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415 NJ-18 #19, East Brunswick, NJ 08816

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REVIEWS OF Hanok Buffet IN New Jersey

K Fitzgerald

Great food and great service

Nux Shah

Sebastian Tyc

Great service and food for a fair price. Recommend if you’re ready to fill up on some all you can eat.

Kin Wing Cheung

Not worth the $26 charge. Food items are very limited.

My Cichlidz

Eric and his staff are very polite and very friendly. The atmosphere is very casual and relaxed with prompted service and great reasonable priced authentic Korean food. I would definitely recommend !

Erik Karas

Buffet was decent nothing special. Little pricey but it's worth checking out.

Jas C

Shinyoung Kim

High quality sushi for $15 so great!!!


Great Customer Service!!! Food is OK and needs to update the speed of serving.

Ed Goldstein

Well seasoned good portion size I am vegan and there was still a very good option of having the shabu-shabu with the buffet as well they were very accommodating

Thomas R

Did not enjoy. Could be just me.

Niki Patel

Kathleen Ellinsky

Yummy! The spicy pork is my favorite.

Ida Li

Tony Gonzalez

Great staff.

James H.

Really good hot foods section and some interesting sushi plates. However, the shabu shabu is really not on par with the other places around the area. I'd come just for the regular buffet. Dinner kalbi is also dependent on the person grilling and sometimes it can be overcooked.

Kevin Liu

The entire staff is always very friendly, and I haven't had a bad meal yet. I enjoy the tofu soup but their sushi is also very tasty. The Hanok roll is my favorite.

Victoria Wong

Agne U

Very friendly staff. Delicious food. Little pricey. Waitress made a couple mistakes, but they were quick to fix it.

Mary Olivier

SO GOOD. Tastes homemade and everyone is super nice

Santhosh Babu

Haejung Kang

I love this restaurant. It's authentic Korean cuisines and sushi and.. It's unlimited! I hope they do good business for a long time

Shayan Khan

They relocated in the same strip mall where Makkoli was, But this is hands down the best buffet I've been to. Every item was good, nothing was bad, it was 24 dollars for dinner, but honestly I ate way more than what I paid for. The Sushi is amazing, way better than what makkolis used to be. I usually don't even write reviews but I had to for this place. It was that good.

Mariah Caise

The server was amazing and the food was delicious

Phyllis Colabella

Very good Asian American food. Wish there were more authentic korean selections, good value not too pricy. Service very good

Serg Z

Really good food, portions may not be super big but they are fairly priced.

Kamrul Ahsan

Best place in East Brunswick for authentic Korean food.

Lukas Pfannenstiel

Very good bulgogi and bibimbap.

Kyle Stem

Sushi was best I've had anywhere the hot food was exceptional besides forna few things not being hot/tender ( they were dry) it was all and all amazing price was a tad high but if I went to a sushi place for all.the sushi i had I'd of spent double

Sunil X

Nice food seemed a bit sparse

Joshua Li

I like this place because the Ms. boss is very hospitable! The food is pretty good with decent price. The combo choices are great, that I like eat the rice with the soup. It’s a big portion for me!


Very flavorful Korean food. They also have an option for all you can eat sushi or BBQ for about $25 per person. The bipimbop is a must have and the tofu soup was very tasty. If you're into super spicy food you can ask for "danger" level spicy and you'll be more than satisfied

DarkGnome666 6

I wish i could rave about the place as everyone else. I used to come to Makkoli every week. Liked it a lot. I don't know if Hanok isunder a new management, but the decor is updated beautifully, sushi was delicious but that's about it. No soup, very poor choice of salads and hot food. My boyfriend is not a fan of sushi so he left the place basically hungry. I should also mention that the service was outstanding except for the was a guy who would come out to see empty plates and not making sure they are refilled.

Safaa Selim

Andy Liaw

We went on a day that they were very short-handed, so waited quite a while for food, but people are very nice and food is quite good. Will try again in the future.

Yuta Lee

Best Korean food I have had in a long time. Definitely top 5 in New Jersey ! Highly recommended!!

Tera Peeples

Authentic, fantastic Korean food with so many choices. Service is excellent and fast. The buffet is kept fresh and all the dishes are presented beautifully.

WJ Kim

Tara Colabella

Food is delicious!! Amazing atmosphere with an amazing staff. Love this place. Highly recommend this place to anyone


I give 4 stars really only because they did not have the bbq grill tables in operation. As a Korean restaurant they exceed, and all the bbq we had (bulgogi, ribs, and spicy pork belly) was delicious. Service was top notch, and atmosphere was cozy. Six plate banchan was served up front and was quite delicious. Definitely worth it if you are in the mood for Korean. They supposedly will have the 5 grill tables up and running by 2018.

Audrey S

Overpriced, even if they offer hotpot and buffet and sushi none of the dishes really stood out? It was super average, and considering I didn't even opt for hotpot and came for lunch it still cost me $30. I've had better buffet elsewhere that cost less.

Jeremy Governale

Victor Moy

LOVE the Bulgogi.

Matt H

The food is excellent and the owners are very focused on customer satisfaction. This place is already in the regular rotation.

Eun Joo You

Favorite buffet in NJ because there is no other buffet like it: Korean food, sushi, and shabu option. Price can't be beat.

Anna Sidhom

This place is delicious! My husband and I decided to try something new we have not been to in our town previously and came here. The tastes are amazing. It is not comparable to any other type of kitchen. We got their combinations. I got the cast iron bimpbop and my husband got a meat stir fry dish. Both came with their delicious tofu and beed soup. Everything was great. They also have extra menus they give you of things they keep adding to their main menu. We will definitely be back!

Mei Tang

Taste and service

Yang X

Winnie Wang

Authentic Korean food with friendly staff

Jon L.

What Hanok Tofu House did to me was unacceptable. I ordered what were supposed to be vegetarian dishes at just over 11:30 a.m. (opening time) on 12/10/2018. I made it abundantly clear to the employee (who was a female) that I wanted vegetarian style for those orders. The Mool Mandoo (steamed dumplings), which are vegetarian according to their menu, had minced meat inside. Those costs 6.99 each. I also ordered the Vegetable Mushroom Bok Eum and requested vegetarian style, and for them to put less salt. The Vegetable Mushroom Bok Eum had beef strips inside, which makes the 2 dishes non-vegetarian, and both were salty. Those costs 16.99 each. So, Hanok Tofu House garnished (or stole) over 43.00 from me for 3 orders that were non-vegetarian, even though I clearly stated the aforementioned. Basically I wasted my time going to Hanok Tofu House, a Korean restaurant that is not near me. The manager (Eric) and female employee can try to place blame, and accuse me of lying. But it is not going to work. I will never order food from Hanok Tofu House ever again.

Chae Chong

The sushi section was great. The meats for hot pots were not that great. The beef was very thick and chewy, not fitting for shabushabu.

Julie Torres

Korean food, so delicious. Prices are appropriate for the quality. They have so many great reviews for a reason.


Shahab Sheikhzadeh

Pretty good food. A little expensive. Great sushi and items. Clean restaurant. Staff may not be attentive if you need more soda or want to pay and leave even on a slow day.

Angel Huertas

Food was great...the wait staff were very polite. I will definitely come back

Aidan Andrucyk

Slow service and not amazing food

John Chen

Robin C

My family and I have been regulars here for some time now. I'm pretty reasonable when it comes to services but let's face it, the level of service at most "authentic" Korean restaurants can be anywhere from non-existent and barely tolerable. As a fellow Korean and as much as I love the cuisine, the lack of service is always the reason I avoided eating out, esp in this area. But I now finally have a go-to spot at Hanok. Our first time we were highly skeptical walking in but walked out knowing we would be back. It was refreshing to see the level of service we received and a friendly vibe, most notably from the owner, Eric. They have a pretty typical menu but with a bigger focus on tofu soup at various spiciness level. It also has a nice variety to satiafy different taste buds, from mild to spicy, and bbq to noodles to sushi. Our favorites so far are seafood pancake (we ask for well done for extra crispiness), bbq, spicy squid over rice, tofu soup, donkatsu, etc. Banchan dishes normally consist of gimchi (obviously), pickled radish, mashed potato salad, fish cake, and zucchini. My little son gobbles down the fish cake and they bring out more for him when he's done. As a mom, it's always a big deal to have your child cared for. My husband's a big sushi guy and always happy with his plate. He also recently tried their AYCE and what you get for the money seemed like a no brainer. I'm going to try next time. About the place not having the grill setup, I've seen other reviewers disappointed by the lack of it. Personally, I dont care for it too much. I dont like walking out of a restaurant smelling like bbq and fussing around cooking my own food. But that's just me. My family occasionally wants to do the grill, and we just go to one that does. It seems unfair to penalize the restaurant owner for making a decision to do away with it. Overall, we love dining at Hanok, for food, services and atmosphere. Eric and the staff are down to earth and very attentive. We always feel very well taken care of and great to see the owner and the staff genuinely caring about customers. I would give them 6 stars if I could.

Kevin Diaz

Highly recommended for one of the best tasting korean food in the immediate area of central jersey. Seriosly, give this a shot.

Christopher Snyder

Korean food, so great. Service is always timely even when they have a full house. The service was very welcoming and observant. It has a good feel to it.

Brittany Freeman

My fav place for Korean food. stopped in on a tuesday. atmosphere is similar to a place in columbus i loved.

Kim Kim

the food was good and the atmosphere was pretty cool. nice place to eat with the family.



Susan Petrizzo

There's nothing we've eaten here that isn't delicious, from the (newly added) sushi, to the ramen, to the Korean barbecue. The owner and all of his staff are so pleasant we always feel like family. This is our favorite neighborhood restaurant!

David Ha

our family like their all you can eat kalbi bbq and sushi roll deal.


It is currently under construction/remodeling. It looks quite bad. We paid almost $70 for 2 people (no drinks). It is most definitively not worth the money we paid.

John Lim

It is the best place for Koreans to stop by when visiting Six Flags or coming back to NY.. Foods are better than NY buffets. Strongly recommend. Near to NJ turnpike.

Tamuna Gochiashvili

Gabriel Goldblum

Great food!

Marina Paulie

The buffet wasn't ready and when we finally got the food, some of it was cold. The buffet food overall wasn't that great. The sushi was good though. The people who worked there were very nice.

Steph Mikitish

Sei Lee

Best Korean food in 25 miles radius. Service, atmosphere and most importantly food is on point!☝ Just go there now and thank me later.

Vanna Chan

Used to be a tofu house is now a full blown buffet that is in its new home a few doors down, but still in the same shopping strip. I was not expecting this new place but was pleasantly surprised at what I now think is THE BEST Korean buffet I’ve had in NJ. The food is really fresh and excellent quality for a buffet. I’ve had their food before they transitioned to an all buffet restaurant and they’ve managed to keep the same quality as their a la carte menu (minus their yummy tofu soups which my husband asked if they can put it back on their menu!). The price is what some may think of as a little pricey ($26 on a weekend), but you really get what you are paying for, which is a quality meal. The cooked food as well as the sushi was really well made, in small batches, always fresh. The whole place is very clean including the restrooms. The owner is really a pleasant man and always greets us every time we’ve been to his restaurant. You might question why it’s next to a Goodwill and aquarium shop (strange location), but it’s one of those hidden gems that you should try and won’t regret! Trust me!

Rebecca Kim

Went there with my family tonight I loved it! I honestly can say as a Korean who eats Korean food and goes to many Korean restaurant this place is really good! Loved the shabu shabu and Korean food buffet idea! There’s also a sushi bar too! I would def be coming back 100% honestly found my new favorite place.

kyle rogers

Robert Fea

was a little disappointed for the price paid. unlike other places where the base price includes shabu shabu,this instead was just a buffet. i did not feel that the items offered was worth the base price, especially since there were limited seafood options and kids were charges the same as adults.


So myself and a friend of the family went to the Korean barbecue because we both like sushi and different types of food have to say the food was absolutely amazing the sushi itself was really good we did the all you can eat well worth the money the The food was made fresh so it takes a few minutes to get what you order but it’s well worth the time.. So the reason for only four stars It was our first time eating at the restaurant and they didn’t really explain how things worked and what some of the foods were that they put on your table as a starter/appetizer. So my suggestion to the owners or Staff would be to find out if it’s the customers first time there and if so explain to them the way the process works and what some of the foods are that are being served that are not on the menu other than that the food was absolutely amazing and the service is really good


employees were very nice but food was cold :(



Patrick Chen

Beware not to use groupon there!!! No integrity, They purposely served you "small" lunch portion meal w/ super expensive dinner price. Owner blame to new waitress for mislead info . Poor service & average food. NEVER go back again.

Daniel Mota

The best Korean food restaurant I've been to.

KaCd Lau

Lunch at Hanok Tofu House was good but could have been great. It's great that lunch was $17.99 per person .. ALL YOU CAN EAT!

luu rao

Lauren Klein Juneau

Jun Park

I did not know this place existed but it looks brand new. If you want real korean buffet, this is your place. As a korean, I vouch their menu and flavor. Staffs are nice, atmosphere is neat. They also offer hot pot. You can make your own bi bim bap, even their kimchi is good. This is so rare that I enjoyed kimchi at a restaurant. I hope people try here at least once.

G Gonz


Really good food and customer service there, glad I read the reviews on google and decided to try out this restaurant. Ordered Ramen with tofu, kimchi and pork. D E L I C I O U S. Topokki was amazing as well, the best I ever had in my life. I can't believe that this place has changed so much.. changed from good to amazing! One thing that I'm sure of: every time I crave Korean food I will be coming here. And for someone that likes sushi but is not a fan of it, please just try the sushi at hanok.. you wont regret

Leisa Briggs

Very good food, friendly service, reasonable prices and clean. Homemade tiramisu is very good too.

Steven Lee

Nice korean food!

Young Ki Kim

I was surprised with their service and quality food. But they could be little bit more generous with food portions.

Daniel Lee

Yu Wang

Erick Parra

Staff is super friendly, they have classic sushi and also some new modern creations (I love both). I've been there twice and the food is not as expensive as other Korean restaurants. Would definitely recommend you to try shobu shobu style with your all you can eat price, it's good to try at least once

Sunil Jain

Loved the soup

Kimee Velez

No. I don't recommend eating here. I did not have a good experience. The service was horrible and not knowledgeable about the menu items. Overpriced for lunch. The atmosphere is very nice, it's just too bad the food was the worst Korean food I've tasted- ever. Sorry, I wish I could say more. Please do not eat the tofu soup.

martin mcghee

The pork belly was horrible. Me and my wife, receive a bunch of cuts that were extremely fatty, and over season all for $25 not worth it if you ask me !

romel madduma

Great food.!!!

shel Anon

Good food. Will come again.

Joseph Cho

Nice service and good Korean food for East Brunswick

Jay B

We go here often for great quality Korean soups. Whenever we enter we are greeted with friendly smiles and good service. Even when getting take out you get many small plates that at other Korean places are usually reserved for dine in only. Definitely the best Korean food in the area.

Mariam Syed

The ribs are good

elyssa kolber

James Yoon

Best Korean Food in East Brunswick. Best buffet in NJ.

Y karthik reddy

Good place.

Elaine C

I go there a lot and order the kimchi tofusoup medium Waterbase. The fact that they have Waterbase then vegetarians get eat their favorite food too

Sung Jo

Jennifer Bozza

Kyrollos S

I ended up opting for the ayce BBQ and sushi. Very nice staff and the BBQ itself was good. However, I don't recommend getting the sushi. Don't know if it was just that day but it definitely wasn't fresh and tasted very off. My stomach still working up a storm, prayers please.

charlie bill

So I don’t want to sound horrible but this was my least favorite place to eat in a while. The food wasn’t horrible except the chicken teriyaki... That dish wasn’t even close to good. The service we received the worst service and most confusing I’ve had. The poor kid needs to be trained on how to be a service provider. Maybe it was just the day but we’ve eaten in many Asian restaurants and this was in my opinion one, not worth revisiting. I feel horrible for the owner for even leaving this review but I didn’t want to embarrass the server when we were there and say something to the manager but I couldn’t contain it any longer. If you get a different server it will probably be a better experience but wow.

Ivan Simon

It's alright. Has to pay extra $2/portion for gal bi (when u get all u can eat). It's not really a korean BBQ if you don't cook it in front of you. I like Picnic Garden better.

Joshua Yu

Good food. But service is soso. Sushi is below average. Sometimes runs out of food.

Melvin Joel

Decent tofu soup.

Vikram Rao

Good food. Reasonable pricing. Hits the mark when you are looking for good Korean food. Limited side dishes. Would’ve had 5 stars if there were more condiments.

Lei Jin

Good food and good service. Felt bad when the old Hanok tofu house closed. But the buffet cheered me up. They grilled the meat for you so you can save the trouble. The shabu shabu was good. The soup base does not have strong flavor, so you will need to add ingredients or saurce before cooking. The meat selection is limited but certainly better quality. The only complaint is that they didnt give 10% discount for the EB resteraunt week. The waiter told me it is for Monday through Thursday only, but that wasnt mentioned in the township website.

Carmen Gumina

First time and very impressed! Tasty food and friendly staff!! Overall great experince!

Luke Yee

It was ok.


(Translated by Google) it's delicious (Original) 맛있어요


Delicious! Everything I tried was fantastic, prompt and polite servers, and VERY clean. I plan on coming back very soon!

Ehab Thabit

Good Korean food.


The food is fresh and the staff are friendly. Love this place!

Felice Robinson

Great spicy pork bbq and fast efficient service.

Hector Pujols

Very tasty.

Michele Lam-Fortes

For a strong Korean fix, this restaurant really hit the spot! I have passed by this location quite a few times but had not had the chance to visit until recently. It has since then become my favorite Korean restaurant and I've come here 6+ times. When you enter you will notice that you have a choice of regular table seating or the special shoes off seating. We were asked if we wanted to sit in the lower or upper level. The upper level is where you take off your shoes and sit in tables that are set into the floor. We chose that option since it's kinda different and less common of an experience. We browsed through the menu and selected the beef kalbi combo which comes with a beef/seafood/tofu soup (we chose mild)) but couldn't decide on the second entree. The owner helped us to decide between a second barbecue entree or a donkatsu. The owner said that there was a secret to his donkatsu which is house made flakes for the breading. I was impressed by this fact so naturally I had to try it. The banchan arrived and was fresh and delicious. The offerings aren't as many as some other places but I will admit they were really fresh and tasty! I was happy they offered the Korean potato salad which I loved. We were offered more banchan refills when we ran low. The kalbi came sizzling hot and was absolutely delicious! The tofu soup was also probably my favorite tofu soup I've had in the Edison area! The mild was just the perfect amount of spice for me. The donkatsu was especially delicious and yes, the breading was actually lighter and not as caked on as some other places. It was actually quite a different experience from a regular donkatsu. I enjoyed the lighter crispiness a lot. It also came with a brown gravy sauce, potato/carrot salad, cabbage salad, and sliced apples. Also, to note, the portion size of the donkatsu was really big and still thick and not overly pounded/too thin. My favorite item at the restaurant is definitely the tofu soup ramen. It's simply the best thing ever but any of their entrees are superb. They've recently added sushi to their menu which I tried. The sushi lovers roll was really yummy and would make a great starter for any table! If you are on the fence about trying this place, have no fear you won't regret it! Just do it!


Amazing, just super place. Shabu shabu/hot pot plus a all sushi and more buffet! what more can you ask

Francisco Perez

Cheryl B

I LOVE Korean food and I try different places constantly. We went here to celebrate my Dad's 70th birthday found it on Yelp, it is a bit hard to find if you aren't familiar with the area but well worth it! They let me bring in the last minute small cake I bought for my dad and even tried to run to the store to buy a candle, he didn't find it however the suggestion really made my visit over the top. We ordered seafood pancake and (fried & steamed) dumplings to start, my kids devoured this. For the main meal we ordered clear noodle dish with beef, beef ribs, bulgogi (which comes with noodles that we were surprised by), hot stone bibimbop and the special braised beef ribs (drool) - oh and a side seafood soup. They were attentive and suggestive on what to order, we love a variety on the table and never deny suggestions. EVERYTHING was amazing and service was perfect. Will definitely suggest and come back again soon!


Great place, great service, delicious food! I (a vegetarian) went there with my friend (non-vegetarian) on a Sunday afternoon. It wasn't too crowded. The place is big, neat and clean, and the service is really good! Being a vegetarian I was kinda iffy about this place, but the host walked me through the food items to make sure I would have something to eat (the buffet was $26/person). I saw some veggie options, especially in sushi so I decided to eat there. The host even showed me how to eat shabu-shabu and reduced price for me since it was one of the few things I could it. They have this fancy electric heaters on each table too! (Picture attached) I really liked it. The host was great! They had many options for non-vegetarians, of course. They've ample parking space as well I would recommend this place!

Jayna Murphy

Best Korean restaurant in the area! Food taste amazing not mention the Sushi which was beyond delicious!

vishal pancholi

Great vegetarian and vegan options. We ordered dumplings and soon dobu soups and they were out of this world. The person in charge made sure it contained no meat or eggs. Service was great. We will be back here again.

G. C.

Spicy Baby Octopus and Pork Belly yummmm.......... We loved Maru but they shut down and Hanok Tofu House took it's place. Glad they did cuz this was our local spot and close to us too. We enjoyed ourselves and the food was on par with KTown restaurants in the city.

J- Villa

Very nice service provided by the small amount of people on staff. Food was great, I only give 4 stars because the sushi was less than fair. T he filling on some rolls isn’t the best. I would suggest the all you can eat option be more explained compared to the normal menu. Overall great experience.

Peng Hsu

I visit here today after it moved to this bigger unit at the same shopping center. It changes its service into buffet style plus ShabuShabu. A lot of sushi and hot food! The price is quite fair to the quality and choices of food... Yes, very fair. But it's a bit high for student level consumers. My guess is owner might have some discounts for student to attract Rutgers students... Food here is absolutely delicious! 07/20/2019 Pretty unique feeling when I entered this Korean Restaurant. It's neat and simple. Appetizer dishes were light flavored compared with other Korean Restaurants I went to. But it tasted good. The food I had - 제육두부김치 + 순두부Pork Tofu Kimchi + Soondubu was delicious. The only thing I would like is the soup could be hotter(I mean temperature) when serve. The staffs are friendly and efficient. Pretty good dining experience..

Richard Jang

Very delicious food and great staff. The all you can eat bbq is not limited to just meat but includes other goodies and sushi. The best part is that when the food comes out it is fresh and hot since food is made to order. The spicy pork belly is tender. Do not get the super spicy tofu soup if you want to enjoy the food. You can have multiple orders in so you don't have to wait after finishing ever order.

Minho Kang

My favorite spot in central New Jersey. I guarantee it. Also if you want to eat Korean chicken, please visit Hanok in East Brunswick. Also partners are really friendly and helpful.


amazing sushi, didn't purchase the table burners but still had a great time

Meir Alkon

Barbara Crowley

We used to go to the old Hanok across the parking lot, loved it. Were pleasantly surprised it was still there, just much larger and besides a delicious buffet of the dishes we always liked they offer sushi and hot pot. The food and service were excellent.

Syamsul Basri

Roman Shaulov

Great People, Great food

Kay Jeong

Please note that this isn't tofu house anymore. It is Korean food & sushi buffet and there is an option to add AYCE Shabu Shabu. The quality of sushi rolls are above a normal sushi buffet quality. I loved that they have Bibimbab section but I hope there was fried sunnyside up egg for the BBB. Their Korean foods are tasty and I loved bossam meat(braised pork belly) which melted in your mouth. If there were more korean vegetable dishes it would be perfect but I did not see much.

Davis Rana

Dak Galbi (Spicy chicken, C3) & Dolsot Bibimbap (C8). Definitely try CELL spicy chicken for authentic korean spiced chicken with thick gravy. Bibimbap was alright.

Fred Gardner

Very good ... good selection.. reasonable prices.. chinese n Korean

Alexander Send

Ok but food was a little bland

Paula Wojcik

The rating is average because Hanok is simply that- average. I was trying to find a Korean spot in the middle of Jersey, and Hanok came up. I noted that they don't do the BBQ that you cook at the table, but saw in the reviews that there was an all you can eat available. That's the main reason I chose to come here. Upon handing us the menus, none of which were all you can eat, we asked the waitress about an all you can eat deal. She seemed confused. We then repeated the question, specifically asking about all you can eat. She walked back to the kitchen, then came back and said they don't do. We were kind of sick of asking, so we left it at that and ordered off the regular menu. I got bibimbap, which is usually my go to meal. No lie, it was probably the worst tasting that I've ever had because there really was no taste. There was barely any meat- maybe two small spoon's worth. The sauce was also less flavor and more spice. Solid disappointment. And a few hours later, my stomach agreed with the disappointment. The sides provided were okay, with the kimchi being the best in my opinion. At the end of our meal, I saw another group of customers walk in and surprise surprise, they had an AYCE menu. I was pretty annoyed, but hey, too late. Hanok Tofu House is Korean, but it's mediocre at best. If you're used to savory, satisfying flavors in your Korean, you won't find them here. I wouldn't come here again. As usual, you'll have to go far out of your way to find something decent in Jersey- head to Palisades Park or Cherry Hill for the closest.

nika Mixicha

The best in this area delicius food

Fanny Lee

Not quite understood what im eating but the buffet is fresh but there's no ice cream for my little sister i guess 3 stars for the good service

Luis Velazquez

The kalbi was horrible they I'm speechless

jake k.e.

Amazing and creative sushi, decent hot foods, homemade tiramisu! The lunch buffet is reasonably priced.

Gaurav Shirodkar

Sitting with your feet crossed, under the table, the experience is very authentic. The food supplements the environment by being very good and tasty.

Rachel kim

I was happy to find a Korean restaurant nearby but was deeply disappointed after the try. Not clean at all.


Great sushi. Limited dessert options

Micah Chan

Great and speedy service. Very friendly. Portions are a tiny bit small for me for the price, but the food is very good.

Jayson Shaulov

Feels like home

John Hayes

Ridiculously good, flavorful food cooked and seasoned to perfection.

carl mattocks

michael cohen

Not the best Korean food in Central NJ. Lousy Bonchon

Junghwan seo

we love this place and it is so good to have this place near my house. This place is so clean and food is fresh. You can trust ~~


We went the place as a group of 10. We had an excellent eating experience with beautiful setting, delicious food, and attentive service. We all loved this restaurant. We will definitely come back!!!

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BCD Tofu House
BCD Tofu House
Restaurant - New Jersey

Korean restaurant