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REVIEWS OF Dons Bogam & Wine Bar (Original) IN New Jersey

Andrew Singleton

It was my first time trying Korean BBQ and I was quite surprised. The moment we entered Dons bogam we were treated very well by the staff and shown to our tables that was somewhat like eating in a pit but with chairs. It's not too easy to get in and out of. We had our food prepared on the grill that was in front of us which is somewhat hibachi style to give you a comparison. It was definitely very good and we would go back in a heartbeat. It's a bit pricey as we spent about $300 for a family of four. There might be a better way to order your food so that you don't spend that much but I would say that you should be prepared to spend at least $200 in this place for four people.

Saeed Hossain

Good lunch menu, reasonably busy, not empty but also never had to wait for a table. Good for large groups also. Little on the pricy side for lunch but totally in line with what comes with a meal there at lunchtime.

buddy del rosario

definitely the best nyc korean food!

Alan Joun

My favorite place for Korean BBQ in NYC. Beautiful restaurant in the heart of Korea Town with an authentic feel.

Subash Sabherwal

Reasonable place for food and atmosphere. Prices are okay.

Jason Westerkon

Higher-end Korean BBQ prepared on a gas/hot plate instead of the more common coals. I haven't had it this style since being in Seoul, and it absolutely compares. A little on the expensive side, but not that much more than other restaurants in the area. The quality of the food and service was impressive. Everything was good, from the buttery soft meats, to the custom flavored soju. The restaurant was a little loud, probably the only downside.

Jnel John

Great food and service.

Alexandra Yusufov

Food was very yummy but service was a bit slow. We had to ask for extra plates a few times and waited for the check for a while.

Christina Jeng

Meat quality was excellent. Servers were friendly and helpful.

Josh Gray

Outstanding steak outstanding steak best in koreatown

toan nguyen huu

The service is regularly prompt, great character, welcoming staff. Will return here again when I arrive in town.

mixay s

A little pricey but they take bookings and redtaurant space is nice. Food is pretty decent. Come with atleast 4 ppl.

cui jingyu

Great food. A little expensive.

Jana Chams

This place is delicious! They have a great lunch menu. I go 2 to 3 times a week there and won’t get enough. The service is professional and the ambience is very calm. Great for work lunch meetings perhaps.

Jessie W

the beef was sooooo tender

Mary Yu

My go-to place in ktown for the best lunch special. I also feel they have the best galbitang in ktown.

Zorana Lee

Why have I never been here before?!? I'm alwaaayyyss scrambling within koreatown just to get a table at Wonjo or Five Senses for them to tell me that the wait time is 1hour for dinner. No way! When I crave Korean BBQ, I want it Immediately! Friday night, as my boyfriend and I put our name down for one of the Korean BBQ restaurant to realize our wait time will be 1 hour, we decided to leave since we were ridiculously starving! As we were passing by this place, my boyfriend was like "Hey let's go here... I've been and its really good. They do Korean BBQ also." So we did and boyyyyy am I glad we did! Beautiful decor, great selection of meats (it is on the pricey side though) but the service and the comfort level makes up for it. I honestly can't wait to go back to have a proper bbq.

Andy Oh

Fancy Korean BBQ done right

Cecil Apostol

Solid Korean BBQ. Does have some gluten free options which is rare in K-town.

Chris Cappucci

Excellent food and friendly staff!

Sharon Man

Great overall Korean food: bibimbop choices are excellent (bulgolgi and basil is a favorite), solid barbeque (kalbi), good non-barbeque dishes, good stews, good drinks, excellent banchan, sleek decor, can be noisy. good lunch specials ($5 cheaper than dinner) until 3:30pm. Open late. One of my go to places in ktown

Peter Usamanont

No round table. We have group of 12 people and had to be split up 8/4 for bbq table. Food was just okay. Meat was tender and service was OK. We went there during Easter Sunday and place was short of staff. No bartender! We had to wait until mid course before we all got our drinks.

Rowena Sagaysay

There's minimal space skipping privacy. Best if you are with family or friends but not on a date . Food is acceptablw but not superb. Service average.

Anushri NycLonDel

Great food and service. Highly recommend the BBQ, especially the Galbi, the jeyuk-bokkeum and the Kkaennip-Bulgogi.

Sajed Sahni

One of my favorite restaurants. Always great service and really high quality food.

Irena haskin

Really good food and great service. We were a bit lost with the menu, the waiter recommended great dishes.

Esther Clouds

Atmosphere is pretty chill and food was delicious.

Shreya Sindwani

Amazing ambience and food

Lai Wei

Food is good, but BBQ is smaller portion compared to other restaurants in Ktown and is overpriced.

Alison C

We were pretty impressed with this place, although on the pricey side (especially for beer, although we are from London so might be out of touch with NY prices). The kimichi pancake was delicious as was the bulgogi and rice cakes. Could has eaten another round of that easily! The beef was all of a good quality too and cooked perfectly on the BBQ. Having been to Seoul this place was a pretty decent version so would recommend!

Robert Colfin

Got three dishes and they were fresh and tasty.

Maurice Carter

I have marked this restaurant down, not because of the food, which is certainly good, or because of the wine list which is also good, or the decor, but because of the noise levels. The noise prohibits conversation and is an assault on older ears and is potentially a cause of long term problems for the young.


Delicious, great service.

Brian Johnson

Very much enjoyed our experience. One star off because Cabernet pork belly was bland. Service and the quality of food was excellent.

Koki Tanaka

A very fine Korean BBQ restaurant. The meat is tender and especially the marinated ones are amazing! The servers know many things and can give you recommendations on which one to get. There are two seating areas for BBQ only and regular korean food. Once the meat comes out, the server will cook them for you and will let you know when it is ready. It is pricey but the quality of food confirms it. By the end of the meal, you will be glad you came to this restaurant!

Jin Park

*BE CAREFUL. Waiter charged an extra 20% “group” fee when we had 5 people there. Didn’t think he knew we could speak English. Don’t get scammed.

Dan Brilliant

Great meat selection though need more grilled veggies options, currently none

Kamila E. Sip

Very good food. It is best to come as a group and have the traditional BBQ. It can be a bit pricey so do not go overboard with how much you order initially. For BBQ in a group you will be seated on the floor chair. It is cool. Best to book a table, especially in the weekends. Enjoy.

Vincent Scarpati

Great food, great time with a larger group of people

Rochelle Moesch

This is definitely a great place to experience Korean BBQ. The ambiance is lovely and conducive to moderate sized groups. The food quality is great and the service was what you would expect from a trendy more upscaled restaurant. Everything tasted fresh and the flavors were well balanced.


Amazing! The food was excellent and the wait staff were very friendly and attentive, despite the fact that they probably judged us really hard for mispronouncing every item on the menu. We went for late lunch and the restaurant was not crowded at all.

Andrew Mancini

Food was good but the chairs were...weird. Very hard to get in and out of.

L.S.P. Prabhu

My go-to place in Koreatown. High standards for food and service. You can choose either the BBQ tables or the regular ones. A good place for lunch, as they have a lot of lunch specials.

Alissa , That Girl

Service was good. My mom’s allergic to seafood so I asked that it was made sure no seafood was in neither of out foods and it was delivered as asked. The food was amazing, and my mom who doesn’t like asian food, loved it. Prices are literally the actual best. We ordered something we thought would total about 40$ when in reality it was 20$ the total. Highly recommend!

Kenneth Han

Awesome set up, great tasty beef, pork belly and the side plates were solid.

Saeed Jaffer

Excellent food service and vibe

caramoan islands 2018 javier

Love the food and wine. Its not chaotic

Siddharth Patel

Very well executed! My favorite place for Korean BBQ in the city. Awesome food, Helpful staff and great ambience with a traditional touch.


Would give 0 stars. We visited this restaurant tonight, party of 8 including 2 children. Food quality was okay but mediocre service. Waiter asked for more tip after bill was paid which was 400+. Totally disrespectful and unprofessional. Go to a different Korean restaurant in this area.

Andrew Woo

Lunch specials are a great time to try this place out!!

Amir Assarpour

I've come here twice so far and have yet to be even remotely disappointed - the food is one the freshest and most delicious that I've had and come across in NYC. As it relates to Korean bbq, this place is a cut above the rest that I've experienced thus far, albeit somewhat pricey, it is most definitely worth it. The service is prompt and courteous - my cup was never empty. My friends and I ordered: seafood scallion pancakes (pretty standard but tastey), green tea cold noodle soup (something unique, a bit of a chewy consistency but very tasty - definitely worth trying - it's a traditional summertime Korean snack, or so I'm told), 2 beef bbq platters - 1 was 5 meat variety, and the other was a non marinated prime beef (the meat just melts in your mouth).

Ian Creamer

Unable to find this restaurant.

Luis Escobar

The environment and service was great

Clifford Lee

food and service is excellent. had 3 carafes of lemonade soju. also had american wagyu sampler which is excellent. why price is high I feel it is worth it. came out to about 100 bucks a head including booze and tip

Christian Cox

I really thought this place was going to be amazing never had Korean barbecue before this was going to be my 1st time. There was so much positive feed about this place of the food the set up the way the restaurant is designed the staff so I was expecting an amazing time needless to say it was not. One thing drove me crazy is that me and my fellow date have never add barbecue and at Korean bbq spot. So I asked my waiter can you help us he said absolutely I'll hook you up with a great experience we are feeling totally confident needless to say we had 5 other waiters and waitresses in I never seen the 1st day I was totally disarranged a had no idea how to experience my dinner the correct way. The food was alright of the meat tasted very salty and in this kind of expensive I feel we paid $150 for honestly I have no idea it didn't seem like a lot of food We didn't drink any alcohol so the 150 was Tolly just on food. Honestly I feel that there's other Korean spots within the city limits that you could probably find a better experience at then here I was Super surprised after noticing that on the door they have the michelin star review guide that in a you have to qualify to be inside of their guide in the 1st place but it doesn't seem that it's been updated in some time check out other ones before you go here #cheflife

Brittany L

Had the 5 cuts of meat which was enough for 3 of us women. Food and sauces were delicious! It is a little difficult to get in and out of seating, so for those unable to climb down into a seat (of if you're wearing a short dress) you would probably not be able to sit at the BBQ tables.

Aaron D'Souza

Always a short wait. Food is great. Ask for spicy sauce. And then ask for the really spicy sauce if you want heat.

Azadeh Wilson

Service is amazing. The food is impeccable.

Charles Baker

Fine spot for Korean food. I love going here. Had a friend come into town and she asked me to take her here again. Menu is like a place in San Francisco I loved.

Michael Lapham

Great food and service but they need a better bar tender.

Rachel de Mesa

Leans on the expensive side and is very very loud ambiance. Good service, and good food. I recommend the bbq table top, but it can get packed quickly. They take reservations and there's a bar in the front if you ever have to wait.


Love this place, very comfortable seats. Pretty good food

Nick Nj

Highly recommended authentic Korean cuisine restaurant! Some menus and even side dishes are even better than ones in Korea. Welcome to the real Korean world in Ktown

Rajini Priya

Best Korean BBQ food ever. Been coming here from past 6 years. The staff is absolute fabulous. And the food mouthwateringly delicious. There is a BBQ station on your dining table, so you pick out the fresh BBQ once done. Also this is the only Korean restaurant to serve at least 10 different sides and sauces to go with your meal. The marinated beef and pork are to die for.

Leon Lin

Good but pricey, and fun place for groups. Service was good and they cook the meat for you. Had the short rib, pork belly, and one other item. Comes with the regular sides but not with rice. Portions are small for the price though, especially given the location.

timothy Christine

It's my first time yesterday to have dinner alone in this place. The place was nice and lovely. Their food was outstanding but pricey and the service was fine. Overall, a good experience, will return to try for more.

Franck Cushner

Traditional Korean BBQ. Pricy but good.

Terence Calulo

Like many of the great K-town restaurants, Dons Bogam offers delicious Korean BBQ and fare. I'm high a fan of their seafood pancake and pork belly. The banchan (small plates) are constantly refilled by the servers, who by the way provide stellar service throughout your meal. The ambiance is more modern then your standard restaurants in K-town and is a great place if you're introducing Korean food to someone for the first time. I'd come back again!

Antonio Armando

It's kinda of a hit and miss here. I'm sure another visit will improve this rating but at the time I visited from Jersey specifically to get the table top BBQ and it wasn't available. It's a bit noisy but I was near the bar. The food was great. A little bit crammed with spacing. I plan to go back and try again and I'd recommended it.

Air Zhang

Friday night in ktown,you dont need wait for hours to get the seats. And the food are amazing, exactly the spicy chicken, OMG,heavenly delicious, for sure to go back to get some BBQ.

Sarah Burch

Absolutely amazing! It was our first time having Korean BBQ and everything was beautifully seasoned, prepared, and seamless. We highly suggest the marinated chicken. Props to the staff for incredible service!!

Alec Walker

Very nice food, cooked at the table. I had beef, chicken, and pork belly. I 100% recommend the pork belly (although you should have it last as it's the best item on the menu in my eyes). The service was very speedy and the prices were reasonable considering the quality of the food.

Echo Wu

The lunch menu is wonderful. I love kimchi bulgogi bibimbap. For $14.95, it is served with a delightful selection of little dishes. The service is great as well.

Chris Suh

Great food and wait is not long either.

Mahrokh Moknatian

The food was ok. The place was small and full of smoke! Koreans BBQ didn’t seem to be a great choice for such a small and crowded place! Won’t go back!

Ed Westberg

Great service. Lively atmosphere on a Thursday evening. Food great too!

David Davtyan

Nice place, food is delicious. But bulgogi is not very traditional and served with noodles. Our server was good, but not very helpful with recommendations.

Luke Hinrichsen

Good food, poor service. My wife and I arrived 5-10 minutes before it switched over to dinner prices, where we met someone who was already seated. The server didn't approach us until moments before the switch time, and actually said something like "chef is going to get angry". We inquired further about the difference in the menu, and she explained that it is the same with a different price. She then went to ask "permission" to give us lunch prices, which were provided. After which she treated us like dirt. Seemed very clear to us she just wanted the extra tip money from the higher cost dinner menu. We just weren't about to pay $200 for our late lunch.

Gudbrand Olimb

Great food, especially the seafood!

Ryan Donald

Love the food here, up there among the top Korean BBQ places in Manhattan.

Stella Chow

I left my watch on the table last Friday and I came back nearly a week later and they kept it! Thank you!!!

Rudy Valenta

Best K-BBQ in the city. The cheesy corn, egg and other Banchan are great. They do all the cooking and cutting for you so you can enjoy your meal and company. They have an upstairs too. Put your name down early as there always seems to be a wait for a reason.

Adam Carey

Great food and a really nice atmosphere. Can sometimes get a bit busy, but it's usually pretty reasonable.

Colin Cravenho

Absolutely delicious .

Kate Daye Lee

a great spot for big groups and/or lunches:)!

Mike Reid

Enjoyed the 5 variety meat and bulgogi

Andrea Nguyen

Great food and friendly staff. I visited with party of 8 and they refill our water regularly. If you’re looking for a Korean high end dining this place is a good choice. The light setting is ideal for taking good selfies .

Rudi Reitberg

Excellent Korean bbq!

Alex Rovner

Great food and ambience. It's definitely on the pricier side, especially the drinks at the bar.

Irwin Liu

Good food slightly off the main area so less of a wait

Ferhat Demirer

If u like smelling like a cook who works in the kitchen after ur dinner. It’s a nice place food is good. But inside of the restaurant smells heavy food and it sits on ur dress which is I hate ..

Alicia Miguel

First time eating korean food and they killed it

James Joyce

Amazing korean bbq - loved it. Service and setting was excellent

Vansh Chhibbar

Awesome!!!! But wait times are a bit long

Kelly Ferraro

I lived in South Korea for a year and have been on the search for authentic Korean bbq since. This place truly delivers! The Gabi short ribs were delectable. The service staff was quick. Especially the bartender, he was quite busy but never too busy not to notice our glass was nearing the end. Great place!

Nabin Joshi

It's away from the hustle of korea town. The menu is slightly overpriced, but didn't feel rushed and the service was okay.

Amar Maktal

Recommend by a Korean friend of mine. BBQ and regular table options for seating. Pleasantly surprised that we were able to order the full BBQ menu (prepared in kitchen)! Delicious and authentic!

David Widen

Service was good. Appetizer of fried mandu and shumai were very good. We had the unmarinated ribeye, galbi, and bulgogi. The meat was very good and high quality. However, the restaurant was very cheap with the sides. We only got 3 small plates of kimchi, potato salad, and cooked squid, plus sauces for each person. Only 12 pieces of lettuce for a table of 8 people. We had to ask for more several times.

Joshua Hanover

Really great Korean BBQ. The meat was good quality and the cocktails were excellent as well. Service was definitely a notch above. Prices are reasonable and the ban chan was spectacular. Definitely worth a visit!

Janairy Del Valle

Food was amazing! Very traditional BBQ restaurant in food and service (they cook the food for you) Best thing from their BBQ menu is their ribs. I suggest making a reservation, it was busy on a Friday night.

Kyle Darlow

This is one of my favorite kbbq places in the city. Some of the meat can be a little expensive but it's worth it.

Thomas J. Lee

Upscale korean BBQ place. The quality of the meat they serve is excellent. They come in at a cost though. You can expect to spend $300+ for four people very easily and your stomach shall not be filled. It is very popular for non Korean. The place is very clean and we get to sit on the floor with the big hole in the middle to let down your legs.

NYC Sporkful

Where do I even begin? Had the opportunity to dine at this fine establishment and i was genuinely impressed! The service was impeccable and all food was amazing! Solid Korean BBQ, highly recommend the prime beef platter for two. The quality and quantity will not disappoint. Amazing flavor and their side dishes were also great. I will most definitely be back but if you’re looking for a traditional korean bbq restaurant in Ktown, this is your spot! Check out @NYCsporkful on Instagram to see why Dons Bogam is highly rated!

Min Sung Kim

One of the best korean bbq restaurants in town

Simon Meistininkas

Such tender meat.

Gregg Ivey

A great place to visit for Korean cuisine. Small and large groups are comfortable seated here. Prices are reasonable as well as selection. Staff is courteous and attentive to requests.

Hardy Burgos

Excited service i suggest anybody going a date or with family to go here.

Marlene Lopez

Amazing meat, glass noodles and pancakes were to die for! Highly recommend.

Juan Estrella

Great food and service

Campbell Cross

Came here by myself with the wife joining me about 45 minutes later. Initially they sat me in a sad little booth but when I asked to be moved to a better area I was immediately accomodated which was great. The food was excellent although I felt like compared with similar korean bbq restaurants in the area that the service was not as good, only because I felt like I was flagging my server down all the time whereas at other places they just come up and ask you if you need anything. Overall this would be 5 stars except for the slight point deduction for service and the strange seating they tried to give me at the start.

Juan Jose Morales

Went here for lunch. They had pretty good lunch specials, decently priced and a good quantity of food. I had the bulgogi and it was good, came with a choice of soup too. They also brought out side dishes (included with the meal) that were really good. The service was good. I would come back here.

Wilfred McDonald

Great dining experience!

Justin B

Excellent food and service. Sleek and stylish interior.

Dorian Callen

Wonderful! Food and service was excellent. Ordered a dinner for two that had 5 different meats. The numerous side dishes were as much as you can eat. Nice selection of drinks.

Joselin Skotiuk

Korean BBQ.. Delicious!

Chan Woo Park

Visited for lunch on Thursday. They have a really nice lunch special menus and the price was very reasonable. Food was great as well.

Heather Aldi

Great service and really fun food. Our waiter helped us by suggesting his favorite dishes and he was spot on. We loved it!

Steve Gomich

Short ribs are just ridiculous

Miller David

“Excellent Korean BBQ” that you cook yourself (“make sure you get a grill table”) is the main event at this “trendy” spot off the Koreatown strip that also offers staples like bibimbop, noodles and more; a stylish bar adds to the “cool” experience.

Noah Eisenbruch

Excellent food with a fun atmosphere and very friendly staff

Eric Montgomery

Decent waitstaff, not bad prices, food was high quality but didn't have much flavor though. I loved the beef but I wish they had more sauces or seasonings (or asked if we wanted salt added to the meat). I never liked the sides that come out before the meat but that's across the board for me at Korean places. I think there are better places for Korean BBQ than this. Also, not a fan of the seating.

Matthieu Dubois

Great food best hummus I tried in NYC.

Dave Alley

Food was great... lunch special is solid

S. L.

Reliable as an old friend. I can always count on Dons for good times, good laugh and most importantly, excellent samgyupsal. That said, please get rid of the Dyson hand washer and dryer. It's just a bad and messy design... I haven't seen anyone using it properly.

Steven Hic

Great food but a little on the pricey side for Korea town.

Manuel Bravo

I came to get some Korean BBQ and what I got blew away my expectations. The food was tasty of course and very filling. On top of that the service was great too; very friendly staff.

Daniel Grinberg

Great address, I recommend it for every kind of night (date, friends, family). Calm atmosphere and good music, very original and confortable setup. The food is delicious and affordable and the staff is very nice! bonus: you wont smell the bbq after the diner!!

Михаил Шлячков

Very tastyand delitious dish. Maybe little bit pricey 50$ with tips

Juan Pablo Baptista

Nice place. From my perspective is a $$$. Very good korean bbq

Kelly Hanrahan

Chinese Restaurant in Matthattan in New York City

Matt Becka

Wonderful! Can't wait to go back.

Prince Phelps

I admire this spot! They provide fantastic dishes, their menu is decent, The chef in that restaurant is a real pro, I enjoy a lot trying all their dishes. The food is consistently good, the attitude towards the clients is friendly. I visit often this restaurant and I not even once was discontended. I highly recommend it.

Food Critique

Food is absolutely delicious and authentic Korean. I've been here for a few times for lunch. The lunch special is fantastic at reasonable price offering a variety of main dishes plus many side dishes and soup. See attached photo of one of my lunches. They have a great collection of wine as well!

Oivind Fredh

Excellent Korean food

Jerome Mcneil

They serve big dishes and for fair prices. very friendly staff. Never disappointing.

Mr Kang

This place is one of the most authentic Korean BBQ restaurant I've ever been in the city. They serve high quality of meat and seafood selection. Staffs are very attentive and kind. The Prime Marinated Short Ribs and Pork Belly are my favorite!

Robert Cha

Good Lunch

Juan Gutierrez

This Michelin rated Korean BBQ restaurant lives up to its reputation. Not your mother's Korean BBQ restaurant, Dons Bogam has a modern, sleek interior. The bar upfront could belong on a starship. Taken back to our seats, the kind where you step into a hole so it looks like you're sitting on the floor. There is a grill in the middle of the table with a retractable vent overhead. The meats are of highest quality and the servers refill your side dishes and scallion salad with regularity. Modern, fun and delicious - and reasonably priced for superb service and food - Dons Bogam is worth many repeat visits

Jack Hsu

Loving it! Here for lunch. Amazing food here. And it’s on the pricier side but for the quality it’s totally worth it. Only down side is that service could be better especially for the price you are paying.

Shirley Santos

Delicious Korean food!

Zhongjin Lu

Meat quality is much worse than before

Paul Mullins

OK experiebce, food just not quite to my taste

Javier Kohen

We visited in a group of 14 and the service was great. They sat us at two of the large tables, which worked great for our group. Lots of us, so they cooked the barbecue for us; they never got in the way and were super quick. At the same time, we didn't feel rushed. The meat was all great, including the seafood; the scallops were a personal favorite. The stallion pancake was ok, I've had better at other Korean barbecues. I would definitely recommend this place for large and small groups alike. They don't serve dessert, but there are options in the area.

Lewis Lynch

I sent my friends to this restaurant with my warmest recommendations. I go their often. This recommendation is always successful. The meals are tasty and the team is very friendly and cooperative. Whenever we eat in this place we enjoy a gorgeous time. I recommend this place with pleasure.

Naga Peddibhotla

Great food...excellent atmosphere....fabulous service...

Geet Jeswani

yo the bulgogi is fire!! I highly recommend not going with Mike tho cause that boy does not know how to share.

henry wijaya

Excellent ,good food

Melissa Buehler

Everything was very good. The pork belly and short rib were fantastic.

Jeffrey Revock

Best food and service! So glad we went here.

Jeff Tsang

Good mid-high end KBBQ. Those seats in the back will cause a lawsuit one day though.

Esther Lee

The grilled meat is some of the best in ktown. I'm never disappointed with the food here. The service is decent too for how chaotic the atmosphere feels due to the crowds of ppl. I do wish there was more space between the tables. But it feels very family-oriented and family-friendly.

K Lewis

First time I went there it was great. Second and third time's I found the cuts of meat to be cheap and fatty. They only have sake soju wine and beer no alcohol. Good for a time dinner. It's just to plain for me to spend that much money.

Peter Pavlovic

What a great evening! Food was wonderful and the service was fantastic. We were a group of 7 and celebrating an event so we wanted lots of food and drink and they didn't disappoint.


It was pretty good. Nice galbi,nice side dishes,nice soup. BUT, don't eat noodle. It was like a stem from a swamp.

Michael Perkins

Delicious but expensive, they grill food at your table

Z Roth

This spot sure knows how to treat their customers. Always with a very kind mindset. The food is conveniently priced, regularly delightful and neat.

Alex Chan

Very rude staff, need more training in basic customer service. No smiles, or even acknowledging your existence. our waiter gave us attitude throughout the night for no reason. Avoid, avoid, avoid. There are much better places for half the price.

Valerie Bourdon

Fantastic service and food! Plenty of sides and great ambience.

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