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REVIEWS OF Bagel Buffet IN New Jersey

Geri Iannaconi

Found this place while bringing my Mom for a hair cut. Love the bagels and lunches I've picked up. Creamy Mushroom soup was delicious. It was a good extea for my chicken salad sandwich. Will be back soon

Emma Matos

The bagels here are amazing. Great fast service.

Just She

We had a hard time leaving! The place is so nice, so much to choose from, great food & amazing people working there! Wish I lived closed, but I will be back when I am in town. See you soon...

Leonardo De Candia

Everything bagel is a great way to start your day.

Soledad Q

Very good

Sachin Sahu

Great bagels

Steve Alberti

Good breakfast sandwiches, real bagels made from scratch

Thomas DeLeasa,lll

Nice fresh bagels!

Vexed Barracuda

This place has the best BEC

Tejaswini Raju

They have a lot of cream cheese options. One of the best bagels i have ever had

Dan C

Amazing bagels!!!

Samuel Cruz

Thank you carlos in secaucus for your great customer service.They need people like you over there.Great communication,great customer service.

Lauren Kahmann

Took 2 hours for a delivery in Secaucus for 2 breakfast sandwiches and a fruit cup. Owner was rude and hung up on me. Go to the Hackensack location, better service! Avoid this location!!!

Omar Oropesa

Oh my, this place is amazing. Panini galore, bagel galore and salad galore... all in one place. Price is moderate. I strongly recommend.

Eileen Matthey

Clean Every Thing Is Fresh

Melina Nunez

I ordered 3 Taylor ham egg and cheese on a bagel 1 sausage egg cheese on a roll and a small coffee and a chocolate chip muffin. Which the muffin is huge in my opinion same as the food it was good everything totaled to 27.38 I think it was a decent price in my opinion. The place is nice and have many options to choose from.

Guitchu Lacap

Good place to visit for bagels and coffee

Ramanathan Ramasamy

One of the most sought after bagel place in secaucus. They have a variety of bagels and everything is made fresh. Tastes delicious.

Christopher Doran

I drive 20 min to this bagel spot because it's so good! Amazing!

Guata B

Bagel buffet has a wide selection of different food to eat and a great spot for breakfast. They move really fast and there's barely any wait when you place your order. I've also dined in the restaurant and the service is great too. Definitely would recommend anyone to come eat here.

Philip Millington


Al Ortenzi

Coffee way too strong, muddy. Egg sandwich average. Cashier unpleasant, didn't bag order or even offer bag.

Gil Jinorio

Great bagel w/ lox

Dakota Garcia

Fast, fresh, easy and cheap ! It's a perfect place!

David S Mandel

Great place for a quick meal with wide variety of bagels, spreads, salads, and sandwiches. One of my favorites.

Pablo Trobo


Carlos Ruiz

Friendly service and the food was great.

Travis Pisani

Pretty good bagels. Nothing amazing but for the area they're the best around.

James Galante

Too over priced. Not very good. I get there's a lot of people working there, no need to make the customer spend 5$ for a sub par breakfast sandwich

Marina Castro

Great bagels and veggie cream cheese.

rajkumar PARDASANI

Best bagel in New Jersey.

Daniel Fazio

This place has been a main stay in Secaucus for as long as I can remember. They are a bit over priced, and the service is somewhat slow and the staff is not the most friendly, but they must be doing something right because they have been in business in town forever..

Raphael Rivas

Great place to get bagels and great place to have anything you want on a bagel. They also have lunch and breakfast sandwiches which I'm sure pretty good as well.

Shanna Allen

Great food when you are there. Great food when they cater. Can't go wrong with Bagel Buffet. I'm in love with their Balsamic Dressing.

Clemons Kunkel

Had the Caramel Apple Waffle.. Was Awesome.. First time here. Friendly and fast.

john yoo

Great salads and sandwiches! Quality place and staff wears great hats :)

Hector Clasen

I work at bagel buffet an I will give the best service to all customer to my best ability

Dalton Johnathan

Great vibes, nice subtle music, and a great place to eat

Lori Panico

Everything is always fresh

Chris Padilla

Great bagels with Taylor ham, egg, and cheese.


Food is always good. I always find good quality.

Peter G

My first time and it was great on all points, customer service, selection and taste. I will be back as a regular...


Best best fresh bagel to eat in morning , we usually order toast garlic bagel with extra butter , with hazel nut coffee.... Love this combination

Jace Yang

Had a very good experience in this place with my friend. The food came quick and the service is just good. Prices are affordable.

Tanya True

I went in for a large coffee. They only had a medium sized coffee worth left of the flavor I wanted. They wanted to charge me for the large cup because I had poured it into large cup. That was it. I said “Seriously?”. He was serious. Done...

Cheri Johnson

Best bagels in North Jersey. Expensive and the lines are long are the only cons

Pam Krueger

Best bagels around !

Cindy Alexander

Please, please open a Bagel Buffet in Fort Myers, Fl. You would make a killing! There is nothing and I mean nothing remotely like this in FM. I moved to Fl 7 yrs ago and miss it the Secaucus Bagel Buffet soooo much.

LingMei Garcia

Food was great, service was friendly and fast

patricia robles

For a quick bite for lunch is perfect

Yohana Wichess

Love the variety of Bagels!! They also have wonderful paninis and I got to try the Clam chowder soup, it was ROCKING!!! Clean facilities and clean bathroom for a quick stop if you are on the road!!!

Tolga Guneren

Good breakfast sandwiches and fresh bagels

john cunning

Very good

Pete S

Bagels are delicious, not the cheapest bagel place, but store is always clean.

Joseph K

Manhattan bagel quality in Jersey. Loving it!! They over spread cream cheese.

steven liptai

food is good quality but expect to be disappointed when your sandwich has no meat and it costs $10. then if you ask for extra meat you pay more but still are disappointed. go to natolis

Hardwrick Johnson

The Food is Great and the people that work there are polite

Simply JDA

Very expensive for their salads.

Cynthia Rivera

Very good bagels. And fast service even when it’s busy ! They have a great chocolate cake too

Eric Marcus

Went in for a breakfast sandwich. Really good

Chintan Pandya

Nice place and bagel are good

Isabella Rosero

I come here every day because the bagels are so addictively good. Kaylin is the best. She takes extra care in making sure my bagel is made just right. Love, love, love this place.

Emma W

Really cute breakfast/deli outside of NYC! Delicious, large bagel with lots of cream cheese! I got the egg bagel, but there were probably 20 other bagel choices. Friendly service, quick, and delightful ambiance to look around at other foods while you eat!

Robert Aponte

The food is great. Just make sure you don't use their online delivery feature. Not only does it take almost an hour to get your food. If they forget anything your only options are to get refunded or wait another hour for your missing items.


If you want an overpriced bagel that probably is not what you ordered this is the place to go. These guys have the inability to take an order and get it correct. Beware if you order by phone odds are you don't get what you ordered. Staff is rude and the manager refuses to get on phone to address his staffs errors. Apparently the staff believes that a sesame bagel has salt onion and poppy seeds as well as sesame seeds. Unfortunately this occurs regularly as I have been going there for more years then I care to admit.

calvin roberts

Good food

Val Pletnev

Good food but service is lacking. They write down your order but still get it wrong half the time. Check your order before paying.

Eddie Morrone

Wow! That’s an amazing Panini. There is some culinary magic going on in this strip mall.

P Jm

The food is delicious. Ridiculously overpriced. Two bagels with cream cheese, two medium coffees- 12 bucks. If you can make it to Lyndhurst go to Bobs. Better bagels, way less expensive.

David Friedman

Where is the handicap accessible entrance? I like that the Mercedes "B" has her very own parking space in the fire lane every day!

Matt Elling

They have Fox News on in mornings.

Carlos Bayron

Good food. A little pricey.

Rajkumar Pardasani

Best bagel in town.

Jennifer Levine

My friend and I called for a catering order to bring to a friend's family whose father had just passed away. we specifically asked for platter of sandwiches and a side potatoe or Mac salad. The manager suggested deli sandwiches stating that the gourmet sandwiches were more money . We went to pick the order up and he had made 2 platters of sandwiches when we had asked for 1. For 2 platters of sandwiches and potato salad it was about 200 dollars! The sandwiches were falling apart and when asked about the price and why we were given 2 platters and not 1, there was silence. Our company stopped coming here for lunch a while ago due to inflated prices for little food and mediocre quality.we should have knowm better.This place should be called Rip Off Buffet.

Frances Stoia

I love the bagel buffet. I've been there many times and have always had a good meal.

German Baez

Simply put: amazing bagels. Go there and stock up.

Gus Munoz

Owners love to scream to their employees in front of customers not necessarily know how the stay in business, when you walk into the place you automatically feel the tense atmosphere of one of the owners to start sizing people that probably do not fit the profile to sit down and have a Bagel at his store like any other race, I feel like upper management (owners) Love to profile people as the walk in. Workers good humble people but also look horrify and not natural while interacting with customers. I will never buy here ever again.

Donna Tests

To expensive

Guy Zandler

It's a nice little cafe with a huge amount of options regarding desserts and bagels. The coffee is on par with 7-11 so don't expect quality coffee. Still, the dessert options and cream cheese options are plentiful. There's bakery in the back area which I assume they make their breads and bagels, but aside from that it's a really nice convenience store.


Great place but lol how do I end up with a raisin bagel when the guy taking the order wrote down onion ... now I'm eating Taylor Ham with sweet raisins.. cmon guys

Jack McKinney

Good ham and salami here. Very clean place, too.

Tara Malik

One of my favorite restaurants to eat breakfast. Amazing bagels and a lot of cream cheese options. Also a lot choices for lunch. The tables could be a little dirty at times. On the weekends, the place is very crowded. The staff is kind. It's a very family friendly environment.

Hümeyra B.

Nothing crazy for me to divert my direction to this place. But prices are slightly higher for nothing special taste. I mean extra 75 cents for a slice of tomato?!?! No bueno.

Erin M

This place has the worst customer service I have ever seen and it's such a shame because they do have good bagels, salads, breakfast sandwiches, and coffee but there ridiculousness is so unbareable that I go to wonderbagels in Jersey City. I worked in restaurants and I know their management is just horrible because their is no excuse for a place to be that way ever when they have enough employees to get the job done and quickly. 20 minutes for a few toasted bagels is insane. Poor training, maybe they aren't paid enough, but the separate ordering and pay stations are completely unnecessary and only cause more choas. Don't even bother calling ahead to order to avoid the wait because you will just have to ask them to make once you get there because things are THAT disorganized. Its so bad I actually applied to work there myself just so I can show them how they should be doing things , because even though they are a little pricey at times the food is pretty good but it's not worth the aggrivation.

Ally Parzi

I go here every now and then to get a good bagel and iced coffee. The service is exceptionally quick, the drinks are good, and there is a wide range of foods to order. It is a nice place to sit down and share a coffee with some friends or to grab a bite before work.

Jonathan Alejandro

I have only ordered breakfast sandwiches here. Pros: -Relatively positive vibe from the staff -they have never screwed up my order -my modifications have always been accommodated -bagels come in a nice container -staff is organized, efficient -breakfast sandwiches are the right portion and price Cons: -Bagels could be better (Would have been 5 stars) -They don’t prioritize called-in, already completed orders - you have to stand in the same line as people who have even ordered yet

Robert Roqu Quinones

Really fast and friendly service and fantastic bagels and sandwiches.

paul i

They make the bagel onsite and have lots of options. Best product in secacus.

Javier Pablos

Great place for bagels, sandwiches, salads, coffee, and drinks.

Hilary Armstrong

Great bagel place! Always can get a great bacon egg and cheese, bagel, paninni, soup, whatever you need! Very clean and the people are always so friendly! Highly recommend

David R

This place is mad expensive. Prices are twice more then in a city

Alexandra Goldelman

Great bagels but don't expect much customer service.

John Person

Wonderful breakfast and lunch sandwiches on bagels or any kind of roll or bread. Fresh salads made to order, fine desserts available too. Would have given them the max number of stars except for the fact that the parking there sux. Large lot, but many popular shops at this strip mall make parking a challenge.

Emilia O

GREAT food . awesome service.pretty cool that they make the bagels right on their premisses. If you see a long line don't you worry it literally goes pretty fast . The staff are all polite and friendly.I love that the place is very clean . Food is a bit overpriced .

Robinson Batchu

This placed changed my opinion on bagels.i hated bagels until I ate it here.

Juan Cancel

The most expensive Bagel place ever... $12.32 for 1 Lox (bagel, cream cheese, capers, tomatoes, and a little bit of smoke salmon)! Not even NYC you will find that price!!!!! Never ever again I come to this rip off place.

Joe Gallardo

Whatever you eat at Bagel Buffet is delicious although the ordering process is a mess. Please, please, please do not loose sight of whom is preparing your sandwich because in my last visit one guy helped me and asked another guy that was in front of the toaster to slide in my bagels. That guy dropped one of my bagels to the greasy wet midmorning floor and he picked it up and slide it right into the toaster. I was horrified but kept my cool and I did not speak to the owner but I called aside my original guy and told him about it and he grabbed the whole round inside the toaster and put it in the garbage and he told him to put new gloves and start a fresh new order. The coffee was fantastic and the 4 assorted bagels with different spreads were each better than the other but I cannot put more stars because the issue with that guy and to make customers aware of putting an eye on their order and who is handling it.

Renata Martinez

Way overpriced...

Michelle Gregos

Best everything bagels I've ever had!


Love the egg&cheese on a roll with ketchup, salt and pepper. Foods great, service is quick (Obviously you have to wait a little because it’s fresh ) Staff are kind and plenty of seating. No this isn’t fake, I’m a kid writing this so yeah.

Sunny Israni

Great place for breakfast sandwiches! We had the eggplant parmigiana panini which was crunchy and filling. The Tuscan panini lacked a little spices but was quite filling. This place also had good flavored coffee

Lucy Edelstein

My grilled Reuben was fantastic and there was a great selection of make your own salads or sandwiches and a wide variety of drinks and snacks.

Mario Lopez

Quick service. The bagels are always fresh and delicious. The coffee station is neat and organized.

Marie-Lyne Sleiman

Love the concept! Fast service and good basic food for the soul. Plenty of parking

Adrian Kyle

Casual, comfortable, relaxing, great food, great service, friendly...

Marcos Mirabal

Bagels are very good. Skip everything else, though. Especially the sandwhiches.

Lisa Washington

Pretty decent meal-sandwich was a little salty, but tasty...

Srinivas GV

Always fresh bagels. One of my fav shops.

Rachel Linares

I go to this place often. I've ordered breakfast and lunch! I happen to really love this spot, but there have been some instances that something I ordered ended up not on my sandwich or bagel. I ordered a Taylor Ham egg and cheese w/ bacon and I can see that it was put in on the receipt. I'm usually not one to complain either! Regardless, they have taken care of me and the customer service I've experience is great. One star less only for the occasional missing requested ingredients.

Jonathan Howard

Relatively efficient, though not cordial...and my lox multigrain bagel was over $11 (overpriced)!

marian gordon

Great bagels and deli selections. Very good coffee. Most of the time its easy to park, except for lunch time. Fast service.

S Hardwick

A joke! Most of these reviews are from the owner, his family and his girlfriend and her other words fake and paid for! Eat here and get halfway decent food with awful service at inflated prices

Emily Hudgins

We were staying in the area and stopped here to grab some breakfast before heading home and it was delicious! And the staff was friendly and fast. Great place. Makes me wish we had a place like that close to home.

mike horan

The only things I've ever ordered are breakfast sandwiches and omelettes but I haven't been let down yet.... no matter how packed it gets (and it does get packed) my order always comes out quickly and hot

Miley Madeleine

great good and decent atmosphere. I could have done without the karaoke type entertainment.

Arnaldo Torres

Great place to eat, little pricey but good food.

Lisa Wandell

A little pricey but the food is great and coffee is fantastic

Cody Mason

Amazing selection of bagels as well as other foods

Victor Cocco

Good bagel. Coffee was ok. WAY OVER PRICED! Small coffee with a bagel and cream cheese was over $7.00

Meyer Advertising

I’ve been here about 10 times because it’s right by my house . This place is decent at times but mostly absolutely brutal . And it’s the little things like asking for salt pepper ketchup and getting home and none of it is on your sandwich . Also hot food has been cold numerous times. Highly disappointed

Pam Jackson

Had a breakfast sandwich (pork roll and egg). Pork roll is paper thin can't even taste it. Nice people but i won't go back. Over $6 for a sandwich and coffee. You can have it. :(

Elizabeth Willis

Best bagels great service!

Conservative Thought

Been going here awhile bagels are great. The problem is they changed the brand of regular coffee awhile back and it's too strong,the coffee not for me. Why change when you had great coffee?

Kevin Parsons

Breakfast Bagel sandwich was great.

Hyper Highlander

We live in upstate NY and originally from NJ...Can't get a decent bagel here at all. We were visiting the city in Dec 2018 and stopped here on the way home..Just out of the oven..ate one without anything on delicious!!! It was a hard trip on the way home (3hrs) smelling those bagels :) My daughter is going down again this weekend for motorcross..Told her she has GOT to stop and get more

Patrick Gaynor

Always great

Kevin beinhacker

They put the wrong meat on my sandwich, when I showed the manager he took my sandwich gave it back to the kitchen and said there was nothing he could do about it because I showed it to him after I took a bite. They are rude and disrespectful, over priced for average food.

Melinda Nesim

Clean , good service and good food.

Joey Wrecker

I'd rather eat dog food. Ask for a coffee, light... Get a cold stare. Ask for your order to be corrected because no one can do their job and get a nasty look. For the prices you would expect better service. I've had better customer service at Burger King! And the owner really thinks very highly of himself and didn't care at all about the customers who are lining his pockets. Never again.

Lucas Litwin

Great quality bagels and I love starting the day gettinf breakfast there. Have been coming here my whole life. I see the comments on the prices and understand, but that place stays packed regardless and people are going to continue eating there so they can do whatever they want with the prices.

Joseph DeRosa

Food is very good. Great coffee. Egg sandwiches are very good but pricey. Chicken cutlets were very good. Great lox. White fish was good I prefer it a little more chunky. Puddings are very good.

Anna Marasco

Meeting someone, just had coffee

brandon milanes

The bagels are always fresh and taste so good toasted and they a wide variety of stuff to put on the bagels. Lox, cream cheese, bacon, egg, cheese and the list continues

Randy Lafortune

Fresh Bagel Sandwiches

John Cardinal

This place has been a main stay in Secaucus for as long as I can remember. They are a bit over priced, and the service is somewhat slow and the staff is not the most friendly, but they must be doing something right because they have been in business in town forever...

Joyce Powell

Great place with plenty of parking


A favorite stop when I'm in Seacaucus. They make the bagels on-site and have so many options for ways to top them or make them into sandwiches. You can also grab a deli sandwich for your lunch later, coffee and other beverages.

Michael Conway

Over priced but food and service are good.

Tiffany Ann

The egg sandwich had good flavor but barely had any egg in it. It was mostly Taylor ham. I expected more. The bran muffin was really good and huge

David Dabit

Place is pretty good and food is delicious

Nzhingha Nkhrumah

Very nasty and careless attitude from the cashiers. Especially the guy working the morning of 4/2/19. No good morning. No thank you have a good day. He only says to me “$15.52”, hands me the receipt to sign and says “All set”. Geez at least crack a smile and act like you like your job. When I addressed it to him he sarcastically says thanks and have a good day. Come on. Wasn’t busy in the restaurant (around 8am) and it’s a beautiful Tuesday morning! Great food but I’ll go elsewhere to at least get a greeting from a place where I’m spending money.

Mike R

7.75 for a Bacon,1egg and cheese on a roll and a small coffee. That is ridiculous. Not as ridiculous as the wait time. Over 15 minutes. They have at least 8 people in the back and 2 registers. Never have I seen people move so slow and unenthusiastic.

Larry Meregillano

American Cheese in my omellette in a NY Deli? Bad show

Dale Alexander

I didn't think it was possible to mess up a scramble egg on a plain bagel...Don't waste your time

Richie D

Bagels are good but shrunk in size from our last visit. Way too overpriced for everything. Nothing special.

Elena Oscar

Good was amazing!!! Music is low key & smooth (so you can have a conversation) atmosphere is peaceful. Our new spot!

Johnny O

Great breakfast and lunch. Sometimes you feel like just a number in line but the food is so good who cares. There's a guy that looks just like Larry David that's always in there.

Peter Argropoulos

Excellent food. Definitely recommend it

Sundeep Dangol

Fresh bagels! Was looking for freshly baked bagels and this spot is amazing. Not just bagels you can have a variety of sandwiches, fresh brewed coffee etc. give it a try

Steven Elwell

Skimpy portions that are badly over-priced. I ordered the California Chicken Sandwich, and received a bland roll with the thinnest sliver of grilled chicken I've ever seen (seriously, it's as if they fileted a chicken cutlet). A few scant leaves & onions, tiny squirt of chipotle mayo spread to nothing across the bun, and that's it. And what did I pay for this deeply unsatisfying experience? Over $10, after taxes. There's no excuse to go here for lunch. From the looks of things their breakfast menu may be slightly better, but after such a poor experience I'm not interested in going back to try again.

Julius Glickstein

Good place for fast breakfasts and launch. Fresh bagels.

joe casalas

These people are ridiculous. Rude. Lazy. Food is way overpriced. Waited 20 minutes for a bagel and Taylor ham and cheese sandwich. Asked for a receipt and got an attitude as though I was asking for something extra. Order ended up wrong anyway. A waste.

vaneza marquez

Friendly atmosphere, the bagels are freshly made very tasty panni

Jalal Sufan

Good but expensive sandwiches

Jessie Diaz

Very over priced. I ordered a coffee and a taylor ham and cheese for $10! To make matters worse they put expired milk in my coffee and when I called all I got was an apology. They didn't offer to bring me a new coffee . Horrible experience and I will not be purchasing from them again.

Lukas D

Expensive. I was strolling the area with my father looking for a nice breakfast and heard about this place. The interior is nice. Clean. Felt warming to come in. We had 2 egg platters and 2 medium coffees. Just for those 4 items. Came out over $20 This is the most I paid for only 2 people. Our platters. Wasn't very tasty when it came to flavors. Very bland. My bacon. Some were burnt. some were under cooked. We left the place hungry. It didnt fill us. Pros: interior. Coffee Cons: Over Priced. Bland food

Shery Eskander

Must go for breakfast. That place has been in the area for 30 years and there's a reason why. Whether you're going for breakfast, brunch or just a sweet treat, you'll never be disappointed. Plus the service is excellent.

Martin Cepeda

Great Bagels, Great Service.

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