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REVIEWS OF Ahri's Kitchen IN New Jersey

Joseph Keenan

I had the ramen. Surprisingly spicy although doesn't say so on the menu and actually took away from the taste. Also they forgot my egg, this was a delivery order. However, they're dumplings are good and service was ok.

Jessica Wang

Tried this place on a Saturday for lunch, mainly due to the good reviews online. But also because I like Korean food. You ordered and paid at the counter and sat down to wait for the food. The place was not crowded, so service was prompt. We order two tacos to start. The spicy pulled pork was flavorful on its own, but the bulgogi one needed help from kimchi. The spicy Korean wings were too sweet for my taste. Finally, the seafood tofu stew was tasty, but I wish the portion could be bigger. Each of the dishes we ordered came with kimchi in a very small plastic container. I think they should just add a more generous portion of kimchi directly on the plate. This would save some plastic waste and also make the meal more satisfying (for this kimchi lover at least).

Hyunchul Cho

(Translated by Google) Tofu is mingming and almost sixth stir red pepper paste Vegetables Rice levels not much meat (Original) 순두부는 밍밍하고 제육볶음은 고기가 별로없는 거의 야채 고추장 밥 수준


It's a cute little shop in a residential area with reasonably priced food, not fantastic but it was ok.

Alexandra Nagy

My husband and I ordered food for delivery from here and we were impressed. I ordered the bone in short rib soup and my husband had a meat and rice dish. The soup was still hot when it arrived and it was so tasty. A great dish for this weather. My husband said his dish was very flavorful. We will definitely be ordering from them again.

Ankit Kulkarni

Xunjing Wu

Tasty Korean restaurant. Small space but cozy. Not a place tourists would go but locals find it a hidden gem in the historic Hamilton Park neighborhood.

Bymmas Art

Alise Tifentale

Awesome bowl of Korean ramen, ultimate comfort food, tasty and a good portion too.

Elizabeth Markham

This place is very little, and has only a few tables. You order at the front and they bring out food once it's ready. I've eaten here once on a weekday evening, and gotten takeout once. Both times we've ordered the stuffed fried chicken and another entree. I was so impressed when I we ate there, but our takeout order was sub-par (and they forgot the sauce). It's Americanized, but quite good and definitely a great addition to the neighborhood; someplace I'll consider going on a dark dreary day for a great quick bite but will probably not order delivery from or get takeout on the way home.

Natalie Bruiners

Delicious Korean food! So glad I visited this place, will definitely go again. And it's BYOB

Jacob Davis

Good but pretty overpriced

John C

Very Delicious

Thảo Thanh

Ahri's Kitchen

Alex R

Solid execution on Korean food. Friendly staff. Simple.

Sean Pringle

Great food quick

jun james

Very good

Peter Petredis


Love their vegetable ramen. Good price and fast delivery.

Antony Damianos

Delicious, casual, Korean food.

Global Life

I think they deserve 10 stars,it's addictive, fresh real tasty,small hidden gem!!!

Kai Kang

Charming neighborhood Korean eats.

Andrew S

Kristel Rodriguez

Super crowded, but with reason. This place is authentic and delicious!!!

Kanu Suguro

Really enjoyed oxtail soup. Place feels very cafeteria and casual, but the food and grounded flavors layers on the comfort.

Banu Ramamurthy

Tried different items during my last three visits. Yet to find a dish badly prepared.


The foods are really nice. I like to recommend you to try Bulgogi Bibim Rice and Spicy port shoulder Dupbop. Don’t forget to bring bottle of beers. This place is BYOB.

Steven Diaz

Tasty Korean food with friendly service in a laid back seeing. BYOB

Prateek Srivastava

Good food!


I love their food and I love how they play kpop in the background sometimes

Joe Fen

10/10 would bi bim bap again.

Bernard Thomas

Go to Ramen spot

Amit Aggarwal

Great food. I will definitely be back for more.

Naeem Hossain

I've dined here a few times. Ahri's Kitchen offers a small menu, but they do everything very well. The atmosphere is small but cozy, and the staff are always friendly. I highly recommend the Korean Style Spicy Wings, Veggie Waffle, Japchae, and Bulgogi. The prices are very fair for the quality of the food.

yelitza rodriguez

Casual BYOB intimate restaurant with very nice music. Perfect place for a casual date. The food was amazing, the dumplings are a must. The bibimbap is so flavorful. Loved how cozy the place is and the ambiance. Will definitely return.

Jocelyn Choi


Lawrence Lapitan

Slow service from the new guy but the food was good. hits the spot.

Marica Harris


Good Korean BBQ and the place is nice

Maahir Shah

Ramen and bibimbap is awesome!

Desira Pesta

I have eaten the Tofu Bibim Rice about 20 times and if I had to eat one thing for the next five months, I would be more than happy to eat that. Love their fresh tasty food and excellent service. ;)

lowell llanes

Korean tacos. Bulgogi bibimbop.

f martinez

Juliana Son

This place is delicious. To echo the owner's thorough and deft response to Mr. Lee below, Ahri's Kitchen is not mass produced Korean food. At the same time, they are not going for some pseudo-boutique feel. They are actually a small business and the owners seem to really care for their employees and community. They even have pictures of their family to go along with the whole family/community theme. Sorry if this comes off like a rant, but I'm tired of people assuming that all Korean food/businesses are the same, eg: ahjumas flipping over your bbq meat over an indoor grill for $39.99 (unlimited banchan!). Their food is unapologetic, homemade Korean comfort food. It's pure and on point. Also, I don't think the prices are that far off, especially given portion size.


food is good!

Jackie Qui

Food is very good! Service is excellent.

cierra cintron

Love this place

Ankeet Dedhia

Wei Xin Yuan

Pretty sad quality food and service. The mini bibimbop is cold and flavorless. Dumplings ok, the veggie waffle just a greasy soggy mess. Perhaps the chef need to taste their own food before it comes out of the kitchen. Service was bad, the waitress forgets condiments and took out beef when one of the orders was tofu. Didn't ask if we wanted water or offered. Sauces came in plastic containers for dine in items, which makes the whole thing feel like a cheap (anything but) joke of a fast food experience.

Hwechul Derrick Cho

I’m not sure that korean chef doesnt work on weekdend but it wasnt original korean food

Newbie S

subin lee

비빔밥 Good~ 냉면 Good~~ 분위기도 Good~~!!

Mariya Shteynberg

So gooood!!!! Great service, large portions, and cozy setting. The kimchi could be a bit more developed but otherwise it was very flavorful. We got the korean ramen (HUGE bowl), the seafood tofu stew, the pork dumplings, crispy fried soy ginger wings and a side of bulgogi. Wings were SUPER crispy and juicy! Will definitely be coming back!! Parking was problematic though, very busy area and limited street spaces.

Artem Kazakov

Good but not great selection for breakfast

JS Park

(Translated by Google) The ilhasineun who's very friendly. In contrast to the charming atmosphere of a cafe with such a system cleaner and more delicious than the food court, I think the decent palpak or hansikjeom Portree. Prices are similar with my palpak and Portree hansikjeom and I think ssangeo than Manhattan. Dumplings than I ever was the amount, but the main dish was probably right amount much just know. The water noodle worked fine when I went to recently eopdeoraguyo the menu. Personally, I like bibimbap, deopbap, galbitang. BYOB because late in the evening was good beer is spicy taco perfect. (Original) 일하시는분들이 아주 친절해요. 카페 같은 아기자기 한 분위기에 푸드코트 같은 시스템을 갖춘 반면 왠만한 팔팍이나 포트리 한식점들 보다 더 깔끔하고 맛있는거 같아요. 가격은 팔팍이나 포트리 한식점들이랑 비슷하고 맨해튼 보다는 싼거 같네요. 만두는 생각보다 양이 적었어요 하지만 메인디쉬 양이 많아서 딱 알맞긴했어요. 물냉면이 괜찮았는데 최근에 갔을땐 메뉴에 없더라구요. 개인적으로 비빔밥, 덥밥, 갈비탕을 추천해요. BYOB 라서 늦저녁엔 맥주 한잔에 spicy taco가 딱 좋았어요.

David Guillaume

Good food

Aditi Gupta

Try the banana pudding.

Andrea Sánchez

Yoon Kim

Just ordered for delivery. One lf the worst Korea food ever. Too salty, meat is super dry. This does not represent korean food. Shame.

Olivier HOUVER

Restaurant agréable, cuisine savoureuse, avec certains plats particulièrement épicés

Vingie Magdael

Good food always. Recommend the bibimbap.

Valentin Santana

I absolutely like the dishes and customer service, fantastic location to my apartment. The workers are always super friendly. Would recommend to others.

Miguel Angel Santana

Very authentic Korean food, I love their spicy ramen!!

nikolaos karelas

Great food . I was surprised

Mitesh Popat

Friendly neighborhood Korean joint

Ali Khorrami

Great food. Great service.

Len Yeh

The food is fine, but I felt the Kimchi Tofu stew was maybe $2 more expensive than it's worth from a portion and flavor standpoint. Ahri's Kitchen falls under that strange category of a non-table service casual Korean place, where the food and menu often feel a bit watered down. Don't get me wrong, I don't dislike the food. There just aren't that many options, and the flavors are a bit less exciting. I'd come back if I'm in the area, but I wouldn't go out of my way. This is definitely a solid option if you live right around the neighborhood. The service is friendly, and I think they did an awesome job handling slightly rude customers.

Kevin Couts

This place is delicious. They keep it simple with the menu but each choice is amazing. The Bibimbap is perfect.

Rodrigo Schadeck

Great dumplings and amazing kimchi!

Christopher Houze

Great little place! I like the Korean ramen with bulgogi

Benjamin Yew

Great mom and pop Korean food.

Prentiss C

Great food, service, and atmosphere

Endy Lau

It was a good quick lunch, nothing crazy that stands out but overall it satisfied me

Liza Perry

LOVE the sushi, fresh brown rice and egg. First time in jersey city and great place to grab lunch I wish I didn't live 40min away, I would love to be here every lunch period. Heard the soup is great and I wish to come back another time I'm in jersey city

Patrick Xu

Shawn Thornton

Amazing food.

Suri Kim

Quiet restaurant in town Ordinary taste

Gerardo Carlson

This place is worth a try. They serve large portions for convenient prices. Consistently clean and with excellent vibes. Will come back again.

Mike Reid

Great bugolgi dupbop


(Translated by Google) It's really delicious ~~ ^^ (Original) 정말 맛있어요~~^^

Michael Wosyluk


saurabh bhattarai

Bibimbap was good but the ramen they served was literally commercial packet ramen you find in store for which the price was not justifiable. They should add champong to their menu and I would definatly visit more. Overall good korean food.

Gaurav Gupta

fit america

Sajal Marwaha

Greg Eppinger

Food is great and service is fast. Awesome for something a little different.

Michael Regier

A casual, intimate restaurant serving exceptional Korean food. The take out aspect of the restaurant does not take away from the dining experience. My husband and I say at the window bar - comfortable, great view of the neighborhood. Very good and friendly service.

Thomas J. Lee

Nice people running the restaurant.... the food needs a lot of improvement... a lot a lot. Or maybe lower the price a little so the taste is justifiable? Or maybe put out more side dishes for free which is very typical in Korean restaurants?

Rima Patel

Food is delicious and restaurant is very cozy, comfortable and has good vibes.

Shawn Sloves

Tasty Korean food homestyle.

Brian Dooley

Maria Glodek

Small Korean cafe with home cooked meals

Daniel Calev

Jocelyn Cheah

Love the homemade kimchi and soondubu. Everything about this restaurant is so cute and homely.


Small menu but good service and family-friendly quick meal near Hamilton Park.

Steve Kein

katy elizabeth

Really delicious food and quick service. Their house sauce that come with the dumplings is AMAZING!

Jimmy Hsu

If you're in the mood for no frills home style korean food this is the place for you. This place is more of an eatery than a restaurant. The spicy pork shoulder rice bowl was super filling. It's might be the best korean dish I've ever eaten. It's BYOB so you could save some money on drinks.

Timur Nakhipov

Christina Tofani

One of the best spots downtown!

Masoud Barati

Fabulous food!

Olha Pukhnyak

Nice fast food korean place.

Leo Poretski

Rey G

I honestly enjoy their food and service, excellent location very close to my home. The staff members are always welcoming. I highly recommend this place.

Mia Abigail

It was OK. Not as great as I expected and hoped it would be.

Charles Liu

Great decorations. Have the ambiance of an NYC cafe. However their dishes are just OK for the price. The staff is very friendly, however. If I lived near by I would visit again. But otherwise probably not worth an extra trip.

Alexander Krukar

Darshan Shetty

We got the veg ramen, spicy pork and a side of bulgogi. Everything was good. We will definitely go back.

Zac Mendelson

Long time customer, everything is excellent. Season dishes are on point

Stephan Graf

Very nice. Delicious food and lovely guys. Try it.

Rodrigo Cabrera

Bartosz Wójcik

(Translated by Google) Great ramen (Original) Świetny ramen

Phebe Rashida

Loved the Vegetarian Bibimbap, Spicy Tofu Stew, Spicy Pork w/ Bulgogi Bibim Rice, bulgogi wrap, and Kimchi. Even the server had swag. We really enjoyed our dinner and look forward to returning.

Hana Lim

(Translated by Google) Very clean and the food is delicious - just when you think Korea indeut ~ In particular, the best bibimbap! (Original) 너무 깨끗하고 맛있어요~ 한국음식 생각할때 딱인듯~ 특히 비빔밥 최고~!


(Translated by Google) The bulgogi bibimbap is delicious, vegetables were fresh. What is more casual, it does not seem to mind deuleoteum Korea restaurants. (Original) 불고기비빔밥이 맛있고 야채가 싱싱했다. 무엇보다 한국음식점 같지 않은 캐주얼한 분위기가 마음에 들었음.

Michael Golfman

Great addition plus quality service and tasty food. The restaurant doesn't feel too cramped and is newly renovated.

Danny Archer

The food is amazing, the lady at the counter was very friendly. It was my first time there and gave me a bunch of great options. Definitely coming back

Rick Spilman

Delicious Korean specialties in a storefront restaurant. Casual and comfortable dining. Delicious bulgogi, great spicy tacos and pork shoulder dupbop. Very friendly and reasonably priced.

Bryan Blanco

First timer: chill spot with great background music and a fair amount of authentic Korean food options

Kellie Adams

Very quaint little restaurant with excellent food. Must visit!

Amy Cheng

Giovanni Munoz

It was good food, service there was none basically. We didn't order much and it was pricey, the things we ordered were so small compared to everything else we saw of the other people and photos. In the end I'm not a fan.

Steven Samuel

Overall, it was a great experience. It's perfect for introverts like myself. Not too crowded, not empty. I wish it was closer to Newark Avenue but then everything would be overpriced.

Rohan Chadha

Most disgusting food ever, terrible customer service. Boiled chicken, with three strips of lettuce and it’s called a taco. When called, management passed the phone to a non-English speaker in the kitchen.

Elif Salati

j.p. connolly

My favorite comfort food spot in JC! A literal mom and pop operation, family recipes (from the owner's mother), great location and a terrific rotating menu. Get take out for a picnic at Hamilton Park or eat in. You can get beer or wine across the street and BYO.

Marko Depore

I really dig the big portions they give. For the price it almost seems like a steal. Food is really great too.

Jennifer Ueda

Andrew Saccomanno

Bulgogi bulgogi bulgogi

Dov Fobar

Four of us decided on Korean food, spur of the moment. We found this place on the internet and drove over. Now, we've all eaten Korean in Queens and in Manhattan, but we all felt this was some of the best we had ever had. Well seasoned, spicy, fresh, without all the marinade we see in the big restaurants in the other locations. We'll be back.

Darren Scott

Loved my food. Probably more of a lunch spot if you plan on eating there but great for take out after work.

William Rudebusch

Amazing food. Laid back.

Aliza Enker

Shazeeda Bhola

Always late on seamless. The worst customer service. Seriously, never bother.

Sarah Koyanagi

I love the food. I always order from here. Compared to other placea, their food taste very good. It's taste more home styled. For example, their Galbi DuBob is delicious. The galbi is so well seasoned with garlic and other seasoning it tastes like my mom's cooking. Great place. The only thing I wish they served is more hot pot dishes like kimchi jjigae or soon dooboo jigae. If they did, it'll be tasteful!

Alejandro Giménez-Santana

Great food and great service!! Totally recommended Korean food restaurant :D

Jorge Forero

Motzki 53

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