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REVIEWS OF Clifton Buffet IN New Jersey

Neptati Vintimilla

Nice staff,good food, and clean bathrooms with soothing music to make you feel happy. it is a great place to be if you are with your family lookin for a place to be together. :)

Rabih Abbas

Poor service, food quality is not good at all and the restaurantis not clean.... disappointed with everything there

edwin molina

Big place, lot of food


Neat and the food is nice.

Renee Wyatt

Everything was delicious Very crowded tho still had fun

Rosa Jorge

Where do I start.? Their food isn't what it used to be. The Mac & cheese is nasty, doesn't even taste like cheese. It's just a bland yellow sauce. Their spinach with cheese is disgusting. The cheese isn't even incorporated into the spinach. They basically just put cheese on top of spinach and steam it. The cheese isn't even melted enough. The pizza is worse. I know this is not their forte but than again i dont understand how someone can mess pizza up. Their Lo Mien is DRY. HONESTLY SPEAKING.The quality of their food isn't adding up to their prices. I paid $57 For 3 adults. I can definitely tell you the only way I'm going back is if someone else is paying. Their chicken and rice are ok. Desserts are ok.

Eduardo Cãceres

Loved The Cifton Buffet Very Good, They're so helpful Those Chinese were on time.

Talon Mcmahon

This spot constantly delivers. They have awesome food for convenient pricing, there are no long waits even when they are busy.

Porfirio Contreras


Heather Craig

Cocktail shrimp was so over cooked, you could bounce it off the walls. Pretty much everything I put on my plate was cold... Even when I saw her coming with "fresh" batch of fried chicken. It was so cold you couldn't eat the best part, the skin, cause you'd cut your mouth trying to chew it. When I tried to speak to manager, he didn't want to hear about it. He was busy. He'd be with me as soon as he could. The place was empty with the exception of my group. Maybe they were having a bad day.

judy k pantaleon

We decided to try this place for the first time for my bday bcuz of the crab legs. NONE. I asked the staff and was told will be brought out later. Some of their food is not fresh. Pineapples are dry. Pizza and chicken nuggets are microwaved my son told me. The staff stands either next to you or right in front of you while we’re eating, i felt that’s rude. Gave our bill when we were still eating dessert. Thumbs down.

Quickshot 152

Always so many people and the food is great but the plates are always wet but if you a cheap place to go for a lot of food this is great


Good food. Good price before 1 in the afternoon.

Oleg Chernov

One of the better buffets. Food was fresh , good choice of seafood. Minus one star for unclean bathrooms.

Mary Price

Good selections prepared well. Everything hot and fresh! A definite keeper.

Joel Rodriguez

Great food great people and stuff

Tako yaki

They are okay their food is a little too greasy, but the employees kinda hover over you when you are in the process of eating and when the people you are with get up for more food, but I mean it's a nice clean area


My man & I come to this buffet from time to time & we like it! They have a good variety of food but the best part is their crab legs! Can’t beat the price

Rick Miles

Good place to go if you have a low budget and want to get full.

Frank Saccomanno

Great wide selection of food. Very nice owners and staff. Reasonably priced. Food is always fresh and delicious. Atmosphere is perfect along with a large spacious dining area.

cousin yt

The food is good and it's nice inside and the waiters are nice

Lasha Panjakidze

i was taking out mix and they said it's sea food. it was mostly sea food but not all seafood and they counted 11$ for 1.20 lbs container with very poor menu. and of course i asked refound and cancelled transaction. i will always go to another place. this place is very poor but overpriced. i was there last year also at 9:03 pm It was open untill 10pm and they didn't let us in. reason they said is kitchen was closed but we said we were hungry and we just wanted to get food from the bar which could be mostly waste.terrible place with managment. food is ok.

Brian Perez

Good food, decent price. Staff is a bit pushy and needs more customer friendly training

Keelon Shackleford

Food poisoning - Rat dropping all over this place STAY AWAY. Not a clean place at all rats all over here your will be sick. I will never go here ever again. Want to leave a 0 star but can't.

Ric Rogen

All You Can Swallow

Carlton Washington

Very nice plus a style food

Andrea Garcia

This place keep getting worse, 3 times in a raw my husbagot food poison. I really wonder how they keep open if all 3 where reported to the health department. It used to be a good place. I rather they put the price up and have a better service than be cheap and bad quality.

Wendy Russell

Same ol same, not the same. Lacking something

Edith Owusu

The variety of food is great!

gary rios

Huge selection all you can eat

Damaris Cornejo

I just love the food here at Clifton Buffet....i recommend

Osvaldo Laboy

Wasn't satisfied with the food. Only thing that was hot was the soups and just went in 15 minutes after they opened

Lisa Cano

The service is good, but the food needs a lot of work on the seasonin. # moreflavor#

Peggy Polo

Small, no food variety, I don't like it!!!

William Jones Jr.

Pleasant, relaxing environment, food was great! could have eaten all the crab legs I wanted, but didn't.

Dennis Fernandez

All the chicken and the rest of the meats are always cold and taste nasty.


Great service great selection . Like their chocolate ice cream

caroline salzman

Doesn't have a snow crab legs or oysters. Good price nice staff. But would like to see more options.

Sandra Smithson

Need improvement better service

Steven Ferj

So it is personal preference. With this being said, i recommend coming in and trying it out. The place is well kept and looked clean. The variety of food served assured me that i would be eating plenty. But i am here on an ocassion therefore do not dine here all the time. So its up to you to be the judge on this. I rate 4 stars because customer service was weak. However, the food was delicious.

Vanessa Ramos

Pretty good variety. They also have crab legs.

Veronica Quinones

I just love the place.

Jacks Hernandez

I love food, so when I rate restaurants I rate them by food, taste,quality, and service. This Buffett is nice. Now as a reminder this place gets packed easy mostly in the weekends. The only reason why i am giving it three stars is because of SERVICE. The employees have a habit of taking your plate even when you are not done! Also they bring you the check even when your still eating. They want you out as quick as possible. If they see you on the same plate for thirty minutes they'll assume you're no longer going to grab food. So I'll let all the viewers know and keep this in mind when you go.

Doris Ayende

I like Chinese food

Yvonne Munoz

Place has a decent selection of food for what they charge. I was pleasantly surprised by their sushi and hibachi station. If you're going for the crab legs you may be a little disappointed by their size and saltiness but if that's your thing then you'll want to give this place 5 stars instead.

Jennifer Crisostomo

Great food and the employees were nice.

Tyisha Norman

Great customer service and the food is Great

LS Pnuema

Very clean Waitress we had was funny Food was good

Jane Do

Nice ambience. The meat was very chewy. They rushed us out before I was done with my drink. I waited over an hour for fresh crab legs, by the time they arrived.. they weren't even worth it. They were very small. Our waitress was friendly but very impatient. My food was cold. Not coming back

Keith Carter

Pretty good

Selda Bahce

Tons and tons of great food. There is something for everyone here. Inside isn't the most extravagant but the food is fresh and plentiful. Good place for large groups.

David Pastor

Food was good. Good variety.

Maria Lopez

It's really cool. However the servise could be nicer. They always seem to be in an akward mood.

Veronika Roa


Michael Angelone

One of the best buffets I've ever been to.

Sam Ima

My kids like it ..

H20 Inferno

I came in around 12 some of the foods were kinda cold but I stilled loved it. There's just something about this place that makes it's special. From the outside the buffet doesn't look good but in the inside it's very calm and peaceful. Also very beautiful I love how they designed it

a v

It was good

Dalia Sanchez

We had a good experience the waitress was very attentive and kind. We were a family of 4 went for dinner and the price for adult was $15 not bad compared to another buffet that charged $25 per adult

Miro Aguirre

First time. I liked it.

nicole toxtli

Customer service was very aggressive. Our waitress was staring me down while I was paying. When she saw that at first I didn’t tip her on my card she was angry and mumbled something. (Personally I tip with cash) When I asked her for change for a $20 she only gave me $15 and kept the $5 before I even decided how much I was going to tip. The overall food quality is alrighty. But not a friendly experience.

Marcin Mojek

It's a good place overall.. been there few times and usually is very good.. last time I went the food was kinda cold and they mostly had seafood options for dinner and I'm not a big seafood person... it's nice for a quick bite foe lunch

Cindy Velazquez

It was good. And alot of food

Paul Gerardi

Food is good as is the service. I will be back

AKT Taekwondo

They are so bad serve. Its only 8:30 pm. They are start clean all of the food. They are closed at 10pm. No food. No service. Bad manage. Don’t come in this place. No food and lots spend your money.

Gia Mani

Great. Clean, Kind staff. Owners are very sweet. Crab legs are good, just need them done the same every time, meaning some times they're slightly over cooked and under seasoned. But it's ok, we have been coming here for years, and done plan to stop. Dont like that they raised the price though.


The food was good, they were slow with bringing out the crablegs.

Levon Myles

Great buffet. Never seems to disappoint.


I love this place. It doesn't have that "Chinese buffet odor", their staff are pleasant and serves with a smile. Food is off course DELICIOUS!

garden roses

The food was good it just lacked flavor and there wasn’t a lot of options. Some food options were stale and cold but overall it was good

April Spina

My boyfriend and I came here earlier this week and although we read through the reviews prior..we decided to give it a shot. The moment we were seated the waitress' were hovering over ever 2 minutes, watching like a hawk for our last bite. Every time we got up to get another serving, the waitress would swoop right in BEFORE we could even push in our chairs.The food was cold and not fresh. Most of the popular cuisine tasted off. We will not be coming back.

Armando Castro

Clean space food not to good ..was old

Kevin Mcgreggor

The food was good

Miguel Cheng

Very impressed with the quality and wide selection of dishes

SAHRELAY by yadira bonnet

Good food

Jessie Delgado

Being there couple of times the food was cold, they didn’t have crab legs and some of their food was cold like the fried chicken was terrible, and their vegetables rice was salty and cold and the sushi didn’t taste fresh. I must say thou the waitress was really nice and friendly. I did like their egg drop soup their mashed potato but the gravy was so cold and the last time I was there everything was either tasteless, cold or salty definitely would not visit again.

Thomas Williams

Food was good

Elias J Gonzalez

The food was great and the staff was very nice

Marisa Desantis

Service fine. And the only reason they got any stars , however the food was not good at all. Even the salad bar was all wilted and old the cucumbers were so soggy they were flexible , the fruit was dry and the sushi was totally dissapointing , it's sad cause we came here cause of the high reviews on the fish which was all the opposite EDIT: just reaching my town and I had to pull over and throw up , could not even make it home 2 out of 3 of us is sick and I'm so sorry I even paid for the meal

Pamela Garcia

This buffet does not really have a lot of variety and every last couple of visits the crab legs were cold. Place is clean but the staff continously come to the table to check up on how much you are eating and wasting.

liliy Qan

It wasn't fresh

Debbie Esposito

Clean, freash, this place was,worth every penny!

gia james

Fresh blue crabs

Bukunmi Makinde

Great food and ambience. I just felt as if the server stood by our table and watched us the entire time.

Greg Ihnen

Good food at a good price

Selinia Ortiz

Great food AND great Service.

Yohanel Urena

Place is great and there's a parking lot

Jennifer Fuentes

Great food! Great service!

Katya Ay

Big choice of food, specially see food. Loved hibachi steak.

Christopher Perez

I was just there. The food was okay. Typical for a Asian/American buffet but I paid $20.00 for each person! For Mother's Day and I just feel like that's an abuse. Their usual rates are usually like 1/2 that. I went their because my mom really wanted to go but if it wasn't for her I would have turned around and gone somewhere else. $20 per person is just hysterical. Also when we got there it was around 11:30am because we didn't want to wait in line. However there was no line it was almost empty. Some of the people that were leaving when we got their told us that most people get to the entrance and once they see the price they turn around and leave. I ended up paying about $150 for 5 adults. Oh and they also charged each cup and each refill of soda/tea/ect... I will definitely never be going here again.

Toshia Williams

Some of the food was cold from the steamer, the fried crabs was greasy

Ahmed Moftah

I liked the service and good. Paid 40 dollars for two pple

Gisela Semeraro

Great food, lots of variety. Price is right

Harrison Yu

Went an hour before closing and they said that they were closed. Takeout only

Ellen De Vogel

Good buffet selections for American and Asian cuisine. Wait staff adequate and friendly.

Selene Fierro

Food is Great customer service is ok I guess could be better but overall everything is Good.

Tamika Wilson

Im here right now food is horrible everything is cold!!!!! Or barely warm i only stayes my 14 year old waa hungry so i didnt want to disappoint her!!! I do not reccomend this buffet to a dog.... Waitresses had a nasty attitude

Ke_vin ب_ب

Friendly people and quiet place, I liked the turkey and the soups. The price was $18 for each dish.. I give it a 3 because the price was too high for the quality of the food... I've tasted better fruits and desserts in other buffets for cheaper price... I came in a Sunday but they have cheaper prices on Weekdays.

Cherise Thomas

it sucked food was cold and dry not going back .

adrian_crespo 1

Very good food

Juliana Thomas

Vast variety of food, it's clean and staff is friendly

Monika Lupinska

The food are good, big place, the waitress are a little too fast with payment, but was ok.


Super spacious and clean. The food is really tasty and typical for buffet. Steam trays get filled quickly and the wait staff will see to your needs with no hesitation. Everything from seafood to fruits and everything in between. It's Clifton's answer to "Golden Corral" lol.

Tamysa Dixon

I liked the variety of food and I especially loved the sushi and crawfish!

jeffy paul

This place should be closed I went there seen both this is the mice and roaches the rugs are dirty the staff is disrespectful they hover over you in the prices are ridiculous the food is old and cold lunch special is $12 dinner special 17 go to the flaming grill $8 10 times better than this place and way cheaper people should be ashamed what do they care are all illegal taking money from us Americans

Cynthia Alston

Luv the food but my favorite is the fried crabs.

Virginia Allen

Lneed go to. Any ok

ChyregMiller W

Food was really good and of great quality, lots to choose from

Erika Zamora

The food was good, just in time for fresh crab legs.

Katherine fonseca

I personally loved it. !!! It has a variety of foods and deserts and it's not a bad price

The One With Nature

The variety of different foods is so worth it including the dessert, I came here with my boyfriend's family I recommend this buffet strongly ❤

Chris Hughes

One of the best buffets around here

Gary Gaspar

Good food I wish I could go with her there again

Anka W.

The food is ok, service is good.

Jackie Rosario

Why is this place still open. First, I went to get a sushi roll and the rolls looked like they where there for a while (one of the rolls raw fish was even dried up and curling up), so I requested a fresh one and they guy said that they didn’t do fresh ones... that what was there was what they had. I passed. So, my second attempt was to get something from the hibachi section. Well no one was there and I waited. So I looked at the meat while waiting and I touched the pans to see if they were cold since they have chicken/steak sitting there and no one is working it. I touched the pans... they were not even cold. Room temperature. Not even covered and they had lights illuminating the area making the section warmer. I left and no one even asked. That’s how much they care for their business.

Stephen Totten

New owners the food is good compared to what it was like before.. similar to the same menu.

David Haniff

Food used to be better couple years ago

zouxciues alhamawandi

Food was cold. Good over all

Alan Klim

Great food and great food.can't go wrong.


You try and can eat a lot of different test


Last visit right after they changed over about 2 years ago wasn't terrible but definitely not as good as it was before that... Some items were barely warm & some items I used to like no longer available

Rose S

The food was decent! hardly any flavor. I won't be returning because the waiter was rushing my mother and I to leave. And that made us uncomfortable, we only had been there 30 mins. Very disappointed!

Liz Bernabel

Food is great! Staff are very kind, however the food is kind of expensive, if you don't eat everything 20% will be charged in you check. I will give them 5, sorry.

Zack Greenstein

They have pretty much every food you want. I just had beef with broccoli and french fries with baked salmon and ice cream

Arlene Alleyne

Food was very fresh and tasted great our waitress was awesome I'll definitely eat here again when I visit

danny motta

They charged more Food was not really good

Juan Morrobel

Really nice spot and clean . Good area can get very busy on weekends


Pretty great! The food was good and the staff was amazing

Don Jhon

Amazing selection the family had a great time

Thomas Mathew

Much higher quality of food than a typical Chinese buffet. Good value for a $19 dinner bugger

William Watson

Good food,but there food is always cold.

Sheikh Abdullah

I like the food and staff Excellent.

sabrina gardner

Crab legs were EVERYTHING


I am a fan now. They have great food there

Isai Garcia

Nice place and food

Adriane C

Only ok thing was ok was crab legs everything else was cold and not tasty. Not goin back there

Raisa Brown

Nice place

Mily Alvarez

Food is not fresh. They don't change the menu

James Bryant

Nothing Special or Distinctive to make this place any different from your average run of the mill Chinese Buffet. The only thing that stood out was the price!

Natsu Dragneel

Loved the food and staff

Franklin Arroyo

Is just so delicious...

Lawana Sanford

The food is always fresh and tasty. The waiters and waitresses were friendly. I visit every time I come to Paterson.

Crystal martinez

I liked basically everything accept the crab legs that were to salty. The service was great and I lime that they don't rush you to eat like other buffets

Param J

Great food

Earl Grosser

Upon our visit to this buffet I think I actually mentioned to one employees that compared to the outside the building I was surprised at how incredibly nice it is inside. I think he might've taken that as an insult. However it was not meant to be as the outside is just very plain, ordinary and nothing special going on. You don't really see the restaurant from the outside as they had curtains/blinds covering the windows. However when you get inside you're amazed at how nice and decorative the inside is and you really enjoy your meal with that type of surrounding. Selection of food was good for a variety of foods to eat. I tried a little bit of most everything and everything that I tried I finished. I found the best way and most efficient way to eat at a buffet is to first try a tiny little bit of everything that you know you will eat completely and then go back and decide what you will actually get more of. There's no reason to put gobs of food on your plate if you're not sure you're going to roll. Such a waste. I believe the restrooms here are located directly in the back of the buffet.

Roberto Salas

They charged me $19 for each person smh never expected to be really expensive . Never going again there

Luis Angel

Hey this place had the best crappy food I ever had in a long time I mean it! the dessert tastes like rubber and all the chicken dishes was like gum.

Shehzaad Burkatally

Went there with Wonders Travel Tours Agency last Saturday for lunch buffet. Very satisfied with the variety and quality of food they provided. Excellent quality of food particularly the seafood, Service was great, Dessert very yummy, Kitchen staffs works hard and cater for client needs. Hats off Clifton Buffet, Continue your great job, will be back again and again. Wish we had one buffet like that in Montreal, i would have pass by every weekend.

Debra Johnson

the food i had was cold cross contamination with seafood and non seafood the place has gone down hill with hot food on the weekend service also went down too i hope the health inspector goes there on the weekend for all violations

Wajdi Gharsalli

So bad ! Avoid it ...

Burim Iseni

Very good when hungry lol

Julio Peña

Excellent food. And a very big variety of seafood. Hibachi grill is awesome. A mix of everything. Just that the waiters could be a little annoying. I guess it goes woth culture.

Gonzalo Navarrete

It is a nice place. Too many people do go sometimes and they are ready to jump over you for crabs lol

Victor Coria

Food was ok but they gave me the receive with out not even finishing esting thats rude !

Mr. Amazing

Awesome buffet with fresh foods.. Very clean and nice atmosphere. Go during lunch or evenings during the week it's not too busy ..

samuel miranda

Very nice place, good food and plenty of choices

Renee T.

Good eats.

Daisy Rod

I don't plan to go back. The taste of some food has changed. The fried shrimp (which I loved eating) now it so greasy that I couldn't eat it any more. It tastes like they are frying them in old grease. Most food are fried.

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