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REVIEWS OF Flaming Grill & Buffet IN New Jersey

Amy Salomon

Very clean. Great variety of food. Good service.

Justin Hall

I usually check reviews of places before I eat at them usually because I’m looking for Amazing food but I let this place slide. UNFORTUNATELY. I’m amazed that this place was so bad that I had to leave a review! If I could leave 0 stars I would. I’ve been to plenty of restaurants some amazing and some that weren’t hitting the spot for me but this place should be shut down. The food taste as if it sat out for 3 days. It was cold and stale. I have a very strong stomach and love to eat but half way through my first plate I had to stop and leave. I’d never eat at this place again. I have no clue how this place is still running. After eating I had to check the reviews and it grossed me out even more...

Diedra Clarke

Good food.

Tony Chiodo

Food is delicious and service is great

Audery Barron

It 's nice would go back again

kevin weldhaj

Very Affordable !! Friendly crew leave tips

George H

Price are very reasonable $ 15 for dinner around $11 for lunch i went for dinner on a Saturday great selection on sushi rolls they were all fresh and very tasty , tons of seafood to choose from also the typical american food mashed potatoes, gravy, fried chicken , metaloaf, salad bar , dessert bar AND THE HIBACHI pick you own meat veggies and noodles a guy will cook it for you right in front of you , i am very picky at where i go and this place felt good, i would definetely go back again.

Dorothy Campbell

Good place to bring families and friends good eats !!

Latrell Reagans

Food was good. Just doesnt stay hot.

Scot Howell

Actually not bad at all. Food hot and fresh. Great hibachi grill and options

Albert Carucci

Was good food

Leandro Almonte

Pretty good food and great service. Not too much food variety though.

Janae Rosario

So good. Yum

Michael Zekri

Great customer service, expensive, but steak is not yummy

Ramis Cuevas

Good food

barbara murphy

Great i love that place

Wendy Santos

Always go here for a special even love the sushi’s and all the other food

Vanessa Sotorrio

Got sick to my stomach

teresa torres

Great waitress we got only this last time we went the sushi had a little be of rice other than that was great all

Daily News

Restaurant is good, staff speak english, food is also good. BUT First time I go to any restaurant or buffet, and pay in advance before you sit down on a table. I didn't like that, I am sorry

truth be damned

It's okay for what it is. I'm just not crazy about these buffet places.

Mary Basta

Good for lunch , you pay before being seated

Maya H

Good food and good service

Yokasta Catedral

The food its to oily. Went there and came home with stomach pain

Len Men

Hit and miss. But overall ok Buffett

andrew sims

Good and fresh food

Zacapa 1980

Great place! Great food! I got there ay 11 o'clock and the were ready for customers! A+ if you are in the are I STRONGLY recommend you to pay them a visit!

Lindsay Griesbach

wow. unbelievable and fresh

Danny Rowland

Everything a good buffet needs: Sushi, Hibachi, dessert bar, chocolate fountain, and all the yummy food you could wish for. The prices are really good here. The parking lot is a little crowded sometimes and the outside of the building is not kept so well, but the inside is fun and nice.

John S.

This buffet was out of the way for me but I wanted to to see what it was like in such a dominantly Hispanic town. I can see now the Flaming Grill must be a franchise because this one was held to a certain standard too. As I walked in on a 9-degree winter day I was the only patron in the place yet the buffets were heated and the Hibachi Grill was attended. The Hostess was from another planet or smoking something wile the Hibachi Cook done a fantastic job twice. I was the first that evening to be seated yet I was crowded by noisy people from the community. Buffet waitress was attentive twice I just don't see how they can keep this place open here.


I went there with my family, and I loved it, the people were nice the food was quality, everything was clean. The sprite tasted like water though

Carra Cannon

This is probably one of the best buffets on the strip. The food is very good and the layout is exactly what you want. Service is good & Price was fair. Definitely recommend you to visit this place for dinner with family & friends.

Esmerlin Gomez

today was my first time in this place and Everything is so really good and also is very clean ❤️ The employees are super friendly and professional.

Otis Gold

I went there one night and they had kids or allowed kids to run in the serving area for over and 1/2 hr not good.


Aah... The food just literally hits the spot... Good sushi, good dumplings, etc. Although you guys should put on different music... The music is just too old, and I am tired of hearing the same music... If you are able to that, thanks!


Horrible for the price. Food choices and left overs are DANGEROUS

Angel Franco

Love this Buffet. The only thing is the parking Cause is busy spot.

Love Child

The place is huge! It's atmosphere is very cozy and delightful! The service was quick and courteous. The employees seemed very pleasant and the price was GREAT! About $12.50 per adult. However the presentation wasn't so delightful! and neither was the taste... The food seemed to have been sitting out for hours. Cold,hard,and unappealing. I guess u get what you pay for! Great price not so great food!

ed riv

Good but.... don't go expecting the taste you get in others hibachi.

Gladis Ortiz

Very good service .

Anthony Chestnut

Great people great food

Seth Hak

I dont know why but I really like this place. Food is ok. Price is right.

Haydee Flores

I was great a lot of variety of food...

Ginger Feliciano

They were decent when they first opened. Not they're horrible. Dirty bathrooms with tight stalls, lukewarm food with no flavor, and dirty utensils. Only gave it 2 stars because our waitress was nice and not pushy. Never coming back.

Chris Gonzalez

They have good food there.

federico thorne

Very good place

Hannah Suarez

Me and my friends went to eat and the cashier said that we couldn't eat here because she couldn't understand our accents. She told us that we can take food to go instead of eating there. If you're a person of color, have an accent, or any other race besides white or asian I highly recommend not eating here.

Judy Castillo

Very polite sever and food was delicious

Richard Arias

Nice place. Excellent food

Michael Mauricio

The food tastes really good except for one thing -- there were flies over some of the food at the japanese bar. The staff were also accommodating.

Paul English

Very large amounts of assorted food well done

verenice garcia

Very nice place to bring your family. There are a lot of choices of food. The employees are very friendly and nice.

mostafa sakr

Pretty bad sushi. Relatively low quality and you get what you pay for. Waiter was nice but won’t be going back there again


Sooooo goood

Randy Godoy

Good food lots of different things to choose from fresh and the workers are helpful

Elizabeth Veronique Bubika Hoka

I am thrilled that there is a Chinese buffet close to where I live. I was pleasantly surprised of the food display and the variety also. The prices are really fair. And their to go food is also very reasonable. This is a perfect place to take your loved ones for whatever occasion. I will be coming back!


Good food.

Igal M.

Great food, specially the fish. Extra soft and tasty. The only downside are the fruits.

Richard Golden

Food is great for the variety that they offer, just think they could have offered more.

Anthony Youssef

Cheap and serves great food. Not the best food, but you get what you pay for. There's chicken wings, sesame chicken, pizza, ice creams and fondu. They have good sushi.

Robert King

Flaming grill is always good for me but is predictable

marvin Robinson

Okay but fading fast

Tanisha Turner

The Food were great I really enjoyed myself with my kids.... along with my friend Katrina Jefferson and her daughter

Danny Chong

Large all you can eat buffet place. Chinese / salad bar with economy sushi. Easy parking, and wallet friendly price point.

Auria Agosto

We had a great time. Waiter was very nice, he even put on a birthday song and even made a design with grapes and cheese cake wirh a candle. Very sweet of him.

tj metaxotos

This place is great. The service is awesome. Everytime my drink was empty I would have another one before I even had the chance to ask. Hibachi grill is awesome! Selections from different meats and fish to noodles rice and vegetables. To top it off the crab legs are awesome and the endless sushi was terrific. If your ready to eat more then you can handle definitely stop by!

Boris Shekhets

Small place, mostly for take out, good meat

pierre mcneal

Not my flavor of Buffett

Peter Dupin

Food has a weird chemical taste. Definitely not recommended.

Denise Briggs

When you go there Ask for Sam he is the best waiter ever

katty guido

Most of my visits very good food

Kevin Mcgreggor

Nice food you like it

Viviana Rojas

The best place

elizabeth mata R

Good flavor!

Keila Mendez


Brian Mackey

The fish choices that were just brought out for the dinner menu were great and I enjoyed most of the sushi. Soups were great as well as the salad section. Fried wontons I love them. Make your own stir fry is a great option.

Akira Ryu

Deff worth it if you wanna get your buffet on.:)

Tyrell Miller

Had fun with the family

Jerry Jaramillo

Service was good, food was bad sushi was all dry and the cakes taste like old fridge. Very disappointed.

Jamie Kenny

nice people but slow service the food was ok some of it was over cooked other than that everything else was great


So nice and the food is so cheap!! Selection is decent.


The food is pretty good

Teahna Burch

Food was really good.

Marilyn Domena

Is ok some food are old and spoil serving old bad food when i tell them have a weird taste they always come with excused is somenthing else and they have people eating that get sick

Ara Martinez

Everything is okay just the seafoods taste not good like rotten.

Phillip Williams

Nice, clean, comfortable area with good food and comfortable surrounding.

Pamela Garcia

Great variety and taste all for a great price. Pay in the entrance and never be bothered by the staff again. You can spend as much time as you like eat as much as you like and the staff members are always ready to clear plates and refill drinks.

Roberto Ramos

Food was awesome, and the was clean.

Melissa Leak

Wonderful variety tasty food!

Luis Proano

Nice place, good food.

Helen Lee

Typical Chinese buffet, food are fresh, place is clean, price is reasonable. Nothing fancy.

Kilsi Jimenez

Good price

Arman Simonyan

All you can eat buffet. New prices!!

Amy Rod

Very good food, but sushi is not good at all.

Kimisha Marshall

My nephews and I love this place. Great food. Especially the sweet donuts.

Saravanan Kandaswamy

Good place with lots of variety

Robert Cohen

Food very good ,hibachi fast and delicious.

Juan Antonio Alix Abreu

Excelent food and price

Christopher Trastoy

Its a buffet. Its Chinese. They have hibachi. This is by no means a 5 star quality place but its cheap. They have a nice variety of food.

Alan Richardson

Excellent food and prices. Buffett style all you can eat for reasonable. They have it all. Seafood,Chinese, American. Salads BBQ, desserts highly reccomend. Clean and friendly good location #vegetarianfriendly

Lester Baptiste

Simple decor. Ok food. Mediocre service.

M.R Rose

Love the food thare and it has a great party room

Thomas D

Not a big fan of buffets but when group of friends say buffet it wasn't bad. Crab claws were smaller and came out sparingly

Aret Kartalyan

Need a lot of improvement...upgrade the food...

Deborah S Voudren

It's the best place in the world to eat. Good food,good service,and good prices. Our group dearly loved it. We will be going back there again. Thank you for all you did for us.

Ashley Miranda

Depends on the day whether the food is fresh or tastes like it can be yesterday's food. The workers are friendly and so are the owners. Very nice people.

Husha Hush

Well I am just an 11 yr. Old but I am very picky. So i love the food but the thing is that some foods are confusing like is it free err.. or sometimes the foods are too small..But overall I liked the food, and the service was spectacular! And the bathrooms were a 10/10 and very clean even cleaner than mine. If I could give it a four and a half I would. GREAT IM GOING BACK THERE!!

Juan Rodriguez

It was Good food. The Workers are very Polite to you and ask if you want another Refill. They're very clean. The food was really really good. Very fresh too.

Marlen Velez Santana

Good service

Hex Cen

Pretty god Chinese buffet!

Jeneane Ancrum


Aracelis Valerio

I love that they cook the food fresh I love that its in hawthorne really close to my house

Shaniqua Green

In my opinion they were very clean they were on point with service and they had a lot of options with their food and the prices are not too expensive

June Toro

Food was terrible, cold and tasteless also the bathroom was disgusting

Dodge Starrr

Great spot very inexpensive a large variety of food

Value Repair NJ

Good selection for the money. All you can eat. Food quality is good, but was way better when they first opened.

Diego Morales

Good food. Has hibachi grill

Guillermo Francisco Sosa

Good food

angel laubinger

Not a big variety of food

Lizzie Vega

Not a good place to eat.

Edwin Rodriguez

Super good taste good I love this place

Marcia Evans

Food was barely warm

Steve Zh

Good food fair price!

Cheyenne Manning

The food was horrible I tried to be open-mi dead but I couldn’t, the only thing that tasted good was there Chinese doughnuts.

Shanice H

Plenty of parking with a mini shopping strip nearby. The food was OKAY. There was variety of dishes to choose from, including: American (fried chicken, fries, etc), Asian (sushi bar), salads, desserts and seafood. 3/5 stars because the utensils weren't exactly clean.

Rose S

Food was good! Very welcoming environment and good price too. Will be returning


Excellent food and very good prices

Pedro Ortiz

Nice staff

Ivannia Arnuero

Good food and price

Emeka Chijioke

It's a Chinese style buffet so yes there are numerous Chinese style food however, there are several foods that adds and compliments to this buffet. The list is actually really long. I observed that once a tray is close to empty, it gets replaced almost instantly. There's a hibachi section that is amazing. In addition to lots of food, taste of food is very important and gets a 5 star.

My baby's 3 5

Their food is good they have a lot of variety of food my kids and husband enjoy their selves

Barry Jackson

Love it good for family gatherings

Romelida Mateo

My face buffet place

Otto Hurst

Great food, nice employees, constantly good vibes. They charge reasonable rates and the food quality is excellent. Highly recommended.

Mark Moser

Large selection of good food


Great food!

Johanna Perez

Good food & service!

Sheeler L

Always leaves me full and satisfied

Karen Jarrett

My place to eat try it great service and food

Sandra Ortiz

Food was good but dislike the fact that fish, shrimp types of food is in such close proximity to other food. Not everyone can have those things and may possibly have allergies like myself. Therefore I couldn't eat much due to possible contamination. Gave 4 stars because my children love the food which is why we do go.

Shakayla Peterkin

Food was kinda cold and some of the food was undercooked but nice staff overall

Free Child

Pretty busy at weekends, fresh food. Can't say the same about weekdays

Marisol Manzano


Cee Long

Management was bad, and rude. Never going again. The food was out for toooooooooo long. Also the raw meat for the habachi grill was half brown and half red. Not good at all .

Asiff Wahid

Buffet's in general are truly hit or miss with the selection and quality of food. The dish selection was severely disappointing and lacking, feel it's budgeted and lacks some of the more premium you would see elsewhere. Honestly I wouldn't mind paying extra for the buffet dinner entree for better quality food and more seafood selections. Buffets are slowly dwindling away as the food has cheapened over the years. The better buffets I been to is located in Atlantic City Casinos (pricier but worth it). Hands down the best buffet with premium food is Wynn Buffet located in Vegas

Steve Drimones

Great selection of food, sushi is very fresh and varied, the hibachi station is always good as well. People are friendly

Dari Garcia

Great place to eat with your friends and family.


The food was delicious!!!

Oscar Valverde

Very good, congrats

Vera Green

We had a party of 8 no waiting food hot something for everyone.

Andrew Jackson

Great family friend restaurant! Was seated quickly. The waitress was very attentive to our needs. Great selection of food. I would definitely attend there again.

Sadikie McKenzie- Jenkins

I honestly would love to give 0 stars to this place. I went for dinner with my brother and a friend of mine. This wasnt our first time there but was certainly our last. We were seated, we ordered our drinks and went to go get our food. There was a woman sitting on the other side that kept looking at us. She leaves and apparently tells the people in the restaurant that we stole a phone. The so called manager walks up to our table and says "hand it over or i will do wat i have to do." Imagine how confused the 3 of us were ! So i asked him what does he mean? He says the phone u stole. So i politely told him to do what he needed to do. Now this ninja turtle finally decides to watch his surveillance camera, exactly what he should've done b4 accusing someone of stealing, especially in that manner in which we were approcached. Well what do you know? He came to the conclusion that we did not steal a phone. The phone which he speaks of was indeed my brother's phone which he left on the table that we were seated at before we left to go get our food from the buffet. So this asian man comes back and try to apologize. No sir, the damage was already done ! I requested a refund since my appetite was ruined and did not eat anything but was declined and given some discount cards. As if you really think i would come back to this place where they showed me nothing but racism. Yes, i am a person of color. And yes the woman who told them we stole the phone was a white woman. And yes if we were not people of color they would not have accused us without watching their surveillance camera ! I would not recommend this place even if they were the only restaurant on earth ! Stay away !

Pamela Bush

Love the buffet I be pigging out lol

David Irizarry

Very good

nahum jukes

Terrible Mac and cheese terrible everything don't waste your 16 dollars for poor quality food

Josepepe Arias


Serge Alf

the WORST place ever. Will Never Go back here. Food was moldy and GROSS!

Priscilla Rivera

The food was cold, it had no flavor, the service was horrible I tried to get one of the waitress’s attention and was ignored multiple times, I payed and didn’t want to leave a tip and the waitress forced me to give her change I definitely would not recommend going here

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