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REVIEWS OF Boom Boom Chicken IN New Jersey

Zhenyu Lu

very bad experience with the service

Fernando Romero

We love it the chicken is really good ✌

Jennifer Mazur

Really great chicken and portions at a great price! Service is just okay, and no recycling bins for the bottles and cans of beverages they sell makes me a little sad, though.

A. Fernandez

Amazing fried chicken. I dont like their sides. Ask for extra sauce bc sometimes the chicken doesnt have enough. So so good.

G Mangarell

Some of the best chicken around. Very crispy.


It's a quiet place for wings. They got Korean music playing in the store. They serve mainly fried chicken and other small dishes; salad, onion rings. We ordered half spicy wings, half regular. The sauce on the wings are a bit too salty. Staff is nice.


Delicious fried chicken. Get half mild half spicy

Allen Gottfried

Super-delicious Korean Fried Chicken. Would highly recommend to anyone in the area to check out. Great service, excellent food, and super fresh chicken! Enjoy!

Kathy Fegan



Great food but bit salty.

Andres Aguaiza

Chicken itself is honestly perfect. Not a lot of choices for spice level but their spice choices are enough. Takes a bit of time (like 20-30mins) for food to be ready but it's worth it.

Jason Wang

Would be 5 star if the wait wasn't so insane during busy hours. It felt like they made one order at a time instead of just cooking a bunch and serving. Literally cooking one dine in order then one take out. Our table took over 30 minutes to get all 4 orders and by the time the last order came out 2 people were done eating already.

Oliver Outerbridge

In all seriousness, I've never had wings so tasty that the bones are left bare due to how flavorful the seasoning is. Regular or spicy - those wings are the best I've ever had. Hands down. No contest. Very big dining area to eat in but take out seems to be a popular option. And while you wait for your wings, the location of the restaurant is located next to shops where you can kill time.

Helen Lora

So fresh! Order ahead or wait patiently. This is not "fast food".

Raymond Lee

I've eaten here many times and the chicken is consistently fresh and among the top 3 best chicken joints I've ever eaten at or ordered from. Some of the lower ratings here are funny. The kitchen closes at 9:30pm but the restaurant is open till 10 because there are still orders that arrived before 9:30pm and some customers are still dining at their tables. Not sure how that's so difficult to understand, as most other restaurants follow this same exact protocol. And then there are people complaining about long wait times expecting their chicken to be ready in 2 minutes like KFC? Think of it this way... KFC is like the McDonald's of chicken whereas Boom Boom Chicken is like the Shake Shack of chicken.

Sam Ryz

Simple, Tasty, Clean. Perfect crunch on the chicken. I assume it's fried to order and not just sitting around because it did take about 15/20 min for order to come out.

Kai Deng

too slow

Tan N

Great KFC. Large pieces. Just enough sauce. Great flavor to the chicken

Andrew Pross

Korean Garlicky Chicken is pretty good.

Scott Rudd

Best chicken wings in NJ. If you like zing, get the wings spicy!

Dan Cea

This place is so good if you are in the mood for fried chicken. I heard they do not use frozen chicken, it's all fresh, and if taste is anything to go by I would agree. They have a spice and sweet sauce. I recommend you get half and half in your order since both sauces compliment the other. Each order also comes with Pickled Radishes which is a personal favorite of mine. It's a splurge when I have extra calories to spend, but it's worth it.


I always love this place, the chicken is always made fresh and to order so it does take a bit of time for your food to be ready but can you complain? You're getting it as freshly made as it can get. The only thing I would be wary about is, mild is extremely mild and their spicy... is EXTREMELY spicy. There's really no medium, but the good thing about spicy is the taste and it's a spicy that subsides fairly quickly after you're done eating so you're not sniffling and in pain for the next 20-30 minutes. The spicy is an accumulating spicy so as you eat more, it gets hotter. Would definitely suggest getting 50/50 which is probably the way to go to manage how much spice you're getting. I crave this chicken when I'm in the area and go when I can, highly recommended!

Marion Quien

Best Korean fried Chicken in the area

Michelle Enkhbayar

they play dean here :3 also good chicken

carlos coleman

So in love with this place!! I like to try Zuppa di Pesce in each Italian restaurant I go to, and here is the restaurant where I had the best one. Service was just amazing as the food was. My fiance and I arrived there on a Saturday night 5 minutes before 10pm. Nevertheless, we were well


It's ok, there are better options out there for wings in both taste and price. On par with wingstop. My personal favorite for wings is quaker steak and Lube. They have all you can eat wings on Tuesdays.

S. Mehta

Got the half spicy and sweet drumsticks and wings. Was good. Tried the onion rings but I was not crazy about them.

Bobby Morgan

Great tasting food, been a customer for over 2 years. One thing in particular that I have an issue with is the customer service. Tonight my mother and I walked into the restaurant at around 9:28pm (Google says it closes at 10pm, which needs to be changed to 9:30pm) and nobody was at the cashier, but people were still waiting around to pick up their food. When the cashier came up to the register she asked if i was picking up, i told her no. And she then said that they were done taking orders and that they stop taking orders at 9:30pm (mind you at this point its only 9:34). So my mother and I proceeded out the door and will not be returning.

cheryl monden

Outstanding chicken

Roy Reid

Great chicken.. Needed something different..

Terry Walker

This is by far the best chicken in the AV! Spicy,Sweet, and oh so crispy Perfect!! I'd recommend this place to anyone looking for something a little different than those big name fried chicken places.

Andy Ting

Best Korean fried chicken available in the area...

cliff defor

Very good chicken. Crispy coating and flavorful sauce. Seemed very popular.

Jennifer Sox

I’m a fried chicken addict and I LOVE Boom Boom chicken! 100% recommend to anyone!


Delicious Korean fried chicken, friendly people and good customer service

Bobby Wayward

I called to place an order at 9;01 pm Sunday. I have never eaten here and wanted to give it a try. Hours say open until 9:30 - great! Well too bad I was told in the phone that the joint stops taking orders at 9pm. So I was one minute late. Well then your hours should reflect that. You close at 9, not 9:30. Now I will never eat here and will also recommend to everyone I know not to eat here.

Perze Ababa

We love this place. My family has been coming here on a weekly basis. The chicken is just right.

Janet Irby-Miller

What's so great?

Ric Mombay

Great food. Crispy and just the right bit of saucy to keep it crunchy and flavorful. My go to for Korean Fried Chicken. Order ahead or be prepared to wait because orders do take time to complete.

Thy Nguyen

Really good food but long wait

The Swede

Great chicken. Onion rings > Fries

Hey It's Lara

They have amazing chicken and other things available. It usually takes about 20-30 minutes for the food to be prepared. However, it is definitely worth it. Definitely worth the wait and price in my opinion. Can’t wait to go back soon!

Audrey S

It's basically fast food, expect as much.

Dan Watkins

Fried chicken is crispy and juicy. Tatses great too!

jonathan knight

Chicken is very very good

Clara Choi

This is definitely not korean style chicken. Chicken was very dry and disappointing for the price. I also found a feather in my chicken so that ruined my appetite.

Marq Cagle

Sherri Griffith

Korean food and the atmosphere here is better than most. got there about one, it wasn't busy. really nothing but great experiences here, so i will be back.

Christian Cuison

My family comes here almost every Sunday, and it's become a tradition! Boom boom chicken offers a unique twist to the traditional style of fried chicken, and doesn't fail to impress!

alfonso clark

It's was good but not as good as bonchon

Rania Samaan

I tried the katsu chicken and it was average in taste. Not comparable to Bonchon Chicken at all.

Alfie xcx

The level of commitment to the customer service is fantastic. I decided to order from Door Dash but the wait line was too long, and decided to change it. Unfortunately the app was being annoying and not letting me cancel. I called the restaurant and Kathy picked up and really went out of her way help me with it. The quality of the food is great and unique, but with the additional help really sets this restaurant apart from others.

Keith Forbes

Great chicken try the half&half box worth it

Alex Adkins

This is by far the best chicken in the AV! Spicy,Sweet, and oh so crispy Perfect!! I'd recommend this place to anyone looking for something a little different than those big name fried chicken places.

saera khan

Pure korean cuisine, good experience

Tinee B

Yummy! Love it..

Jamie Irving

Oh my soul this place is every bit of S. Korea...they are always so crazy busy

Jennifer Rapp

Food is good as always. Though I had to wait for the person taking orders to get off her phone.

Kurt Cheng

Service was pretty quick and friendly. Great kfc, typical prices. Spicy is just enough for a good kick.

Kristal Bee

Amazing super crunchy sweet and spicy fried chicken. Mild is yummy, but spicy is the best I've ever had. Worth the wait and made to be devoured immediately!


Very special!

Barbara Hewins

Found hair stuck to the chicken !

Cesar Sanchez

The best chicken

Theresa Gervasoni

Can confidently say I've never had any fried chicken like the kind from Boom Boom. It is sweet, spicy, and savory. The skin is crispy, not too oily, and the flavor is just bomb. The wings are the best option on that menu. The meat is juicy and tender. Never had a bad experience here. If you're looking for a twist on fried chicken, eat at Boom Boom. It's not like anything else around. You're definitely missing some of the greatest fried chicken ever made.

Claudine N

Best fried Chicken I ever Had.

Aaron manopo

Best Korean chicken in the area. They have great lunch combo deal for the price.

ryan lorenzo

Quicker than BonChon but not as good

Leena Job


Natalia Doyle

My order took forever. Made me late going back to work. Food taste overcooked

Roy Itdhanuvekin

Very good crispy chicken. Long wait, but I respect the time to make it good.

Angelina Pizzutiello

The lady behind the counter was sooo rude and mean!! She shouted at my boyfriend across the room to “come back here and pay!” when he was going to come back. They miss spelled our name of the order and didn’t let us try to give them the correct name. They packed out door Togo when we wanted to dine-in. I went up to get our food and I ask what exactly was in the order to make sure it was the right one and she said “we packed it Togo because we’re leaving” with an attitude. This girl much really hate her job.

Gangtae Kim


Phu Phan

I agree with some comments here, the lady behind the counter is so rude for nothing. The manager should fire her.


I AM ADDICTED TO THIS CHICKEN. Went here on a whim one day and now I am converted. The chicken is by far the most delicious fried chicken I have ever had. It's crispy on the outside and moist on the inside and the seasoning is enough to make my mouth water just thinking about it. On top of that every time I have gone back the staff have been very polite and extremely friendly. I love everything about this place and can't wait to get my next fix.

Seong Won Han

Had the large spicy wings and drumsticks - although not that spicy. Rather spartan inside though

Matthew Vandenberg

Delicious chicken and nice service. Will definitely go back again.


Different kind of try chicken. Delicious!

Ray R

Very good chicken, diffrent and unique!

arimi smith

Delicious chicken! I like my chicken spicy and they do it just right. Yummy chicken!

Joel Mount

Unique Asian style fried chicken. Casual atmosphere. I love the spicy chicken but it is very spicy.

Scott Bierman

Best wings for 40 miles. Crispy with a tasty sauce you can get spicy or mild. They serve drumsticks or standard size wings, in the sauce. Excellent!

Iram Lazzo


Reggie Gutierrez

It's the best!

Waleska Gonzalez

Love the food very pleasant atmosphere

Marilyn Cardona

I love love love the boom boom chicken. Its crispy, juicy, and delicious.


Nice chicken for sure! Very delicious. However, the young staffs were very rude. Not a word Hi, and didn't even give me receipt. When asked, he just threw receipt over the desk. Those young staffs were keeping chatting beyond the desk. I visited them while their first day opened at Edison. At beginning very few customs knew them and the staff at that time was super patient and friendly. I hope those youngs can get better training and becomes more friendly and polite.

Jenny B

This place has had amazing chicken since day one!!!!!

Bruce Hampton

The chicken here is just ok. Nothing too special but the staff here is really friendly and helpful in assisting you make decisions.

Alika Taylor

Ehh. Chicken is really good but service could be better. Only reason why I say this is because I ordered to go, but she gave me a dine in tray with my food on it. I said oh I'm sorry, I asked for takeout, she says oh ok. She then hands me a to go box to put my own food in there. Not a big big deal but to just correct a simple mistake on her part would've been to just put the food in for me. Not too much of a deal breaker but it's the principle. Doesn't excuse the food being real good. Def will go back for the food and order ahead

Gordon F.

The menu was a bit limited, but I definetly enjoyed my meal. I would place it in the KFC fastfood category.

FatmaGUL madenci


Lily Ha

This is a great place with good food and the chicken has a special destiny on it that makes it taste really good

Keith Urban

Boom Boom Chicken is awesome!!! It is always good every time! Like all good places sometimes there is a wait, but a wait well worth it in my opinion. I would recommend Boom Boom Chicken to anyone who wishes to have an awesome chicken experience.

Annabelle Huang

The chicken drum rolls and wings are all real good. There's a little sweetness to it, suitable for chicken lovers.

Steve Lee

Not good as other korean chicken

Sacha Patera


Jenn Noble Mikson

Very good chicken,large portion, great price. Had the lunch popcorn chicken. Ordered a second to take home.

Rick Peng

Korean style chicken, very special flavor

Kai Liu

This place is so over priced for fried chicken.

Brian L

Fried chicken is on the pricy side but worth trying as part of a meal combo. Has mounted flat screen. Credit card minimum $10 spend. Part of several dining rewards networks.

Christian Mirabal

The name says it all. Great taste, fresh, and crispy. Even an hour and a half later it was crispy and delicious. Oh and the dumplings. Oh man the dumplings. Two people, 16 mix pc with dumplings and there is some lunch for tomorrow.

Frank Pulgiano

Love the "BOOM BOOM "

HJB Productions

The food is excellent no doubt. I took a star off because when you choose to eat in they serve their food on a very cheap plate and plastic spoon. After all the food is priced enough for them to serve with better plate and spoons. I took another star off because even though the ambient is good the place is not regularly cleaned. There was food all over the floor and table at the time we were there.

Al Viola

Tasty chicken wings.

Brian Surjanhata

Their fried chicken is amazing! Get the hot version. You will be addicted!

Lydia Cheek

The best Korean Fried chicken cooked to order always hot

Mike J.

Similar to Bon Chon/Kyo Chon. You have your soy and spicy flavors to choose from. Korean style wings are by far my favorite style over *wings. We always get the large order of wings and do a half soy, half spicy-- which is ~$20 if i remember correctly. The premise is clean and spacious. I have no qualms eating on prem... It's also wise to order ahead of time.


Great service with decent fried chicken. Very good sauce and suggest to try them all. It shall be a must visit place if like "fried chicken".

Will Laohoo

The chicken is really tasty, but they're really small! The drumsticks look like wings, and the wings look even tinier!

Corie Brice

Good service!

Vang Pha

Best Korean fried chicken!!

Blake Anthony

Long wait because made fresh. Staff are unhappy. Bare yet dirty environment. Pricing and portion size not ideal. Worth a try, but never again.

Neil T

The chicken is a little pricey but if you never had Korean fried chicken before, give this place a try. Flavors I recommend are the soy garlic and spicy bases. Only other place like it is Bon Chon in NYC. So if you didn't want to take a ride into the city Boom Boom chicken is a sure bet right in Edison, NJ.

Alexander Rytelewski

$10 for the All day special is amazing. Not worth the drive from my location since I live half an hour away but if you live close by I would check this place out!

Sukhoon Kim

Standard Korean fried chicken.

Emi Johnson

Delicious spicy fried chicken and wonderful asian dressing for a green lettuce/ seaweed salad!

Jermaine Marulaz

First time I've been there was this week. Chicken is very very good ! Expect to wait about 20 minutes for your order. Its worth it though !

Yuhwei Ling

excellent korean fried chicken!

Reggie Nau

Good food

Carl Beltran

Deep fried chicken or pork cutlets with white rice and some Korean pickles.

Jerome Gregory

Some of the best, fresh Korean fried chicken around but expect long waits even when the place is empty. It's not cheap, but waaaay better than the H-Mart stall next door

Thanh Wisler

The most delicious fried chicken. Yep that good all day everyday

fady samuel

Okay food

John M Flores

OMG I'm glad I don't live too close or I'd gain weight. Best fried chicken for miles!

Alexandra Roa

Excellent, best chicken ever.

Keasha Jack-Lyles

Pretty good food. Glad I tried it

Doreen Nyarko

What's not to love about hot crispy soy garlic fried chicken, great service and a neat clean restaurant

Yong Jee

This is not korean chicken at all.

Marisela Luna

Pretty good chicken, Loved the fries!

Peng Hsu

The fried chicken flavor is one of its own kind. Pretty tasty but the price is somehow not that friendly... In general, it's still good.

Andrew Deng

A little on the pricey side. Otherwise good food.

Eric Palacios

The food here is always fresh and delicious. I order from here every chance I get.

Jackson W

Best chicken I've ever tired, they werent afraid to step out of the norm.

Dave Spakowski

I wouldn't be writing this review if it only happened once. This place continues to mix up orders and refuses to give refunds/exchange it. My family and I would order from here regularly but after the 3rd time of this happening I can no longer support a business that doesn't care about their customers. I would give this place 0 stars if I could.

Shawn Sorrels

Terrible. Got my order wrong and refused to fix it. They gave me rice instead of fries, then would not take the rice back and refund their cost. For a place that takes 20 minutes to fill an order, its important to get it right.

Raymond Li

I'll give it a 3.5 just for the uniqueness of the chicken. They are famous for their Korean style fried chicken. It's extra crispy but not doughly like KFC (hard to describe). Sauce is either regular (sweet) or spicy (has a kick). You can order 50/50. Prices are reasonable $20 for 16 pcs of wings and thighs. My 2 issues are that some pieces are large and then you get like a baby wing piece (wt heck?!) and the wait times (10-15 mins per order). You can order in advance (call) or online. Service friendly I guess (order and wait). They do have free wifi (code under the tv). thanks

Sunny Baek

Really delicious chicken. Call ahead bc the cooking process takes awhile.

Nicholas Son

Best friend chicken. Crispiest skin ever. And the fries are great too. If you've never had Korean fried chicken you have to come here.

Elizabeth Marahas

Love their chicken

Timothy Auyeung

Good K chicken spot and it's actually quick to order for this type of cooking!

Scott Cleveland

Great place for a quick bite.

Evangelin Jenifer

Their fried chicken with the spicy sauce is so delicious.

Rani Nair

I love the fried chicken here. It is an addiction of sorts

Eduardo Sanchez-Wodak

Expensive and Long wait. The wait is about 20 min and the place was alone. I guess the wait is longer with more people. They don’t have orders for one person, just family size. The prices are high and the price doesn’t represent the quality of the service and food

Noriel Galang

Chicken here is a tier above KFC, Popeye's or chicken holiday. It may seem pricey but the taste experience is worth it. The chicken has a very crispy skin with very thin or small amount of batter. The chicken meat is very juicy. I bought 2 $20 take outs and I can't wait to eat. The spicy chicken has more taste than the mild. If you can tolerate spicy go with it. The order comes with pickled radish which some like and some don't. I do like it. Tastes like any typical sour taste of pickled veggies. Actually it's sweet and sour. The place just has to fix a broken bathroom. You don't want to operate that long without a working restroom. Update: I change rating from 4 to 5 stars. I feel it's not fair to give 4 just for a broken restroom. It's not the chicken 's fault.

Jessica Lee

Tip- order ahead! It takes 20-30 minutes to complete the order so put one in ahead of time and pick up later The flavors are good but chicken can be a bit dry. The larger pieces are perfectly moist but the small ones are over cooked. I recommend asking for uniform sizes for even cooking

Jacob Kuperman

Some of the best food on earth. The popcorn chicken is my favorite food item of all time. Highly recommended.


Food is very delicious

Etsa Seacrit

AWESOME. Wings here can't be beat.


We had the spicy wings with the radish side. The wings are crispy, pleasantly spicy, and possessed great soy garlic flavor. The pickled radish is a nice accompaniment to that flavor profile. This is a great no frills chicken place. I just wish it was closer because it would be perfect takeout.

Gary Gregorio

Chicken is always good

Dylan Douglas

Simple but very good korean style friend Chicken. I personally love the sweet and spicy raddish, too. Ok price, good fast spot. I would like it more of the food came more hot (but we did call ahead and have it waiting so maybe that was on us) and if they offered us some sauce on the side

johnny c

The Best Wings that I have tasted. A must try! You will not regret.

Yvesson Blain

One of the best chickens I've had

Joseph Ho

My favorite Korean fried chicken place in central Jersey.

Mary Joy Lim

Like the chicken. Hot, crispy, tasty.

slava ryz

Boom boom boom in ur mouth. Delicious chicken, chicken is made to order so fresh but be patient for a few min wait

Jason Hobbs

Awesomeness. Pricey but delicious chicken. Drumsticks>wings IMO.

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