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Spencer Costanzo

Dmitry Gurvits

Candice Ji

Went for the tasting menu for my birthday dinner with friends. The service and quality of food is top notch. I’d say it’s more Westin cuisine inspired by Korean food concepts - it’s not really what you’d imagine Korean food being. It was a great experience! It’s worth a visit, just not sure if I’d go again... Each course came with a note card with custom art on the front and description on the back, makes a cute little momento ✉️ We ended up having 3 bottles of wine with our meal and costing quite a bit... I usually save the wines I drink and found out after that $130 bottle cost about $25 retail

Louie Anthony

David Baker

nick stoltz

David Shapiro

So creative!

Jeremy M

So good!

Laura Jenkinson

Very nice

Chris Moon

Hidden gem that just opened a few weeks ago. From start to finish, I couldn’t have asked for a better chill, fine dining experience. Each dish was delicious and had purpose. The ingredients are locally sourced and some are from South Korea(!). I was looking forward to the restaurant after being a frequent customer at Atoboy. It is definitely worth the hype and price. Can’t wait to come back. Thanks for the experience, Atomix team!

Pete Sellar

Eduardo Loyo


Erin Jaworski

Dante Toscano

Easily one of the best fine dinning experiences I've had in the past few years. Worth every penny. Atomix is setting a high standard in Korean cuisine, with skill and passion- book a table while you can, for soon they will join the impossible category of restaurants in the city that take months to get into.


Soyeon Chewning

I really appreciate the staff for representing the great food. It is my best restaurant experience so far. I could feel and taste all of their effort from each every dish. The service was very comfortable so I could focus on the food, not overbearing at all. I love their artistic plates (it had each individual artisan' s name listed at the bottom of the card) and their beautiful dining area as well. Thank you!

Daniel Chaparro

Angelina Liu

Jorge Gard

Vanesa Beltrán

Leo Stevens

The best new restaurant in NYC. This modern interpretation of traditional Korean cuisine is artful and exquisite in every regard... down to the dinnerware and menu presentation.

Gabby McNeill

Delicious meal and amazing flavors. Definitely recommended !!

Junho Choi

Exquisite dishes, serene atmosphere, impeccable service and unforgettable experience.

Will Staton

this place is the BEST!!!

Sam D

Atomix elevates the level of tasting menu. Went through the whole thing still wanting more which doesn’t happen usually as tasting menus get you stuffed! This one didn’t... and the wine pairing brings it all out..master class! The courses were all amazing...the Guk felt like eating the ocean while the Jorim felt like running in a meadow...they change the menu every quarter so can’t wait to come back and go on the next journey with them...

Steven Margolin

This is easily one of the dozen best restaurants in the city. It fired on all cylinders and succeeded in every way.

Glenn Harshman

fantastic tasting menu

Kavin Chewning

Angela Song

Phil Picinic


Wonderful dinner Great

Samantha Sutantio

Reto Biaggi

Beautiful food, wonderful hospitality, it was a lovely experience!

Ori Kushnir

Steven Shterenberg

Clayton Snyder

Comfy Dent

Tasty yet not overpowering. Beautiful setting. Very attentive. Didn't feel rushed. Atomix ain't Atoboy's remix. Neither is another "fusion" place. It's all about creating a new format for Korean fine dining. Cold sides and comforting rice pairing with warm dishes. The future is here! Good if you know Korean food e.g. the ice cream is from a Korean pine dessert. Don't look at it as a French tasting menu. More surf less turf. No bringing back of laminated pastry which I don't care for. Most including myself would serve a lot of cold dishes for a 10 course menu but they cooked fresh warm dishes during this mild spring opening night. Respect!

Terence Fung

As others have already said, fantastic meal and a really nicely decorated restaurant. Everything is very well thought out, and the whole dining experience was wonderful.

Burak Malatyali

Wonderful experience. We had the chance to do a wine pairing with our wonderful food. Entire experience was top notch. One of the best tasting menus in NYC

Bob Lou

Atomix is truly a marvelous culinary experience. It is clear that JP and Ellia, the duo at the helm, care deeply about Korean culinary tradition. Their attention to every detail is literally palpable--you can choose the pair chopsticks that you eat with from a beautiful, curated collection. The layout of the restaurant, the aesthetics, the information card that comes with every dish, the uniforms, and every other little thing all bring the dining experience closer to their goal of a "new tomorrow." Prior to being seated, you are brought to a dimly lit lounge that might as well be from the movie set of the next big budget sci-fi movie. A few snacks are served and then diners are brought to the intimate bar. The waitstaff are dressed in flowing understated t-shirts that make stiff suits feel outdated. The stage is set and it is all very exciting to take in. Of course, the food is the most important thing, and they have overwhelmingly succeeded in that regard. A $175 entry fee gets you 10 courses. Given the limited seating and generous portions of uni, caviar, wagyu, and such, the price feels more than fair. Other ingredients include soy sauces sourced from Korea and house milled rice. These ingredients are cleverly assembled with sound technique. A stand out dish presented eel with eggplant bound together by an intensely savory cream sauce. The flavor is heavy, and the soft eggplant almost seems to become the eel--it tastes amazing. It is a complex dish with lots of prep that I would have not known about if not for the information card that accompanies each dish. The information cards might seem as overly didactic and perhaps some diners feel that food should speak for itself, but I wholeheartedly appreciated knowing the background of each dish and the full list of ingredients. The waitstaff is knowledgeable and eager to explain any of the more obscure ingredients or techniques. I hope that this becomes more common amongst fine dining establishments. As fine dining is privy to hard to source ingredients and inaccessible techniques, it is important to be transparent about how such things affect a dish. The rarity of an ingredient and the difficulty of a preparation are not themselves praiseworthy. They are laudable only if they benefit the dish in a sensible way. Returning to the food, there was a dish or two that contained ingredient combinations that I felt were confusing, such as the bingsu that contained creme fraiche, coriander seed, pepper, and strawberries, but the majority of dishes are superlative, not to mention the banchan and rice pairings. I left Atomix in awe and inspired to cook with intention and meticulousness. At least for me, they have achieved their goal of a "new tomorrow." The highest praise I can give to a restaurant is that they are pushing the boundaries of what food and dining can be, and Atomix certainly does that.

Ksenia Khalturina

My fiancé took my mom and I here for my thirtieth birthday. It was hands down one of my favorite meals and dining experiences. The dishes were accompanied by a card guiding you through the ingredients and preparation, making your connection with the meal more meaningful. The atmosphere and decor is minimalistic and relaxing. The staff is friendly and not overbearing, which is hard to do in a small space. The wine pairing was very thoughtful and full of interesting, unique choices. This place really made my day special. I’m so glad we skipped EMP this time around. This was a much more intimate experience.

Will P

Just went for drinks, loved it, and can't wait to return for dinner!

Andy Ng

Memorable dining experience located inside of a brownstone townhouse. The bar is located on the ground level, while the the tasting menu is experienced on the cellar level. There are two sessions (6 and 9pm) each evening. All dishes are carefully and thoughtfully prepared, transforming various Korean classics into a contemporary manner. Each dish is introduced and accompanied by a beautifully designed graphical card describing the dish, its ingredients, and the symbolism. My only criticism is I left still feeling a little hungry.

Jason Le

Amazing experience from the moment you walk in. The cocktails are creative and very good, and the service here is top notch. Every dish was executed very well. Flavors were all great, and everything was cooked to perfection.

Casper Verhoofstad

Amazing experience, great staff, amazing wines and incredible food dishes!

Christophe Jammet

Mindy Wong

Eunmee Jo

Kyungmoon Kim


Philip Cho

By far best culinary experience of 2018!

Benjaminwzz wong

Come here for imaginative, delicious westernized Korean food. Korean influence is definitely present in all the dishes and I loved the cards they give with every dish. Standout dishes were the abalone and the ice cream at the end Caviar was completely unnecessary and sometimes there are too many unnecessary components to each dish. But it’s only been open for 4 months ish so it should be nice to visit and see how they improve. Menu is also only 175$ which is pretty cheap for Ny. Portions are really small, probably the least food I’ve ever gotten at a fine dining establishment considering there isn’t the usual bread course to fill you up here. Maybe offer some of that crab rice at the end to those that are still hungry?

Ling Qin

Top notch service, modern ambience, full of design elements. The whole dinner was two amuse-bouche followed by eight savory courses and two desserts. The course order is somewhat a mixture of French dinner and Japanese kaiseki. There were more seafood dishes than meat dishes. In terms of the food: Taste: 4.5 All dishes were delicious. Several dishes were outstanding while several others didn’t impress me that much. My favorite dish was the peas/caviar/tuna course in terms of flavor and I also enjoyed the barley rice that was paired for the grilled mackerel course very much. Presentation: 4.5 The containers and utensils were all beautiful. And they let you choose your own chopsticks out of many different designs. However, I found the food arrangement of some dishes a little messy. Creativity: 5 Several combinations were totally unexpected: grilled peas with caviar, langoustine with smoked tofu, transformed oyster pancake, savory strawberry dessert. And they were all executed very well. And fermentation was a theme throughout the meal: every dish had a fermented element, which really showcased the forte and style of Korean cuisine. Cocktails: 4 Cocktails were delicious and interesting, but not that special to me Well I really raised my standards when reviewing this restaurant, given its price tag. Overall I want to give it 4.5 star but since google doesn’t allow that 5 star is more appropriate than 4.

Robert Lee

I wish this place stays undiscovered so I can eat there any time I want to. Great Korean fusion. Food and service was immaculate.

Wyler McAninch-Ruenzi

Truly incredible dining experience, Jhonel really knows how the flavors work together and how to incorporate an appropriate wine for every course.

David Ortiz

Korean Cuisine Elevated! Food , service and space deserving of a third Michelin Star!

Dan Kim

Brayden Mora

Getting a reservation here is difficult. You have to get it a month out and fully pay for it though Tock. So needless to say, I've been trying to get a reservation here for a long while. So when I finally got one, I was super excited.Let's talk location. It's not far off from ktown and hidden in a residential area. In fact, you may even ring the wrong doorbell. Looking for the Ring smart doorbell and you'll find the correct location. You'll be greeted by the hostess and you'll walk through the very modern looking bar. Then you'll proceed down the stairs to the waiting area. The entire space is very reminiscent of your rich friend's loft apartment. If you arrive on time, you'll receive your first two snacks in the lounge while you wait for your table. You're seated in a horseshoe shaped bar with generous space in between parties.

Ben F

Seadon Shouse

Very good experience. Amazing food and service. In my opinion a very solid 2 Michelin restaurant.

Andrea Cudal


From the team behind Atoboy, this fine-dining korean restaurant has a bi-level space with a 16-seat chef’s counter, offering a 10-course tasting menu for $175 preceded by snacks at the bar. The menu changes frequently but we tried Hoe (Sea Bream, Hokkaido Uni, Chungjang), Jeon (Golden Eye Snapper, Ginjang, Mustard Sauce), Fried Chicken stuffed with fried rice, Crackers: Seaweed, Sesam Leaf, Potato and Beef Tartare with egg yolk cheese and pecorino sauce. The Hoe was probably my favorite

Lauren Emory

Hyejeong Han

Yanhua Zhuang

Great Korean food. Unique chopsticks. Nice environment. Not deprecate small table, all parties sits at bar seats.

Leslie Saltzman

amazing experience

Cybele Fishman

Eating here is more than a delicious meal. It is an incredible experience where every detail is beautifully thought out and authentic. Each course in the small-plate tasting menu is served in a different type of ceramic plate or bowl from Korea and comes with a card with original art which explains the ingredients and a little of the history behind the dish. The dishes themselves are elaborate with several ingredients, impeccably sourced and visually gorgeous, but they never sacrifice deliciousness. There are no gimmicks. There was not one dud amongst the 12 or so courses. While this may sound overly precious, it is not. It is friendly, and not stuffy at all, but there is a dedication to excellence that is noteworthy amongst so many homogenous restaurants in the city. The wine list, run by the affable Jhonel is full of treats, with a great champagne secttion which goes perfectly with much of the food. He is enthusiastic and will geek out with you about wine if you want. The restaurant is owned by the husband/wife couple of Junghyun and Ellia Park. He is the chef, and will bring you some of the dishes. She supervises everything and is adorable with her pink hair and talks to everyone. At only 12 seats around the bar, it is an intimate, wonderful evening. Yes, I am gushing, and if you are a cynic like me, you would think they are my friends or family. They are not. But if you go here, you will see the labor of love it is, and how high the whole team aims, and you will appreciate the dedication to providing a singular, joyful experience.

Robert Imrie

Imagine 2 hours of gastronomic bliss consisting of 10 courses so delicious you are depressed by the certainty that no meal you ever have after this could possibly taste as good. That’s the experience of eating at Atomix. Chef JP Park takes traditional Korean ingredients and rearranges them in ways that are simultaneously respectful and reminiscent of the dishes he had growing up, yet also effusively inventive. White kimchi sauce (did you know that chili wasn’t even a part of this Korean staple until the 1600s?) served with snow crab and trout roe? Makgeolli (fermented rice wine) made into a rich ice cream and served with, among other things, cardamom and persimmon whisky? Crazy. But crazy good. Park makes every ingredient work together so flawlessly you just want to close your eyes and focus on each taste sensation as it happens, blocking out irritating distractions like everyone else around you. “Shut up, I’m communing with this food!” I wanted to yell at the 12 other people around the stylish counter. (Not my wife; she was in the same thrall as I was. We hardly spoke until we got back to the hotel and emerged from our trance.) Seating is limited to 14 people at 6pm and another group at 9pm. Reservations and prepayment required. You won’t want to talk to anyone else anyway - they only offer a tasting menu and it’s about $220/person without wine. Go there to be hypnotized by the food. It’s so, so good.


Amazing Experience! Highly recommend! Service and food were both spot on. Every part of the meal was so thoughtful and well executed.

Andrew Wilkes

Brian Lee

Brilliant meal with impeccable service and such a thoughtful touch of giving out menu cards to remember the meal by. Each and every dish was beautiful and a mesmerizing combination of the familiar Korean flavors and their unique flair added. Cant recommend this place enough!

kyusung lee

Inga Chen

Matt Kim

Anne Fernandena

Getting a reservation here is difficult. You have to get it a month out and fully pay for it though Tock. So needless to say, I've been trying to get a reservation here for a long while. So when I finally got one, I was super excited. Let's talk location. It's not far off from ktown and hidden in a residential area. In fact, you may even ring the wrong doorbell. Looking for the Ring smart doorbell and you'll find the correct location. You'll be greeted by the hostess and you'll walk through the very modern looking bar. Then you'll proceed down the stairs to the waiting area. The entire space is very reminiscent of your rich friend's loft apartment.


Todd Brown

David Zhang

Nguyen Dinh

Shirley Yu

Arjun Thakkar

Delicious, innovative, eclectic, inviting. Go now before Michelin rates them and prices jump.


Jestone Walker

Richard Go

Another omakase like place. Seating for 15 only. A somewhat pricey admission. You don't know what you're getting as the menu is secret... Then you taste the food... it's good... Really damn good. So good that the food itself carries Atomix if it had bad service. Food good enough that I debate if I like the food here or at Eleven Madison Park better... That damn good! The service is also excellent. Servers will give quick but detailed explanation of the dish with a pretty notecard that you get to keep further describing the dish and with a abstract artwork. The service is very attentive and never feels rushed. The meal starts promptly at 7pm and 9pm and is about 2.5 hours. Drinks are extra. As I write this a meal is $175 with an additional 20% gratuity and service fee and NYC sales tax. You have the option of adding white truffles to nearly very dish for $120 or to one dish at $45. Drinks are extra. The special wine pairing is $155 which I highly recommend! The sommelier Jhonnel has picked put some fantastic pairings... A perfect match in most of the dishes. Overall the Parks have created a fantastic experience. Junghyun Park cooking has further elevated from the time he was at JungSik as head chef. Jeungeun as master of ceremonies has created a fantastic experience to complement her husband's cooking. They have made a fantastic restaurant and dining experience.

Thomas Zarra

John Buchel

Elliott Im

One of the best cocktails I've had! We just stopped by the bar (restaurant is downstairs) for drinks and bar food - you can walk-in for that. The famous wings were really good - they take out the bone and fill it with rice. Staff was amazing.

Javier Kohen

Every bite was unique, every preparation felt unique. The food is designed with care. The flavors seemed to me to be on the sweet and bitter side. The roasted sardine and the accompanying rice were sublime. It didn't remind me much of Korea or Korean food, but I really enjoyed having it and reading the chef's descriptions of the food and the sources of inspiration for each course. Service was friendly and always ready: my waitress Vivian made the experience feel authentic, considering the interactions of a fine restaurant.

Bunny Mueller

Nothing short of magical. From start to finish, a breath of Seoul fine dining in the heart of Manhattan - save yourself the flight and plan to dine here each season. We've been long-time fans of Chef JP and his visionary wife Ellia from his day at Jungsik & Atoboy... nothing to date has showcased the genius of this rising culinary star as perfectly as Atomix's breathtaking summer menu and inventive and avant-garde wine pairing. The best (and best value) chef's table in the city. Heaven for the culinary fiend in us all.

John Ames

Hyunmin Seo

Jeehae K

Edna Banks

Getting a reservation here is difficult. You have to get it a month out and fully pay for it though Tock. So needless to say, I've been trying to get a reservation here for a long while. So when I finally got one, I was super excited. Let's talk location. It's not far off from ktown and hidden in a residential area. In fact, you may even ring the wrong doorbell. Looking for the Ring smart doorbell and you'll find the correct location.You'll be greeted by the hostess and you'll walk through the very modern looking bar. Then you'll proceed down the stairs to the waiting area. The entire space is very reminiscent of your rich friend's loft apartment. If you arrive on time, you'll receive your first two snacks in the lounge while you wait for your table. You're seated in a horseshoe shaped bar with generous space in between parties.

Enoch Cho

Creative, delightful and marvelous. Allow the chefs tasting menu to take you on a culinary adventure!

Rakshaka Gangrel

Dora Kerekes

What an unforgettable experience! The food, the wine, the service, everything was impeccable.

Micco Wu

After dining here in August 2018, Aotmix became one of my favorites restaurant in the city. Followed the Atoboy fashion of bringing fine dining with a Korean touch, Atomix incorporates premium ingredients with refine chef's table experience. The presentation of every single dish is exquisite with beautifully designed card explanation. Don't mention the dish that carries the food, every single piece is well crafted and fits the food well. The menu is updated seasonally and we are definitely not going to miss fall menu!

Robert Love

Hye Ryung Yang

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