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254 Broad Ave, Palisades Park, NJ 07650

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REVIEWS OF Bunsik Nara IN New Jersey

Park David

Awesome Korean Food with wonderful staffs

Joe Kim

Korean bunsik - quick meals / street food . Super friendly and excellent food and family friendly.

Kelly K

Good food, good service

Linna Chung

Great food at great prices. What more can I say?!

Katherine Yoo Jin Oh


Lester Castor

Staff was friendly, food portions are large ! Very good


Food is OK, but little expensive for the type of Korean food. (Buk Sik is cheap Korean food!)

Abner Lopez

Big portions of food, and excellent staff our server was super attentive at all times. He really made our stay at the restaurant worth while. Highly recommended

Don Yoo

No flavor on food. I'm not just talking about salty or sweet. You won't taste anything on their food. I hope it's just me. No special foods. You can see what I they have in others places.

Hojin Choi

Always good here. They have everything you can think of but go with the combo C if you're looking to eat :)

Qough Medicine

Menu paper is literally just A4 printing paper. Food is mediocre. Two things i enjoyed were the water and the radishes. GO TO TTOTTOWA!!!!

Meena Pak

Love the place

Peter Kim

Great tasting food. Large portions and of course nicest waitresses in town!

hwadon Ju

(Translated by Google) It's a lot delicious (Original) 양 많고 맛있어요

Mike Wu

Pretty good Korean restaurant. The food is pretty tasty and portion sizes are generous. The ambience is chill and there's plenty of room inside. The service can be a bit slow however, and the foods just a bit too pricey for the quality in my opinion. The Jajangmyeon was also pretty meh compared to the good quality of other foods. Would still recommend this place though.

Jae Shim

Great food, reasonable price, best place to get traditional korean street style foood

Jade Mirch Torres

Fun atmosphere and the music and tv always play new songs. The portions match their price, meaning it's always fun to eat with friends. The staff welcome you and are very friendly in service. Food is delicious and consistently good.

Caroline Kim

great food, friendly staff, really like their padak and ddukbokkee

Kyungho Shin

I like their combo c and ddukbokki. Owner is very friendly. This is my go to place for bunsik.

Kevin Horng

Good ass combo C

Joo Park

Great place for korean food. Sometimes full.

Jacob Gonzalez

Stone hot bulgogi with rice. (No vegetable) is my favorite dish. I love Bunsik Nara.The staff is very friendly and professional. Very nice and clean. Food is ready very fast. I've been to the restaurant over forty times.

Yongheon park

(Translated by Google) Food is varied and sweet (Original) 음식이 다양하고 푸짐함

Ahmet Simaiş

Sevdiğimiz bir mekan

Maria Velez

My daughter's favorite Korean restaurant. My husband and I are vegan so we choose the soups and the vegetable rolls. Amazing!

Louie Ewing

I had an awesome experience in this place. We enjoyed the first-rate atmosphere and the menu. The waiters were super welcoming. I’m happy we eventually decided to eat here.

Peter Lee

Decent food.

Christine Wu

Great variety of combos. The portions are big. Good dining experience!!

Won Jae Lee

Great place for bunsik

Antonio Naudin

(Translated by Google) Excellent attention and very rich food. You have to know how to ask because it is a Korean restaurant but it is rich (Original) Excelente atencion y la comida muy rica. Hay que saber pedir porque es un restaurante coreano pero es rico todo

Dennis Kim

This place blows my mind! Food was great but also the portion was no joke..! Servers were extremely friendly and I look forward to going back to this place..!!!

jour Tube

Love the food ;-P Great customer service too.

Jason Smith

음식이..제때 나오지 않아 먹다 기다리다 먹다해 오늘은 별로

Yuki Moto

(Translated by Google) A pseudo-rain good food house. But do not expect great taste. I had a lot of chicken set menus that seemed okay to students. (Original) 가성비좋은 분식집. 다만 대단한 맛은 기대하면 안됨. 학생들에게 괜찮을듯 파닭 세트메뉴 많이 먹었었음

truely moa

(Translated by Google) The food is neat and tastes good. I used it 3 times in a friendly place. I want to use it next time. (Original) 음식이 깔끔하며 맛도 좋으며 친절한곳 3번이용했습니다 가격대도 저렴한편이라 부담없이 이용하심되요 다음에도 꼭이용하고 싶은집입니다

Jeno Na

Awesome place. Always satisfied.

Pablo Smith

Very well kept and accessible spot. They provide big meals and for fair rates. We enjoyed the menu very much and the staff members were very attentive and informative. Recommended.

Joshua Ma

Good Casual Korean comfort food.

Emma Lee

Food was really good!

Daniel Lee

Excellent korean street food. Reasonable price.

Bless with you Emmanuel

(Translated by Google) Ddukbokko was just too spicy. If you want to taste the taste of seasoning, seasoning, and more delicious, I hope to beat the seasoning. (Original) Ddukbokko was just too spicy..떡볶이가,맵기만하고 중간맛없이 싱거웠어요. 분식집맛은,조미료 맛인건가 싶다가도 이왕이면 좀더 맛있는,양념이길,바랬습니다.

Heasung Jeon

Love their combo menus!

Mark Seaquist

Good quick Korean food, good service good prices, I'll be back here !

Jong Kim

best tonkauss in usa. watch out tonkauss sauce is super addictive!

Med Domingo

Reasonable price, big portion servings, good food, clean place, very nice and friendly servers

max lee

(Translated by Google) The noodle country sells delicious "Paddak" (chicken fry + wave impregnation), and the seasoning of mackerel rice is delicious (Original) 분식나라는 맛있는 "파닥" (치킨프라이 + 파뭍침) 을 판매 하고 또 쭈꾸미 덮밥의 양념이 맛있습니다

Benjamin Kim

Always great service and good food! Been coming for years.

Monica Lee

I always get the combo C with creme spaghetti. It's the best and it's a lot so I always share with someone else.

Jiyoung Kim

(Translated by Google) I was in charge of my dinner during my trip to New York. I did not eat everything because there were many kinds of food, but I ate tteokbokki, kimchi stew, kimchi kalguksu, LA ribs and so on. (Original) 뉴욕 여행중 나의 저녁을 책임져준 분식나라 음식 종류가 많아 다 먹어보지는 못했지만 떡볶이, 김치찌개,김치칼국수, LA갈비등등 다 맛있게 먹었습니다


(Translated by Google) At first, I was tasty, but I could not eat more and more food. (Original) 처음엔 맛있었는데 갈수록 음식들이 짜서 먹을 수가 없어짐ㅠ


Good comfort food


(Translated by Google) Friendly staff and food is delicious ^^ (Original) 직원분들께서 친절하시구 음식도 맛있어요^^

Bruno Lee

Kimbap e frango frito são excelentes. É a porção são gigantes. Jovens adoram neste lugar. Recomendo experimentar

Natalia Monak


DaeKwon Hong

Good place


This place has a lively atmosphere with delicious Asian food. It is a fusion of Japanese and Korean food so you will find dishes like pork cutlet, hamburger steak, and spicy rice cake. The staff is very welcome and the place is usually busy. I recommend the Combo C for groups of people.

Leen Emma

Nah.. not safe to eat.

Chan Oh

Place has the best scallion chicken(?) (파닭) that I've tasted anywhere. They're 짬뽕 is a must as well!!

Ed DeMaria

Our favorite

Discovery Everyday

Yummy food!


(Translated by Google) Chicken flavor .. Master ahumma goodness. (Original) 파닭맛나고.. 주인아쥼마 착함.


(Translated by Google) In the company of a friend one day I'm ate food from the snack to the country nawatdago the withdrawal of any food in the semi minutes. That he gave the call back to the Batch country, neither was asked to refund the money did was asked to write a little more attention to food boss is never a scrubber naolriga saying syeotdapnida herd hold kkeutkkeutnae. I'm sorry to say that I have too crazy boss's attitude is not a word I have talked to complaints, then was not in his shop to hang up syeotdago said annya not eat. Food taste is just Having said together, after hearing the story will not use personally think that is the spirit of service is a lack of basic customer of the boss. (Original) 친구의 회사에서 하루는 분식나라에서 음식을 시켜먹었는데 어떤 분의 음식에서 철수세미가 나왔다고 하네요. 그 분이 분식나라에 다시 전화를 거셨는데, 돈을 환불해 달라고 한 것도 아니고 음식에 조금 더 신경 써달라고 부탁했을 뿐인데 사장님은 절대 수세미가 나올리가 없다며 끝끝내 잡아 떼셨답니다. 미안하다는 말 한마디 없는 사장님의 태도에 너무나도 어처구니가 없어 불만을 이야기했더니, 그럼 자기 가게에서 안시켜 먹으면 되지 않냐며 전화를 끊으셨다고 합니다. 음식 맛은 그저 그렇긴 한데, 이야기를 듣고 나서 개인적으로 사장님의 기본적인 고객에 대한 서비스 정신이 부족하다고 생각되어 이용하지 않습니다..

Jeremy Comitas

Kind staff and monsterous portions. The katsu dishes are delicious and the largest portions I've seen yet.

Vlad Shpigel

Best Korean food in all of Korea Town on broad st in palisades Park, you will not find a better place than this, I've tried believe me, worth every penny.

Paul Cheong

The dishes here have their highs and lows but overall it was alright. The chicken katsu was crispy but the sauce was had a weird sweet note to it that I didn't like. The Korean sausage was rubbery. The spicy rice cakes were pretty good with the sauce just the right mixture of spicy and sweet. I'd look elsewhere for better food with consistent quality.

ST Kim

Not too bad



Jihye Chung

(Translated by Google) It is really real delicious especially the chicken set !!!!! I have a lot of money and I like the taste of it. ~ Drug Kimbap should be served with udon. It is more delicious.

Davidori K

They have almost 100 menus. I tried prob. 1/3 of them and they were all good. Will continue to explore all other dishes. Love to go there with many friends and order as many dishes as possible and share. Reasonably priced and all ages and preferences can be happily satisfied with divers choices of dishes in this place.

Junhong Song

I always eat here. I can't stop coming. I'm broke now.

alex nye

Good food

CY Chang

Food was good. Service could be faster


(Translated by Google) Do not eat cream flavored pasta in a broth and maengmaeng donkkasseu else will only delicious fried delicious eating completely thin biscuits. Food apart renovate went in the evening bring us some security server lady water to give me what is eat hand bring not even a fork ditch the knife check and I said or twice but have bodies that other thing's a mess member services ㅋㅋ tips myeotbul is precious It was the first thing ^^ (Original) 크림파스타는 맹맹한 국물에 말아먹는 맛이고 돈까쓰는 완전 얇은 비스킷먹는맛 튀김맛밖에안남. 음식은 그렇다 쳐도 저녁시간에 갔는데 서버여자분 물도 안갖다주고 손으로 먹어라는건지 포크랑 나이프도 안가져다주고 체크좀주세요 하고 두번이나말했는데 다른짓한다고 들은체만체 서비스 엉망이네요 ㅋㅋ 팁 몇불이 아까운건 처음이었어요 ^^

hearan kim

(Translated by Google) Matnago and enrich transferable. Chinese Korean. Incrementally. Where you can eat Japanese food ... all singles ... especially the combo menu crushes (Original) 맛나고 양도 풍성하고 . 중식 한식 .분식.일식 .. 모두 골라 먹을수 있는곳 .. 특히 콤보 메뉴가 인기 짱




(Translated by Google) It's a lot more expensive than I thought, and it's not that much of a Qual ... (Original) 생각보다 많이 비싸고 퀄이 그다지..


Good, simple Korean comfort food... recommend the fried chicken with chives, fried fish cutlet, and the spicy rice cake.

sunghee kim

They.have huge variations of manu. We ordered seafood tokboki n chicken mayo rice for two, and tastes great n good portion.

Fernando Espinoza

I stumbled into this place by accident looking for my first korean food experience. I ordered the kimchi noodle soup and the seafood cream pasta. I absolutely loved the food. I was offered some small appetizers followed by some bowls to share the soup. The kimchi soup was amazing, its the kind of soup you have in a cold winter day. And the seafood pasta exceeded my expectations. Totally recommend this dish. The cream was excellent, not too runny, not too thick. To say i came in hungry but came out full and happy is a big thumbs up.

Seunghyun Choi

Good foods and decent service

Steve Yim

Great foods for the money

Melanie Tam

I'm not sure why this place only has 3 stars - I really enjoyed the food! The portions are huge and are totally worth it. For $13.99, I got the cheese tonkatsu (pork cutlet with cheese and special sauce). It came with three whole pork cutlets, so I had leftovers to take home. I normally don't like pork cutlets because they're usually dry but this was not the case at all at Bunsik Nara. The outside was perfectly crispy, the inside was tender, and the cheese was melty. Plus, the cheese was actually in the cutlet, and not haphazardly sprinkled on top, which was a very nice touch. I just wasn't a fan of was the special sauce it came with. It had this weird cinnamon flavor to it. I would have much preferred a side of curry or something. Another thing was the kimchi. It tasted like they didn't ferment it long enough because it didn't really have any flavor to it. But overall, I had a pretty great meal. Also, our waiter was super nice, and attentive. Would definitely come back if I'm ever in the area!

Chris Jung

(Translated by Google) I ate a chicken chicken chicken, but it was really great ~! I have a lot of money, I am soft, and oh ~ ~ Please do this ~ I was surprised ~ (Original) 순살치킨 파닭을 먹었는데 진짜 대박~!! 양도 많고 살도 부드럽고 오~ 이대로만 해주세요~ 깜짝 놀랬어요~

s lee

This was a fast thought decision to come here. Our party was actually suppose to next door but decided to come here. We did not regret it. Our food came out delicious and plentiful. Flavor was on point and of you want to bring a young one the menu will have something to satisfy them as well. The ambiance was well suited for us.


Spicy korean rice cake, ddokboki, was yummy and chewy.. and fried chicken with scallions was crispy and tasty too.. very comfortable and relaxing atmosphere..

John Ahn

Large portions, closes midnight, decent food, affordable prices. The place has a little bit of everything but their speciality is flour based stuff such as noodles, dukboki, donkatsu, padak, sujaebi, and other foods.

kichul han

싸고 맛있고 푸짐하고 친절까지 하네요,

Ng T

Good food, good service. My family come here very often.

Michael K

Good food, good service, good value. This is not a gourmet restaurant, but for the type of establishment it is, they do a great job in terms of tasty food, fast service, and good portions. Check out their combo dishes, enough for 2-3 people.

albert son

One of my go to spots in palisades park. They give really big portions and they have great combos on the menu

Bo Young Joung

Good quality with variety of selection at reasonable price.

Jann D

Always one of my favorite restaurants to go to in the area. The combo C is a favorite and popular amongst teens and college students. It's also good for adults also but just mention Combo C and people will usually know you're referring to Bunsiknara. Only thing is, it's not something that you can have often as the "wow" factor of it is only for the first time trying it and it can get pretty tiring if you eat it often. Maybe once every month or two. Parking is pretty good, theres street parking or a municipal lot nearby. Good dessert (Bing Su or Korean shaved ice) is also nearby.

Thomas J. Lee

There aren't many Bunsik houses in Palisades Park. There are many menus. Maybe a little too many. It's clean and the staffs are friendly. The menu's are pretty expensive for bunsik. Kimbap for $8.99, a lunch combo goes for $11 to $20. I mean for bunsik they should be priced well below $10.

Soo Jin Kim

Their combo meals are so good~~~~~

SY Shim

(Translated by Google) Not much food service too! Korean men only tip tips unkind (Original) 음식도 별로 서비스는 꽝! 한인 남자는 팁만 밝힘 불친절함

Yeonsuh Shin

Nice food kindness servers Highly recomend this place!!

Sarah Shin

Good Korean food. Slow service

Evan S

great place to go with friends for lunch or dinner. share the combo c


Food is tasty, staff are very nice.

victor hernandez

(Translated by Google) Excellent food, very delicious seafood soup although it is better if you like spicy no parking (Original) Exelente comida ,sopa de mariscos muy rica aunque es mejor si te gusta el picante no tiene parqueo

NY kelly LA

(Translated by Google) I really liked the taste of the food and the visual that I did not want to eat. I have not been able to go there since .... (Original) 진짜 음식맛도 그렇고 먹고 싶지 않은 비쥬얼에 든번 깜놀했어요..그 이후로 가볼 엄두가 안나네요....분위기만 건전하고 차분

Casey Cho

Great place for family and friends.

Edward Kim

Good price, ok food

Sunsik Chang

Not bad but not very great either. The price was little high for the 분식.

Jared Cohee


Helen Kim

Best fried rice ever, any type of fried rice is highly recommended. Cheese donkatsu, kalguksu and gimbop all recommended. Kids friendly environment with TV programs and interesting interior design. Downside is too busy and your table can be neglected.

young shin


Michael P

Good Korean bunsik (something quick like street food). What's lacking is their dduk bbok ki (spicy rice cake?). They need to improve the taste of it. In English, it's similar to saying "their burgers are great, but the fries suck"

Victor Han

nice service

Grace Cho

값싸고 맛난 분식점

Thomas Lee

Food is ok, service is no good.

Dong Kim

It tastes really great here I've been a regular here for a while but the food is great here. Highly recommended



Lee Kelly

(Translated by Google) There is not much to drink. Taste the vinegar from the jam Fried rice had only little soy sauce, Chicken is not fried. Oh, Pasta seems to have forgotten to go. Do not deliver again (Original) 맛대가리 없어요. 짜장면에서 식초맛 나고 볶음밥은 재료도 거의 없이 간장만 들어갔고 치킨은 튀긴게아니라 무슨 찐거같이 눅눅 아 파스타는 간하는걸 깜빡하신듯요 다신 배달 안시킴


ㅋㅋ다신안간다진심으로 직원싹퉁바가지+음식맛대가리

Tae Jung Kim

Delicious foods and reasonable prices

tony yoon

Amazing Korean Chicken with scallions, great for snack with the family.

Kushan Costa

Great service. The food is very good. Price is affordable even for a college student. Recommended: spicy tuna leaf roll

Yong H. Kwon

I come here for convenience. The food is at fair prices 10-20 dollars and the vibe is nice. The service is quick (15-20 minutes) and the food is good. No negative comments.

Michael J

Medium-sized Korean eatery that has all the typical entrées one would expect to see and some that are rather unique. There's everything from noodle soups, to cutlets, and to spaghetti! The prices are reasonable, with the more expensive dishes being able to feed at least two or more people. Most customers order one or two large dishes and share by what I have seen. They are open much later compared to that of most other restaurants on Broad street. The wait staff is quick, food is good, and the prices are very reasonable.

Cody Lucinario

Always nice and helpful and the portions are quite large ! Worth your money to check out and enjoy.

boas yu

A small place with good Korean food and nice service with a smile Typically they serve light fare of udon soups (great tasting broth!!) and gimbab (Korean sushi usually made with vegetables and sometimes with marinated beef) which are good and fill you up

Sang Lee

It's an okay place. Food is okay, but in my opinion, the cost is a bit over-priced for the quality and portion. Also, the three times I've been there, they have always been out of stock of of something that I ordered.

David Lee

Veriaty menus, and good food at a good price


Its food

Youngsik Kang

(Translated by Google) The chicken is delicious, and the amount is large, so I went to the pillar to find a long distance and wrote two papers. (Original) 파닭이 맛있고 양도 많아서 필라에서 먼거리를 찾아가서 투고를 2개 시켰는데 양이 엄청 줄었더군요 정말 실망입니다.

Victor Wang

Got a pork and octopus with rice served on a cast iron pan. Absolutely delicious.

Hobin Yang

portions got smaller but its still good

Jay Lee

Their combo menu is pretty good.

Dayoung Lee

Consistent good food, great service, treats you like family. Love it!


(Translated by Google) Seonbong rice is delicious (Original) 짬봉밥 맛있어요

J. Jasmine Lee

They've gotten cheap. Last two times I was there, the don katsu sauce was watered down, the janchi gooksoo was watered down, along with a few other things that were very good just a year ago. The fish katsu is still good, though. Probably because they buy the tartar sauce, but it's still delicious.

Dean Choe

Best of best price is cheap and quality of food is amaizing.

A Cloudy Krow

A good korean restaurant that serves almost anything. Portion is pretty big with an affordable price. I had their sweet potato katsu with rice and has corn/coleslaw on the side. They serve miso soup which I wasn't really crazy about. Their side dishes is pretty limited so don't expect too much from it. Service is pretty friendly. It gets pretty busy especially on the weekend. It is also kid-friendly. So try it if you're in the neighborhood.

MariaKayy Beauty

Been here for 3 years it's amazing service is great we always give a 30 dollar tip

Andy Yoon

Good food nice price

Josiah Chung

Every variety and combo of Korean food with nice portion sides and quick and kind service!

Celestine Chong

Good Korean street food. I think they specialize in tteokbokki. Special deals and waiters are mostly only Korean though Single room gendered bathrooms available

Mchc 7045

Clean, friendly. A little expensive, based on the actual cost of the materials, but competitive single meal price. However, most of the restaurant food are overpriced anyway.

David Yun

Not the best boonsik in the area, but it's open late. The food was not bad but it was a little on the sweet side for my taste. If you like sweeter side of the boonsik, this may be the place for you.

Hansong Kim

(Translated by Google) Korean Casual eately, You can enjoy korean street foods with reasonable price. Try with combo meal. Korean food house, sell various kinds of food. (Original) Korean Casual eately, You can enjoy korean street foods with reasonable price. Try with combo meal. 한국 분식집, 다양한 종류의 분식을 판매.




(Translated by Google) Delicious and friendly. It's a great place to take your kids with you. (Original) 맛있고 친절합니다. 자리가 편해서 아이들 데리고 가기에 좋은 곳 입니다.

Christian Kim

Great place, very helpful and kind staff. However if you have dietary restrictions, be sure to ask about it. Some items don't list all ingredients.


Good food and service!

Minho Kwon

This is by far my favorite restaurant. The staff is very friendly and extremely efficient. They are very generous with the portion and serve food in a timely manner. You will love this place!!

Rosy P

Small place but food was yummy. Place was packed with teens. Daughter has food allergies and staff was so helpful in asking the chef back and forth which food doesn’t have certain ingredients. So glad we came here even though some reviews has less rating.

Byung Kwan Park

Perfect korean restaurant to share food

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