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Amy Almeida

Sean Kim

Manhattan price but food was so so. Not spicy at all if you are used to spicy food. Server was friendly and food came out quickly.

Shombit Chatterjee

Go to place in New York for amazing and delicious Korean food!

Familyof Weis

Hyungwu Pae

I had spicy pork. Meat was not bad but I can't say it's Korean food.


(Translated by Google) This is not Kei Bob but dog food .. There are no seafood and some shrimps ㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ (Original) 이건 케이밥이아니라 개밥.. ㄹㅇ 순두부찌개 조오오오오ㅗ온노맛 해물없고 새우몇개잇음ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ암맛도안남

Adrian Medrano

(Translated by Google) Very clean and good food (Original) Muy limpio y buena comida

Nehemiah Higgins

I very much liked the dishes and service, great location very close to my apartment. The employees are always welcoming. Will come back again.

doug s

We are here twice during our one week stay in NY. Decent food at not a terrible price for the area.

In Sung Chun

(Translated by Google) Clean and cheap. It is better to take out at lunch because the store is not wide. (Original) 깔끔하고 저렴해요. 매장이 넓지 않아 점심엔 테이크아웃하는 편이 나아요.

p9 ppc

Like the food here!

Cooper Phelps

Had a good experience in this place with my kid. The food was served quick and the service is just fantastic. Prices are convenient.

Steven McAllister

Delicious authentic Korean food. The Kimbap was delicious and the chicken teriyaki Bibimbap was amazing as well! Would go again

Soul Nisha

The food was delicious we had to come back again


Quick Korean food. Not pricey. Tastes average.

yueyang Li

jonn rhamani

Best Korean togo!

Who Android

Lucky to find a Korean restaurant near 5th Avenue. When we got there, it was empty but when we left, it was getting crowded. The service was great. There was only one person in the front but she handled it well. Food was good, but not great. The dishes were OK and it was more towards sweeter side. I think I like the Korean food on 32nd st better. But for the area, not bad.

Connie Hsu

Love it. Good food and nice little shop

Pin-Sho Feng

Pretty good and cheap casual korean cuisine, with free soup available.


(Translated by Google) Korean food is not bad .. ㅎㅎ I ate delicious. I thought about eating pictures. The soup was a little sad (lack of deep flavor) and there was a little bit of rice in Kimbap. (Original) 한식이 나쁘지 않네요..ㅎㅎ맛있게는 먹었습니다. 사진찍는게 먹다보니 생각이 났네요. 국물이 조금 아쉬웠고(깊은 맛이 부족했달까), 김밥은 조금 밥이 말라있었어요 ㅎㅎ그래도 맛은 있었습니다

Emily Ng

Prices were a little steep. Not the best tasting kimchi jjigae out there. Service was excellent though.


Korean food with a bite. I ordered the kimchi. Soup with pork here. It is served blistering hot. Of course i love warm food but soup so hot that i have to add an ice cube to it to prevent myself from scalding my tongue? I thought the portion was a bit small for $14. Also the pork partcwad 3 tiny pieces of pork. Kimchi soup is served with an apetizer of kimchi. Really?

Benjamin Bostick

Simple but tasty Korean food. Excellent overall for the money.

Jake Humphreys

Terrible food, service and experience. The rice and the meat in my bibimbap was lukewarm, everything else including the egg (which was overcooked) was cold, like it had been refrigerated and just assembled in the bowl. I was very concerned by the level of effort suggested by the cold fried egg. It also contained kale, for some reason? The veggie dumplings were mushy, and, likewise, were barely warm. Everything was bland. Service was also quite poor - had to pour our own drinks, get our own menus, and my friend had to ask for the egg that was pictured with her soup, only to be told that she should have asked for it originally. She was given a whole egg that she cracked herself, and the shell was not retrieved by the server at any point. None of our party of three finished our meal. Perhaps the worst part of the evening was at the point of payment, where a mandatory 15% "service fee" was attached to the bill. As I hadn't planned on tipping due to the poor quality of service and food, I was taken aback by the expectation that I pay an additional fee to what was displayed on the menu, despite not being given notice of this fee anywhere in the restaurant display, or by the server when she took our order. When I objected, I was told that she would lose her job if I didn't, so not wanting to make a scene I swiped my card and left. The two major positives were that the restaurant was empty when we arrived so we had our choice of seating and were attended to almost immediately, and the food was delivered to our table quickly. I won't be coming back and would urge others to take their business elsewhere.

Leon Šetka

Loved the food, service quality may vary quite a lot.

guillermo molaguero hernández

Japchae muy bueno

Sukhitha jayathilake

Large portions and the food was good!


Food and service was average, my bulgolgi was slight better than average.

Steven Russo

good, quick Korean food!

Joan Futral

I love this place! I keep coming back especially on a cold night! The line seems to be shorter around 5:30-6:00 on weeknights.

Ed Ho

Very nice & tasty, excellent korean food, with a free bottle of water.

Maximiliano Torres

From the first moment you come to this restaurant team give you an agreeable feeling. Very courteous crew, it is a friendly restaurant to enjoy with your friends or with your date. delicious meals, professional chief cook and stuff, modest price and excellent service. Highly recommended.

Giselle Bates

Meg Smith

Average delivery; prob not great in person. Agree with another reviewer; not very authentic execution. Extremely slow delivery.

Sunghwan Kim

(Translated by Google) Transfer of many food tolerable. Some deoum in the summer. (Original) 양도 많고 음식도 괜찮음. 여름에 좀 더움.

Hyeyoung Son

(Translated by Google) Even if you do not go to Korean Town, you can eat Korean food. (Original) 한인타운까지가지않아도 한식을먹을수있는곳이네요

john mason

Good food and easy to get to.

Shaon Amin

Worst sushi and seafood soup I have ever tasted in my lifetime, and I have tried a lot of seafood joints. The sushi was not freshly made it tasted like foul rubber, the soup at one point was not even edible anymore with all the roasted chili flakes sitting at the bottom and smelled horrible not even worthy of being called a soup! Utterly disgraceful experience


(Translated by Google) I think the Korea Food After gabolman (Original) 한국음식이 생각나면 가볼만합니다

Angela Chack

Service was fast, food tasty and great portion for the price. We ordered a Avocado Kale Bibimbap for 12$ (it was 1 extra buck for the stone bowl) and an Eel combo for 13$. Good price for New York standards and it was bomb.

Ngai Kai Tuck

Christina Whaley

Spacious, clean, and cozy! Service is fast and friendly. They're quite generous with their size dishes - includes free fried fish! And they have great tofu soups. However, their pricing is a bit on the higher side. $24 ~ $30 for pancakes seems a bit much in my opinion. But since their soup is so good I'd be curious to perhaps share a pancake with friends next time!

Marcelo del Alamo

I loved everything about this place! Amazing and authentic Korean food, nice atmosphere, nice music and the waitress was extremely friendly! Will definitely go back there when I'm in NYC :)

Schrödinger Cat

One of my daughter and i's favourite places. Really tasty if you love Korean and in the evening they play K pop music.

Christine Kim

As a Korean, i think this place has great lunch box specials and tofu soup, good price too for the amount you get :)

Jimi Rabin

Love the Ramen, their Kimchi is definitely worth a try. Haven't really explored the menu beyond a delicious Bibimbop

Adriana Maldonado

June Kim

The bibimbap was very good. Nice people too.

kevin jennings

Good food and delicious with fantastic prices

Tenzin Norzin

Very cool store . Quite small so it tends to get packed with people. Food was as I expected all Korean food to be , great. The music is very relaxing and the workers are all kind and generous with their condiments . Id come back anytime.

Tracy Ngo

This place was a super yummy concept. Most of what we got was very good. The only weird thing about this place was that we stayed in to eat (at 56th St location) and there was no bathroom for us to use. Is that even allowed? That's why I have to dock a star. Otherwise everything else was great.

bhaskar roy

Nice small joint. Loved the ambience. Food is good. Service is fast. The ramen is not close to be authentic, but tasty. Bibimbap and kimchi are nice. Very positive experience.

Jim Shen

The service is incredibly slow. Probably has only one cook and one server. We waited for almost 30 mins for food to be ready. We even informed the waitress we're in a hurry and she said everything would be ready in 10 to 15. We essential paid for a meal we could not enjoy.

the last unicorn the last unicorn

this place is a goldmine !!! they have the best food ever and it is freshly made and clean - it is healthy and so good for you and the people are SOOOOOOO nice - def check it out - it is wroth it I eat here at least 3 times a week - seriously when I eat there food im so happy and feel great - not tired or bloated I actually have more energy - im vegan and they have TONS of options for me - love this place 10 stars!!!!

Michael Morris

Good was delicious and service was very friendly


Amazing service, amazing food, great atmosphere!

Pseudo Nim

Really nice food.

Michael Lenahan

Not the yummiest Korean food in town. Go to 32nd street if you want better food! Nevertheless, this restaurant was quick, reasonably priced, and fair.

Jay Zhao

Place is clean, but food is not so good

Simone Nascimento

Service was friendly and considerable fast for the type of cuisine I guess! It was my first time trying and I didn’t think it was bad but not flavorful enough for my taste.

Kelly Lopez

Eliezer Manning

The food is always fresh and delightful, employees hands out good customer service. I really like how clean it is and vibes. I highly recommend this spot.

Whitney Janis

I like this place a lot. The food is simple, tasty and unpretentious (I’m a fan of the kimchi stew). The space is casual and cozy. Service is excellent.

Christian Holzer

Great original korean food. Suitable for vegetarians

Betty c

The food is regularly well prepared and tasty, workers hands over excellent customer service. I like how neat it is and ambience. Will come back again.

Andrew Darcovich

Dead cockroach on table in box of sauces.

mark li

Closes randomly during “open” hours

Billy Pak

better prices and closer to home, I'm korean


Waitresses minding their own biz. Not bothering to wait on tables. So so food was not worth the wait at all

Han Kim

Good food and quick service.

Jonny Sokal

Cheap and cheerful Korean food. The hot bowls are great.

Yili OD

The service was terrible. First they forgot my water. Then, my friends’ food were ready and served. I ordered a same dish as another single customer who came in 15 minutes after us and he got his dish at the same time as my friends. Guess what, I had to wait another 15 minutes for my food while everyone was done eating. Apparently that single customer was a regular. They were very nice to him and he was not Asian. Won’t be back! Good was just OK and below average. Not sure why Yelpers likes it so much.


love it. keep going back


Great lunch spot!

Alexander Fligel

Delicious and inexpensive

Craig Trusley

Great price korean fare, good quality, speedy attentive staff


(Translated by Google) I use the soybeans in the soybean stew. The staff and the chef are both foreigners. I am not clean. I am eating rice and I drag a large trash can to the front of the table. I eat at a restaurant. I take the trash can to the table. The chef is very dirty. There is a pan-fried rice dish. (Original) 순두부찌개에 연두부 사용함 직원과 주방장모두 외국인임 청결하지않음 밥먹고있는데 커다란 쓰레기통을 밥상앞으로 끌고지나감 어떤식당에서 밥먹는데 쓰레기통을 밥상앞으로 끌고가는지 주방장옷이 엄청 더러웠음 저옷을입고 요리한다니 너무 더러움 단무지 반찬 말라있고 쌀도 퍽퍽

Arthur Sharp

Food was meh,..if you want authentic Korean food go to Korea Town or Flushing. Asked one of the employees if I could get a container of water,..and was told that it was for dinner only ,...and that I would have to purchase bottled water. Saw that another table had a container or water, I asked a different employee...and they said sure you can have one of the water containers of water. Can't believe that the first employee lied to me.


(Translated by Google) Where I got tired of foreign food! It was a real Korean taste that was not unbelievable. (Original) 외국음식에 질렸을 때 찾아간 곳! 어설프지 않은 진짜 한국맛이었음

Ron D

If you like a Korean food you should come here. Service was good in a good Atmosphere .


Ordered the Spicy Chicken Bento Box. It was awful. It looked like the chef tossed the food into the box from across the kitchen. Half of the items were cold. The dumpling was rock hard. And the restaurant is just dirty - sticky menus, food residue on the tables and chairs... I do not recommend this place to anyone.

Su K


Willy Giang

Service is okay, it takes very long for food to be served. Bibimbap and Japchae were flavorless. Really disappointed with everything. To top it off, they charged us 18% service fee for a table of 4. They should be ashamed, please don't go here, I have tried alot of Korean restaurants, and never has it been this bad.

Deanna Melendez

Delicious vegan ramen! Great prices!

Jayoung Kwon

Christine Youn

Very simple quick and delicious easy bite.


On of worst ramen and service i had...

George Bouquio

Our first experience with Korean food. We liked it. Good food. Fairly priced. Very patient, friendly service. Easily found vegan choices.. Exceeded our expectations.


(Translated by Google) I walked in the hot weather, which is much more than 30 degrees. No fan. If you are a Korean restaurant in a foreign country, your boss or staff are mostly Korean people, but this is not a hall employee or a kitchen Korean person. blur. (Original) 30도가 훨씬 넘는 더운 날씨에 걷다가 그냥 보이는데로 들어갔는데 와... 에어컨 안켜주는 식당 처음봄. 선풍기도 없음. 쪄죽겠는 날씨에 땀흘리면서 밥먹을일인지.. 찜질방인줄... 외국에 있는 한국식당가면 사장님이나 직원분들 거의 다 한국사람인데 여긴 홀직원이나 주방 한국사람이 아님. 더러움.

Deep Mehra

Tasty food with great service. Two items ordered and they were equally tasty.

Joseph Shin

C'mon now.. under cooked rice, flavorless rice cake soup (dduk gook/떡국). How are you guys still in business? It's amazing that foreigners (non-koreans) put up with this kind of food. Just because its sweet and salty doesn't make food good. The food here is has overpowering flavor in an attempt to cover for the inauthentic way it is prepared. The owner, if he/she is Korean is absent and there's no quality control.

Soo Jung

Just okay, nothing special.

Kadiatou Kamara

Food wasn't all that great to me. Had the bulgogi lunch special. Had too much of a lemon taste in the meat. The egg served on the side was not good at all. Couldn't eat the sides , just the meat and rice.

Jonathan Pei-Chan

Nelson Saunders

Exceptional food, very nice staff, always excellent atmosphere. They charge fair pricing and the food quality is awesome. Kudos.


Karen Kim

Had a spicy chicken stone bibimbap and Kim chi stew. It was amazing!!!

Yuree Lee

(Translated by Google) Play at Central Park and go when you miss Korean food. Bibimbap was very rich, but it wasn't good, and the kimchi stew and rabokki are delicious. haha (Original) 센트럴파크에서 놀다가 한식이 그리울때 가면 됨(나름 가까움) 비빔밥은 양이 아주 많았지만 별로였고 김치찌개와 라볶이는 맛나요. ㅎㅎ

Мэри Егян

Это было ужасно! Мы ходили с девочками и все остались не довольны.

Bohan Huang

KaiQiang Song

Poor service and little food. They ask tips mandatory with really poor service. 30 mins wait with no service no because of busy but because of lazy.

mikel giovanni

I’ve eaten here frequently for the past year and a half . I am a huge fan of Asian especially Korean food and I think this place is delicious and decent prices for casual eats . Never have I or any friends I bring here had a bad meal. It’s definitely the best in midtown area .

kara oreo73

Amazing food, and service, my mum's first time having korean food and she loved it. Excellent pricing as well

Stephanie Gregory

I had the stone bowl bibimbap which was mediocre. The staff was friendly and easily accommodated all customers even though the space was small.


Good lunch spot. Complementary soup is a plus. Especially in the cold.

xavier montardit

Nice spicy food

John Park

I've been coming here for almost six years now and saw them mature, from a hole in the wall to something that looks like a chain now. So happy for them as the mother owner of the place is always working so hard and cooking every day. Being Korean myself, I can say the food is authentic and delicious. One thing is I only order the hot-stone-bowl. This is usually with beef and a fried egg on top. The fried egg must be requested separately, and they will charge extra, but hot-stone-bowl isn't right without that. Love it!

Abdul Salam

Solid bimbimbap but on the pricey side for lunch

Circle Ko

Great Korean food


Food was tasty and inexpensive. The service was a bit unattentive but it wasn't a big deal. Love the stone bibimbaps.

Tamlan Dipper

Low key, but very welcoming and tasty food punchy with flavours. For the price absolutely recommended.

Alex Choi

Juan G

Fantastic Korean budget restaurant in Manhattan. Tasty traditional plates, with a kind service. At first it seemed a little bit slow and there was just one person waiting tables and doubling at the register, but the service was fast enough and the taste pretty good for the cost. It can get crowded since it's a small space

Marky Johnson

Went there around 8pm for dinner was very hungry and I'll let the pictures do the talking worse part is if the food was hot the sauce oil or hair gel that was in my food would have expanded!

Jake Freyer

I got chicken japchae and I was pretty happy with it, especially for the price (~$12).

Will Yang

I ordered beef bibimbab. I think it's very nice. Nice place for a lunch.

Camille Wu

We stumbled across this Korean food restaurant while trying to escape freezing weather during the holidays. This is a great value place in a nice decor hole in the wall in Midtown. No frills Korean comfort food that really hits the spot - think bimbimbap, tofu soup, bulgogi, Korean pancakes, etc. Service is quick as well. Highly recommend!

ashley moore

I had the kimchi stew. It was delicious

Kinn Kao Table & Bar

Good foods

Janelle A

Service was good but the food was just okay.Had high expectations was disappointed.


Like the food here. I ordered the eel bento box. Will come back again and try other food.

Ricardo Mota

Good food and service. The downside, the place is so small and the ventilation (at least during winter) not enough, that you will undoubtedly smell of Korean food for the rest of the day...

Armand-F Grech Scerri

Amazing food and the staff is extremely nice and friendly

Juan Pablo Kempter

The place ambient its ok, but the thing i really liked is the food! I ordered a hot Bimbimpa (not sure about the name) with teriyaki chicken and it was great! Full of tastyness with a good mix of ingredients! And the price its ok, like 20 usd. If you are hungry and not in the need of going to a fancy place, try this...

Grace A

Suresh Koppisetti

Very good Korean food on the budget. My kids all time favourite is the Seafood Soft Tofu Soup.

bBozo Kuki

Service is not the best, food is average

Yi Esther

(Translated by Google) Real Korean taste! (Original) 진짜 한국맛!

Princess Mossada

Casual Korean spot with traditional options. Kimchi rice and special Galbi are my favorites!

Henry Hoffstot

Tan excelente!

Jonathan White

Lovely food in a perfectly adequate setting. The spicy pork box is the perfect lunch!

Jade Lee

The food tasted really good like it was homemade!! I suggest the kimchi fried rice

Khushboo Patel

I love the vegetarian ramen. Best flavor yet!!!

Roee Schmidt

Ordered beef bap. Had fesh vegetables good sauce.. was great. Good value as well (~10$)

Savanah Wong

Food was served slow. The Udon didn’t taste bad but one particular dish was eh... the beef over rice. Looked good though.

Sanju Nepali

Awesome place

Eliana Alonso

(Translated by Google) All very rich and hearty dishes (Original) Todo muy rico y platos abundantes


Great food and speedy service. Comfortable and trendy environment. Great menu selection and quite authentic. Go here.

Jacob Zhu

Alejandra Vargas

Unless you wanna hear yourself being talked about behind your back by one of the waitresses, don’t go here. Food was ok but service was the worst I’ve experienced, never felt so uncomfortable and astounded that someone would lack so much respect and openly talk about their customers badly right in front of them. Was just looking for a meal after a long trip to New York and was very patient and respectful to the waiter, but after hearing the worker complain for no valid reason (besides the fact she was embarrassed she messed up and couldn’t properly do her own job) the fact she decided to target my guests and I for her mistakes ruined the whole experience and created a tense and awkward environment. Save yourself the trouble and check out the many other Korean food places nearby, hopefully (most likely) will be much better than this place

Christian Reid

Good prices for the area and the food is excellent. Definitely a top spot for lunch.

A. Matt

Great food.

LaVaughn Archer

Five starr Korean/ American supplies. I found some oreos here the dont sell in the country that was delicious


One of the most affordable and good options in the neighborhood. Very good lunch special, ramyun, etc. Nice service and very nice space in a generally dead neighborhood...

Felix Hilario

Great food seasoning. Enough space for a small group.

Jonathan Harry

Stumbled upon this place by complete accident but I'm glad we did! Service was great and the food was delicious. Definitely recommend

Christopher Nunn

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