimchi fried rice is delicious, and I love the short-rib burrito. It's got spice but never so much I can't feel my mouth, and they do a great job of marrying Asian flavors with Mexican dishes. Plus they now accept credit cards, which is always a great thing in my opinion.

Liz Nicholls

Terrible!! And even more so because Korean food is my absolutely favorite—it’s clear Koreans have no part in the cooking of this food. I got the soy garlic wings which were good but did not taste like Korean fried chicken. I also got a burrito and gagged on it twice. Something in it was definitely spoiled and it smelled. I ended up throwing it away. The kimchi balls.. you couldn’t taste anything kimchi about them. And the horchata LITERALLY tasted like dirty dish water, it was so gross. Threw it down the toilet. Never will order from this place again. It’s a “chicken spot” version of Korean food, if you get my drift. If you want good Korean “tex mex” fusion, stick to korilla.

Elly Hutchinson

The kimchi fries are dank but get with extra kimchi, cheese and sauce. Ratio is off.

Brian Neu

Korean + tacos YUM

Antonio Mattis

The food was amazing the grilled pork bowl was to kill for. But the restaurant size makes it limited for potential hangout venues

Rivka Cherna

Great food . Always satisfied. Great staff.Best Kimchi Grill in Brooklyn, NY. Rivka of Washington Florist

Sanketh Sudharsan

It's a fusion Korean-Mexican place. As the name suggests, they are very heavy on Kimchi. Decent food with nothing to blow your mind away.

Nahida Ahad

Best korean tacos ever!

MazzMuse Mazz Swift

Just some killer food. AND there's a gluten free menu! It's so nice to just look at a menu without having to figure, and ask annoying questions!

Joseph Levine

Had an awesome three taco meal with the Watermelon hibiscus tea. All three tacos were great; Korean BBQ Beef Short Rib Taco Krunchy Fish Taco and Seared Spicy Pork Taco

Xavier Mills

Tasty food, very popular with young people. Nicel fusion of traditional Mexican & Korean cuisine presented in an uncomplicated, easy to eat manner. If you love Kimchi & tacos, this is the place to have both, together or otherwise.

Patrick Flynn

Best delivery option I've found from Park Slope. Get the wings.

Musa Abdullah

Excellent Kimchi Rice Bowl and Korean BBQ tacos. Family was wowed!

Mora Garison

Kimchi arancini? Yes please! The kimchi fries are also to die for. Insiders know to ask for this "secret" menu item. Plus their delivery zone is pretty large. A+

Charlton Austin

I loved Kimchi Grill and had it once a week for a long time. It had some of the best food in the area. When I described it to people I always said it was Korean food taste wrapped up in Mexican food presentation, but lately it hasn’t been that good. The Korean fried chicken has been floppy rather than crispy and the gnocchi rice cakes are overcooked and not soft. Don’t get me even started with the tacos and burritos. tl;dr don’t go it once was worth it, but today their is better food elsewhere.

Maki Maki

Korean tacos infusion

Keary Bourdier

Loved it

Rodney Ellis Jr.

The Korean bbq burrito is on point!!! Gotta try other items on their menu

Chris Pradel

First time there and food was good. Guess that was why they were busy

Debbie Jang

Always a fan of Korean-Mexican fusion.

Alain Mendez

Interesting mix of Korean and Mexican.

Mitchell Evelkin

Great Korean taco place! The portions are very small so it's possible to get 5 different tacos and then a tub of loaded fries. If you're sharing with friends, you could probably get one of everything on the menu!! Krispy fish taco was delicious!

D Turner

Fantastic food, but the cashiers need to get a few lessons in customer service. Either way the food is amazing.

Dean McRobie

Best frozen margarita in the 'hood!!!!!

Martin Bertrand

Cool place for lunch!

Mabel Wong

Waffle is far from satisfying.


김치라고 해서 갔는데 ..... 김치는 초절임한 배추고 ... 김치찌게를 시켰는데 ... 너무 맛이없었어요ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 한국사람들은 좋아하지 않을 것 같아요

S Paul

I tried this place before with my friend and I am obsessed ever since. I liked the fantastic mood and delightful dishes and beverages. 5 stars from me.

real good Guy

So, it's noon, I'm the only customer, the joint is morose, the four workers--two in front and two in the kitchen--apathetic and mournful, and the lady behind the counter sort-of-but-not-totally acknowledges my presence. She finally says something to me, but so quietly I have to ask her to repeat herself, which obviously annoys her. No biggie, I don't like rudeness, but I'm here for the food. I choose the tofu edamame falafel burrito and a side of spicy Korean rice gnocchi. Considering that I'm literally the only customer, the wait is rather long, close to 15 minutes. But, because I'm hungry, I figure anything will taste good. Wrong. The contents of the burrito were dry and unpleasantly burnt, to the point that I started dreading each bite, afraid of what I'd find. At one point I thought maybe they'd slipped some non-organic compound (plastic?) into the burrito--that's how bad it tasted. The gnocchi was worse--inedible. rock hard, overcooked, ultimately disgusting. All in all, an unpleasant experience.

Kat Tsavaris

Great Find. Big fan of the margarita and lychee drink they had there, definitely was a good way to start the meal! Also the Kimchi fries were really well made and perfect for sharing. We ordered pork, chicken and rib tacos and they were all really excellent choices. I'd love to go again to try more of the menu. Small seating area but the turnover is fast. Close walking distance to Botanical Gardens, highly recommended for a fun date!

Nick McKenna

Great spot on Washington Ave near the Brooklyn Museum. Small but ample seating with counter service. The staff are super friendly. The spicy tofu taco is super good - spicy gochujang aioli - reminds me of korean spicy braised tofu but wrapped in a taco! They have a variety of tacos for all palates and dietary needs. I'll be back to try the fried chicken!

Chris Parris

Cute little shop, super nice vibe and great food! Get the BBQ beef short rib taco–it's fantastic.

Jihoon Kim

Korean and Mexican fusion restaurant. it's new experience to try these kind of food along!

Matthew Braly

Had a fish burrito. Super spicy was not super spicy but everything was delicious! There were ghosts here.

Michele Bergo

The best burritos on the planet!

J.D. Achille

It was good but I wasn't that impressed with the tacos.

Jay Tall

Want to happy with the food. The kimchi was not spicy and very sour. The tocos had almost no meat. Went to there now closed smith st location and enjoyed. Not this one. The staff was nice, otherwise I would have given one star.

Shanis Navas

Online orders via Seamless are always quick and hot, but if you're looking to visit the actual location for a night out, come prepared for a wait. It's a rather small spot so seating can be sparse during rush hours. CASH and CREDIT is accepted, but beware NO BATHROOM which can make it a bit unfortunate considering it's burritos, wings and tacos - finger foods that could use a little handwashing beforehand. Bring a bottle of hand sanitizer and use the restroom before you get there; you'll be good to go!

Bi Algalal

They make good food they have the best service they do delivery kitchen is clean.

Nazary Nebeluk

I had the fish, chicken and beef rib taco and was not impressed. I'm a sucker for new flavors, and Koren/Tex-Mex fusion in particular, but this place didn't really do it for me. The chicken was tough and I was confused as to what it was at first. None of the flavors really stood out on my palette or seemed to work together. Just seemed like a bunch of stuff piled on a taco.

Leah Cheng


Alina Deng

Love the beef in Korean BBQ bowl! Taste like a kind of wonderful beef jerky in south north China. Everything is great and would be greater if they serve the course a little bit quicker.

Neeske Alexander

Very good fusion food

mary meade

Chicken and waffles, all homemade. Friendly service

Anup Reddy

It's like the Korean version of chipotle!

ido ido

This place is so unique, all the dishes here have so many diverse flavours , like a party in your mouth . It's one of the special places in the area , especially to have a soup at a cold day . The prices are really comfortable and low . The service was great as well and they were really nice , i highly recommend .

Karen Hsu

Tasty fusion bowls at very reasonable prices!

Jasmine Noor

I'm not a big fan of Korean fusion, but I've gotten food a few times in between the drinking at a bar near by. The food is decent, and the meat was more flavorful than I expected. It definitely made me want to make some proper legit Korean BBQ soon…

Sam Wright

the best short ribs tacos ever but pork tacos a bit too spicey but short ribs oh my god so dam good every who lilkes short ribs and tacos should get them

Roemello Agjmurati

Awesome blend of Korean and Mexican. The kimchi burrito is delicious and extremely filling.

Melody Mee

Food was yum

Jimmy Hedgepeth

Korean fried wings are perfectly fried, very crispy. Tacos are delicious, fairly priced!

Kimberly Diep

Seriously one of the best meals I’ve had in Brooklyn! The prices are so good for the amount of food you get. I ordered the short rib bowl plus a side of the wings. The flavors are sweet and savory, crunchy and soft... seriously a tasty balance for the palate! Looking forward to coming back here again.

Peiwen Lee

Tasty Korean-Mexican spot. As a Asian, though, I wish the burrito had more kimchi omph. Nonetheless, the nachos were delectable!

Anthony Rama Maravillas

Good late-night food! We could have walked from our hotel on DeGraw and Fourth Avenue, straight down St. Marks Place.


Fun little place for a Korean/Mexican fusion style food spot! The Korean tacos are amazing and kimchi balls were great. I loved them having a variety of sauces at the tables to put on the tacos ! Great place to stop before continuing to a bar or going to the Brooklyn museum.

Keith Alverson

Trendy inexpensive Mexican flavored with kimchi. Counter service no waiters. Service was very friendly.

Aden Key

This spot knows how to take care of their clients. Consistently with a welcoming demeanor. The food is fairly priced, always delicious and clean.

Javaria Najeeb

Too much spice, not enough taste.

Kristian Henegark

Only place to get wood fired Korean BBQ. Not free, but worth the money. The staff is amazing! So efficient.

Jasur Abdulkhayev

I do not recommend this place because the employees are very weak and very slowly working. I ordered a warrant and waited about 40 minutes and then I left there it was the first and last time.

Scott Stafiej

Good for vegans as well!

Zubair Maqsood

Gnocci a must try. Good food, good prices and good staff. Just no bathroom or place to wash hands.

Hide Furuta

decent tacos. prefer usual mexican tacos though.

Mike P

The offer a variety of tacos, bowls, and burritos. The pricing is decent and the margarita isnt bad.

Akhil Ramesh

Amazing Korean food with a relaxed setting.

Lilah Tsudome

Yummy food! Decent sized portions and fair prices. The place is small so if you're planning on bringing a lot of people then you might want to plan ahead. There are only a few tables.

Matt Miller

Their prices went up, but it's still the same great Korean Mexican fusion. You can't go wrong here but I love the fish tacos and falafel burritos. Rice gnocchi too.

Corina Mccall

Great frozen margaritas there

Alec McKinley

Affordable and delicious

dom chennel ellis

Nothing to say but yaaasssssss, honey, yassss. Food is lit!

marcos castro

Food was just ok...The employees were rude in particular the woman. I walked in and was not even acknowledged. The food isn't all that great for the employees to be giving people attitudes. I would not recommend this place.

Hidde vb.

Delicious food. We went there twice within the same week. We ordered sesame falafel kimchi bowl 2x the pork variation & Korean bbq wings. Good and very friendly service. Delicious sauces. We will come again!

Kevin Elko

Hmm I dunno, this place isn't my favorite. I've tried a few things - tacos, burritos - and nothing stood out to me too much. There are other awesome full on Mexican places in the neighborhood that I find myself at much more frequently than this Mexican/Korean fusion spot.

Carolyn Barry Zacsh

Very tasty. Two vegetarian options for tacos. Kimchi fries delicious. Service is fast and kind.

Dexter Horton

This spot always delivers. They have great food for fair rates, there no long wait even when they are busy.

A Travel

Great food , good selection. Yummu

Daniel Solomon

Delicious, novel, quick, comfortable and semi-healthy to boot.

T Key

I eat in this spot a lot since I work close by. I like how their customer service is always good and they keep the place clean all the time. Prices are fair and they serve large portions.

Daniel Mishan

The only drawback is that some may find the large menu intimadating but I enjoyed the food and drinks immensely. I highly recommend the Korean fried chicken.

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