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119 W 56th St, New York, NY 10019, United States Located in: Parker New York

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Dragonmilk X

So I like five guys better, but if you get here early, it's still a good burger and unique experience. Try to hit it at like 11:30am, as it's not really worth the wait and you'll not have seating

Geert Baunsgaard

A must to visit. True NYC feeling and a very juicy burger!

John Owens

Great burger but make sure you count your change. My wife ordered a beer and used the last twenty dollar bill in her pocket. Came home and realized she has received one dollar back. In hindsight the cashier was acting very suspicious with the way he delayed giving the change and then stuffed the bill into her hand with the beer.


Had lunch here recently while on business in Midtown Manhattan. Disappointing and No taste might as well go to MCD. They don’t even have their own sauce. What’s the diff between you and public fast food like McDonald’s and Burger King etc.

Lynne Thurmond

Fun atmosphere. It's you are able to get a seat, you really feel like you accomplished something.

Ibrahim i

Burger joint is a wonderful place to grab a bite. Food: 10/10 Atmosphere: 10/10 Service: 10/10 I personally love the concept of the resturant

Aaron Moskovitz

Good burger and cool divey atmosphere. Definitely a long line and tight seating so give yourself some lead time if going at peak hours. Definitely worth a visit.

Jason Braun

To New York burger lovers and the tourists lining up in front of the ridiculously tall curtain it’s “hidden” behind, the idea that Burger Joint is a secret is, well, silly. It’s in a very satisfying setting, however: a fancy hotel’s corner pocket with scribbles on the wall, signs asking you not to scribble on the wall, bare booths, paper wrapping, servers who are rude (possibly with good reason, depending on your perspective) and buns taken straight out of the bag. It’s a delicious burger in a very surprising location


The menu is simple, but you have to try the burger! The interrior is a must see. Due to the small location, you can't expect to eat your meal there. Be prepared to order as a take away. To find this nice spot you have to enter the hotel entrance first and follow the burger joint logo.

Wei Cheng

The burger joint was tucked in a corner of the hotel lobby, hidden behind red velvet curtains. The burger was OK, not as great as hyped by some. $17 for a double cheese burger .... a little pricey. Milk shake is great. The location is right down the street from the Carnegie Hall, 5 minutes walk.

Willie Evatz

They do burgers to perfection. 5 star shakes too. A nice find.

Ran AN

It's close to my office, so I tried three times this place. The burger is OK. But don't expect a Wow or anything blowing your mind. I would call the food "correct". Be aware the place is small and have about 20 seats. So you might end up having to eat your burger elsewhere. The selling point is more about its speakeasy style and deli+hostel decoration -- client's drawings and words on the wall. It is one of these places selling more of an experience than the product itself. If you are local or come to the city often, then I would recommend you to try it only when the waiting line is not long. If you are tourist, then this is the kind of places you can claim "I waited in a line for 40 minutes in that super cool burger place in New York".

ilaria b

Bit overrated - good burger but long wait and when you finally get to eat the place is a mess and either you can’t get a sit (which is ok cause they only have a few tables) or you get one and have to clean up other people’s mess. Just Hire someone to clean the (few) tables!

John Zadneprovskiy

Love this place. The burgers taste as good as an actual restaurant. If the line is all the way to the end of the curtain outside the shop it's worth the wait for the unique experience. It's a cool spot and its it feels special because its hidden in the hotel. Just ask a hotel worker to lead you there if you cant find it.

Ursula Jones

We really liked this place! A civilised haven nestled in the hustle and bustle that is New York

Amatzia Benzimra

A cool burger place behind the curtain. Had very high expectations, nice place, staff were friendly but the tast was a little disappointing. it was pretty good, I just expected more since I got recommendations from many people.

Geoffrey Si

This burger place is hidden inside the hotel. Its the stark contrast between the upscale hotel and this burger joint which is very much down and dirty. Without a doubt this place has a really good burger, but its crowded and overpriced. Worth the trip to say you have tried the food, but is not a repeat place. 8+ dollar burger, no fries or drinks included

henry l

great burger, great ambiance, went on a saturday afternoon and waited 35 minutes to get inside, but well worth the wait. You better be ready with your order 'cos it quick fire service. Grab a beer and burger each, share a fries with your pal, and get close to who ever you end up sharing a table with. you won't be disappointed.

Patrick Kn

Very delicious burgers! It's hidden in the lobby of the hotel. We had to search for it. You can ask the friendly men at the reception. The atmosphere is really great inside the restaurant. It's so different to the rest of the building.

Ricky Espinoza

My double bacon cheeseburger was $20. With fries and a beer it came out to around $38. I ordered it medium rare and they gave it to me medium well done. There was a wait to get in. The place is tiny and has a run-down feel. You can write on …

Alyssa Neal

Ordered these chili cheese pig tails. Chili is tasty and cheese is good. Plenty of meat, plenty of cheese. Crispy tails for a fair price. Would recommend and have again!

Ricardo Fernandez

One of my favorite burgers in NYC. Cool hidden place in hotel Parker. Cool decor and fast service. Order the works.

Jimmy Hayes

Great burgers, fries and beer at a hole-in-the-wall spot near Central Park. Look for the drapes and walk down the corridor with the neon burger sign - if all else fails, ask the front desk/concierge and they can direct you. Make sure you read the signage above the counter and order as directed for better service.

Yousef Shepard

Exceptional place to buy food when in a hurry. Their service is rapid, pricing is fair, excellent character. Will come back again

Raúl Lucero

The place is small and always packed but there's a reason for that!! Hamburgers are awesome and fries are crispy as should. Also, The Parker's lobby is very cool. Check out their little menús before you order and please don't send your granny to get a table to avoid the queue...

Anurag Mohanty

Great burger! Get there early as it gets packed fast!

chris chan

Great quality burgers. No frills. Great experience, and something memorable for visitors as you have to walk through a fancy hotel and find it behind a dark curtain behind the reception desk. Be ready to not have a seat. Highly recommend for visitors.

Zeynep Oguzsimsaroglu

Love this place. Simple and delicious burgers. Opens at 11:30. For lunch you have to be there around 12:00 of you dont want to make a line..

Xinni Zhang

Great place, the burgers are amazing. I ordered cheese burger with spicy coleslaw, so good! Such a hidden gem

Volodymyr Nesin

Long queue at night, which turns space inside into quite a mess as people spread them around entire room. Burgers were fine, not stunning, even at the point when you are starving.

Ola Hantkiewicz

We were impressed both by the atmosphere and the taste of burgers. This tiny, crowded and noisy spot is hidden behind the curtain of luxurious Parker New York hotel. It might not be as secret as it intended to be (the queues are humongous), it delivers nice food. You can choose between original beef burger or cheeseburger and take a vegan option of beyond burger. The vegan option was delicious. Try it! Still you could expect much more from the whole mystery of the location. I wouldn’t say these were some best burgers, I would say I have eaten better. I don’t get using a pre made buns from plastic bags in this kind of place. Even if not for the food you should like it for an original interior filled with retro booths or the fact you can see your burger being made just behind the glass. Good vibe!

Iuliia Koloskova

Very cool low key burger place. Liked the vibe the most but burgers were good too, fries are ok. Art and posters are exceptional :D

michael duggan

Over rated. Not worth the wait. Fries or burger..... nothing special

Karen Leung

Burger joint felt like a burger speakeasy. It’s hidden behind a curtain inside a hotel. The decor with its graffiti is a vast contrast to the swanky hotel vibe outside. I ordered the bacon cheeseburger, fries and a vanilla milkshake. Everything was scrumptious. I would definitely be back for more. The only downside is that seating is limited. It’s first come, first served. Fighting for a table with the other patrons can get ugly.

Cayden Morton

Best food, very welcoming staff, constantly excellent atmosphere. They charge convenient prices and the food quality is very good. Fantastic work.

Pierre Hugot

Good fun. Remember to order everything at once. Happy experience. Good meat. Love the gluten free option, easy no buns :)

Zoë Wagstaff

This place is the best. Cheeseburger medium rare THE WORKS and an order of fries to share. SO good. its a little more expensive compared to say Shake Shack BUT SO MUCH BETTER. If you're in the area it is worth stopping by for the fun vibes, cool environment, and great food.

Jennifer Barrett

I love coming here when I want a delicious burger. Roam usually has 1 or 2 meats that they switch out from time to time. If you're an adventurous eating and willing to try a new type of game meat you can do that here. I would say to get that meat classic style so that it isn't overpowered by the toppings otherwise you might miss whatever subtle differences there are.

Romeo Santos

Cool atmosphere!Ddecent burgers! Good beer options! I came here on a week night. Many people already reviewed how it's a burger joint with a hidden entrance. And honestly, that's the best part about. The cheeseburger was delicious and they have McDonald's like fries which I like. The velvet curtain and its unique location is a cool gimmick, but I felt the hamburger was no different from burgers I've had before.

David Hale Smith

Consistently great big sloppy burger made with quality beef. Love the “secret entrance” that baffles newcomers. Just ask the nice hotel folks for directions.


Amazing burger to a decent price. Hard to find without knowing about it, but worth the search! We paid 36 dollars for two burgers and including bacon. I highly recommend it!

Tanner Schenewark

Solid burger. Get it medium the works. Patties are thick so you don't need a double unless your starving. Fries are great and the atmosphere of course is killer.

Lar Mulligan

Absolutely fantastic, got to be the best burger I have ever had.

Ritz B

Ahh bestest burger ever! Hidden gem in NY!


Go there right when they open unless you want to stand in line, wait forever for your overpriced food, get the wrong order, go back and then be stuck eating in the lobby because there’s no place to eat. There is nothing secret or extraordinary about this place. It’s just burgers...

Mattie Wells

The house hot sauce is also really good (and doesn't have added sugar!). You can build your own burger or choose from the menu. The guy at the cash register was really patient with all my questions about ingredients - they also have a binder with all the ingredients for each thing on the menu (even the mayo), so if you're trying to be health conscious, this place is still viable. There was a long line on a rainy Saturday afternoon, but be patient and you might be able to snag a seat.

Devin Shepherd

Very cool vibes! Got there right at 7 and waited maybe 15-20 minutes. Was definitely a lot longer wait after us. Burgers were delicious and fries were outstanding. Very reminiscent of suburban burger joints. Not a lot of seating but spots opened quickly. Cramped but with it. Lots of forgeugn tourists.


Great burgers and atmosphere! Be sure to bring a marker or a pen to write something on the walls. The walls are riddled with hodgepodge of writings and drawings which adds coolness to the ambiance. Too bad we didn’t know any better!

Aaron Mitchell

The most bizarre burger joint I've ever been too. Great burgers and its just a fun spot to visit.

Nael Domond

The burgers and fries are really good. The service is quick even when it's crowded. The interior is a bit small considering the number of people coming in and out. Pretty much impossible to find a spot to sit most of the time. The entrance is also hidden in a dark corner of the lobby.

Eric P

Over hyped. Cool place but the burgers really aren’t all they are praised to be. Decent wait for my to go order only to find they had it all wrong when I got to my room at the hotel. Ate it anyway and was candidly unimpressed. I am all about pure burgers without a lot of extra. This didn’t meat it. Pun intended. Any bar burger in any town is just as good... most likely better, without spending $35 for one person.

Charquis Garcia

Great burgers but a bit crowded, is recommended to come at 3 pm

Irene Flores

Great place for a hamburger in the middle of New York but in a tiny cozy bar inside a hotel

Glenn Coco

Getting here is half the fun. Then you get a tasty burger and fries with beer and milkshake options in a cool divey joint. I'll stop right there

Matt Perrone

Burger Joint is this little hidden hole in the wall, that is packed with flavor, character and drinks. Their menu is a little small, but that's because they kill it at what they do. With rotating specials (like the pictures spicy Cole slaw), there is always something new to try. Since it's a smaller place, it's tough to sit as groups, but if you wait it out, it's worth sitting in there to check out the walls plastered with posters and drawings. Definitely worth a trip to find if you're near Central park.

Fran Delgado

Best burger in town. Nice workers and amazing place.

Donna Simpson

I was lucky to get here when there was no line! But after few mins line was huge! And it’s reasonable. The best burger I had in city(at least for that price). Fast and great customer service, probably will try to come back again when it’s not crowded.

Iris Alejandra

The taste is really good but the old man in the cashier is rud. Please don't expect a good service

Yaya Thanks

Long wait but worth it. Behind a curtain which was random. Milkshakes and burgers were amazing. Up there as one of the best burgers I've ever had. The staff are friendly and very prompt.

Benjamin Fay

Definitely lives up to its reputation. Good burgers in a small, tucked away spot. Worth finding if you haven't been before. Bring cash.

Gustavo Diaz

Delicious! The place is hidden on the side of the hotel lobby. Remember to pick the fast order sheet at the entrance available in 4 different languages. The place is small but cozy. No servers you pay at the register and you pick up later. Nothing fancy

Karintha Touton

Ok, so if you walk through the lobby of the parker, down a weird dark hallway next to a curtain you will find this hole in the wall burger place with expensive but incredible burgers. The walls are drawn on. It will be filled with French …

kfir lev

If you like to wait in line, to have an OK burger and bad service this is a place for you. the bacon was great

Daniel Yukimura

So, the place is suupeeerr cool, definetely worth going. I might comeback to taste something else, but in my opinion the burger was just ok, nothing special. Still worth the visit.

Dimitri Modderman

Very nice burger. The whole restaurant is hidden from plain sight, making it even nicer. Ate a very nice hamburger.

Maggie S

Delicious burger in a fantastic atmosphere. I had a difficult time finding the location at first, because I didn't know it was in the hotel, but it added to the atmosphere. I felt like I was walking into something special. The burger itself was a good classic burger. The fries were fantastic. Prices are a bit on the high end.

Yedda Bell

One of the employees was so rude to my friend. He could’ve said “I think this is your burger. We wrote a different name.”,But he kept calling someone else’s name with sarcastic voice over and over and insisted that was hers. The employee said “(A different name) is you!! (A different name) is you!!!” My fiend said “No, I’m (her name).” He said “(A different name) is you!! (A different name) is you!!!” being sacastic. She felt like that he was being racism to her. I don’t want to see that is racism. I know they’re so busy because of too many customers, but he should learn how to control his stress.

Kenzo Nagata

Great Burger! Very well seasoned and incredibly tasty. Price is reasonable for this region of New York City.

Maithili Gokhale

Bad service. Very crowded. Good was alright. Very disappointing

Vautrin Thomas

Really good restaurant even if we waited almost 1 hour in front of it.


Hips cozy restaurant in nice Hitel. The burger isn't worth to wait your time. If you would like to try, I recommend after 11.00

Hank Alexander

Excellent place to buy some food when in a hurry. The customer service is rapid, pricing is reasonable, great atmosphere. Will come visit again

Kristina S

Great burgers! Not the fatty, greasy, overly soaked in oil ones, but just genuinely good, FRESH beef on a non overwhelming bun. There is a set of instructions on how to order your burger. 1. Choose a cheese burger or hamburger 2. Choose how it's cooked, I got mine Medium. I think I should have gone med. rare. 3. Choose what you want on it. I chose 'The Works' which is everything that usually goes on a burger. 4. Anything else you want to add on it. I loved the atmosphere.. but the service was a bit cringeworthy. The only service you get is when you order at the front, after that it is self service.

Mani Mangat

Place looks cool and the speakeasy element is sweet. However, after a 1 hour wait, the food itself was a disappointment. Meat was rubbery, flavour was blah. Ordering was chaotic, and getting seated a significant challenge. People further down the line were sending members of their party to secure tables when they weren't even close to being served, so people who were actually served had nowhere to sit. Stupid, selfish behaviour, but enabled by the lack of direction from the staff. Not worth the visit.

Seth W

Delicious burger once I found the place, great vibe and decent price too

Jose Manuel Marron

Super simple place but great burger and very nice fries. An authentic hidden treasure!

Alex Chojnowski

A hole in the wall joint in a luxurious hotel with condos. The only hidden is a neon burger sign in a hallway with any arrow. The food is made fresh to order and the beverages are cold on the tap. The Burgers were made to perfection as medium rare and fries salted just right. There is no fan fare or frills. The ambience is that of old Fashion dive bar with the sweet smells of grilled burgers. This is definitely a spot all NYC residents and visitors alike should stop by and enjoy!

Jamie Young

Fantastic little find. One of the best burgers I've ever had, and a funky little seating area too. Check this place out but don't be surprised to find it packed

Ainhoa Pérez

Overpriced and overhyped. After 30 min waiting to order in such a tiny space crowded by lots of people, we managed to find a place to sit. We received our food decently quickly considering how busy it was still, the burgers were nothing special. I asked for a medium cooked patty and ended up having a dry/rubbery one. Save your time and money folks, this place is not worth it

Neida Freitas

The cheeseburger in this place is amazing. I also had fries and a chocolate milkshake. You can't make reservations and it's quite small. We were there mid afternoon and managed to get a table soon after we ordered our meal. I'd highly recommend it you're in NYC.

Amir Tahmasebi

I am not sure what people are rating here! An absolute tourist trap. You have to stay in line for 30mins and another 30mins to find sitting in a tiny hole and at the end you will have a burger with same taste as Shake Shack and you pay twice for it. The cashier forces everyone to pay tip!

Thomas Cromer

Okay experience! I loved that the locals had to show me where to find the place because they definitely saw me wondering around trying to look. A small place with a small menu but you know you are only coming here for the burger. I got the single patty cheeseburger. It basically tastes like a cheeseburger I could make from home. No seasoning in the meat. The toppings were fresh, and I appreciated the size of the patty but that was it. Nothing to get worked up about for $10.

Dave Serjeant

Good quirky atmosphere and pleasingly difficult to find. Would greatly benefit from having a vegetarian option on the menu which is why I've given it 3 stars and not 5.

Dennis Kao

Perfect medium rare burger and fries weren't overly salty. Personally prefer some more salt and pepper in the patty but it was still delicious.

Jonathan Guez

We waited in line for 30 minutes and I just gotta say, this place isn't bad but it's also certainly not great. I'm a little perplexed why this place is as popular as it is. It's pretty damn expensive for a burger and it really just isn't special. It seems to be a tourist trap more than anything. The inside is very cool and well done, I'll give it that, but honestly I think you're better off just skipping it all together and eating elsewhere.

Sam Roberts

Burger was actually quite good, but the staff were not very friendly nor was the seating area adequate.

Antoine Plgn

Small place, hidden inside what looks like an hotel. A great experience, no talking, just burgers. And what burgers! They are fresh and delicious. You are served really fast once you're at the desk, though there is often a long line of people to go through. I advise going there at noon or just before, otherwise be prepared to wait for half an hour or more.

Eric Thomas

Cool "hole in the wall" atmosphere if you're looking for that but flavorless unseasoned meat with standard toppings, cheese wasn't melted just cold squares sitting on top. not worth the wait or money, in my opinion.

Michael Benoit

A simple, no-frills cheeseburger and fries. There are lots of burger places like this, and I wouldn't say this is the best one. If you go, keep in mind it's cash only and hidden behind a curtain in the main lobby of the hotel.


One of the best kept secrets in NYC (secret from tourists, that is) is the Burger Joint. This speakeasy-style burger hut hides behind the lobby curtain in the Parker New York hotel, only with a small neon burger as your clue. The entrance is almost completely hidden behind floor-to-ceiling red curtain. Once you make it to the door, a grungy burger joint inside an upscale luxury hotel is something worth writing about. It's a tiny, hole-in-the-wall spot for burger enthusiasts like me LOL Luckily (or not) I live literally around the block and it makes it easy to quench those random burger cravings. You can add pickles and bacon and they also offer Mayo and Mustard as topping which is awesome since I love both!! You will most likely have to wait as lines are common here but is not long and totally worth it! This place is the best! Forget Shake Shack, just get the Cheeseburger medium rare THE WORKS and an order of fries and you will thank me later =] Oh, they also serve Milkshakes (vanilla or chocolate), beer and wines

Matthew Lowery

A top spot for burgers. Got there about three, it wasn't crowded. Prices that are reasonable. Like a restaurant in Washington I loved.

Rita Nguyen

A top site for delicious Burgers. It was so tasty. It has an awesome feel to it.

Caleb Morgan

Superb burger location! Friendly staff, and the burgers are the best in the area! Love the atmosphere. Hidden in a hole in the curtain, it’s an awesome place. Highly recommend to anyone that can find it.


My mom found this place at random a few years ago and I make a point to go nearly every time I visit the city. It's super cool walking into a high end hotel, turning the corner next to the front desk and seeing a burger sign. You walk in and it's a completely different atmosphere. The burgers are great and the staff is great at cooking them. They have a small menu but do have a beer selection. Fries are big enough to share. Check the time you go though, the line can get pretty long at peak.

George Mitchell

Interesting hidden burger place. It’s inside the lobby of the Parker hotel. Small and niche. The burgers are simple and tasty, but maybe not the “best in nyc” as advertised by the hotel. Overall a pleasant, informal burger bar.

Myungshin Oh

Came here because it is SO FAMOUS! This place is introduced in so many Korean blogs and YouTubes- So we came- It took some time to find because it is inside of a hotel- Google Parker New York Hotel- That is easier- But we found it- Ok- let me be honest- This is a good burger but not that the best- It is sort of like Five Guys but better- The meat is good and the sauce is also good. The meat is SUPER DELICIOUS! But that is about it. The burger is expensive. And the lines are long- Real long- So make sure never go when there is a long line- It will take you a real long time to get the food. Service is ok- Price is a bit expensive- I would probably come here again only if there is no line- Still very good food and thankful for the delicious burger!

Luis NY

I have been coming to this place for years (2-3 times per year for the past 10 years...) and for the first time it made me wonder if I should look for something else... Quality was not the same and I actually was disappointed...

Kristian M

Fantastic and delightful food, I like the ambience the spot has, and the workers were very kind. I will definitely visit here when I’m around.


Place had a very cool style but other than that there's not much else. Tables were all sticky and there was nobody doing anything about it. There were very few tables and it's quite difficult to get seated as many people would occupy them for quite some time after having eaten. That's why if you are a party of more than 4 people I'd absolutely tell you bot to come here. Burgers were Ok, chips were very good, but what offered did not match the price at all. Wouldn't reccomend!

Jeremy Lewis

Well the secret is out. Get there while you can! Great no nonsense burgers!

Cristi Dobre

Big, juicy, full of flavour burger in a cool, hip place? This is it. Hidden away in the lobby of Parker Hotel behind some curtains look for a lid up burger sign. Pay with cash.

Yarden M

Cool hole in the wall - literally, entrance hidden behind a curtain in the lobby area with a small neon burger to mark the spot. There was a small line and competition for the very limited amount of seats but the food was okay. The paper in which they serve is not adequate for staying intact and eating a burger, and the flimsy paper straws in the plastic cups was a bit ironic. We wanted burgers nearby and we found them, but we wouldn't go out of our way to get to this place.

Steve M

Classic burgers with no nonsense. Not much to say about pricing or portions, suffice it to say that the double cheeseburger was filling. Star of the meal was the big, plump pickle.

Adam Balena

This place is awesome. Only two items to order to eat and some beer choices. Small and hidden. Very cool hole in the wall for a quick bite.


Nice thick burger that tastes great. Their menu is small and simple.. Hamburger, Cheeseburger, Double Hamburger, Double Cheeseburger. They also have a "Spicy Slaw Burger" and Grilled Cheese. The French fries are cooked fresh but I was a little upset to not have a full bag of fries though.

Michelle Chase

Fun hole in the wall joint with juicy good burger. Be prepared for a queue!

Sarah Hassouna

Absolutely great! Super cool secret place, nice ambiance, good burgers for a fair price. A must do when you are in New York if you ask me!


One of the best burgers in NYC, hidden gem. Expect a line.


Great Burgers. Hidden inside the Parker Hotel, just go through the lobby and then turn left. Behind the curtain you will find it!

Jan Solanellas

The best hamburger I ever had. Met really nice people there, and the place was small but lovely. Fair price for what you eat. Chips where delicious too.

Machiel Bruinink

A hidden gem of new york, its extremely popular so be prepared to queue. Its well hidden inside a hotel in the corner without any signs giving you direction so best to ask someone from the hotel. Its self service and you might have to wait to get a seat. The burgers are tasty and the fries are good as well.

Elena Panayiotou

Burgers to lick your fingers. Good prices for being in the heart of Manhattan!

Michele Bianchella

Great food and amazing place, must be visited while in NYC

Christopher Tignor

Great burger and done just right!! love it!

Elizabeth Toms

The best burger I've ever had! Had a to queue for about half hour to order but totally worth it. Melt in your mouth patties and chunky pickles. Awesome fries as well. Cosy interior. Cant wait to go back!

André Wolff

I couldn't find it from the street but asked the hotel doorman and he pointed it out to me. The line wasn't that bad. The limited choices were actually a blessing. Choose cheese or not, the cooking point of the patty, and a handful of toppings. It was really good, harmonious and tasty. One of the few burgers I had that didn't weight on my stomach. Recommend strongly. If you watch out for your beverage option, it can end up being an excellent deal!


The environment is top notch. Tucked away behind the curtain of a nice hotel. The spicy slaw was fantastic, but when the burger and fries came out I was disappointed. Nothing great stood out in the tastes of the main meal. Really wish I could have tried the Oreo shake, but they don't serve shakes until after 3 pm. Next time!

Stephen Hand

Great "secret" burger joint tucked away in a hotel lobby. **Get here before lunch or expect to wait a long time (30 min+ if you want a table)**. So simple yet so brilliant. The menu is streamlined with no complications to slow things down. Fires are shoe string, but crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. This was the pleasant surprise of our visit to NYC. A good place to visit before a jaunt to Central Park. Very reasonably priced and friendly staff.

Sarah Cordial

We first heard about Burger Joint from Anthony Bourdain and it didn’t disappoint. The restaurant is small and often has a long line of eager diners. To get a seat, it’s best to go right as they open otherwise, you’ll have to order out. The burgers are simply made, well seasoned and cooked perfectly paired with whatever fixings your heart desires. A guilty pleasure. The fries are also simple but flavorful. The side of coleslaw had a little spice but it was delicious; that’s saying a lot since I’m not a fan of coleslaw. The service was friendly and helpful. This meal won’t break the bank either!

Ruben Colon

Authentic hidden gem, quite fast and friendly staff. Nice burgers and fries even that the offer of organic ones will be appreciated like the ones you can find in other places. Interesting decoration in an very small local, probably you will have to wait for one of the tables to be free and that can be frustrating for some people. Avoid common dinner/lunch hours, it's too crowded, that's why it has 3 stars.

Paul W

Quirky joint behind reception in the Parker. Good but not spectacular burger and fries, plus wine and beer. Can be slow and really crowded - it's small and both times I was there it was tough to find a seat. Good vibe though if you do find a seat to hang out and have a burger and a beer - worth a visit, especially as a tourist in NYC.


Great great burger, excellent fries. Very busy and not much seating. Overpriced but we'll there is a line out the door. Waited about 30 min on a weekday at 2pm.

Sarah Murphy

As we were staying at the hotel we decided to give the burger joint a go. Don't be put off by the look of the place the food was great and not at all expensive. Look out for my plaster on the wall with our names on celebrating Margie 76th Birthday !

Rachad Ghazal

Long wait, but worth it. The meat is juicy, the bacon is crispy, and the vanilla shake is a killer

Anne Revels

Amazingly this place always packed out. Ate here once and had take away another time. Quick efficient service, and tasty food

Evan Adams

Very long wait but the food was amazing

michele cavazza

One of the best (affordable) hamburger of NYC

Yaniv Benny

Nice burger in a small hidden place behind the hotel counter. It has a 'thing' and a nice vibe, but I had better:) You fill in which burger, toppings and sides you want to order and couple of minutes later you get your burger. Very nice indeed

Stacy Surrell

First time here and will definitely come back! Freshly cooked burgers. Perfectly cooked. Prices are fair and excellent service. Slight delay in serving the food, but it's worth it. Happy customer.

Karl Faktor

The Definition of a hidden treasure. Find your way through the lobby of a nice hotel, go left, behind the curtain and dive into a Time Machine. Great Burger, fries and Drink. Of course it is expensive, what would you expect? But it's worth it! Get some of this flair and take it back with you. If you can, go there early!!

Brigitte Krolian

What a hidden gem! Open late, great food, total NYC vibe.

Juan Cruz Romera

Good burgers, nothing out of the world though. Prices are a bit expensive for the quality, sincerely. Really small place, we stayed like for 20 minutes (waiting and eating), after that time an employee basically "kicked" us out of the place 'cause someone complained that were finished with our food.

Julie Lee

The place is well hidden inside the hotel. It's a great place to grab a quick bite. Burger was juicy and done to perfection and it's great to have it with some french fries. Service was quick. It's very small place, you might not be able to get a table.

Billy Floyd

Excellent spot to eat some food when in a hurry. Their customer service is swift, pricing is reasonable, excellent atmosphere. Highly recommended

Mariana Carrillo

Good (not amazing) burger and decent fries but definitely over hyped. People clearly like it because of the vibe more than the food.

Yvonne Lindesay

Didn't say so didn't get to fine out

Kristin C.

Heard about this hidden away gem and had to visit over a decade ago. The food was amazing and the atmosphere was fun. Nothing has really changed since except for how many people know about it because of the internet. I would definitely recommend you stop by if you're in town.

elisabeth oh

super cool setting. my question to those who celebrate this place: have you had Au Cheval before? it’s better. actually even Parlour in Minneapolis is better, and i don’t think anything in Minneapolis is good. except for the ice cream. shake was good — more of like a malt which i prefer but the burger was okay at best. five stars for service.

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