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39 W 19th St, New York, NY 10011, United States

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REVIEWS OF Burger & Lobster — Flatiron IN New Jersey

Larrolyn Ford

We called in and made reservations for two. Once there we were immediately seated. Super comfy chairs!! After 5 minutes the waiter came. We already knew exactly what we wanted to order: burgers and lobster soup. It was amazing! Always is. The service did get a bit bad once the restaurant traffic got heavy but in general everything was pretty great!

Jeavon Johnson

Good came out with 10 minutes after ordering and service was great got seated quickly l. It's a popular spot on the weekend so expect a wait

Sherubyne NYC

Excellent but... One dish is not enough. I had to order a additional lobster roll on the top of my “half lobster” to finally feel full.


Food was wonderfully fresh. Service was quick and friendly even though we dined during the middle of the dinner rush. I was a slight bit disappointed they didn't have the burger sandwhiched between two lobsters tails. I was informed its only available at one of there locations.

Brad Homa

Avoid at all costs. The $20 burger was dry. The bun was stale. And somehow I got charged $4 for a seltzer from the gun. Total tourist trap or for those who don’t appreciate actual quality.

Kelly Behensky

Came here for an anniversary dinner with my boyfriend in June. Really loved the whole experience. We waited for a shorter than expected time for table to become available, hanging our in their downstairs bar over a drink chatting at a high top table. We waited about a half hour, and it was completely worth it. We ordered one of each of the three menu items - steamed lobster, lobster roll and burger. I think the burger was my favorite. The other two followed closely. Everything was prepared perfectly. Burger came our exactly the temperature we ordered. Lobster meat was tender and buttery good. Lobster rolls have been on my "mmmmm nope" list since a bad experience with food poisoning after eating one a few years back. This got me right up off that train - so good. Perfect amount of mayo, great bun, big ole chunks of lobster meat. I'm now optimistically cautious about lobster rolls. So, thanks Burger & Lobster! We We for sure over ordered but leftovers outweigh the truly tough decision we would have had to make if we had to only choose two. This is a must-try spot in a beautiful, fun part of town. You won't regret rolling up your sleeves, tying on your bib, and indulging in truly tasty, fresh food!

Alex Small

You get what you pay for. Affordable lobster!

Harry Carter

Couldn't decide between the burger or the lobster so I got both. They were both very good. Lobster was prepared perfectly and the burger came exactly how I asked for it. Planning on coming again.


The best of both worlds. Why choose? Get the burger and lobster combo and make sure you have the melted butter with garlic. It was liquid gold. This was the best birthday celebration...

Jacob Beechler

The customer service here is hands down the best I've ever seen! And the food is absolutely amazing! Management makes every effort possible to make each and every dining experience better!!!

Elizabeth Cooper

I love this place! The atmosphere is amazing!! The staff is always on point! The food came fast, it was hot and fresh as well! The lobster rolls were fabulous! I can't really express myself how good was the lobster roll! I would say that you have to come here and try them! The burgers are also really good! You can have a combo like burger and lobster and it's so worth!! Really tasty and not crazy expensive! Food 5/5, and their drinks are great too! Definitely a place to check out if you're in the area and if you're a lover of burgers, or lobster.

P. M. Henry

This place has wonderful burgers and their lobsters are fresh. Normally I am used to the only non-alcoholic drinks being soda and lemonade. This place spruces up their non-alcoholic drinks making it an enticing sip of taste. The Ex on the Beach was a nice light drink made for summer. The ambiance is good whether for hanging out, date night, or family reunion. For large groups it is best to make reservations.

Chris Johnson

I enjoy this place; the food is consistently good and a great value. The staff was helpful and friendly.

Matthew Bennett

It's tasty, but fairly pricey - although we are talking about lobster. The whole lobster is a better deal than the roll or the burger, although the burger is indeed tasty. Combo for 1 might be the best value on the menu, if you can eat that much. Drinks are Manhattan - typical prices, but good. Service was on point, although it wasn't very crowded when we were there. Not bad at all if you are ok with the sticker shock.

jean-luc casano

Great place.... The food is very balanced. Good service

Happy Fruit

I found this place on Yelp with many high ratings so I want to give it a try. As what others said, this place is great. The waiter was very nice. Except for a few women at the front desk that was not friendly. I think they need to be trained on how to greet customers or find some friendly receptionist. There are not many selections in the menus for appetizers and entrees but just good enough for you to know what you want. This place is meant for lobster, burgers, and/or a combination of both. I ordered a combo which comes with 1 lb of lobster and a burger. The combo also came with potato fries and a small salad. The portion was pretty decent. I realize I didn't need to order any appetizers at the end with the amount of food they provided. Everything I got was delicious and they were perfectly cooked. I love lobsters and I have been having a lot. And I could tell their lobsters are good not like other seafood restaurants served you dead / no flavor lobsters. I can't tell whether or not their lobsters were live fresh but fresh enough that have a good flavor. There is a great selection of alcohol in the back of the menu. This place has two larger floors (first floor and the basement). each floor is very spacious. The music wasn't crazily loud and I was able to hear my friend. I made a reservation through yelp so I didn't have to wait. Overall, I had a good experience here: good food and good service. I'll definitely bring other people to here again. Keep up the good work, cheers...

Michael Vils

Good and typical american restaurant. The burgers are good but not more than that. The staff was friendly.

Cong Minh Tran

The best meal during our stay at NYC. Way better lobster rolls than Luke's. A bit more expensive but also bigger portion. We tried all 3 rolls; the Samurai one was the best. Great service too. Chrissy was the best, very attentive and always smiling. Overall we had a great time. I think my brother had a crush on Chrissy too :-). We would definitely come back next time we are in NYC.

Vanessa Huang

Overall bad experience, dishonest service; I would not recommend! The waiter misleadingly suggested changes to our dishes, with no indication that additional fees would apply; eg. “regular fries or truffles” ($5 extra, unknown to us). The waiter also asked us if we wanted the “lemon garlic butter sauce next to the roll?” Turns out, this was also not included in the meal and the quoted price. Felt being taken advantage of from this waiter.

Christine Smith

Food was great when I went a year ago. The guy that served us was funny and nice. Clean and artsy. They have a light fixture made from spoons and forks. I love it.

Randy Boodhai

Some of the best tasting and most creative lobster dishes I've ever had! Also, they have some delicious mocktails!

Ian Stephenson

Decided to finally stop by this place and man it's freaking great. Now most of the menu is fairly expensive but there is an menu option labeled "Combo for 1" that gets you the restaurant's namesake dish — a burger and a lobster. It's a 1lb lobster paired with a delicious 6oz burger, served with a side of fries and a salad. It was the only meni item I felt was truly worth it's price, but don't let cost deter you from getting what you like! Both the lobster and burger were cooked to absolute perfection, the sauce was delicious, the fries were as good as any other fries, the whole meal was great.

A Rowles

WOW! When I read others write 'best burger I ever had' I was I am a believer. Magnificent. Unless you have a stomach the size of an Olympic swimming pool, the burger is plenty; don't get an appetizer before it!!!

Luvone Wilson

One of my favorite spots when I can get down town

Jérémie Le Pen

Very nice place! Informal, cool atmosphere. Not too loud. The “original lobster roll” is one of the best I’ve had: packed with lobster, not too seasoned (so you really taste the lobster) and a delicious toasted brioche bread. Good value with fries and salad included with the lobster and burger meals.

Andrew Dao

This is a great place to go with friends to celebrate or go out on a romantic date. The lights are turned down for a nice atmosphere but still well lit enough that you feel comfortable and awake. Expect that the place will be packed but there's still reasonable space between you and the table next to you. Enjoy the delicious food and and leave a nice tip for the hardworking folks handling a very busy evening crowd

natan natriy

Great food liked the service and price is ok

Francisco Mendoza

The food is amazing. I’ll probably up my rating after I visit again, towards the end of May. Unfortunately the service isn’t as great as the food. Well our host was kind, she welcomed my wife and I with a warm and friendly smile. However, our waiter wasn’t really servicing us. He took our orders down and literally did just that. I had to get his attention to order a drink for my wife, and after the food runner served our dinner we were never asked how our experience was going. Maybe towards the end of our meal when the manager was checking how many tables each waiter had left, she stopped by to ask how everything was going. I didn’t ask her for the lobster Mac and cheese that I was craving, expecting I’ll see my waiter soon but I got to leave with the desire of wanting to try it. I made my reservation for 9:00 P.M but it seems like that might’ve been too late. (Even though I saw a four top being seated two minutes prior to closing). My waiter had to attend that table, and new table and during that I’m not sure what happened but we were forgotten about or at least we felt that way even more so. While we were done with our food, we got the chance to watch our waiter clean tables, wipe down booths, and worry about closing/finishing his side work. All these things expect receive my check or clean my table, and as a former waiter at a different type of restaurant; that didn’t sit well with me. I would 100% still recommend this place for its food, but it’s unfortunate that’s the only thing it’s good for in our opinion. Be there earlier than 9:00 P.M if you’re going to visit. By the way, I ordered the original lobster steamed and substituted the fries for truffle fries. Again, FOOD IS AMAZING HERE!

Sherri Wright

First time to New York in a long time and my server Angel was incredibly patient with my meal choice and made some great recommendations. I ended up getting the Supreme with a side of rings & fries, along with a beer. Amazing joint near my hotel, and really happy I ended up here!

c Qiang

My friend and I were seated almost immediately at a booth, and we were attended to just enough to have any questions answered, but not enough to be overly bothered. Food was very good, and it came out pretty speedily. We both ordered a lobster roll. Everything was very efficient, and allowed our party to have an enjoyable experience.

mindy burke

Great food amazing staff

Imran Khan

Burger was dry. But everything else was good. Service, lobster, fries and the ambiance all worth 5 stars.

Casey Chan

ABSOLUTELY DELECTABLE. Really enjoyed my Beast, burger topped with nice pieces of lobster. The Combo is also a nice choice, whole lobster and separate burger with a sauce (??) to die for.

Melvin Johnson

Good place to go for lunch. Not too crowded. Good food. A little more pricey but I think a good value. Burger with bacon, fries and a salad.

Harmit Minhas

The regular lobster roll tasted great, along with the calamari and burger bites. Lobster roll does get a bit too buttery and salty though. Service is ok.

Graysen Sutton

I adore this place! They prepare decent meals, they have a nice menu, The chef in that restaurant is very experienced, I like very much trying all their food. The dishes are consistently fresh, the service towards the guests is agreeable. I frequently visit this place and I was never unhappy. I highly recommend it.

Jose Castro

Great concept. Great atmosphere and service make it a trifecta. We asked a person that had helped us a couple of times if she was our waitress and she said "No bit we are all here to help". Our waitress was also awesome.

Luther Richards

A bit pricey but it's New York City and the seafood was good so can't really complain.

Danny K

The lobster roll was tasty, but didn't quite knock it out of the park. More fat from butter or a richer sauce would balance the sandwich better. The lobster is served cold. Bar and table seating available in a large space.

Quinton Blackwell

Reserved a table a day before we arrived and we were seated immediately. My wife and I got the original lobster rolls. They were perfect. Portions were of a decent size. The meals came with fries and a small salad. Unfortunately I wasn’t too fond of the salad. I enjoy cold water the water we had was warm I am not sure if all of their water bottles are that way or not. Overall the food was great it was clean and our waiter never made us wait for anything. It is also a good idea to reserve a table these places get really busy.

Peter B

Well, the lobster + burger combo was awesome. I couldn't eat anything else for the whole day since I was too full after that lunch. I got the steamed lobster. Grilled might be better. Good service

Jason Steward

Everything was good until the end I got over halfway through my lobster, and noticed the parts of it was undercooked.. So when I told the waiter Micheal about it he said "I can't do anything about it now because you're almost done" or something along those lines" Instead of apologizing first! Now I'm all good with paying the bill and I don't want any compensation in fact I didn't come for any freakin compensation! I came for the customer service and good food! So his actions were very condescending and he was implying that I was asking for something!!! When the manager came to the table he didn't know what was going on and as a manger one would think one would ask his employees to brief him of what's going on before he gets to my table!! The manager was completely oblivious when he got to me!! So it just shows the manger didn’t care about my experience either!! Just bad customer service all around! I still paid the full bill!! Disgusting!!

BenJ N

Good food, burgers are nice and lobsters as it should be :)

Robin Fox

This is a chain from London - Mayfair. It has a small menu with high quality at a reasonable price. The restaurant is trendy and spacious and staffs r amazing! In NYC prime location a burger with fries for $21 and combo with lobster for $35 is reasonable considering place/location. But being an UK based restaurant they should consider to add fish & chips in menu :)


First time eating there and it was pretty good. Lobster mac n cheese was good as an appetizer. Can't wait to try it out for brunch - 12am to 4pm. We loved the decor and ambience of the restaurant. We all got the grilled lobster, but think I will try it steamed next visit. Fries were awesome. Nice date and friend spot.

Alissa Bertola

The ambiance is great, and the food is too. I enjoyed the burger and lobster combo. It's a great value - a nice filling portion at a good price!

Lynette McBride Hyde

Brunch!! B&L is one of my favorite places to visit when I am home in NYC. And now they have a brunch menu which is such a delight!

Wei Xin Yuan

There was a 10-15 min wait for seating two even though it seemed to have a lot of empty seats. I guess they could've been reserved? The staff at entrance could have been more personal and actually just come get us in person (we sat near the lobster tanks, there was only another group waiting) instead of sending a text only. And he seemed surprised we're party of 2 even though somehow their computer said 3. For the decor of the place I expected a more smooth service. Food was good. Friend got combo plate for one, I got the original lobster roll.

Zakeenah Smith

I had the biggest combo and everything was good. The burger, fries lobster and salad. I raked tasted the lobster bites and they were great. The server was a little shaky at first but turned out to be super nice.

Phill Olson

Typical pricey NYC food, but had a tasty lobster roll and perfect french fries. Friendly server.

Roxann Speight

6oz burger and 1.5lbs lobster with upgraded truffle fries along with ginger beer


Love eating lobster here. The salads that comes with it are always fresh. The lobster rolls are good too. The menus are small so it's easy to pick what u want. I'm not too crazy about the burger tho. It's a little dry.

Yuriy N

A wonderful place with amazing food! The name of the place is very self explanatory. It’s also perfect for large parties. We were super hungry so we ordered one of the Tower Combos for 4 people, that comes with 2 lobster rolls, 2 burgers of your choice, 2 lobsters, unlimited salad and fries. Fries are great. It was about $200. It’s designed for 4-6 people.

Nixon Myrthil

Went with my girlfriend, it's her & her mother's favorite place to go, so I gave the spot a go around. The waiter was excellent his name was "Chris" very patient, suggested dishes I should try out which is also a plus. Because of him I'm addicted to Oysters which - sidebar (I hear are an aphrodisiac **wink-wink**) my only regret is I should've ordered a dozen and a half instead of half of a dozen Damn SMH. Also regretting not getting the name of the sweet sauce it came with. I had a lobster & burger as the main course, the butter garlic sauce for the lobster was also good. Overall it was ABSOLUTELY A GREAT SPOT TO EAT AT.

Delyce Edwards

Simple Menu . Great Food Amazing staff

Felisha Mizell

Brunch deal 40$ for lobster tail, burger, fries and salad... Can't go wrong with that

Joicelyn Dingle

Loved the drinks and the ambience. Grear for large parties.

Kazia Garcia

Love this place! The food is amazing! The ambience is perfect for a friend’s dinner or a romantic one. The servers are always polite. I normally go during the week when it’s less crowded. Wait time was minimal...again during the week. Be ready to be stuffed full of delicious burgers and or lobsters.

Erica Barton

Always a great burger, seasoned just right. I order the cheeseburger medium well, with only lettuce and their garlic mayo. Their fries are excellent, especially eaten with pickles & jalapeño. Adding a bottled root beer makes for a perfect meal. Burger & Lobster — Flatiron

Davey Singleton

The menu is synonymous to the restaurants name, it contains Lobster and burgers, with just taste of other shellfish (e.g. crab, crawfish, oysters). Personally the only shellfish I consume is shrimp. Lobster and the like are completely off my list. Pricing is reasonable. I ordered the 'Original Burger' - standard beef burger featuring bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and a special sauce on a toasted bun. The meal came with a side salad and truffle fries - good value. The burger was pretty good.

Ervin Strnisnik

Good service, however in a place with word ‘burger’ in their name I would expect much more from their burgers. Buns were so dry I couldn’t eat it.

Lauren Yarber

This place was great. I went on a Monday around 7. I planned to sit at the bar but there were only about 5 seats open & I didn’t want to squeeze in next to a stranger. The hostess immediately said ‘no worries’ & sat me at a table for 2. The chairs were super comfortable. My waitress was very nice & attentive. I ordered the combo for 1 with steamed lobster & medium well burger & a drink on the rocks - my bill was only about $50 - amazing deal. My only complaint was I asked for water & it was room temperature & the cup she brought me didn't have ice. Also, the bacon could have been crispier but the place is still 5 stars since their burger came with bacon & cheese at no additional cost. The garlic butter was amazing with the fries, not so much with the lobster, because it was creamy. The salad had a light dressing that was good. The fries were crispy & good. I would return here again & now I want to try the other location to see how it compares.

Dennis Mino

The staff was excellent and the brunch was very good! Definitely would come back.

Berenice Henderson

Great dining experience, especially if you love lobster. The lobster roll is my favorite, and the appetizers are quite good! Both locations that I visited had a good atmosphere. Nice portion size and the servers are prompt and polite.

Ronald Daniels

Great menu options and hospitable staff! Will definitely return. The lobster is fresh and the burgers are succulent!

Benjamin Grabkowitz

Went with a party of 10 that they were ill equipped to deal with. Food came out extremely slowly. Three entrees at a time were served. Our polite group wanted to wait for everyone to be served, but that was not possible as there was 15min+ between entrees coming out. Will not be back.

Spencer Gray

This place is delicious and the service is always good!!! Menu has been expanded since they first opened (which means my wife has to stare at it longer ‍) but quality is still superb!

Jaquita Elliott

Nice atmosphere. Food was very good. A little bit of a wait but the service and food made up for it. This location is much better than times square..

Nelson Law

Love it as combo number one is the best. Burger was the star of the night tho

Xiao-fang Ruan

Absolutely worth every penny as the lobsters, service and the setting was nearly perfect. The lobsters were fresh and it wasn't overwhelming heavy with the mayonnaise. Service was impeccable as our server checked with us at the perfect time and friendly and professional. I cushion-y faux leather red chairs provides a nice contrast to the black and white of the walls, murals and the bar. The wait can be long but there are stores you can check out on avenues of America (6th avenue) like bed bath and beyond, Burlington, TJ Maxx, container store and also some name brand stores like coach further on 5th avenue. If you don't want to wait, I recommend making reservations a day or two on advance.

Chad Hackett

Great food. Decent prices. Great service.

Nathalie Monegro

The best Lobster you will eat in NYC...

Makenzi S. Diaz

Loved the lobster. So good.

Kathie Shoulders

First time tonight. Lobster roll was good. The lobster and mac no good.

Dominic Lo

We wereparty of 4. We got in around 1:30pm and there weren't that many customers there. Food was good but very bad service. We were there for 15 minutes with no one stopped by or gave us water. I had to ask another waiter to look for our waitress. But the waiter came back said she was too busy and he brought us glasses of water and took our order. It took at least another 15 minutes for our food to come. Our waitress never stopped by to apologize or asked us how was the food. Once we done, we got our bill but took about 10 minutes for the waitress to come back to take the credit card. I am not sure I want to come back to this restaurant again.

Nadia Charles

Delicious lobster! Surf and turf for a reasonable price. The lemon garlic butter is exquisite. Calamari was light and crispy and left me wanting more. The lobster was succulent and the burger was delicious. Wasn't able to finish my meal because it was a lot of food. Will be back again. A nice place for lunch, a date, or even dinner.

Kayden Davila

American food and the atmosphere here is above par. loved this place from the first taste. fast and courteous service. prices were fair.

Candy Flores

Over the top food paired with excellent customer setvice. Have been celebrating my birthday there for the past two years.

Bobby BB

Over grilled lobster wasn't edible, but the other stuff was fine.

Bernard Frey

A favorite place for delicious american food. great place to relax, people watch, eat good food or all the above. the service was very friendly and kind.

Helen Feinstein

Had a great meal in a calm atmosphere

Nik E

I love lobster rolls. It's hard to find a good place that gives more than 3 pieces and its fresh and tasty. This place gives you all of that at a decent price. The service is friendly and attentive. The atmosphere is nice. Definitely recommended.

Carol Regist

Great! Just one word to describe my experience. Burger was perfect and the lobster

Tony Flowers

Amazing food. Great staff.

jasmine Brown

Good place to relax in. Good food.

Ronald Foster

Not a lot of food for the price point. The food was delicious. The waiter was a little unwelcoming but another employee, Chris saved the moment. Wonderful decor. Spacious.

Kyel Gray

The lobster was great, wouldnt get the burger again tho.

Peka Mikush

Surprisingly good. Very large place and had no trouble getting a table on Black Friday. Which is nice. My friend and I split a lobster and hamburger. Both were tasty, nothing extraordinary but solid. They should have an option to get a half hamburger and half lobster on the menu. They don't so two people need to order both and split them. We had the lobster bites appetizer which was like to tiny spring rolls. Skip that. Had a nice lovely vibe in the restaurant. If in the area I would go back.

Zehao Sui

Came here again, for some reasons, I thought the original lobsters were smaller this time. Seemed like a 1 pound lobster instead. Other than that, everything else was fine.

Anis Charania

Okay service, mediocre food. Not a great value either for the taste. A burger, roll, side, and couple drinks is ~$100

Chris Kwon

My go to place for a simple and great meal. You can't go with their burger, lobster roll, or their steamed lobster. Such amazing quality food with a great selection of drinks. Great for groups large and small.

Felicia Mani

Amazing! Went here for a date night, omgoodness delicious, delicious, delicious! We were greeted by a sweet young lady. Once we were seated we were greeted by our lovely and uber professional server, Daryl. He made wonderful recommendations. We definitely ate too much! Is there such a thing when it comes to Lobsters and Burgers?

Queen G

THE FOOD WAS GREAT. The burger & lobster bites was awesome, the lobster was great and easy to crack. The lemon garlic butter was OK. THE WAITRESS which was a guy with red hair and beard, he was mediocre. He was fake friendly, and didn’t come check by me and my date’s table. My date felt a bad vibe from him but I didn’t feed into it, I still gave him a tip n all.....Anyways the drinks we got were mimosas and they tasted like BEER. Is there any champagne in it???? I do recommend this place to anyone! Great ambience and red seats, COOL.

Tim O.

So glad to see this chain made its way over from London! (especially since their lobsters are all from Maine anyhow) We caught it on a slower weekend night thanks to some rain, otherwise expect a wait. It’s worth it though. They know their stuff when it comes to lobster - the 2lb dinner deal for $45 is where it’s at. Nice big lobster, split and steamed perfectly. Their garlic butter is a great compliment, thoug they also have plain butter for the traditionalists out there. The shrimp and lobster app was kind of dry and bland, I’d skip it in the future. I’ve had the burger elsewhere and can also highly recommend that for those who don’t like seafood but got dragged along :) it’s tasty and not just a generic burger. Considering it’s a lobster dinner, the prices are very reasonable...and you have the splurge option for some of the huge 5+ pound monsters. I did ask, and they actually take care of their lobsters too with responsible sourcing and feeding them properly. Ever wonder why you got a lobster that seemed empty inside despite a hard shell? They held it too long and didn’t feed it. Not a problem here thankfully.

Maria Bannova

Great service ! Food is good , but the whole idea of the place is even better ! Great for taking out people who are visiting - just to see the the real size of American Burger , which is really well served! Mine was a bit dry , more on well done side than medium as I ordered, but still very satisfying

Kristen Matos

Love love love love. Staff is attentive. I've been to multiple locations and the food is always consistent. I find any excuse to come here.

Paul Nam

What does a crustacean that lives in the ocean have in common with a four legged bovine with hooves? Nothing really but the name Burgers and Lobster has a certain ability to peak interest. My initial reason to give this establishment a try was due to it's interesting name. As I walked in the first thing that caught my eye was the decor. There was a unique use of many fishing equipment that was scattered around the eatery. For example they cleverly used lobster traps as a kind of wall divider. Also the lobster tank near the entrance really adds to the ambience. The food was very enjoyable but pricey for the quantity that is served. However the service was exceptional and the staff was very friendly. As soon as I entered the hostess greet me with a smile. The wait staff was very attentive and made sure that we got the best service possible. Overall I would highly recommend stopping by and trying the lobster roll!

Jarvis Cook

Excellent service and great food.

David Weir

If you like Burgers and lobster this is the place to go. The best of both worlds. They have other things to eat also. Also a nice bar if you just want a drink.


Bad service. Great beef and lobster tho. Just don't slobber cheese on it.

Sean Yao

Loved it!! Ordered the 2lb whole lobster with the lemon garlic butter and added a brioche roll on the side and made my own lobster roll and had plenty of extra lobster to enjoy. Fries and salad were also good and a nice addition to the meal. Place is very big and good atmosphere. Would definitely go again.

Carisa C

I love this place. They have expanded their menu and it is awesome. You win no matter what you order from here.

Anthony Clemente

We had a fantastic time at the drag brunch! The entertainment was amazing, our server was very attentive and friendly, our food and drinks made my nipples hard. We ordered the classic burger and a lobster roll. Both were 10/10. Fries were hot and crispy. Salad was dressed to impress. We also ordered the Madison Park Punch and a Bloody Mary. Both were delicious and got us in the right mood for the show! I will be back on my next trip to the Big Apple. Thank you!


You should try the truffle fries! Skip on the lobster Mac and cheese tho it doesn't have much flavor.

Donna Mongelli

If you love lobster like I do- this is for you! Menu is just that - burgers and lobster. With the exception of a few apps and salads, mains consist of three burgers and lobster prepared a couple of ways. We decided to try the fried calamari, it was served with 3 types of sauces. We enjoyed both the rings *and* legs and for innovative sauces that weren't just the generic marinara. The Original burger is a classic and amazing. It was topped with cheese, lettuce, tomato, and bacon - served on a sesame seed bun, side of fries. The burger was quite tasty and exceeded my expectations- as I am very choosy about burgers. .Then we also added the Lobster Mac & Cheese- it was soo very good. Very heartwarming comfort food. Overall, I had a great time at B&L - this was our first foray to this place after reading reviews. The service was great and appreciated, There is a nautical ambiance. Definitely recommend dining here & look forward to my next visit

AKHILY akhily

Excellent service and excellent food

jak 84

Always a great place to visit. Everything on the menu is amazing, and definitely try the whole lobster and the burger. A good selection of appetizers as well. The place can run a bit pricey and the portions are not that big. The reason I give this place a 4 and not 5 star is due to the experience we had with our waiter who didn’t seem too excited to help. You can also try the bar for a quick drink or dinner.


This was my first time at Burgers & Lobster. I heard great things, so I thought I’d check them out. The wait wasn’t crazy long, for a Saturday - but you may have to wait longer if you are in a group. I got lobster bites as an appetizer, and an Original Burger as a main. The lobster bites were small, and bland. The original burger was a decent sized burger, great for meat lovers.


We visited this place on a Saturday evening without wait/reservation. Large dining area with friendly servers. Service was fast and our server was attentive. The menu is very simple and the serving portion is enormous given its price and prime location in Midtown Manhattan. Delicious burger, lobster, salad, and fries. Didn’t get to try their oyster this time. Bonus point for home-brew beer on tap! Definitely will visit this place again!

Mike Z

The lobster roll is legit. It’s real lobster and you can tell because it’s not buried with mayo and seasonings; it’s done just right. The service was great and the sides were a nice compliment. I wasn’t feeling the music but the decor was good so overall the ambiance was cool enough. Fwiw it’s a good bet to get you to the show on time if you’re seeing something at the Irish Repertory Theatre.

Shomari Smith

The ambience was really nice. Our waiters were very friendly and attentive to our food needs. The time we visited was early so the food was finished in literally 10min. I had the burger/lobster combo. Im not accustomed fo lobster that much so i dont want to comment on it, but the burger (medium rare) was awesome! Great drinks as well. Definitely will recommend and visit again!

Keith Heron

Really creative concept for a restaurant. Surf and turf... on a bun! Food was really good. Because its got lobster and burgers, its got something for everybody even if you either don't eat meat or don't eat seafood.

Pamella Harris

Outstanding lunch. Took my team out and were had a great time. The food was delicious! We all ordered something different and got to taste a various appetizers and main courses. The oysters were super fresh, but not a fan of the sauces. The drinks were good and the server was on point, keeping our table happy and satisfied. Will definitely return!

Jesse Moore Perrin

This is a fantastic lunch spot with super friendly staff. I ate here recently, and had one of the better lobster salads in the city. They portions are great, they do not skimp on the meat, the flavors are fresh and enticing… and what can I say: the cocktails are just perfection.

James Nunez

Fun place. Big dining space and small area in the back. Bar area is nice. Food is good yet a bit pricey. I recommend the place for an after work meeting place with Co workers. They have a good happy hour. I've not had the lobster but the burgers are great.

Marcus Boerger

Tasty burger and fries. The bar sitting was a good choice and service was pretty quick and friendly. And while I was pondering a salad or was included and pretty good. The burger meat was excellent and the fries just right.

Ms. J

Pricey, but delicious!

Diamond Sparkle

Had my bday dinner there a couple of yrs ago. Everyone loved it,even my teenagers. I had a package,the food was delicious and ALL U KN DRINK.

Marcy Bonilla

Food is spectacular and so is the ambiance. Been ther a few times and love it. Food was delicious each time and I'll keep going back. Service is great, very attentive.

Nikki M

Great salad! ...but it was called a Lobster salad should have been called a salad with a few pieces of Lobster. For the price $25 really!! Wait staff was very nice . Few errors with our order and they made it right .

Ron Warda

4 stars for food 3 stars for service 2 stars for restroom facilities (or lack thereof) Overall a good deal if you enjoy burgers and lobster, portions are big and the food quality is consistent. The lobster was fresh. I would recommend skipping appetizers though, didn't think they were that good ( we ordered the calamari and lobster spring rolls?


This place is amazing. Also incredible that you can order a lobster at this price. And they deliver!

getch m.

Super reliable and food is really good! If I’m unsure where to go in the city for a good bite, I know that burger and lobster has my back. I’ve been here for lunch with friends, birthdays, after my graduation and each and every time I was satisfied. Drinks are pretty good too.

Akela Tucker

Enjoyed a meal with a group of almost twenty the service was excellent. The food was great, price was the best. I will definitely be back.

Marien Perez

Nice place. I love it. The services was good, the vibe was great. They only serve Burgers and lobsters.

Alex Mathers

Good price with excellent food. I really like the burger. There are several choices of burger, you can choose the style depends on your tastes.

David Smith

My favorite mom and pop burger stand love all their food... tacos, strawberry lemonade, cheeseburger with bacon the chicken wings, the waffles, the breakfast is the bomb and it comes with orange juice my favorite hands down my favorite in town.

Michael Fox

Stopped in for a quick shrimp cocktail and drinks at the bar. Excellent and Raoul was friendly and attentive.

jevon hill

Still as good as the last time. Great service. Excellent drinks

Mark Estudillo

Environment here was great. I went during Restaurant Week and got the oysters/calamari as the appetizers and the two lobster roll options. The oysters were really good. The sauces they come with are great as well. The calamari was good too but it got really easy to get tired of it after a few bites. The lobster rolls were good. The lobster was seasoned well and it was very tasteful. I personally didn't like the bread it came with as it was too buttery and made it difficult to finish. Lastly, the main dishes came with fries and a salad. The fries were good but I had an issue with my salad as it came with a piece of cardboard... I understand that this mistake can happen to anyone so I just notified the manager and he handled the situation perfectly! I think I will definitely come back even with the incident occurring.

Natalie Williams

This restaurant has great space and ambience the food was delicious!! Great appetizers and good portions of food. The cocktails are also good!!

Nicolas Bermudez Mangana

Really cool place overall, the layout & ambiance of the place is's with the food where my problems lie. The tables are well spaced out and they have a nice bar btw. However, for a "Burger" place, you have very little to choose from with only 3 burgers on the menu (little variety). The one I got, "The Beast", was a bit dry so it was a bit disappointing having payed $30 for it. I'm willing to go and give it a second chance though.

Milford Plaines

Excellent food and service was great.

Beverly Spencer

Best lobster roll around.


Very poor experience. Food was good but the service was really bad. The waiter seemed very annoyed to serve us. As tourists and college students we didn’t have enough change but kept what we had. The waiter followed us outside the restaurant to return the tip and didn’t give us a chance to explain our situation, very inappropriate and rude. Won’t be coming back.

Matthew Kaufman

second time going and what a disappointment Very disorganized staff. Burger was put together very sloppily Lobster Mac and cheese really had no lobster. The desserts were very good however.

Emily Rogers

Do not go to this restaurant. The food and drinks are pretty good but extremely overpriced and the staff is incompetent. I arrived over an hour early for a show and after showing my ticket was led to a separate dining area where the show was not taking place (I was unaware of this). Only after I spoke up did one of the wait staff question why I was brought downstairs in the first place and took me upstairs to where the event was actually taking place. I ended up having to sit all the way in the back (despite having arrived over an hour early to avoid this problem). I was not compensated for my tickets, my aggravation, and all the confusion caused by their staff being ill equipped to handle seating an event. This day and this restaurant overall were a big disappointment and I would definitely not recommend going. Save yourselves the cost and aggravation.

Chris Logan

My wife and I visit NY every year and we always look for somewhere new to eat and we were glad we found this place. Good lobster and burgers at a reasonable price. The fries were great but the drinks were not that good. Great place and clean atmosphere. Our server was very nice and attentive. Overall great Experience though. We'll be coming back and definitely recommend it to others.

Armina Gordon

The food was great. The portions could be a little larger. The waiter we had was nice but he wasn't as responsive as he should be. We asked for hot sauce after pur order was given and it didn't arrive until we were done with our food.

Andy Woo

Good food. I wouldn't say it's great. Hostess was a little stiff about giving us one of the more comfortable corner booths. She said they were reserved. We sat at a nearby table, had our food, left and a couple of the corner tables remained empty.


I think it is overpriced. Food tastes okay, but you can get better somewhere else and won't hurt your wallet as much

Joey Lopez

Visited on the recommendation of a friend. Got in right before brunch ended. The ambience is really nice. The menu is pretty simple to order from as well. Our server was very friendly, and very helpful in answering our questions. Prices are reasonable for the area. The food was excellent. Enjoyed our time and would definitely return again.

Roger Ramadar

Amazing! Everyone must definitely put this restaurant on their list. Food is delicious. Full of flavor. Staff is magnificent. Tim and Scott both made our time spent their truly enjoyable.

Simply Moni

Atmosphere amazing...Friendly Staff...As soon as you walk through the door you feel at home. Best burger and lobster I've had in years. Oh and the lobster bites are breathtaking

Eva Sofianos

Excellent! Delicious lobster, reasonable prices, quick and friendly service. Hostesses were very welcoming and cheerful.

Chandana Rao

Great place for a group outing with good food.

Crystal Bryant

Delicious!! Great atmosphere. I will definitely visit again.

Ann Roberts

Now this is a burger, juicy, gooey and yummy. I had the all American and it was everything I want in a burger, beef, American cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion and special sauce!!!! But this is no fast food burger, this is a Burger & Lobster!!!!! Love it! And tater them too. I love you Burger & Lobster!

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