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REVIEWS OF Baekjeong NYC IN New Jersey

Seungeob Shin

BBQ is alright. But the door is way to heavy to open. And it is too crowded that you always need to wait at least 30 min or more


Eating Korean BBQ in the city is always nuts but definitely worth the experience. Food here is good. One of few Korean BBQ restaurants to take reservations. So make a res here, but try to walk in to Miss Korea.

Arian Ali

This restaurant is my number one site. Of all restaurants I know I prefere it most. I always suggests to my friends to go to that place. Whenever I feel like having a superb dinner, this is the place that comes immediately to my head. fresh and diverse food and a large menu.helpful team, and agreeable atmosphere. Not less important, the cost is decent. I suggest this restaurant with no doubt.

Morgan Lee

Food was expensive for what it was and there are plenty better places. Ordered the large combo for 5 people and then added a japchae. Service is underwhelming, wasn’t expecting thattt much since the service at most korean places is quick and they’re always busy. However, as our waiter started to clean the table he also took our almost empty bottle of soju and proceeded to take the last shot

Aurora Vintilescu

The service was super nice and friendly, the atmosphere really fun. We generally had a great time and liked the food but I feel that the quality of meat is better at other places on the same street ie Jongro

Geoff Benjamin

So much fun and delicious. Get the pinabana mocktail. So yummy!

Victor Xia

This is a quite popular place. We have waited about 2 hours before be seated. We ordered their “Summer Set” which includes pork belly, beef brisket and lots of side dishes. Service was quick and efficient. Flavours were great as expected, identical to the one I had in LA. You can save time by joining their wait list on Yelp before going.

Philip Murray

Really great service and food You won't be disappointed. Cooked tableside Great selection of meat

Chase Beck

Excellent Korean barbecue. Terrific kimchi soup. Spectacular bonchon. Don’t worry about not knowing what to do or how to cook the food. They will cook it for you and walk you through the process.

Macy Johnson

Great service and enjoyable atmosphere. Great experience overall !

Sean Groszkowski

Fun spot for lunch with individual grills at each table. Great experience for Korean BBQ

Michael Kellar

Korean bbq the way you want it. It’s spicy, it’s firey, and it’s delicious. Great late night spot, if you’ve gotten everything but the bbq in New York, don’t miss this spot. Everyone should try a classic Korean bbq place in New York at least once, and this is a great choice.

Sireesha Aginine

Loved the place and the staff was very sweet. Food was amazing and definitely worth it.

Christian Metsala

Loved the athmosphere there and the staff was really helpful and fun. Meat was amazing, would have had more if I was not that full. Price is reasonable for the amount of food served. Will definitely come back again when visiting NYC.

Adam Brandes

Food was good. Getting a table isn't too hard, I got one within 45 minutes just walking up to the door. I'm generally not a fan of people cooking at the table, but since this was just cooking and not an elaborate show like Hibachi grills, I didn't mind. The waiter just shows up every few minutes to start the next batch of meat samples. Good assortment of sides included in the meal. Really good set of flavors for the various meats, but it honestly feels a bit overpriced for the amount of food given. But I guess we're paying for the whole cook-at-the-table thing too. I'd recommend it. It's good,

F Ball

This place is worth a try. They serve big portions for fair prices. Regularly well kept and with good vibes. Will visit here again.

Jayden Jeon

Over charging for some mediocre quality beef, like kkot sal. But overall, good stuff.

Cassandra Ma

We came here for dinner and had 20 minutes to kill before we could be seated so we waited at the bar and got some drinks. The bartenders, Jason and Sean, were incredibly friendly and hospitable. They made a number of restaurant recommendations based on our preferences and Sean even went through the trouble of confirming the names of the recommended restaurants with the kitchen chefs, to be sure or the quality, and wrote down the names and addresses for us!! We ordered the beef short ribs and pork belly. I’m not usually a fan of short ribs but these were delicious and juicy! I would highly recommend this restaurant - great food, even better hospitality!

Pablo Ranea

Amazing meat and a good service. Count some time until you get your table

Brian Gaudreault

Great take on shared Korean BBQ. House beer & Soju was very good. Small combo is plenty for 2 adults. There's usually a wait here.


Unbearable cooking smell. The restaurant just exhaust greasy smell onto street and let the residents near by suffer.

Scott Chancey

Family of 4, 2 young kids under 12. $180 tax tip and drinks. Amazing value, best food I ever have had. Manager amazing and down to earth. Came and visited table so nice to us and kids. Staff amazing. This place is Amazing and a must try! Dont look at menu. Just ask them to choose, same with drinks. Not a cocktail place, beer and saki. You will not regret it! Please come to Daytona Florida.

Danny Roberts

Great food and service, but they like to pack you in. Korean BBQ is a great social meal


Just love this place a lot!

Lukas P

I meet with friends this place quite often! This is the best place to grab a bite. I go there frequently. The food is very good, the crew is welcoming and the payment is reasonable. I enjoy meeting in this place to have a good lunch.

Courtney Carini

The food was sooooo yummy! They even have it's instructions on how to eat it! Staff was very friendly and helpful. I could've done without the k-pop playing, but I suppose it's appropriate for the venue. The food really was fantastic. All of it.

Guillermo Fernandez

OMG the best Korean BBQ I've ever had! Food quality is excellent and staff very friendly. As usual, they will bring the food and different to other Korean places (those I've been to, although they were in London and not NYC) they will cook the meat for you. The beef is AWESOME and better than in other steak houses I have been before. The menu is quite extensive. Try to get a group menu for 3+ people otherwise it can be expensive. Good selection of beers too. Very friendly staff and the place is very well located in Midtown. You only can book for groups (4+ people if memory serves) so if going on your own or 1-2 friends try to go before 7 pm. It gets very crowded otherwise and may have to wait an hour to be seated, which is a lot in winter! Oh typing this made me feel hungry! Recommended. Oct 1st, 2018 update: like the seventh time I come here and can only say this only gets better and better. Can't remember the name but the marinated beef we had was outstanding and super tasty, best I ever had. Everything else was very good as usual, and staff very friendly and competent. Money spent if you eat in this place.

Thinh Nguyen

Been here twice this month. My friends and family love it. Its pricey but worth it. Good to try! Beside all tasty meat, Seafood pancake is very good, crispy, and so delicious.

Jaime Smith

My current favorite NYC restaurant. Incredible food and great service

Kenneth Han

This Korean barbeque is just spot on. It isn't crazy expensive though some of the prices might scare non Korean BBQ goers but they have combos that are filling and allow you to taste different types of meal. The sides are all so delicious, and tie in so nicely with a meal, really making it feel complete. Nifty things like the chairs being used as storage, or the moving vent really make this a super enjoyable Korean BBQ restaurant.


First time at a Korean BBQ- It was amazing!! Food was delicious!!

Tiffany Lee

IMHO, this is one of the best kbbq joints in NYC. Their marinated meats are packed filled with flavor, extremely tender, and grilled well for you when the staff comes around to cook it for you. They have a grill plate where there’s also cheese and corn, eggs, and other vegetables that get the little meat dripping as things are grilled, so they’re imbued with meaty flavor. Their kalbi is delicious, their pork belly is wonderful. It’s cheaper to get their sets, which include a ton of different meats at a slightly discounted price. Their appetizers are also delicious — the tartare was tasty and the japchae is sweet and stir fried with tons of ingredients. It’s a bit pricey, but so are almost all the BBQ places in NYC. Atmosphere is lively and staff are friendly and attentive. Highly recommend!

Kurt Tietjen

I had been dying to try Korean bbq for a while. This was authentic and one of the best meals I've had in a while. We tried everything, all was good. Great experience. Friendly service. Great food.

Wendy Grullon

Love the food, excellent costumers service, the place is clean and very organized


Wouldn't go back. -Went here at 4pm on a Sunday to avoid long wait. Put my name on the wait list and got a table in 5 min. -Ordered beef combo and chose prime short rib (not marinaded). -Thinly sliced beef brisket was good. -Plain short rib was fresh but lacked beefy flavor. The server burnt the meat so it tasted bitter. -Marinaded short rib was waaay too sweet and tasted like beef candy. The flavors were not balanced well. -Rice was dry and tasted old. -Kimchi was sweet even though it was well fermented. They probably put too much sugar in the seasoning. Texture of the cabbage was a bit mushy. -Soy bean paste stew was nicely seasoned, but I didn't like that they cooked in a beat up aluminum pot (toxic). -Ordered kimchi pancake but it came out after we finished the entire meal when I asked about it. They must have forgotten about the order. -Kimchi flavor was completely missing in the kimchi pancake. It was just salty and not acidic at all. -Corn cheese was dry and not seasoned. Cheese didn't melt till the end of the meal. -Steamed egg was seasoned okay. -This place is not worth the hype or the wait.

Sang Lee

It's pricey but tasty. Go for the excellent BBQ. The sides and stews were pretty good too. They do try to churn the tables a bit... Make sure you try to use the yelp system for putting your name in the queue before you go.

Arun Warrier

Excellent korean BBQ place

Chunyi Lyu

Best Korean bbq in town!! It’s quite busy after work, but if you go during lunch it’s not as packed

Jun Li

fair price, good food


I got sick next day I ate BBQ

Chen Bi

excellent service and food. I forgot my wallet on the chair, waitress rushed out to return it to me. strongly recommend.

Jerry Branson

Awesome experience. Great food!

Un5t0pPa8l:3 LU

A bit pricey but excellent food and service. Good beer and barbecue.

Marney Walker

It's always wonderful. The service, the Yelp waitlist, the drinks, and th food are always great!

Sandy Chen

Such an amazing KBBQ experience! We came for lunch and it wasn't too crowded. We were seated fairly quickly and had the side dishes already prepared. The meal was delicious and I really appreciated the attentiveness of the staff. They cooked the food for us and made sure we were satisfied. I would love to come back again!

William Lu

Terrific korean BBQ place. Drawback is the wait times can be long. A little more expensive than other places, but quality of the meat is quite good. They have nice touches like a venting system that does a good job of keeping the meat smell off clothes as much as possible

Corey Marr

Great food, good service.

Thomas Kim

The only baekjeong place in east coast. It is comparable to other baekjeong in west, but it was bit pricey compare to the one in west coast. Still delicious. Be warned! Be prepared to wait in line if you come during dinner time.

B. Skelding

We were going here for dinner and on the way there our 5 year old said he needed to pee. There was a long line but since this was an emergency we asked if we could use the bathroom for our kid. The guy taking names at the door said no, that only full parties ready to be seated were allowed inside the restaurant. Seriously?!! How much of an inconsiderate A-hole do you have to be to not allow a kid to use your bathroom? I understand you're busy but WOW! We won't be going back.

Jeanette Lazo

Awesome food, friendly staff. Definitely recommend. Try the Pork Belly if you can it's so good

Maya Eichler

Great Korean bbq in nyc. Pro tip: put your name on the waitlist on Yelp before you head over.

Irene JUNG

I wanted post pictures together but i forgot to take a pic. It’s good Korean bbq place both in NYC and LA

James Price

Great food, portions were good, customer service was outstanding. I highly recommend this place for a date night or company gathering.

Sara Laskowski

Sincerely one of the best meals I've had in a long time. We got the mixed pork and the honey rib eye. Just perfection!

Emmyline Tran

the food quality is good although it is little pricey, the service is okay

H. Young Kim

The taste is usual. But the servers( two women ) were rude. I waited long time and the peoples who came after me took a seat before me. And the wide table was empty, but they didnt call us because they want large number people. Long time later, they gave a seat by the door. So the wind blew the fire out twice. I changed seats, and the woman who was grilling was a mess. I left a tip, but I'm really upset. I'm not going again.

Xavier Vanderstraeten

Amazing food and staff. Can't wait to go back.

Charlie Bernard Cho

Depending on the day you will face a long waiting list! But it's totally worth it! Fast and complete service! And lots and lots of great food on the table on a korean barbecue style! One of the best Korean restaurant on Korean Way of Manhattan! Definitely will eat there on my NY trips!

Peter Lou

Food is ok but the customer service is the worst I have ever seen. Every waiter and waitress are in rush. No asking no talking and no smiling. They just come to flip your meat and cut it. They didn’t ask how do you like your meat. A waitress turned off my fire when the vegetable are uncooked and another waiter take away my dish before I finish it. These two things make me really angry. I can understand the dinner time is really busy but I think it is necessary to ask your customers before serve them.

Danny Zayas

A bit overpriced, but for my first time, it was excellent. I would definitely go there again.

Sally Ouyang

The meat is delicious here! We had four people and ordered the large beef combo and it was a moderate amount of food. We eventually added an order of the spicy pork and that was super good! We also got an appetizer of the squid noodles that were also delicious. This restaurant does get busy so be prepare to wait! The waiting isn’t bad cause they’ll text you so you can go shop around if you want. The only con is that there is no all you can eat option!

Andreas Mainwaring

Food was nice. Not a good place for conversation .. very loud music

Kevin Wei

Great staff and great food. Come here if you want a meat carnival. The taste is kind of sweet but that's the korean style so be prepared. FYI, we often arrive at 5:30pm on Friday to avoid waiting in line.

dino capriano

My favorite is the spicy pork! The food is flavorful, delicious, and authentic. It's a bit pricey but very much worth it! We love the atmosphere and service here as well.

Eli Liu

We had a early dinner here and really liked it. But the place was very busy, we waited more than 45 mins to be seated. BGM sounds a little random and too loud. Overall it was a good experience and should be recommended.

king chan

Great food, great service. If you go after 5pm there is usually a long wait.

Christopher Snyder

Great quality. The extras around the outside of the grill are a nice touch. Service felt a bit rushed but not unpleasant.

Kelly Wu

The food was decent but for the price I wouldn’t go here as a “normal” person. The service was subpar. Read below if you want to hear it all. Very very pricey, make sure you bring money! None of us were full at the end of the night, so that was disappointing. We also waited awhile for a table (only people in line when we got there). Server wasn’t very nice. We told them we had one person who didn’t eat beef and she still directed us to a beef option! (Obviously, music was loud, people were loud, but she wasn’t paying any attention either). Food served very fast, and it seemed like they just wanted to rush us out. Didn’t tell us when our last order was done. Placed raw food onto our cooked food...? They just start cooking food when the last one is done and try to put everything on everyone’s plate. I don’t like that, as we had some dietary restrictions for our group. Seems like a rush thing, not used to it and never had it done for me in another Korean restaurant ever. The server(s) was inattentive and showed no attention or care. Water was finished quickly for our table of 6 and refills were slow. Did not ask us what kind of drinks we wanted. I wouldn’t really take any small children or family here because it’s just very adult oriented and doesn’t seem accommodating for families. Overall, such a poor experience here. Wish it was better but maybe it’s because I just can’t afford it, I guess that’s too bad.

Cindy Hsu

This place is ok. I've always heard good things about the Baekjeong in LA so I thought I'd give it a shot with this branch in NYC. Personally I find it overpriced and I do not like how they cooked the meat for us, it made us rush into eating. Was kind of looking for something chill that we can cook by ourselves and take our time. Therefore, I would not recommend if that's something you're looking for.

Mark Lyon

Not a huge place and it fills up fast. Fantastic food.

Mr T

Food was great but service was a bit rough

Nicky Cheng

We ordered the beef combo for two ppl, and the portion is enough. However, only the marinated rib eye is worth to order. Sliced brisket and prime short rib are not recommended. The music is also played loud in the restaurant, so might need to speak louder.

John Setyaputra

The food is overall good, service ia excellent by Joe. Will come back again!!

Jon L

Great authentic Korean BBQ. The meats were well prepped and delicious. The variety of side dishes was great and the kimchi stew was really tasty. The service was excellent. I’m definitely coming back whenever I want some Korean BBQ.

André Soares

Great traditional Korean BBQ at good price

Andy Guo

Food is ok. They forced 20% tip in the check and didn't tell you unless you asked. When asked, they say it is their policy...

paul kim

Don't go at night. Service isn't great and the food doesn't taste that great either. I mean I thought it would be extremely amazing, but it was rather underwhelming. It's also so a lot of money, so it felt like kind of a rip off.

Carlos Chiddick

Given that I've never had Korean BBQ before, this place was a pretty good introduction! The staff seemed courteous and the restaurant seating area appeared clean. The meat (short rib and beef tongue) was DELICIOUS and remarkably soft. The other accompaniments were flavorful as well. In the future, I plan to take friends who haven't been before as I'll definitely be returning. Go check them out!


Best bbq in New York !

Brumel's Parakeet

Nice meat but ours was frequently burnt. Among the blandest Korean food Ive ever been served but might be fine for people who can't handle anything spicier than watercress. No, I will not be going back.

Phenix Hall

This mall is da bomb. Its pretty much known as little Korea so don’t take offense when i call the neighborhood that because its just what it mean, its a little version of all things Korean. And this place is no exception . If you want authentic ethnic Korean food this is the place to try if you just don’t want to sit in a restaurant and have to pick and choose from entrees that start at $14.95, at this place you can get small plates of food for a couple of dollars and either share them by purchasing food from the other vendors. I tried the dumplings and they were good. My recommendation is that you ask for the hot sauce on the side, because hot to me and hot to you are two different things. And lets face it its a food court and you won’t be able to get your money back .

aritra pal

Amazing food, experience & service and that too at such an affordable price. Was hands down the best food I tasted in my short trip to NYC. The Pork Belly B'BQ was amazing both in taste and the way they cooked & served at your table. The accompaniments were very colorful, varied & tasty. Would definitely visit again!

William O'Leary

Had a great time. BBQ meat for 2 was enough food for 4 people. You're probably going to be a wait to be seated but they take your phone number and text you so you can wonder off and grab a drink or whatever nearby.

Lynne Parker

I just loved this Restaurant. They cook right at your table. We ordered the beef platter that had 3 different types of beef. It was all delicious. They cook one type at a time so there's no rush. We also ordered 2 soups. One was spicy and one wasn't which made sure we all had something we liked. There are sides to start on when you sit down.

Jason Buberel

Damn good Korean BBQ. Marinated short ribs are amazing. Came for a late lunch and there was no wait at all.

Joyful Day

Nice staff. Great service. Wait can be long.

Ethan Sdaman

This place is amazing. Great food and service, decent prices. Was chatting with one of the guys that showed me a picture of Bobby Flay eating there just the night before! Great spot.


Awesome food!

Sandra Gaspar

Food was delicious, unlimited side dishes nice place to eat

Quang Hoang

Great friendly service and very nice food

Mike Bourbeau

Food is great and fun atmosphere

Stephen Beattie

Great food and great service. All you can eat is great value and you will leave feeling full enough to burst!

Chimere Cooke

Amazing service, the flavor of food can’t be measured. Service was fast. The experience is epic. Went for my daughters 12th birthday and yes hey sang to her. Please visit

Dewayne Beecher

Amazing service and food.

Bobby BB

Ok ok

Nicole Zalles

While the wait time was maybe less than ideal, the food more than made up for it. The selection and quality of food was great!! On top of that, the severs were friendly and attentive. I will definitely be coming back!

Vaneshran Arumugam

This is the Korean Kenka of New York...real people will know what that means

Helen Hanson

They were amazing with our kids.They sat us within 5 minutes of getting there and the server was just phenomenal. I cannot recommend it enough as great food and kid friendly. We have a four year old and a two year old. We went at 530pm on a Wednesday.

Haval G.

Staff double charged gratuity on my unsuspecting parents (20% gratuity is already included in the price), and as they were being nice and added a 20% tip on that they were effectively charged 40% in tips. Good food, bad business practices.

Grace Na

Soooo good


Best surprise in town to have something different

Kevin Kim

Man I love this place so much. If only it was easier on my wallet...

Rahul Sood

Wonderful. It has a beautiful ambiance and the food is delicious with so many flavours partying in your mouth. The live grill is a stand out feature.

Mario Castiello

We ate sliced thin brisket, short rib, prime rib, pork cheek, pork collar, and pork belly along with all sides (onions, soy sauce, wasabi, beets, lettuce, kimchi, and more) that come standard with any order. I surprised our bill was $56/person for a group of 5 which included tip. The food + service were exceptional. We went on a Sunday around 5-6PM. We sat quickly, got our food quickly, and got out quickly. I will visit in future.

Mrs. McCorry

Definitely an authentic Korean bbq restaurant where they cook it right at your table. Plenty of food and sides to share with a group. The Korean bbq we get in our suburban home is nothing compared to this authentic establishment with all the interesting sides to accompany the meat.

Ivan Đaković

Loved it! Great food. Cool experience.

Patrick Byrne

We've been here several times for dinner (when the wait is well over an hour), but even at lunch the atmosphere, attentiveness of the staff and quality of the food are remarkable. This is a great destination spot for anyone who is new to Korean BBQ and wants to see/feel/hear/taste what it's all about.

Jason Davis

Good food, reasonable prices, okay atmosphere...but the wait is not worth it. We were a small party in the early evening and waited for an hour (we were told 35-40). We watched parties of 4, 5, and 6 arrive later and get seated before us. The worst were the 2 acquaintances of the manager who were told 35-40 minutes, but were seated 10 minutes later. We hope the next time is different.

Cole Holden

They serve large dishes and for fair prices. very welcoming employees. Keep up the good work.

David Palma

So I was stood up for a date while going here. Waited for the table and my date never showed up. I let them know to take my name off the list.... They got me a shot and some food to go and it was just the greatest act of kindness. That kind of compassion seems rare and I left there feeling happy and appreciated vs like I had just been stood up. Can't wait to go bacj

Krystal Brockington

The server I had was super nice and helpful. I've never been to Korean bbq so his recommendations definitely helped. The food was DELICIOUS!!!

Matt Chase

Very good energy. Meat was good quality, a little fatty. Great service, they do all the cooking for you. Delicious sides, wanted more of the corn. Crowded and small.

Kevin Edelman

Great selection of meats. Side dishes are great. Easy enough to get in and get a seat.

Chyanne Ross

Way too crowded for me, foods ok. Not very impressed with this place. Tried it, being a new joint and all but wouldn't say I'll go back for seconds.

Santiago Bonilla

Awesome spot to grab food when in a rush. Their service is swift, rates are reasonable, awesome character. I highly recommend this spot.

J Langdon

One of the best places for marinated short ribs.

Qi Su

If you are looking for rude waiters and burnt beef, you are at the right place. Enjoy.

Aaron E

Amazing food, music, eating experience, and staff members.


Food was delicious and you could tell the meat was high quality. Service was great. We went on a Saturday night and saw that there was a line up. We we're told that the wait was about 20 minutes which is really not bad, they even called us back earlier to be seated. A tad bit expensive but definitely not unreasonable, worthwhile if you want to have a good time with friends.

Jeffery Romaniuk

Pretty much everything was absolutely delicious. The beef options were all very tasty and the spicy pork belly was fantastic. Definitely worth going and checking it out yourself. I’d definitely go back!

delano ouy

Get friendly servers and amazing Korean BBQ

Tiffany Le

Have been here a couple times before but tonight left a bad taste in my mouth. We came here last week and it was great. They changed the grill after every meat and we weren’t rushed. Tonight, we walked in at 11:00pm and the website said they closed at 1am. They did last call at 11:20 and I would’ve rather they denied us at the host stand rather than rushing us during our meal. I get doing last call for the kitchen but then they made us pay the bill not even halfway through our meal. Then we found a hair in the salad and not sure who’s it was, we didn’t say anything. We usually go to Miss Korea since it’s 24/7 and we don’t have to rush but we liked the quality of meat here. I won’t be back anytime soon. This experience was really bad for us. We hate being rushed to eat, especially since we just got done from work. Next time just deny the customer or let them know when you’re closing. You wouldn’t want to eat with the staff cleaning around you and you being the only one. I will say that our server Jaeyoung was really apologetic and nice to us. You’re paying a lot for a late night meal and you don’t want to be asked “late night dinner huh”?

Eva Mei

Food is good. But I really don't get the hype. The waiters didn't really do the whole dance with lights when it was someone's birthday. Also the fried rice shaking box thing was okay. I came with a party of 10 so NONE of us was aware of the SET MENU for a party of 10. We paid the deposit of $450, which was fine. Then we got the bill at the end, we all had drinks and paid the tax and tips on top of the $450, which was FINE. But my friend got charged extra because we didn't pay the TAX on the $450, which applauded us all. We thought they would have calculated that on our bill instead of hitting us with a surprise later. We would have paid but c'mon just explain better next time.

Richard Lewis

My sister is visiting NYC and never had Korean BBQ. I SO glad I took her to Baekjeong NYC. She enjoyed her experience, the food and drinks were wonderful and our server seemed to materialize always at the right moment.

Kaye Libe

Not the best Korean spot . Service is bad, amount of food is average. They charge for rice extra even when you order stew (which usually comes with rice) Vegeterian kimche stew has nothing in it except kimchee, onion and tofu, but coat 18$. Meat is good tho, but I wouldn't be back.

Bryan Wright

If you like Korean bbq even a little you have to go here. Amazing food and energy from the staff that provides it. You're gonna want to get your name on the list early, or if you can't... put your name on anyway and jump over to their sister bar across the street while you wait.

Paul O'Hara

a really remarkable experience. Jaekyong was very thorough in his explanation of all the side dishes. He recommended the marinated pork and he cooked it to perfection. It was the best restaurant experience that I've ever had. I will go back the next time I'm in NYC. The host was awesome as well.

David Tran

As passed by this place every time i come to NYC. Now that i tried it, i hit myself saying why didnt i come here often before. The food is sooo good with delicious array of drinks along with it. Book your reservation as soon as possible and be there on time with your entire party.

Mark Collins

I love this place. It’s so good and they are so nice. There’s usually a wait, but if you time it just right it’s not too bad. We arrived around 1:30pm on a Friday and got a table in about -5 min. When we left around 3pm, there was quite a long line. Food portions are good and they’ll bring you more sides or rice, really whatever you need. Service is quick and efficient. I personally love mixing the stew with my rice and adding bbq to it!

monique njinda

The best broccoli rice ever.. and I hate broccoli rice! The food is amazing!!

Mae Plopenio

A bit pricey but really worth it! The food was great. The service crew was friendly and accommodating. Overall experience was excellent!

Joshua Augusto

Thoroughly enjoy the food and service at baekjeong.

Aleli Evangelista

My fave Korean BBQ spot in the city! I miss their summer special with pork + beef combo. I love the refillable appetizers and small dishes and the meat quality is legit. I've been here twice and will probably return a few more times this year.

Kristine Janis

One of the best Korean bbqs out there. A little on the pricey side but the food and service are absolutely worth it


For $70 a person not worth it! I've been here before and it was great, but this time they burnt the meat and the server was literally cutting up the parts that charred. Awful.

Danny Han

Excellent Korean BBQ !! Great service and very good quality meat! Awesome late night spot. We went in around 1am Saturday night, place was busy, but our server was very attentive and things came out very quickly. Enjoyed meal very much and can’t wait to return.

Fallon English

Always a great time. Good food and amazing management/wait staff! A must visit!


I would see the meat can be better. First time at this location. The one in Fort Lee is better. The meat was over cooked. Since the service sometimes is very busy cause he/she needs to cover multiple tables at the same time.

Sophia Chew

I love eating at Baekjeong! The service is great, and the food is even more amazing!!!! Every time my family and I want Korean food, we come here, though unfortunately it is sometimes too busy! Which proves that it is definitely one of the best Korean places in K-town. My family and I always head there first if we are out and want Korean food. Great place!!!!!

Princess Mossada

At this restaurant, the staff loudly greets you in Korean as you are escorted to the table which is a nice touch. Lovely cuisine, friendly staff, and quick service add to the experience. The bathroom smelled a little bit of chlorine and the dining room was rather noisy which is common for a Korean barbecue restaurant. Overall, we enjoyed the experience and would come back.

Lan Pham

This place is delicious and one of my favorite Korean Barbeque restaurants. The food is top notch and the service is great. I'm pretty basic so I like the brisket and pork belly. All the side items is also delicious like the Kimchi and egg around the grill. If you love Korean Barbeque this is a must go!

Karen N

My first KBBQ in Manhattan and it did not disappoint! Try to get here before 7pm or you’ll be in the queue for a while. The service is amazing - they come and cook and plate all the food for you. We had the beef platter and the pork shoulder. The beef platter alone was all sorts of incredible flavours. A tad bit pricey - about $70 per person including a tip. I’d come here again but the price is pretty steep compared to what I’m used to in Sydney and London.

Amy Bernoske

AMAZING KBBQ!!! Must go.

Reece Eaton

This place is worth a visit. They have large portions for reasonable rates. Regularly neat and with excellent character. Highly recommended.

Chaim Schlezinger

An interesting Korean restaurant, waited for an hour to to be seated, food is cooked on your table , bbq, interesting Korean flavors, most of them are good, great service, we spent $100 for 2 people, including beer and liquor.

Donald Price

Walked in and seated immediately at lunchtime on New Year's Eve. 4 of us shared the small beef BBQ ..ut was outstanding, and the aervice was excellent, in addition to being quite a show! Highly recommended .

Chad Rossi

We visited for a work outing. The food here was amazing and the atmosphere was on point.


Awesome food and service....

Emmanuel Kanter

Magical experience. Please have the spicy marinated pork!!

Tom T. Travis

People here to react to some biased news story, don't bother writing... The Google algorithm easily detects fake and/or brigaded reviews. Not only does the algorithm detect IP's that haven't been tracked for a significant period of time at the location, it also detects trends related to an establishment's appearance in the media. The review section isn't meant to be a sounding board for the public's reaction to a news story, it's meant to be a place for honest customer experiences who have actually patronized an establishment relative to when the review was written. The algorithm is updated daily to get better at filtering out dishonesty, brigading and point farming.


Great but very pricey.

Josef Michailov

Nice restaurant, no bookings upfront, long waiting on weekends

Elijah Mccullough

We met with friends at this spot for lunch. my friend recommended this restaurant. Well, we were not disappointed. we were warmly welcomed by the staff and we felt excellent. The food was just great. We enjoyed every moment and we will visit this place again. we highly recommend this place.

Niera Jan

I love this place! The best korean bbq in new york! Although the price isn't cheap, its in the city so they have to hike their prices up. Their customer service is always on point and the meats are always delicious. Their side dishes are so tasty as well, the corn cheese and eggs are the best. Unlimited rice! I love it. The bar is also nice. The drinks they make are wonderful although not that strong. I highly recommend this place for everyone.

Samuel Park

My favorite Korean BBQ spot in NYC, and I’ve tried them all. The quality of the food and service is consistently excellent and you know what to expect every time you stop in to dine. My go to place to stop by with my wife, friends and to entertain guests in town.

Lai Wendy

cons: there was quite a while for waiting (just next to the front row of tables so both sides if us were uncomfortable). place was overcrowded. there was not enough staff. we were told the staff would help us cook but they were taking care of too many tables that our food was overdone and they just said they didn't have time. it's quite pricey as well - about usd70 per person. pros: meat was good (when they were not overdone)

tareq alfozan

This place does not operate till 1 am. I was made to leave at 12, the food was mediocre and the service was insulting. Don’t go unless you want to be disappointed.

Euri De Los Santos

Loved it!!! This was my first time having Korean BBQ so I don't really have a frame of reference but the food was delicious, the atmosphere was great. If it's any indication the place was packed and there was a waiting time for like about 30 mins to get a table but I can tell you the wait was worth it and I most definitely will go back.

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