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REVIEWS OF Americana Kitchen & Bar IN New Jersey

Nick Rose

Food is still great but now with smaller sizes, and now it's very noisy with loud music & acoustics (tile replaced the carpet). It's basically turned into a huge bar with some tables around it. I miss the old version when I could hear the person sitting across from me even during the busiest times and when an entree was more than appetizer size.

maura cerchio

The renovated Americana is stunning. The food is absolutely the best in the area. I especially enjoy the fish, it is always so fresh. The new decor is beautiful, warm woods, lush fabrics, and refined finishes. The service is attentive and informed, the servers are very knowledgeable about the menu and wine pairings. This restaurant is setting a higher bar for dining in this area.

Debbie Olewinsky

Delicious food, terrific service. BEAUTIFUL renovation job but...they have raised their prices...I had a 68.00 bill last night for a cup of soup, 1 beer, 1 ice tea, 1 corn beef sandwich, Turkey club and fish and chips. It's still a diner no?

Harry Jimenez

Good atmosphere, Great tasting food and service!

Mona Madans-Ayers

This is not a diner. That must be made clear from the start. This is a creative, eclectic, delicious, American RESTAURANT. From the baguette that begins your meal to the desserts that leave you wanting to lick your plate, you will enjoy every bite. This was our first trip to Americana after moving to the area a few weeks ago. We will go back regularly. Their baking is done on premises and they sell the products as well as using them in their dishes. Their salads are enough to share, the greens crispy, the ingredients work well together and the dressings bring the dish together perfectly. The burgers are not so large that it's a struggle to finish them and the meat is clearly fresh and well seasoned, not frozen. They're cooked as requested. We can't wait to try the appetizers. They sound mouthwatering

Helix Reckoning

Recent renovations and new menu have "upscaled" this long-lived establishment. Food and service have generally improved but no longer a diner. It's big, open and gets noisy like big diners but more expensive. On the plus side, has a lot of room for large groups. Full service bar which feels strange but maybe a plus for some. Won't be our weekly go-to but will go again.


Very fancy and renovated, food is expensive but tasty. The traditional dinner is gone and the place reflects a more business type of eatery. My service was poor, server expects busboy to bring everything out and leave us behind. Train these servers properly and have guests be treated like their family. Could be better although the place is very nice.

Mike Babinski

They are redoing the americana and if you liked it before it's even better now. Great menu, great vegan options. Very clean, modern. I think they wanted to stop being considered a diner and they did it, it definitely feels like a nice place to grab breakfast/lunch/brunch. Didn't go for dinner but for what we got it was very affordable and tasted amazing.

Jose Luiz Rivera

It's not really a diner the place is more of a restaurant place. Which is not a bad thing its just the food wasn't anything to rave about.

Rich Hutchinson

First time there, quite like it. Definitely upscale. Food is good and beer list extensive. Enjoyed our meal, will return

Nadine Lipson

Food was good, but very expensive. We were with our 2 grandchildren, and breakfast cost us $73.with tip. We could have gone anywhere else, but they just remodeled, and we wanted to check it out.

Maryann Daniel

Stop in on our way to clifton for breakfast was great but a little pricy.our waitress was very nice.the place was a big improvement fro last time.

Alan Klayman

Beautiful new space. Open airy with plenty of seating. A great new look from a great New Jersey institution. Excellent service & fantastic management. A pleasure.

Hallam Bradshaw

The menu is greatly improved nice surprise at the quality of the dishes

Donna Berard

Very disappointed. It's been almost 2 years since I've been here. Menu has changed. Looked forward to having the boneless short rib & grilled cheese... No longer on menu. Our waiter was seen 3 x...1st to take our order, 2nd to bring food and 3rd to give us our check (which had an item on that was not ordered or received) I usually tip 25-30%....he got 15%..and that was only if he removed the item that wasn't ordered!! However, the bread (which i had to ask for) and Matza ball soup were good. And the food...was good. Just not much in quantity.


Last night we went there around 9:30 PM. Although the sign still says Americana it is not the classic diner we were expecting it to be. We were seated and looked at the menu, which is a placemat, and were confused that the choices were more like a restaurant. We didn't know whether to stay because our cravings were for french toast and gyros. The waitress was very nice and helped us figure out what we were in the mood for. We had the fish and chips and Mediterranean salad. There is an omelette and burgers and sandwiches just not done as a classic diner food. The table next to us expressed the same belief that it was still a diner but that their food was still the great quality they knew. What I think would help is if the person who greets and seats you says, "welcome to the new Americana Kitchen. Have you been here before?" And if the customer says, "yes isn't it still a diner?" Maybe a menu can be shown to them and it can be explained right away that it is no longer the diner that expected before they are seated, to save the embarrassment of the customer and also, the waitstaff from having to explain it is now a restaurant, and the confusion and possible anger from the customer. As the customer is seated it would be helpful for the greeter to also let the customer know the menu is the placemat and the reverse side has more information. It is still the same owner and still great food and a spectacular wine wall. I wish Conantine continued success in the renovation and restaurant. Go and enjoy the change.

Janfon Lee

The place is not a Diner anymore. The menu price reflected the Restaurant. The Restaurant located in East Windsor dump. Not in Mid-Town New York, food portion is or Liberal people. Food is paying for the upscale decor. The place should be received with " NO STAR, ".

Vanetta Malakates

Unexpected stop in today with my husband for breakfast! Delicious food, attentive service and you just felt like you were in a special place! Not just a diner, but not another franchise either. Just a very special place! We will return!

MaryAnn Reis

Long time since I've been there. The place I think has more than doubled in size. Renovations not complete yet but it looks good. Good and service were very good.

James Sinn

Having visited before and after the renovations, I can say that the food has only improved, while still maintaining staple items. Highly recommended the French toast for brunch, with the smoked salmon canapés.

Suzanne Spence

The ongoing renovation is going to deliver on the promise that the menu and service always offered, even behind the label of a diner. It's now going to be a great date night spot and somewhere we'd even go just for drinks. Eager to see what the final exterior finishes look like.

Tonya Simmons

Great lunch!! We celebrated my father's birthday today and we had a table of 18! Everyone at Americana was friendly helpful and accommodating. The food was delicious . Nice variety of choices and sides. I want to really thank our waiters for excellent service. Thank you so much for making it a memorable occasion.

Kemal Dunuroglu

Upscale diner with excellent lunch menu. Portion of it is still under construction but did not bother us. It is large and roomy. I am a big fan of diners and I love to explore new ones as I get chances. This one is definitely worth visiting. I will come back to check dinner menu next time.

Cerebro Computers

Woah! What can I say about this place. Last night I went and had probably the best steak dinner I've had in my life. This place is up there with the best steak houses. They did everything right, the apps were amazing the service was amazing. This place is a gem

Randie Rubenstein

Brunch was great. Somewhere between diner food and a fancier restaurant. Lots of interesting side dishes to try. I recommend the corned beef hash, everyone at our table loved it. The server was lovely and everyone was accommodating. We have vowed to meet there once a month for Sunday brunch.

Christopher Recor

Upscale prices for sure but the menu is lacking and the quality of food was very disappointing. We ordered fish and chips and the shrimp carbonara. The fish did not tasted like it was prepared at the restaurant but frozen then cooked. The chips (french fries) were soggy (not sure how you do that). The shrimp in the carbonara were overcooked and the bacon undercooked. The waitress was polite but not friendly and we wasted north of $100 on what was a poor evening out. Sorry but I can't recommend this restaurant

H. T. Scaccetti

This place did a complete 180 turn up to and including a name change. It went from an above average diner with a large and varied menu to a trendy, niche type of establishment. I'm sure the owner has reasons for doing so but we were not expecting the change when we went and were not impressed with the results. Liked it much better before...will not return.

David-Douglas Brown

just had a Bloody Mary and Eggs Benedict for lunch !!! Excellent food and company

Raj Kummar Kandaswamy

Tried few cocktails this weekend. Awesome! Totally recommend it...

Jane Hanbury

Completely renovated, beautiful, great service. New menu, great food!!

Sean Dunn

This was a really good place and was the most upscale diner that I have ever been to I would call it a restaurant with a diner style exterior

Noel Jorgensen

Beautiful decor. Large bar, great drinks. Excellent service. Excellent meal. First visit. Will return.

Ullas Krishnan

Salmon, wine and bread were good but haiwain bowl could be more flavourful.

Ulysses Grimm

Ugh. I am so torn with this review. Went tonight, opening night of the “new” refresh. Service was a bit confused, and parts of the restaurant still were not complete. Nonetheless, the food (the reason I go to restaurants) was incredible. I had the Bolognese, which I had reservations about considering the place used to be a diner. However, it was well done. You could tell the pasta was homemade, and the sauce was delicious. The French Onion Soup was good, although not quite as good when I came and the place was a diner. All in all, well worth the prices I place, but I will struggle to deal with the diner’s demise. ☹️ Nevertheless, I will return and recommend you visit.

A. Austin

Food was good. But pricey

Carole Goldman

Renovated and updated with many new features that are still being done. Missed their usual loaf of bread that welcomed customers, should have been replaced with something else, ie fruit, peanuts and raisins, etc, As it was such an unusual welcoming that it was missed. Food served hot and good. New menu with many selections. Parking on premises. Renovated, but will not return as menu has changed too much!

Sra. H

The Americana diner that I knew in years past has grown into an award winning restaurant. Unique flavor combinations, beautifully presented at a reasonable price! Feta cheese French fries? Delicious! You can order an individual oyster if you’d like to try one or just add it as an appetizer to have a variety of foods. The omelette from the breakfast menu is so delicious they have it on the dinner menu. This and other cross over of favorites between the 8am - 4pm and 4pm - close menu indicate the versatility of some of the offerings. Food is sourced fresh and local whenever possible. Bread is made on the premises. There are two party rooms available to rent. Look for patio seating to open in the summer of 2019. And when you’re in the bathroom don’t be thrown by the extra modern hands-free faucet and dryer built into one. Just another adventure to have at the Americana. Enjoy!

Michael Lasher

Great atmosphere and service. Amazing quality food, would love to see a wider selection for breakfast. Also outside is currently under construction which takes away a bit.

Steve Stern

Their new menu is much more friendly to gluten-sensitive diners.

kenneth thompson

All new and freshly renovated , the new abeyance is more elegant then before, menu has changed as well more adult-like and sophisticated

Sandy Mcconville

At the Americana you can expect scratch made food and super creative dishes. Their Bloody Mary is delicious and made from scratch. A bit pricey but quality food.

A Guieb

Fresh contemporary interior design More open look. Kiosk for quick walk-ins Quality of food still above average. Service still great . How about a charging station for a Tesla? ( not that I have one) It's all good!

Colleen G

This place was great before the renovation. It looks beautiful now, but the food didn't have much flavor. The quality of the ingredients is good, it's the spice or recipe is lacking. Service was disappointing, especially considering the cost of the meals was increased. Hopefully in time it will improve.

Christopher Iskierka-Boggs

Gluten free options, vegetarian options, fresh squeezed juices! Amazing coffee, gluten free bread!

Cathleen Hamilton

Great food even better service!

Shara Sincoff

Can't lie. Had a family party here and the food was excellent. Still will always view this as a high end diner that is trying too hard to no longer be. My issue was with the way they had the drinks done in a self-service cooler with the cord dangling. It was for a Christening and well aware children would be present. The cord should be out of view and not a hazard. A child did get caught on it, fell, got drinks all over them, and luckily only was very scared. A little more thought should have gone into that.

Sunny Bhola

Pretty solid spot. They just upgraded. Place isn't quite done yet but when it is it will be awesome. Food and new menu were solid. Pork belly bites are a good appetizer. Bolognese pasta dish is really really good.

Jordan Lloyd

Had an unexpectedly great experience coming home from NYC on a siblings trip. Initially, we had stopped at a different diner that was about to close they said that the other diner in town was better food.... at least they were honest. We had a really great waitress, the kind that you usually remember for a long time. She had a good amount of social skills and great recommendations. She was also very knowledgeable about the menu. At the end of the day I ended up getting the grilled cheese with fig. This is something I would have never ordered, never even considered ordering. But after having recommend it and explain to me about the profiles I felt sure it was a good choice. At the end of the day it was one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had I would highly recommend this place and eat there again.

Marilyn Lydon

Americana is definitely not a diner any more. The food is good and more upscale but I miss the diner food. Surroundings are beautiful. I'll try it again eventually.

Susan Williams

Again I am five stars all the way! Mallory was our server and top notch! Our food was fantastic!

Clyde P Riddlesbrood

Let me just say the place is very nice. The reason for the 3 stars is primarily because of the disconnect between what I expected when I pulled into a diner and what it was. Me and a few friends were looking for a quick bite at a diner and we found this place on Google maps. When we got in they seated us and gave us the menus which seemed to indicate a high end gourmet restaurant. The prices were very high and they had no normal diner Fair. So the food was good but we were sticker shocked to say the least. So if you want a quick bite to eat at a diner for a normal price I would not advise going here

Nicole Rosetty

I will start by saying food was great. Our server, who we have had for the second time, never introduced himself but our bill said his name was Brent. He had an attitude and basically ignored us. I've worked in restaurants all my life and can't stand the attitude that we were inconveniencing him by coming in. Excellent food and atmosphere, disappointing server.

Maurice Gilchrist

Nice place to go to dinner. Good food..Nice staff.

ed russin

Diner that upgrade to next level. Menu more limited and price was I high side. Food was very good.

shop shop

Tastefully decorated. Clean tables and seating. Offers electric car charging in the rear parking lot. Dinner menu offerings are great. However quality of the bread and other key ingredients was mediocre... such as salmon, veggies and overall taste of the food was just okay.

Adam Sherry

Was a big fan of this place. It was easily one of the best diners in the US! However, I just visited the newly renovated facility...which is very nice. BUT the food has gone from a wide variety of diner and good quality restaurant food to a "Hipster" type menu with sub-par taste and much smaller portions. The current menu selections are extremely limited and very lackluster. What a shame! I give the new menu about 6 months before it is changed back...and the only reason I give it that long is because the place has had such a following that people will stop in out of habit, only to be disappointed. Never to return. They had a great thing going, but it is my guess that the latest version will not last. I understand what they are trying to do but it will not work in that area. Very disappointed... throwing out my AMERICANA card!

Chuck Boris

Excellent food and service. The design has changed so much over the years, but the current renovations are definitely for the better.

Barbara Irvin

Love this place. Fresh orange juice is amazing

Becky Yaros

Wish it was still a diner- It felt overpriced with dishes with fancy names and not so good service.

Andres Ruiz

Elegant, clean, and different taste of plates. If you wanna try something new, this is an amazing place to find it.

Keri Puleio

this place used to be a really great diner. they have totally converted it into a fancier restaurant and veered so far away from a diner that they really should not have the word “diner” outside their doors. they don’t serve breakfast all day anymore and their portions have gotten so small and charge a lot for their food. the food is okay, but not worth the price.

stephanie ibarrola

Love this place. Good food. Fresh orange juice is great.

Byron Norment

Excellent food and service

ken selody

This is a better restaurant masquerading as a diner. Undergoing a new, sleek, hip, update to the interior/exterior. Food has not suffered.

michelle bradley

Fabulous Lavendar Martini and delicious Linguine with clams! Can't wait to go back!

דוד לופו

Good food nice place but way over priced

Carlo P

great all around (breakfast, lunch and dinner) restaurant.

Sharon Joag

Great place!! The restaurant has remade itself into an exquisite restaurant!

Terence Calulo

If you like diners then this is one of the best diners I have ever been to. I read some reviews and they may say it is expensive, but if you think about how forward thinking this dinner is you'll appreciate the love they put into their food. Most diners just crack the can open and reduce costs based on processed/preserved goods. So be careful on those reviews who think all about price. That being said, this is truly the new Americana diner and in fact they changed the name from Diner to Kitchen & Bar. You can taste the freshness as well as health conscious side options for entrees. Here's the pics and their new menu. I must say the renovations are very clean and modern. Did I even mention that the service is world class and the owner stopped by to see how we we're doing. I call this fine "diner-ing". Well done Americana Kitchen & Bar

John Exedaktilos

Beautiful and a tremendous experience just walking in. Food and service; excellent. Cannot beat it. Best Diner in New Jersey.

Grace Elizabeth

Eating at the Americana was a fabulous dining experience. My boyfriend and myself went there a fee days ago for the first time and we were extremely impressed with not only the food but also the with the employees and the overall restaurant itself. Our waitress Maura was amazing her outgoing friendly personality plus her passion and knowledge for food was incredible. In regards to the food it has to be probably the best I've had in a long time. My boyfriend had the braised short ribs with a parsnip puree and roasted baby carrots which was phenomenal, the meat was so tender it melted in your mouth and everything else was just as good. As for myself I had a chopped Mediterranean which consisted of chicken breast, kale, spinach, quinoa, peppers, chick peas, pine nuts and more. The chicken was juicy and ful of flavor and the vegetables where the freshest I've ever had. They support the local farms which is why they have top of the line amazing quality meats and vegetables. As for their dessert I will simply say that everything on the menu is delectable. To put it plainly this was a dining experience like no other. I look forward to eating here again and highly recommend it to everyone.

Finn Stanley

very good food! excellent service, and loving the new #rennovations

Terry Smith

Hard to call this place a diner cause it's not your typical Jersey diner. More of a upscale menu with a bar. Not saying that's a bad thing, my martini was perfect! Wife loved the red snapper dish she had. The seafood paella I enjoyed, good flavor but a little juicy and the rice didn't have that caramelized texture of a great paella. Overall a very good meal.

Diane Notarianni

Food average, small portions and high prices

Drew Stanley

I love Americana! They always have something new to offer; the atmosphere, the food, and the drink menus are ever improving and AKB always finds a way to maintain the classics of their menu. The staff is always thoughtful, aware and friendly and I’ve only ever had incredible experiences here. I cannot wait for many more.

Anthony Ross

Absolutely stunning.. The Renaissance is breathtaking. Great quality of food, great service. Good job Constantine

Sa La

So, I hadn't been here until tonight since the renovations. The food was amazing as always, I had the impossible burger which is vegetarian, and it was delicious and surprisingly beefy! Chips and guacamole and carrot cake also on point. So, my only "complaintish" is that, I've been coming to americana for over 20 years and its surely not the same. I wish the best to them in cultivating the customers they hope to with their new look/style. Definitely not a "catch-all customer" type of establishment anymore. I'm the casual diner one, its not really fit for that anymore. I'm not really sure why they changed it so much from what it was.

Sean Is Kinda Neat

If I could leave negative stats I would. Dirty kitchen, insufferable staff, all their good is frozen, just disgusting all around. Don't waste your money here.

Jock Beeker

First time here. Went in because the pork roll egg and cheese was suggested. They no longer serve it. Also was told the cheese steak sandwich was pretty good here. They no longer serve it. No regular ketchup, only Kensington ketchup. I got the omlet with bacon, olives, and mozzarella. It was pretty good. Toast was too hard to eat. Butter was too cold to spread. Waiter was very nice. Coffee wasn't hot. And it was all overpriced. 30 dollars for two breakfasts, ridiculous. I will never go back and locals I told about it won't be returning. I see where they are going with it, but it needs to be a NJ diner again.

Nisu Gohel

Recently remodeled and better menu. Food is good.

Sam Parker

With the renovations and the hiring of the General Manager, Massimo, Americana has become the absolute best restaurant in AT LEAST a 45 minute radius. The new menu is incredible. The bar has a terrific selection of craft beers. Massimo's new wine list is truly something special. The renovations are absolutely beautiful and created an ambiance which is very singular. The staff keeps the restaurant stunningly clean and seem to take great pride in their work. Americana is now the perfect place for happy hour with coworkers, family outings, celebrations which require a private room, dates you'd like to impress, and a perfect place to bring that Foodie who thinks he knows all of the best spots. And! They're currently working on getting outdoor seating. I honestly don't have much of a reason to go anywhere else. This is easily my favorite restaurant in the state. (The only reason I was reluctant to write this review was because once word gets out, I may have to wait in line for a table. )

Jacqueline Perodeau

When it’s good it’s great. The problem is, the kitchen is not always good. No complaints about the wait staff. They are all fantastic. There seems to be sporadic confusion in the kitchen (recently more often than not). The weekday breakfast menu Bagel Deluxe was supposed to come with trout roe but it was missing from the platter. On a different visit: burnt fries, dry chicken breast on the new chicken sandwich (used to be Cali Chicken Sandwich). Occasionally rotten leaves in the salad: about 1 in 3 salads. Hit or miss. Recommendation: verify the food you order is what you’ll get or send it back. Or fix whatever disorder is happening in the back.

Erica P

Well, I've known this place to be a classic NJ diner for over 20 years so I'm used to them having a more traditional fare that consists of a 24 hour breakfast menu, and a huge selection of lunch, dinner, soups, salads, snacks, appetizers, and desserts. Now they have considerably shrunken the menu, no longer a diner style atmosphere nor restaurant concept and lean more towards being a cafe or bistro and bar. They have been doing construction on the outside of this place for a while and it sure does reflect in the prices. I was so taken aback by the new menu that we just ordered 2 burgers and 1 soup totally $35 bucks. I was hoping that the burger would justify the price but honestly, I've had better at Five Guys. In fact their burger didn't satisfy my craving for a burger at all. The bread to party ratio is off, they should look at brioche buns that don't dome on top making it too bready. The fries were ok but not memorable. Everything was just very average. Im surely disappointed in my meal last night.

Gordon 827

Great food. Beautiful ambience

Theresa Kauffmann

Love this place. Great service and amazing food. They also have a nice selection of vegan, vegetarian and gf foods!

Anthony Manna

DO NOT EAT HERE! Since they changed from a diner to a regular restaurant it has been awful, went there today for dinner around 6, and there was absolutely no one in there. As for the food, I have never tasted something so bad in my life, mashed rutabaga was tasteless mush. $50 for one of the worst meals I’ve ever had, thanks for the switch Americana!!

Cardhu Anon

A great place. Very professional and upscale atmosphere crossed with a relaxed diner vibe. Excellent food and drinks with a quite varied menu. A really nice place to visit. Highly recommended.

L Sanchez

Everything I’ve had here is excellent. Since you can’t try it all in one visit, you’ll have to come back.

Michelle Dewey

Super impressed! This is the NEW American Diner Experience and it's AWESOME!

Ken Loder

Nice atmosphere with new renovations. Attentive staff and good food & drinks (20 good beers on tap). I'll be back!

Nathan Dube

The place is run very well and the manager Massimo is of a class I rarely encounter these days, old world service, expert

Joanne Manela

It was almost 80* in there. The bathroom sinks have Dyson hand driers attached right to the faucets and the sinks are shallow so when you dry your hands it blows the sink water up all over your face and hair. I had sliders and they were good, but they gave my well done ones to my mother and her medium ones to me. We only found out when we bit into them. Then it was too late. They dont have a system to mark the meat doneness in the kitchen.

Jenny Green

Loving the upgrades! Can't wait until they finish renovating!

Richard Sugalski

Really an upscale restaurant disguised as a diner. Very good food. A bit pricey. Limited menu.

Dan Brown

The food is amazing, though we warn everyone away from the juice shooter - it tastes like dirt. Hilarious when people don't believe us though. Free entertainment in that respect gives it the extra star! Can't wait for the construction to be finished, the place looks great!

Mr Wall St

Nice remodel of this place. Attentive servers and great overall service. We enjoyed our food and the overall experience. Will definitely be back and especially so close to home in Monroe.


Great online catering platform. Very user friendly. Place always has tasty food. What a great renovation they did. It’s a must try!


Newly renovated, modern, delicious fresh food. Food was quality, delicious but simple, freshly made. An avocado salad came with my omelet. It was unbelievably delicious.

Uriel Sanchez Jimenez

It is a great place to eat good service and yummy food.

Alyson Brown

I was a little broken up to walk in and see the old counter gone and the other room for mixed cocktails and dinners for adults that always had that air of the 1950s about it. Now it looks like just another nondescript restaurant inside. Everything is taupe and grey brown. I hated it. The food is still amazing. But I was sad to see the changes.


Used to be a big fan of old diner but went back and did not enjoy new menu and they messed up our order. Kitchen wouldn’t even make old menu items and what we did order was small and unappealing. Went from being an excellent outstanding diner to a less than mediocre hipster restaurant. Would absolutely not recommend coming back here. If your reading this please change your ways to a old great diner :( . Like to bring back the old Americana

Amanda Callahan

Excellent food and service! We have eaten here a few times and have never been disappointed. If you are looking for the typical dinner with a thousand things on the menu that they can pull out of a freezer at any time to serve you, you should go to a different diner. This diner serves fresh food and has a select menu. Their bread is some of the best I've eaten! Highly recommend

Diana Affuso

A great stop on backroads to Jersey shore.Food is terrific. Ask for the bread at table service.

Josephine Renna

The renovations & atmosphere are beautiful!! Good was delicious.definitely going to go to the Americana Kitchen & Bar again!!

Lisa Hill

Constantine has done a great job transforming this venue from a regular diner to a one-a-kind boutique experience. Totally new layout, similar unique menu. Both food quality and service generally good, for some it's a learning curve. Massimo, the General Manager, makes every effort to ensure your satisfaction.

No Way

We went for brunch.I felt the service experience and ambiance well deserved the $13-$15 per plate we spent. EXCELLENT service and staff. Still finishing the remodel. It is clear that the time has been spent to provide an enhanced customer experience. Bar looks great for after work crowd and dinner, outdoor area looks to be fun a wine cellar and a private function room. Check it out if you have not stopped in yet I promise it is worth a visit

David Friedman

Great food and service, the place was completely redone and looks fantastic. Can't wait until the outdoor area opens

kevin kimberlin

They ruined what was a good place to eat. This is no longer a diner. Menu is sparse and overpriced. They give you bread in a bag uncut and no good knife to cut it with. I used the butter knife and wound up cutting through the paper menu and almost into the table. Garlic bread was good though. Trying to be upscale, there are enough of those restaurants. My wife got the short ribs for 23 dollars and they gave her two little ribs and two tablespoons of mashed potatoes. RIP off. I had corn beef hash with two eggs and it cost 15 bucks. Double of what it should cost. My son got clams over linguine. They barely gave him any pasta. We all left still hungry even after eating most of the bread.

Jo Anne C.

Excellent food. Perfect portions. Friendly staff and atmosphere. I highly recommend.

Eric Wolff

Interesting diner / restaurant venue. Not your typical diner. Cook is definitely chef level, and has many interesting dishes and side dishes. The presentation on the plates is many time fine dining level, and generally everything I've ever ordered is excellent. They are in the process of an expansion and upgrade. Presumably to make the venue seem more in line with the quality of the food. Inside and outside of building was nice, but seemed needed upgrade to compare with what chef was trying to offer inside. Outside especially needed a more elegant or grand exterior given quality and presentation of food was by far above diner level. Looking forward to seeing what new facade and expansion will look like.

Michael Young

The only thing on the menu that jumped out at me was corned beef hash with two eggs. Eggs were cooked as ordered; hash looked perfect, but almost tasteless. And what is with the dressed greens and sliced avocado on the side? Staff was pleasant enough but made several mistakes at our table of 7. Is this a nice place? Absolutely! It is just not for me.

Bryan Friedman

Love Americana! The updates they made to the layout and menu only add to the excellence. I moved out of E Windsor 7 years ago when it was more of a diner/sports bar and now it's trying to be a formal restaurant. Same great wait staff - the best!! Wish they kept some of the older menu favorites though, but I can appreciate the desire to keep evolving. If you come here, you will have a terrific meal, i assure you.

Anthony Williamson

Like most modern diners making the transition to more upscale fare, Americana has made drastic changes. For sure this is no longer a diner as the prices are exorbitant, the portions are small and the atmosphere is trendy in every sense of the word. Servers are pleasant and engaging and seem to genuinely want to provide a good experience but they are hampered by the menu. The dishes at first glance appear incredibly appetizing yet when they come to your table you find yourself asking “where’s the rest of it?” A small but beautifully flavorful meal can be forgiven, this is not the case here. While not awful by any means there are decidedly better meals available at more reasonable costs. My wife had the SMALLEST chicken breast sandwich I’ve ever seen, my mother had fish and chips with fish that was flavorless and bland. I had the poke bowl that was decent enough but I could have gone to a real sushi place for a decidedly better flavored and better costing meal. And the water was straight from the kitchen sink. if the goal is to appeal to a younger more trendy crowd they will definitely reel in those with a palate more partial to Taco Bell and McDonald’s. But more discerning tastes will look elsewhere for a meal on a Friday night. All in all, it felt more like we were paying for Americana’s recent renovations than for a quality meal. I may come back once all the work is complete and they return to a more balanced and fair experience.

Kathy Johnson

Upscale diner . You can get a burger or steak dinner. Prices are a bit upscale as well. Not the usual larger portions in a typical diner. I felt there weren't as many choices either. On a positive note attentive hostess and waiter. Food was served warm. Seating was comfortable, with many options and some larger tables to accommodate a crowd. They put out complimentary bread with dinner..that was good. They also sell bread, so I decided to buy some. The manager gave us some loaves for free. Overall a nice place with nice staff, but I just am not drawn to go again. Not enough dinner options on the menu .

Sean M.

Outstanding! Americana just became my favorite place to eat. The food here is delicious!!! We've been twice now and ordered different everything to sample the menu and it was all amazing. Even the bread is so good that they sell it on the way out. They have a bar, a very nice wine list and a sommelier on staff to boot. We truly enjoyed each meal. Great job Americana!

BlackDeath Vader

Decent food. Tons of service issues. Menu issues. They are having lots of growing pains, coming from being a diner. I have been patient over the years but wont be back. If only it could have remained the local upscale diner everyone went to for happy hour; it's a shame really.

denise schaffer

Ok so here is my honest review. I know Americana has been updating and renovating over the last (IDK... Decade?) and that's GREAT! However, please do not call yourself a diner. You are no longer a diner. I have to say, I was very interested in their dishes when I visited. I have an adventurous palate and I love to try new things. I visited with my mother and she could not find a single thing she would eat at lunch. There were too many new-age options and no "diner classics" at all. She just wanted a normal salad, but nothing of the sort was to be found. Furthermore, we were sat next to an extremely rowdy group of women who were so loud we couldn't even hear eachother speak. This is awesome for them and I hope they had a great afternoon, however, maybe seat us farther away? After all this we had to leave before we even got greeted. The prices were just icing on the cake. Diner food shouldn't cost $40 for two people for lunch. I love that they've rolled with the punches and tried to stay updated, but this is NOT a diner. I wish them the best of luck but I will not be back.


This place is a far-cry from the diner it used to be. Also, last call at the bar was 11pm... on a Friday. That being said, the food was pretty decent and the drinks were good. They are definitely moving away from a family-friendly old school diner establishment.

Anupam Sheth

Good food, good service, very popular place. Definitely make reservations on holidays and special days like mother's day. Extensive menu.

Jenelle Shimko

Excellent take on a modern fine dining experience. The portions are perfectly sized and the quality of the food is second to none. The menu is excellent with clear gluten free and vegetarian options marked clearly.

Ryan Tolboom

Fresh new design and a slimmed down, contemporary menu. Delicious. Also has electric car chargers.

linda q

Just has a delicious meal and the service was outstanding. As soon as you walk in you feel like you are on vacation. Renovations still going on so will be more beautiful.


I have had breakfast, brunch and dinner at Americana and each time I have enjoyed the experience a great deal. There is a traffic light with turning arrows directly in front of the establishment and this makes entering and exiting the premises both easy and safe. There is ample parking on all sides of the building. Wheelchair bound patrons have the use of a ramp and reserved parking. I am not sure how many the restaurant seats but with the renovations, I think they can hold a lot. There are now two rooms that can be reserved for various social needs.The menu is not huge but it is seasonal so it changes often and the fare offered is excellent and caters to every culinary preference. The staff is courteous, pleasant and knowledgeable. There is a bakery on premises so patrons can purchase their choice bread. The restaurant has a liquor license so one can have beer, wine hard liquor or cocktails as he or she prefers. I must give props to the management for keeping the bathrooms very clean. Among the appetizers I have enjoyed are Fritto Misto, Lamb Meatballs and Spanish Octopus Ala Plancha. Among the Entrees I recommend are the Braised Short Rib, Bronzino Filet and the Gorgonzola Bacon Burger. Among the desserts I like are the Sweet Potato Cheesecake, Blueberry tart and Mango Mousse. I highly recommend this restaurant. I have had some wonderful and affordable meals here.Bon Appetit.

phone rand

Very nice new interior. Excellent food. Outside is still under construction. I look forward to the finished place.

Victor C

Been going here for 20+ years and it has only gotten better over the years. The long time favorite has been the Reuben which had shrunk a bit over the years. Almost everything on the menu is very good. Since they've added the bar, they have top notch cocktails and will stuff olives on the spot. Their sister spot, Skylark is good as well. Will keep going back!

Heather Orrison

Fell in love with this restaurant from the first time I ate there. Excellent menu with many options, I can barely choose one thing when I go in. I come to New Jersey to eat at Americana. Great for a sit down experience or a quick grab and go. I highly recommend their huevos rancheros and their fish and chips.

Dan Morgenstern

Used to be a diner (it's been a long time since I visited). Food was good, remodeling looks great, but be aware the menu has changed and is more expensive - they are going for fancy. Very nice, just not my thing.

Becky Leonard

They took what used to be a good diner into a hipster restaurant. The hostesses were surly and condescending. A cup of tea was $5.99 green or black I'm sure you could of bought a whole box for that. Prices were high and portions small. This was our second try since it changed. We walked out and left our American Kitchen Rewards card on the table. Good luck with the change, you will need it.

Mildred S

Dinner and service was outstanding.

kassie fair

I love this place. The food has ALWAYS been amazing and I love the staff. They are so friendly and pleasant.

Lisa Evans

Super Yummy AwesomeLiscious! Love their new menu. I come often now!

Aces Wild

Used to love going here when it was a diner. Good luck Constantine. I wish you all the best. Glad to see Beckham Rodgers approves.

Fulvio Cesco-cancian

Pretentious low grade diner. Mediocre fare at high prices. Definitely not worth it!

Rich Stubbs

We've watched this place transform from a run of the mill diner to a upscale diner with exquisite menu options that are artfully and masterfully prepared, taste delicious, and make you want to come back for more.

Jared Fiacco

Awesome farm to table dining experience with great service and incredible interior design.

Gene Cass

This started as a regular diner but is transforming into a high end eatery still carrying the diner moniker. Great food, really nice ambiance, did i say great food! A bit pricey but worth it.

Jonathan McCann

American is in the midst of a major facelift! The food here has always been excellent, and their menu has gone from a typical diner to next level gourmet twists on classic diner fare. The food remains ahead of the rest. Their prices do reflect their upgrade- with an omelette costing around $15. They do include ‘starters’ as part of your meal, which adds a classy touch. They also have two large private rooms to accommodate events. All in all- it’s a really nice interior, good service and great food.

Dina Patel

Food is over priced for what you get. It's definitely not a diner. BLT fell apart and skimped on the bacon. Burger was ok but not worth the price. Service wasn't good, everyone seemed confused and disorganized.

Kyle Peskosky

Went in to try Lunch since I have not eaten here since they have done the renovation and the menu change. The service was good, but the food was just ok. Will have to come back and try dinner. The drink selection does sound good as well.

Vaughn Foster

The food was incredible! The service was friendly amd professional! I look forward to dining with them again!

David Elias

Save room for the bread. It's fantastic. And the rest of the food is also fantastic. It's generally a fantastic diner.


New look is awesome. But the food was not. 3 of us got the burger ($15 to high if you ask me) it was blandwith no flavor and they messed up mothers one sadly. They also messed up and brought the wrong drink for her too. I understand that you need to make up costs of the renovation but high prices salads that barely have anything on them and a burger with bacon that's $17 is not worth it. Heck Fridays gives more for the money plus better tasting. Hope this all changes soon used to enjoy the food here now there's not much.

Glenda Daniel

Loved this place before the remodel. It was welcoming prior to this new look, now higher prices and much smaller portions. Definitely not what it was known for. Will not return to this place and go to Town Diner up the street.

Mz. Opinionated

The decor is amazing. The menu...not so much. It needs to be expanded upon a tad more. There is NOTHING for vegetarians or even vegans to eat as a main entree for dinner. That is unacceptable. They changed it from the lovely diner it used to be to this place. It is absolutely NO LONGER A DINER! Maybe for brunch or lunch I may return but overall. I don't see me making any frequent visits. I had dinner w/a friend last night and I was only able to get the mashed potatoes, and some veggies which are a la carte. They don't even have a vegan or vegetarian pasta dish! No eggplant or penne w/marinara sauce with garlic bread. No simplicities.


Good sandwiches. Pricy for a diner.

Kelli Sanchez

Food is great as always but the recent renovations really put it over the top. I love coming here with friends and family. I only wish I was closer!

Katharine Johnson

Great service. Menu completely revamped. This is very much not a diner anymore. Hipster. Delicious bacon. Get it even if it doesn't pair with anything you order. Also don't bother with the shot of beet/apple juice as your option with entree. It's way too much apple and overly sweet. I had the TABLET sandwich. Amazing!

Michael Ilcyn

My family and I have been coming here for years and have never been disappointed. Great food at a great price, with a well trained wait staff and managers who actually called us after Mother's and Father's Days to make sure we enjoyed our meals. The kitchen does a great job keeping the menu updated and seasonal. Coming here is like coming to a welcoming friend's place, and is one of the few restaurants everyone in my family always enjoys. Keep up the good work Americana!

Aditya Kotta

Major renovations have opens up the restaurant. I miss the old diner feel if the Americana, times are a changing. Food was same as before and good as far as diners go. Good variety, diner prices.

Bridget Mary

The Americana use to be a NJ diner. Then they uped their game with an addition that included a bar & a fancy menu. My last visit in March of 2019 was my first time there in at least 7 years. Not impressed... they now take reservations which made the wait on a Sunday morning crazy. We were told about 15 minute wait which turned into 25. Their latest renovations took the counter service away so that wasn’t an option. Finally got a table. The waitress was lovely. The kitchen staff insanely slow. Honest to God we waited 40 minutes for an omlet & scrambled eggs. Maybe if they didn’t bring your food out on a 3 tiered plate holder it would come out faster

Constantine K

My apologies for breaking with protocol and adding a review here. (Disclosure: I am the proprietor of Americana). However, I’m feeling so grateful and humbled by our dedicated, kind and intelligent team, that I felt compelled to add my review as a thank you to this incredible group of people. I am so excited to work with you!!

CB Fischer

No longer the diner of long ago, which is good and bad. The completely redone interior is lovely--airy and comfortable. The breakfast food was excellent. There were four of us and we all had something different. The prices match the more upscale vibe.

Jay Jopam

Difficult to review, without comparing to the earlier "Diner" version, but for fans of the old, the Americana you once knew has disappeared. The owner's move to upscale to a more modern vibe and increase margins was certainly a logical one, but presents difficults comps vs nearby Princeton venues. The new Americana has significantly less variety of choice, smaller portions and higher prices, which will be disappointing to long term fans. The current offering no longer provides the quality and value combo it once did & I believe diners would be better served at one of the many Princeton venues at similar price points. The new Americana is a fine restaurant, but no longer special in it's current market segment. For nearly 20 years, I was a regular patron, but sadly, I see no reason to clutter my wallet with an Americana loyalty card anymore. I thank the Americana for the many years of phenomenal service & wish the staff good luck in their transition. Unfortunately, for my family, the current version is just not for us. Good Luck!

Kurt Guo

The food is pretty good, but not worth the price. This place has nearly doubled in price after the renovation.


New look and food is excellent.

Whole Cloth

Good, not great Surprisingly expensive because we went to have lunch in a diner. A little fancier than expected. Not just a decent place with burgers and fries at diner prices. Now cashew milk shakes and quinoa have arrived.

Ujjwal Sehgal

Great ambience, amazing food and the best chocolate truffle cake. A must visit. The staff is very friendly as well.

Lisa Pendleton

Excellent food and service

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