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Ezequias Lamarche

I love Akbar. Nice atmosphere. The food is on point even for the India native. Try the mango Lassi with a shot of Malibu rum. My personal creation... you're welcome!!

Kimeron McCombs

Good food. Goodnight.

Asif Billa

It's pretty big. Simultaneously multiple events can be arranged here. I attended for my office party. Food is really great. Tasty. I would highly recommend this place for a small visit or any social gathering, parties. They have drinks service as well.

Sorab Kochhar

Food was pretty good, the place has decent servers, and overall not too bad. Parking lot needs paving and some work could be done on the outside.

Roopa . Dileep Pharsiyawar

This place is the best. The food, the ambience, everything is amazing. The mosaics on the walls are marvelous and the water cascading down is mesmerizing. My family goes here every time we are in Edison. I would most definitely recommend this place.

Ruchie Shrivastava

Holi party was great fun. Hard to get parking if you are going for such events please reach early if you are late else park little further.

bharat c

Good ambience and food.. Somehow we felt veg dishes are probably not as good as the non veg dishes.

Blizzard Account

This place has always been great! I've gone back numerous times and know the staff well now. Great people. The food is always tasty - especially if it is made to order. The buffet is usually pretty good, but like most buffets the food is generally not going to be as good as if you order it fresh. The pricing is reasonable for the quality of food you get. Also, all these people complaining about automatically added gratuity - that's done for parties of 4 or more. They don't just add it randomly when they feel like. Says it right on the menu, but as usual - people don't read and then complain about stuff they should've known about in the first place. Lastly, all of these 1-star reviews seems to be coming from rival Indian restaurants brigading the reviews section. Other than the Food court in North Edison, Akbar beats the rest of the local Indian eateries hands down. Anyone with a 1-star review here is highly suspect.

Rakesh Jena

If the owners of this restaurant are reading this review, then i suggest please have your manager trained to give a better customer service. We went to discuss for a baby shower event and the banquet hall manager was very rude and arrogant. He wasn't aware if BYOB was allowed or not, i gave reference of a friend who had his marriage a year back and he had BYOB, then without trying to find out what services my friend had taken, the manager directly quoted me the price that my friend was given. Although the manager should realize that my friend had a marriage party and had two rooms booked, but he didnt even bother finding.He was comparing my small baby shower event to a marriage party. He had no interest to find out what exactly my requirements were but instead jumped to a price with no logical reasoning. No matter how much good your restaurant is , but if you are rude and your customer service is bad, then its a strict NO- NO.

Jharna Mehta

I had my wedding here on July 1st 2018. We were made promises that were in the contract we signed with akbar. On the day of the wedding, there was no air conditioner, cocktail hour had been moved inside, the tables had to be turned over by my friends, I last minute had to find a decoration company which thankfully did the tables and the mandap. I had to find the company last minute because of Akbar refusing to decorate the way I wanted them to for my wedding, which again was in the contract. They had no staff guiding my guests where to go and barely had anyone working. It’s safe to say that it was by far the most unprofessional staff and terrible venue to book a wedding. Lying to people about what will be delivered on their wedding day is unacceptable. Thankfully I hired amazing outside vendors who were able to bring the place to life. I recommend NOT using them for any wedding events. I never write reviews for places but I don’t want anyone to go through the same hassle and stress I did. We deserve a full refund.

Mohammed Younus

On July 2nd at 6pm, I went for my friend's Nikka party. The place was very unhygienic. Very dirty. The service was really bad. There was no one to serve drinks at the bar or the to give out the food. Plates were not clean. No glasses were given out. Plastic cups were given for drinks. The food tasted really nasty. The groom and bride went to speak to management and they were ignored and walked away rudely. One of the management yelled at the bride and this is very unprofessional to yell at a customer especially on their wedding day. They were paid to provide a service and they did not deliver. Very disappointed. Would never do my own events at this location.

Arun Malhotra

Food for big function was not that great and lousy dessert

Divyesh Patel

We had our anniversary hosted at Akbar . Hall was very nicely decorated and service was top notch from bartender to manager. I personally delt with Rohit and on the day of event mostly with Dasbhai. They accomated all of our request in timely fashion. They also make special arrangment for the people who were fasting on that day at our last minute request. Thank you to Rohit, dasbhai and rest of the staff at Akbar for making our event memorable.

Lokesh Mohapatra

I was there to attend a birthday party celebration. The hall has ample space to accommodate about 70 adults and children. Food was good. But, I felt, it was not COMPLETE, There were few gaps identified by the guests, Things like sound system and decoration were missing. Surprisingly, Those were part of the contract but the manager simply denied to provide and asked the host (my friend) to arrange by himself. He was got cheated by the manager. In other word, He did not get what he paid for. Think twice before selecting this.

Muhammad Rehman

It was a nice place nice Hall but there service is slow but the food is okay

the ministry of salvation

Don't waste your time


Horrible service and shahi nawabi biryani is jus so bad taste

raj singh

The staff is chill here. We usually come here for our movie script discussion and nice food and shots. Chill place

Rashid Ahmed

Very good place for large events . Plenty of Parking . Mostly peaceful ambience. Great food. Nice crew

brijesh bhavsar

I attended a wedding event at this place which has large ball room for birthday, wedding or baby shower events.. The decoration was cool and service was nice too. I loved the appetizer over here but did not like my lunch dishes here. Bar is cool and drinks are at reasonable prices.

Mitesh Champaneri

Very nice restaurant and the hall are big and in affordable prices, all occasions allowed.

mike sandhu

good food , just that I was expecting more in taste in dal makhni.

Richa Agnihotri

A nice place for family gathering parties.We did one of our party here and asked them to do the decorations(we have to pay), the time we reached there everything was done and it was looking good. The food was good. If u are having small party they will give u half of dining area and the food is what they have in buffet that day. U can also request some of ur food items in the buffet. Overall nice experience.

Saad J

The manager, Mrs. Melhotra was very rude. The food for our event tasted nothing like what we had tasted there at our food tasting appointment. They also charged us an absurd amount for unexpected overhead without involving us in the final headcount of our guests.

Rahul Patil

Food was great! Especially the kurkuri bhendi.

mehedi hossain

I had a bad experience in this July 2 one my friend nikka party the service was bad we had to serve our own drinks and their staffs were gone after few minutes

Sujat Kapre

decent ambience and very good food loved the place

Jayant Rajkotia

It's a public gathering place for different religions, and social activities.

Connie Petty

Food was excellent and so was the service. Definitely a do again

Kirti Meghnani

Nice decent buffet with chaat as starters. Quite economical too at USD 13. The house wine was also nice

Manu B

I've been coming here for about 18 years now. It's s special place to me. I can't come too often but it's that place that we come for special occasions or if family comes to town. The atmosphere is astonishing. Truly amazing and all the detail will leave you breathless. The service. These guys have been there since the beginning. If their staff stays that long it means they are treated well and it's a good place to stay. The service is above par compared to restaurants around the area. The bar is great. A bit slow at times but it's still good. The food honestly. It's really good food. Price is a bit high but it's still somewhat normal for Indian restaurants. Personally I'd say their quality of food is better than most Indian restaurants. When you approach the place. It looks like a castle wall. To the right you will see 2-3 banquet halls. And usually there is always a party going on. In the back towards the left it's their restaurant. The door is nice and nullifies the outside noise really well. I love this place.

Amrik Singh

This place use to be very good but I found now there service is very slow. Food is great everything is fine but some of their people are not taking care of their customers right I mean not paying attention. I am talking about their regular restaurant. That Indian lady manager b should pay more attention.

Siddhi Oak

amazing restaurant! Must visit

Gunjan Arora

We had our SAREE function March 23,2019..Akbar RESTAURANT IS VERY VERY GOOD.Food was amazing and Service was very good and professional,I heard that few people are complaining but it’s like they don’t want to pay and expect stars and moon ....Any way it was So much fun And Mr & Mrs Malhotra was So much Helpful as always Allowed us to play HOLI IN THERE BEAUTIFUL GARDEN...Can’t wait to go there again !!!!!Had Fun

Saketh Sitaram

Great Food, I haven't eaten there formally but I was there for a party. I could definitely eat the food again. Really tasty!

Jenn Pesut

Some of the best Indian food I have ever had! Portions were a bit smaller than expected but not too small and the abundance of flavors more than made up for it!

Sanjay Agnihotri

We are here in states for a short trip from India. everything was well planned and organized. Food was awesome too.

Vasanthan Ravindran

Its below average. It have a good party hall. I don't like the food

Murali C

I loved this restaurant! The look from outside and the ambience inside is like a mini fort. While walking inside, saw plenty of place for large parties. The food by itself was very good. The lamb chops was top notch. We ordered few vegetarian dishes plus fish etc. All turned out to be very tasty. The biriyani we ordered was slightly a let down. It definitely was not a 'dum' biriyani but made for that order. Overall, a good experience.

Zahrah Ilyaas

The foodead so good.

Robert Germinario

Every time that I eat dinner at Akbar it is exactly what I am hoping for in terms of taste and freshness. Never have had a bad meal here and cannot wait to go back!

Habeeba Elwalily

I went to a wedding, as well as a baby shower here before. The halls are pretty and the staff do their job well. The food was very good, particularly the chickpea salad. The rasmalai should be served in bigger portions. The place is not the calmest ambiance, so if you want a more chill relaxing kinda vibe for your event this os not it. It is good for parties.

Akanksha Verma

Very good food and nice spacious interiors. They have a full bar also. Can’t wait to try their lunch buffet. Conviniently located off of route 1

Joseph Short

My Friend suggested me this place and was absolutely Right!!! Food is flavourful and Staff is Nice. Environment is Relaxing and I enjoyed my Food very Much. This location is Well maintained and I would love to visit this place again and try other things as well

carl owens

One of my favorite places for lunch foods great and so is the service..

ghost ghost

Amazing Indian buffet. Two rooms - one vegetarian one meat. Nice decor and ambience. Good place for dating, evening events or semi formal meal

Sagrey Turjo

I attended in a wedding there. It was a desi cultural wedding. The place is nice. Had a few Big rooms, for few different events. There was a birthday event right beside our wedding event. Very sound proof, we didn't even feel like something was going on beside us. Stuffs are friendly. & serve their best with the best service. Have a nice backyard with green grass. Good place for taking photos.

Manideep Dhanjal

They can do better with event organizations

Blue Bomb Bro

My family and I went there for a party. It suffices to say that we would never consider going back there ever again. The hall was set up with the cheapest furniture. The chairs were all broken where the seats were literally separated from the chairs and every time someone got up the seat followed and fell to the floor. The food was of poor quality and taste. The fried pakoras must have been fried in a month old and overly used oil. The minute I ate a piece, my stomach exploded with pain. Not only that we had to deal with bad atmosphere and bad food, my cousin found a bug on her chicken. She freaked out! It also seemed like the plates and glasses were not cleaned properly. They all had stains on them. What an awful experience. Spare yourself and stay away.

Milind Rangnekar

Ordered Dawat-E-Sjahajahan.... It was a lot of food for 1 person. Delicious though. There was this awful smell in the restaurant. Asked manager. The owner came and explained it was due to carpet cleaning. He apologize.

Devvrat Patel

The food was good but the service was just horrible. The manager himself was the worst. He was very arrogant with his replies and never gave a straight answer. Also, he had an accent which made it hard for us to understand him and when we asked him to repeat he got frustrated and started being more rude to us. After all of this, he had the audacity to argue about the tip that was given to him and when we did not listen to him he tossed the check away after we payed. Honestly, if they want to have some business, they should fire people like this. The worst restaurant experience ever.

Sudipta Udgata

I had my daughter's 1st birthday party there.i was so much excited but feel like got cheated by these people . They had charged for decoration and decoration were just for namesake, few balloons only. Nothing was there at the cake cutting place.Only a table with a white dirty table cloth. when i asked for some decoration at cake cutting place, They asked $150 for 2 normal iron poles, a cloth and labor cost( Labor cost is too high in Akbar it seems, for 1 min job they are charging more than $100). Party hall was good but without any sound system.On asking they said you have to pay an extra amount for that or go ahead and get your own during the party time which wasn't possible at all. Manager behavior is not at all professional. I generally don't like to write review or comment but this time I had to because I am very much upset with everything . I can give 1 star to the party hall only otherwise i'll not recommend anyone to Akbar. :( :(

Saravan Mathesh

I was there for a birthday party, the food was just ok, rice is not boiled well. not worth for $s charged. hope you will change in future. disappointment.

Dipal Soni

Stay away if possible. We had our baby shower there all other indian banquet halls were reserved. A week before the event they call us to charge us extra $$$ for opening hall an hr early for decoration. Nothing was mentioned at the time of booking the hall. They promised us a lot of things- Jain food, tea coffee but nothing was delivered. My family member had to leave the event and bug the manager to arrange those things. Finally it was set up but it was too late. They also told us we will have access to garden area but it was blocked by waiters there cleaning dirty dishes so practically impossible to use it. Food was mediocre. Very disappointed with the whole experience. Beware multiple things will be promised at the time of booking but nothing would be delivered.

Shabbir Ziyai

Good place for traditional Indo/Pak food. The ambience is really nice. Item prices are reasonable though currys are on higher end. All of our dishes taste good except Goat biryani which seems not fully cooked.

bimal joshi

Very nice place for food, meetings and Party

Mouktika Nelabhotla


Rhitajit Sarkar

Couple of big halls, nice open garden area with stage or "mandap" and associated restaurant makes it a quite good choice for arranging various ceremonies to the local Indian community. Staff were courteous, and the manager attentive. A bigger and cleaner restroom is highly essential.

Shilpan Patel

Great food in the restaurant and in the banquet halls. Good space, attentive staff. Will definitely book another event here.

Nirav Patel

The restaurant looked nice and one of my friend suggested me to go here. I went their and had an awful experience. The food was half cooked and as well as I felt it was tasteless. Also the roti was like gum you have to keep chewing it like it. The paneer was barely cooked. I would not go back to this place again.

binita patel

Terrible place to have an event. The ceiling was broken at few places and almost falling off. Food quality is below the standard.

Srikkanth Rajendran

$$ on your wallet. Cold servings. Cottage cheese based dishes is awesome.

Sameera T

Went for dinner there last night with family, the food was very good and I love the spacious interiors. The service could have been a notch better. And when the restaurant is using tablets to take orders, then the management needs to train their servers better, our server took forever to enter our order on his tablet, seemed as if he was doing it for the first time. It took so long that we had to suggest him to use a pen and paper instead to take our order.

Jinesh Patel

Food during dinner time ala carte is good, very accommodative staff and management....

July Lacsamana

I am giving this restaurant a 5 star for customer service. Me and my mother went there to eat dinner. We did the buffet since we have no clue of what to order. It was the first time that my mother ate at an Indian restaurant. It was a bit spicy for her. A nice gentleman, I think he is the manager came to the rescue and came back with some very delicious chicken as if the chicken has been marinated in a cream. We took it to go since my mother was really tired at that time since it was a long day. The food was wrapped in a fancy duck like art. Also the bread was great. I just want to reiterate my gratitude to the manager. I appreciate it, you went above and beyond trying to accommodate us. Thank you again.

Rubab Qureshi

The place has no air conditioning! Beware.

HJB Productions

Upscale and beautiful decor. Was there to do a shoot for UberEats and the place is impressive.

Peter B

We had buffet lunch at Akbars yesterday. The food was delicious and the price was quite reasonable. The buffet included curry chicken, chicken biryani, tandoori chicken, a dish with tofu, and a green vegetable and chick pea dish. All of these dishes were rich and tasty, not overly sweet, and medium spicy. In contrast to so many buffets where the food is at best luke warm, this food was all piping hot and ready to eat. I was a little surprised that there were not more dishes and perhaps some lamb, but that was the only drawback. The atmosphere is also quite nice, the tables are comfortable and elegant, and the service was attentive.

Farah Ahsan

The food was awesome and the stuff extremely friendly and attentive. Can't wait to go back. Loved it!

Shaurya Vardhan

Recently visited for lunch buffet on a weekend. Not so great experience with quality of food and service. Had to literally find someone and then wait for the refill of empty items. Next on cleanliness, the sofa I was sitting with my family was too dirty. Recommend the management to spend money on maintenance instead of TV advertisements for the restaurant.

Jayanta Bakshi

There is grandeur which would appeal to many. Definitely good place to host private parties. Inside looks clean and spacious. Good place for family restaurant. However food is very disappointing. We tried Sunday buffet where quality and quantity ( I meant variety) both did not do a great job. Average taste, Biriyani not at all deserve the name from any respect ( Neither Hydrabadi nor Lucknowi) Not much variety with non veg for Sunday lunch buffet , only chicken rice(Biriyani) , Tandoori chicken and chicken curry. Goat lovers would be disappointed. We have not tried a la carte, however wont recommend for Buffet. Staffs are courteous and doing their best.

Laxman Prabhu

Popular Restaurant and Bunquant hall for small Party.

Ken Ward

Top quality venue, attentive service, broad selection of veg and non-veg dishes, and delicious food!!

Maureen Willenbrock

Most of the food we ordered was delicious. The sauces were wonderful. The waiters were very attentive. The prices were a bit high but overall the experience was very good.

achintya bhavaraju

Pretty good food and spacious. Liked it.

Private Anonymous

The worst Indian restaurant I ever been to. My family had a party there and their food was horrible (it was water down, zero flavor). Not only that, the employees were rude. They were just watching everyone every step we took. I'm not sure what was their problem, but I'll assume they were just annoyed by kid's.

Anupam Sheth

Nice venue to host your event. Reasonably priced. Plenty of parking.

Rohan Awale

Good quality food with nice service

Harish Agarwal

Had been there for b'day celebration. Birthday hall was good but without any sound system. On asking they said you have to pay an extra amount for that or go ahead and get your own during the party time, which wasn't possible at all. Food was okay, not that great. Decorations were just done for the namesake.


Great place to organize event. Good food

Sarwar Quddus

Great food experience..cozy,comfortable courteous staff..

How wazzit

Good place for office meetings, good ambience, good food.

Akshatha Joyis

Decent buffet. Very few items for non-vegetarians. The price is apt for the dishes served.

Mudit Agrawal

The staff isn't helpful at all, food isn't up to the mark, plates dirty, service extremely slow and really uncooperative staff. In a buffet, very few items

Patricia Glover

The food is good I have never been disappointed.

NYC Birthday Clowns

We got to come to Akbar Restaurant for a party and it was a great time! All of the guests seemed so happy with the food and the space. The waitstaff was very attentive and we saw smiles the whole time we were there. Thank you for having us!

Sabbir Hasan

Nice place for all kind family party and gathering.

Avijit Mukherjee

We took a-la-carte, was $125 for 3 of us including cocktails but foods were so sumptuous and behavior of the stuffs are very homely...buffet options are lot cheaper but have not tried yet...

aimen akbar

I don't even want to give a single star, food was very bad, it's wasn't the same we tasted 2 weeks before the event. Also the manager lady Miss Malhotra was very rude and she has no manners when dealing with customers. We are so disappointed and no one should go there.

Subhayan Das

Great place for hosting parties. We hosted a wedding celebration on the Garden and one of the halls. Special shout out to Rohit for amazing decoration, specially making sure the food is refilled and the bar is always stocked. The Akbar team ensure everything is perfect on the special day. We had multiple events lined out through the day, the Akbar team was very willing accommodate our Ad-hoc requests as well. I would recommend this beautiful venue to anyone who is planning to host a big or small party. Ohh did I mention the cost is very reasonable and competitive based on the region.

sandeep vyas

Decent ambiance, courteous employees, decent food. Value for money.

Caitlin McGrory

Beautiful ambience, excellent service and delicious food! Been going here for dinners and buffers for over 15 years. Quality place!

Vijaya Raman

Ok place to go for a quick food

Aiswarya KS

Good place to sit down and eat or get buffet. Food is nice.

Johnathan Kraus

Not impressed. No variety. Not a good taste. But the customer service was good. This was the one Indian buffet place in Edison that I've never been to, been to all the rest. Ambiance is nice. The place looks good. But the food. The food. Not good.

Ramprasad V Vemula

Good place to visit. Mini functions also can be arranged where dining also can be planned.

Irfan Meah

It was a friends nikka and the service was terrible. Food took FOREVER. Plus the manager was very rude when we asked him to put the umbrella up to cover the cake when it started drizzling. Don’t go here. Save your money and time. July 2nd 6pm

Nishi Begum

This place is terrible to host an event. I attend two different wedding and the hospitality by the staff was terrible. They do not do their job right, they don’t clean the table, even after the appetizer, there were dirty dishes and glasses. They don’t want to give you clean glasses if you ask, instead they give you plastic cups. Who gives plastic cups at a wedding? The second wedding I added July 2nd in the evening was the same issue. It came to a point where the bridal’s family started cleaning the tables because they staff wasn’t doing it. When you ask them to clean or do something they give attitude and doesn’t seem like they want to. IF YOU ARE PLANNING TO HOST AN EVENT, PLEASE GO SOMEWHERE ELSE AND DON’T EMBARRASS YOURSELF WITH POOR HOSPITALITY.

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