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Seokho Park

sungjin chun

서비스 엉망. 음식맛도 엉망 리뷰보고 갔다 실망만... 뭐가 맛있다는건지. 해물전골 먹고 탈났음. 먹을때 생태에서 냄새가 좀 나더니 먹고 집에 와서 두드래기 일어났음.

Sanghee Lee

주중 점심시간에 방문. 주문한 것과 다른 걸 가져다 주면서 맞다고 우기던 종업원의 서비스만 제외하면 큰 불만 없었음.

Adelay Maggiano

I went here with my boyfriend and the food was wonderful! I kept craving it and kept wanting to go back! The people who work there are also super sweet and very efficient! I recommend this place to anyone who loves Korean food!

Min Choi

Good food and reasonably priced with decent service.

Soobin Lim

Friendly staff and yummy Korean food. It is byob so that is a plus. Food is decent here and has a separate room for a big group. If you plan to go as a group call ahead of time to make a reservation. I'd come back here.

Westside Bagel

Wee Lina

F Kim

Overall good, the side dishes were plentiful and tasty as many have mentioned. The food was good. More geared towards authentic country Korean food. Service was attentive.

Kevin Cheung

Family owned and run Korean restaurant for many years where locals eat. Never particularly busy. Serves great food at fair prices. Lots of free appetizer dishes with generous portions. Service is not the best though, and communication in English is limited.

Young Lee

MT Shine

Judith Pierre-Dazle

Food was really nice. I just wish it had a little bit more flavor. I see what other reviewers are saying. But its a cute spot. I will be back.

Arsene Lupin


Kwang-Hyun Chung

Hoisoo Cho

한국음식 잘하네요!! 밑반찬이 좋아요

Y K.

One of few korean restaurants that I go back consistently. Owner makes her own Kimchi, so you know foods gotta be good. Try their pork rib Kimchi stew and you cannot go wrong. Even their rice dumpling soup is superb not to mention all the side dishes. Hidden gem of Korean restaurants in Palisades Park.

Matthew Yoo

The Best Authentic Korean Restaurant in NewYork area.

soon choi

(Translated by Google) There is a lot of side dishes, but the taste is usually (Original) 반찬가지수는 많은데 맛은 보통


Sungil Hong

Since manager changed, food and service is the best ever since many years ago. Many soups are especially exceptional! Try it and will not regret it! Price is reasonable, too!

Yani Lee

(Translated by Google) There are side dish and soup flavor. I especially go to Chonggukjang for eating. Today, I made my mistake by putting my wallet on the table, and after a while I went to find it, and I kept it and returned it. (Original) 반찬과 국 맛도있고 정갈하고 특히 청국장 먹으러 자주 간다 오늘은 내 실수로 지갑을 탁자에 두고 나중에 갔는데 한참후에야 찾으러 갔더니 보관하고 있다가 돌려주면서 친절한 모습이 너무 좋았고 고마웠다

ho yoon

Nam Jeong Kim

(Translated by Google) The staff is very helpful. The food is sweet and tasty. It was not cool and refreshing taste ... (Original) 직원들에 써비스는 그럭 저럭. 음식은 좀 달달하고 니끼한 맛. 시원하고 깔끔한 맛은 아니였다는.. ...

Ih Choe

Dean Tark

Love this restaurant with main to side dish are as authentic as itf gets. Variey of food choice are my favorite.


Jonathan Lee

THE FAVORITE korean restaurant from NJ


namdong cho

Basic side dish kimcchi ,well ripen ,potato chongol really tasty,

lisa calkins

Quite the brilliant find. Excellent mom and pop owned restaurant, with friendly waitstaff and a quaint atmosphere. Came for lunch ordered the bibimbap and mushroom bugolgi. I couldn't finish all my food but wanted to eat everything. Lots of delicious food and yummy sides. Highly recommended. Yum! 맛있어요~~

Sean Chang

tae kim

Hwayeon J

SallySung Cho

I am a big fan of the mom and pop joints so it gives me no pleasure in giving a negative review but this place put on a clinic on how to NOT have returning patrons. I see some other reviewers had positive experiences so it could be that everyone in my party happened to have ordered all of their worst dishes. This was my first and last time I dine here. It was a Saturday night around 7:30. I found a spot right in front and since the rest of my party wasnt there yet, I sat in my car for a bit with my family and wondered if the place was open because all the seats were empty. When I did walk in the place was empty except two tables. I knew right away that this was not a good sign since they were virtually empty on a Saturday night! Rest of my family came and we ordered. Normally banchan comes out pretty soon after ordering but nothing came out till right before entrees came out. Cost cutting measure perhaps? In any case, the banchans were nothing to write home about and no one asked for more of anything. And as soon as we started digging into our entrees, we were all asking each other how their dishes were since no one liked what they were eating. Overall, a VERY disappointing dinner experience. Here are the three big negative highlights: 1) Always had to ask for water, napkins, etc . For an empty restaurant really poor service. 2) One of the dishes we ordered, the bibimbap with jjookoomi, was SO bland and tasteless, I asked the waiter if there is supposed to be some sauce that didn't come out yet. He said no. So I told him how bland it is and he said he could get me some sauce. I said sure and a lady who might have been the owner comes out with a small plate of red paste. Upon asking her what it was, she said it was gochujang. The dish was not red at all so I asked her if that is their normal seasoning for this dish. On a side note, I know how to cook and I knew just dropping in some gochujang wasn't going to fix this dish. She responded that they usually use soy sauce. In my mind I was thinking, if that's what they normally season this particular dish with, why are they giving me some arbitrary condiment...and for ME to fix? I said (and very nicely throughout the whole time) that I am not a chef so I leave it up to them to add whatever they think is appropriate to make it taste better. She was nice enough to take it back and came back a short time later with just some fried kimchi bits added. It was slightly better but still bland. Also, there were only THREE baby octopus pieces in the entire dish. 3) NEVER ORDER THEIR KALBI. I repeat...NEVER ORDER THEIR KALBI. It is 29.99 per order. In line with per order prices at normal bbq places. You know...the places where you get the lettuce, the dips, the sliced garlic and know. Well...SEVEN pieces of the LA style kalbi came out on a bed of onions in one of those small oval shaped sizzle plates. They weren't even the ones with three bones. These were SEVEN...SINGLE BONED...LA style pieces for 29.99!!! Nothing else came out with that dish. And no offense to my wife but the kalbi she makes following an online recipe is a hell of a lot better! And more tender! Maybe I went on their off day, maybe everyone in town was staying home to watch a new sitcom premiere...who knows...but I for one will not be back here.


(Translated by Google) Now writing reviews ate during Real de house. They brought food in damat 4 to 8 side dish best eaten during the third year of study for a Korean restaurant to eat runny jjamyeonseo Tachikawa o ㄱㄹㅇ ㄱㄱ (Original) 지금 먹던도중에 후기쓰는디 이집 레알입니다. 반찬 8개에 음식 4개시켰는데 다맛있어서 콧물짜면서 먹는중입니다 유학 3년차동안 먹어본 한식당중에 최상타치 ㅇㄱㄹㅇ ㄱㄱ

Youn Sung

Sorang Choi

Hyun ju Han

(Translated by Google) A good place for caution. Side dishes are clean and delicious. It's too good to be served as a base. Dongchimi taste is much better than home country (Original) 가성비 좋은곳. 반찬도 깔끔하고 다 맛있음. 기본으로 제공되는 호박죽 너무 맛남. 동치미 맛은 본국보다 훨 맛남


great traditional korean food

Hanho Choi

Albert Shin

Great place..excellent food. Friendly.


Saetbyul Kim

Jungkhun Byun

(Translated by Google) Chicken dori clam soup delicious. The basic side dish is also very satisfying. Samgyetang is dry and stiff. Namdo eel soup is similar to Chueotang. (Original) 닭도리 조개탕 맛있음. 기본 반찬도 매우 만족스러운 수준. 삼계탕은 마르고 뻑뻑해서 비추. 남도 장어탕은 추어탕과 비슷.

H Edward Park

Alek K

Smal an cozy korean food place. Fast and friendly.

Bruno Lee

Really surprised find out this great place for genuine Korean food. Very delicious food and friendly waitress

John Chong

(Translated by Google) just (Original) 그냥

John K.

(Translated by Google) High-grade taste (Original) 고급진 맛

Mike Lim

Hyewon Kim

kris tark

John Byun 욱

James J

love their side dishes must visit this pl if you wanna try authentic korean food they offer some vegan dishes too !

Koeun Bae

New World Tile


Chonghun Song


randomly lovely

Young Park

yeuna kim

(Translated by Google) good. It seems to be used in Miwon. (Original) 좋음. 미원안사용하는거같음.

bruce lee

Kenny Park

Bo Park

Good food, good service. Portions were small though.

Jennifer Song

(Translated by Google) Food and service were very good I felt like I had a good noodle in the food. I do not squeeze it. Okay. (Original) 음식과 서비스 아주 좋았습니다 점심으로 들깨 비지..음식에 정성이 깃들임을 느꼈어요..짜지 않아 좋아요

Jennifer Chung

young joong Song

Korean must visit here, great food like home made.

Snoopy Ciao

danniel kim

Chulmin Jin

경상도 느낌의 간 ~~ 한식 먹으로 가세요!!

Hannah Im

Definitely one of my go to Korean spots! The food is always awesome and the service is good as well. The food tastes clean and of good quality. Good price point for variety of dishes. Some of my favorites are the gamjatang and donkatsu! Also, there’s a parking lot in the back.

Samuel Hong

Hongje Sung



Great authentic food! Great service!!

flower pig

(Translated by Google) I went to eat noodles with a cool steamed noodles, but half of the eggs of a breast-shaped egg, I was so sick twice, I only had kimchi and broth. What's more, South and South Korea's Weech Lace do not serve I have a chat with a South American black friend, Zinc fade ... Coming out and supper at next door pizza shop I really did not feel like I would be able to eat other foods. Eating food and getting angry It's really bad. (Original) 시원한 열무 국수를 저녁으로 먹으러 갔는데 짠 열무 물김치에 소면 한 젖가락 계란 반쪽. 두번 후루룩 하니 김치와 국물만 횅하니 .... 소면이 얼마나 비싸길래 그리 적게 주고 $13 더 한것은 한국 남여 웨추레이스는 서빙도 안하고 잡담하고 남미 까만 친구가 서빙하고 계산서 까지 가져오는데 아연 실색... 나와서 옆집 피자 가게에서 저녁 보충함 한상에서 다른 음식 시킬 기분이 정말 아니였음. 음식 사먹고 화 나는것 정말 나쁨.


(Translated by Google) Various menu! (Original) 다양한 메뉴!

Somyong Kim

Sun C Lee

Changsoo Kim

Just another Korean food

Daneil yan

Yong-Do Lee

James Rim

Very unsatisfied

Andrew Boxer


jin rhee

WeonHi Kang

Good authentic korean food

sonny yim

Fantastic meals and side dishes! I lived it so much, I recommend this restaurant you guys that greatest Korean restaurant in bergen county in New Jersey,,,


Jina Park

Joo Kim

Dae Y Han.

Good food

Jason Choi

James Park

The food is rich in flavor and reminds me of my mom's and grandma's cooking! Will definitely be visiting again to try other things on their menu! I got the Kmchi Jigae + Spicy Marinated Pork combo and my friend got LA Kalbi + Dwaen Jang Jigae combo! Would highly recommend (:

Min Sik Kim

밑반찬도 깔끔하고 좋습니다

Sinclair Kim

Good Korean food

Bo Young Joung

High quality traditional Korean food at some what casual atmosphere.

SeungBong Park

(Translated by Google) It is a good thing that you can enjoy the taste of homey home style ... It is also nice but simple and friendly service. (Original) 정갈한 가정식 풍미를 맛볼수 있는게 장점... 소박하면서도 친근미 넘치는 서비스도 좋네요.

Thomas J. Lee

Pricey lunch but the food is great. Healthy concept right on among Korean people. Good service. Expect to pay $15+ for lunch.

Michael Liu

Good food

Hyun Sang An


Hoon Kim

Michelle Kim

Kenny Ra

Michelle Lee

Tattos.Atm98 Arte chapin

Buen sabor de todas las comidas El mejor restaurante coreano.. Hansang

Moon Chung

Everything was so tasty

arnold oh

Really quality food but the flavor left you unsatisified. I would have given it it 4 stars but at this price point the flavor should have been more.

michelle Lee

Delicious korean restaurant in fort lee area. Amy side dishes are authentic korean style. Mushroom Bul-go-ki was completely different taste and style... I don't know it is korean ...but yummy. Service was ok.. staff were very noisy. Kept talking loudly to each others.


Seung Ho Cho

(Translated by Google) There are a variety of delicious meals (Original) 다양하고 맛있는 식사가 있읍

Amy C

One of my favorite lunch spot. Love their small dishes & yummy Kimchi soup!

sewon chung


Inho Choi

Linda Park

Chengyuan Zhao

The food is great and the portions are a good large size! The quality of the food is pretty good. There is a parking lot in the back that I think is appropriately sized for the place, but it's not big. There is an entrance around the back too. The feel (especially when entering from the rear) is basically exactly like LA Korea town!!! I would never have expected a piece of LA to be in this part of NJ, and this part of the country... Anyways, this place is great and I enjoyed my dinner a lot here.

Christine Lee

Good food, friendly staffs:)

David Wehrle

Great Korean BBQ with attentive service. The focus here is on the world class meats cooked table-side. Excellent family style salads (secret sauce) and Korean sides with an updated twist. Amazing views from the palisades west into new Jersey, especially at night. Valet parking so finding a spot is never a problem.

June Sung

정말 정갈하구깨끗한음식 너무 행복했어요 사장님도 너무친절하구 가족끼리 식사하기 강추

Jaehyoun kim

Seung Joon Park

Average food/price/service. Not bad, but not outstanding.


sangmoo lee


kyeong park

(Translated by Google) It's tasteless. (Original) 맛이없어요.비싸고

Deborah Choi

Timothy OH

Best Korean Food at Fort Lee, NJ


(Translated by Google) Top of the list (Original) 말이 필요 없는 포트리 맛집 중 상위

Yu 장Sun Debbie 순민

Kwan Kim

Clare Kang

Martin Donghoon Lee

Kristy Yi

(Translated by Google) There are a lot of menus with different foods, and the taste is neat and nice. (Original) 음식이 다른데 없는 메뉴가 많고 맛도 깔끔하고 괜찬아요

J. Jasmine Lee

Han Sang is the authentic Korean restaurant you take that person that cooks Korean food so well they do not like to dine at Korean restaurants. Really great authentic-style Korean food, which is hard to find in the area with all the MSG-flavored put everything into a pot quick quick quick! style Korean food that's out here. This place would be considered a 맛집 (maht-jib), short for "delicious food place," even in Korea. Han Sang offers a sort of Korean gourmet, or authentic quality cuisine. Don't get me wrong, the food here does not take any longer to come out than at other Korean restaurants. It just tastes much, much more....real. Well-planned out, good ingredients, all prepared by someone that knows good food and how to prepare great ingredients in the most perfect ways possible. Cost: The pricing is maybe about $3 more per entree compared to other Korean restaurants in Palisades Park area--you could say it's similar to NYC Korea Town pricing. ~$14 per entree. BUT IT'S TOTALLY WORTH IT. The only con: Seems inconsistent. Most recently, we went on a Sunday for the first time and all of the food we ordered (4 or 5 entrees that day) were missing that last 2% that makes their food taste like gourmet. They seemed to be missing that secret ingredient, whether it be an actual seasoning or an extra 3 minutes on the stove. Maybe the chef doesn't work Sundays, who knows. Menu suggestions: Try the 쭈꾸미 돌솥비빔밥 (jjooggoomi hot stone bibimbap) for a perfectly toasted rice entree with small octopuses, water chestnut (I assume?) pieces and small kimchi pieces that makes for an ever-so-slightly spicy, savory, chewy, crunchy, juicy bite. Or the 씨레기탕 (ssiregi stew) for a creamy, nutty, savory slow-cooked cabbage stew that reminds Koreans of the kind of authentic home cooked meal perfectly prepared by an elderly woman in rural Korea. Or the (조개 닭복음탕) clam chicken stew for a delicious twist on the authentic Korean spicy chicken stew. Who knew clams could taste so good with chicken, and in a stew?! Comes in a 2 serving size, but they can accommodate you if you want it to be for one person. Other details: *Parking is very easy (in front of restaurant) and free. We never had a hard time finding two spots for when we meet people there. Much easier than Broad Ave meter parking. *For non-Korean-speaking folks or first-time Korean food people: this is a great place to try real, authentic Korean food. The menu may not be the most descriptive, but try the ones I suggested above or one of the ones on the wall. Be sure to ask how many people your menu selection is for; some are for more than one person (usually the ones above $22).

wang soo Choi

Stephen Hong

Highly recommend this restaurant, Great food and awesome ban chan. Just finding parking is a problem.

Jihoon Kang


Louise Kim


minho kim


James Lee

Authentic Korean restaurant. Good banchan (side dishes) and homemade-like main dishes. (As of March 2016)

Mike Mui

Yoon Bora

(Translated by Google) Awesome place with great side dishes and main menu! The best Korean restaurant in NJ !! Dontchimi is really awesome ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠㅠ Other side dishes are also the best !!! (Original) Awesome place with wonderful side dishes and main menu! The best Korean restaurant in NJ!! 동치미가 정말 끝내줍니다 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 다른 밑반찬들도 최고!!!


EJ Lee

jerry kim

Great Korean dishes. Recommended to those who want to taste regular korean dishes.


Very delicious

joon lee

(Translated by Google) It's good to just eat. Staff recommended food is on hold !!!! (Original) 그냥 식사하긴 좋은듯.... 직원이 추천하는 음식은 보류!!!!

Jooil Yoo

Authentic Korean Food and Dishes

Gisella Park

Kangtaek Lee

포트리라는 것을 감안했을때 그닥....

Fusheng Zhang

soooooooo good!

Sun Jung Kim

Food was great!!!

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