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REVIEWS OF BCD Tofu House IN New Jersey

Arif Kurkcu

Loved it good food and friendly folks ❤️

Christina Kim

Consistently good- has become my go to place for Korean food. It’s simple, there is a lot of variety for my picky son and my non carb daughters. The service is always the best. People here appreciate your business.

Yi Kuang

Everyone coming in town is definitely going to try this one!!! The best Toufu House in town! I love the spicy seafood soup best. And the free appetizer fish is amazing. You got to have a try. Average Price: $20-$30/ person.

Max Yoshimoto

Good service. Food was good. Had more flavorful Korean elsewhere but all in all a good lunch.

Joe Knott

It's just really good simple Korean BBQ. Tastes like home cooked food that a friend from Korea makes. Great portions and price and super fast service.

Giselle Nakpil

Came around 11:00 for the lunch menu on a weekday. Was served promptly. The tofu soup was standard, fulfilling, and super hot when it arrived at my table. The bonchon was good - my favorite are the black beans. The server that we had didn't speak too much English, so its really just easier to point at the stuff in the menu. The restaurant itself is super pretty with tall, vaulted ceilings. I'm a regular, so this is an easy review for me.

Annie Le

Great variety of tofu soups. Haven’t been disappointed yet! I also lobe the accompanying dishes. My favorite are the fish cakes and the kimchi! The spicy pork belly with tofu is also a great meal dish. They get pretty busy but they open late to satisfy your late night cravings.

Alaric Yip

Very affordable and good quality Korean food. The tofu soup during a cold weather fills up my comfort level to the max. The myriad of side dishes will make you wanna come back here again. I will recommend this place to anyone who wants to have superb Korean style food with great service!

Tavinun Vickyanont

Everything that we ordered was delicious and came with plenty of side dishes. Be sure to come hungry, because you will leave absolutely stuffed. The staff was lovely and the interior looked amazing.

howie lee

Great food if you're willing to wait for the reservation. Their apps are flavorful, and their Japche is very very good.


Came here for lunch special. We got bbq short ribs combo $24.99 And oyster tofu soup $14.99 Also curry tofu soup $12.99 As all korean restaurant, you got complimentary appetizer, and in here you got extra fried fish! Food was decent, with reasonable price.

Tom Brenna

Bi bim bap was great, particularly the moderately (spicy) hot red sauce that makes or breaks this dish. The sauce was as good as I recall anywhere in the US. The range of side dishes was remarkable, including a deep fried fish of about 5 inches length. Many other things on the menu looked great, at least spying them at adjacent tables. The service was very fast and the atmosphere not too boisterous. Highly recommended.

c Qiang

BCD tofu house is my go to 2AM food place whenever I’m in midtown, but this time I went for dinner around 9 PM and it was very busy. We waited for about ten minutes for a table. The food was very good, and when one of my friends ordered a vegetarian meal, the waiter made sure to alert my friend that there were eggs in the dish in case he was also vegan. They were able to split our check four ways, and it was all very convenient. This still remains one of my favorite restaurants in NYC.

Sasha Blair-Goldensohn

Food is great, atmosphere busy but casual and prices are moderate. However, WHEELCHAIR USERS / SENIORS / PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES CAUTIONED -- NO RESTROOM. So. is there an accessible restroom? Not really. There _is_ a wheelchair lift (restrooms are up one stairway or down another). But on a recent visit (and after a big meal), restaurant staff told me lift was out of order (eventually, after some confusion). It seems unlikely it's frequently used, too bad since someone went to the trouble to install it. Why? Well, lift is in a very busy area and was blocked by chairs and other items and used as stand for bags, umbrellas etc. So even if working, would be a big hassle to use (for staff and wheelchair user). So overall, not recommended if anyone in your party needs step-free restroom access and doesn't have an iron bladder! #a11y #stepfree

Rebekah Lim

The food is very good and pretty worth it with the free sides. The only thing is the staff was quite stubborn about seating us, even when we were only waiting for one more person from our party of 6

Emily Sanborn

This Korean BBQ place was so good but be warned there is often a wait. They told us 40 minutes when we got there, but called us within 10 minutes and not all of our group was there so they seated another party instead. We were called within 20 minutes of our arrival though, and the food was worth the wait. Only disappointment is you don’t get to cook the bbq yourself at this spot. But the prices, food, service and experience were all great. I’d recommend to friends.

Angela Choquette

This place always has a line out the door, and after finally trying it I can see why. They give you a ton of really good small dishes including a whole fried fish at the start. I've had their beef hot stone plate now and bibimbap and they were both incredibly, the beef especially.

Michael Zhao

The beef soontofu was amazing. Place has a nice homey feel with great food presentation as well. Presentation and taste both on point. Beware though, prices can run high here.

Samantha Rodolico

Great late night spot for Korean BBQ! We ordered Bibimbap and it was great. LARGE plates-easily shareable. It was packed at midnight on a Saturday.


I often go there for spicy sauce marinated crab, it is very delicious and just spicy enough to compliment the dish. A completed order often comes with side dishes of the day, such as kimchee, pickled veggies, fried fish, and a bowl of rice. The service is decent. One more thing is that the spicy crab might be a bit too hot for people who would like to try for the first time.

Haley Lee

Really good combination of tofu soup, dolsot rice, side dishes that includes the pan fried fish per person. Good location within the Korea town. The service was quick and good.


Food is pretty solid. The side dishes tasted fresh and they do keep them coming for free if requested. The place was packed on a Tuesday evening, and the turn over rate is high. Service was pretty good notwithstanding how busy they were. We arrived around 7 and only had to wait for 5 min to get a table. Had the pork spicy tofu soup. It was excellent, which explains why they sell their soup kits in Korean markets. Give it a try if you’re in the area or if there is one in your city.


I’ve been there enormous times. Great place to have tofu soup. It is really different from other Korean restaurant, and absolutely much better. It is hard for you to replicate the taste at home, no matter how hard you try. Really great place. Nice service and nice food.


Great food but the service is ok, the locale is nice and everything is clean.

Adam Y

Very good Sundubu, easily one of the best I’ve had. Only issue is this restaurant gets SUPER packed toward the end of the week into the weekend especially around dinner 6ish is when lines start to form. Plan accordingly...

Karlon Young

Excellent fried tofu plated with salad and a nice dressing. Tofu soup both beef and seafood were delicious. Prices very reasonable for NYC.


Great place. Came here at around 7 on a Tuesday night and it was almost completely packed. Food was delicious - got the spicy pork bulgogi. They give you a bunch of side dishes, like traditional Korean restaurants do. It is a bit pricey. Be prepared to spend almost $30 per person. Only complaints I have would be about some of the side dishes like the seaweed and the rice soup. They just tasted bad lol. And also, the price is a little high for me, so I rate 4/5 stars.

Lang Chen

Early brunch. Nice small dishes and tofu pot was great. Seafood was fresh and savory, and the spicy level was just right! Loved it!

Yashica Francis

Great food. Just delicious, authentic Korean food. I always go here when I miss Korean food. The staff is so attentive and makes sure that you’re comfortable and have everything you need. Service is also really fast as expected from a Korean restaurant.

Xiyan Li

wonderful stone steamed rice - amazing smell, hot with steam, luminicent white, a bit sticky and chewy - very nice from an east asia standard

Michael Van Dang

This is the first time that I had the real authentic Korean cuisine... it is really good. Love it.

Miaoye Que

I don’t understand the hype about BCD tofu house?? The food is good, but it’s so crowded, so noisy and they rush the service. The environment is loud enough, and on top of that the food is really hot, which just made me even more uncomfortable. I feel like it’s highly overrated and you could get food that’s equally good in a way more relaxing atmosphere elsewhere.


It is the most well-known Korean restaurant in New York. I also had breakfast in my house when I was in New York. As I recall, I visited the restaurant early in the winter and left a strong impression. Of course, there are so many Korean restaurants in California where I stayed until last year, but my personal opinion is that New York was better than Los Angeles. Especially, the Korean restaurant staff are very kind and I remember it. Instead, there are so many people here and there is sometimes a waiting time on the weekends. But the quality, quantity and price of the food were also great enough to bear that part. I Love it~~

Andrew Chang

Good food. Bit of waiting time but it is worth of waiting. Went to different BCD around the world and there is something special about the place. Deep fried fish as an appetizer was awesome.

Miel Rim

Has consistent taste as the other BCD stores I have been to. We had the oyster tofu soup and mushroom tofu soup, medium spicy. Both were very good. We also had the spicy samgyupsal. It was oily but good enough. The seafood pajun was one of the best pajuns I have had in a long time. Crispy on the outside chewy in the inside.

Chad Peterson

As good as I remembered from years ago. Great side dishes including a fried croaker fish and NY style pickles. The soondobu is on point with lots of protein and spicy! Fast seating even when full, and super fast service. These guys are set up for massive turnover. 2 people $40 including tip.

Alina Deng

We went here so many times. Wonderful tofu soup and good price. They have bcd tofu soup set sale in H mart and you can cook your homemade tofu soup!

Mark B Borg Jr

Muggy, hot and storing night soon transforms into downpour and we duck into BCD Tofu House after a long clinical day and a consult with our new editor. It was perfect--crowded, though in a wonderful NYC way that feels alive and welcoming. We had bibimbap, and loved it (mine, the veggie version; Haruna had added carnivore treats). We had a blast, a retreat from the NYC sweltering heat, and we're able to look lovingly into each other's eyes across the hot pots! Highly recommend it!

Paul Ahnn

Really good soontubu! It was creamy and regular spicy was just the right level. The meal comes with sides and a small fried fish to start. Great price for everything all in all

Luna G

Nice Korean food! They have free small dishes and a fried fish for free. We got a bbq beef and a spicy seafood tofu soup. The portion was pretty good and the flavor is right on point! The beef was not dry and the soup was full of clams and all types of seafood, giving it a nice yummy taste. Would like to try more but the wait can be quite long here for dinner. Recommend coming for lunch. Nice service throughout.

Zixi Zhu

The beginning of my memory in NYC, I love beef tofu stew, taste and quality in this restaurant highly exceed it’s price, kind to students and tourists

Winston Tan

Restaurant owner was very accommodating. As the restaurant was packed, she opened a section of the restaurant for my large group of 22ppl even when it was scheduled to open at 11am, due to a lack of staff at 930am the morning. However, because of this, the servers were overloaded, running all over the place to meet the increased amount of diners. But they still were excellent with service and always so friendly. Food was delicious as usual from what I expect with the BCD franchise.

Robyn Stuart

Huge amounts of food for the money. Noisy place for after work. Better for younger folks in large groups but food good.

Tracey K Denholm

Excellent lunch specials, lots of combo meals and from my experience food is always fresh and consistent. Service can be a bit hectic, waitresses and waiters can be rude (and I am Korean saying this) but seems the service culture is very different than what Americans are used to. LA GALBI is excellent. The rice in the stone pot is a game changer. Easy to place take out or delivery orders.

Matt McCarter

Real Deal Korean!!! ... This place is amazing!!!! Loved our experience. Wait staff was great, even wanted to wait on us faster than we were ready for. We were immediately sat down after calling ahead. Had some great Korean beer and sake. We then had the tofu soup, spicy pork bulgogi, bulgogi, short ribs, and spicy octopus. All of it was amazing. Would love to have a place like this at home.

Chris Zardo

Food was great. Kimchi Soon Tofu was awesome, and the beef combo went with it very well. My girlfriends kimchi soon tofu was too spicy, and they were great about bringing out a new one that was less spicy. Thankfully she did not eat much of the spicier soup. Great spot for late night food.

Karen C.

Quick service, good food and plenty of seating. Overall I think it’s a great stop if you’re craving Korean!

Alisha Aguasanta

I don't know much about Korean food but if you're interested this is a great place to try in Korea town. It's open late, affordable and the food is so delicious. I usually have the dinner combo with my friend and we share plates. She gets the beef and I get the pork. The waiters are typically nice but nothing special. I just come here to catch up with my girl and eat yummy food.

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