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1127 Elizabeth Ave, Elizabeth, NJ 07201, United States

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Here we offer you the opinions of people who consumed the products of Cali Burger (Restaurant) in New Jersey.

Nowadays the firm receives a rating of 4.2 out of 5 and the rating has been calculated on 643 reviews.

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This Restaurant corresponds to the category of Hamburger restaurant.

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REVIEWS OF Cali Burger IN New Jersey

Valeria Posso

Love the burgers. Will go back again soon

Henry Joel Espinosa

Good burgers but delivery and staff are a joke


The service is the worst I had in a while and the food is no fresh I will no be coming back

Joseph Gardner

This place is worth the trip. I don’t speak a lick of Spanish but received excellent customer service. The restaurant is CLEAN, the music fun, and the food is DELICIOUS! They’re burgers are better than Smash Burger and Five Guys, and cost less!

luisa c

Amazing food! Delicious burgers and hot dogs !! The wait is a bit long, but because all food is made fresh and on the spot !

eloisa suero

Mi favorite recommend 100%


we got the Super Hawaiiana (loved the sweetness from the pineapple-great combination) and the bacon cheeseburger (gooey goodness). A lil' on the pricey side, but well worth it -just be sure to be super hungry since the burgers are huge. Also, upon entering the place, head to the counter (lest you look like fools like us) there won't be anybody taking your order nor delivering it. Don't expect much from French fries, they're like any Burger King/Macdonalds you've already tried: nothing to write home about (you should even go without). To me, honestly, the highlights are the burgers. And they didn't disappoint. We ordered jugos naturales, one papaya con leche (a little on the sweet side) and a maracuya (nice sour and sweet). Staff was friendly and the service was fast (we waited like 10 mins tops, we arrived well after 1930, and there more people pouring in after us)

Cindy Irrizary

Honestly disappointed that you guys had ONE JOB and failed to do it I ordered Shrimps and they had the nerve to send me pork on top of that I called numerous times and no one seemed to answer you lost a customer !!!

Jeff Moncada

Expensive and customer service is not that good either.

Bee De La Cruz

Good burgers they used to be great but they lower the quality of their meat. The Cuban sandwiches are amazing. They upped the prices on their sides, a side of fries or fries cassava (yuca) could break your pocket.

Mario A Roman

Oh God... can't wait to go back... Ask for a plate of mix meats with shrimp and tostones... the best

John Ricaurte

Supercali burger it's the best

Raoul Mata

Cali Burger is ok, adding many toppings to a burger to hide that low quality patty with sauces, for 8 bucks. Although the drink and fries are good, it's 5 bucks more for that, which I feel is too much. Cali Burger is overpriced for the subpar patties they offer.

Miku Sama Reviews

I have been eating here for years and have never got tired of their delicious food

Andres Torres

Love this place


Good food and service

Aneudis Vittini

Not good make me sick

Annabel Puello

LOVE the fruit salad with ice cream... everyone is very nice.

Roddy Pine

Great burger but decor lacks and service is very robotic. Prices too high.

Natali Buitrago

Fast service, good customer service, nice atmosphere and great food...I really recommend it...

Brianna Correa

Its delicious

Daniel Ramos

It's good but I don't like the idea that I can't use my card to buy their food

Steven Ponce

Nice Colombian fast food

Aryeh Eisenman

Ok burgers but they had some weird sauce in it that gave it a weird flavor but all in all it was good.. I found it amusing that when I ordered in English they had to find me a special English menu so I can point to what I wanted to order!

Alex Vi

Voluptuous tastey Fast Food with the Colombian Twist.

Victor Posada

Excellent food. Variety and good price!!

Vanessa Balanta Mosquera

Delicios colombian fast food


Best resturant ever. Good food. Friendly atmosphere.

David Colon

Delicious food decent service

Panda FxGaming

best burguers

Yeny Lozada

The hamburgers are the best I had so far, they are not only juice but favorful

henry romero

Good food

Danny Aguilar

The burgers are great that's all I can say. It is not Cali as in California it's Cali and in Colombia; so they add the Colombian flavor to their burgers and they do not disappoint. I cannot speak for the rest of the menu as sandwiches as I have only had their burgers.

donald duffy

My burger was just awful. Two bites and I threw it in the trash. Burger, fries and a can of diet Coke overpriced at twelve bucks and change.

Scarlet Araujo

Best burger ever

Clairmonte B.

No burger out there quite like this one. Delicious is an understatement

RJ Cruz

If you know real colombian burgers n dogs with hardcore salsa music. This is the spot

Yovani Pineda

Good burgers and natural fruit drinks


Way too full, price is kind of high, food is good.

Cuca Sanchez

The burger taste delicious and excellent price. Love it

Ray ray

food good, staff looked like she didn't want to be bothered.

Jennifer Trejos

Their food truly deserves 5 stars, however their service is awful and they take too long to get your food out. We had a burger, arepa rellena and salchipapa, it took them exactly 32 minutes to get it out. We drove for 45 minutes to get there and didn't really feel welcomed when we got there and starved for another half hour, but food was delicious. Hopefully next time the servers will be in a better mood.

Adnan Rashid

Stephens the server was great!

Lissette Diaz

CaliBURGER. The bestttt!!!!!!

Tommy Gonzalez

This place use to be better back in the day food is trash now.

Sebastian S.

Ever since I moved from Jersey more than a year now, I can honestly say I miss this joint. Super cali burger, one of the tastiest burgers I have ever had.

Luz Borrero

So good , the humberguer too big and delicious nice place, nice service I love

juan camilo davila

If you want to feel at home here you will find, a site designed to provide comfort away from your country.

Jose A Ramirez

Delicious burgers.. yummy yummy.. I'll be back soon

john londono

Feel like I'm in Colombian fast food place in Colombia! Very authentic great prices and the food is amazing.

andrea-jose franco-arvelaez

Great burgers and amazing hot dogs!!! Pizza not the greatest

adam albarran

Good Columbian food

Fernando Bomnin

The best

Melissa Rolon

Best place so far to get, Colombian burgers and hotdogs

Joe Sanchez

great food....

Juan orozco

The location is filthy, the burger is well priced at $8 but a combo (typically bundling in soda and fries at a cheaper price) added $5 dollars to each Bill! How is neatly double the price a "combo". On top of it they tried to charge the sodas. As for the burger, it was ample an had all the toppings. The meat clearly was performed frozen low quality patties. Overall very not worth going. Dirty, overpriced, possibly deceptive and low quality meat.

Cr Smokez

Great burgers. But order 20 mins before you get there so you only have to wait 10 mins to get the food.

Maria Ocampo

The food is awesome and delicious

Jessica Odoom

I was in the area and was starving so I decided to stop by here and get something to eat. I got the Cali Burger, which was delicious. I really enjoyed it with a Mango smoothie and French fries. The food here is a little overpriced, but I still enjoyed it.

Gs Snipe

Very comfy place. Definitely enjoy the food

carlos quintero

Very nice place to eat Colombian food

César Jesús Paucarcaja

Food is very delicious, very family friendly and staff is very nice

Nicholas Kay

The food is unbeatable. As an English-speaking individual I had some trouble ordering but they staff was very friendly and helpful. The shakes are super sweet and food will make your mouth feel like it was just thrown a surprise birthday party. For your own physiological well-being, please don't eat here every day.

Miguel Roman

The best burgers in Elizabeth


Very friendly staff!

Carolina Restrepo

Authentic flavors! Many options to satisfy your Colombian cravings

Sandrita Rengifo

The only place that know how to make SALSA DE AJO☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️ BEST FAST FOOD IN ELIZABETH NJ

Omar Hamdan

Place looks nice and clean, although the tables were sticky. I ordered the signature “Cali burger” because a friend told me it was her favorite spot. Extremely disappointed... burger was structured to be good but it just didn’t taste good, not did it really taste like a burger. The patty was just awful. I’m a chubby guy and I was really hungry so I was ready to dig in but after two bites, I asked for a to-go box. I also got fries with cut beef hot dogs which tastes like regular fries and hot dogs, nothing special, but it wasn’t “bad,” not would I recommend or order it again. I also ordered a strawberry smoothie, which was alright, nothing special again. My total was 22 bucks and I honestly it was a complete waste of money. The dessert looked really good though, but then again, looks can be deceiving. If the food your restaurant is named after is a big let down, then I cant imagine anything else being that good, but then again I could be wrong. I really wanted to like this place but jeez get some fresh ingredients and better recipes. Chef seems to be doing his job well given the tools at his disposal. Damn, I really wished I could give this place a 5 star...

Cesar Quintero


Yaya Mm

Went off of the opinion of someone else , to try the food , bad idea. When I arrived , no one greeted me , the guy behind the counter stood there starring at me which I considered rude , not to mention no one took the initiative to greet me , nor welcomed me , nor approached me to take my order . Since the costumer service was so bad , it discourage me from eating there . I would never eat there and I would advise any person of color not to go there due to the sucky customer service and the ignorance I was faced with

Barbara Johnson

Looking for a different twist on a burger this is the place. Its a little pricey and they practically only speak Spanish..but there is a portion of the menu that it is English

Oscar Marin

Now you can pay with card, hamburgers are good and in general food is good, the place need some more imprudent but they are doing good.

Keyshla Maldo

Best burgers in Elizabeth!

Golson Ray

Cali Burgers? I was expecting more. I ordered Bacon cheeseburger combo, $12.00. I had 1 piece of bacon slightly cooked, the butt end of the tomato that should have been in the garbage,the Columbiana drink was slightly chilled not cold and the fries were ok. Would I recommend this place? Probably not.

Valentine Ezeadum

Great food with quite an inviting atmosphere.

Veronica Moran

Good burger

Kiara Estevez

The food here is good and so are the drinks and desserts. They have a variety of things to pick from. As well as fruit treats, which are hard to find. I gave it a four because tables were sticky and I’m just a germaphobe & the staff could’ve been a bit nicer but because of the food selection I’d visit again.

Jaime Ortiz

It's okay

samuel hernandez

good food & service

Dre sanz

Great food! Pretty fast service!!

Oscar Travis

The service is consistently speedy, fantastic vibes, nice staff members. Will return here again when I am in town.

jorge lopes

The food is really expensive but the burger is really good. Just you’re paying $8-9 and don’t have an order of fries yet and it’s strictly cash which sucks. The restaurant is really dark like the lights are dimmed a lot. It’s a little hard to find parking nearby because of its location but it stands out from the other places nearby

camilo londono

Great place, great food.

John S

A bit pricey but delicious.

Alex Quiles

Ughhhhh !!!! Burger patti terrible felt like i was eating a poor quality hamber priced like zin burger

Raisa Castillo


Dimi Zouk


leydi dematos

Food prices increased but some food only is still tasty. And customer service is sucking at this point. Been coming here with my family for over 18years and service was never this suckish specially the girls lack of professionalism. Why she answer the phone if she going to leave me hanging 10mins. For her to take my order and take her sweet ass time with the person she currently attending.definetly my money should go somewhere else but here.i spoke to them and their answer was that the owner directed them to prioritize the people who are there and not over the phone,so im guessing is fine to have a customer waiting for 10min for a order? What kind of people and bussiness are the owners trying to promote

Natalia Moreno

As a colombian let me tell you something, this is as close as you’re gonna get to a colombian burger! These people are amazing! They have great food, have invested so much into their cute little business! I love it, you can’t miss with them! ❤️

Abigail Ibarra

Really liked it. Fresh food i had the hawiian hamburger and i loved it.

Anely Gomez

Hamburgers as in Caracas Venezuela

Christopher Reinoso

The beef wasnt that good for it to be called a burger spot maybe the have better thing to eat but it most definitely not burgers if that what your looking to eat

Nicole Garces

Horible coustumer service, Not all the food is bad but overall bad experience

Claudia Cortes

Renovated fast food restaurant, menu has been changed, delicious fast food.

Yhirlean Vargas

Great food and music while u eat

Xavier Abreu Cedeno

Amazingly fresh taste, best burger place in town. Ill definitely comeback

Ernesto Flores

The best and unique hamburgers!! I love it


Good pernil sandwich bad french fries

NO Zel

best place to eat hamburgers . i recomend this place to drinks shakes !!! they a variety of delicious food .

erick jacome mosquera

45 minutes for One Burger Fast food ??

Major Waind

The shakes are super sweet and food will make your mouth feel like it was just thrown a surprise birthday party. For your own physiological well-being, please don't eat here every day.Feel like I'm in Colombian fast food place in Colombia! Very authentic great prices and the food is amazing.

Gonzalo Navarrete

Feel Colombia

winston beltran

good variety in fast foods, fusions and Latin appetizers. The restaurant has a nice place.

Juan David Estrada Coca

This is what I call a Hamburger!

Ronald Beita

One if not the best Colombian fast food in town for sure 100%✓✓✓✓✓

Marcos Aman

Best burger ever

Catalina R

You call an hour ago they tell you 20 min you get here and your order is not even ready what kind of bs is this..

Jeffrey Florez

Great place for a gringo like me to eat good colombian food and check out the colombian women ;)

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