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3371 US-1 Unit 400, Lawrenceville, NJ 08648, United States Located in: Mercer Mall

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REVIEWS OF Hooters of Princeton IN New Jersey

Rob Reid

Wings were good, but our meals were not. Fries seemed like they been around awhile! Service was slow and the place was quite empty. Don't think we will be going back!

Danielle Kelley

Went to this location because were visiting the grounds for sculpture and it was close. We sat at the only clean table free for close to 10 minutes before a waitress greeted us. She brought menus and took our drink order. After 15 minutes with no drinks and no sign of our waitress at all we left. I dont recommend this location. There is a location in New York and locations in Philly that are much better!

laxman .vm

Very good for drink with beautiful girls

Alice Blackmon

Went yesterday 3/2 and I found a piece of Plastic in My little dessert shot of cheese cake. And the manager came to the table and said sorry about that we don’t make them here anyways. They come from another company and she will let them know and then she walked away. Still charge me for the desert and the meal. No discount or nothing. Calling corporate Monday... they need to do better

Marcos Vazquez

It's a great place to watch boxing events n the food is delicious!

Fred Esch

The food was DISGUSTING This place needs to clean there oil had onion rings they came out black. And the service was just as bad. I was there @ 10pm May 27th 2016. And that will be the last time I go there

Vin Scavo

Every time I go to this location the service is worse and worse. They take forever to serve you and officially lost me as a customer. During the world series with 3 people in the bar they refused to put the volume on for the game. There's a reason why no one is ever in this location when you go in. Stay away from this place.

Corey Johnson

Food was typical good Hooters food, however, the girls at this one were less than friendly

Nia Livingston

Just use the ATM in there its always packed on the weekends n game nights

Jeff Pursel

Wings were pretty good, service was average today. 20 wings for the price of 10 is a great deal on Tuesday's though!

Nelson Zara

We had fun with great chicken wings and great server.

Vivek Bajnath

Good food and kind, attentive, and respectful staff

Renaldo Johnson

If you happen to wander in here for a beer and a quick bite to eat, then your in the wrong place. Visited this location on a Saturday with the family, first sign that things weren't going so well was the four empty tables that had yet to be cleaned off from the last party that occupied them. We finally get seated at a clean table and then we wait 15 minutes for a server. Because we waited so long when our server arrived we were ready and placed our order: drinks, appetizers, and meals. Twenty minutes later we finally got our drinks, and five minutes after that our cold appetizer arrived. Upon complaining to the manager that the appetizer was cold, he responded by giving us a bizarre look and asking us if the food was really cold while sticking his finger underneath the wax paper to assess the temperature of the plate before rudely walking away to reorder the appetizer. Needless to say my wife and I had experienced enough and decided it was time for us to leave. Plenty of other places to choose from in the area. Don't make the same error we did!

Kalika Johnson

Excellent service and great food.

becse santiago

Awesome boneless wings!!!!

Kama Kazi

Very nice place wasn't packed at all but of course I went around 230pm waitresses are very nice it's not called Hooters for nothing to be honest but that's there job and they do it well food was fantastic specially the naked boneless skinless chicken wow amazing

alexandra morales

Great Wings! I always get the Daytona Style Naked and grilled so delicious.

David Sutherland

Yes it's a Hooters but here's the rub: you actually get incredible customer service at these places.

Mike Meeks

Had to ask for items multiple times and they didn't have the buffalo plater

ya herd?

john daly LOVES this dump

Michela Cantone

Wings are good but that's what i like about the place

Sougata Maitra

Cool experience hanging around with a friend. Staff is pleasant and cordial. Good drinks menu and food.

Rebecca Hazen

Great food, great service, great atmosphere, we'll be back.

Tyrone King

Service wasn't great. The server was slow. She messed up my order. I have to get my drink order tonight. I use to enjoyed Hooters but tonight make me look differently at it. The plus side the manger deducted the mistake from my final bill.


Love the wings

Baby Doll

We have been to many Hooters including overseas and have always had great food and service. Tonight we are ashamed to be Hooters Patrons! The service was horrible! The food was horrible! The waitresses were rude! The management seemed to have no clue on how to run such an establishment! Needless to say, WE WILL NEVER RETURN TO THIS HOOTERS AND ENCOURAGE OTHERS CONSIDERING COMING TO THIS HOOTERS TO NOT DO SO! WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!

Carol Lockett

Love the food waitresses are nice.

AAC 91

Worst service ever. I'm very dissapointed. We waited more than one hour for a table to be cleaned so that we can sit, and every single one of the servers walked right by and did nothing...

Franklin Pena

Smoked wings are amazing!!!

Daniel Sawi

It's good.

Denise Gomez

The food was great but I usually go with a large group of people and the waitresses know a friend of mine. They spend their time in between orders talking to him but don’t always follow through with refills.

Brian Zavodnick

Holy heck.... I have been to many in my day. This one has got to be the worst. When ya walk in and the stench of dirty mop water and fryer grease wack you in the the face, should have been a clue to turn around. Their food portions are really weak and their prices are hefty. I will NOT be returning here and would others to heed the warning!!! Buyer beware!! #hooters

Jeff Olen

5 star

Jack Miller

Food has gotten better. Whatever you all are doing keep it up.

Don Dudley

Good food and LL was our fabulous waitress. The manager was very nice also.

Alex Brooks

Great wings lots of TVs

Alan Borack

I meet a friend at Hooters about every 4 months to catch up on things and just plain chat. We always have Lauren as our server and she is efficient and remembers we order the same meals and drinks every time

Frank Gioffre

The wings are great at Hooters. I don't typically like breaded wings but they are really good here. Wide variety of sauces. Good service. Clean bathrooms.


Hours changed from 12AM to 11pm without notice, very bad for business.

Robert Pollack

Nice outfits, great wings


The food and service was great.

andy moore

Seafood is very good. My second time there and both times were consistent. Thumbs up

Thomas Fosbre

Better service than other restaurants

Bhav Saraswat

A good place to break from daily run and enjoy beer and wings.

Jeffrey Westfall

Lot of fun good food good service

Sotirios Gountas

The crowd was young and male as is to be expected. The service was prompt and friendly. The food unfortunately has taken a turn for the worse. There was a point in time when one could say hooters actually had decent wings, but no more.

Andres Marin

The food was great as always the the principal lack was the speed of attendance of the employees.

Frank Delmas

Love hooters and you should too!

Fernando Castillo

Love the food and service is always with a smile reasonably priced as well. Would recommend again.

Dean Tyler Klebonas

While the wings were good, they took a very long time to come out, over an hour and a half. There some mistakes with the orders and we didn't get utensils until we asked for them. The service was very all over the place and made the experience difficult to enjoy.

Wesley Underwood

Horribly managed. Want to advertise as a sports headquarter, but turned off the sound on the NFL draft before 11pm, around pick 24, even with ~30 customers still going strong. Including 2 larger groups that were still looking to purchase more pitchers. Hooters is supposed to be open until 12am, but decided to have last call at 11pm. I would love to say this was unusual, however they did the same thing during the NCAA tournament. It's okay, both times I found Applebees, buffalo wild wings, and Brick house had no problem staying open for these events. The waitress did a great job of trying to match the oblivious service. As she gave me my check at 10:40pm, without my asking, as I had food in my mouth. Dropping off the check with the message, "my shift is ending, I will be right back to pick this up." My original plan was to order some buffalo shrimp and a couple more drinks as I finished watching the draft. But sometimes you just get that feeling that they want you to leave. Just to be funny I asked her when she returned, if I can transfer my check to another waitress and continuing dining? After going mute for 10 secs, she told me she needed to check out and I can start a new check with someone else when she leaves. I am just happy that we made sure she had an enjoyable serving experience. Only thing that keeps me coming back and allows me to give them an extra star is the food. Cheers to the chef because my buffalo chicken sandwich was excellent.

Keith Gibbs

Good wings!

Cino Sommers

Loved It!! Food Was Banging

Lloyd Thomas

Good finger food

Andrew Nelson

Beautiful girls


Excellent service and wings flavor is the best!

Butch Sexton

Good food. Great service.

Matthew Matamoros

Worst experience ever and being that it was my buddies 1st time it will probably be their last. 1. Server made us seem like we where dumb and didn't know what a flat Pepsi tasted like. She gave us a look and an attitude when we told her our drink where flat. We Ordered a new set of drinks and she got that wrong as well. 2. She was never attentive to us. She just took our order never came back. She was literally taking selfies and acting like she had tons of tables to cover. Keep in mind there where only 13 total of customers and 4 waitresses. 3. I requested sugar for my sweet tea and it took 10 min to receive my sugar from an entirely different waitress. 4. Had to get up and walk to the manager and order my drinks with him directly because our waitress was nowhere to be found. 5. Ordered an appetizer, waited 30 min for that and never received that. Which an appetizer is supposed to come out before your entree. 6. Racial profiling. The moment we walked she gave us down grading look as if we where under her and she was above us. The 2 American waitresses that where working where not responding to us when we tried to get their attention time and time again. When we called for them it was like they didn't hear us but when the Americans reached for her, she automatically responded their requests. Ultimately we walked out because no one was attending us and not only that management was being so ignorant of the actual situation itself and was trying to justify the customer service the waitress was providing. So if he is ok with that type of treatment to a customer than this company seriously needs to go back to the drawing board of what is acceptable and what's not acceptable. Overall horrible experience at this location and Corporate seriously needs to look into this. At the time we went in, I literally counted the amount of customers in the restaurant with us. It was a total of 13 of us and 4 waitresses. So you can't use the excuse we where packed and busy. I've been in the restaurant business and waitresses are the Face of the industry. They are giving a bad representation of what this company truly is. Because I've had great experiences with this Company in other locations. But something needs to change ASAP at this specific location.

Michael Linn

The food was good but it was understaffed, not crowded and the wait still was forever to get served. Almost 2 hours from sitting down to actually leaving for a no alcohol basic meal

Jason Kruppa

Had best experience with my server Dasia was very polite, professional, and accommodating. I’ll definitely be a regular now!

Ant Jones

Nice place

David Bradley

Fun place to eat while catching every game.

Sharon M

Shannon is FABULOUS!!! Great experience, thank you

Martin Montgomery

Haven’t had Hooters in 2 years, Best

Manny Quiles

Good wings

Chaitanya Jalagam

Nice place to hang out with friends for a game.

Nick Sjolander

This Hooters was great

Justin Beaty

Food was good and pretty coll spot to chill.

Mz Meezii

Food came out kind of cold. Atmosphere was good. The waitress was good!

Shateama Mays

Amazinggggg staff! Shae was gorgeous and so friendly and accommodating! Honestly my best Hooters experience this far. Will definitely return soon!

Otis Roberts

LL is the best hooters girl there is. get her table. Hooters Princeton rocks. great happy hour prices. and nice eye candy...

Christopher Lancaster

I’ve been to pretty bad restaurants before, but this may have topped it off as the worst restaurant I’ve ever been to. When I first walk in my waitress(nae) just points to the back of the room and says “table open back there” while we had to search for a table to sit down. Then we wait an extra 20 minutes for us to be given our menus. Once we order, it took another 45 minutes for our food to be served. And once it was served, it was slammed on our table. My friend ordered unlimited wings and receive one cup of blue cheese? When our waitress (nae) went to get our waters for a refill, she returned 10 minutes later AFTER our food was served, and not to mention the food served was just garbage. When nae was taking our plates she also took our cups which we weren’t done with. Pitiful excuse of a meal and absolutely terrible service. I’ll make sure to never come here again. And another note: it wasn’t busy at all

Mike Coles

It's a Hooters so you know what to expect. There was a longer wait than usual at this location and an order of fries was forgotten. If you want great wings, go down to the street to Buffalo Wild Wings. If you're only interested in what the server looks like, you've found the place.

Donald Russell

Wings were expensive and are tiny wing pieces not full wings. The fries were tasteless

Maria Cristina Antonio

Great service delicious whiskey long island iced tea!

Sharon McGrody

Our waitress Shannon was an absolute pleasure!!! Such a sweet girl and was extremely attentive!


Princeton location is a consistently bad Hooters. Waited till our 5th visit over 6 months to post this review. We also eat at Hooters in King of Prussia and NE Philadelphia, and those are great places with good service. Biggest problem with the Princeton location is SLOW service. Once you seat yourself, it has taken more than 10 minutes on all but one visit until a server even brought a menu. Sit at a table and set a timer for ten minutes and ask yourself if that's okay. On this last visit, we literally waited 20 minutes on a Wednesday at 6pm (not very busy crowd) to even get our sodas for a family of 4 after we placed our drink order. "Dad, I'm really thirsty" says my 6 year old, so I got up and asked our server what was taking so long, and she said she wasn't supposed to 'make' our drinks (sodas?? Huh?). Another weird thing... about every 20 minutes, all the servers disappear at once and go in the back or cluster near the front door for 5 minutes until a manager breaks it up. If you need something then, good luck. I wish I could post the picture I took of the 10th boneless wing on my plate that finally came... literally the size of a quarter. I give any location a pass once or twice, but this is consistent. Hooters seem to be hit or miss in NJ. This one misses. Go to New Brunswick, that one is solid, way better staff.

David Freas

The new Smoked Wings are a smashing hit. And Carmen is an awesome server. Totally worth requesting her! Thank you for such great service.

Robbie Wood

Best place in the history of mankind. Excellent service and food.

Michael Hartka

Love this place great food

christopher Bourgeois

Crab, wings and the fried pickles are the best!!

Tetali Srinivas

Very nice

yvette pitra

Good wings but its fast food not healthy


Always great service and throwback pricing until 3 o'clock.

paul sellinger

Nice place .....&.....pleasant....efficient staff!

John Nemeth

Awesome wings! Everyone here is very nice

Jay Will

Love this place nice area great food & drinks

Scott Stein

Steelers fans. Come on over we’re always here in the back room

Trenton's Messenger

I forgot my left over wings in take home container (about 20) which I left on table because I thought my son grabbed them. Came back within 10min &the waitress said she threw them out...she could've at least waited a hour, even half hour which they weren't even crowded on a Tuesday afternoon

Paul Kisslinger

Your average Hooters. Service good, food ok but have had better. Still can't stay out of this place.

Michael Yang

Wonderful ambience and good pickles and chips

Linda Saunders

Wings were smaller than my pinky finger. Overpriced and definitely a Male establishment.

Howard Lacy

It was very different for me device was excellent

Kate Reyes

Majority of the time the food and service is consistent. It all depends on the time and day you go there. If a mistake is made though, they compensate greatly.

Percy Gucci

Great wings

Kuldeep Patel

Good service and atmosphere

Alexis Siedschlag

Terrible service. Waitress Lexi sat around talking while one of us had food out of four, took another 10-15 minutes for their food to arrive, which was not mentioned to us. We all needed refills, and when we FINALLY all had our food, one burger had a chunk of raw meat. You would think burgers would come with some type of side that's not a tiny thing of watery beans, and she still took forever to come around and give us the bill. Enjoyed our visit to Jersey, but will never go to this establishment again if we go to Jersey again. Oh, and IT WASN'T EVEN THAT BUSY.

Edgardo Díaz

Without knowing it we where here when they had all you can eat boneless wings also very friendly service.

JooEun Juju

Service is slow; food is average.

Ms.Burgundy Skyy

Love it good vibes great service n awesome food the prices is reasonable too can't beat that

ron malloy

They are always out of something!

Tracy Alberto

Love the wings!!!!

kyle green

Great service..and great wings just a little on the expensive side.

Edward May

Food is usually good. Service is exceptionally slow. Took 15 minutes for server to come to table. After ordering food arrived 45 min. later. Place was not crowded. Only 6-8 tables with customers.

Ulises Munoz

Sydney was amazing bartender friendly an always smiling!

Harvey Allen

The service and the food was excellent

Eric Lemon

Good service and always something on the tele. Smoked wings are the best!

Angelica Zapantis

Really clean and good atmosphere due to abundant windows with sunshine. Friendly staff and awsome food. A must visit.

Michael Ritchie

Great food,beer,pretty girls,enough said

howard koenig

Good seafood and clam chowder

Leonard Lebedinsky

Steve Galka the manager is the worst possible individual to run the lagendary place like Hooters where folks come to sosialize drink cold beer and watch sports. He would not allow me in for being too sociable for leaving lots of tips and simply coming to enjoy without disturbing anyone or anything. I leave right behind this place and no longer consume any alcohole still he sets the rules. I called and complained to the corporate and they stand by the men who doese not stand by of what hooters stands for. Local sports bar and social place for locals to meet and enjoy their time. Discriminate place too by the way. They have drunks everywhere food is garbage and not friendly. If it wasn't for convinince and would never come here. Shame on you hooters Shame on your managementand shame on your lousy corporation. Place is empty and it's a Sunday football . Hope they close and another friendly sports bar comes in. Until then stay away from this place.

Jeff Janover

Excellent food and delightful sights !!

Joyjit Ghosh

Amazing smoked wings...

Louis Greer

Nice waitresses. Ok prices. Good food especially wings and fried pickles. Lots of tvs for game watching. Variety of beverages. Not overly busy at lunch time. Great daily specials. Especially Tuesday wings bogo. Very clean including restrooms.

Harvey Handy

How could it be bad?

Felix Martin

Terrible experience the wings was soggy. The curly frys wasn’t crispy at all and the sald was very plain.

Dean Boyer

Service was questionable and kitchen had a hard time getting my order right! I mean how hard is it to prepare a salad?

Lanis Collins

love the seafood and wings


I've been coming here for some time, I bring my family here once a week. we usually have a great experience and we used to get the same regular waitresses with great service. Lately I've been seeing some new faces which could be a good thing but these new girls just haven't been very good at their job. Not refilling drinks and disappearing, different people bringing the food, etc.. None the less we continue to come every week. Well tonight we get there a little later then usual and the place is packed since the basketball game was on. Well the one waitress tells us to take a seat at the only table available which just happen to be the big football shape table. So we sit down (3 of us) about 5 minutes go by and a server still did not make her way to the table. All off a sudden a large group walks in and a girl in a orange Polo Shirt that I've never seen before (assuming it was the manager) tells us we have to get up because these people were waiting before us. I told her I watched them just walked in and asked how long till another table opens then she got an attitude and Tells me she doesn't know and we should go. I fully understand that the bigger group means a higher bill which insures a bigger tip. But to treat me and my family with that attitude like that when we are here all the time and alway tip 20% despite how unwell the service has been lately may just be unforgivable.

Valentin Tzankov

Nice place to watch the world cup.

hailey coppola

Had a great experience with Shae as a waitress, she was very bubbly and helpful and always went out of her way to make sure we have what we need!! - also, get the Buffalo shrimp! My fav!

Carl Bonroy

If you get one of the newer, younger waitresses - then there's a 50-50 chance you're in for a ditzy or bad attitude experience. BUT, the ladies who have been there for awhile are awesome - and not just because of the outfits. I've gone to this one for 2 years regularly and usually the service is excellent, and the food is the best around. I love their burgers, fries, wings, seafood. Therese is the manager - and if you watch her in action you can see how capable she is. The cooks come out to ask how the food was.

Daniel Harris

The wings were awesome. The outfits on the young ladies I can do without. Guess that comes from being a father of 20 year old twin girls.

Joseph Flanagan

Girls with good service was okay food was fair Society wasn't screwed up this place would be doing very well

Caleb Vinch

After my experience at the Hooters in lawrenceville tonight, I'm sad to say that this establishment is the worst outcome of franchise restaurants. Tonight upon arriving at the establishment to watch the end of whatever sporting event was being televised, my group was greeted by multiple passing waitresses who asked us to "have a seat wherever you like and we will be with you in a minute." It took more than 10 minutes for a waitress to make it to our table and take our drink order. While I would normally understand the wait if the place was crowded but at 10:30 tonight there was a total of 5 table occupied including ourselves. Then after I asked 3 times to two different waitresses for a one of the 6 TV's in my area to be changed to the Clemson Game, a prime time game being broad casted on ABC network and being told each time "the manager will over in just a second to change the game for you" I finally walked over to the front corner where the most of the staff was congregated, I asked my waitress who was speaking to the manager if I could get the game changed. The manager proceeded to walk back to where my group was seated and I asked if one of the two TV's directly in front of me broadcasting the same exact channel at the same viewing angle could be changed to the Clemson game. I was then told that "ahhh I'm sorry man but my friends behind you (as he pointed to the two patrons sitting at the table behind us) are watching the fight I cant change it. After almost an additional 10 minutes he changed a TV mounted above the bar area approximately 25 feet away from me to the game. In the total time elapsed since I first asked the waitress to change the game, I missed 12 minutes of the 3rd quarter and 6 of the 4th. To add to the disaster that was my experience one of our friends waited from 10:52 until 11:17 (yes we did time it because we were already so frustrated with the service) to get another johnny walker black, this included him reminding the waitress 2 times after his initial order. The final straw for me came when as we were proceeding out of the restaraunt I walked over to the same corner where the manager and staff were congregated to speak with the manager about my frustrations with the service we had, and while doing so in mild mannered tone the waitress we had abruptly inturpted me to say "well we changed waitresses so it's not fault!" But then I clarified to say that I had asked the original waitress we had once about the game and the current one who had just interrupted me twice about the game and I still had to go over there to make it happen. After this the manager instead of asking the staff member to not interupt me giving a review for a service based business beconded me to walk to different area of the restaraunt away from waitress so I could continue. All in all I'm dumbfounded by the whole experience and the lack of professionalism, curtesy, and respect by every level employee at the establishment.

Louis Schneider

Michelle is the best bartender she greets you with a smile

Juan Cabrera

Nice girl's


Most servers are nice they get your take out orders messed up at times and charge for celery but the wings are great

Danny Mcguiness

Terriable service

Mr. Clinnton

I work in the area so I like to go grab a quick bite to eat and a drink. I have been at this location about 7 times. And each time I never had a problem..seated with a smile and great energy, attentive to my needs and keep checking back with me. I know these girls go thru a lot with the men being rude and unprofessional towards them so I commend what they do and anyone in the waitressing business. Food was good and drinks was great. My only area of concern is the waitressing flinging their hair around the restaurant when they are serving food. I get the while while you work but I prefer not to have hair in my food or drink every time a staff member walks by. But other than that it is a great experience.

Jim Schwartz

Good food and seevice

Jessica Reichner

Always a pleasant experience. “The Boss Lady” as we call her is awesome, her hospitality exceeds any establishment I have ever dined at. A true supporter of our US military. Thank you for the great customer service. Sierra is a great waitress as well, very attentive and fast. Food is great as well.

Melissa Corrales

Over priced but good food and service

Dan Berardesca

Good food

Doug Forman

Great place for wings and a beer

Nitin Hebbar

One of the most customer-friendly locations in new jersey. The waitress we super nice and very patient. The location is also very close to the prinecton university area. A must visit for all the men to hang out for a match while beer being served by some beauties.

Rasika Tata

Friendly service

Michelle Lawson

Worst experience ever. It took our waitress 10 mins to come to the table. When she did she took our order and didn't come back for 15 mins with drinks and the wrong drinks too. The food took a long time to come out and it was cold. The waitress also didn't bring out our appetizer until we were almost done with our meals. Very bad service. The wings were good if they weren't cold.

Randal Holden

Was charged a dollar a piece for ranch and blue cheese with my wings. Never going back!

Catherine Jay

Food was good, but staff was lazy. And it was the worst smelling Hooters I've ever been to.

Sandra Pellicia

Our favorite Hooters location is definitely this one. Service is always great and the waitresses are always super nice to us. We go at least once every other week because of the great food and service.

Khalid Siddiqui

I like fried shrimp with 911 sauce they are the best and on Sunday it is half price.

Tim Bruchez

Great food and decent service.

John Tessieri

It's wings and beer. Crowded for UFC events.

kote ravipati

Love their smoked wings with spicy garlic sauce and grolled

chilly d

Ok wings served by really cute women in tight shorts.


The most perfect wings, delicious!!!!

Uday Kandula

Its a typical hooters. Good for big game nights with a bunch of friends.

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