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Life of Bo

Recent experiences have made me feel like a subpar citizen in this local bar. I used to love the food and service and sometimes the food still makes me smile, other times not so much. My latest times here were around happy hour OR after 9 PM and the service is honestly a hit or miss. Sometimes if you remember the bartender and they know you, it's a great night. Other nights - recently were Thursdays. One of the bartenders would just be cleaning glasses as I stood there waiting for a beer. I will comment on the selection of beer is still the best in the area and the new menu makes it worthwhile if you are into craft beer. Just be careful the day/time you come because service could really ruin your night. This happened so frequently but then again there aren't many options in Newark at 9 PM (right after class). The best part of Barcade is simply the 4 person Pac-Man, aside from that the service has taken a turn for the worst.

Jamie Smith

This is our go-to bar. The staff is super friendly and there is always a laid-back crowd. Most importantly the arcade games are sooooo much fun!!! They have a variety of fighting games, classic joystick games, shooting games, pinball, and more. I order a beer or a cider and go to town on the pinball machines, it really is a great way to spend an evening. They have little tables next to each game to place your drink which is a nice touch. I highly recommend stopping by!!

Renee Roman

My perception of Barcade before going there, I thought it was much bigger and had more to offer like an adult chucky cheese. Surprised to see how cozy it was. They make great use of the space for all the arcade games that are there. I enjoyed myself

Sarat Chandra

Barcade! What can I say about this place?! I absolute love the concept, the combination of a cozy bar and arcade gaming center is perfect, featuring many popular vintage games like Mortal Combat, Pac Man, Daytona USA and Pinball. They have great ambience, nice choice of cocktails and draft beers, decent food and good service. I have been to Barcade a few times for lunch and also at evenings mostly with a group of friends. They offer American comfort food serving a variety of burgers, sandwiches and few other sharable plates at moderate pricing and generous portion sizes. They recently revamped the menu with a greater choice of vegetarian/vegan friendly options. I would highly recommend their $15 lunch special (absolute steal deal) which offers you a choice of burger/sandwich with fries/salad and a beer. Their classic tomato mozzarella sandwich is pretty flavorful and the new falafel sliders are great. I also tried the beet veggie burger, it's decent but some find a tad sweet because of the beets. If you order the lunch special, they also give you 4 Barcade coins to play some games until the lunch arrives, which was pretty cool. I like playing the Daytona USA - car racing, Pacman and Mortal Combat. The choice of alcohol served is pretty great and the prices are reasonable. Recommendations: Food: Lunch special with Tomato Mozzarella sandwich or Falafel sliders And tater tots on the side. Games: Mortal Combat, Daytona USA For food alone it would have been 3.5 stars but the concept of arcade and bar makes it great for me. Overall it's a must try place for a fun hangout with friends.

Camilia Capehart

Fun, drinks are strong depending on the bartender

Louis Daniels, Jr.

Really chill place. Has many classic video games. Food is pretty good.

CnC EnvoL

Great place. Went there for my 21st bday. Had a blast


First time visit. Nice place to hang out

Kelly Ford

Drinks are awesome, games were fun, very clean. However I repeat do NOT buy their food it was absolutely terrible. The quesadillas were beyond soggy and my Italian hotdog,s bread was so hard I was tapping my nails on it and the whole bar heard it. The fries were nasty where is Chef Ramsay when you need him!! This is q cool place to visit just for drinks and games. Eat before you get there. We gave our leftovers to a homeless person and he even looked at it and threw it away! Someone who is hungry refused it. They need to do a complete revamp on how they are preparing the food.

anum kalim

Love this place! Games ! Drinks! And fries!! What more can I ask!! Love Edis she is the bartender there! Always ask for her! She makes your drink write!!

Andrew Patton

It was awesome The people was nice The food was great. You can do a lot with $30

Michael Almeida

Throwback! Felt like a kid again! Great selection of beers and bar menu to match a great selection of classic games. We went during family Saturday, which was alot of fun for everyone. Parking in the structure behind the bar (on Atlantic) if you have a bar tab over $25 on the weekend and after certain hours on weekdays.

jeff menniti

This may become my new Saturday spot. Great beer selection, the food I had was great as well. Not surprising given the guy in the kitchen. Fun to see the old games as well.

Jay Hood

Perfect hangout spot. Mature crowd

Luisito Papichulo

The only reason its not getting 5 stars is because sometimes they overcook the fries and sandwiches, you can feel some of them are burned. Service, beer selection and atmosphere are great.

Mickey Tatertots

It was something else


The food is serviceable but I wasn't a big fan of the arcade cabinets they had available. It's a bit loud but I suppose that's to be expected it, being both a bar and arcade. I would prefer going to Yestercades but this is another good option for hanging out.

Brian Spracklen

This is a great spot to have co-worker get-togethers in this area. Great staff. I'm not a fan of how they migrate toward hoppy beer, because I can't do hops. I'd like to see more pilsners, but this is a cool space. Well thought out. Haven't tried the food yet, but the people around me seemed to like it.

Juan Perea

Great drinks and retro arcade games, heaven.

Aftenthyn Person

Game selection isnt what it could be but the atmosphere is awesome.

Kimley Edmonds

Nice place needs more seating. Drinks rocking

Sharon Alphonse

Good place to hang out if your into Video Games and looking for a good bite to eat.

Justin Witherspoon

It's a great place to remember and have a good time

Matthew Yarborough

Great food and some cool Games

Francisco Guzman

Went for kids day. I had a blast, so did the kids

Paulo Henrique Schumacker

Nice place... funny time to remember 80's!!!

Magaly Santiago

Love the concept. Attendants are nice. Food needs improvement.

Jamar Terry

Was cool but nothing special, great beer selection though. Awesome selection of draft beers.

Michelle Nash

Love the atmosphere, the food items and games were awesome

Sharon Fitzpatrick

Great atmosphere and good food! My work family and I had a great time.

Danielle Lefebvre

Great food (vegan options), good game selection for a very fair price. The service was pleasant and the bar tender even gave me a free soda. Good vibes all around

Jonathan Maldonado

No beer in bottle, and no Henessey only reason they get a 3 star

Yeshaya Shuchat

Awesome place huge amount of beers on tap, and a great liquor selection. Lots of classic arcade games for some awesome fun. Would recommend to anybody visiting Newark.

BrownSugaLJ Wright

Cool place and great staff. I had car problems so i went in this place to use the restroom. I was welcomed to use their restroom and was invited to stay, get warm, play a game and drink!

Elio Capelati Junior

PERFECT Combination of arcade and bar... Awesome, incredible.... A lot of fun..

Kandyce August

Loved it

Rob Palevac

My trip to Barcade today was fantastic. I called ahead to ask a question to which the general manager, Drew I believe his name is, answered wonderfully. He went on to explain how any corcumstances relevant to the question were relevant. I arrived, and both of the bartenders and all the patrons I discovered were fantastic. At the end of my visit, Drew introduced himself and ensured I had had a great time. This restaurant has an excellent variety of drinks, good food and games available. The lunch special for $12 goes until 3pm on weekdays! They also hold family days for a weekend about every month! Strongly recommend you check this place out if you're into either food, drinks or arcade games! Thanks Drew!!

Reggie Pierre

Great staff and rotating games. Very busy Friday and Saturday nights. Great time if you're cooperative or grew up in the arcade.

Derrick Cannady

Great place to have fun

Luis Ortega

Don't go there

alex cabezas

My favorite hangout!! Classic arcades with great drinks that include craft beer. Staff is very friendly.

Sean Potucek

Excellent drinks, on pount music, well staffed, and of course classic games.

Mike R

Worst Barcade Ever. Warned around 11:30 of last call. Ushered off my game about 10 min later. House lights up soon after. Was expecting normal bar hours, but if you guys need to get out the door at 12, don't bother letting people in after 11:30. Oddly no street parking anywhere nearby, crossed a busy wide main street to get to meters. Beer OK, could use some better stuff.

Margaret Hickey

Nice place. Good food, drinks, and nice retro games. They have an atm, but bring cash or coins for the games so you dont get that atm fee


PLENTY of old arcade games to go crazy with while eating and drinking a few with some friends! Very easy to make a night out of this stop!

Brian Sylvester

Nice ambience

Wilson Fisk

Great experience for me and my wife

Jasper Cordero

Great beer selection... Arcade games are great... Pinball machines could use some maintenance.


I enjoyed the 80s/90s arcade games, and the drinks are reasonably priced.

Alison B

Good beer selection, fun games and atmosphere

Brian B

Great classic arcade games and a large selection of craft beers. This location seems a bit larger than the JC location so it typically doesn't feel as cramped on busy night. The food is solid here too!

Tyquan Boyd

Good beer selection... A lot of old school games... Some of the staff paid attention to the bar... But no pat down for security...

Jackelyne Castillo

This was my favorite barcade competing with the one in Brooklyn. But after today I won’t come back. We had two great bartenders but towards the end of the night we had 1 new one who wasn’t all that friendly and complained about the tip even though she has only served us one drink. And made rude comments about it. Not coming back,

Q&A Family

Had a ball here! The prices for food and drinks was reasonable and there are many games too play. It's also a great place to socialize and meet people.

Sharif Williams

I do UberEats on the side for alot of these restaurants. This place is good

Swati Dhawan

amazing place for ramen! best place in Newark.

Carlos Pinto

Great place for a few drinks and some old school video games. Varied selection of beer on tap and the bar food is pretty good too.


Love this spot. Alot of cool old school games and great selection of beer. Has payable parking in the back. Only downside is that it closes early. I rather go here than dave n busters

Nithin Devang

Food is average and games are limited. But good for quick drink and arcade games.

neek banks

Relaxing place. Very clean but the male bartender is very rude. The nachos was so good. But I would visit again.

Yvette Williams

First time there great place for kids and adults

Jermaine Lee

Cool place to hang drink and eat. Beer and liquor options are a bit limited. Games are cheap and gives u a blast from the past. Parking is the tricky part. I recommend using the parking deck next door.

Gregory Burrus

Great place for quick late night snacks, wings, fries etc, good service, plenty of seats, very clean along with plenty of old style arcade games all at reasonable prices including decent price drinks

Manuel Paez

Great to be there, Tom & the workers will take care of you, best place to go & enjoy a nice time with your friends.

Cyber Moran

You could call me Tommy, but that is my actual Uncles Name. He is a Navy Veteran. He is associated with hits from Credence Clearwater Revival and some other quality Southern Rock. He was Shelled in the Vietnam War. He is a decorated officer and a hero. I have not seen him in years. Please find him and tell him that his nephew sure plays a mean pin ball

Monique Morris

I like it alot good vibe food was on point games too play drinks good

Enzo Avanti

Happy hour craft draft. Nice.

Newark Blessing

If you ain't ready for IPA just say no

Frank Santana

NO ID - NO ENTRY. NO EXCEPTIONS. Not kidding you will be turned away if you have no id .

Damon Williams

Food was very good. The venue was smaller than expected but nice ambiance

Virginia Kemp

Inexpensive place to hang out with friends and family. Had a blast beating the highest score on Galaga lol.

John McFadden

Great place brings back all the old games from back in the day. Let's go Pac-Man

Stacey Jones

Great place for adults with a thirst for the nostalgia of the arcade rooms we frequented as teens. Brought so many memories and if I wanted one, popular beers were on tap! Definitely going back!

theresa ifill

Dropped someone off looked busy and nice

Drake Kid

Love this place but they need 3 arcade Machines Number one mavel versus capcom 2 number 2 house of the dead 2 or up and number 3 tekken 5 or tekken tag It would have been 5 stars if these machines were here and And all these machines are classics

Anthony Robles

This is a old school arcade with a bar and bar food must you ask more ? You are going to have a fun time and remember the fun times you had as a child.

tanaya sullivan

Food was good. Bar menu lackluster not a large selection of alcohol mostly beer. Based on the music that was played rock I know they are trying to appeal to certain demographic. I was disappointed by lack of diversity in music and games. I guess I thought they might have an air hockey game and a pool table.

Rooney Long

We had a great time. I think I stayed on old arcade Xmen game for whole time. Had the chicken and waffles sandwich with bacon and this maple sriracha sauce that surprisingly was good with fries. Service was A+. Will be back soon.

Maurice Branch

Great place. Good food. Nice atmosphere.

Steven Jones

Great place with amazing, friendly staff and food.

Sam Desind

Great fun with friends. Don't bring quarter's. The token machines take cash.

Mel Gattis

Man I enjoyed myself at this place. Went with co-workers and had a great time. Food was good, drinks were right and games were a blast from the past.

Michelle Aviles

This place is awesome!! I love it. Brings me back to my childhood.

Akshay Nagpal

They have nice beer selection and amazing pizza and bite sized snacks. Not very expensive and affordable. Often visit for office parties. Just across the street from Broad street station. And there are arcade games too ! Just across the street from Broad street station. And there are arcade games too !

Susan Petty

Had an awesome

Malikah Murphy

Love the games

Abdul Houser

It has an NYC vibe.

Justin Bonds

Me and my bro got lit. Had fun the burgers were good and drinks had me loaded.

Carlos Medina

Arcade games are not really my thing, but if that's what you like this is your spot. Drinks are nothing special, and all the beers taste like IPA's! Not my thing.

Niles Royer

Been to a few of these places from philly to Brooklyn, great games and good grub

Princess Minami Stone

Good food, lovely strong drinks and awesome games

Nerissa McCollin

My first time there since I moved to New Jersey. It was so much fun and this will become my regular hangout spot!

Edwin Mendez

Nice place, decent food, old school arcade games and interesting beers on tap.

Ameenah Wins

I'm partial to the Jersey City location, but still a great low-key spot for drinks and arcade


Cool atmosphere. Played some awesome classics. Lits of games to choose from. Parking at night was hard to find as this was my first trip.

Jay Chytla

Fun place to hang out with friends, drink and play old school arcade games. They have a hefty beer selection and good bar food. The prices are a bit high but worth the good time you'll have

Jes Jon

First time at this location. Beers, cocktails, and food available. Ate beforehand so I didn't order food. Next time I'd get the bar pizza it looked so appealing. Change machine that gives you tokens. Games are 1-2 tokens per player. There is seating but first come first serve. Overall very good experience here. I parked in the parking deck which is adjacent to the Barcade. They can validate your parking ticket if its $50. However it cannot be split. I would try a different location closer to me. 9.1/10

Ted Natoli

Fun games, great beer selection and this location has a larger food menu

Reynaldo Suriel

Cool chill spot really nice

Natasha Serrano

Tokens are .25¢ each. Games are between 1-3 tokens.

Dominik Assis

Awesome place, fast service, great food, amazing draft selection, and so many good arcade games new and old.

Shawn Mcgee

Love this spot old school games nice asphere

Marq M

Love barcade.. real cool spot

Scott Brady

If you like classic arcade games this is the place for you. Also has good food.

Hex Cen

Interesting place to visit. They have a big selection of beers and old games. In-general is very good atmosphere.

Adam Caplan

Relaxed but fun bar. Easy to get to from mine and other towns along the Route 280 corridor. Had no problem finding street parking during the evening hours. Will definitely be back!

Alex Dreyfuss

Some of the arcade games are busted. Other then that its overall good. The bartenders are quick and knowledgeable.

Johnny Lira

Retro-gasam on 100!

Michele Lam-Fortes

Really cool spot that opened just in August. It's nearby Rutgers Newark so I'm sure the 21+ crowd must be flowing in in the evenings. We came on an early Saturday evening so it wasn't prime time or crowded which we liked. It was easy to walk up the bar and get drinks. Then we walked around and checked out the arcade games. We played a few and most of them were only on "token" to play which was the equivalent to a quarter! Pretty neat spot but it's not that big so I wonder how crowded it gets during peak hours or during their happy hours.

Stefa Starr

Ordered chicken nachos and a short rib grilled cheese. Food was delicious, the bartender serving us was attentive and polite. We didnt stay long but enjoyed some of the games after our meals. I love the convenience of having a plank almost everywhere you turn to have a safe spot (within your view) for your drink while you play.

Jennifer Harris

Fun spot..some games I grew up on. Poutine fries are Awesome. Nice people and service. Good tap list as well.

Jerome Blackwell

I just came from the Barcade and I actually enjoyed myself. I enjoyed the variety of Arcade games after I had my share of Alcoholic Beverages and hot wings. There's more to potentially build on but to be honest I enjoyed it either way.

robert jackson

Food and IPA selection excellent but it's far from a sports bar

Craig Loveless

The best beer selection in town!

Nick K.

Came here for a tap takeover. Had some pretty good beer and the place wasn't too crowded. Didn't have any food so I can't speak to that.

Nicholas Makarewicz

Good beer selection and food but the games are rather out dated. Good place if you were born in the 50s but probably not the 80s and on

tiara g

The games steal your tokens and the staff pretends not to know when u tell them! It's mostly all beer on the menu ... didn't get to try their food but it looked good! It was cool for the most part but no parking!!!!

Monica Reese

The managers are courteous. The staff are warm and friendly.

Juan Rodriguez

Dope spot ...real vintage will be back

Shaquile Blandino

This is one of those places that's I'd love to love. The one in Jersey city impressed me so I expected the same if not better but after a small amount of time here I'm not impressed. I always love to see new places open in newark as we need it but The novelty of an Arcade Is quickly beat by Sad food and okay service. The one thing I liked is the fact that drinks where made properly and strong. The management really needs to start looking at replacing or retraining the whole kitchen crew. By the looks of it many people complain about the quality of the food including myself so please fix it as the potential is there.

Aaronlk 1 Smith

Good beer and classic arcade machines. Either your into it or not. I loved it

Vonetta Richardson

It was nice, wish the music was better but a chill environment

Sheeka H

I had a really good time.. drinks were strong

Samentha Evans-toor

I have been to this Barcade of Newark twice once with family and friends and another with coworkers or both times I had a great time. Good food adult beverages and lots of fun please go you'll enjoy

Gregory Gerold

Fun bar with pizza, food, and of course Simpsons and 4 player mega-pacman.


Got a high school here already, fwm

Phillip Hunter

Good draft list. Fun cocktails. Excellent games. And Turquoise behind the bar is...amazing!

Khara Brown

Hot! Stereotypical hipster vibe when you walk in but it's still a great spot. Loved seeing games I used to play as a kid.

Nikkia Scovil

A good place to pass time

Alex Talarico

If they’re going to charge manhattan prices for drinks and two to three quarters for most of the fun games, least they could do is ensure the machines are working well, and the flippers not slanted to rig the game off level.. oh and so annoying to lose a few bucks when the machines take coins and give no credit, it’s not about being cheap it’s about enjoying the arcade experience without feeling nickel and dimed..

Yasmeen Lopez

This place was fun but it would be a lot better if they had music playing. I don’t know if they usually play music but they definitely weren’t playing music when I was there but other than that it’s a cool place!

saadiq Moh

Good place to have fun and eat with friends. Downtown Newark so parking is a hustle and ride share have problems locating you.


Very nice place and family friendly for all over the age of 21 of course.

Lola Falana

Great atmosphere and amazing staff

Narima Deen

Very lively and great if you love video games.

Portamer Marketing

I loved it. Cleaner than the Jersey City location.

Aiswarya KS

Love the tater tots and wings!

Kevin stein

Very fun place , good collection of beers and wines . Happy hours 5pm to 7pm weekdays.9pm to 12pm for students (bring your SCHOOL ID). Arcades + drinks = best experience and dont forget to order food.

David Alfreds

Good food, good drinks, good music. Only downsides are no table service and somewhat obscure beer collection.


If you live in Montclair, Bloomfield, or Newark, Barcade is the place that's very easy to get to by bus or train. It's also my recommended hangout spot if you just want to play video games and not worry about going to the bar to eat and/or drink. There's plenty of cool games to play and there's a ATM machine for your convenience (my advice is to bring money with you if you want to avoid using an ATM that's not associated with your personal bank).

Queen Bee

Food is wack so dont waste your money. You tell them you DONT want mayo or things in that nature yet they will still put it on the item. You ask if they can take it back yet all they do is “wipe it off”. Thats bad service.



Michael Araujo

#localspot #romantic good drinks good games.


Took me back to the days of battling guys from the neighborhood in a less violent doing it on the video-games, instead! But the fact that you can chill... and drink... and flirt...and even dance... makes this the perfect local hangout spot for game lovers...etc!!! Fri..and Sat..night is the told...

Troy Hicks

Drinks and food is kind of pricey, but that's why this is a cool spot to hang out in. They have lots of retro games that I used to feed quarters too as a kid. The beers are great and different from the norm.

julian delpino

Not that exciting, its definitely one of those places that it depends who you go with.

Lauren Walker

This is a great place to get REALLY GOOD bar food... A variety of drinks and unwind with nostalgic games. The pizza is phenomenal... They've got great wings, but then if you love pickled food, they have a platter of pickled hops shoots and other veggies. That's right a bar that not only servers beer with hops in it but they will pickle you some hops with cauliflower, turnips, string beans, and red peppers! Just delicious.

Eric Fritsch

This Barcade is just as good as the other ones I've been to. Great place with a great beer selection, awesome arcade games and pinball, good food, and they validate your parking at night. Nothing not to love if arcade games are up your alley.

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