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Yesmine Boukhili

My sister and I had a fantastic dinner here during our trip in New York. The staff is very attentive, helpful and friendly. I dropped my chopsticks by accident and literally 5 seconds, the waiter came back with another pair. The restaurant is very cute and cozy. We shared a Korean Hot Pot, Fire-grilled Bulgogi (marinated slices of beef) and Sautéed Rice Cake. Everything was fresh and tasty. I recommend this place for all types of crowds.

Jason Westerkon

A unique and delicious Korean experience. Waited about 20 minutes to be seated, not bad at all, and the digital system makes it seamless. Decor and ambiance are excellent. Despite the tables being packed pretty tight the restaurant never got too noisy. The staff were very helpful with us determining how much food is right for 2 people. Both the appetizer we had, and the shared hot pot were stellar. The pork was tender and flavorful, paired with unique condiments. The hot pot was chock-full of sausage, shellfish, shrimp, tteokbokki, eggs, and noodles. We could barely even finish. A nice selection of drinks as well, including Korean beer. Pricing is reasonable considering the level of quality you receive.

Tyler Shigenaga

Really curious who “Her” is. Well, she was alright but nothing too special. All the dishes we got were good but nothing great and I think the 4.5 is a little high. If you are in K-town, you should try it out but it would probably be better for lunch. One thing I will point out, the prices on the wines is great. Nothing over $10. The menu as a whole is a great value and something to try if you are in the hood for lunch or a low-key dinner. Good for an early relationship date but not a closer type spot.

Frank Widjaja

Good food but too noisy inside the rest.

Andris Vizulis

This place is a real gem if you like Asian tastes (and probably so even if you think you don't!). Extremely creative and tasty small plates and fantastic hotpots, perfect for sharing over a nice long dinner. Excellent cocktail menu. Staff is friendly and first-class, making you feel like you're guests at someone's house in Korea, which I'm sure was the intent in creating this fine restaurant. It was my daughter's birthday, and she was over the moon with our choice!

Jeffrey Landsman

Great service terrific vibe in the restaurant service was amazing food equally as good would recommend this place to anyone really great 1st date place.

Joann Huang

One of my favourite places to eat in NY. My taste buds are never ready everytime I go. Every bite brings in a new explosion of exquisite flavour from sweet to sour to savoury. My go-to is their salmon dish. Highly recommend, you'll leave so happy!

Nehal Ahmed

CASH ONLY. This place has some great selection for lunch. Loved the taste of all items in my tray. The portion was very fulfilling. Gets really busy around noon time. Servers are friendly and helpful.

rong xiu liu

Very good food. Best BBQ I have.

Enmanuel Arias

This place gets busy very fast! Make sure to make a reservation ahead of time to avoid having to wait. Expect to wait a bit longer than expected for your food if it gets busy. Our waiter was kind enough to inform us that there would be a slight delay in serving us due to amount of orders. He remained attentive even though it was busy. We’re not new to Korean cuisine, but our waiter took the time to explain to us what each of the side dishes were on our plate instead of assuming we knew what we were getting; excellent service! We came during their brunch hours, so the menu was unfortunately limited to mostly seafood. They seem quite strict on what they serve during specific hours, as I couldn’t order their plantain dessert for brunch; it was for dinner only. The portions are decent and they have a variety of side dishes to complement your entree, so you’ll definitely leave satisfied regardless of what you order. I tried their Ratatouille Rice Bowl and it was absolutely delicious! I would definitely recommend getting a rice bowl for anyone getting brunch/lunch. Everything on my tray was delicious, excluding the fish cake soup. The fish flavor was too overwhelming for me to finish it. I’d definitely come here again to try out their dinner menu and some of their soju cocktails!


I have been here for 6 times Always good I prefer to go "Her name is Han" for lunch time ( Good price ) Banchan is always different everyday ( It means they make it fresh daily ) Banchan is a collective name for small side dishes served along with cooked rice in Korean cuisine. Highly Recommend !!

Ellen Lee

Food-wise this restaurant was great! They served a variety of Korean dishes. They had soups and rice dishes which were very good. Also, their appetizers were pretty delicious. I also tried one of their cocktails, which I thought was delicious, but overpriced. The day we went, which was a Friday night, they were really busy and we were told we had to wait about 45 minutes for a table. But we ended up getting a table in about 10 minutes which wasn't bad. We tried the bulgogi, which was probably the best dish that we ordered. We also ordered the marinated crab which I thought was very good, but keep in mind that it is raw so some people may not like that. Overall I thought that the food was really good but expensive. The entrees average from 28 to $36. I know that Korean food can be on the more expensive side but even so I thought that the price here was pretty exorbitant. The dishes weren't even that big and we were told that the entrees were for one person, but honestly I think that one entree would be small for even one person. Lastly, the side dishes that they gave were really really good but again they were really small portions. I think that this place is worth a visit for a special occasion but if you're just looking to grab some really good Korean food there are a ton of Korean restaurants in New York City Korean town so you could try one of those restaurants first.

Hera Bell Portrait Specialist

Delicious Korean dishes. Beer is served in small glasses or as a pitcher. We asked for a pinte. We received a small glass. Loud but good atmosphere and music. There are soup bowls to share. Over all it was a nice experience.

Pranay Sethi

Everything is delicious but the big stews are what you should get here. They come with banchan and rice. One stew feeda 2 people. Decent value for money. If you are extra hungry, order the rice cake appetizer.

Akshatha K

Yummy food. Loved their lychee yakju. It was mild and sweet. The dumplings are delicious. We had share pot with Ribs which was nice but extremely spicy. Recommend this place for a great dinner night. There might be some waiting but it’s totally worth it.

Danny Chong

This is a new/different kind of Korean spot. It’s very homey and they focus on home cooked style foods. I’ll honestly have to return again to try some more dishes. There’s a lot in the menu and you can only get so much with 2 people. I tried the scallion pancake with an egg. But the hotpot - pork ribs, kimchi, beef bone broth is delicious!!! It’s spicy and tasty. There was so much it tasted great the next day as left overs.

Sara Cook

This was hands down the best food I've ever had in my life. It was so amazing, flavourful, bright and tasty. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone I know.

Paul Burgess

Delicious Korean food, authentic yet very much its own thing.

Daniel Benetti

Went on a cold rainy day for brunch and couldn't have asked for more. Comforting food that somehow brought me home to New England with warm broths, seafood, and flavors of apples, cream, and corn. Expertly balanced dishes of sweet and savory.

Kanu Suguro

I think the concept is Korean food for the health conscious crowd. It's ultra light and nuanced flavors so might not be too memorable. I can't remember what I ate or what any of it tasted like. It's good and detailed seasoning, just not particularly memorable.

Shaquana Deas

This place made me feel like I was at home. The atmosphere was so inviting/elegant and the service so friendly. I had the bulgogi -- best I've eaten in my life.

Shashana D. Andino

Amazing! Service is quick, food is out of this world, and the wait time was well worth the wait. The only downside was the music and abundance of people talking made for hard of hearing but not a downside

Sara Hsieh

Foods are all good. Atmosphere is also great. Staffs here are all friendly.

Joseph R

Great Korean restaurant on the outskirts of K-Town. The atmosphere is nice, it feels warm and inviting inside. The food was very well done.

Tony Cheung

Lovely place to have some Korean food, we went just after 17:30 hours, staff were very polite and friendly. It got busier however the service was perfect, hardly any waiting time between ordering and getting our food. Had the noodle soup with clams and shared 4 dumplings, they were both tasty and good portion sizes. Restaurant atmosphere is lively but not too busy, service from staff was efficient, without making you feel rushed to leave. Overall fantastic staff!

William Jimenez

One of the best meals I've had

Cory Greenberg

tasty and trendy korean soul food

Janice Suhji

I’ve been looking for a Korean restaurant like this for so long—clean and simple, just like my mom’s food! I am so glad to have found a Korean restaurant that doesn’t only sell bar-food or what’s typically known as Korean. I went in for lunch and shared the hokke (fish) meal and vegetable bbq with a friend. The vegetable bbq was a bit salty for my liking, but the flavor was amazing. All the banchans and the seaweed soup were perfect. Can’t wait to go back.

Monica Kang

As a korean I approve this place. It's a slight twist to traditional food but very authentic and delicious. Loved the pun also in their menu. Been there twice and left happy both times.

Bolivar Geraldo Jr.

The food was delicious and the staff was delightful. They were knowledgeable, friendly and were able to take great care of my vegan friend.

Adetayo Adeleye

Great service and food. I especially like the fact that it’s alway relatively easy enough to get a seat even when visiting with a large party. Ordered an assortment of things from the menu as seen in pictures all ranging from good to excellent. Fried chicken was the least satisfying (tasted a bit bland). The kiwi soju was

emelie bry berg

G r e a t food and professional and good service! The atmosphere was also nice! Highly recommend it

Truth Muller

Amazing Korean dishes packed with flavor at a very reasonable price. The menu is small but the portions are HUGE! Entrees come with a wide selection of side dishes artfully plated and all equally delectable. Fast and efficient service. Several of the dishes used ingredients I've never encountered. The tofu, coated in black sesame sauce, was particularly tasty. Fed three for under $50!

Viktor Veress

Awesome korean in nyc. One of the best I have had...recommended

Grace Hung

Ordered the beef soup. The soup is a bit too sweet. Beef is kind of overcooked. Portion is quite huge. The soy milk tiramisu does not taste like tiramisu, it tastes more like coffee cake, but it's delicious. The sesame ice cream is good.

Joanne Lee

Quality food, homey / modern vibes, great service. There’s a variety of selection for those who like noodles or rice or soups or just plain meat. My friend and I ordered a bottle of Kiwi Sowuju to share and it turned out to be a great idea. Aim to spend around $35 a person.

Wanda Carroll

Korean food and the scene at this place is excellent. got there near seven, it wasn't very crowded. the staff was very friendly and kind.

Sang Lee

What a great surprise. It's located a bit away from ktown in distance and in food. The core of the food was Korean for sure, but I loved the new take on traditional dishes. When I go back to New York, I will definitely be back!


Reviews seemed better than what the food tasted like.

Jonathan Miller

All round great experience - the food was nice, flavorful and well presented, the staff were great and the casual surrounds topped it off.

carlos borges

This is where you take the unadventurous friends you have for an introduction to korean food. The ambiance was great. The food was pricey and middle of the road for me. The service was disconnected. I had to flag our server for their attention a number of times. The room is great.

Alex Warning

Poor service, average food for price. Nice place but could definitely be better with some effort

Grace Young

Amazing! Really loved this place. I ordered the vegetable bibimbap with beef, and my friends got a hot pot soup, a noodle soup, and the pork belly. Everything was super tasty, satisfying, and filled with a variety of different ingredients. Prices are on the high side for some dishes, but so are the portions. Service is also very attentive. The waiter made sure to check several times with me due to my garlic/onion intolerance, and the kitchen tried their best to keep sauces with garlic/onion on the side. Bill came out to $138 before tip for four people, but that's including a $32 jug of grapefruit sowuju, which was also super tasty. I've never had it before, but I loved the fruity booze.

P.S. v. Oostende

Food tastes similar as in Korea. Authentic taste. We ate the bulgogi beef, pork belly and small octopus. All had good taste in their own specific way. Staff is great: teamwork and dedication to their guests. We left the restaurant with a full belly and smiles on our faces because it was a great diner. Highly recommended if you're looking for a great Korean dining experience!


Environment is good and clean. Food doesn't taste authentic.

R Suss

We had a great dinner here! The menu is huge with so many great choices. Standouts for us were the rice cakes, seafood pancake, fried chicken and the grilled bulgogi. In a super busy place, service is very friendly and super efficient. We'd definitely return to try a lot more of this exciting menu.. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

Harris Roberts

Thoughtful dishes in a contemporary and warm setting. Nice quick cash only lunch menu. Was recommended by a friend who works nearby.

Yoni Kavakeb

Good food. Great vibe

Michael Turner

The food was very good. They give good portions too, although it is a little pricey. The spicy seafood soup is tasty but needs to be shared by at least 2 people.

Adrian Alonso

Delicious Korean food. Great cocktails, atmosphere and music. Professional staff. A new favourite in town. Totally recommend!

Jonathan Joshua Mintargo

Homey Korean food. Nice ambience and servers are very friendly and efficient.

Fátima Ayala Dávila

Cozy and flavored, also handsome waiters

Hannah Murdick

Everyone was so polite. Decor was nice. Food was fantastic!! 5 stars for sure!!☆☆☆☆☆

Jordan Plews

Delicious hotpots and other Korean fare. The Kimchi pancake was especially good. Also very good and attentive service

Randy Ellis

Delicious food, attentive and friendly service, nice decor and ambience, an all-around great eating experience. Will definitely be returning here. Pictured below are the 4 complimentary starter plates (broccoli, mashed potatoes, kimchi, and dried sardines), the lightly charred baby octopus small plate, the pork belly large plate (with pickled onion, okra, kimchi, jalapeno paste, and chili paste), and the spring garden dessert (ice cream with matcha crumbs and mochi). Everything was fabulous, but I think next time I'll try the bulgogi for my large plate. Small plates are $9-14, large are $19-30, desserts are $10-15.

Sk Ayon

It is pricey, but has some really good food, especially the beef bugolgi

Bryan Lau

Really excellent, elevated Korean food. The flagship bulgogi is a bit of a disappointment, on the dry side and burnt at the edges. The hotpot overflows with food, and the vegetable roast is a crowning achievement.

Jim Harrington

The food was exquisite and the service was above reproach.

Anwei Chai

Good service. Menu is more like Korean fusion.

Nandini Mazumdar

Amazing spot for Korean food. The dishes are delicious, the service is fast and the vibe is super lively and fun. I really enjoyed the octopus, the scallion pancakes and the cod.

Jerry Jiang

First of all, I have to say that the food is rather delicious. But we were been told that there is a compulsory of 20% service charge for party of 5 and more which has never been mentioned in the menu, so I highly doubt about it. And honestly, I don’t think this place is worth for 20%

Christopher Bermudez

Definitely one of the better Korean restaurants I have been to, service and food quality is excellent. Had the bulgogi steak, never had anything like it before in a Korean spot but definitely very good and kalbi (beef short ribs) the dumplings were very good too. The pork belly however was a bland for my taste, without the sauces they offer but still good! I would definitely recommend this place for any Korean food fan or just a fan of food in general!

Juliana Granados

The scallion pancake is fantastic and the menu is worth the read. Beautiful!


The service was great! But I'm rating this place on the food and I was a bit disappointed that there weren't many vegetarian options. So really I was stuck eating something I really didn't want. I recommend this place if you are a carnivore, but not if you are a vegetarian .

Jon Romeo

This place is a hidden gem. The food is wonderful and delicious. The atmosphere is a very nice and rustic feel and the staff is super nice as well

Scott Mitchell

Awesome food and staff. Place has great atmosphere.

Natalia O

Love this place! Food is tasty, staff is professional and great atmosphere! Will be back definitely!

Jesse Kroeze

Absolutely mouth watering modern Korean food. The staff are incredibly friendly and the service is first class. The sweet and sour chicken fried rice is the best I’ve ever had and the beef plates tender and bursting with flavor. Perfect place for a date or with friends...will def be back!!


Tasty food guaranteed, nice cozy seating but felt the price was very high.

Hyunsuk Chong

I visited the restaurant with a large group of ppl, and the food is well served on time, their staffs were amazing!

Kelly H

Definitely my favorite Korean restaurant to go to. You get so much food for a decent price, you would definitely leave the restaurant in a food coma. The food is very good, although I think their sides can be better.


The service and food is great. The meals are about $20 and contains small dessert, side dishes, soup, and the main dish. It's totally worth the money.

Robert Boscacci

Best Korean BBQ of my life hands down

Mimi Fernandez

What a wonderful place! Food was delicious and service was on point! I’m obsessed with the Cod Steak! So delicious! Service is always fast and with a smile!


Well balanced, flavourful dishesl, beautifully presented. Homey interiors to match the intimate space. Went with colleagues for lunch, took our guest here and all loved it. Asian cravings were met! Will definitely come back to try dinner next time. Tip: gets busy, I suggest making a reservation in advance on Resy. They're not on OpenTable.

Wanyu Jhuang

Services were great. But waiting is expected! Last time we waited almost one and a half hour outside which was really freezing.

benjamin tardif

Brunch was nice, I enjoyed the fish and chips (without chips btw but with lots of small portion). very well cooked and service was great as well


Soju cocktails are epic. Went here for my birthday. The place is really well see up with a library theme. The menus are like art with amazing photos. Food was spot on got the hotpot, an appointment of the baby octopus and the banana ice cream desert, 2 cocktails was like 110$ Will be back .

Peter Tear

At half the.price it would have been fine. Fried chicken, pork ribs and 4 dumplings with grey substance inside. I had looked forward to it and l was.eft unimpressed by the food. Really ordinary. BUT the servers were fantastic, pleasant and helpful. Just not for me. I was expecting special 'tastes' and there were none.

Alena Shilo

Service was good. Food was good but not amazing.

Alvaro Gutierrez

Very tasty, and worth the wait (without a reservation) — despite the unusual menus, which take forever to browse. Note that the chairs are lower than the booth seats so distribute your party accordingly.

Henry choi

Amazing korean fusion food! Truely tastful!

Marco F

Great Korean restaurant with all the home comforts. The food and service was excellent! Portion sizes were large and atmosphere was lively. Decent pricing for NY and would highly recommend!

Alexander Ahn

Great food and extremely friendly service. The restaurant is unassuming and very cozy.

Rick Peng

Had brunch here. Wonderful curation of flavors. Very delightful experience. Juice is great as well.

chris lietz

Very cool Korean restaurant that has a mix of traditional and new creative dishes. Kimchi pancake with poached egg was fantastic.

Peyton Tucker

Tried this place before with my friend and I am addicted ever since. I enjoy the fantastic character and tasty dishes and beverages. They never disappoint.

Georgina Fleming

Delicious, exciting food, wonderful ambiance & service

Moni J.

The food is sooooo delicious! The ribs my friend ordered was so tender and soft.. It slipped right right off the bone.. The flavors were amazing! I order the fire grilled pork and it was just as delicious & soft! Then I had the sweet & sour chicken fried rice and I have nothing bad to say.. It was delicious! Drinks are yummy too! If you don't mind the price it's definitely worth the money for what you get.

Jason Chen

Nice restaurant with very friendly and helpful wait staff. The food is a little expensive for what it is though

Wendy T

Love this Korean restaurant! Also close to the heart of ktown - it has it's own style and their menu is quite not the same as all the other Korean restaurants you find down the block. They have a nice variety of stews that are sharing size and lots of different tapas as well. I came here for their seafood noodle soup today and it was very hearty and fresh! Loved it and totally would recommend! Their service was tremendous! Very attentive and friendly.

Melodie Harper

A must. Service and food was an amazing experience.

Dariia Ziganshina

Lunch was very good! Want to try their dinner

Linh Tran

Excellent Korean food and great service!

Robert and Carissa Phillips

Most important: believe everyone else who is telling you to make a reservation, you should. The food was excellent, don't miss the (savory) pancakes!, and the waitstaff recommendation for how much to order is right on (believe them, otherwise it's easy to get too much food - at least it was for us). Ambiance is simple and nice, the people there are very friendly.

Cameron Whyte

Can’t believe how expensive this place is, especially considering how average the food is. Not worth it don’t bother, better Korean food across the city

Elizabeth Foley

I can't wait to eat here again!!!

Devin Voorsanger

Excellent food. Long wait though (one hour) so plan ahead. They don't take reservations. You need to walk in, give them your name and number and they will text you.

Katelyn Kramer

The food here is INCREDIBLE. We had the octopus appetizer and a seafood hot pot / stew which was perfectly spiced and indescribably delicious. Be sure to make a reservation several weeks in advance or walk in when it opens to avoid waiting in line.

Manuel Guillen

The service was exceptional Food is good , not excellent but good and the tables are pretty close Id go back for sure

Jim Monti

We loved this place! The drinks, small plates and shared dinners were wonderful. I'm sure we'll be back whenever we visit our son in the city.

Kiu Yi

Put our names down. Told us the wait was 40min that turned into another 40min. We left once we saw a couple who put their names down after us get a table. Sadly we didn't get to taste the food. They need to work on their service and provide more realistic waiting times.

Brandon Spencer

This place is delicous! If I was a local I would definitely eat here often. I highly suggest anyone to try to the 고추장 돼지목살구이 (fire-grilled pork marinated in gochujang sauce) I won't rave on and on about this, just try it for yourself! I also recommend the black sesame ice cream. They gave plenty of green tea crumble to go with every bite. The other entree we had was 양념치킨 볶음밥. (Sweet and sour chicken fried rice?*) The english title on the menu probably better describes the flavor, so any koreans or anyone familiar with "양념치킨 (seasoned chicken)" then be aware. This dish is just chicken fried rice with a sweet and sour sauce drizzled over. We were expecting 양념치킨 mixed in with our rice. Also, the sauce portion was small and overall dish left something to be desired. To end on a good note, all the side dishes were superb. Personally, the kimchi was one of the best I've ever had. Also the staff is very tenative on refilling your water. Thanks guys and gals @Her Name is Han!

Megan Wu

Decent fusion Korean food but little pricey

Benjamin Delbanco

Terrific meal. Highlights included the Soju cocktails, rice cakes with shishito peppers, dolsot bibimbap and fire grilled bulgogi. Will be back for sure.

Kitty Yu

Amazing food and service. The waitress was very good in providing her recommendations, and it all turns out to be very good. We tried the fried rice, korean pancake and ribs. The dessert of sesame ice cream served with green tea crunches were amazingly good!

JasmineSkyy Forcer

The staff was really nice and helpful. The food was incredibly filling.


Trendy korean

Yuxuan Mei

Nice decor, food has both good looks and good taste. A very comfortable meal. Would love to come back to try their drinks too.

Sydney Dias

Great service. Really amazing food. Fried chicken is a must have. Pork bell was awesome

Chan Woo Park

I visited few times for brunch and dinner. They almost always have a wait during the peak hours. . My favorite was the pork belly

Matthew Martinez

Everything we are was super delicious and the service was excellent. Even the soju cocktails were very good. I wish there were more wine and beer options but overall I would definitely return.

Philip A. Reilly

Decent food and service.

Laura Marafetti

Really really good Korean restaurant, not very expensive considering the quality of the products, the talented authentic cooking and the diversity of dishes. The cocktails are also excellent and the staff very nice. I completely recommend!

Olejaja K

Love this place ! All food was amazing :) Thx for starters

Style N Craft Leathers Inc.

A very nice Korean bar and restaurant. The hostess was very courteous. Have been here a couple of times now and have enjoyed the food and their aged soju cocktails. They are the only ones who serve aged soju cocktails. They are absolutely delicious. Had grilled octopus which was good and had pork chops, which are very good.

Harry Richards

Opening at 5.30 pm we arrived at 5.15 and joined the queue which turned out to be long. Smallish, cosy and very friendly but professional place. We loved all the flavours and colours on our plate and tried some unusual foods and drinks. All over if we did not have to leave we would definitely go back!

Annicia Durka

Great atmosphere & great food. Very cozy. Wood everywhere. Great lunch spot.

Eileen Meng

This place is amazing! The food and service are excellent. Had the ribs, baby octopus, spicy rice cakes, galbi, and the army stew and I was floating on cloud nine. Everything was fresh and flavorful and hit all the fuzzy feels of an amazing feast in a almost homey environment, comforting and oh so fulfilling. Definitely a must visit whether you live in New York or are just visiting.

Ruojia Sun

Went on a Tuesday night at 7 pm and the wait was about 20 min. Stylish, rustic atmosphere inside. Ordered the c6 pot and a6 gochuzhang marinated pork BBQ. The ribs were some of the best I've had in Koreatown - meaty, flavorful, and fall-off-the-bone tender. The pot broth was sweeter than expected. I prefer a more savory broth but still tasty. Good variety of meats, seafood, veggies, and noodles and all were cooked well. Filling for 2 people. Good price for the quality and quantity of food. Can't wait to come back!


I went to this restaurant yesterday. Seriously, you can go there blind folded. The hostess was charming and smily, the waiters were very nice and attentive. About the meal, we tried a kimchi and pork hot pot. It was just perfect, like in korea. A very good place in New-york.

Mike Gruette

Fantastic meal! The standout was the fish jerky ban chan, the bulgogi beef, and the black sesame ice cream. A must-go.

Regina Anaejionu

Absolutely delicious food. Like. DELICIOUS. But one of the best parts was our knowledgeable and super kind server who helped us through the menu and pointed out the vegan items since not everyone in our group ate meat/dairy/eggs. I highly recommend this spot for a date or a friends-only event.

Samuel Murray

Her Name is Han offers a nice break from the more upbeat places that surround it in New York's small Koreatown. The menu fit nicely between more traditional Korean dishes and things that might be more approachable for tourists or people less familiar with the cuisine.

Jason Wagner

Long wait but what can you expect when the food is so damn good ! Truly recommend if you’re in the area

Naile Ruiz

Went there for brunch. The menu is different from the dinner but the seafood hotpot was very delicious. For $20, I would definitely say that the portions are worth it. It was a filling and refreshing meal that had a comforting Korean authenticity to it.

Vivek Mukhatyar

Well executed Korean food in the heart of NYC. Worth checking out this restaurant with a street food ambiance.

Justin Vader

The food is always good here. My favorite is their fish. Always left satisfy every time I come here.

Sunny B

Some of my friends wanted to try Korean food so I looked for a place that had decent reviews. I didn’t feel like waiting in long lines or deal with loud noises that often accompanies some Korean restaurants in Korea town. I made reservations for the first seating and got there a little before opening time and was surprised to see a little line forming which is unexpected when it’s reservations only. I was told the whole party had to be there in order to be seated but luckily everyone turned up and we got seated. It’s a small place so reservation makes sense. The cocktails looked interesting but decided to go straight to food. They have pictures so it seems to be helpful to non Korean speakers. Ordered appetizers which were good if a bit pricey. Decided to split a rice cake dish with seafood with one of my friends and was frankly disappointed. The supposedly spicy and hot dish was too sweet and mild. The little candle that’s supposed to cook it and keep it hot was barely heating it. The good reviews had me anticipating more but I felt that I failed to introduce a proper Korean food to my non Korean friends. Don’t think I’ll be going back!

Jenny meah

The dumplings were very nice. Had pork for main, it was nice, not enough for 5 star though.

Jeff Landsman

Great vibe great food great service what more can I say?

Paul Carrillo

The food variety and quality is great, the flavor to die for. The ambience is perfect for friends and family gathering. The restaurant location is convenient, close to the subway and within a big comercial area. The service was really good and the staff made sure we had everything we needed checking on us continuously. We checked the reviews and we discovered that is rated 4.7 out of 5, excellent . We enjoyed all the food, but I particularly liked the baby calamari in a citrus sauce. I will definitely come back to eat there.

Shuo Zhang

Really superising fried rice. The slow–cooked pork is also well done with nice sauces.

Rosalie Puleo

The best Korean restaurant I have ever been. We arrived shortly after they opened and were seated immediately. We interacted with a few different staff members who were all polite and professional. The food was amazing. We ordered a smattered if appetizers from the A section and everything was devoured. I had a Yakju cocktail with a plum and mint flavor and it was delicious. My husband and daughter shared a pot E1, I had a vegetable dish B7, and my daughter a sister had a plate that was heated on the table C4. If you are fan of Korean food this place is not to be missed.

Jeremiah Horstick

I love this place. The flavor was phenomenal. The Bigolgi was the best that I've ever had, the Fizzy Jalapeno drink was fantastic. We shared a hot plate and the broth for the classic family plate was amazing. I would recommend this place to anyone. Very much worth it. The bill was reasonable and the value well exceeded the cost. 5-Stars, great place.

yu jung chen

Good food nice portion for the price.

Adam J Hamersky

Simply amazing. Decadent, exquisite, rustic Korean food. High quality. Calamari was amazing. So was the marinated pork. Highly recommend. Don’t forget to make reservations.

Frances Bosman

Wonderfully delicious food presented in a fun way. Staff was helpful and explained the different parts of our dish. I don't know Korean food well but every part of my meal was fantastic.

Francis Ricci

Seemed like they tried to do something novel with the flavor of their soup, but I didn’t think it worked - the traditional flavor profile is much fuller and more enjoyable.

Javier Kohen

A good combination of modern and home-made Korean, but I don't think it wins the hearts of either camp. The food is tasty, if only a tad mild and sweet. The portions were slightly larger than we expected from a place focused on sharing, so we had leftovers. Very nice atmosphere, attentive and unintrusive service. Good for a meal with friends, or a casual date.

Benjamin Salling

A total gem. Will always come here when I return to the city. Keep up the awesome work!

Paul Younis

Went here with a bunch of people from work, was able to get a table pretty quick, it gets busy so either get there early or be prepared to wait for a while. The cocktails here are some of the best restaurant cocktails and would hold their own against a cocktail bar. The food is great though on the more expensive side.

P Wong

Honestly, rather disappointed with this place. Food was alright, we had the pork which was not tender at all - very chewy. Sauces that came with it were meh. The kimchi pancake was crispy and spicy, but the egg didn't really do much - just a nice visual effect for social media. The most interesting dish we had was the squid salad with yuzi dressing. Soju cocktails were very expensive and doesn't taste like it was all that special. I'm surprised by all the 5 star reviews here, I've had better Korean food in K-town and elsewhere.

Richard Radwinski

So delicious. We shared the seafood hot pot and the experience was stellar. The service is impeccable and the restaurant and washroom very clean. The food was so so good and such a fun and great experience. The complimentary dishes that the server brings you with your order are stellar. If you love Asian cuisine or your just adventurous with finding new food experiences I definitely recommend.

Jake Waage

Standout was definitely the salmon fish and chips. Don't think I've had fried salmon before, but it was fantastic. The dumplings and desserts were also very good.

Em Hooper

Their signature cocktails are wonderful. We're had the Kim chi pancakes, fried chicken, soup, bibimbop everything was well prepared, the servings were generous. The staff is friendly and helpful.


Very pleasant Korean contemporary dining experience. Great service and food. Tried dinner and brunch but prefer dinner. I wish there is a regular menu available over brunch time.

David Tom

Love the modern touch on Korean cuisine. A bit of a wait during peak hours so I’d suggest coming a little ahead of time. The banchan is really interesting; specifically the super pink yam dish was super memorable. Really enjoyed the fried rice as well as the pork belly. You can also come here for brunch and they have great brunch sets with banchan. Don’t forget to also have one of their cocktails! Overall two great experiences when I came here!

Justin Ham

Chicken lunch set menu was very tasty. Good portion too. Would definitly recommend~!

Shrabani Nath

Loved it ... It's great ambience

Amanda Lee

The wait staff were very attentive and friendly. The food was great but the staff were even better. I would recommend anyone to come enjoy.

Josiah Rhodes

I very much love the dishes and service, good location nearby to my residence. The employees are always kind. Will come back again.

Milly Appiah

Good food and lovely concept! However, I deducted a point because, one, when I went during lunch time, I wasn’t aware they only accepted cash during lunch but I guess for dinner they accept credit cards. What difference does it make though? I had to go to the nearest ATM to be able to get cash to pay. Other than that everything was okay.

Emanuel Poli

The desserts were GREAT!

Robert Irven

Really cute restaurant with good service and a nice fusion menu. A bit pricey, but portions were huge! Drinks were also very strong and refreshing!

daniel cho

Sorry to say this but the next door has so much better quality of food. Not sure what the hype is all about here. Side dishes were dry and kimchi was cut like a blanket hard to eat.

Joe Diaz

Went for dinner since menu is bigger, great variety of tasty dishes to share, nice service too. Pricing is reasonable. We'll have to go back a few more times just to try everything else on the menu.

Kas Opeia.

Top 5 food I have eaten in my whole life easily

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