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997 Madison Ave, Paterson, NJ 07501, United States

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REVIEWS OF Banana King IN New Jersey

harold robles

Food is delicous but there is wait time

Raissa Burton

Best papas ever the ketchup and mayonnaise with the sausage was amazing going back to try another dish...

Vanessa Borges

Absolutely love the pan de bono and smoothies

Basil Kashuka

Started with good food. then like any other..

Juan Aguiar

Way to expensive

josilyn inoa

i oreded a number 1 with pernil, and 3 empanadas! i was so disgusted with my order.. the pernil was full of FAT!!! and the sandwhich was soggy by the time it came to my house. the delievery girl was in her car for 20 mins while i was just standing right infront of her face! smoothie was melted. seriously i will NEVER order from here ever again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the one on 21st ave is WAY better!! highly recommend if u want CLEAN food

Toplydgame The newb

There phone call service to order ducks, the whole time I was driving here from a 25 min car ride I let the phone ring the whole entire time ...NO ONE PICKED UP....the Paterson banana king is the one I talking about all others in the area they pick up, now instead of grab and go....I'm sitting here writing this review cause I have to wait about 15 to 20 min for my order to come out ,dont need to go back to the whole not picking up scenario....the while time I'm here not one p by one call ringing kinda strange ....but there food is good and there girls are respectful

Rob De'Bredfreen

Very prejudice place...

Frank Rondon

Quick and consistent service and food. Awesome milk shakes. A good after party spot. Try the empanadas with pink sauce!

Vesolyn Perez

I am truly disappointed with the customer service at this location! I asked to speak to a manager and she told me he wasn’t available. However she was rude and had me on hold for 15 minutes.

John Lara

Good food fast service i reccomened the mori soñando shake

Jazmine Munoz

Love cheese empanadas and the shakes also they make a decent burger.

Vision de Aguila Int

Going Spanish fast food

Ruth Jean-Toussaint

Yes great food and drinks. If you get hungry after the club. Great spot to get food beside the other fast food

Azhely Garcia

I love there number 1 that sandwich is perfection and a milk mango shake perfect lunch right there

John Sowden

Great food nice staff!

rosanna gerf

is a nice place

Lisa Cano

This Burger King is very courteous very polite and the food was good

Marilyn Believe only in me.

Best place at night to eat

Frank Cartagena

If you are ok with going into Paterson. Go for it. Everything here is worth it.

Giancarlo !

Paterson Gem , open 24hrs


Best shakes around

Christopher Graves

Great food and fruit smoothies. The cashier is a dream. Great service with a beautiful smile.

J.C. Castrillon

Awesome fast food place and they're open 24 hours!

Alayssa Berrocal

Great Food & Shake Combo ! Papaya Mango shakes are the BESTTTT!!!!

inked up

It's harder to find someone that speaks English, then it is to figure out what you want.. had top point at stuff cause the lady didn't speak English.. but the service was good

Victor Posada

Good food, right price!

Luis R.

Love the food! Best shakes ever! Is getting pricy though, otherwise I would've give them 5 stars.

Mirah Manning

Best Smoothies And Food, If Your Ever In Need Of Some Late Night Food They're The Place To Be . The King Patacon Is Awesome Sauce. And The Beef Empanadas With Pink Sauce

Huisi Wang

I got my food fast. I ordered chicken burger and banana smooth. They are very good. Only $9 for meal with fries and drinks

Katerine Velez

it's good to eat drunk

Layra B.

Variety Of Different Foods Smoothies Awwwwww Tasty!

vyom chhabra

Food is great, location, not the best. Found mostly only street parking nearby and it can be really annoying.

Arlenny Almanzar

My sandwich dont has enough chicken like before.

Linda Rollino

Slow service...employees should smile and could work on their customer service skills...shakes are great but food is overpriced for what you get...also there is hardly ever parking around the location

Rich O

Great food great prices

Victor Lopez

Best fast Colombia food

Sitav Nabi

Love their empanadas


There service fell off from years ago. Its okay now.

Omar Nunez

Very bad food, small portion and bad food. Service are terrible need new manager soon. I suggest to open your food before taking out

Steven Polanco

Amazing food, gets crowded, fast and friendly service, great milkshakes.

Francois OBrien

They had old rock n roll coming out of the speakers.i asked for a menu. Me no speak English

Jose Alicea

Wellington Acevedo

Love this place, good comfort food, try the Cuban sandwich with a mango shake/carnation milk. So delicious

leandro valerio

Best sandwiches ever!

Erick Estrada

Great variety of "frituras" available at all times. Shakes are very good also.

Hennesy Lizardo

The sandwiches are not good

Juan David Corrales

Good food!!

Linnette Ruiz

Everything on the menu is delicious!

Augie Delvalle

Yummy Spanish food

Harold Carvajal

Very happy with the food here, open very late and love the shakes.

luis campbell

Waiting to get my food for 1hr never again!!

Krissy H

Shakes are very good, but I had a burger and it had no flavor!

Life of Tony

Relleno with the chimi sauce is the best

Isaac Cortes

Best place in history

jay santiago

Love there shakes.

norbert gamer tag EVILJACKAL8 BF5 PC


Ot cuevas

Hit or miss, can be the best or the worse

Katherine Angeles

It was ok! Not the best ever but overall it was clean and the food was fine

Aiman Saleh

Great options. And finally a place that makes fresh juice

Maraviilloso Santiago

Slow service good food sometime they mess up on orders like put things you didn't want on what you ordered

rah Coleon

Gd late night snack

Nadia Melgarejo

The french fries are horrible and dirty place

David Evans

Great food, good shakes, good service.

Amoi H.

The shakes here are BOMB. My favorite is the strawberry & coconut shake but you really can't go wrong with any of the flavors. Hits the sport every time.

enoelia cruz

I love the sandwiches

andres jara

Good food quick no parking

Saif Khalique

Good foods and good customer service

Keila Mendez

Food was ok, but ask for a wet towel to clean the table, and they were more in to there conservation then nothing, customer Services need to be improve, and the cleaning of the tables, you can't sit on the clean tables theres people waiting on rides or buses, need to check on that, not right for the customer to clean tables for them to eat, and others there are not even eating sitting on the clean ones.

Roberlyna Slapin

It's ok as far good goes

Carlos Guzman

Pretty damn good "Drunk Food". For the price and what you get I'd say I recommend it for sure especially since they are open late.

Ariel Hernandez

The recipes have change on few items depending on location. Unhappy

Spyros Aggelidis

FOR SOME REASON, UberEats prefers not to show the address of the restaurant we order from, even after a successful delivery. But there's two really closeby in Paterson- so I'm sure it was one of those. As a delivery driver with Uber, the employees at either couldn't be better and make my late nights a little more sunny to drive in. Ordered my first patacon at one of these and it definitely didn't fail. The guava shake was a bright spot too. Fries are crisp as can be. And as for the Hawaiian burger, never had anything like it! These are fantastic restaurants with a decent crowd too. Always popular, always good food. Tip your servers, they work hard! No matter the hour of day, and I ordered at 4AM- these places are getting busy- it's why there's two in such close proximity.

Yeuri Puello

Great place but could be better

David Espinosa

I would give a 3 and 3/4 if possible because this is a good place. I just think it could have been managed better. It's open for the 24hours which is good, it's a problem that they don't give us like a receipt for are order. They shout the order number that's suppose to be on the receipt but like I said they don't give us one. Everything else is good other than that even though the food order can be a bit pricey

Atta Sinclair

No joke, this is seriously good stuff. My neighbor turned their nose up at BK but I say bring it on. Best salchipapa, cheap and delicious, a total gutbuster. With a fruit shake, you bet. Fantastic.

Alec Birenbaum

Awesome food and quick service. There is a separate staff to make your shakes so they come out quickly while you wait for your food. Small area to sit and eat but has booths so its comfortable. Even at late night they still have almost everything on the menu available and ready.

Estuardo Murrugarra

Has fast service

Roshona Williams


Luis Argenis Torres

Good place to eat something easy and quick

Gregory Louvat

It was fast, cheap and simple, you cant go wrong here. Also they have many choices for whatever mood you are in. They have beef burgers, chicken burger, empanadas, shakes, yogurt. Endless stuff. All less than 6 bucks, unless u get a combo. Fries are cooked amazing. Not too much oil. Crispy and tasty. Amazing potatoes. Also, this one i went to , its 24/7. So you can get food anytime of the day with nice professional people.

Roibe Duran

Pro: price are not to bad, very quickly service. Con: dirty bathroom, staff rude, not friendly at all, not parking available.

Jose Valentin

The banana king on 21st avenue in front of the Boy Club is very dirty in the cooking are ,refrigerators are not clean and neither the shake counter, i observed them making shakes without properly cleaning the shake making. I got disgusted and wentbto the one on madison ave wich was cleaner.

Nico Malverde

Best shakes

Romel Enill

Pretty good smoothie and empanadas a not bad. Wish there were more options but service was fast. Would recommend for a quick bite.

Nancy Celeste

great food! However, staff is rude. can definitely be worked on.

Pamela Garcia

Good food but way overpriced.

Mose Onyourmind

Love this place , love going here , love the service , the people there are also very nice , the food is great

Bradford Crute

Great Shakes but food too, too expensive.

Johnny Cordero

Very tasty food.

Melissa Rolon

Good colombian fast food

Gemini Sky

Not to bad

jose santos


Erin M

Not what it used to be ... Drinks are still tasty but food is subpar.

Elizabeth Ataupillco

Best drunk food ever. It is not expensive and they also delyver.


The place is comfortable, but sometimes it takes forever to get the food.

Alejandra Ramos

They are too slow.

J. A.

Place to eat plantain style dishes. I recommend it. Good food. Nice friendly service. Can get packed, some wait for main dishes.

Jessy Amane

Great food. Get the arenas and, of course, the shakes are a must! Hard to find parking during busy hours. No parking lot- only street.

Jeff Campoli

Amazing food great service tough on street parking

Glenn Galan

Horrible online service, they charge you for the order and never send it or even pick up the phone.

Waldy Reyes

The is ok

hector laboy

Food is ok but it's over priced for appetizer fiid

Jordan Rodriguez

Worst FIRST TIME experience ever!!! They all act like they dont wanna work. Giving attitude when i asked for a piece of bread with cheese to be heated up because it was given to me cold. Came back with it and it was still cold. So i asked to heat it up again and they took very long to give it back and checked various customers bags to check if someone put it in thefe. Mind you. Lol i already had taken a bite out of it. THEN, i found a hair in my drink! A place known for their drinks and they cant even keep the blenders and stuff clean. They were also gonna charge me more money to get another drink with coconut and pineaplle and she said she had to charge me more when the sexist bi*ch at the register already took my order and i already paid for it. but i wasnt having that. Then they said in spanish thinking i wont understand, " theres always something in the drinks". Ew what kind of place is that. Never again will i go back.

Alex Muriel

Good food but very slow service even if there are only a few customers there. The manager & cashiers are very nice though.

Robert McClure

The way to go

Andres Delgado

Good fast food

Dale Billiard

Nice and fresh selection especially since I went there overnight. Smoothies are great, refreshing and not overly sweet. Will visit again. The chicken burger was 110% on point.

Casey C

Ordered delivery through the phone and waited 2 hours. We called again and they said they were on their way but never came. Tried calling again and automatically went to voicemail. Terrible service.

Ms honny

If I could leave 0 I will the owner and down the whole place is disrespectful and races towards black peoples. They will try to over charge you if you don’t understand their language.

Hamlet Jaquez

Great food for a great price, not the best location-wise and parking can be a bit of a challenge.

fadi hardan

The workers are rude, I ordered food to pick and they gave me the bag when it was done missing a whole sandwich I ordered, I called them before I drove back and told them about what happened and they told me they would just make me another sandwich that would be ready in 10 minutes , I get there 15 minutes after and they didn’t even start making it cuase they wanned to see me first and make sure. they had me show them the phone call to prove that I called to order. they treated me like it was my mistake and they had an attitude and told me that I have to keep the receipt next time which they never gave me. How you treat a Customer is more important than food for me

Bertin Palacios

Really good smoothies and cheese steak sandwich

Raul Santiago

Clean fast food I love

Jair Gutierrez

Great shakes. Great food. Cuban sandwich and salchipapa are my faves


I have been ordering the cuban sandwich (add bacon) for over 12 years and it is still to dissapoint me. I also love the mango mixed with passionfruit shake, those are the best things on the menu by far!!

Princess O'redroses

Good food

Xyn Williams

Nah.. Not my place no more. They did some cross contaminated shiit wit pork in the friers.. Ill pass..

credit formula

Great food

Edwin Bermudez

Grease food, always an alkadsakser after eating here

Sandra Vasques

TERRIBLE!!! I ordered pinchos they give me pancakes with steak,tomatoes and white cream on it. Customer service was bad he didn't want to refund me my money back so I will be contacting your company you run under

Marjorie Corea


B Ramlackhan

Really their domain consists of many fruit

Bryan Meneses

Pincho, arepa chicken sandwich, any shake on the menu. Good stuff. Try the picado share that. Dont forget the sauces.!!#$%*

tasha. ro

Love the food❤❤❤

Champ Arscott

#BananaKings. Clean. Very friendly staff. Good service. Parking a bit difficult

Ashley Bernardo

Empanadas on point

Ghassan 'Gus'

Chicken sandwich with the strawberry shake at 3 am what!!!

Kimberly Bezick

Friendly and fast service

cascara depollo

Great food

Yudelka Mercedes

Slow service.

David Telemaque

Great place

Leo Foster

Really good spot to crash in after few shot

Shaquile Blandino

Good food , good shakes , clean store and nice staff. Ask for bathroom key if you need to use the bathroom.

LuzLeida Barbara Gabay


Charo Miqui

Excellent Colombian sandwiches

Aneudi Guerrero

Good milkshakes no amazing shakes especially with carnation milk.

Alfredo Santana

Fresh tasty foods

Eduardo Silva

I love this place!... been coming here since before I had kids and now that I have kids, they love their Empanadas, Fruit Shakes/smoothies and Sandwiches... I drive from Bloomfield, NJ to this place about 2x's a week! :0) Plenty of space to sit down and enjoy a great tasting snacks/food! Highly recommend to try their Bunuelos (right out of the oven)!

Jainul Rizbi

Nice place to visit Great mango smoothie

Darlene Morris

Smoothies are not good

Manny Smalls

Surprisingly good fries, burger was fair but the smoothie was horrible with a premade and high sugar taste.

Bryan Suelto

It was really good.but it took forever to get the food.

The I Readings Group

It makes some delicious smoothies

Suanly Lopez

Take too long to deliver

Diana Paola Merino

Always the best smoothies

Antonella Alcantara

Parking is super hard but good service

Dvon Tatted

Friendly. Had the fries and wings, tasted food. Went around 700pm, not crowded

Karenz Alba

My favorite shake

Carlos Espana

The Best Fast Food Colombian Restaurant!!! The best Milk Shakes, empanadas, sandwichs, the best coffe...

Dennis Muniz

great food but slow service

Tanvirul Islam

Best place for shake like mango , strawberry. Nice environment. Love this place.

Jorge L. Román Jr.

Not bad in a pinch. The natural juices are amazing

Tara Trent

Got food poisoning

Don Williams

Best late night spot for food and tropical shakes.

Michelle Contreras

Awesome empanadas!

Melvin Alvarado


Luis Ing

Awesome fruit drinks and combo food

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