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shun kawakami

Contemporary Korean Foods

John Osgood

Wonderful flavors and great service!

Courtney W

Upscale korean tapas restaurant. Good food. Unique menu. Very nice service. Confusing to find because the entrance isn't very obvious. Pretty pricey. Tiny portions. Not sure if it's just my unrefined palate, but the food wasn't super amazing or anything.

Tony Sina

I was blown away by the service, the food, and the energy of the room. We went to see King Kong aftrr eating here. I don't hold the restaurant responaoble for that. Go eat here.

Jamie Lai

The food was yummy and plates well. There were only two dishes that I'd come back for which was the mackerel and steak. Everything else tasted good or were interesting but nothing I'd ever be interested in having again. The only disappointment was the endive (with shrimp ball meat). They should package and sell the seaweed crackers. I'd buy that by the truckload. Minimalist decor. Service was attentive and very good at keeping our water cups filled. Rushed us a bit in the end as a line started to form at 830pm. Must order at least a 3 course meal, with added extras and an optional dessert.

Sarah Shin

recommend this place! I went with groups of friends which allowed us to explore variety of dishes on the menu. From authentic, transitional korean flavors to modern twist of fusion, the whole dinning experience was amazing. Very modern and clean atmosphere. Not too noisy and spacious, not making the customers to feel very crowded. Staff were nice. I really wish to come back and explore more.

Christina Jeng

This place does amazing things with everything, including vegetables! The seaweed rice is a must.


I don’t quite get this place to be honest. We went during the Joo Ok x Atoboy weekend for a special birthday meal and two people cost $290 in total for the set menu and only 3 alcoholic drinks between us! The food was okay, very beautifully decorated but that is it, nothing amazing. Flavour was, again, pretty normal. After the 7-course signature dishes, both my boyfriend and I still felt hungry and a bit surprised that there was no highlight throughout the whole dining experience. We felt rather disappointed, especially due to the very high cost of this food. To top it off, the next day both of us had stomach issues which could only have come from this dinner. It should be noted that the service was attentive and professional.

Laurence Fossey

Modern and tasteful korean-fusion food with great service. We had a blast! Try the sweet potatoes, the mushrooms and the octopus

Jake Ree

Came to this place due to being in the area and looking on google maps for somewhere close by. All I can say is wow, service was amazing and some of the best food I have had in a longtime. The server recommend the octopus, and it is definitely one of the best dishes I have ever eaten. 6 stars if possible.

Jessie Eisenmann

Absolutely incredible meal. Get the egg with uni!! This is an impressive restaurant where everything is on point. The value is unbelievably good.

Dave Bledin

So delicious and great value for the price. 3 dishes for $36. Every single dish was interesting... all killer no filler. Highly recommend.

Andrew Hyatt

Relatively inexpensive prix fixe menu, with 3 small but beautiful courses full of wonderful flavors and textures. Service was fantastic. Highly recommended.

David Baker

Fantastic, inventive food. Friendly staff. Stunning decor. Love to bring friends so we can share more dishes.

Marina Liberatore

First time in this restaurant– I like that it's a small tasting menu, and everything on it was fantastic! Service was amazing, ambience was cool (really like the minimalist decor) & would definitely go back! We recommend it to tourists :) also we recommend the egg & lotus root

Doris Eugenio

Uni custard and granita dessert were over the top. Great service, cool atmosphere.

Jeremy M

Great !

Mario Longhi

Definitely a great place to check out and amazing food with EXCELLENT service. The team is really welcoming and explains everything. The deserts are really special too.

Anna Pakman

Sheer perfection. I now want to go back to try everything we didn't order. Service was excellent too, super attentive. Wheelchair accessible and fairly spacious, but bathrooms are down a set of stairs.

Doug Anderson

A WONDERFUL SURPRISE. 4 of us came not knowing what to expect and learned that there are three courses, each with five choices. We decided not to choose and ordered everything. In addition, we ordered the fried chicken. We've never seen anything like this and enjoyed sharing and tasting everything. Indeed, we liked everything. Service is terrific and the look of the place is wonderful. Even when full, the restaurant isn't noisy. Dale drinks vodka and they don't serve it. Wine list seems fine.

Gregory Borys

The sunchoke was really delicious. I also really enjoyed the leeks with cheese, fried chicken, and galbi. The pork belly was just ok. The lobster was average and would not suggest.

James Higa

This is not your father's Korean cuisine. The industrial interior signals that something is going to be new and different here. The menu is built upon banchan, or Korean tapas might be the best way to think about it. And we aren't talking about just kimichi et al. The uni with seaweed is a stunner and maybe the best sunchoke dish I've had is here. Each person should order a dish from each tier in the menu and make sure it's all different and order up as many dishes from the menu as you can. Even the wine list is ecletic and had a beautiful bottle from Croatia. And did I mention the most gracious service imaginable from the husband and wife team here? Run don't walk.

Dan Ticotsky

All the food was great as was service


Amazing food, amazing price, amazing staff

Stavros Macrakis

Delicious, creative, and friendly. Many beautifully composed dishes with complementary flavors. $42 3-course menu is a good choice, ideally shared with someone so you get 6 dishes to taste. Decent selection of wine by the glass and soju/sake by the mini-bottle. Beer menu includes some very light beers and some very hoppy pale ales, but strangely no well-balanced lagers... I guess Πάν μέτρον άριστον is out of fashion.

Leo Kj Lee

Get the uni with egg. Pricey. Don’t get the chicjen

Alexis kidd

I have been here twice and both times have been a perfectly executed experience. The server smoothly walks you through the menu, and both times the suggestions were on point. The sunchoke dish is a must have. I’m from RI where no seafood is short of fresh and every seafood dish competes on a melt in your mouth level. A must try restaurant.

Jon Tirpak

Excellent food and service at an amazing price point! Adventurous wine list, also decently priced! Will definitely be back.

Antony Hobwana

Amazing food, great for sharing

Michael Kang

Great experience, interesting food. Definitely will return.

chris caracciolo

First experience here ,definitely a memorable one. Really enjoyed the flavor combinations and how well the plates were put together. Took a minute to get comfortable in the space but as soon as the food starting coming to the table, all got good... Really enjoyed the egg dish with the umi. Great food ..Fresh and Thoughtful... 46 dollar pre fix works for me

David Springeth

Loved the Food and the friendly service

Stephanie Ang

Atoboy is amazing. I wish I could eat here every day. Dishes are flavorful, interesting, expertly executed, and feel comforting all at the same time. And just plain delicious!!!!! Drink options are vast and tasty. Thank you ATOFAM!!! 11/10 Strong Recommend.

Brent Fidler

An awesome eclectic fusion of Korean with a great culinary imagination. The menu is prixe fixe and you get to choose one dish from each of three different sections on the menu. My 13 year old daughter absolutely love the octopus. Some of the combination of flavors seems unusual such as the eggplant with dungeness crab, tomato and lemon which was a cold dish but was a marriage of flavors made in heaven! I highly recommend trying that one!

Lina Lum

Modern Korean food with an upscale feel, though ambiance and decor are a bit stark

Ania Wurster

It was a wonderful experience. Full of surprises. From service to food. Everything was perfect. I loved it and I recommend it. Thank you Atoboy

Roman Grinblat

Wow this had to be some of the beat food I have had in a very long time.

Daniel Cepeda

Great innovative dishes. Cool use of ice with some of their appetizers

Sungbin Richard Sorn

One of the "must visit" places with very nice staffs. Absolutely unique/great foods.

Vincent Lee

I ordered the lotus root, beef tartare, endive, sunchoke, pork jowl, and octopus. All of the food was so amazing and rich. They really changed and reinterpreted traditional korean banchan. All of it was so rich and flavorful. Even the kimchis (iceberg lettuce and cucumber kimchi) were amazing. Hands down my three favorite dishes and what I would get next time are the beef tartare, sunchoke (which I forgot to photograph because it was so rich I couldn't help myself), and the pork jowl. Also try the kimchi that they make in house. Kimchi is more than just cabbage. Great date spot or if you're looking for a casual dinner with a few people.

cathleen grady

Incredible meal. I now love radicchio. Brilliant wine selection. Get the fried chicken. Highly recommend. Unless it's a first date. Lighting needs tweaking.

Robin Murphy

This was a dream of a dinner. The good was out of this world and the service was even better (if that’s possible!). I hope to come back here again and again.

Teoh Yew Aun

We had dinner here. By golly, the food was amazing. Get the sea urchin egg. Something thats out of this world. I couldnt stop eating. This restaurant is brilliant.

David Baek

Very interesting take on Korean fusion. They manage to keep the Korean aspect of the flavors infused in the food. Korean approved.

Julia Tkachenko

Delicious food!!! Highly recomend!!!

Jesse S

An amazing set course menu experience with Korean food with a twist. Each dish leans heavily on a Korean food with an added western inspiration, creating a unique and delicious dinner. I wouldn't quite call it fusion as each dish is still strongly rooted in the Korean base style food. Definitely recommend checking this out. Pay the extra for seasoned rice. If you like sashimi style food, get the Sea Urchin. If you have room, the dessert is fantastic, nothing like what I've had anywhere else.

Marzia Cen Della Corte

Service perfect, food superb, great cozy and chill ambience. A secret spot to breakaway from the chaotic streets of NY. With a menu of 3 plates each it's a feast for the senses. Ear: Lounge music at the right volume for one to talk and not shout against each other. Eyes: Warm lights with wooden tables Nose: great anticipation of the food. When one goes downstairs you can even smell the seaweed as a prelude of what is to come. Hands: plates and cutleries are very designed, complimenting the food. Palate: king of the night. all food are flavoured just right, none are overpowering, great pairing of wines. Favorites of the night: yellowtail tuna, silk tofu and the mackerel! Service: with lactose and red meat intolerance the waitresses took great care to ensure that I had an outstanding choice of the menu, even reminding which plates I can have once the food is served. Food comes fast, yet enough in between time that you don't feel rushed. Booking is recommended.

Maria Patricia Ong

Super super love this place. Very impressed with its’ value for money, so worth it! The food was really delicious, lots of different flavors in every dish- Every dish was amazing!! From the appetizers to the mains, and even the special rice that they had. Would recommend ff: Sunchoke, Egg, Lobster, Pork Belly, Galbi, Beef Tartare, Yellowtail. I know it’s a lot but everything basically is worth a try. Would totally go back!!!!!!

Shelley Chen

Creative Korean food that's well executed, I was pleasantly surprised. The fried chicken is fantastic and comes with gochujang and this peanut butter sauce. Cocktail menu was a bit boring and can use some work, lots of potential.

Michael Yu

Came with a group of 6 and ordered every dish on the menu. It was such a great experience and the food was so creative and tasty


Though google map only has 5 stars, I think ATOBOY deserves 6 stars!!! We went to ATOBOY for my husband’s birthday dinner. You can choose 3 courses (one from each category) for the price of $46 which is very reasonable. Each portion is enough for two ppl to share. Their dishes were flavorful and each bite was just a flavor bomb. The staff were friendly and warm. Every waiter and waitress came to say happy birthday and the chef gave a free cake as a gift for my husband. We will definitely come back again and try every dish on their menu.

Marien Rodriguez

Small but cozy, food it's amazing!!

Daina Gigliotti - Dozzi

Went when it was the 1st week of being open. Has yet to disappoint. Love the creativity in their presentation and flavor combinations.

Cheryl Chow

Korean fusion tapas style . We had 5 people, and we ordered all the dishess from the menu. My favourite was Radicchio, Snap Pea, Sunchoke and Octopus. For the rice, we picked seasonal rice (which was sweet yam rice). Also, the Milk Semifredo was so yummy, hardly refuse it.

Tim Hoffmann


adrian chan

Very nice food, will leave your slightly hungry for a tiny bit more.

Catherine M. Park

Exquisite version of Korean food! Must try!!

Mimi Xu

Really enjoyed some dishes and less others...most delicious are all the cold dishes... the warm plays are less interesting. Pork belly a bit dry and underwhelming, maquereau in a green sauce was tasteless, beef was delicious. But for a neo Korean restaurant, the kimchi condiments were not good. Very weak flavor. Could really improve on the Kim chi. The vibe is nice, service is friendly

Silvia Ngo

I really can’t say enough about the food here. I’m a big fan of creative culinary fare and honey, this is it! The deal here is that you get a tasting of 3 dishes per person and share it all family style. Everything can be split amongst multiple people. My friend and I went and got 6 dishes and split them. Now that I know the deal, I’ll come with at least 4 people next time. Why 4? Because we will cover most of the menu and yet still get at least 2 bites out of each dish. The sunchoke dish is amazing! Hands down the best of our batch. The sweet potato was lovely and served as a nice counterpoint to the sunchoke dish. They came at the same time (2nd course). The first course was a solid and more subtle start to the meal. The yellowtail was delicious and the golden beets both went beyond our expectations. I’d have to say that everything so far has been perfectly balanced and had multiple textures and flavors on one plate. It showcases sophisticated flavor mapping and is consistently mindful of balance. Easier said than done people! The last course was the least impressive. We had the pork jowl and the octopus. The octopus was our least favorite. However, keep in mind that we both believed that at another restaurant we would have been pleased with this dish as it was. However, in light of the stiff competition on that menu, I’d have to say that something had to come in last. The pork jowl wasn’t as flavorful as I had hoped, but still a good dish. They were both just less inspired and execution of the flavors wasn’t in the perfect balance and sophistication of the first 4 dishes. A waitress admitted that the 3rd course this season doesn’t seem to be as strong as the first 2 courses. Oh well. But dessert...that sujjeongwa granita dessert was a perfect ending to the meal. It was refreshing, only slightly sweet and again, we are back to that wonderful flavor mapping and balance! Mmmm...way to end strong. *finally satisfied*

Jack M G

Tasty food from a small fixed price menu. Great idea. That picture is the tuna, very tasty.

Yamen Sader

Korean with style and adventure. Great way to order and excellent value for the quality. Engaged owner and staff. Very highly recommended.

Erin Lim

I absolutely love this place!! Im normally not a fan of fusion dishes but atoboy blends korean concepts very well with their menus. Their food is very unique and impeccable, and atmosphere & service are also on point. Only thing was that I thought the portion was quite small for $39 per person; we had to order an extra bowl of white rice. But would definitely visit again for the food itself. This is a must visit if youre sick of same type of dishes! (And dont miss out on the sujeonggwa granita dessert

Jane Banh

Korean cuisine with a modern twist. Every dish was spot on, tasted amazing with beautiful plating. Dined with my bf, so we were able to try 6 different dishes (3 course meal each). The special rice is a must have!

Cindy Lim

Love their fusion Korean dishes with decent plating! Friendly staffs :)

rebecca lee

Good but not as great as I though

Tom McDonough

Such an amazing meal. The corn and peanut butter fried chicken were INCREDIBLE.

Facundo Kelemen

Went 3 times in a couple of months. All of them, excellent. Price/quality relation, the best restaurant in the city. Service and food impeccable.

Yi Qu

Fancy secret place, serve beautiful and delicious food, menu is simple with two appetizer and one main dish. The price is $39 per personal, with tax and tip it's around $55. And the entrance is just a door almost without any sign, hard to find.

Alexander Kontoleon

Quite possibly the best Korean food I've had. High end but not pretentious, it's a fantastic spot. Small plates and meant for sharing, with a few optional add-ons at the end.

Erica Chan

Now serving lunch (started Nov 7th 2016). Lunch is the best time to score a table and they have a great $20 combo lunch set. Food are served quickly and service is friendly and attentive. Minimalist space let you focus on the food which has high score on both presentation, aroma and taste.

Mindy Lai

Amazing food and INCREDIBLE service! All the dishes were beautiful and so delicately prepared. You MUST go! The decor is pretty unique too!

Leekina Lee

The place is bit small but food was great. Original Korean taste with slight sence of new york style? Guests can share the dish like Korea.

Federico Agustin Cassino

Great experience!! Thank you so much.

Sarin K

Must try this 3 course menu dining spot. Delicious cocktail. Small plates you wouldnt think it would fill you up but you would end up so full. Everything for sharing is the best way to explore!

Earl Cohen

Very innovative Korean-style food -- almost everything was excellent (interesting and very delectable). Definitely a go-to spot.

Diane Kang

Chef Junghyun Park and Manager Ellia Park (also his wife) brings Korean food to the next level with this place. Incredible tapas style Korean restaurant with innovative flavors and excellent service!

Stefan De Clercq

The modern Korean food falls between unimpressive (beef tartare, galbi, broccolini) and delicious (sunchoke, lotus roots, octopus, panna cotta) but no matter what you order, the portions on the smaller size are likely to leave you a bit hungry. The prix fixe menu makes you pick one dish each from three different sectiond as well as a dessert; because it's unclear what differentiates each section, it's a missed opportunity that the dishes don't all come out at the same time to be enjoyed together. Besides the food, I would describe the very utilitarian decor as sweatshop chic or what you'd see in a movie about a dystopian future where people live underground. Overall this is a place that more than other restaurants would be best enjoyed in a big group so lots can be tried and a la carte items can be ordered but it's not one I would recommend for solo diners or dates.

Leo Ching

Fantastic food! Had the beef tartare and lobster appetizer. Finished with the octopus. Our table also got the fried chicken and ssam to share. Everything was delicious! Huge recommendation for the egg and sea urchin dish. You have to splurge on the uni. Prices are reasonable and I cannot wait to come back!

Will P

Very tasty fast casual korean food

Ernest Lim

Really inventive food, usually I'm not a huge fan of modern/fusion type cuisine but this was a thoroughly enjoyable meal. The mushroom dish and the strip steak were outstanding

Tsvi Tannin

A truly remarkable restaurant. Everything is done with such care and it really shows in the food. One of the best meals I've had in a while.

Brian Bartholomew

Menu is three courses of small plates, meant to share so works best with a group! Appreciated the noise level--industrial decor but ample sound paneling keeps it from being too loud.

Marie Parsons

Excellent first dinner for our group of six. While the decor of this Korean-fusion restaurant may be rather minimalist, the service and the delicious food were superb. The menu consisted of many small plates. We ordered all family style. Highlights were the lotus-root, the pork, the chicken,the hamachi. We ended with all three desserts including cinnamon persimmon granita. Highly recommended restaurant.

Sudin Bhattacharya

Beautifully presented, intricate, incredibly flavorful dishes. And very nice wait staff.

Ives He

Loved Atoboy. Our server (Daniel?) and all the others were wonderful. The food was beautiful and tasted even better. Each dish was unique and flavoursome. A great place for large groups. The dishes may seem small, but they quickly fill you up with each course. Great concept and tasting menus. Fried chicken is a must try.

Ross Smith

Tim recc.

Matt Bush

Everything was perfect. From the minimalist atmosphere, to the creativity and execution of familiar Korean dishes, to the drink menu, to the service. And at a price point that is very approachable for NYC. The quality of the food and experience far exceeds the $39 pp price tag. Can't wait to go back next time I am in town.

Brian Haffner

Amazing menu. Incredible wine list. Super friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Robert Lee

Great Korean fusion. Tasty and imaginative food. $42 for three plates are steal!

Sylvie Sikand

My 3rd time and I just love it. Forgot to take photos this time.


Cocktails were good, try the jalepeno one, but be careful it's pretty spicy. The food was solid and service was wonderful. Definitely try the mushroom dish.

Max Tibett

We literally ate the whole menu for 5 people, it was unbelievable.

Tom Wright

A strange mix of excellent and mediocre. Some dishes such as the octopus and the chrysanthemum salad were incredible. Whereas some like the beef tartare and the lamb were average at best. The cocktails are also quite unimaginative for a creative place. Service was good and efficient though.

Kirill Lykov

Unusual and complex. The style is close to a Mechelin star restaurants.

Nathan M

This is one of the best deals in town. The flavor combinations are great and you can try most of the menu if you bring a few friends. Wine list is great and affordable too. It can get a little noisy so might not be great for a first date but I definitely would bring friends who are visiting from out of town.

Tiffany Cheng

Atoboy is a minimalist's favorite restaurant with a friendly staff and a very warm and inviting atmosphere. However small it is, the vibes are good and the drinks are good. The front area has wooden booths, for drinks only and the back of the space has table seating for set-menu Korean food. Bring your friends, but be sure to make a reservation.


Great service. Delicious food. Amazing concept. Perfect portion. Definitely will comeback

Ryan Goetz

Exquisite food, everything was delicious and after eyeing other diner's plates I can confidently say that I'd eat everything. In particular, I recommend the sunchoke and the mackerel. Only 4* because so many reviews gushed over the banchan, and while they were of high quality, there were only three, two of which were different kimchi (apple and eggplant). Two kimchi and seaweed wafer/crackers are disappointing. Apple kimchi was my favorite by far.

Stephanie Yeung

Good food in a nice chill atmosphere

Blaine Lindsey

Extremely creative. Everything we tried across 6 small plates was fantastic, with the octopus being the stunner. Service was attentive and struck the perfect tempo and tone.

Erika Brown

Loved! New favorite restaurant in NYC. Simply put: everything on the menu is delicious.&

Miklos Kemecsei

Superb food and really fast service. A great experience.

Cecilia Teixeira

Food and service beyond perfection!

Rubii Pham

I wanted to like this place. The food was ok, beautiful presentation but lacking in flavor. If you want good Korean tapas, I'd recommend Oiji over this place. The atmosphere is good.

Jisun Yu

Every dishes were really great also service was very nice We really enjoyed the meal and really thankful to the chef and staffs for the great experience we had ! Thank you very much we appreciate it

Ray Yang

Amazing creative twist to Korean traditional dishes. Must try. Recommend going with a group and ordering as many different kinds as possible.


FANTASTIC! Both food and service were 5 stars. Had beef tartare, sunchoke, and pork jowl. Sunchoke is a MUST! Oyster, mushrooms, and orange make for perfect flavor combination.

Caroline Lee

Food and service were both outstanding. Maybe the best galbi I've ever had, notwithstanding my experiences in Korea and LA...I would also recommend making a reservation in advance of your visit.

Matt K

A worthy detour from K-town. Well balanced flavors and textures. The food is always interesting and the service is solid.

Elaine Chang

Everything was delicious! But special shoutout to the staff since I showed up 15 min early to a 6pm reservation, they sat me anyway, and then were super nice even though my friends showed up 20 min late. Sorry, we’ll come back and be on time next time

Samuel Murray

Atoboy serves up a great variety of Korean dishes in a sharing, small plates format. Each dish is focused on a couple of main ingredients, often in pairings that one might not expect at a Korean restaurant. Plating for the dishes is at once simple yet obviously thought through, with the few ingredients often arranged in complementary ways regarding their colors and shapes. Service is very attentive in a comforting way, providing guidance on unknown dishes or ingredients and allowing for a cozy environment all around.

Matthew Mao

Incredible flavors, interesting dishes! Had a fantastic meal here - great service too.

Anthony DelConte

We were there for a birthday celebration and it was one of the best overall dining experiences that I have had. Every item from each course was wonderful but especially the octopus, pork, chicken, and the steak.

Stephen Pacania

If you're looking for classic Korean, you're not going to find it here. Instead you're getting the flavors done in a new and fun way. The dishes are vibrant, eye popping and perfect for a date night, as they're designed to be shared. Cool atmosphere, great staff and a vibe that will leave you wondering what their sister Atomix has in store.

David Zhang

Unique but comfortable food. A perfect place for a small group or date. Always go with the special rice for $2 extra!

Paul Wichhart

A very special restaurant hidden between park avenue and madison avenue. The food i s realy amazing.

Javier Alvarez

The food is just amazing

David De Leon

Nice, simple, minimal decor. Really liked the service as our server was attentive and very knowledgeable about the menu and was able to recommend food and drink pairings. I went with the prefix and ordered the Sunchoke, Burrata, Mackerel and an order of Fried Chicken. It was all delicious!

Sanjeev Verma

it’s ok but not life-changing good. no dish felt exceptional but overall it was a good meal.

Edwin Chau

Amazing modern Korean food. Very good value, and everything we tried tasted great! Highly recommend the fried chicken, corn, octopus, and brisket. Their menu changes a little bit as well based on the season. I've been there 3 times now and have enjoyed it just as much each time.

Ria Cruz

This place offers an amazing dining experience for a good price. Highly recommended!

Em J

Service is always friendly and welcoming. Food is delicious and well balanced.

Nick Masters

Literally the best value in NYC. Amazing, artful , three course meal for under $50? A steal. Great setting too.

Ayse Halimoglu

İ was blown away by the hospitality and cuisine of Atoboy. For this level of quality, the price is an absolute steal. A must visit in NYC!

Javier Kohen

All the food was excellent, both in preparation and presentation. The appetizers and first entrees are as strong as the main entree, if not stronger. The Korean influence is actually very subtle, so I would hesitate to recommend this ATOBOY as a Korean restaurant, but I would definitely recommend it for its original and delicious food. The prix fixe menu is great value for the money, and the options you can compose are very diverse. One thing to keep in mind is that the portions are on the smaller side, and the set price doesn't include dessert, so you're likely to end up spending more money, e.g. to add some oysters at the start and sweets at the end.

Amy Castillo Barboza

Small plates was the first impression but I was completely full with the 3 plates, more than enough! Great local, amazing food. Good place to try something new. I will def go back.

Kristen G

One of my favorite restaurants! Perfect for a nice dinner with a bottle of wine or a weeknight meetup with a friend (I have had good luck snagging last minute bar seats). The beef tartare and sunchoke dishes are both unique and especially incredible, but everything on the menu is interesting and very good. Bring a friend and try whatever catches your eye!

Ernie Ng

Very discreet. Awesome tapa style Korean food. Nice take.

Jeff Yablon

I can't understand why this place has so many good ratings. In fairness, the food was tasty enough. But (and this is only partly about cost even though I'll frame it against that) $42 for three small appetizer-sized portions is offensive. And yeah, left hungry. Seriously, I don't get it. Atoboy is the epitome of NYC "look how cool I am". Uggh.

Dora Kerekes

Incredible food! We were with four so we got to taste most items on the menu. Everything was presented and tasted amazing. Can't wait to return!

Alexander Kanov

Creative plates, though a few were more misses than hits. Excellent service, though the course timing was a little erratic. Industrial ambiance – which is generally fine, except the lighting had an unpleasantly pale nuance. Overall, an enjoyable meal, but not outstanding.

Michelle Kim

Amazing modernized Korean restaurant with a cool twist! One of the best restaurants I've been to in the city--unique, wonderfully crafted, well-balanced small plates. Price is reasonable for a 3 course meal ($39/person). The restaurant feels very hip and trendy with it's concrete interior with wooden tables. I would definitely want to introduce this place to any special guests from out of town! My favorite was the Egg dish (definitely get the uni with the extra $15 without hesitation!!) and their dessert granita is amazing too.

Max O.

Absolutely awesome experience! Food, service and location are definitely worth a visit!

Syed Ashrafulla

Every single dish I had, and with a group of five we were able to do all 15, was tremendous. Highlights included the filing lotus root, the light and cleansing radicchio, the sharp sunchoke with oyster mushroom, the octopus I love from Jungsik, the clean mackerel, the meaty strip steak, and all three of the desserts. You get my point: just pick something. This is the best bargain in New York City.

E Chun

Hip modern Korean kitchen. Nothing traditional nor authentic but I loved their experimental and creative cooking, they are well developed to super tasty meal. A bit expensive I would have to say, but great experience.


for me the best cocktail speakeasy in NY no menu just what you wish for

Casper Verhoofstad

One of my favorite places in NYC for a casual but incredibly well balanced dinner. They offer a 3 course menu where you pick one out of 5 dishes per course. Everything is meant to be shared so it you go with a group of 5 you get to try everything! Don't forget to try their fried chicken as an add on, definitely worth it!

Shensheng Wang

One of the best Korean food in NYC

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