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2444 Lemoine Ave, Fort Lee, NJ 07024

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REVIEWS OF Busan Gukbap IN New Jersey

Jennifer Gold

Hole in the wall place, heat is almost nonexistent, crappy furnishings and chairs, BUT put that all aside and GIVE ME SOUP! A real down to earth home cooking spot. My fave and go to are the first and second items from top of the menu. I have no idea the names. Check my pix and you’ll know which ones. Always satisfying and always good. The women are friendly and very efficient.

hong suk Choi

주방장이 바뀌었는지..별로였음.... 감자탕 나오는 고기도 ....오래 된거 같은 느낌 ..다시는 안먹고 싶다는.....

Rio Guo

Best Kimchee in Northeastern USA

Min Kang

Decent enough


(Translated by Google) This shop should be ruined. Traveling to Europe I did not have a place in a country that forced me to tip, but this is what I'm pushing. The tip is a service that is right for you, but here it means that the tip is perverted. It is the first day of trip, and the feeling is really dirty because of you. I think I'll puke. That such a person is the same Korean. The reason why this is so good is that I just live in Korea and I miss Korean food and there is no place to go. If you are in a foreign country for a long time, the taste of basic Korean food is forgotten and I think it is delicious here. Taste is seasoned in potato soup and contains large potatoes. That means that she replaced the sheep with it. I hope you are not a fool, and you do not want to be here. Not serving hot rice. Tips I do not have any basics. I honestly do not want to give a 1 star. The $ 20 I wrote was worse than the one picked up by pickpockets. How do you feel when you are on the first day of your trip? Just because she was a girl who did not learn that girl, she thinks she lives and it makes me feel better. ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ (Original) 이가게는 망해야 함. 유럽여행 여러곳을 다녀오면서 팁을 강요한 나라는 전혀 한곳도 없었는데 여기는 강요를 하네요. 팁이란 서비스를 하고 받는게 맞는건데, 여기는 팁이라는 뜻이 변질 된듯. 여행 첫날인데 아줌마 때문에 기분이 정말 더럽습니다. 토할것 같아요. 저런 사람이 같은 한국 사람이라는게. 여기가 잘되는 이유는 그냥 타지 살면서 한국음식 그리워서 갈곳이 없으니 여기로 모이는듯 합니다. 외국에 장기간 있으면 기본적인 한국음식의 맛이 잊혀져 여기가 맛있다고 생각하는거죠. 맛은 감자탕에는 조미료 맛이 나고 큰 감자가 두덩이 들어있습니다. 그건 그걸로 양을 대체 햇다는 뜻이죠. 바보가 아닌이상 여기 동네 사람들 안가셨으면 좋겠습니다. 따듯한 국밥을 제공하는게 아니라. 팁 안주면 기본이 없는 사람으로 생각합니다. 솔직히 별 1점도 주기 싫습니다. 제가 쓴 20달러가 소매치기한테 뺏긴것보다 아깝습니다.ㅋㅋ 여행 첫날 기분이 잡쳐서 어떻게 하면 기분이 풀릴까.. 그냥 저 여자는 못배워 먹은 여자라서 저러고 산다고 생각하니 한결 기분이 좋아지네요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ병ㅅ같은ㄴㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 토나온다진짜

Min Choi

The best food in town. An old market style..

Gina Kim

OmG!! Very delicious

Jason Kim

My wife called just to ask if this place delivered. It's a simple yes or no question. But the lady that answered the phone was extremely belligerent and rude, raised her voice at my wife saying things like, "why would we deliver" and "how can we deliver?"...........It's hard to understand why she came out like that. There was no reason to be hostile about a simple yes or no question. Individuals like her make the rest of the staffs look bad and disgraces the establishment. I don't care how good the food is here, I will never set foot in this place.

Aaron Yoon

One of the best korean food you will have in this area. Very small but can't beat the taste.

Bosun Jang

Wow. Just wow. Great Korean meat stew.

InHyung Jasper Lee

(Translated by Google) Pork cooked rice is 10.9 (no tax) I am a native of Pusan. As a person who has been in the rice cookbook for 3 years in Busan, it is worth to write down fact. There are many sheep and I can not catch. I also ate delicious soup. New Jersey or New York. Good food (Original) 돼지국밥 10.9불(택스불포) 저는 부산토박이입니다. 서면 국밥거리, 부산 3대국밥집 다 가본사람으로서 팩트만 적습니다. 양 많고 잡내 없습니다. 국물 또한 맛있게 먹었어요. 뉴저지혹은 뉴욕오시면 꼭 오시길 바랍니다. 굿굿 노빠꾸 맛집 ㅅㅅ

Young June Moon

THE best korean food joint u can find in fort lee. Its a tiny restaurant that can seat probably 15 people to 20 max. They only serve a handful of items and man have they perfected each dish. If youre into spicy food i suggest you get the spicy pork neck bone soup (gamja tang) huge portions of pork neck bones with a scalding hot soup and meaty potatoes. If youre into something hearty i suggest you get the pork blood soup (hae ne tang) as nasty as it may sound it is extremely tasty, you have diced cubes of pork blood that tastes kind of like liver but smoother, crunchy bean sprouts and delicioua chewy intenstines and stomach. I come here at least 1 a week!



Dr Cho

Great true Korean food.

Sophia Minjung Lee

Best Gukbap in New Jersey.

Michael Kim

Great but very selective menu & some items not available


한국을 생각나게하는 집^^ 좁아서 바쁜시간대에는 기다려야되요. 뒷면에 주차장도 있으나 자릭ㆍ 잘 안나요~~

Alvin Cheung

Great food at a competitive price.

Erik Ramos

(Translated by Google) Good place (Original) Buen lugar

Jack Hwang

awesome foods, huge portions for a price.

In Shik Chong

(Translated by Google) It tastes like house rice (Original) 집밥 같아요 맛이 좋아요


(Translated by Google) I can eat the net country with such a clean taste and I will find it often. Good price is also good. (Original) 순대국을 이렇게 깔끔한 맛으로 먹을수 잇어서 자주 찾을거 같아요.. 착한 가격도 좋아요.


Best taste for Korean

Jeno Na

Great food. I love it


Delicious awesome

InYong Chung

One of my favorite Korean restaurants. It’s a hole-in-the-wall shop, but that adds to the “soul food joint” vibe. Besides all this, food tastes great.

ru son

(Translated by Google) Paris came out of the sun. there was fly in the soup. (Original) 순대국에서 파리가 나왔네요. there was fly in the soup.

Hyun Whang

Great soon dae! My favorite place in NJ

Daniel Hong

Authentic, delicious gukbap! Best of its kind in NY/NJ.

Sarah An

I feel like I am in the korea now! Very tasty ... I will be back :)

James Park

Small, tight space but worth it because the food is awesome.




Service is just ok, but the food is just like what I had when I was in Busan. I suggest parking in front of the store and not in the rear parking lot.

Peter Ha

The food was best ever I had

Hyunseok Chang

Pork and rice soup was pretty authentic and reasonably priced. This is a tiny place with only a few tables, so expect to wait (outside) during busy hours

Kevin Yang

Tiny place. But you can experience awesome taste.

milan kapadia

Small menu and everything is good. Really good soondae which is something that is not readily available at every typical Korean restaurant. Place is small but worth the wait.

Jung Park

Food is great. Good for hangover but the waitress is horrible and the place very small

Saetbyul Kim

Way too much MSG...

Daewon Kwon

Authentic gookbab!

Hwechul Derrick Cho

Needless to say. 5 out of 5. Better than restaurants in Korea.

Dahn Jeong

The gukbaps are excellent! Even compared to Korea.

Dong Kyun Sohn

My family, especially, two daughters like here. Authentic & Awesome!

Discovery Everyday

Small place but good food!

Sang Min Shin

Probably my best restaurant in NY area but the gukbap taste has dropped significantly when I visited last week. Broth was watered down. It was not like before. Disappointed...

Aaron Pak

I get that old school korean restaurant atmosphere and the food is good

Hyun D. Kim

One of best Korean country style soup, no place to seat.

Eugene Baik

This is a must visit place....

Chonghun Song

Very small Korean restaurant. Decoration is not good, but food was okay.

Sang Kim

Some serious kimchi jigae!

Rachel Lee

Just like the gukbaps I ate growing up in Korea. They taste just like the ones my grandma used to make. As soon as you walk into the restaurant, I get reminded of the cold winter times in the 90s, just getting back home from a playground after hours of playing jump ropes and hopscotch with friends. Nothing warms me up the most than the smell of my grandma's gukbap. The service is fast and take outs are even faster if the order is placed at the non busy times. I placed an order on the phone and the lady told me to come in 10 min. I came 5 min earlier and my gukbap was already all wrapped up, ready to go. But during the busy times, I've seen orders getting backed up and people waiting outside for 15+ min to pick up their orders. This place is BYOB. I see people brining in soju all the time. Very classic, remind me to Korea even more!

hansun jo

Good soup and dishes are good

John Choi

Authentic korean food

Vincent Jiang

Bad service and dining environment but tasty food and great value.


Authentic Korean food

Seunghwan Lee

Very good.

Sunbong Kim

The Best korean food I have eaten ever

Eunkyu Lee

Small but cozy place to go! Might consider other place if you are going with more than 6 people, but food is great here.

Tim Lee

Very small, but very delicious Korean food. My favorite is the soondae guk. Place can get very packed so taking it to go at times would definitely be a good idea (which a lot of people do). Highly recommend

Paul R

First time here. 돼지국밥 soup was done properly though a bit too 'clean' tasting for my standard. 모듬순대 meat platter was also higher quality. Meat was meaty, not full of fats. 순대 SoonDae was moist and not just full of noodles. Kimchi dishes were good, too. Dining area is narrow, so next time, especially if I want to take time and have some drinks, I will do a takeout. They must have received over 10 takeout orders while we were eating.

sim jinchul

So so

Young Ko

Food 3/5 Service 3/5 Price 4/5 Many people said that food is really good. However, the Gookbob was just okay for me. It wasn't delicious as I expected. For better taste of the Gookbob, you need to add the salted shrimp and marinated chives. I might come back to try the kimchi stew or chicken bokumtang.

Gunwoong Youm

(Translated by Google) My family's solfood ... is small, but when I eat it, it feels like it's in Korea. (Original) 우리 가족의 솔푸드...자리는 좁지만 먹을때는 마치 한국에 온듯한 기분이 드는 한국맛집

Eric Kang

Best gukbap (broth with rice) that I've had this side of the ocean. That includes both coasts. Tastes authentic.

Ko Minseok

If you have homesick, go here!!

Manoj Mathew

Consistently good homemade Korean spicy stews. Chicken stew is sublime.

Cutie Kaka

Ha naw tang is good

flower pig

(Translated by Google) Cramped and service indifferent However, the food comes out quickly, the pork and kimchi stew is cool and simple, the saucer is good, and the juice is lacking in moist taste. Good restaurant is very busy. Eat quickly and leave it empty (Original) 비좁고 서비스 무관심 하지만 빨리 음식이 나오고 돼지고기 김치 찌개 시원하고 담백하고, 모듬 순대는 순대는 괜찮고 수육은 촉촉한 맛이 토속촌 보다 부족함. 괜찮은 식당 무척 바쁨. 빨리 먹고 자리 비워주어야 함

Changsoo Kim

Excellent Korean soup which is one of best area. I love this place but it's small place there is always waiting. But it's worth of waiting

Aaron Na

Amazing place


great Korean comfort food... should definitely try their haejjang ramen and gamja ttong!!!

Fangchen Yang


ki hwang

Authentic Korean...Busan

Joseph H

Descent Korean food in Fort Lee. Space is small.

michael wittenburg

It's a hole in the wall, but the food tastes awesome! If you love spicy, skip Cinco de Mayo and come here.

Dong Shin

Legit. Go here for the food and go early if you want the soon dae assortment plate as it runs out fast.

Miyoung Baek

Everything's good except for that you kinda have to really hurry finishing your meal because of the limted seating in the restaurant.

David Jung

Great taste!

Jaimie Lee

Soondae gookbab and soo yook so good!

HH Hwang

(Translated by Google) There are a few tables so you have to adjust your time well, but if you get it right, you can eat a satisfying meal. All the food is tasty and good, but especially the chicken stir-fry is 쵝O

Zestina OH

Korean soul food restaurant! Didnt expect to find real k-food in america! 해내탕 맛있어요 I went this place on thursday around 1pm, got the last table-really popular, so try not to visit during peak time

Sowon Kim

Great food all the times

Yellow Card

Great k food restaurant in town


The food is so good that I had to give it a 5 star rating. outside from the food everything else is sub-standard, but the food makes it a 5. That is how good it is. (Note:you must like pork broth) if not this place would be 2 stars.

David Hong

Hole in the wall joint that serves one of the tastiest meals you can get full from for under $11.

SeHwan Kim

Location: 3/5 It is located at north of Fort Lee. Not ideal but not bad. Food: 1/5 We ordered pork gukbop (돼지국밥 in Korean), which should be the signature menu here, based on the name of this restaurant. It was okay but I noticed the yellowish ring of oil on top. To figure out what that was, I tasted the broth only and it tasted lime chicken broth. To my understanding, authentic pork stew only uses pork bones to broil, like tonkotsu ramen. Putting chicken broth in this soup is definitely not how it should be. Considering the expectation I had and the name of the restaurant (which claims to be making pork stew from Busan), this was not acceptable. Hospitality: 2/5 Service was mediocre in Korean standard. Decor and Ambiance: 3/5 Overall atmosphere was okay. Overall: 2/5 If you don’t mind eating bland pork gukbop, it should be okay for you. However if you are looking for authentic Busan-style pork gukbop, this is not the right place for you. Putting chicken stock into the broth is a common practice outside of Busan, but this is clearly not the authentic way of broiling for this dish.

John Park

The food was not bad, but non-existing service and the unpleasant attitude bummed us out. The lady did nothing but just getting us food (no other basic stuff you'd expect from other restaurants, e.g. refilling the water; following up on any needs), but still complained about getting minimum 15% tip. Well, before complaining about the tip, how about providing some service? Stop giving attitude and start smiling? Tang Maru in Paliside Park or Saritgol in Fort Lee would be much better choice than this one.


Taste unrateable-y superb!

Kipum Lee

Small but intimate this place has great authentic Korean BBQ as well as the Wine and Beer that make it even better. Great place highly recommended.


Best hot soup in the Northeast. Great price as well.

Daniel Park

Best Korean Soondae gukbab around this neighborhood. Needs to renovate yet don't change any recipe.

Sean Yoo

Best pork stew

Sunsik Chang

The best gukbap place in this area. But it's always crowded.

Hyerim Grace Kim

If you are looking for a good Korean soupy dishes, definitely one of the places to try! The atmosphere is a old Korean market restaurant feel and food is good!


Always has THE BEST broth!

Yeon su Kim

(Translated by Google) Certainly the reviews are not as friendly as the owners. But I do not know where you are, but it does not feel so bad if you understand it as a tentacle feeling of Kyungsanggol. (May vary from person to person, so if you want friendly service, you may not be satisfied.) But Sundae rice is the best. There are only nine sundaes in the pound country, which is about $ 10, and the meat is also rich. It is recommended if you want to have a proper rice soup. (Original) 확실히 리뷰와 같이 주인 내외가 친절하진 않습니다. 하지만 뭐랄까 어디 분이신지는 모르겠으나 경상도 느낌의 틱틱거림 정도로 이해하면 그다지 기분나쁘지는 않습니다. (사람마다 다를 수 있으니 친절한 서비스를 원한다면 다소 만족스럽지 않을 수 있습니다.) 하지만 순대국밥은 최고입니다. 10달러정도 하는 순대국에 순대만 9개가 들어가 있고 순대 말고도 고기도 푸짐합니다. 제대로된 국밥을 드시고 싶으시다면 추천합니다.

James Lee

Small but great food

peter kim

Great food if you miss Korea

Dohee Kim

sora Lee

Super small korean soup restaurant. Traditional. Taste is super good BUT!!! Table is dirty... They use only one small towel for clean all the tables l.l dont even wash.. Just keep clean after customer leave rhe table... I was waiting for seat and i saw that.. i been here mamy many times and always samething.... Maybe im gonna give them a new towel as a gift since i love their soup so much... Staffs not friendly patking is soso. (coin street parking)

Joo R

Mother made soup feeling. Very traditional Korean meat soup. One problem is very few tables. Please expand, so I can bring my family.

Jong Kim

Very small place and tables. However taste is 100% guaranteed


Most authentic Korean gookbob

Peter Yoo

Original Busan quality

Chengyuan Zhao

Great prices and great flavor. The spicy soups are really spicy and the flavor is so savory and good!!

Ted Lee

real authentic korean

Meng Chen Lee

Small restaurant but best Korean pork bone soup in Fort Lee. Closed on Monday. They speaks Chinese, Korean, and English. Great services and food.

Sokhun Im

Food is great but to small spaces

James Chang

Fast, delicious authentic Korean soups in a cozy hole in the wall at a fair price.


Outstanding experience! Food was amazing and I will definitely come back again. At first, place looked 'interesting' but it really does not matter when food is that good.

yoon kim

Love their food but not their service. Tiny space with just few tables and limited menu but they do those few things really well. Since they are always busy, take out orders take too long and people are forced to wait outside. But many people love their food.

Simon Lee

Years Taste like from Korea but the space is very small, like korea.

ethan lee

holy carp. best food.

Coco Chan

Authentic Korean food, family style.

Sean Baek

Local favorite.

David Lee

Their soup is really good

Samuel Lee

Terrible service and the food is bad. Do not ever go there.

Wooju Kim

This is the ONLY restaurant I know where EVERYTHING on the menu is exceptionally good. Their kimchi jjigae is THE best in the area with the second place not even coming close to it. It's a crummy little place with paints chipping off the table and torn cushions on the chair so they only get 5 stars instead of the 6 their food really deserves.

Seungwon Lee

The best korean soup in NJ.


best of the best test, long waiting line. I always take out

K Lee

(Translated by Google) There is no room in the restaurant, but it is a good restaurant to visit once. In particular, If you like potato soup. I sometimes recommend ordering togo at times when you do not have a seat. (Original) 식당안에 자리가 없는게 흠이지만 한번쯤 가볼만한 식당입니다. 특히 순댓국. 감자탕을 좋아하는 분이라면. 저는 가끔 자리가 없을 시간엔 그냥 togo 주문해서 먹기도 하는데 추천합니다.

Amy Lee

(Translated by Google) I ate pork soup, assorted glazes and both were delicious. It was not bad for Kimchi and Kakdukgi to come out as a basic side dish. I was a bit worried about whether I would feel uncomfortable when I went to have a meal. I went to lunch on Monday and the guest kept coming in. The price was not expensive, too, and the sundae was really delicious and there was a lot of money! (Original) 돼지국밥, 모듬순대 시켜서 먹었는데 둘다 맛있었습니다. 기본반찬으로 나오는 김치랑 깍두기도 나쁘지 않았어요. 불친절하다는 리뷰보고 밥먹으러 가서 기분상하지 않을까 살짝 걱정했는데 일하시는 아주머니는 친절하셨습니다~ 내부는 많이 좁아요. 월욜 점심시간에 갔는데 손님이 계속 들어왔습니다. 가격도 비싸지 않고 순대가 진짜 맛있었고 양도 많아요!

Joon Lee

This is THE go to spot for korean soup. Very authentic and good broth.

Dustin Kim

Best gukbab restaurant ever in NJ

john kim

Delicious but restaurant can be cleaner.

Elliott Im

Food is amazing. BYOB

Andrew Hwang

Good for real food in korea


One of the BEST Korean soup place in the area. FYI, I live in SoCal.

amy kim

Best of the best.. soondae and ganja tang!!!

Kevin Jang


Hye Young Kim

(Translated by Google) What tip did you get after you chased it? My first trip to the mood to take care of traveling I do not know the basics I want to go out and get to know the basics You must know the basics of this Koreans Koreans Mania It seemed to be something Waiters eat tips and live, but are you alumna? It is the first spring. ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ. Boss ~ Give me a service and I want a tip. I hope you will. But if you have to give me a tip, please give me a service. (Original) 무슨 팁을 쫓아놔서 받으시져? 첫 여행 기분 잡침 여행자라서 기본을 몰랏네요 아줌마 쫓아나와서 기본은 아셔야져 이러시네여 한국사람들 마니오니까 뭐라도 되신듯 웨이터들은 팁으로 먹고 산다지만 아줌마도 알바생이신가? 팁으로 먹고사시게 쫓아나와서 받으시는분 처음봄 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ대단하심 감자탕은 조미료맛 겁나 남 사장님~ 서비스를 주시고 팁을 원하세요 바라지만 마시고 팁을 무조건 줘야 한다라면 서비스를 주세요 음식만 날라주는게 서비스 아닙니다

Joshua An

Authentic korean food


(Translated by Google) It is the owner 's lady who seems to be impatient in Rastorang which is narrow and is .. moment when it eats the soup of Pork soup. Oh ... everything is forgiving ... The meat that does not lose even when you eat it .. Until now, there was no rice soup. Is this New Jersey or Busan Korea? Pork cooked rice & chicken fried rice cake (Original) 좁아터진 래스토랑에 무심한듯한 주인아주머니지만...돼지국밥 국물 한번 떠먹는순간. 아...모든게 용서가된다... 먹어도 먹어도 줄지않는 고기양.. 지금까지 이런국밥은 없었다. 여기는 뉴저지인가 아님 한국 부산인가. 돼지국밥 & 닭볶음탕 초강추

M. Kim

(Translated by Google) The hall is very small and uncomfortable because there are not many tables, but it tastes good enough to eat it. There is no smell in the sundae - kelp, kukbu, nor the smell of meat - tuk oil, and people who are sensitive to the smell of meat like me can enjoy rice soup. A few weeks ago, I went to eat for more than 3 hours with Churepics, but when I saw that I wanted to eat again, I recognized it as a restaurant!

Jin Yong Jeong

Good taste!

Alexvillacantos lldm


michael kim

Very authentic.

hae kim

The same with the one in Korea!

Daniel Kim

Taste great

EJ Lee

Best gamja tang (pork neck soup). I've been in a journey of searching best soup throughout my life and was amazed to find it in here in NJ, not in Korea. Lately it got much spicier and gives you a pain afterwise but it is worth it. Its too small and crowded all the time, I always order to go.




Foods amazing and original. Can be better service tho.


(Translated by Google) It is the best place to eat in Pusan. (Original) 최고지 부산에서 먹던 부전돼지국밥하고 맛이 같음 유일한 고향의맛 항상 가면 먹고 투고 ㅋ

Jooil Yoo

For food only

Melissa Tam

Small restaurant with amazing Korean food. Would love to come back and try more.

Young J. Moon

The best Korean food for a hangover cure!!

Jiwon Choi

Hope the owner of this place spend some on renovating the joint. New big Korean company is building HQ nearby. Obviously it will get more traffic please do something. I love your food very much!


Food was good but only giving 2 stars due to the hostile attitude shown by the woman working there (owner?). No smiles, no responses, and when I tried to grab the utensil container from an empty table that had 4 of them because our table didnt have any, she rushed over and snatched it away from my hand, only to put it down on the table herself. All this time, no explanations or sorries or any facial expression. When asking refills on side dishes, no response from her but she simply slammed the side dishes on our table and walked away. Because of instances like this, I would not recommend it to newcomers. It felt like she didnt want us to be there or something...Food was not even exceptionally good enough to surpass the horrible service that they provide.

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