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I ate Kimchi jjigae and Bulgogi. Food is a little sweet even Kimchi jjigae Beef Bulgogi is very fresh Some pricey

Kelsey Olson

Second time here. Both great experiences! Incredible food and excellent service. An upscale but fun place to go when visiting the city.

Yanzhi Hu

Food and service are both awful. Friend insisted that management must have changed. Ordered the following: wings - Standard quality that you can get from any restaurant chain Kalbi bbq - Tough meat low quality.. Seafood noodle soup - really bland. Service - Really really poor. Cheap Wooden chopsticks, burnt grill had to request for change, took the tongs away mid meal...waiter insisted on still charging for the seafood soup that was send back for being awful and bland. He was the only waiter working the entire place. For diner food, this place will pass. As an upscale restaurant this place is light years apart. Everything about this place suggest massive cost cutting and we regret coming.

Liz S

One of my favorite Korean restaurants in NYC. A bit fancier then what you'd find in ktown. I highly recommend getting the An Shim!!

Jason Westerkon

Don't believe the hype. Nice restaurant with good meats, but nowhere near the level of service and authenticity you expect at a Korean BBQ establishment in NYC. Food quality here is excellent. All of our appetizers and bbq meats were delicious. However the banchan was the worst I've ever seen. Tiny block of kimchi, broccoli, and one other. Not the spread you get in K-town. Generally I've found Korean BBQ to be cut and cooked for you. Here they just leave on the table. We weren't even told how long to cook the various meats which is not only a food-safety risk, but means you struggle to find medium rare on that great beef. Service was slow, forgetful, and inattentive. But it was Christmas, and they were clearly understaffed. Prices are on the high side, considering you could get far more for your money in Korea town. In the end, this is a fancy place, aimed at tourists and theater-folk, and should probably be avoided otherwise.

Stephanie Zhao

The review is for take out only. I never understood why people would prefer seamless over phone orders till today. Called for Sam gye tang and a different soup. I did my best for the pronunciations but the guy told me he didn’t understand a thing I said. Then I tried spelling it, I described the ingredient, told him it was the second item under soup section, I tried like five times eventually he figured it out. He was very impatient during the call and made me feel like I was making his life difficult. It’s fine that it took so much effort except he told me that it should be pronounced as “San ge tan” or something like that, and sounded like it was my fault to make both of miserable. I’m sorry that I m not Korean. I thought everybody here is supposed to speak English, not fluent with Korean food names.

Alex Small

KBBQ was delicious but everything else was mediocre.

Juan P. R.

The restaurant has a nice bar where you can have drinks while waiting to be seated. I really liked the Kloud beer. The eating area is spacious and good for groups (ideal for 4 people). The tables are large but the chairs don't fit perfectly under: they get blocked by the under-table part of the barbecue device. Regarding the food, the beef of the barbecue was good, verty tasty and soft. However, it was hard to cook it without burning the sides a bit which is where the fire from the barbecue comes out. The other meat dish was good too. I didn't like the kimchi at all. The salad was a bit too sweet for my taste, but that's just me, it was good. Generally speaking it was a very good meal. And the service was good as well.

Jay Black

I went this past weekend for restaurant week. I wish I had the experience everyone else is raving about. I didn't get to try a morsel, as I habitually walk out on poor service. The host became visibly upset when I asked if the seat he chose …


I've been to Bann before and was never impressed with the food because it's not authentic Korean food that I'm always searching for but this visit really pleasantly surprised me. Ambiance: it's nice inside. It can be romantic, it can be …

Scott Reynolds

Fantastic Korean BBQ walking distance from Time Square. Excellent service and reasonable portions too - not too big, not too small. The bulgogi was the big hit of the evening. I suppose reservations are helpful. We were there before 6pm (after a matinee) and there were open tables. Worth a visit!

Jonathan Broven

Great service, fantastic food and a great time. The service was nice and fast. The food tasted great and we had a wonderful time.


I've been here three times. The first visit was great. I visited here before got famous. Second time was not bad. However, the last time when I visit here was terrible. Food served separately, workers cleaned my table before finish the meal. I couldn't believe way to serve their customers. It was so terrible. Really!! I didn't give tips for waiters. Manager stared me and I stared manager. It is very good example that how restaurant changed their service when they got famous. I'll never visit here again. So disappointed.

Jason Lee

Pricey but very nice decor...they will charge u 20% gratuity??even though there was only two of that even legal? I kept the original bill just to prove it. On the other hand food is served quickly and is very fresh n around for other similar fare..

Hoai Ngo

They cost us tax for the tips and said that was their policy.

Jonathan Knox

Loved everything here, a delightful experience for my taste buds

sandeep kumar chodapaneedi

Good ambience and good food ... Felt meat portions for BBQ could have been more ...

Charles Denholm

The best Korean restaurant for lunch. $16 for huge meal with a good choice of food

Bella Yuhan Lu

A good place for Korean food! The food might be a little bit pricey there, but their appetizers and desserts are absolutely delicious!!

Mei Fan

Good food and good service

Shasha Li

A must go for lunch. They offer the perfect black cod bento box for only $15 at lunch. The price doubles for the same thing for dinner.

Emily Cardona

Good service good food. Nice atmosphere. Clean good managment.

Maria Rosario

Excellent food. The bbq pork belly was very tender and good. The serve was excellent during lunchtime. We had more than enough food.

Kevin Lee

So good


Great food. Fast service. We went at 5 and we were pretty much the only people there. Service was very fast. Price is good and they give you tons of food. Everyone at my table was super full and we still had food left. Drinks were tasty and the servers were very attentive.

David Gostanian

This is a fun restaurant with excellent Korean food! We had a variety of foods, including appetizers, desserts and tableside grilling. The staff is friendly and attentive. I will definitely come back when I come to the city!

Qutieb Cullen

The food was so mother freaking good!!!!! You won't regret spending your money!!! I'm here rn and I dont have any regrets. I can die a happy person rn!!!

Roman Bystritskiy

Food wasn't bad, but wasn't great either. Hard to place the cuisine... May be it's Korean fusion, in which case k-town is better food at better price.

Susan S.

It's not a place to get authentic Korean food being tailored to a Western crowd, but the quality of meat for BBQ is good, the atmosphere is nice and it's a good place to have a nice dinner and talk if you don't mind the price.

Ariel Abdullah

Pretty good happy hour deals til 9. But the happy hour food is mediocre. $6 drinks and snacks.

Morgan Leibfried

Good food but extremely expensive. $30 or more per plate just seemed unreasonably high prices for what it was and the quantity you get. Food is very tasty, it's a spot where you cook it yourself which is fun or annoying depending on your take. Went on a Wednesday night and it wasn't too crowded. Happy hour is ONLY at the bar area - so the deals on drinks offered during this time are NOT AVAILABLE to anyone sitting down to eat - this isn't extremely clear as it says "lounge only" when you view their sign offering happy hour specials but this is what they mean. This disappointed the friends I came with because we were only allowed to order drinks off the dinner menu and those were double the price. We even offered to sit at the bar and get drinks before ordering dinner and they said that wasn't allowed either now that we'd told them we were having dinner there because the deal was supposed to bring in people to drink at the bar. Overall it was a good spot with tasty meat but very pricey -probably because of the area it's in but still seemed a bit expensive especially for what you get. I would go there again if someone was taking me out but if i was paying or choosing the spot, I would select a korean bbq spot with a bit lower prices in the future unless I start making way more bank :)

Cynthia Howard

Atmosphere is awesome.

Mohamed Attia

Food was delicious until I saw a big cockroach beside my chair. Waiter came and killed it but left it there ( maybe as appetite stimulant). The head waiter said" we are sorry but there nothing much we can do, it's NYC". Nevertheless, when I stood up to leave right away, he asked me if I want to get the dessert by the bar (he didn't specify if I want it with or without cockroach), which I refused. Then I paid with tips which I don't know why they even accept the money after going through this terrible experience. I will never ever go back again. I wasn't surprised when other reviewer wrote here that, he had the exact same experience. That's unusual reputation for restaurant.

Robyn Tanis

Excellent happy hour! Beef buns, sushi and shake martini were all spot on

Davion Vang

I eat in this great spot often! This is my favorite spot to pass a nice evening. I visit this spot routinely. The food is great, the staff is welcoming and the rates are decent. I enjoy eating in this spot over a rich meal.

Teresa Warr

One of the best happy hours

Henrik O

I absolutely like their food and customer service, good location very close to my apartment. The staff members are always helpful. Will visit here again.

Jeremy Janas

Really good Korean, fairly authentic with a modern flare. Staff was really friendly and attentive. When we ran out of bon chon they would bring more without asking. Grills are small but have great ventilation. You don't smell like BBQ when you leave, which is a huge ++++. Will be coming back again.

Damon Evans

Food and service is great. A little on the more expensive side but worth every penny.

Clifton Dagenais

Know before you go, this restaurant does not offer a buffet option. There is self barbeque, but no endless meat. Also it's pretty pricy for what you get, even if it's New York.

Andrea Rummans

This was my first Korean barbeque experience and honestly I feel I can't go anywhere else because I won't get the same quality as I did here. Worth every dime.

Jai Berg

Excellent Korean bbq with lots of gluten free options.

Paula Renfroe

Cannot wait until they reopen Woo Lae Oak! Love the food and service. Especially loved that the server sent my son a bday dessert w/a candle. Completely surprised us.

Kirk EMC

Is a Korean place that is tuned to locals. Not real authentic. Goto nearby k town or queens for real Korean food

Hyunseok Chang

If you are looking to take your special guest to a not too crazy priced venue with decent atmosphere somewhere in midtown, this place is one possibility. We went there for lunch on Saturday and it was not crowded at all. Probably we didn’t need a reservation. But if you are looking for a best value Korean restaurant with authentic food, there are many other better choices in the 32d street

Ü Lee

Convenient and delicious. We found this place very close by after watching a show. It was spacious, clean, and quiet with tasty food. After having Korean ceviche, pork buns(unbelievably yummy), and the miso stew, I’m definitely coming back in the future. The only suggestion I would make is to set a changing table around the restroom area.

L Nias

Shocked & Dismayed A group of friends which consisted of majority black women decided to participate in happy hour at Bann last night. This used to be a favorite when we all worked near the restaurant. Most of us have moved to the east side so Bann is not the obvious choice. Upon arrival about four of us grab tables and wait for two others to join. The front area where happy hour is held consists of a bar and a few tables & chairs around the bar. At this point we are the only people seated at the tables. The rest of our party joins and a waiter has yet to approach us. When asked if we can order, the bartender from behind the bar yells at us and says its happy hour and you have to order from the bar. This is odd to us as in previous visits this was not the case and there are plenty of happy hour spots that have waitstaff come over to the table to take orders. At this point we all one by one go up to the bar to order our drinks and small bites. After we have been served we decide that this will be the last time we come to Bann which is disappointing because the food and the drinks are really good. Then a party of 6 arrives all white happy hour participants and they immediately grab the remaining tables and chairs. You will never guess what happens next - a waiter goes over to get their happy hour order. We spoke with the manager and was told that it was a misunderstanding. At no point did that group of people ever go to the bar to order or settle their bill. Its seems very clear to me that Bann does not appreciate our patronage and we will not return.

kelvin tan

Food tasted authentic. Service was good too. We managed to find child friendly dishes in the menu too.

Braylon Wagner

The spot is awesome and broad, the food was delightful and the rates were very affordable. fast, productive service and very affable staff members. I highly recommend this place.

Jessica Cha

Really good food. My husband also very happy with this place. Price is good too.

Renewart N

The best kind of food. Beautiful place, good service, amazing taste of food and also dish performance.

Mia S

Located in Hell’s kitchen. If you are looking for clean and decent korean food, this is a good place to check out. However I felt that the food was bit over-priced for the portion size. Personally, I prefer my seafood pancake crispier. But I thought the handles for the pork galbi was a cute and thoughtful.

Helena Dix

The atmosphere was really buzzing here tonight. Spaced out nicely but dimly lit which was cosy. Friendly service and very quick. We were in for the restaurant week menu and it was super tasty. Portions were not huge but very satisfying. The BBQ meat at your table was fun but also incredibly tasty with some spiced up sides.

Savitri Balram

Great korean restaurant with a wide variety of options. Visited this gem during restaurant week. Had the bulgoki and korean BBQ, which my friend and I cooked ourselves. The flavors were great and the prices are reasonable. the decor is very upscale and the customer service is commendable. Would definitely recommend

Elan Jones

Absolutely love their food.

Leon Lin

Tried the yook hwe bi him bap for delivery. Tasted ok, the sauce was good, meat was alright, but the rest of the japchae and rice didn't really impress. Maybe I should have stuck to the BBQ items instead.

Rochan Maheshwari

Came here for Restaurant Week. Maps has it as a $$$ place but really it's a $$place. Moreover, the restaurant has little ventilation and poor AC, it was absolutely stifling hot. And most importantly, the food was just not good enough. We ordered a pork belly barbeque, which is the bread & butter of a Korean restaurant. The meat was hard and they asked us to barbeque it ourselves! Not a great experience unfortunately. :-/


The appetizers are great and the service is superb


Oh yup, korean bbq. Classic.

Nancy Altruda

Just what you want in a korean plave. You won't be dissappointed.

Robin Faulkner

Always delicious and never crowded. Great happy hour from 5pm - 9pm

Nicole Little

Great spot to grab some authentic korean comfort food. Never expected to Don's a gem like this in the city.

Shaun Yap

Fabulous Korean BBQ, their taretare with pear and Galbi is about as delicious as you'd get anywhere else.

Seth G

Nothing special compared to most other Korean restaurants I've been to.

Shirley Boberg

Loved this place! I had never had Korean BBQ before and I enjoyed my food. GfDf was easily accommodated. I wish we had Korean BBQ here in Maine. Highly recommend!

Boris Kachano

Favorite Korean BBQ place! They have the best beef bulgogi I ever had, and delicious unique appetizers. All very reasonably priced.

Mariel Quinones

Loved this place!food was tasty! And it was fun to bbq your food! Also the venue is perfect! The environment is relaxing and what I love is that they don't rush you

Danielle Wachter

Loved this place. We couldn't stop talking about it the day after. Had the beef short rib and pork belly BBQ. Delicious! You cook your own meat over grills built into the tables. Would be a great date spot since you have plenty of time to chat while the meat is cooking. Excellent service. Would go back in a heartbeat.

Andy Ng

Thoroughly enjoyed coming here for a fine Korean dinner! A solid menu offering of classic Korean dishes to BBQ. Dishes are nicely and beautifully put together and there was plenty of it for the cost you pay. You also get to DIY BBQ, which helps one to enjoy the meal at their own pace and not feel rushed by the typical table service anticipated.

Deondre De Freitas

Their Korean style sushi was the bomb

gerald gallagher

Not traditional Korean, and not inexpensive, but quite good. The meat was a little too sweet for my taste, and we ordered a carafe of makgeolli that tasted like the artificially sweetened stuff you get at H-mart. Stick with the cocktails and soju instead.

Anya Levitov

Authentic Korean barbecue

Bob Reyes

Went during Restaurant Week. Good food, good times, good service.

Antonio Ducos

Must stop whenever we are in NYC. They have a happy hour on food and drinks at the bar from 5 to 9. Leeche martinis are excellent.

Andrew Saada

I wish I could eat the wings every week! Just delicious!

Donna Dixon

Went for restaurant week 2019 and the food was amazing....portions were great and staff was friendly. Would definitely go again!!!

Michael Singer

One-of-a-kind gem of the city. Service is world class, food is phenomenal

Barbi Gracner

Always spectacular food!

Sue Dang

Such a friendly service and delicious Korean food at Bann! I will definitely recommend others and will return with my companions soon. Thanks for the wonderful experience on a beautiful day.

Jesse Harrison

Bann is hands down the best Korean bbq in nyc it blows away any place in K-town. The bulgogi is some of the best I’ve had and I’ve traveled the world eating Korean bbq. This is a must try must eat place. Service is great and it’s usually not crowded

Ariel Shaqed

Excellent Korean barbecue. Very knowledgeable and helpful staff, tasty food, and nicely situated. This is a social meal: you cook your food on a central counter. The larger your group, the more varied the food you'll be able to order. (Probably best to avoid if you're dining alone...)

Elsie Alonso

The atmosphere is great and there is a friendly small park that surrounds it. You have the option to cook some of the meat to your liking or they would do it for you. The staff is attentive. Sometimes it is packed, but not usually. The food is great! I had the rice with the shrimp. I am glad I took the left overs home tomorrow for the next day!


My parents liked it so, I like it!

Kh Ji

Great korean food !! Lunch good !

CJ Ren

Very delicious meat. Let you cook your own!

Ron Taub

We stopped here for a quick cocktail and appetizers on a Sunday night, about 45 minutes before being seated for Jersey Boys. It was Happy Hour. We sat at the bar. Service was quick and efficient. We ordered 3 appetizers. They were …

Acolyte Vincent

Very friendly and efficient service. Pricing is reasonable and tastes good. Nice asian interior with candles. I highly recommends this place.

Alexander Toth

Delicious food, attentive but not overbearing service, and a great environment. Prices are very reasonable. They also have a gluten free menu making life easy for those of us with celiac.

Mahima Srivastava

One of my favorite Korean restaurants. Love their happy hour till 9pm. My favorite is their lychee martinis. Everything is delicious. We ordered the sushi roll, croquettes and chicken buns for appetizers. For mains we had the chicken bibimbap and the salmon. Excellent meal.

Daniel Nieves

The Korean BBQ, especially the beef short rib is excellent.

Ed Kim

This is our Korean lunch place. My colleagues and I enjoy their lunch specials.

Chris Strand

Everyone decided that Korean BBQ would be great so headed over after seeing the reviews. We noticed that it was happy hour on certain drinks so sat down and tried to order. We were then informed that we could not have that deal in the restaurant, and had to go to the bar (the restaurant was 40% full). Despite several times asking no one could give us a working password for the WiFi and did not seem willing to help at all. So from intending to have a full meal with drinks and tips we went to just having happy hour priced drinks and left.

monster island

Nice vibe

Manfred Liu

I went there for restaurant week which was okay but also had a look on the regular menu and think they are overpriced.

Yoav Kalo

Food was great, however servers did not cook the meat for us, don't know if they're supposed to. I gave it 3 stars because towards the end of our dinner there, a cockroach "attacked" my wife's leg.

Camilo Vélez

Good Korean BBQ with a decent amount of options

Natalia Polanco Rojas

The food was amazing, the best Korean bbq

Agustin Diaz

Pretty good food and amazing service.

maya rosa

Bann is a very good place with outstanding food, and very polite staff! The salad (along with the dressing) is very delicious, and service is fast and it is very easy to order! A definite recommend!

YongWoo Lee

The foods are bit pricey,, but you can use the Groupon to bring the price down ALOT. I always go there for a nice dinner. Kind and caring waiters, and the foods are amazing! Never regretted visiting this place. Highly recommend it

Walter Matwichuk

Order anything on the menu and you will be happy with your order you can get sake wine beer really good kimchi and you cook it yourself wonderful atmosphere excellent service Manhattan pricey but worth every penny you will be pleasantly stuffed when you leave

Tom Grabowski

The bbq had a great flavor. The duck and rib eye were very good.

Andrew Marks

Always a good meal here. The food is pricey but that's typical with Korean BBQ. Cooking at the table is nice so that you can all make the food the way you like it. Highly recommend Bann!

Abdul Salam

My favorite Korean restaurant! The black cod and rib eye are absolutely perfect. The portion sizes are large and comparable to a family style restaurant. Try it out during restaurant week. It's a great bang for the buck!

David Poiman

Great place to go with the family, kids love to grill at the table. The quality of meat is really great.

jake M

We arrived on time but our table was not ready, so we were told to wait. We stepped outside because we were 7 in a small entrance. They gave away our seats by accident. After 40 minutes we were finally seated and everything was perfect. Cant count how many times the hostess apologized. The whole restaurant is set up for a nice family dinner or date. Theres a significant amount of room from table to table for a romantic set. The food was delicious and worth the price. Must try the Korean bbq. Great customer service. We recieved some extra desserts for the mess up. Definitely reccomend.

Chantal Cote

Excellent food, delicious, very conveniently located close to the shows. Friendly staff, great service. Would highly recommend.

Meeru Chaudhary

Such amazing food, best taste I’ve had in years!

Luis Peter Sanchez

One of my favourite Korean Places so far. Great choices in the menu without it being too extensive. Attentive staff and you grill your own meat!


Great Korean BBQ, nice atmosphere, excellent service! Recommend the Kalbi!

Joon Sang Park

Great happy hour, 5pm-9pm every day!

Philip Ha

Food was fine. (Gj kitchen staff) Service was poor. Cleanliness very low. (Mgmt needs to up their game)

Samanta English

The atmosphere is nice and the food is great. The waiters are nice. It's a but upscale so be prepared for high prices. Their menu is online though so you know what to expect before you go!

Hemangini Rakhangi

Fantastic service, heart warming authentic Korean food I've had in a long time. Keep it up!

Michelle Y. Kong

Spacious, quiet, air conditioned, non-tourist stop restaurant with moderately priced food in the middle of West Midtown is hard to come by. Their happy hour is extra reasonable. (Lychee martinis and small plates is quality food for for $5/$6!). Sometimes you can catch a super deal by purchasing a Groupon first.

Xin Zhao

Great food and service

Satya Sekhar Kavala

Nice ambiance. Friendly staff. For vegetarian you get plain soup item, and menu choices including vegetables, tofu and mushroom served with rice. Barbeque is available. Ideal for business lunch. Evening ambiance suits for a nice date. Don't miss the Bi Bim Bap with the egg on the top. They can prepare both spicy and non spicy. Enjoy your next lunch/ dinner here and share your thoughts.

Nelly Evans

This restaurant is a family favorite, every time we are in the city we love coming here, the food is tasty, the chicken wings are delish, we usually do the table barbecue, which makes us all happy, love it!!!

Calah Hipps

Best restaurant experience in NYC, I definitely suggest the ahi tuna and scallops appetizers! Very unique presentation and delicious selections! Ron was an excellent server as well!

Joanne E.

Great food! Had the barbeqhe samgypsal. We cooked it ourselves on the tabletop burner. I love this place the food and service.

Mark Alexander

I can't read Korean script, so I'm not exactly sure where I ate. It just says "plaza." Anyway, I had the bulgogi and kim chi fried rice plates. They come with banchan and some soup. It was delicious! I love coming to this mall. If it weren't so far away, I'd come here on a regular. I love Korean food. :D

Kushal Berera

Good Korean food in the area.

Skylar Tenshi


Joe Hamilton

Food and authenticity is a 2 at best

Martin Hofler

Great food for a great price. Hurray for NYC Restaurant week.

Oakley Brandt

Very well organised and accessible spot. They provide large meals and for economical rates. We liked the meals very much and the staff were very attentive and explanatory. Will definitely recommend this restaurant.


Food was amazing. BBQ delicious. The decor was spot on. Service needs improvement.

Anthony Upton

Literally the worst Korean BBQ place I’ve been to (out of ~15). 4 tiny banchan plates for 5 people? One sauce? Poor service, forgotten drinks and refills, etc. No kimchi for last half of dinner. Meat was good, everything else was not. Very surprising as this place has decent ratings.

Aaron Ramos

Their kim chi was mediocre. For upscale Korean your basic kim chi needs to be better.

Darren Jordan

Ordered a mix of the menu. Very tasty food. Highly recommend

Phil Brown

Come here for happy hour at the bar. A very classy and quiet place. It's perfect for intimate gatherings.

Mark Carter

The food was great an amazing experience.

John Hennessey

Wonderful staff, ambience and food. We had the traditional BBQ with some great apps. The cocktails were okay, but the food was a good balance of spice and flavor for the whole family.

Michael McCormick

Awesome food. Allows you to grill your own bbq if you choose from the Korean Barbecue menu

Nime Walbe-La Fauci

Great happy hour!

Ivan Radujko

The place with great food. Service is good, but not great. Once the server took our order she never came back - only bussers were bringing the food and cleaning the plates. The atmosphere is nice. The prices are high, but I think worth the quality witch is great.

Xinyi Lim

A nice quiet place for a weekday lunch in Midtown West - they have some lunch sets and service is fast. Servers were friendly and attentive though I do wish they had more banchan (side dishes)!

Zev Schuman

Ok, kind of expensive

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