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Very good! Food was delicious and very, very well-seasoned - not too sweat or salty - and the service was near perfect. We had the pollack and tofu pot and the spicy chicken ribs (not really ribs, however). All tasted wonderful homemade. Perfect levels of spice and decent, if not generous, portions. We went there mid afternoon so not much of a crowd. The servers were prompt, efficient, and responsive. The typical Korean side dishes were replenished routinely, as was the water. The pleasant surprise was that they brought out new side dishes, asking us to try them out. Would most definitely go back when in the city.

Joe Kim

One of the most amazing spicy galbi jim ( braised short ribs) as well any tofu dish .

stephanie liu

FRESH TOFU! Not your average korean restaurant. Really love the Perilla seed soup

Qiancheng Xiong

The food is amazing and I am equally impressed by their service. The staff cooked the main dish by our table and continuously refilled our side dishes. We were also seated immediately upon arrival without any prior reservation.

Sharan Shetty

Absolutely enjoyed lunch there. Had spicy chicken and the seafood stew along with some nice rice wine. Lovely!

Convoy Piano

very good korean food

Yen Nguyen

My go-to place for tofu soup. I was a little disappointed during my last visit when I got a less soup than usual. Still tasted great!

David Rosensaft

Seemingly very traditional Korean dishes, tasty and attractively served. A little pricy but enjoyable. Very busy and a bit noisy when full.

Edward Koo

Great meal. Authentic Korean food, tasty and reasonably-prices for Manhattan. Excellent Service. A 5 star gem.

Kai Li Tan

Awesome place! You get a serving each of their house-made tofu as a starter and my was it good! Love the pork belly slices that you are supposed to eat along with the kimchi, green peppers, garlic, tofu, pickled radish and the accompanying sauces -- yes, stack everything on your spoon and stuff them into your mouth, awesome taste! (sorry i forgot the actual dish name). The mushroom & tofu jeongul was a very delicious comfort food. The beef galbi was also super thumbs up. Seafood pancake and kimchi stew were so-so. Service was very thoughtful and prompt. We had 2 small kiddos at the table so the staff took care to arrange our food away from the kids (amazing how they managed to position so many dishes within such a small space) and they helped portion out the hot jeongul on the side into individual bowls for us so that the big pot need not come to the table. Overall a very satisfying meal and well worth the wait! (We were expecting to wait 30-45min for our party of 8 but thanks to the multiple dropouts in front of us, we managed to get our table in less than 30min! Yay!)

Patricia Leyva

It’s a amazing Koran cuisine

Aldo Lauria Santiago

We are new to Korean food....but we loved it. Big stew with lots of ingredients. Great beer. Super busy place but fast service. Wasn't sure about some of the answers in English from the waitress but it really didn't matter. Lots of hot dishes on the menu ( a limitation for us). Best tofu I've ever had (which isn't saying much). We will return.

Brian Woosung Lee

Ever since new management took over, it got better and better

Jaya Boerman

Packed with people on a Tuesday night for good reason. EVERYTHING we had here was perfectly prepared and full of flavor, from the banchan to the appetizers and main dishes. A perfect level of spice that builds up to a steady plateau allows you to appreciate the range of flavors and spices in each dish. I will come back again and again for this delicious food, thank you!


I think it is the best Korean restaurant in Newyork. I have travelled on May,2018. It was chilly, rainy day. It was the day that Koreans like to eat hot kimchi and/or tofu stew. I have visited the restaurant. I ate Chodang pure tofu stew. Its taste is very close to original Chodang pure tofu stew which I had eaten in Gangneung city(2018 Winter Olympic Games opened) at reasonable price. It is simple , good for health. Those foods made our family’s mind and body warmer. Thank you for good food.

Noam Kostucki

My friend who lived all her life in South Korea took me here after moving to NYC and it's phenomenal. Everything is incredibly tasty. It's a bit pricy, but definitely worth it. I went yo Korea many years ago and this place reminded me of being there.

Dan Chiu

Getting here after 7 is asking for a wait. But that’s because this place is a great traditional Korean restaurant. They are known for their various hot pot dishes. Would recommend also the fried chicken, the pork belly entree, the rice wine. Complementary are the little side dishes including various veggies and pickled spicy cabbage (kimchi), etc.

Moka Jeong

Very yummy and clean tofu soup!!! They don’t take reservations but you need to just wait in line.

Holly Briggs

Yummy! Stone pot Bibimbap did not disappoint!

Gus Cam

Amazing dishes including korean fried chicken, pork belly and raspberry wine. The seafood and tofu soup was excellent and the lychee sangria was unique and delicious. Definitely coming back!


They make you give 18% of tip

Dennis Antonov

The bulgogi jeongol is super good.

D. Kim

One of the best Korean restaurants. Also they have lots of vegan menu since their main dishes are tofu

Colette Schmit

Excellent service, great food, very tasty, large portions. Not surprised that people are queuing to get in.


Absolutely delicious and the staff were very friendly! I will definitely be back.


This place is by far my favorite Korean restaurant in New York City. I love that they serve fresh tofu as an appetizer. Just about everything tastes good here.

Trevor Purves

My first Korean experience and it left a wonderful taste in my mouth. This place is amazingly delicious!

Michelle Cervantes

korean food, yeah, super delicious. I like it here, great food & service. Nothing but pleasant experiences here.

Kyuwon Lee

Tasty, healthy, genuinely Korean. If you ask me where the best Korean restaurant is in this city, my only and definite answer would be this one. I cannot even think of any alternative to this place.

Sarah Park

I had a whole chicken soup and it was delicious overall. They cooked the chicken in advance and heated up when I ordered it. I have no problem with it since it'll take way too long otherwise. But.. it was a bit cold in the center. All was cooked and it warmed up once I broke it down in the soup. The soup was seasoned. Usually these types of soups come unseasoned so I can season it to taste with salt. It was a bit salty for me. But I have low sodium diet so it might've been okay for other people. The small dishes were great too. When I went lunch time and the place was about a half filled and kept more came. Staff were pretty busy but the service didn't suffer. As soon as I was done with small dishes, they brought more. By the time I was about to check out, the place was almost filled but they continued to be very attentive. Judging solely by the food I ordered, I think Kunjip has better whole chicken soup. An overall, it was a very satisfying lunch!

James Premkumar

Tasty korean good... amazing tofu. Solid bulgogi and spicy pork. Great simple food.

Jiyeon Choi

The meat was sweet and the dumplings weren’t that great but the staff were nice. My autistic brother had a meltdown and the staff remained professional and one of the male staff members helped calm him down.

Nixon Brandt

I certainly like their dishes and service, good location to where I live. The employees are always very kind. I highly recommend this place.

Jules Cassagnol

Great service,food. Heafty portions.

Alice Ning

Great classic Korean food, higher quality ingredients than usual, a lot of tofu, affordable priced

Doyeun Kim

Korean food that tastes like home ❤.

Jill Chen

So delicious! Love galbi jjim, sooo good! Deff should order it. Besides galbi jjim, fried chicken, pan cake are also good to try.

Frances Wang

Always the best place to go in K town I would say. Too many options but this one keeps its authentic and the rice wine no where else has.

Bernard Hsiao

Food was really good. Enjoyed the home made tofu. However it was busy and the waiter was slow to get to us. It took almost 15 minutes before they took our order. Very crowded seating... they really pack you in there.

Amir Assarpour

If you want an authentic Korean meal experience come here... I was introduced to this place by my Korean friend and have been coming here a few times a year since. Food is delicious, inexpensive, and the service is fast!

Ji Yeon Lee

In my traditional korean taste, they have the best 비지찌개 in nyc. Very expensive though.

P eter

This is the best restaurant in Manhattan. Get the lunch special soon doo boo. Get the seafood soup. The house made tofu is to die for. Get as much of it as they’ll give you.

Rosarita Rose

Excellent taste and service!

Jung Rhee

I am so happy to find this restaurant. Fast and serve.

Gordon Douglas

Great food and kind service in a part of town where both are pretty rare. Even very sweet with our kids who were hot and tired and fussy. A little pricey for what it is, but worth it.

Youjin Chung

they have awesome cold soy noodle. Waiting for summer every year.

Helen W

Beautiful menus and delicious food. Great spot off away from the main Ktown 32nd St

Abdulla Alnaama

Very delicious authentic Korean food in New York.

Chuanjin Zheng

The food tastes really good, service is excellent. The reason I gave 4 stars is that it's kinda pricy, the dinner potion is almost the same as lunch potion of other Korean restaurants.

Marian M.

Real Korean flavours. All the dishes we taste were delicious

Seung Mun

Quality. I just wish they could stop serving hot water in plastic cups.

Yunpeng Sun

Good food, good service. Can be packed at the weekend. Loved it.

Shulin Feng

Very good food and cute interior. The servers are very nice and professional. :)

Shawn Hwang

Authentic, healthy, amazing Korean food. Definitely worth to try if you are looking for Korean cuisine or the best tofu place.

Lesley Lai

They have a few small dishes to start and you get them refilled as you finished them. The ginseng chicken soup is what I order every time and it's full of chicken flavor. Their pancakes are pretty good too. Would recommend!

Randy Ellis

Good but not tremendous ambiance, excellent service (water was refilled 6-7 times during the meal), and delicious food. The complimentary appetizer is house made tofu with several small plates that were all tasty, especially when mixing and matching. The Buchu omelet is made from egg, Korean chives and vegetables. It was good and I’d probably order it again. I’m more likely to order, for an entrée, the baby octopus and beef bulgogi. Savory, spicy, delicious dish. Overall, I recommend this restaurant and will likely return here.

ji-hae Shin

Food quality is great. However customer service is sometimes is very unprofessional, apparently at busy times. I was waiting for my name to be called on the waiting list, then found that my name is not there. Wanted to confirm it with the counter staff, the response accompanied with annoyance of saying 'why do you doubt it'. Later he called us not by name but as 'three people', obviously the name was not there but my act reminded us of him. And I don't see any problem that a waiting customer wants to confirm the listing status. Though it is understandable to be tired when works go busy, however professional attitude should be there.

Paul Cheong

This place serves dishes not commonly found in other Korean restaurants in the area (like the ones on 32nd). You got the soy curd stew to different kinds of pancakes on the menu. I loved my meal here. The service was great and the side dishes were delicious. The dishes we ordered were really good, too. Will come back for sure! Highly recommended if you're looking for something more authentic than the typical BBQ.

Yichun Hu

My favorite Korean place in town.

Ryan Wang

Came here very frequently and the quality of the food was consistently high. Portions were excellent as well. Strongly recommend.

Nora Fusiyao

soya bibimbap is pretty unique.

Brian Lund

Love Cho Dang Gol, best bibimbap ever, lots of tasty free appetizers!

Robert Lee

IMO, the best Korean restaurant in the ktown area. Consistently delicious food!


Veggie Bibimbap and pork kimchi pancake are must haves! So delicious and really friendly and quick service.

Emmy Morales

excellent food and service. authentic Korean style food and flavors. definitely going back and trying more dishes. we had the seafood tofu soup and chicken hot stone bimbimbap

Michael Yao

Pricy korean food at an okay korean restaurant

John Mitchell

Great for the price. Not a lot of vegetarian or chicken choices and didn't seem willing to be flexible. Other than that, everything was delicious.

Cindy Lim

Kimchi biji stew is my favorite!

Cvetana Petrova

Incredibly delicious food. The seafood stew is amazing!

Paulina Virgen

Super fast service. They were nice and the food was great!

Wookyung Kim

It used to be one of the best Korean restaurants in NYC, but is not that great level anymore.

David L

By far my my most favorite place for Korean food. It went through a bit of a rough patch I feel trying to find its identity with restaurants like "her name is Han" opening but I think they finally come back to making good awesome flavor filled food. Order the squid bibimbap and biji stew if your up for some new flavors!

shema gisele

I didn't like the doebboki. Their other food were amazing. Great place to get authentic Korean food.

Bev Yap

This place was super busy even though it was around 9pm (but it was a Saturday). Their homemade tofu is really good and has a nice texture. Food is overall super tasty.

Alondra Espino

This place was amazing! The food was delicious and decently priced. The sides were great. We came for the lunch special which was about $20 for a mini stew which was not mini at all and a mini dish which was also decently sized. It comes with a bowl of rice and sides that keep getting refilled once you’re done with them. The bulgogi was great and so were the vegetable and fish pancakes. Would definitely recommend if you’re. In the area.

Asma Hanan

the best Korean food I’ve had so far! Quite a long line for dinner but it’s worth it.

Hyunsuk Chong

Amazing authentic tofu from Korea!

Silmarie Torres

Just amazing!


Authentic Korean cuisine. Rather busy esp dinnertime. We lucked out and only had to wait 20 mins, this is without a reservation around 7pm on a Friday night. Tip: try the seafood pancake.

yeji Lim

I can tell you what the chodanggol restaurant is bestest in NYC. It's real Korean food :) If you wanna try to Korean food, you must go to chodanggol :)

Niamh Parsley

Mushroom pancake is great. Wine is not good, go for the beer. Food was solid.

Nancy Beza

First time I ate Korean food and it couldn't gone better. It was delicious and the service was great. 10 out 5 for us

Henry choi

I have been going to Cho dang gol long enough to taste most of food there. Always satisfied!

Chris Federspiel

My Korean wife’s fav. Extremely delicious place

Phillip Simpson

Love love love this place! The service was 5 star for sure! I am pretty good with chopsticks but getting a muscle out of the shell with chopsticks was challenging and one of my sticks flew from my hand hit me in the chest and bounced to the floor, before I could even ask for a new set they placed one on the corner of my table and immediately brought me a wet nap to clean my shirt! The food was spicy but perfectly so! This is a must visit if you like korean food or want to try something new and different when in Ktown!

Dalton Bruno

I truly enjoyed having dinner here. It was my first time eating a fully authentic Korean meal. And it was great! Everything I tried for the first time was good! The waitress was nice! The atmosphere lighten was perfect. It had a tasteful amount of korean cultural art displayed. It was an overall great experience.

Melanie Tam

Cho Dang Gol was packed on super rainy Friday night at around 7. Luckily, we made a reservation so we didn't have to wait long. For some reason, I thought it was a Korean BBQ place - but it's not. It was fine though because they have BBQ items too. It's just that they'll bring it out to you since there aren't grills at the table. For five people, this is everything we ordered to share. This was more than enough for us and we had a ton of food leftover: Japchae (stir-fried potato noodles with marinated beef, onions, peppers, spinach, and assorted mushrooms), Seafood Tteokbokki (spicy rice cake with assorted seafood and gochujang), Seafood and Scallion Pancake, LA galbi (grilled beef ribs and mushrooms), Bulgogi (marinated sirloin slices with onions and mushrooms). My favorites were the japchae and the bulgogi, both packed with flavor. The flavor of the galbi was good as well, but the meat was a little chewy. Drinks here are not good. The cocktails are sickly sweet, and the wine is really cheap. I'd recommend skipping drinks altogether, or sticking to a beer. Wouldn't mind coming back and trying some of their other menu items (especially those octopus noodles)!

Cathleen Beza

Great food, firdt time eating korean food im glad we chose this place it was just amazing great service as well

Daria Shlyueva

Fantastic food with focus on bibimbap. Quite pricey though. We got a table quite quickly but in principle it was rather crowded. At some point some teenagers appeared inside, offering something, I didn't feel safe at that moment. The staff reacted quickly, but it took a while to clear the restaurant from the teenagers.

Sang Huynh

Good food and helpful staff

Joobin Park

Great food and service. Friendly staff.

Eunju Tae

Excellent!!!! I visit New York from San Francisco and I've head that Korean restaurants are better in NY. So I decided to try one and I found many Korean recommend this restaurant. (I'm Korean) It was fantastic. I immediately feel like I'm in Korea. All side dishes are really good and lunch meal and bibimbap was great. I think this restaurant is much better than random restaurants in Korea. It takes little long to get the food but that's because they made the ride everytime. I strongly recommend this place!

David Yoo

Favorite korean restaurant in Manhattan. The place is famous for its tofu dishes

Julian Contreras

Bulgogi was really good. Group setting was also top notch

Mina C

Our waitress was super nice and very attentive. We didn’t have to wait for a table on a Sunday night at 6 pm but when we left there was a line for tables. I had the bulgogi bibimbap and it was very good. The side dishes were also good, we specially liked the mashed pumpkin!

Omo Lueang-A-Papong

The mini bossam (pork belly) is really good. Avg bill $35-$40 per person.

Svetlana Nikitina

Authentic delicious food. Can get really busy during the holidays or prime dining hours.

joe bali

Great authentic Korean food.

Dylan Rapoport

Best tofu in the city. Great place to bring visitors for casual business meetings. Make a reservation a day in advance at least!


This was our first experience in a legit Korean restaurant. We chose the place because of the great reviews online and we certainly weren't dissapointed. We had the spicy pork bibimbap and the spicy pork and kimchi pancake both of which were incredible. The place was absolutely packed to the brim, but since the location is pretty big, we waited only around 10 minutes for a table which was good. The prices of the food are a little higher that I would've expected, but the drinks were really afforable compared to other places we've tried. Overall, excellent experience. Would return.

Andres Ripoll

Great food! The seafood pancake and the clear noodles with beef were amazing.

Sachin Doiphode

Nice Korean food

Maxime Lavallee

I didn't have any expectations for this place as we just walked in for dinner. I was pleasantly surprised! They are very generous with Kimchi and the tofu made freshly on the premises every morning, which comes for free with your meal. The various dishes we tried we very tasty and we did not leave hungry. Even better was the very reasonable bill and the friendly service. Will be going back.


Mama place. Very satisfied.good food Very tasty and healthy

Youngmin Woo

Love this place. Food was good. I know it was a peak dinner time but they made me feel uncomfortable when removing all dishes even when I did not finish my food.

Alex Galinsky

Feels like a short trip to Korea every time I step in... Relaxing place with great authentic food and drinks. Our first choice for lunch when in the area or touring NYC with guests. Wonderful and friendly service. Absolutely recommended!

Daniel Moon

This traditional Korean eatery is a few blocks off the main Korean St. but it’s worth the extra walk. They are known for their homemade tofu which is offered as a warm appetizer. On this visit we had the steamed dumplings which were hearty, but delicate. The citrus-soy dipping sauce is delicious! We also had the beef-zucchini pancake and a bulgogi and soup combo. The pancake was savory with a hint of chewiness. The bulgogi was savory but more stewed than charred on a grill. The kimchi-pork tofu stew (bigi) was thick and hearty as this version had the tofu ground up and incorporated throughout. Overall a great and reliably tasty spot in midtown!

Minseon_Mia Kim

nice staffs and good taste

Shine Wang

pretty good bibimbap

Andrejs Dembovskis

Delicious food and really helpful waiters here; if you don't know what kind of taste you want to explore today, they will be happy to help you. One of the interesting experience was potato noodles, that something you need to try. Usually the food is not too spicy, but you can ask to add more fire.

Helena GT

Place was packed yet we were seated pretty quickly and food arrived pretty fast. Food and service was great!

Cy Chia

Bad service. We queued 20 mins for a table only to see it given to another group of similar size who came much later than us. When asked about the unfair treatment, the usher simply brushed it off as miscommunication among the staff without any apology.

Ana Piferrer

Excellent restaurant K-Town. It's where the Koreans go when they want authentic Korean fare. No reservations, but quick service, especially if there's two of you.

Joy Chen

Love the food! It's a bit on the pricey side but I heard that they don't use MSG and they make their own Non-GMO tofu too. So taking healthy considerations in to account, this place is good. My friend and I came a few time years back. Since then, the place had been through some ownership changes as my friend told me. Nevertheless, it looks like that the business is still good. We came back on a Wednesday night a few weeks ago and the restaurant was busy. I would love to come back again, hopefully soon.

Bill Stewart

Excellent! Very authentic and delicious. Reasonable prices on most items some are a bit high.

Luyi Zhang

We tried the oyster, watercress and crown daisy pancake as well as Galbi Jiim. Both are delicious. The portion of food is plenty for two.

Paul Yoder

Best tofu I've had in 10 years.

Kamal El Assaad

Justa great experience

Debipriya Chatterjee

This gem of a Korean restaurant came to my radar recently, after a Korean co-worker recommended it. Almost everything on the menu is excellent but on cold, dreary nights you must try one of their gigantic stew bowls and drown in deliciousness.

Daniel Kim

Been coming here years now. Never can go wrong! Authentic Korean food!

Chan Woo Park

One of the best Korean restaurants in ktown. Quality was really good, very authentic, and reasonable price. The service was great too. Our server was very kind and they refilled the empty side dishes right away. There can be a long wait if you visiting during dinner time.

Anna Tang

My favorite Korean spot! I have tried many places, but this is the best for their tofu.

Arton Ragsdale

Fantastic food and wonderful people. Highly recommended!

Joey Han

This place was very packed on Saturday night. However, the staff is really nice and friendly. Food was very good. We got bossam and kimchi jigae. I highly recommend bossam if you're a fan of boiled pork. It was delicious. When you go in, you're immediately greeted, but if it's busy, it might take you 30 min to get a seat, which is fine because the wait is totally worth. Recommend this to lover's of Korean food!

Phoebe Chang

Good traditional korean food! New gem in the city!

David Choi

I used to come here once a week with my sister. It has good food and the staff are usually on top of it even when they're super busy. I tend to get stews here but I also tried the noodles and the spicy chicken dish (I don't know how to spell them in English). They've all been decent although as I always say none of this Korean food in America compares to what it actually tastes like back in the Motherland. It's still very good for what you can get in NYC.

Style N Craft Leathers Inc.

Nice place. Good food. The seafood pancake is very tasty as well as the accompaniments. The pork dry dish is great too as well as the pork and seafood pot. The Lemon Soju cocktail is nice. The staff is courteous, friendly and very attentive. Slightly expensive but a lovely evening and experience.

Robert Imrie

Cho Dang Gol on West 35th Street is a casual restaurant sitting right next to a tiny but fine Hampton Inn which I have stayed at before. Of the 100 or so packed seats today I was the only non-Asian, which I took as tacit proof of its veracity. Our waiter was extremely helpful, suggesting we try this instead of that, or to avoid one dish because it is an “acquired taste,” or to try Set Menu #2 instead ordering their home made tofu and rice separately because you get those things in the set menu for the same price. Reasonably priced and delicious.

Hyunjung Oh

Good quality food. Service is fast. Can be pricy. Some options for vegetarians.

Aria Macabre

Amazing food and great service! Reasonable prices too! Will be coming back again!!

Seungwook So

A bit pricey but the food is good.

Frank F.

Great food

Joseph F.

Terrible service.


If you miss hearty Korean food, not too much MSG taste, this is the place.

Toby Fagbule

My first korean restaurant. Totally worth the wait.

Nani Tjuradi

Food is good tho a little pricey. Waitress happily brings out additional Korean side dishes we asked for. We had chicken ginseng soup, mushroom pancake and BBQ pollock fish which is really good

Tiffany Gong

Good service and TOFU! It's always packed, so I suggest you make reservations. Lunch special: Tofu Stew, rice and one side - $17.95. ✌

Jing Dong

We ordered Dumplings Jeongol. It was supposed to be a hotpot with dumplings, pork, squid, and vegetables. BUT, there was no pork or squid in it at all. We asked our waiter, and he offered us $6 off, for something that tasted completely different from what we expected.

Annette Terry

My Korean relatives invited me. My first time visiting such a beautiful place. Enjoyed the ambiance, all the dishes were served quickly, hot and with a smile. I give it ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

Victor Marz

Authentic Korean food experience. Priced well for the lunch menu at 18$. I tried the Kimchi and Beef Stew and the Bulgogi Beef. It was delightful and plentiful. I could barely finish it and the flavour was sublime. Highly recommended if you like Korean food. A gem.

Steven Hung

Very busy place, but fast service. Had the spicy pork bimbabap and tried the bulgogi, both were delicious. Some of the stews can be on the spicy side.

Quynh Pham

Good food for lunch Only local people.

SkyDiva Tee

This restaurant serves made on site Tofu, which is simply delicious. The soup was pure comfort, I enjoyed every bit of it. The mixed grain rice was just the perfect texture and the pancakes were delightfully fluffy. I will definitely be back for more... Highly recommend!

Dongseok Danny Kim

I've been going to this place since 2010, and the taste always good and consistent. Authetic Korean food!

David W

In Koreatown, this is our goto spot. Been a patron for years and have tried almost everything on the menu. While the environment and decor is casual the food is consistent and has high-end flavor. We love so many aspects of the menu that we can come here regular (which we do!) and maintain a nice rotation of foods and not get bored. First off, I can't find another korean restaurant yet that has better side dishes. It is always fresh, and they keep a nice selection of regular vs new items. Since we have so many favorites, I'll rattle off more than a few: Starters - all pancakes, dumplings, mini bossam, fried chicken, japchae. Entree - galbi jim, all bibimbops, all the hotpots/Jeongols, all the stews. This is pretty much 80-90% of the menu! Only weakness in the menu is the dessert. More than half of the times we have ordered it, the mochi was hard and did not taste fresh. My guess is there isn't enough people ordering it so there isn't enough rotation in stock. Very, very minor point. We always observe the waitstaff being consistently friendly and helpful to all. Don't hesitate to check this place out!

James Lee

Love the true Korean tofu!

Yuri L.

Long wait but decent food. Recommended.

Avinash Salgam

Try the spicy baby octopus & beef, the don't hold back on the spice! The pan fried scallion and seafood pancake was also very tasted. Expect a short wait but for the unlimited banchans and quality Korean food this place is worth it!

Zizen Pan

Great food! A bit on the pricier side of ktown food but worth it! Their japchae is the best I've ever had (not that i have much to compare to) but it was so flavorful, even just the glass noodles

Albert K

This is a super tight spot, but the staff are extremely courteous. On the higher end of KBBQ prices (Kalbi $39, hot pot $41, chicken $23, etc.). Pretty good pan chan selection with the octopus and kim chi. Did not get any fish (O Deng), which was unfortunate. The staff are extremely accommodating and fast. They are so busy running all over the place!

Sungjun KIM

Even better than Korean food you’d expect in Korea

Pat Ling

Great dinner here last night! Authentic and delicious. Definitely will come here again. It has a great vibe and near Times Square. Packed full by 6:15 pm. Would have given a 5* but the waitress could have been friendlier or more helpful with suggestions.

Steve Wang

Came here with a friend on Saturday night around 6PM, and the place was already packed! Luckily the host was able to find a shared table with a divider which had some seats open. The interior is cozy and a moderate volume. The menu here is full of delicious options, and we ended up ordering the cold black sesame noodles, japchae, kimchi jjigae, and spicy chicken. Our waitress and the staff were all very attentive and quick to bring the banchan (including their in-house tofu - wonderful texture), top off waters, and overall attend to our needs. The sesame noodles were packed full of sesame flavor and the noodles had a lovely bite. The japchae had that smokey flavor and was well proportioned with ingredients. The kimchi jjigae was spicy and comforting, and the spicy chicken balanced tender chicken with chewy tteokbokki. They also brought a hot stone bowl of rice, with the ever delightful crispy rice on the sides and bottom, which they add barley tea to, making a refreshing drink at the end of the meal. We were too full for dessert, but they have several options available if you have room. Overall prices were reasonable, under $100 including tax/tip for the two of us. On the way out, the line was out the door onto the sidewalk! Highly recommend for some delicious korean food in Ktown, but either have a reservation or get here early to avoid a wait!

Mark Lee

This place is a little more high end comparing with the two Korean restaurant right next door. The service was very nice and they have friendly wait staff who would ask you if you need more free small dishes if they see that you finished them.

Eric Fino

The hand made tofu is the best


This places was delicious! Definitely recommended. I visited this restaurant two times and got take out once on my 5 days stay in nyc. That's how good it was, it got me coming back for more! Loved the seafood Stew, the flavour was strong and delicious. You can tell they spent a lot of time on perfecting it. The tofu mix in the stew was interesting. They had two types of tofu inside. One was a firmer and more chunky tofu, and the other was a smooth and soft type of tofu. I am not really a tofu eater but the smooth one was so good. Definitely recommend trying the tofu here. They're all made in house and super fresh. I've also tried the bulgogi with squid. This dish was also really good. The meat has a nice charcoal/smoked flavour to it and the seasoning was on point. I also like the fact that you're paying for what you're asking for. Because there wasn't really much fillers in the dish. It was literally meat and squid and some onions but not a lot. It was really worth it. We also tried the bulgogi stew, this wasn't my favourite but it was okay. It's on the sweeter side. The beef was pretty tender. All the side dishes were also delicious. They change up a couple of the side dishes each time I was there. So there was a nice variety whether you dined in or get take out. I've also tried the yuzu rice wine, this was interesting, a bit icy. Not my favourite but it was okay. I've also tried the lychee sangria - really liked this drink. It reminded me of a ice wine like taste. The consistency was a bit thicker than regular sangria.


Good tofu restaurant

David V

Update: I came back on a separate visit while in town for business. Wow, the side dishes at this restaurant are extremely delicious. Ive gone to several other Korean restaurants close by and I think this place is my favorite so far! This time I had the stir friend veggie noodle plate and the spicy seafood starter. They were delicious! Good Korean food. Had the baby octopus and beef bulgogi plate. Very delicious!

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