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Portions are huge and most dishes were good. Got some meat dishes that we're pretty dry, which is concerning for a place that specializes in Korean BBQ.


Can’t speak for the food but their happy hour is one of the longest in NYC, until 8pm - beer and wine. Really relaxed vibe to have conversation and good drinks with friends.

Adil Zia

I only care about the soon du bu... And here.. Is one of the best ones I've eaten... At least for my preferences

Heidi Byrd

Very good food! Absolutely delicious. The girl at the front is very friendly and always greets me with an aloha when I walk through the door.

Kamran Nobari

Decent service, good food

Weston Clements

I just love their food. I always get excellent customer service here. The place is well kept and the workers are always super nice. Keep up the good work.

Jeff Chuang

Very expensive but very delicious full-featured Korean restaurant. We had a huge group and they were able to accommodate us, which earns them a bonus star. If you have Korean-speaking friends, have them order for you...

Zarah Cejoco

So my boyfriend and I love KBBQ but we unfortunately can't eat entire plates of meat all by ourselves. Queue Gogi 37!! Saving me from wasting food, they have the option to have the 2-person serving sized BBQ cooked by the chef instead. YES. Marinated prime rib eye it is! Oh and a seafood pancake please. Everything was perfectly hitting the spot. I was very surprised to see so many people at the bar and just a few people actually eating the food. BLASPHEMY!!! They have no idea what they're missing.

Alexis L.

One of my favorite place in New York ! Been there twice already and the Korean barbecue is still delicious ! Great choice of Sake and really really good cocktails too.

Aydin Cubukcu

Got asked to leave 3 times at 10:35pm, although they are open until 11pm, while waiting for our Uber to arrive during a flood watch alert triggered downpour. Will never be back to this restaurant...

Terrence Liverpool

Took my friend here for her birthday and had a terrible experience, everything was very rushed, three different people asking us the same questions when we were deciding what to order, trying to force your hand to order more for two people because apparently what's shown on the menu is only enough for one person (lies). They left the meat cooking and unattended and didn't even remove it from the fire, they allowed it to burn and never even presented the birthday surprise I requested in my reservation. $100+ dollars spent for that... I'll pass, last time I visit this establishment.

Alex Kim

Decent Korean BBQ for price


This place is trash! The service was horrible. My server was eating lunch instead of properly serving me. I had to request he bring rice, when that’s suppose to be a given. Then they had the nerves to add their own gratuity and not mention it before hand. Never again.

Kevin Lee

Happy hour is 20% off drinks. If that isn't bad enough, nowhere on the menus or signs tell you that happy hour only applies to drinks ordered at their bar. What a cheeky way to do business.

Alexandry Calisto

Good food! The service was rush though. We received our main course before the appetizer. We received all our food in a 15 min delay after we order so that was really quick.

Rigoletto man

Horrible service!!!!! I walked out... Sat me at a dirty table. Could barely say more than what do you want to drink... And they were slow...

Alvin Z

This was my go to lunch restaurant during workday. Fast and cheap for their korean main dish.

Francis Roldan

Great place to meet friends. Staff is attentive, food and drinks are reasonably priced. Happy Hour is amazing. The barbecue is great and they use the new exhausts that don't make your clothes smell!

Betty Castillo

We had Korean bbq here and the food was great! service was also good - they cooked the food for us


had BBQ for lunch with Friends... food was great and had good service. Will def return

Jaime D

Place opened about 3 weeks ago according to the bar tender. Nice aesthetics and decor, cool decor. The cocktails are amazing! ( I recommend the green tea one) and the Korean pizza ( I forgot the name but I did post a picture of it) was really good.I'm a fan of not so packed places but some aren't and when went, it wasn't exactly popping. But this is totally understandable because it was a day before a blizzard which makes absolute sense lol. Had to have that drink though.. The calm for the storm. XD

Maria Ellaine Santiago

Really gooooood Korean BBQ.

Al Randolph

Get the spicy pork and vegetables dish. You better like it hot and spicy. I had to eat it slow. Very good dish. The onions are overcooked though.

Tsoua Vue

Awesome food, awesome staff, awesome service! Would definitely come back when I’m in town! Maybe more than one restroom for suggestion, otherwise, super awesome!

Camille DeMere

Wish there were more veg friendly things to snack on but the happy hour is unbeatable


Great food and great service. Bar is located at the front part of the restaurant and it’s awesome.

Dave Lutness

Awesome quality beef. Definitely order BBQ. Service is efficient and great ambiance. You also won't leave smelling of Korean BBQ. Good for groups!

Joseph Filippone

Food made me sick next day.

Marc Anthony Loo

Great Service and nice atmosphere

Shaun Hinklein

Korean BBQ for beginners in midtown. The staff and the people that work there are incredibly attentive and genuinely nice. They forgive all the mistakes you're going to make is the beginner into Korean BBQ and they work with you so that you'll have the best experience and not do something to detract from your enjoyment. The only reason they're not getting five stars is because the price is a bit of a premium for Korean BBQ due to the competitive location and size. This place is deceptively large. There's a bar in the front with a giant Korean BBQ restaurant in the back. If you go on a weekday you'll have no problem finding a table pretty quickly. if you work in midtown or our in this part of the city regularly I definitely would recommend giving this place a shot at least once.

Sasha Detti

Have you ever been on a first date expecting Prince Charming and ended up finding yourself having dinner with Lord Farqaad? That’s pure disappointment. I usually go to other bbq spots in KTown (Jongro never ever disappoints) but tonight my friends and I decided to try something new. Let me sum it up in one word: regret. We ordered samgyeopsal, aka pork belly, beef tongue, Japchae (we wanted mul naengmyeon but they don’t have it unless it’s summer), beef tripe, and tteokbokki. Let’s start with the Japchae: it was very oily and definitely didn’t have enough black pepper or vegetables. The tteokbokki was ok, I’ve def had better, but was the best thing on the table, if we forget about the egg that was way too boiled and almost chalky. Now onto the meats - aka where kbbq should shine. The samgyeopsal was subpar, even the cuts weren’t the best, no good layering, and no distinct porky flavor, if that makes sense. The beef tongue was extremely chewy and not particularly notable, the tripe was basically rubber and didn’t taste of anything. If you’re a lover of gopchang and gui (aka offal) do yourself a favor and go to Gopchang BBQ, you’ll leave happy and full. I’m usually never this disappointed after a meal but this was an absolute disaster: even the banchan dishes were pretty sad, kimchi included. Oh and the bbq comes surrounded with cheesy corn, egg, and kimchi, but by the time we started eating the actual meat the corn was a crisp, the egg was half burnt and the kimchi was stuck to the grill. I only give this pace a 2 star because the bar area looks very nice and probably is better for cocktails than actual food. Trust me, try other places, this will leave your wallet lighter but your stomach unhappy and in pain (I barely made it home and my stomach was in pain). Thumbs down.

diana diana

I went there on my lunch break and I found worm . Kimchi soup had a big worm and waitresses tries to convince me that its a SHRIMP! Are you serious ?

Paul Feldman

Our 3rd waitress was very nice. Otherwise, the whole experience was pretty poor. Food was fair, service below average. Manager is a total idiot. Don't go.

Ted Warner

I love this place. The food was excellent - super wings, bibimbap and sushi - and the people who work here are really nice. Looking forward to coming back.

Debanjana Chatterjee

Fun vibe. Happy hour till 8pm but at bar only. Bulgogi and marinated pork bbq was good.

Sanket Naik

Waiting for table is an issue with reservation as well. Otherwise good staff and reasonable food


Came here on a whim. Feeling like having some bbq we decided to give it a try. Although a little bit pricy it’s worth it. Good food and good service and a little over the top prices but it’s worth it. The best part they cook the meat for you so you don’t have to worry about burning or over cooking. If your not sure of what to have it just want to try. A little of everything. Go with the combo like we did. As can be seen on the pic above.

Joohee Jung

Food was awesome, all those side dishes were so tasty !!!! I’ve visited several KBBQ place in Korean town, but i ended up coming back here :) not just BBQ also other menu as well (we ordered stew ). price is very reasonable if you are a meat lover and Korean food lover so u can say what’s good quality of those food. Servers were also very nice and attentive ! I and my sis are from Cali , and there are so many Korean restaurants in Cali too. We’ve been so many Korean restaurants, and this restaurant is worth it. we are food lovers, so pretty picky with quality and taste of food. Over all, it was really great :)

Yasmine S

This is a late review but since I really enjoyed this restaurant’s cuisine, it had to be recommended. Very good food, I really enjoyed the flavor and quality of the dishes I ordered there the two times I went. The staff were friendly, attentive and professional. It was very nice to see all the most liked and popular Korean dishes on the menu. It’s honestly one of the best Korean restaurants I’ve been to (and one of the best restaurants I’ve been to in NYC.)

Jeremy Janas

Really good quality meats, the staff were really friendly. They actually cooked the food for you at your table vs you cooking it yourself. Decent selection of Sake and Soju. Ventilation could be a bit better but it captured most of the smoke. But then again it's part of the experience when going to Korean BBQ.

Sean Campbell

Really delicious food! Sides and meat and drinks were all fantastic. Service was a little dispassionate but fine.

Molly Rosenblum

I like this place! Korean bbq but they have those vents that prevent you from smelling like you've been roasted yourself. Drinks are strong and people are nice. I just wish they had better desserts

John Luke

Great Food & Service.Fun Place

Nathaniel Bradley

Great price and service ! Love that they take reservations.

Curda D

One of my "go to" spots in midtown. Great food, great staff that always remembers the regulars and their favorite dishes.

Brandy White

Food was decent. Service was okay.

Steven Smith

The food was very good and the servers were very accommodating. It's just a few blocks away from Korea town, so it's not grossly overpriced the way all of those Korean barbecue places are. This one is quite reasonable, the food is good, and the decor is quite trendy. We had a very nice time and I"m sure we will be back again in the not too distant future :-)


Posted close time 11 Sushi bar closed at 9:30 Kitchen closed at 10

Dalton Haslam

Really great meal. The BBQ was fantastic and the sushi was great also.

Sachin S

Good place for Korean food

Shishir Kumar Malav

Nice and big. Upscale-y. Great food. Loved the BBQ chicken. Dessert is good too. Try the mango flavor, you'll not be disappointed.

Lee Yong June

Great vibe. Great service. Great quality. Menu is easy to read. Dont know what else you need.


Here with my guests, 20% tips automatically charged and no seperate checks available??

Derek the Ineffable Sage

The food was amazing! The happy hour sign outside drew us in, along with the promise of hot soup. So we order soup because we are starved, and look at the wine list, ask what they have for happy hour, and we were told, "this is not that kind of place." We never got wine. She just never asked us what we wanted. So you get three stars, and you thank your chef I'll be back, because like I said the food is amazing! And the $13 bill wasnt bad. Get the soup. It's cheap. And you can smell everyone else's Korean bbq... while you wait for your waitress to take your order.

Oliver Hager

Very good Korean barbecue

Sean Peek

The food was amazing and the service was great. I'm definitely going back.

Jae Yim

On Friday December 15, 2017 at around 6:30pm, we held our end of the year company dinner at your restaurant. We made our reservation under the name of JXXXX. It was for party of 8 and we ended up spending $748.77. We were seated towards the back near the kitchen area in two joint tables. For the initial main course, we ordered 2 Combo Option A BBQ with couple of appetizers and drinks. Towards end of our first round of meat, we ordered additional 2 more Combo Option A BBQ. During this time, the waiters decided to change the BBQ grill plates on both of our tables. On one of them, while trying to change the grill plate, I'm assuming because the plate was stuck, the waiter slammed the BBQ grill plate with the plate remover causing the oil from the meats to shout upwards hitting my colleague in the forehead. My colleague shouted a scream in pain. The waiter did not show remorse or any concern for my colleague and simply said sorry and continued with his business of removing the plate. The waiter did not offer ice, first aid or anything... In order to cool the burning sensation, my colleague held a cup of cold beer which was on our table on his forehead to cool the burn. My colleague who speaks Spanish, also mentioned this incident to another restaurant employee who spoke Spanish but nothing was done. Even though, we felt ignored and unattended to regarding this matter because the restaurant was extremely packed, we paid our bill and left the restaurant. On the following day, the oil burn on his forehead really showed. (Please check the attached image). There are several points I want to make through this post: Better training for all employees in a situation like this. Since they are dealing with hot burning BBQ grills, they need to be extremely careful. If someone gets burned/injured, you have to have a protocol. They need to address the situation with urgency by offering first aid and letting the managers/owners know. These type of issues should not be ignored. Tried to reach out to management but no response. Terrible management!! Avoid at all cost!

champagnedodo Giacinti

Probably the worst place in the city to get served ! Drinks are bad the service sucks and the waiters do not speak a word of English. Visit the restaurant if on day you wish to never be served.

Enrique Correa

Avocado bomb is amazing. Food in general was very good. Service was also great. They where very accommodating to our baby. Love this place.

olaoluwa olojede

Nice place with lots of space. It was very empty maybe because I went around 3pm. Also the workers were friendly. Good vibes overall.

Deena Cates

Amazing sushi prepared quickly. Wait staff was inattentive, but our water glasses were kept full and the food more than made up for any other shortcomings.

Helen Zhao

Great Korean BBQ, especially for large groups. Unlimited side dishes are so tasty, and service is fast / attentive. Staff is always professional, cooking the meat for you. Booths are large and comfortable. Combos are totally worth the money, portions are huge.

Raj N

The food and service were both great! We had a large table and had no issues anywhere in the process. And the foods themselves were all delicious!


Very interesting place. Great food and good service.

John Guastavino

Menu said they have dak galbi. They don't have dak galbi. Food was okay. Service was okay... It's okay. Go to K-Town.

Dencil Smith

The food here was exceptional. Loved the drinks they had on the menu. Service was fast and friendly.

Solace T

We didn't have Korean Bbq but we each enjoyed our meal. Definitely want to go back to check out the bbq.

Melody Day

Really enjoyed our meal. Friendly, attentive staff, very willing to explain unfamiliar dishes. Dark decor, but not too dark. Very comfortable.

Letao Zhang

they charge tips Automatically without telling you in advance!!! They charge tips (20%) no matter how many people on your table. I always give tips and am fine with charging tips automatically for a group of 4+, but I really dislike restaurants take tips as granted!!! Don’t tell me you grilled my steak... Hibachi, Sushi, etc places all put efforts on making food! Plus hair salons DO NOT charge tips automatically... One star for the dishonesty! Never come back!

Eddie McDaniel

Great food. Service was very timely even though it was packed.


Authentic Korean bbq. Jewel in 37th street for traveller

Garrett Sage

Very good food and a fun experience! The staff was very help and friendly.

Praneetha Panthagani

Awesome food... Loved it.

Jill Goldstein

Wide selection on the menu, complete withh pictures for those who aren't familiar with Korean food. Dinged one star because our $4 iced-teas (overpriced) rang up at $5. They quickly fixed it, but still.

Bellah Emem

Food is very fresh and the establishment is very clean. I will definitely be back!

Carlos Deschamps

Came here for the first time and tried the bento box lunch special and got some rolls. Overall the food was amazing, tasty, and quickly served. The space is also nice and relaxing for a group, date, etc. Also, the price is affordable. I highly recommend!

Shubhangi Rathi

Really nice place with good food. I’d definitely recommend the place. Enough vegetarian options as well. I got the Hot-stone Bibimbap which was really nice. The shishito peppers were so good!

Hugo Latendresse

Very poor vegan options. It's 2019 guys!

Sophia Chung

Good for lunch but otherwise, the food is not worth the price

Saleem Mohammed

Good place good vibes. Food was tasty and flavorful. If you're into beef, you must try the Marinated beef, the Sirloin was "OK"

Yeshica Viquez

Food was delicious can’t wait till my next visit

Melanie Tam

GOGI 37 is a pretty good option for Korean BBQ but it's pretty pricey. For a meal for two people consisting of two meats and two beers, it'll be about $55 per person. But it definitely could have easily fed three people. A friend and I came in on a Friday with a 6pm reservation. It wasn't too crowded yet. They also have an upstairs seating area, so this place is good for larger groups too. I liked that the restaurant was clean (seemed like it opened fairly recently) and that it's right outside K-Town, so you don't get the massive hoards of people. We ordered the bulgogi and the prime rib eye. Both were good but I liked the prime rib eye better because the meat was more tender/flavorful. It comes with steamed egg, corn with cheese, and the basic banchan dishes. I was tempted to order some sushi but was iffy of doing so at a KBBQ place. Maybe next time, if I'm feeling bolder.

Kevin Kim

Typical korean bbq. We got the combo C set which was decent enough for 2 people. Meat quality was satisfactory for its price. Luckily we were seated immediately.

Vicklyn Datilus

You will leave here full and satisfied. I recommend the wings or seafood pajeon as appetizer.well enjoyed

Li Linyue

Raw chicken and they said Sorry. Fingercross that i won't be at emergency rm tonight.

Andrew Swanson

Fun place to go with a group. Just share everything and enjoy the atmosphere. Great service and great location.

Adarsh Das

It was really nice!! Really nice food and really nice service. You should definitely try this place.

Patricia Mejia

Awesome meal and service. Excellent quality of fresh veggies and seafood. Drink was amazing! Get. Ginger Head. Yum!


Decent happy hour, nice vibe, good bbq and banchan, but gopchang was not up to par. The chicken wings were pretty good. We have also had jokbal delivered and it was good!! Gopchang was pretty tasteless and came in huge chunky pieces. I prefer Gopchang Story in Ktown if I have a craving for Gopchang.

Roman Gelfond

Love this place.

Teo S

We were a big party of 8 people having dinner at this restaurant, 3 of us ordered separate meals and the servers still decided to bring us two big piles of meat, which they had to cook it and give it to us for to go! The food was ok.

Patrick Henderson

Not bad

Sehee Kim

Great food and friendly service. Def recommended!

Amy Evans

Food was delicious great service!

Nick Reynolds

Fantastic! I can't believe we walked in with no reservation! I will definately return. Get the avocado bomb and their chicken wings - seriously the best chicken wings I've ever had. Service was excellent, you won't be disappointed.

Justin Bayoneto

Oh boy, this is a good one. At a reasonable price, they offer quality meats at a great quantity as well. The menu is diverse and all the bbq comes with so many side dishes. The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable and the aesthetic is reminiscent of an upscale club without the loud noise. Plus they’re very clean and don’t leave a smell imprint on your clothes. Easily the best KBBQ outside of Korea town, will definitely be back!

Daniel Moon

This gem is located on the west side slightly removed from the main Korean street on 32nd. The decor is modern and spacious and is a definite departure from many Korean establishments, but the food is traditional at its core. We stopped in for lunch and did not have bbq, so keep that in mind as you read this review. The food we did have was delicious. The banchan was flavorful and varied. We started with the fried beef mandoo and they were amazing! Great filling and chewy wrappers with spicy dipping sauce. One of us ordered the fried rice with pork. I would have liked a little more seasoning, either more spice or more savory. It just looked a little bland. My kimchi stew was great though. There were chunks of pork and glass noodles throughout. This place is a great find and we’ll be back to try the bbq on another visit!

Travis Gylling

Very delicious food but very pricy.

Aleksandar Jocic

Beautify place, but it's cold near the bar, because the cold is entering from the outside. Owners should think of something in order to stop the cold from entering.

Moline Dastrup

The staff was nice and fast, but our bibimbap was very bland. As in it had no flavor. We ordered the hot stone and the standard. The fried avocado was really good though.

Andy Youngs

Food was very good and reasonably priced. Staff seemed annoyed to have to interact with or speak to customers - but had no issue animatedly speaking Korean with each other while looking at the patrons. I very authentically felt like a barely tolerated foreigner despite living in NY all my life.

Robert Nelson

Great, traditional Korean food!

Nicholas Stebenne

When in Korea Town, get Grilling! Or not! Make sure to show up at least 2 hours before closing time or you'll get rush out and told that many dishes aren't available, "at this time"… Let me start by saying that the food was just above average from a Korean perspective as some of the meat was not cooked. The staff was stiff and ready to go home, so we invited the cook to sit down and relax. Then proceeded to order $500 of food and made everyone stay 2 hours late. Grin and bear it!

Curtis Hubner

Great service. Sushi and small plates were amazing.

Mike Wonder

Very unpleasant service, no smile, bothered by our questions. The server’s attitude pissed me off. Otherwise very nice place and good food.

Darrell Robert Sigwerth

Great bipimbap! Friendly service!

Eric Wong

Great place to come for drinks as the area is pretty big. They have both a bar and tall table section. Staff is very friendly. Crowd is mixed with younger people drinking and then a mix of those having yummy bbq dinner.

Dana H

Quality service and amazing Korean food!

Attention To Detail Management

Not all you can eat

Damian deSilva

Pretty good.

Moshe Aronov

A little to fancy for a bbq place. Get marinated food it is so good. Staff is mostly knowledgeable. Just one person did not know their bar list. Our table got smoky but they were nice about it and friendly. I will go back. Just know it's not the cheaper version of Korean bbq.

Raul Avila

Tofu salad, suki, and salmon. Good flavors, good service. Seats available. @thatsraul

Tran Minh Hieu

Tasty food and nice service

Gabe Edwards

This is a great Korean restaurant. I got the bulgogi on the lunch menu and boy was it good! The meat isn’t fatty like it is at someplaces, which is a big plus. The people were nice and service was ok, they pretty much took our order, promptly gave us the food, and left until we told them we were ready to pay. But overall, if you’re willing to spend a little more for some quality authentic Korean food, come here, and you’ll be glad you did (though your wallet may not be ;)

Elizabeth Shieh

Met a waitress who is very helpful and good service. The restaurant itself is clean and quite, not too many people here. Everyone is satisfied. Just a 20% tip is automatically added on our bill.

Inti Rodríguez

I don't know if it's because I come from a country where places like these don't exist. Maybe I'm just not used and it's normal to be treated so amazingly and everything being clean and the food awesome. All I know is that it was one of the best restaurant experiences of my life, shame I have to go back or I'd be a regular here.

Aub Driver

Great food! Disorganized staff :/

Alex Wawroski

Perfect lunch experience. A quiet table immediately with my friend, fast delicious food, and way less expensive than it felt.

jacqueline nathan

Food is delicious! Staff is friendly, everything is just great

Kristie Chambers

It was just ok. The food was good but service was terrible. I lived in Korea for 2 years so was looking forward to an authentic meal and experience. However, it was very far from authentic as far as experience goes. Our meal was cooked for us, and they didn’t give us the opportunity to grill it ourselves (which is half the fun). Granted, they do require you to order two different meats from the menu to do this...when we ordered we were not told we didn’t meet the minimum and only found out when the food came out already prepared. We spent $55 on the meal for 2 people. The food was good but service wasn’t up to par.

Margaret Frederick

Delicious Korean bbq that, while still not cheap, is much cheaper (but without a drop in quality) than the Koreatown KBBQ places. Excellent place to bring a date or a group to share tasty meats!

Jacob Kim

Nice atmosphere and very good korean food.

Nicole Marie Kesoglides

First time Korean BBQ... impressions: beautiful space, nice staff, way pricey. For the amount of food and quality this was a bit overpriced.

Jose Cortez

Good food and service

Sammy Kim

it's delicious.

Andy Jack

Nicely put together but a bit too pricey

Moujan Toloubadei

Great place for Korean Barbecue, highly recommend this place.

Cliff Francois

Festive place. If you meat, bbq, and/or Korean food, this place is for you. Prices are manageable and the food is well done. Staff is accommodating and will to help with meal selection. Heck, they even decorated for Halloween. One slight drawback, not much beer on the menu. At the bar, probably a different story.

Anne Biggers

Great staff serving delicious Korean food.

Raffi Sarimazian

Came in an had some drinks and some sushi. Place is chill with a colorful vibe. Drinks are strong.

Nate Birkholz

Delicious bulgogi. Great service team

Maria DeYapp

Amazing drinks and food! We will definitely be coming back

yhh yhh

Great food, fun atmosphere. Was a bit too loud considering it was very early in the evening and there was very few patrons at the time

Timothy OH

Best Korean Food

Dmitri Li

Great food and amazing service!


Food is horrible. Overcooked

Murat Unal

This is the kind of place that would throw its customers out during the thunderstorm and not let them stay during closure time 5 more minutes before their uber arrives! Shame on the people working there, the mentality behind and that administration! I strongly not recommend to go to this place!

N Johnson

Nice looking place. Food was good. But if you visit this place try and go early because if you come too late they tend to hover over you until you leave.

Lilliam González

Excellent kobe beef BBQ. Love it

Raina Ghai-Mehta

Good food and drinks. I had the Lychee Jar Soju Drink and it was amazing.

Rosalba Bueno

I work near by and I come here for lunch and after work. Lunch is always delicious, enough to safe some for the next day and affordable (lunch menu). They have amazing happy hour($5) selected glass of wine and beer. Do try the spicy tuna pizza! Delicious!

Jay Choi

As a korean, I'm always looking for a korean restaurants near my work. Gogi is authentic korean restaurant with great lunch special, and awesome bbq for dinner.

Nicolas Ménant

nice korean BBQ. friendly staff. not expensive

Avis Boone

Gogi37 is Korean BBQ near Times Square. I haven't had the bbq yet, but the dishes I have had at happy hour were delicious! It is quite contemporary looking and quite beautiful. Unfortunately, they only offer three $5 drinks at happy hour, a red, a white and a German beer. But the rest of the drinks and specialty cocktails are 20% off during happy hour. I had a networking event here and it wasn't too loud. We could actually hear each other and not scream or talk close to a person's ear. We ordered food for the group, about 75-80 people, and there was not a piece of anything left! You MUST have the chicken wings and the vegetable dumplings for sure, but we also enjoyed the seafood Pajeon (Korean pancake). The manager Kenny, the bartender Steve and the server Anson, made sure everything went off without a hitch. The staff was very nice and attentive. Thank you so much for making sure everything was fine through the evening! Next time I will have the bbq!

Margaret Simon

Food was good. Service was subpar.

Felipe Souza

My wife ordered meat bibimpap but there was almost no meat in the dish.

April Dibs

Amazing food, polite & helpful staff. Great first experience all around.

Jose Moreira

Sunday is the day to go there!!

Benson Chan

It was bad experience at Gogi tonight, we came for happy hour at 5:30, kept telling the host, the waiter, the manager we will need a table for dinner, and been told that all parties must be here in order to check in the table, thats fine, when we all here, they said we dont have reservation, we have to wait for the table, don't know for how long, this really piss me off, how can they treat customers like that. I USED like to come to this restaurant a lot, but....will not come anymore. They don't even worth one star, I will give negative if there are one.

Soogon Choi

Much clean place than K town restaurant

Robert Lam

Good food, chill atmosphere, what more can you want? Would definitely go there again.


Very very terrible services everything is over priced and they gave us bill with 20% tip included what kind of restaurant include tip in bill. This place rob customer. have to look carefully with bill

Chris Bryan Ngwa Jr

Really nice food.

Thomas Maiocco

Friendly service with great food. Good portions. Marinated beef and kimchi were delicious.

Bao Le

Horrible service. And forced to tip the 15%. They ran to stop us from walking out the door and made to pay up. Very horrible. I would give negative ratings of possible. Do not go here

Shatner Pierre

It's ok

Meizhang Ru

My favorite Korean barbecue restaurant because it’s not actually in Koreatown. It is a hip vibe. Less Korean grandma. Food is decent and their drinks are strong.

Oanh Trinh

Horrible terrible service!!! Nooo star for this place. Rude and lazy servers... they forced 20% tip on our bill which We didn’t want to give them. Their serices is not even worth my money.

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