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Food was very good and fresh. Great value but go hungry

Sherella Braswell

Mmmm good!

Gene Zaiss

I went with a crew of 24 people it was good.

Eric Butler

This place is pretty good. Been twice now. Only had the hibachi once, but it was tasty. About 10 bucks bucks for lunch. Good sushi selection. A variety of entrees too. Overall, a decent place to go.

Nicky Dee

Great buffet menu clean quick service reasonable quality meats and vegetables served.

Robert Thorpe

Good food. Good prices

Bettye St John

Hot delicious food, kind and courteous service.... But please back the fried oysters, please Wowwww The fried oysters are back!! Thank you for deliciously cooked fried oysters, crab legs, and a variety of seafood on the shell...And their honey chicken is out of this world! Ample parking..... Hope to see you there

Yoselin Garcia

Love all of the food. All of the fruit tastes so fresh. Awesome place to go eat.

Jay Kong

Just okay


Fresh foods and nice services! I love this buffet! Specially clams.

Wil Sarog

Great food, clean, good service. Didn't know the price and if the experience wasn't so pleasant we would've been upset. A bit pricey

Morgan Lane

Trash. I’ll never be back. Selection is VERY limited, crab legs are tiny. Hibachi has no rice. $36.60 for dinner and a drink for two adults. I’ve been to plenty other hibachi buffets in New Jersey and I’ve got to say this is by far the worst.

michelle jackson

Disgusting. Literally lost my appetite after only two plates.

Craig Zitzman

Good food just wish there was more of a selection

Andrea Martin

The food was decent and there was a good selection to choose from, but it was more expensive than I expected it to be for a buffet. The facility seems to be older and in need of some updates and repairs. Over all it's fine for a casual and quick bite to eat.

Tenesha Inge

Many selections at a great price. Clean,friendly atmosphere. Quiet buffet style dining. Good food.

Ryan Lahr

Food was good however $14 per adult is a little pricey for their selections. I have paid a little less in buckhorn pa for about triple the options. Overall good if you want good food and okay with the price.

Maximillion Rodriguez

Food is ok. Kids like the ice cream. Good place for cheap quick sushi. Everyone can find something they like here. staff is short and simple and to the point. Not if your looking to be wowed by hospitality

Miradog101 101

It was excellent food. Good environment. 5 thumbs up

Antoinette Tobar

One of my favorite places. I haven't eaten there in over a year due to relocating, however the food is just as good. Very tasty, clean and lots of variety of Foods.


Was just ok, nothing spectacular. Can't say that we'll return.

Rob Wille

Overall grade A-, good value for what you're being served. Dinner was $16.95 (that included tax and a drink). They have a good assortment of seafood (including snow crab legs) and a decent assortment of sushi. Hand dipped ice cream was a welcomed alternative to the watery soft serve that you typically see served at many Asian buffets. Service was good and the place was clean, including bathrooms.

Barbara Lamb

They offer more selections than most and the food is delicious. The ambiance is fabulous, as well. When I bring friends there, they're always surprised at how nice it is and the food is always better than they imagined.

Erika Marin

It has some foods that I like and some I don't. Despite that sometimes when they cook steak for me, I see that the edges of the steak is raw. Little bit of ice cream flavors. That why I think its okay.

Willie Shaker

Plenty of good hot food. Always a good stop to fill up. A1.

Nicholas Andrese

Always a friendly welcome. The staff are certainly pleasant people. Patient, kind and attentive when needing a drink refill. The food is always hot and fresh. The building is always clean with a nice appealing atmosphere.

Rob Trani

Sushi bar delicious an a very good verity of dessert delicious

Ivonne Castillo

The best always have great food and affordable prices

Carmen Vargas

Service sucks when in at 935pm for Valentine's day. And they rush us out caused they close at 1000pm didn't get to enjoy the food caused they kept coming to the table ten min after we got there they brought us the check. They were putting things away around 950pm. Rushing people out. Nasty customer service. There was a handicap person and the owner was laughing and making fun of how he walk. Rude and nasty. never again will go there. Ashame caused food is good

Je P

I love it. Food is very fresh!

Svetlana Schneider

Clean and well attended to dining area. The food offerings are of good quality. There are 3 buffet/steam tables with plenty of choices, crab legs, spare ribs, DELICIOUS fish, shrimp (sauteed 2 ways as well as pick and peel) chicken and beef. Also, there is a hibachi station where you can select your desired food items and the chef will cook them fresh. In addition, there is a nice sushi bar. For kids, chicken drumsticks and pizza slices are available. Desserts are offered as well and there is hand dipped ice cream available and all sorts of fresh, sliced fruit.. My only complaint is the lack of stand alone vegetable choices. Green beans are the only hot side dish of vegetables offered. Besides that, there is a few different salad choices. All in all, totally worth a visit. Accepts credit cards, ATM available too.

fatima gonzales

Enjoy coming here.

Diane Richards

Very good food and service. We love going there when we are craving all you can eat crab legs..

Davina Taylor

Sushi, crab legs, steak, fish, chicken of every type as well as veggies .... .... Perhaps some soups and salads?? ....of course, there's even fruits and assorted desserts. There is truly something for everyone. Always pleasant and plenty!! AND PRICE IS UNBEATABLE! Easily accessible and clean. Go!

Donald Hensley

Food was pretty good, sushi was excellent, and service was appropriate. Cost is well worth the experience. Atmosphere wasn't bad music a little loud and definitely not oriental theme based.

Paul Cantrell

Awesome homemade flavors of ice cream and specialties like coconut milk and gluten free options!

Jessi Lynn

Good prices, good food, extremely friendly staff!! Came in tonight (Friday night) food was plentiful and always full. They were not greedy with the crab legs like some buffets I have been to before. They brought the crab legs out as quickly as they were gone. Would highlt recommend!

Dung Nguyen

To me, the food is a little sweet. But overall, it is a good buffet.

Karl Caine

Love the place, just wished that the parents would monitore their kids to keep their hands out of the serving dishes and eat of their plates. Sorry parents but you should be aware of your surroundings no wonder their is so much illness, food borne ailments. (Ecoli) might be on your MENU.

Steve Landis

One of the better Chinese buffets around. Good variety of food. All the standards, Mongolian BBQ, sushi, salad bar, deserts, ice cream, etc. etc. Food is fresh and plentiful.

Christopher Tolentino

I liked it there and their food was awesome

Jason Obert

Great selection for the price.

Brian Freeman

Was there around 1PM on Tuesday. Seems like a pretty good lunch crowd and all the food was fresh at this time of day

Bob Bratek

Good selection and the food is is clean.

K. Nicolle Pennington

Very good, freshly made food, nice environment and friendly service.

Ralph Pace

Nice place,best cold shrimp on huge bowl of ice. BUFFET IS HOT AND KEPT FULL. CLEAN BUFFET. CLEAN BATHROOMS.

Steve Campagna

Good food, selection and price

craig brown

nice place food is okay

Dionis Ramos

Great tasting food and very clean

Linda Ott

Always luv these buffets


Very pleased with this buffet. I don't eat meat at Chinese buffets and this spot many options. The salad bar was acceptable, the sushi was above average, there were available options on the hibachi grill, nice fruit, good desserts but I'm burying the lead. Alaskan crab legs and literally all you can eat. I've been to many buffets that have crab legs but unless you hover around waiting to be the first when they come out you get none ; but here if you want it you got it. I was pleasantly surprised and will be back.

Barton Erickson

Love this place! The food is very good. Their string beans are done to perfection, cooked but still crunchy. I have never had string beans done as well as this in any other restaurant a d I am almost 80 years old and have eaten in many restaurants in my lifetime.

Vadim Syrnichenko

The best Buffet I have been to, seafood is very good and crab legs just keep filling up. Amazing and fast service , wish we had same buffet in Minnesota !!!

David Showers

It's a very clean and hospitable restaurant.

bill levering

Good for all you can eat. Get there before 3PM price goes up after 3:30

Art Szcykalski

Good food, good price , peaceful atmosphere!

Denise Tickal

Good food!

Kelvin Rodriguez

Clean place. They dont rush you to get out or give you the check prematurely (while still eating)which happens often at these establishments. Good selection as well.

Mrs. Johanna Gonzalez

Its very clean and food its freshly done its a friendly kind of restaurant you can come with your family

Drew Passalacqua

Food is good. Price is good. This is my go to buffet and the staff is always friendly and has my drink ready before I get back with my first plate. This place is good for dates, take out, or family dining.

Larry Duquette

Great food . Enjoyed the visit .

miss Cherry

This place has been around for longer than any other chinese buffet i know of. Very nice staff and food is always fresh. BIG PLUS...usually little to no wait for the crab legs!!!


Food is always warm, crab legs are awesome, great service. You should try it.

Ashlee Nowotarski

We came for lunch. The price was decent $20 for two but the food could have been better. If you wanted a variety of food that doesn't cost to much and you don't have a high expectation for taste this place is good. The staff was kind and the restaurant was clean.

Fred Schildkamp

Good food. Quiet place.

Linda Deniken

My favorite local Chinese buffet

Elizabeth Lane

Very good fresh food. Friendly atmosphere. Love it

Tammy Kratzer

It was better then it has been in the past.

Carol Ramirez

Was so so but not for the price. To expensive.

Alan B Hunter Sr

Great food, large selections and great service. Clean and nice.!

Timothy Vincent

Food was ok...great variety for a medium sized venue


They have very limited options and the venue is extremely dated. The food is sub-par and didn't seem fresh at all... the worst part is they gave us the check after about 15 minutes/ our first plate. My mother was still on her first plate and they stood over us the whole time. I watched us receive the check before people who were seated and eating before us. The atmosphere with the workers was extremely unprofessional as they laughed and stared at a few guests including myself (I had my natural hair out). Overall... if I could rate this zero stars I would, for such bad service and little to no options, I hardly see the point in going here. I go to buffets for a good selection of food (food should at least have some flavor and be fresh) and to fill up before I leave... could do none of those here.

John Jo

It was nice its small but good setup and beautiful place

Francis DellaVecchia

Clean eatery with a plethora of tasty items! They were constantly filling the food bars. Plus servers were very attentive and helpful. Don't let the abandoned shopping center fool you...was a great spot to eat!

Liza Boyette

Good value for lunch and dinner

Sharon Thomas

But the floors are so greasy that you will slip and fall if your not holding on when your walking.

Alexandrea Kensinger

Great food. The coconut shrimp is amazing! They offer sushi and hibachi included in the price which is very reasonable. A great place to take the family.


In all honesty it's the best most consistent Chinese buffet you'll find in the general area. It's a routine place for me for lunch on the cheap. The food is always fresh, people friendly. Good sushi, hibachi available if you like.

Claudia Farrell

Alwayes good Food.And Service

Michael Harris

It was very nice place to eat

Steven Chang

Best buffet in the area.. hibachi and sushi, they may not have as many items on the menu as other buffets, but the food they put out is very good. My first choice in buffet when in this area

Khader Mohammed

Good selection Food taste not that great Good price Not clean enough experience for me to go back

Kat De Fox

Best buffet in South Jersey. I travel over 40 minutes from my house to come here and have a hearty meal prepared by welcoming and friendly staff. Sushi is good and lots to choose from. Try to come here at least once a week.

Jeffrey Achey

Love this place.

Chanell Campbell

Way over priced for the same food u can get at any buffet on the area. The food was ok but $53 for three ppl is way to much in my option. Staff was ok, came by often to clean up plates n refill cups.

Brian M

They sit there and watch how many crab legs you eat when they only bring out 4 clusters every half hour had to wait for our drinks didn't get them until we asked place was a little dirty won't be going there anytime soon

Serenity Loyd

The tables were clean but the floor in the bathrooms were rather dirty. My family and I love buffets but we were not satisfied with this one because none of their food was very good.

Guilherme Casimiro

Good value

Leslie Gither

Crappiest food I have eaten at a restraunt ever! Will not be back

Jamil Davis

Overpriced, poor quality, so-so customer service. I recommend this place to anyone, there's other restaurants nearby that'll serve a better meal. Would suggest those over this buffet

Steph Boss

Good food, clean, nice staff. YES!They have crab legs!!

Chris Robinson

As far as buffets go this has some of the freshest/best quality food. Lots of sushi and seafood to choose from including crab legs and the desserts are numerous. Would recommend to family and friends

janet velasquez

My favorite buffet in the area. Seafood is Saturdays after 4. Call head to be sure to. But the food is excellent anytime

Chris Bitting

Don't do it, no matter what anyone tells you.

okwuchukwu orabasili


Peter Glenn

Food fair, drtvice good, price high. $$

Gambino Banks

My Family's Favorite Spot! Fresh Food And Hot All The Time!!!

DannyBoii609 WasHere

Stomach was on fire after.. make sure you have toilet paper and air refresher.. light a match.. tum tum tum tum

Kenneth Woodley

This place has got to be New Jerseys Best kept secret.... good food... good varity... Don't be fooled by the appearance of the exterior. If I could give this place six stars I would the food was that good.

Heather Lambert

This place used to be really good, unfortunately the quality has gone down considerably.

Cole Kaye

Service was great, but the food was poor.

Amanda Hill

We went a few weeks ago, the food actually all tasted great, usually there is at least a few things that arent the best, but they were on point that night. The only thing is they are so expensive for dinner, I guess if you go in there and eat plate after plate it's worth it, but we usually just get 1 full plate and then desert or fruit.

James Pate

Price increased and food quality went down.

Brian Earle

Food was good nice atmosphere

Nelda Burress

Fresh and hot good food. Nice variety. Lots of seafood including snow crab legs.

Tom Nardi

Very pleasantly surprised by this buffet. There was a wide selection of food, and almost everything we tried was fresh and flavorful. The interior of the restaurant is a bit tired, and the bathrooms especially are in need of an update. But overall we came away impressed and will very likely return.

Stefanie Gonzales

Clean place. Food seemed soggy but decent. Will stick to our favorite Chinese food place.

Aiysha C

Good food

Maritza Diaz

I like it very much they are very nice to all my kids

Martin Hoffman

Great variety, consistent quality.

Rita Horton

Place always clean food awesome staff great

Eugene Wiggins

Very goos place to eat, food is always hot and fresh. The seafood is on point.

Rose Montanaro

Delicious food, great service and the price is right. Nice calm music.

Hamdi Ceylan

Good food selection. My favorite Chinese meals are here although I wish they had soft serve ice cream

Mike Martin sr

Great food and service we travel 1hr to get there


Great food, nice and friendly staff. Go there all the time

Ken Perna

Wow, didn't expect such quality and variety!

Rudy Placenti

Good food,service also

Blair Hall

Been going there for 4 years . To ite was the best ever. Keep up the good work

Brian Wolf

The food is passably good… what one would expect from a mid priced Chinese buffet. My biggest issue with the restaurant has been an ongoing problem for the past several years… in that the water that comes out of the sinks in the bathroom is ice cold. It is impossible to get your hands clean... Which means also that the employees in the restaurant can not practice good hand washing techniques... And in fact the mandatory signs saying that employees must wash hands is lacking from the men's restroom. Time for another visit from the board of health

Queen_ _Goddess

Great food

anita Phillips-medearis

Well I just don't trust ANY Chinese restaurant! I've seen too many videos of them growing, cleaning the hair off, cutting them up to cook!! They marinade them to perfection. They're excellent at that. SO, I usually eat what I know. Shrimp, chicken.. NO chicken or pork fried rice PERIOD! U don't know what those lite pieces of meat are! After we there, my adult gdaughter had the runs all day!!! That's my true story and I'm sticking to it.

Donna Turiano

Always good

Ree W

Food is awful. Service was just as bad. They stood over our table watching us like a hawk. Won't be back!

Colleen Carter

My co-workers and I frequent this location often. Great food. Good service for a good value. I highly recommend.

Omanee King

They watch you like a hawk when eating . Prices are affordable tho .

Jin Kazama

Affordable and quite good for the price, it's usually a bit cheaper coming here during the weekday. Nice selection and hibachi to boot.

Barbara King

They r so FAMILY familiar, they greet you so warmly, and remind you if it is lunchtime or dinner time when you enter the buffet. You can bring ur own beverages, including spirits! They take special requests, and ask Ask if anyone in ur party, has ALLERGIES.


Nice & clean buffet. They called themselves "International Buffet" but the selection is very limited! The hibachi grill need to keep the surface clean.....! There is no hot water for the hand sink in the bathrooms.

Millie Grayson

It's mediocre. If you're out running errands it's a great place to grab a bite. Nothing is so great that would make me say "let's go to Mount Holly International Buffet for ....."

Mary Bowers

We were seated immediately, our tea was very hot and fresh. ALL of the hot food was hot and cold food cold. Everything was very fresh and cooked or prepped very nicely. I can't wait for next month's "date night"! Im asking for here again.

Lia Cater Allen

A really good buffet. Very fresh. Crabs every night too

Kim Hebert

This place has steadily been going downhill. The food isn’t terrible but the service is awful! The servers often act like they don’t see you if you’re trying to get their attention for a drink refill. I’ve had a pile of dishes on my table before someone cleared them. They like to seat people on top of each even though the place is empty. The owner seated us today and we asked for a high chair....he just walked away and we got one ourselves. We will be looking for a new place to eat from now on. Highly disappointed!!

Shirley Kim

Another standard Asian buffet with some American options as well. Dinner is about $17 per person. Plenty of seafood, including snow crab legs, stir fried crab halves, sushi, mussels, shrimp, raw oyster and clams, crawfish, flounder, and cheesy imitation crab meat. Typical Asian American stir fry dishes, soups, dumplings, fried rice and noodles available. In the back, is a hibachi area where you can choose meats, veggies, noodles to put on a plate, and have them cook fresh for you in whatever sauce you like. Various dessert options and fruit are good as well. Overall quality is sub par but variety is pretty decent. Good value if you make the most of the seafood.

Christine Gnadt

Have eaten here in the past with better luck. This time was not so great.

Courtney Blake

So amazing! Totally worth your money with such a sweet staff! You can tell they all love their jobs and work very hard!

peter sanchez

The buffet is good food but it's small but they do have some good food and for the price You can't Beat it.

Scott Hartman

Great Buffet... the Coffee mousse is Awesome!!!

Leo Garcia

It is good food, decent selection

Fred Etienne

I will not go back. After being assigned a table i told the waitress i'd like to have a hot tea and then proceeded to the washroom. Upon returning to my seat, the hot tea was there but in my seat was another big black guy. She'd forgotten my face but gave someone else she thought looked like me my table.

William Rocco

Terrible. I wish there was 0 stars! We paid extra money on Friday night to get crab legs and we only saw a few crab legs in the container and then it was never refilled. The food was tasteless and I wouldn’t expect my dog to eat it! The cheesecake was frozen. When we were given the check the lady forgot to include the check. . . Terrible.

Scott Cop

Great food and variety at a great price

Earl Braddock

Great food. Great prices. Friendly staff.

Michelle Abate

The food isn’t always super hot, which is expected because they have to shell out so much to accommodate for the buffet style, but the staff is friendly. They keep the place clean and fill up your drinks before their even empty.

Everette Long

Great value with a huge variety of food types. The only negative is the dining area could use a renovation. Great place for lunch. You will eat more than you probably should because it all looks good.

Elizabeth Hoenisch

Food is good but place needs a good cleaning. Floor are very greasy and slipery.chairs are dirty also.

Alondra Rosas

So much amazing food and great staff!! Clean bathrooms and great prices.

Sharon Troia

Price a little high for lunch but food was good liked the hibachi and sushi would definitely go again!

Ed Anton

The place is decently clean, Buffett is maintained well, crab leg time they only will use one chafing dish. This is a downfall on all crab leg buffets, ..the one in cherryhill on rt 70 is piss poor health scare waiting to happen compared to this one.

Jasmine Lewis

THEY MAKE YOU PAY BEFORE YOU EAT. They know exactly what they are doing when they do this because the food is disgusting. None of the seafood has seasoning and they aren’t cleaned well either and My general tso had cartilage in it. Not to mention they made my friends and I very uncomfortable with the constant stares. DO NOT EAT HERE...

Jason Flurchick

Food is good and has a decent selection and priced inline with other buffets. Only down side for me is that they don't carry boneless spare ribs and don't have serve soft ice cream.

Shandal Cordewell

Great selections of food but everything was very salty even the grab legs

Charlene Gatti

Sushi was crappy at best. Only slightly better than gas station sushi. Super market sushi is much better than this places. Buffet was ok, overall not impressed.

michelle laming

I think if you go when busy better. If they made smaller batches food would be fresh. We found the lo mein and fried rice was terrible I know odd but. Flounder awesome generals chicken good flavor but it was old

Andrew McNinch

They did want put more crab legs at 8pm why not that is want came there for . Why

rudy placenti

Great food,service is great

joe mccloskey

Prices have risen steady. But food quality diminishes

Rich christopher

Wow i go to a lot of chinese buffets quite often in south jersey and let me tell you this place caught me off guard 100 percent. The outside isnt flashy or fancy in fact i passed it 3 times before realizing it was even a buffet then of course i had to try it besides i was starving. Once inside the decor is very welcoming and the sushi is plentiful and fresh, they have lots of ice cream and desert as well as healthy stuff too. Pretty clean inside and the service was amazing they were checking on me so much i actually got a little annoyed bur thats a good thing and the price was very fair i paid $10 for lunch. I found my new favorite spot and i cant wait to eat here again!!

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