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518 Broad Ave, Ridgefield, NJ 07657

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As of day this business receives a rating of 4.1 out of 5 and the rating is based on 144 reviews.

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This Restaurant belongs to the category of Korean restaurant.

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Gee, I can't believe they serve authentic 흑염소수육!

Tai Y Lee

Admin JW LEE

choi lisa

몸 보신 용으로 최고

Sanghee Lee

(Translated by Google) Where held twice this year for lunch. The closest house in the Korean company. Price Vonage Vonage delicious lunch, passable place. (Original) 올해 점심시간에만 두번 다녀온 곳. 회사에서 가장 가까운 한식집. 가격으로 보나 맛으로 보나 점심시간에는 무난한 곳.

Yeoung Oh Kim

Alanna Hwang

Jessica L

(Translated by Google) I'm full and asked to pack Working woman says no by regulation Even if I'm full, I won't tell you to eat I've been fighting all the time. It's a pity when the rule came from (Original) 배불러서 밥복은걸 싸달라고 하니까 일하는 아줌마가 규정상 안된다고함 배불러도 다먹고가라고 안싸줌 먹고남은걸 맨날싸왔엇는데 주인이 없으니 안싸줌 언제부터생긴 규정인지 참 안타까움


Kyu H Lee

(Translated by Google) It's a house. (Original) 맜있는 집입니다

changhwan mun

James C

Hyeoksu shin

Mi Lee

(Translated by Google) The side dishes are also very clean and delicious. (Original) 염소탕 훌륜해요.반찬도 엄청 깔끔하고 맛있어요

Rachel Green

Jongsoo Lee

염소보양식이 좋아요

JaeHun Ahn


I ordered goat tang on the phone and picked it up yesterday. Wow, I was so amazed by the taste I loved the side dishes- kimchi, seasoned fishball, seasoned leek. Of course, the tang was great as well! I want to try goat jungol next time.

Yong Lee

보신탕 느낌의 흑염소탕 강추합니다.

Sean Shin

kwang lee

저에겐 별로

Andrew Kim

Super good Korean food. Banchans are all tasty and the goat meat is perfect. If you've never tried it, it's worth trying it here.

Kyungjin Park

Good food but people who worker is not nice. Makes me not to come again.

Yani Lee

염소탕 권하고 싶다

ho yoon

santa korea


Bongsoo Choi

Joshua Ma

Woosang Shin

(Translated by Google) Black Goat Meat (Original) 흑염소수육


john yoo

Daniel Lee

Good service and price. Of course, taste good authentic K-Food.

won uk Shin

Wilson Kang

Andrew Ryu

Amazing Duck meat with great goat too.


Nice korean restaurant.

Fazal Mohamed

Taste and din of an ancient culture.

Mi Heon Shin

(Translated by Google) Goat meat is recommended when you're tired (Original) 기운없을때 염소고기수육 추천합니다

Dojoon Lee

Stella Oh


Good food

H Grace

Jung Park

Healthy korean food. Stamina food. My soul food. Most favorite korean food

Alex Kang


EunKoo Cho

Wesley Yon

Jungho Do

Youngduk Yang

Won Sung

가격대비 양과 맛 좋음 BYOB라 술값 걱정없이 즐길수있음 종업원두 정성가득

Jae I Lee

(Translated by Google) I have a salt-water hotpot. (Original) 염소탕전골 잘합니다~

Sung p

별 하나도 아까워요 수육 양도 적고 수육 먹고 나오는 뚝배기 국물은 그냥 물 맛에 가까워요.

In Oh

John Park

Teabeak Zoo

Woongkyu Han



Richard Park

John Ra

Excellent food

jason kang

Not bad

brian kim

Cindy Lim

Best goat meat ever!

Zhi Li

mehmet kaya

Shabina Park

felix kwon

Food is great, but the servers are not at all. They make me never come to this place again. If you enjoy food only, you can go there.

Chun Young Won

Paul R

Great for my occasional black goat meat appetite. BYOB

ryan taehoon Lee

(Translated by Google) It was good to serve you well. (Original) 먹기 좋게 서빙을 해주셔서 좋았습니다.

Minwoo Kim

Edward Choi

Minkuk kim

Yummy goat soup

Eric Jang


The food is soooo delicious! I was in heaven! The staff could not speak a lot of English but were welcoming and accommodating. I can not wait to go back

Jerry Suh

Best goat cuisine...

Cutie Kaka

Kang Jeong Mo

Anna P

Changsoo Kim

Good place korean food

Shin Kyoung Kim

House of Jesus

(Translated by Google) It's the best broiler here. The meat inside is delicious and the soup is also delicious. You give a lot. The goat and samgyetang that I ate here was okay. The side dishes are also delicious. (Original) 이곳의 육계장 최고예요. 안에 고기도 맛있고 국물도 맛있네요. 양도 많이 주네요. 여기서 먹었던 염소탕과 삼계탕도 괜찮았어요. 반찬도 맛있어요.


Tiger Moon

Don Chung

Goat's meat was very good.

David Yu

(Translated by Google) Really (Original) 정말 짱

Right things Do

Seunghyun Choi

Good food with service

byungho kang


jong guk lee


(Translated by Google) It seems to be a room where you can drink shochu. (Original) 소주에 영양탕하면 방가네 인거 같네요.

All About Anything A.A.A 세상의 모든것

Good food but a little be up price

chris yoo

Good Food

Hyunju Lee

young park

(Translated by Google) OK (Original) 괜찮아

Thomas J. Lee

Good food. Good service. A little pricy though.

Chul Pak

Good food for ur soul & hangover...^^;



James Woo

Soyoung Lee

Zhenzhe Lin

No words to describe my feeling about the foods. So delicious and authentic.

michael c. yoon

Jihoon Kang

Michael P

Best if healthy food is your concern

Linda Park

Charlie Yoo

Lucy Lee

Luz Ju


Jung Hwan Lee

(Translated by Google) Goattang is delicious (Original) 염소탕이 맛있습니다

Alex Dell'Aquila

Not open till 1130pm

Junhyung Lim

Sean Baek

Always good hearty food.

Young Kim

Jin Park

Dachao Wang

Deborah Choi


Joon Ki Kang

Jennifer Coleman

Awesome place and amazing value for a very filling lunch.

Yahir Macdonald

I always stop by grabbing some food in here. I loved the swift customer service and well prepared dishes. They never disappoint.

Seihoon Ahn

jae lee

(Translated by Google) Ethnic restaurants (Original) 토속음식점

Rachel oh

Kevin Sur

Kevin Jang

Martin Donghoon Lee

Joshua An

traditional Korean food

Kim Myeonghwan

Joseph Choe

MS Cha

(Translated by Google) Delicious (Original) 맛있음

Kenneth Choi

(Translated by Google) Goat ate a lunch of delicious soup broth is boiling, who seemed a long time .... I'm not emulate the taste of a seasoning. It's Amazing (Original) 점심때 흑염소탕을 먹었는데 국물의 깊은맛은 오랜시간 끓이신듯해요....조미료로 흉내낼수있는 맛이 아니예요. 강추예요

Myunghee Son

Changho Kim

(Translated by Google) good (Original) 좋아요

Kyung Koo

leonardo ciuffreda

I get to eat here a lot since I work close by. I love how the service is always awesome and they keep the place clean consistently. Prices are convenient and they serve generous portions.

Mercedes Landeta

Goid taste but for me too spicy

Chang Hwa Park

So good food

Yool Lee

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